Every Car in the Cars Universe RANKED

– I love the movie “Cars.” It’s got racing, it’s got romance It’s got my favorite band of all time, Rascal Flatts It’s also got a whole heck of a lot of cars with eyes and tongues for some reason Funny looking This iconic franchise introduced an entire generation of kids to cars So today I’m gonna rank every car in the “Car” series according to my impeccable taste We’re gonna dissect the expansive world of cars, even talk some conspiracy theories Spoiler alert, there some pretty weird ones out there (upbeat music) Big old thank you to our friends at Omaze for sponsoring today’s episode of Wheelhouse We’ve partnered with Omaze yet again, to give away this bad-ass 2018 Dodge Demon with taxes and shipping included, plus $20,000 (loud bang) – I hear you’re giving away a badass Dodge Demon? One that can do 0 to 60 in 2.1 seconds, and can do a quarter mile in nine? – It’s not the time right now, Doug – A monster so hellish it comes stocked with drag tires even through NHRA banned it from drag racing? Oh, I can smell the demonness! – Actually this demon supports a really good cause Every donation you make helps the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, the same place that helped our pal, James Pumphrey and saved his life – We’re not allowed in hospitals anymore, but it’s not what you think, all right? – Well, good luck to you Head on over to omaze.com/donutmedia for your own chance to win Now, let’s get back to the show – Hey can you tell me what this does? Is that French? (demon slurps) – Just a quick note up top This list excludes tractors, boats, planes, and background characters The cars on this list are ones with notable speaking roles, plus one or two fun ones that we couldn’t leave off the list Our amazing writer, Laurie compiled all the cars into a list I rank them, and Joe is going to bring me the list right now Let’s get started Starting off our list of number 80 is Stanley the founder of Radiator Springs Number 79 RV Arvy Motorhome It’s a play on words, RV Just named him RV Kind of lazy Number 78 though three 74 is the lemon gang Number 73 Faregame I think is a fair lane Ford Fairlane, maybe Number 72, Roscoe Number 71, Miss Fritter Number 70 is Sir Harley Gassup He hangs out with the queen and he’s actually modeled off of a Tatra ’87 That’s a pretty unknown car that took some pretty deep knowledge Number 69, the queen based off of a Rolls Royce Phantom Four, number 68 and 67 are Professor Z’s henchman named Grem and Acer based off of AMC Gremlin and AMC Pacer And number 66, we got two cars sharing a slot Professor Zundapp and Miles Axlerod, the villains of “Cars 2.” I thought the reveal of Miles as the real villain was really weak and kind of predictable, and Professor’s Zundapp is very interesting concept, but just didn’t really work for me, just like the “Cars 2” overall didn’t really work for me So that’s why they share number 66 Number 65 with Leland Turbo Weird name Number 64, Ivan the tow truck, and at number 63 is Otis He’s the only lemon in “Cars 2” that isn’t a bad guy, either Continuing on our list at number 62, Luke Pettlework He’s the King’s pit guy All right. Number 61 We’ve got Mel Dorado obviously based off the 1967 Cadillac El Dorado He’s one of the only characters that wears glasses, which I really like Next up on the list, number 60 is Sterling, who is voiced by Nathan Fillion Great actor He’s based on the BMW 2000 CS His side profile is actually very recognizable I’m not even a BMW guy, and I knew right away that it was a Beamer Number 59 we got Pope Pinion IV, he’s based on a US-spec BMW He’s the Pope He wears a big old mider, I like to take a moment here to talk about the confusing and flawed logic of the world of “Cars,” okay It’s a hotly debated topic and there are several theories out there regarding the dark truths of the humanless world Lightening McQueen and his pals live in So let’s start there with the lack of humans John Lasseter was determined that in this world, the cars are the humans, but it’s clear from context clues in the movies like door handles, human built landmarks, and the presence of a Catholic Pope and TSA lines that humans were a part of things in this world, at least to some point So what happened to them? Creative director of the “Cars” world, Jay Ward, who also wrote a top secret document called “The World of Cars Owner’s Manual” offered a theory in 2017 and it’s pretty dark for Disney He stated quotes, “If you think about this, we have autonomous car technology coming in right now It’s getting to the point where you can sit back in the car and it drives itself Imagine in the near future where the cars keep getting smarter and smarter and after one day they just go,

