Downtown Joomla Chicago Loop presents RSForm! Pro Tips & Tricks on April 28, 2015

welcome to our April 2015 meeting here to send training first we want to take a brief moment to thank sirs our hosting comes from site crown I think I’ve got the okay okay i do have subtext here so sycron is providing our hosting for our website they’ve given us a go geek package and they provided that to us complimentary which is fantastic integrated technology and design / joomla showroom calm is a chicago-based joomla development company that donates their event registration Pro software which we use on our website to manage signups for events like this very meeting Jake’s tensions store has generously provided their site J sitemap Pro software for us to use on our website we use this for sitemap generation and to support better search engine optimization RS joomla donates a subscription to their RS forms extension thank you very much Alex for that by the way and we use this on our website for interactive forms and data capture I don’t have this posted up on the slide but we also use sh404sef which is one of our official sponsors and apparently that is now run by a company called we blur LLC when i was looking that up today i noticed that anything digital i kind of transitioned all of their products over to the original developer who has launched his own branch called we blur and they’re now managing sh404sef Great Lakes IT has generously continue to donate videography and video production services for general Chicago including videos of past meetings which are accessible on our website under resources presentations president Robin Mosley is actually here tonight taping the meeting and he’ll be available afterward if you want to talk about video or IT services for your business and then we have our latest sponsor subtext productions Lonzo Alonso’s company is a they are a chicago-based website development company specializing in joomla and they’re responsible for providing the delicious refreshments for tonight’s meetings so thank you very much Alonzo for stepping up and helping sponsor our group our top sponsor is ascend training you know which generously provides these wonderful facilities for us to use for our meetings they offer all different sorts of training especially a lot of creative training training and Adobe products things like gang Jackie is actually out in the lobby and if you have any questions about the services they offer you can touch base with her about that or check out their website which is linked from our website and you know joomla Chicago sponsors help us with in-kind donations of products and services as well as direct funding and more information about our sponsorship opportunities is available on our website just visit our site and click the donate button and you can see that’s really easy for any potential interested sponsors to get in touch with us finally we want to recognize our core team and we all volunteer to help us run this group core team members include Dennis commits Sharon stayed Paul mule Robin Mosley Alonzo Turner and Justin curve which is myself that’s Alonzo right there here’s Paul Denis Sharon and Robin of course is video Inc what we’ve got going on joomla de chicago coming up September 19th 2015 their website is now online and you can sign up for an early bird discount for only fifty dollars I’ve attended multiple past joomla day chicago’s and they’ve been fantastic really informative and they also bring in a lot of national and international joomla talent let you really connect to a wider group of joomla practitioners and professionals Alonso is there anything you’d like to add or Sharon is there anything you guys like to add about joomla de chicago yeah that’s awesome and so the process is basically people can get information about that on the website and then submit a proposed talk or what not is it one day or two days it’s one day and it is we’re at the rosa okay so right on your O’Hare Airport okay great great so that’s going to be an awesome thing I’m certainly going to attend and maybe I’ll get my act together and get a presentation book proposed for it we’ve got some upcoming events we wanted to talk about first of all we want to mention we were talking about this before the joomla user group Chicago North up which meets up in cala tyne

