SJU Class of 2020 Doctoral and Graduate Conferral of Degrees

Hello family friends graduates and respected faculty. Before I get started, I wanted to first take a moment to thank Saint Joseph’s University for giving me this opportunity to speak to you all, and secondly, congratulations class of 2020 I hope everyone is safe and doing well and for those that are working the front lines of this COVID-19 pandemic, I want to say thank you 2020 has been crazy to say the least, but through all the commotion that is going on it is important that we celebrate the accomplishment that is us completing our degree A journey that we all started some time ago has finally come to a net and for that, I again congratulate you When I receive this opportunity I really did not know what to talk about – I mean what did I a fellow student have to offer to you the class of 2020? It was in this moment of contemplation were reflected on the current events unfolding and how all the family and friends that I know despite the magnitude of University are continuing to push forward on the front lines of this pandemic. They are in my eyes leaders to is pandemic. But what makes the leaders? Often times we think of leaders we think of individuals with titles such as CEOs executive members managers and all others that hold a position consider to be a leadership. And all of this is true leadership embodies so much more than just a title. I believe that it also encompasses the ability to push people forward especially in trying times like these and the janitors that grocery store workers the EMTs the doctors the nurses all titleist unsung heroes that are continuing to push us forward in these trying times Leadership comes from values and so I call on you to build on the values that you have gained here at Saint Joseph’s University and utilize them to lead change in your respective fields. Show empathy to those around you and succeed through unity If there’s anything that these recent times have shown us is that we are stronger when we work together So build lasting relationships. Learn from others and always continue to improve. The journey will always be full of obstacles but do not hold back because of fear believe in yourself and your abilities and great things will follow. Do not be satisfied with success of your work but continue that success into your everyday lives. I believe that we are all leaders and as we continue in our careers remember leadership is in each of us. Every leader leaves behind a legacy so I ask what your leadership legacy be? And as I conclude I want to end by quoting our very own Philadelphia 76ers. Years ago there was just saying associated with the team trust the process. While I say to you class of 2020 don’t just trust the process. Lead the process. Change the process. Continually aim to improve the process Congrats and best of luck to everyone in all your future endeavors. Thank you *** [Captions can now be disabled, as names of graduates will be read with audio and text is on the screen]*** Rachel Anderson

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