why do we need human beings anymore? They’re just slowing us down It’s just extra weight Let’s get rid of them.” But the car takes on the personality of the last person who drove it Whoa – It’s a conspiracy, man! – One flaw in that theory is that there are a lot of old cars in the “Cars” universe that are not self-driving at all So that doesn’t really make any sense There’s a lot of crazy theories about “Cars” out there of you want to get sucked into it, including like their anatomy and the fact that they pee oil and eat sushi and all that I don’t really want to talk about it on this video, but it’s certainly out there if you’re interested Now back to the list Number 58 is Kori Turbowitz She’s just based on the 97 Ford Puma, she’s spunky and upbeat, and has that press sticker And number 57, we’ve got David Hobbscap like hubcap, but voiced by David Hops, commentator, he was a former F1 driver, he’s based on a Jaguar E type and his voice is super recognizable – Well, I think you need to clean your windshield – Then you’ve also got Brent Mustangberger right next to him He’s a 64 and a half Mustang coupe voiced by Brent Musburger, also a sports commentator Very funny Then we’ve got Natalie Certain, Shannon Spokes, Tomber who’s based on a reliant Regal three wheeler Number 52, we’ve got Danny Swervez voiced by Daniel Suarez He’s a next gen driver in “Cars 3.” Then we’ve got Brick Yardley, Bobby Swift, Cal Weathers voice like Kyle Petty at number 49 These are all stock cars that get blown out by the next gen cars in “Cars 3.” Three, even in “Cars” one, it’s pretty amazing that they’re able to get so many car personalities for the “Cars” franchise and by “Cars 3,” It had grown so much that getting drivers like Kyle Petty and Daniel Suarez, kind of a no brainer Number 48, we got Mama Topolino And then right in front of her it’s Uncle Topolino, who’s based on a 1937 Fiat 500 Topolino He’s a great character It’s super fun Number 46, we’ve got Mia and Tia which what does that spell? Mia Tia, or Miata They’re NA Miatas, huge Lightning McQueen fans – (together) We’re like you’re biggest fans! – They come back through the franchise Oh yeah, they flash their pop-up headlights I don’t know if that’s an adult joke or something Kind of weird And number 45 and 44, we’ve got the minivan couple that comes and goes throughout the franchise It’s Van and Mini Van is based on a Ford Windstar and Mini is based on a Dodge Caravan Number 43 it’s Jay Limo with an enormous chin kind of looks like a Lincoln Town Car a little bit, voiced by Jay Leno Probably wouldn’t have been in a Pixar movie if it wasn’t about cars He wouldn’t come out of that garage unless it was for more cars Next up we got Junior at number 42 voiced by who else, but Dale Earnhardt Jr You can kind of always tell when an athlete is doing a voiceover line because their delivery is super flat – Good luck in your last race You should have been an inspiration to me – But you know what? Dale did his best Next up at number 41 is Sven, obviously influenced by Arnold Sven is a Humvee He’s got like a Mohawk on top, which is super funny At Number 40, we have Mater And yes, I know Mater is like super iconic Kids love him He’s got a funny voice – He did what in his cup? – I think he’s kind of obnoxious I think he works great as like a side character, but to base the entirety of “Cars 2” around Mater was such a misstep Number 39, you got Red, who I don’t know if he has any lines in the movie, but he’s the firetruck of Radiator Springs He’s always watering his plants, and I think that’s just cute Number 38., you got the Sheriff who’s based on the 1949 Mercury, it’s got a Flathead V8, which is sick and he’s a little ornery One of my favorite details of Sheriff is his grill is also as mustache, which is great Next step at 37, Sarge, who is of course a Willys Jeep, his license plate reads 41WW2, which is the same year that the US involved itself in World War II Speaking of Easter eggs, I’ll talk about more One of the coolest things about this franchise is the sheer amount of Easter eggs packed into it The leading tire company in these films is called Light Year and it’s both a nod to Buzz Lightyear and Goodyear Take a closer look and you can see etchings on the side of the tires that read “sector forward gamma quad,” which is where Buzz Lightyear