every second wednesday has a meeting coming up that’s has it happens it’s pretty closely related to the topic of what we’re discussing tonight they’re talking about creating killer forms in joomla with Richard Dale who is Kendall caves partner and x 2 technology and it’s been doing joomla for many years and they’re also going to be using RS forms pro as their primary example of a forms component and be looking at some specific things that artists forms pro can do the this group we’re still finalizing our meeting scheduled for the remainder of 2015 but tentatively we’re looking at may 19th i think the core team maybe we can get together after the presentation and just kind of confirm the dates that we’ve been kicking around but we’ll be sending out an announcement about the topic and the final date to our email newsletter and letting everybody know what’s going on for our may meeting without further ado let’s get started with the main event this evening where we have RS joomla CCO Alexandra plop plop Hana is that correct well I’m not going to bother you with a great grunting okay that need to beat the awkward ok no worries but we’ll just call you Alex is that ok very big alright that sounds great so he’s going to be presenting on advanced usage of one of our s joomla flagship products RS form pro which is a third party extension to power interactive forms on jumal websites and we use it for our own joomla Chicago taught us website alex alex is joining us live by teleconference from RS Juma’s holman it’s in Romania correct yet home of Dracula home of Dracula alright and so Alexandra i’ll let you take it away thank you so much for participating in our meeting alright taking away first of all thank you for having me at your weekly zumba user group meeting it’s actually an honor to be here not the regular crowd speakers so we’re swim I’m also not the native English speakers so slow me down if I if I talk too fast or if I’m not making myself understandable so let’s share this okay ok so I’m Alex um I’ve been involved with in the overall jamaah topic since the 2007 I want through for all stages from implemented new be a developer and currently customer chief officers our our main extension main extension has actually been our art form and it’s less later developed into RS form fraud it is actually the main funk focus of our account though we have different products this is the main focus of our if our development process all suggested me a few I want to go through the usual topics like installing the extensions and it does this and that it does everything that a regular joomla for bida will do it involves the joomla way there are no tricks during the install process or anything like that you don’t need any addition for it simply download the installation package and insolent through the sound of my installer today we are going to tackle the bit about multi-page forms what we can do is with a form sufficient some key notes about the validation rules and some security related the aspects that are actually built into RS phone from we’re going to talk about its flexible nature and some more advanced the functionality like conditional fields from calculation payments I’m guessing you always looking forward to this and the first and of course the free discussion where we can you can ask me questions then about the future virus one pro or difficulties that you are income when using joomla extensions such as i

respond pro or other form vittles what would you like to receive and have developed in the near future and the so on I’m guessing you would be rather creative with your questions so let’s get on to it multi-page forms the pagination with an art form bro is performed using some small JavaScript snippet this method words before because of several aspects most important the ease of use and the fact that it’s it provides maximum flexibility and poses no no security implications for example if you we were to use any station related approach is to post some security aspects word file upload for example you have to first upload a file in a tempest temporary location and only then validated and save it for for the use it’s very very easy to use there is no special special thing that you need to do with it just at the button and the pagination at the bottom and the pagination be created automatically I have prepared some sample forms that we can have a look at and see how the actual pagination is crazy so let’s have a look by default o our own program involved with the two sample forms um one is the regular form and the other is a multi-page for example as you can see as you can see here some regular feel there is a form header some text input this particular form already has in place the face the page break button so to speak so I will believe deleting it for now just to prove a point so after you have or added all your form field simply add the page break element that’s not very good soon as I don’t worry about it it happens I’ve been tampering tampering with the installation this particular installation so I’m guessing that there might be some residual code in there so bearish me for a second the wrong house haha it happened I I guess ok so it should be final so someone could so creating a page break element which you can omit the edge you like it has a few attributes as well you can set the label and most importantly you can say it whether whether or not to validate the fields on the courage on the current page we’re gonna set is to yes and of course show far they’ve been closed the progress bar is actually completely customizable you can i’m not sure if you notice this you can actually create your progress bar HTML code and what met modify and be aspect of it the only night need to have in transition some place holders like the current page he specifies the our placeholder the number the total of pages and how much progress has been done so very customizable donuts work drag and drop the field into place okay this is also it let them publish this unpublish the field so we can have a look and the form without pagination so this is a protostar this conversion blog template as you can see

here or there is the single of a single page let’s publish the field okay and refresh the page you can see that this has been split up into two pages and trying to validate the page you are currently on a small Bank message and that’s about it this is also its to wiki page forms as you can see very easy to use and very flexible later on I will show you how you can hack into the face changing persons for your specific triggers and little bit some tips and tricks that can appear such as preview page once you have filled all although you’re all over your killed you can add an optional page that you can summarize what the user has already filled in there is not though there is no particular vision RS form or function that automatically does this it’s rather easy to implement with some basic JavaScript and P PHP knowledge we already have some examples within all documentation ok that’s it for multi-page forms for now but we can come back later as any time if you have further questions so once you fill up the form what exactly can you do with the submission itself besides like database saving and emailing which may sleep every form builder does out of the box I respond pro has a ton of integrations I’m listing here just a few that are more action related and can integrate the third party services so for example eating can integrate with the RS mail some of you are more familiar familiar with automating perhaps RS made the strong competitor so you can basically create your newsletter subscription form DRS on pro and all the data would be maps to RF mail it’s just a few clicks away no particular difficulties in setting this up you can implement paypal payments once the form has been submitted you are automatically ejected to paypal to the paypal page to complete the payment it integrates with the standard payment sabres service we don’t have available famous probes flagging just yet but this is on our development list we have a big list for a song from it can be integrated with constant contact Salesforce MailChimp RS events probe for those of you who don’t know our students pro is our event management extension it can basically quit you can basically create event registration forms using I respond Prague without stopping the regular events process related flow you can create Java sounds are the users using it rich is the registration plug-in you can grab data and pass it on to vtiger or rather recent additions who are fighting Lisa sofa chair my aggression and not sure if you’re familiar with it and soon to come it’s our thoughts mailer plugin which hasn’t actually been religious and issue should be released tomorrow free of charge of course all of plugins and modules that connect to our sponsor o are three and it also incorporates the gift if you hear plugin which allows to