himself is from They’re actually a few “Toy Story” shout outs in “Cars” like Dinoco, it’s the gas station in “Toy Story,” And it’s all over the “Cars” movies, and you can catch the Pizza Planet truck, which shows up in almost every Pixar movie, outside the track on race day in the first “Cars” movie Lightning McQueen’s number, 95 is a reference to the year “Toy Story” was released The car’s license plates also contain a lot of fun Easter eggs Luigi is a diehard Ferrari fan and his license plate reads the coordinates for the Ferrari plant in Italy, and Fillmore’s plate is the birthday of George Carlin who voices our favorite stony VW van The VW beetles in this world are little flies In “Cars 3” the character Smokey is named after legendary auto mechanic and team owner Smokey Yunick Could also be interpreted as a nod to Smokey Ngata, but I think Yunick is probably way more likely These are just some of my favorites,

ff you know any other coolest Easter in the “Cars” movies, let me know in the comments Now let’s get back to the list – C’mon! Let’s go! – Number 36, one of my favorite characters of Radiator Springs is Lizzie Of course, the Tin Lizzie, the Ford model T two-door sedan She knew Stanley, was in love with Stanley, she suffers from a bit of memory loss Number 35, Fillmore the Volkswagen Type 2 Bus He makes his organic fuel man, and he has some funny bumper stickers like “Save 2D animation.” Number 34, Ramon voiced by Cheech Marin The low rider changes his color all the time based off of 1959 Chevy Impala Number 33, we got Flo based on 1957 Motorama Show Car with also some elements of a 1951 Buick LeSabre Flo has like the best business in Radiator Springs in my opinion, she’s got the cafe At number 32 got Michael Schumacher as a Ferrari I put him at number 32, not at a disrespect, but because 32 was his racing number when he first started formula one in 1991 31 through 28 is the tuner gang in “Cars” One that pretty much put the whole plot in motion after they like scare Mack off the road You have DJ who’s like the SCion xB You got Boost, who’s kind of like an S14 He’s kinda like an amalgamation of a bunch of Nissans mixed together And you got Wingo, who kind of like a Eclipse, like a second gen Eclipse He’s a kind of like a reference to “Fast and Furious.” And then he got my favorite of that tuner gang, Snotrod, who is basically like a Challenger, and when he sneezes, his exhaust comes out of his headers and he’s got a big old blower I love that I wonder if cars are born with blowers or if that’s like a nose piercing or something I dunno 27 and 26, you’ve got the Rusteaze reps, these guys are voiced by Ray and Tom Maglizzio AKA Click and Clack from NPR’s Car Talk, iconic radio program, still the number one car podcast in the world I will be chasing them for the rest, I guess Check out Past Gas Dusty is a Dodge A100 van and Rusty is a 63 Dodge Dart So, you know, I love those guys I’m a huge Mopar guy Number 25, you got Mario Andretti as his Holman-Moody Ford Fairlane This is what Andretti drove in the 1967 Daytona 500 Super cool that they also got Mario in here Cool guy He drove me one time (cars revving) Can’t believe that happened Number 24, he got Rod Redline, voiced by Bruce Campbell He’s kind of like a Mustang Challenger hybrid Challenger in the front, Mustang in the back Oh yeah I’ve kind of wished this guy had more screen time, cause he looks really cool, and Bruce Campbell is kind of a legend, but he dies are horrific death in a children’s movie, so cool Number 23, Holly Shiftwell She kind of looks like a Jaguar XJ 220 I think she’s like a good character in “Cars 2.” Number 22 through 19 is Doc’s old gang back in his hometown You got Junior Moon who was a 1940 Ford Coupe voice by Jr Johnson, who is actually the guy who discovered drafting in NASCAR It’s amazing Then you’ve got River Scott who’s based off of Wendell Scott, the first African-American to win a NASCAR race If you want to learn more about him, check out Past Gas Then we got Louis Nash, voiced by esteemed character actress, Margo Martindale She’s in 1950 Nash Ambassador, she’s based off Luis Smith, who is the first woman to be inducted in the Motor Sports Hall of Fame She won 38 races between 1947 and 1956 She also had some crazy crashes One crash, she had 48 stitches and four pins in her left knee, pretty gnarly This car shows just how much research the team did while making “Cars.” So let’s talk more about that While I was rewatching all three of these movies back to back, one thing I couldn’t help but wonder is how Pixar animators tackled this gigantic task of creating an entire world for anthropomorphic cars In the early stages of bringing his concept to life, director John Lasseter knew that he wanted the cars to be expressive like humans, but still move and look like real cars In order to make this a reality, the animators had to employ some never before seen techniques One of the biggest challenges they faced was creating the shiny gloss texture of the cars They needed to be reflective of the environment around them to bring the world to life in a very visually appealing and realistic way Pixar had never had to do that before So for the first time Pixar used a rendering technique called Raytracing that would add accurate reflections to the characters in “Cars” to every scene of the movie A similar yet primitive version of Raytracing was what made the original Gran Turismo so unique back in the mid nineties John Lasseter also wanted the movie to be accurate and authentic for all of us cars and racing enthusiasts out there All the animators spent a few days at race tracks with real race cars and went on guided tours of the historic Route 66, which sounds like heaven for Boomers Sound engineers also visited racetracks all over the US to catch authentic track sounds, awesome When it came time to cast the movie,

they really pulled out the big guns, real racers, sports broadcasters, and reporters were cast to make the movie feel authentic for all the racing fans that would inevitably watch the movie I mean, as we said, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in there We had Mario Andretti, Jr Johnson They got ahold of everyone from the racing world Even if it was just for one line Yes, we all love Owen Wilson, and some of us loved Larry the Cable Guy, even though Mater is very annoying, but the real heroes of “Cars” are the folks behind the scenes Back to the list! Number 19, you have Smokey who was Doc Hudson’s mentor, a 1946 Hudson pickup, which I love All right, we’re getting closer We’re at number 18 It’s Luigi, who is a 1959 Fiat 500 He owns the tire shop He’s bilingual in Italian and English Love Luigi Number 17, Cruz Ramirez from “Cars 3,” she’s got a lot of different sports car elements to her She’s kind of like a FRS almost She’s Lightning’s trainer in “Cars 3,” And I think she’s actually a really great character, starts off kind of like overeager and all that, but as the movie progresses, you really start to like her and then she wins that last race and it’s a great moment Number 16, Bob Cutlass and number 15 Darryl Cartrip These guys are in every “Cars” movie, of course voiced by Bob Costas and Darrell Waltrip, two legendary sports casters Number 14, 13, and 12 are the other cars competing against Lightning McQueen in the World Grand Prix in “Cars 2.” You got Miguel Camino, which is a hilarious name He’s kind of just like a generic sports car, and he got Raul Caroule who’s based on a Citroen C4 World Rally car, particularly Sebastian Lobe’s Citroen C4 WRC car, and then you’ve got Jeff Gorvette, he’s a C6 Corvette It’s pretty lazy pun, but he’s also voiced by Jeff Gordon Pretty awesome Number 11, you’ve got Lewis Hamilton In “Cars 2,” he kind of looks like a McLaren, and then in “Cars 3,” he’s like voice assistant – What about Hamilton? – [Hamilton] Hamilton here – Who’s Hamilton? – I love that they have Lewis Hamilton I put him this high on the list because he’s the GOAT You know what I’m saying? All right, we’re down to the final 10 cars of the “Cars” franchise I think if you take all 10 of these cars and put them together in a single image, you’re like, Oh yeah, that’s the essence of “Cars.” So let’s get into it At number 10, you got Guido, pit guy of Radiator Springs He’s inspired by a BMW Isetta, he’s got little forklift arms, which isn’t very Isetta of him, but anyway, he can do anything He’s a one man pit crew, fastest little hands in the west And I just loved Guido so much The only English that he knows is pit stop, which I think is great – Pit stop! – Number nine is I think the strongest antagonist of the car series, Jackson Storm, the next gen car that comes in and changes the entire game He’s not evil He’s just really good, and just kind of pushes Lightning McQueen to his limits Sure, he’s a little gaslighty, but I think he’s just really cocky cause he knows he’s the best I mean, he’s voiced by Armie Hammer and he’s kind of like a Lamant car, kind of resembles a Cadillac Cien Number eight, you got Finn Mcmissile who is voiced by