create PDF files with that contains the submitted information this is based on Google don’t be Phineas library so it uses as input the input standard HTML and CSS and transform it transformice to PDF so it’s not not every HTML or CSS can be properly converted to PDF format it works for both cases so what else can we do beside I’m sorry or I can order what okay they you with our swamp you can much more and extent regular functionality it incorporates the mapping tool on this particular mapping tool allows you to intervene with in the art form for process and basically graph information that has just been submitted and map it to one of your database tables whether it’s the local or remote it doesn’t really matter it’s basically a way configurator with the usage of placeholders you don’t actually need a very much don’t actually need much as we alighted knowledge for this but huge you do require some basic understanding on the overall database structure that you are mapping to I have actually created a small example for this it’s it allows you to transform our for submissions to some bar joomla article transforming this into our smoke of content creator of course this is not a specialized tool for this does it till it’s done okay so let’s have a look first at four okay have a location mapping so this is this is assault by false there is no particular plugin that is required to activate this particular functionality unlike the payments or paypal implementations that does require additional plugins beams Falls okay so what you’re seeing now is basically the the output of the actual mapping functionality but we can have a look and and create a new one ok so this is going to be a local you can perform three four types instead update and please there are some specific place holders that confuse to aid you in creating this particular queries for example there is of last insert Aziz tidy equivalence talk after running initially search queries you can use it to in a query down the road in our update or delete or even a different in size and so on so for now let’s have the data they tomato or found original article connecting at this point has detected all available tables that reside in the local database we’re going to use the content after selection all its Colin will be displayed so in I did and this is a auto incremented column we want to be using anything for it so clicking the fields we will play available now placeholders you can write them down or city select them so I’m going to map some of the fields that I have added to this form I added list of categories the fight always ate and found the intro part and constant so you can

differentiate a little bit better okay I wasn’t sure about this but for each and every field within our spawn prob we have a special area that you can execute PHP code with so in this case for drop-down elements we can use the items section to generate some work to automatic the current computer categories for now let’s just do a small script that would return fixed value have the peccaries you can see that its ID is to really we will need this to place the article in the proper category so let’s get back the popping area ok ok so I’m up the sidewalk or we can have the intro text ok a more for the part and even use HTML years of for example I think we ready we can have it fixed or populated by a different field and all kinds of content to races parameters that can be added here so let’s save this for now and have a go this is 16 so ridiculous ok so let’s have at article terraria are getting this is the one unpublished ahead some as like that earlier so here it is of course you can use a water filled with increasing on aileas and mapping user related information meta description and so on you can add a column can be a can incorporate which will which / feels so I have actually created some small vari variations this example I have I have actually added the NES hidden field now currently this is empty but i will be using the PHP artisan pro PHP scripting areas to populate this particular field with a calculated value most of the time aliases are constructed out sub titles with some basic filtering you we can use for this the PHP scripts area and and on a more particular note the skips called

on form process area this is this area is executed just before the information is being saved within the database so any particular modification that i will be making here to the post variable would be directly reflected within the information that is saved in the database and of course later on emails and first to third-party integrations and so on so on let’s uncomment this particular find that had written earlier i’m using the Shebab frameworks to create this particular areas and i should be assigning it to the hidden field that i have previously added the field is named yes i reuse this the variable naming so k this repeat myself it and bassist again there is one thing that it but to implement and search it to redo the actual Muffy’s actually that both so we need to redo the mapping get local you are constants simple Python and yes this time I’ll also map that alias ledger accounts and contacts that should be fine for now ok I see oh the joomla article manager so this is the sixth best place of one as you can see this is where I’ll value that I have created with my ski pants mapping it to the alias content field of course script itself you can do whatever you like with the skiff yourself this is the founder hbm all statements that source code so if we can use here the post variable again for I felt it all and save it this is the map into a very useful in some cases then can spare your writing page PHP code or from searching over the joomla framework of oat structure and so on come developers before to use this action stretch and touches these to allow users to create their own plugin from our point of view creating your own particular progeny is more difficult than simply writing down some dough for a statement so to speak so I get this should be useful another another feature art from for future is the post to location this is a little bit more difficult to understand but it has the various applications that can save you a lot that can save you a lot of trouble and so once the form is submitted the information is posted first to an AA respond for all locations

this particular location features the submissions and performs it’s a relatively little task such as database type in emailing and so on now this feature allows you to hack the standard process even further and post the information to a different location for example this location can be a third party service that is abstact accepting post yet or cool and it can do whatever it likes with a the submitted information before it causes this particular occasion on all data is it needs to the bathroom there’s compro validation rules then you have such British particular field or that you have defined eh King area earlier I mentioned the explanation for RS form prop from what you can see here has about 33 scripting area actually a lot more with these are the main one skips column form display this particular field is jiggle is figured just before playing the form so the form allows actually incorporates all the HTML that was generated for the form so for example we can use this to customize the brilliance of the of the form and display some is related information write down some sample code and just show you to show you when this would be triggered so okay I will be displaying the current user make babe and the fog of course there is no name because I not there you can see for yourself okay the physical confirm process area allows you to hack the regular process prog we will later on see how we can use this particular layer to create our own validation rules and basically process the first submitted information this is a good place for it appears to be populated with calculated data or whatever else you need to capture it user relate we also have a street called call dr. for courses area it was mainly designed to allow you to control the panchromatic that can be displayed after submitting the form the message itself can be customized with placeholders but if you require more advanced functions you might actually need to change the overall thank you message completed this is there that you can use for it again a standard PHP scripting humor framework for whatever you need PHP wretched artisan for also incorporates support areas that are not so commonly used one of them is the HP scripts area this basically allows you full control over every email intellect related aspect you can change the subject recipients and

and so on here we are PHP scripts it has one area especially designated for the user in malaria one for the admin’s email and the one for additional as in our swamp or you can spread it has two standard email types that are more most used a user related to one and as many related but can add that many as you as you need use the additional emails feature simply click fill in the fields with placeholders and everything in it okay I think this is about our stuff HP scripting areas there are some cases where you can get a hack even deeper like when using the paypal in segregation or to PDF plugin i will be showing your little bit of them later on let’s talk about a bit about validation roll our spawn point corporate author validation rules most common on validation rules but you can also create your your own of course the creation you can create your own yeah regex rules for those of you with our firm is familiar with it or with PHP i think i have created icine4u that we can have a look at and analyze a little bit earlier we talked about invalidating the form submission process they are the fish scripts so let’s have a look at the issue sample form and how we can use the skips coliform process and yes invalidate a particular field on this it meets meets our requirements so for example I would like to accept the sufficiently if the full name has the particular value or just a second place ok have a quick look and patience okay just wanted to make sure that this this particular sample is available in the product or to my documentation so you can import refer to it later on copy this over okay so i will be impacted efficient less has best value of reasoning note that this process is case sensitive discharges it’s as if so if folks well you choose which the real time okay the inverse variable is an irate that actually stores the field database ID which is invalidated so indicate I will invalidate the full name deal if its value is that okay save and let a