Michael Kane, he’s a Aston Martin DB5, is a classic Bond car, he’s got guns for some reason, but he’s also got a lot of gadgets He’s a really likable character Michael Kane really brings a lot of presence to Finn Mcmissile Number seven, you’ve got Sally Carrera Lightning’s love interest She’s always supporting him through everything She’s based on a 2002 996-series Porsche 911 Carrera, hence her last name you can tell Porsche had a lot of control over her appearance because Sally of all the cars in the series probably looks the most like the car that she’s based off of She was originally going to be a Mustang, but then they opted for a more like feminine look of the Porsche over a Mustang Number six, one of the best characters in the entire franchise, Chick Hicks He’s based on the Buick Grand National, voiced by the amazing Michael Keaton He’s just so cocky And I just love him Great character and great design Really captures that old school NASCAR look Number five, Lightening McQueen Very generic looking stock car He’s not number one, even though he is the main character of the series because not a lot of growth throughout the series in my opinion He’s kind of just the same kind of jerk to Mater in every movie and never really learns So that’s why he’s at number five, but of course we couldn’t have this franchise without him – Kapow! – At number four, my favorite character from “Cars 2” and one of the funniest in the “Cars” series, is Francesco Bernoulli, voiced by John Turturro He’s an F1 car He’s named after the Bernoulli principle, which basically lets cars be sucked to the ground or lets planes fly Just a great character I kind of wish they didn’t make him like fully Italian colors, cause that’s kind of stereotypical, I think Bernoulli is a great name because it’s an Easter egg that kids probably don’t understand and maybe some adults, but it shows the team’s attention to detail – My mama is right here Mama! – All right, our top three cars At number three is Mack I love Mack, voiced by John Ratzenberger,

based on like an 80s era Mack semi-truck He’s got some of the best lines in the series and he’s just so lovable, like he’s this big lovable goof He did fall asleep on the road, but that was Lightning’s fault Just incredibly loyal to Lightning McQueen and a very positive guy and just great character design as well John Ratzenberger has been in pretty much every Pixar movie as demonstrated at the end of “Cars” One when he’s watching Pixar movies at the drive-in theater – What kind of cut-rate production is this? – Number two and number 2.5 Number 2.5, we got Lynda Weathers, and at number two, you got the King AKA Strip weathers Linda is a 74 Town and Country station wagon, and the King is of course a 1970 Plymouth Superbird One of my favorite cars in the entire world I think it’s amazing that they got Richard Petty to be in this movie, and I wouldn’t have chose a better car to demonstrate a legendary character like Richard Petty or the King in the “Cars” universe He’s a seven time piston cup champion The King’s crash seems to be based on Richard Petty’s Daytona 500 ’88 crash, which is a cool detail And I just loved the grabber blue paint job and that his wife matches and they’re together because they’re always together on screen – I would be nothing without you – All right, number one My number one pick is Doc Hudson Voiced by Paul Newman, he’s based off the 1951 Hudson Hornet, which is a real car He’s just like a great mentor to Lightning McQueen Turn left to go right, such a great piece of advice Paul Newman himself was a very accomplished race car driver, loved racing So it’s very appropriate that he voiced Doc I just love Doc so much Maybe it is my fifties car patina love that influenced that pick, but I really think that he is certainly one of the most complex characters in the “Cars” franchise, but also has one of the coolest designs as well and just imports a lot of knowledge on Lightning McQueen And for that reason he is number one – You got a lot of stuff, kid All right So that’s my list I hope you guys liked it Let me know what you think of it in the comments I had a lot of fun making this one I hope you liked it as well Follow Donut on all social media @donutmedia, follow me at Nolan Day Sykes, please consider subscribing and check out our Donut Underground You get access to a discord server, behind the scenes videos, you get early access to merch and special stickers It’s for the hardcore doughnut fans out there So check that out Be kind I’ll see you next time