special ok computer forms and have a look brand message should be displayed if the field is validated so in this gated parking validation as you can see there is no message returns if I however you test it should be displayed in red else another way to customize your validation rope which would be by creating a specific PHP function that performs more elaborate elaborate calculation so the scripts column form process each bar is very useful it’s not can always be used in each and every case for example this would only work if I’m using the HP validation option I respond wrong or incorporate two types of validation HX validation and PHP validation PHP one being enabled by all so in this case I will be enabling the HS lactation just prove a point fresh h okay so according to the previous example if i write this test this should be invalidated we can see that this is not in this is no longer the case there isn’t why this this happens is because the HS validation occurs before the tips calls on foreign process area the calculations performed within the crystal confirm process area will still be performed but will no longer be a but you no longer be able to pack the normal form process execution flow so let’s have a look how you can could eat your validation role i had created one for you in advance so we don’t waste any time in actually write the code i have created the validation rule that is actually combined by two ensemble validation road one is email validation row and one is unique unique basically allows you to invalidate a particular guilty if it has been submitted before so this will invalidate if the email address has been submitted in the form in a previous process so let’s have a look at the code behind well open my eye installation if the localhost and switch don’t left my icon arrangements look for response from the helper function and it’s validation every epoch pumps that is available here will be automatically interpreted by Darth on pro source code and will believe it as a validation function so for example I could simply into something like this don’t do anything because i duplicated the non function and it should be already in the validation is why function can select it but from now we’re playing chips email unique that it created BBC Alex with that if you upgrade RS form pro would that be overwritten that the changes you might make to that file yet yes he didn’t feel yes but this is where you can use for various various approaches so for example if you are worried about components related updates you can use the scripts for confirm process of process area include your file that

performs more advanced calculations again your submission that IRS so on but you still have to use the PHP validation options that so you need to make the best approach for your specific use case scenario thank you you’re welcome okay so let’s have a vision so I think we named the function of emails I’m using that pyramid business before I’m already since I of Arizona already or praise eight measures related validation function I’m simply calling it and using a unique film validation which is also also provided by white for tonight’s prom you just can use them both at the same time you need a different validation rule that calls them both so if you male fashion validation and unique field passes validations and the function should return true otherwise it should return false as you can see I haven’t written a logical for it I use the existing existing code but we kept we will have a look at that you can feel you can see or expand our queries are performed to check pitching against the value and form ID so this is just the method on how art phone pro allows you to easily extend the sound bar code according to your needs the downside of all this is one of you mentioned that the code will be overridden in a component update unlike the pH peacekeeping areas that I have presented earlier those won’t be affected all at all changes here will be erased so you need to take caution doing this ok so about validation rules so we went the PHP validation process how you can create the validation rules standard validation rules that are coming through throughout all form builders not sure if all from this have as many as our cilantro does but they are other common so you know things on 00 miss anything um okay our earlier I mentioned about the art from Prague has some built-in security it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you can create whatever if you like and it won’t be affected it basically incorporates its effects featuring all in all inputs are filtered by specific keywords that can be interpreted as being a malware and not forget about spam RS on frankeour played a lot of spam protection tours it has an integration with a casement equipment or capture the new reCAPTCHA which is basically uh no capture it has its own built-in capture mechanism is great its own image there to available libraries GG and free type for those of you who are familiar with them and it’s also incorporates and invisible invisible capture this is basically a field which is not displayed to the regular user it has an offset that exceeds the viewport and you won’t be able to see it but it’s a specialization that is performed against this so if the spam bots regularly sends to we’ll every input that is available in the form so if you have appeal remarks

most likely begins by a spam word so I respond project again and he validates if it was face because it can’t be filled by a regular users so you’re supplied should be well for text again spam getting on the next twice show or hide field okay conditional fields are rather popular from what I gather from our customer support to get there rather easy to use so let’s go look take again sample forms and see how you can define some conditional fields statements so for example if I have let’s assume that we have a scenario that if they use this to like more than one hand or more than one hazard this particular dropped out an additional field should be displayed so it’s as another field if this particular option has in selected a block or two like make sure that the user has filled in the next displayed fields’ by what i will be making this required save it I can drop interface okay come out onto the conditional field configuration area so clicking you so I would like to show block label and field the field that is displayed in our sponsor is composed out of at least two distinct parts one is the label option and one is the actual input in this case the peg box we can choose between the labor or just the field in this case we reduce both the label and field next I would have to choose the field that i would like to hide or show depending on on the case this is called edition of guilt so show additional fields if any or all of the following conditions match clicking plus will display the condition configurated appear can be displayed if or hidden if multiple conditions or want are met at the same time so in this case all but with only defined one if company size is more than 100 is or is not a collection that safety and stylish so if I select point on pratik there will be no additional series played twice like more than 100 additional space so if i try to submit it now you’ll notice that the form will try to validate the additional field as well as if I excited this won’t be validated anymore out its internal captcha plugin fault not the right okay k I said the unique validation rules complete i think i forgot the student in place of course I did should be fine now

the simulation process 15 staple it just really easy typing okay a similar feature cannot be used to check against the empty values there is a special syntax that is building within our sport probes that he used for this particular scenario so if you take a look at the slide you’ll notice as Pacific all syntax it kind of follows the same the same process of you have finally type it in you won’t be able to to have a generator for this this particular syntax can be used in the banker message and within email later owned it be extensive to the submission film and media plugging the downside with is that it can currently only be used against empty values some of our customers have reported that they would like to check against a particular verse so if fill this particular field has each value then i would like to display this text and so on the scenario in question can be you can actually be implemented but it does require a little bit of PHP scripting knowledge and they use the specific area in art form for another useful I respond for feature is fun calculation this can be used for basic mathematical calculations it can be used commonly it’s used for creating codes related forms as with the conditional field he has a simple setup so on I think the corn for example cool name sage they made a value and multiplies by at its height okay so it should of masking tape as configuration parameters you can get the numerical format yes exactly have episode of multiple for mark that I used by various parts to also it was very useful I think we’re getting close to the end so I hope you enjoyed it I don’t usually do presentations i hope i didn’t or you bored you that much oh well this is difficult i respond from from our HQ john van I’m Alex and this is the discount coupon that you can use it’s a fifty percent discount coupon you can use it for any anything you like most not just Paris on prom we offer several extensions and templates including from security lasers extensions and the hero and our latest additions are of the template detection did you sell it fifty

percent are 50 80 up 15 15 1 50 50 50 50 50 percent up that’s you thanks that’s it i will say some um the promotion is available until the end of the weekend so you can take your time um asked us questions we have a live chat service that you can use and the ask us in real time during our work hours questions about presale most officially questions billing and licensing i’m guessing that there are some of you that they have actually used some of our extensions how is this could be as anyone how is the support service maybe I could maybe I can turn the you can see our audience Alex so you’re definitely night yeah you can see her a little crew here there we go yeah everybody say hi to Alex hello hello um yeah i pod we I mean I was involved in installing it now move over here so I can be back in you or more with the group we installed it on our joomla Chicago at us website and used it to build a couple forms and it seemed to work great we didn’t have a chance for support is anybody here use the support yes yeah Sharon’s use that wouldn’t you oh this port was good I mean it’s the time zones different so you didn’t you my way today you know they’re too pretty but sure yet we will try to expand our working customer support hours but it’s kind of difficult for us because of the different time zones and schedules but we just try to answer as fast as we can to or our offline and motion 4G quest the time frame never bothered me a lot of joomla extensions and plugins are not built here and support is you know 810 hours away so that’s not terrifically unusual well I’m D&B the prosthetic if you you have a rather urgent front of problems that need to you need to have voltage quickly but we do prioritize our customer support requests and filter out of more baby with basic questions or as kinky results imply by surgical product expectation yeah look like there was a lot of documentation on the side as well about some of this more advanced usage yes yes yes we have specialized the section 44 small creeps examples the snippet that you can use copy copy them adapt them to your particular age we are constantly adding more examples we were actually trying to migrate this particular cover these particular organizations or more common customizations to the forum area as most of our users are used to searching the forum for our escape solution so you should be able to see more and more customization examples and defense in our forum section I actually had the least bit I actually had more more sample sample forms and kids that I have prepared for you but I’m guessing I have bored you enough with this one of them were confirmed paypal implementation I respond for incorporates the paper spike in which King currently incorporate only two payment methods one is faithful and the other one is not lying famous metal we are planning it we are planning to create more famous integrations for phone bro and our extensions so well no approaches did know we generally tends to not give particular time frames so users don’t plan on them as you probably notice the gym light self can

be someplace unpredictable and have updates that would require us to our state our own extensions and given the fact that we have mode 15 extensions at the time and about the seven eight ten places I think it can take take us a while so we prefer not to provide a specific time frames for adding a particular feature feature or particular plugin we do have feedback area that we constantly monitor and moderate and take inspiration from so if we would like to just ask a picture you are more than like welcome to use the feedback area and i can assure that is not a burial ground for a for constable feedback a lot of our features work like from a particular feedback area oh it is oh well first of all does anyone else have any questions for Alex yeah okay we’ve got rick baier here with question for you Alex yeah Alex Rick’s thanks for a great product that you Aras formal I you have a lot of great features on the forum site on from our great plans to do any enhancements on the directory side of the virus form seems like almost always need to do some modifications are employed the directly feature is actually a rather new feature in our s4 pro we have actually i have actually discussed this recently with our main developer and there are some changes that will be made we are actually working on on i respond for updates so i can provide any insight about the directory structure i can tell you that it will be incorporates from New let new layout and most likely integrations with some UI kit that are out there so raising retail firms is the aim of this particular update but let me ask you did what exactly are you are you trying to implement using the directory features what exactly are you meeting all one particular example is we have a group of people who submit forms an hour and who may have access to some hidden fields so we need security by fields depending on the type of user backpack ranking with some people can see it in field so people can ok ok and so it’s fueled specific ACL well each to it can be done but yet again it does require some some custom scripting and possibly some templates override and so on face basically making the overall courses brother difficult we are definitely going to improve the directory feature on the long run but I unfortunately I can’t provide the national anthem he’s particularly don’t you know I had a question it was great to learn about the conditional fields and appearance and the spirits of fields can you do the same thing with a whole page currently the show/hide feature is focused on the on a field level but this is actually it was actually one of my temple forms that they had reason for you conditional forum page implementation it doesn’t actually read the additional fields functionality but I mentioned that you can hack within the forum changing javascript function well if we take a look at this then our next button and have a look at the property we can see that its own click triggered using RF on traditional page we can use this to substitute this particular function with one of your own defined by you and within that page you can do some checks like in this sample keep the next page is out and

spending on this particular answer call the artist on pro conditional page function with deep a different set of parameters so let’s go look at this this is thank you but I X is using the skips on form display function I’m replacing crispy food chains change page with RS conditional page of different JavaScript function that I am able to to create and have my own way around it so in the CSS JavaScript area I have defined this I respond for conditional page function again this is not the founder cyrus on for function you can name it however you like can see it here so the changing page has four parameters for my D current page the Dalton pages and where there was not validate the current page so now in this case I’m on page one so in my car from that was functional verifying if the current page is page one and what button out of the radio group has been placed so this checks whether are the radio element has been checked and calls the proper of phage changing function as you can see here Chris I respond for change page oye as I have fasted within the parameter and I’m skipping the next page so the current page becomes page plus 1 this particular example has been added to the our product documentation there is a sample form there that you can download and install install and see how it works as you can see there’s not really much much escapes to it but it is also it’s on the wrong round there will be a specialized feature especially designed for this as many of our customers inquired about about this and have reported having difficulties in into implementing such a llamar city so I specified a bit so if I need me to yet page becomes page frame if there is no H to shoot is finished and I was creating it in a hurry and I haven’t added much filled with doesn’t really matter how many fields you add your particular page I understand thank you Alex your what do we have any more questions for the group on this forum or anything else yeah Sharon recently come out I remember either site with like a like a oh oh yes we haven’t digital release rather simple contact form pitler doesn’t come near our control features and so on tweet you are more than welcome to right it’s the suitable for info contact forms that you can emptied to grab a few fields and send the email of 12 an administrator moderator and so on and want to the users for something like that it doesn’t actually store the submissions in your juma installation so so it doesn’t save that abut keenly emailed them so it suitable for for import contact forms that you don’t actually need to store my judgment call okay any other questions for ounce for the group alright I think we’re good Alex thank you so much for participating and skyping in and and participating in our joomla Chicago meeting and we really appreciate it as well as the big discount that’s good through saturday right uh yeah available

dog in the wet end of the week through the other week okay yeah they’re gonna be fine nice of Rs 1 I hope you will great and we really appreciate it we’re going to be we’ve got our video production crew here and we’re going to be posting this entire presentation on our website so we can refer back to it as well as other visitors can come to our website check it out and and learn about RS form that way as well sure will thank you for for inviting me to your joomla users group meeting and hope to talk to you soon about the perhaps something something else from other extensions or we can have some constructive workshop or something if you come into difficulties into using one of our stations or several you are we can have a free discussion about it and and so on perhaps common solution in the meantime I will be waiting your inquiries on the customers or area you