5 Tips for Student Recruiting

hi and welcome to our webcast my name is Cecile our son and I work in the product marketing team here at LinkedIn I’m Rob Humphrey I work on strategic initiatives for the talent solutions team on today’s webcast we will have featured discussion on the student recruiting ecosystem on LinkedIn followed by five points set lists for how to recruit students successfully be sure to tweet us tweet your comments and and questions using the Twitter tag higher to win so let’s get started Rob what do we mean when we talk about the student recruiting ecosystem yeah sure so we’re excited to be here and we are going to give you a complete rock and roll set list we need to tell you about the ecosystem one because I need to use the word ecosystem but let me be really clear students are on LinkedIn and in short order the majority of the 200 million tertiary enrolled students all over the world will be LinkedIn members this webcast isn’t designed to convince you that students are on LinkedIn but rather why and how they use LinkedIn and how it’s going to benefit you so why are students adopting LinkedIn LinkedIn has created the most powerful discovery engine for career decision-making and even college decision making on the planet we’ve completely leveled the playing field for students in their effort to achieve their goals LinkedIn gets students engaged early really early and we keep them engaged during their whole career universities universities need LinkedIn and we’ve partnered vigorously with them we have the career outcomes insights and access member access for career services groups who are interested of course in placement of their graduates for alumni relations development and even admissions offices and also of course employers employers are going to be excited by the fact that size no longer matters it doesn’t matter if your acne com start up out of your basement in Iowa or you’re a monster global corporation LinkedIn has leveled the playing field for any company to access new talent we’ve creating new options to easily identify communicate and connect online and offline to support your street-level tactics and your campus recruiting programs and third new grads become better prepared and equipped to succeed at the company when they join you and we’re going to explain a little bit of how that operates the the other thing the other thing I want to really explore is what our students specifically doing on LinkedIn right there they’re establishing their professional identity and this is really important it’s essentially like the lunar landing of 1969 it’s one very small step but it’s a massive step for their career Shannon Burks a senior at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida go ahead and google Shannon make sure you continue listening to us but you’ll find that she has claimed the most important piece of digital real estate the LinkedIn profile she has a complete profile even though she’s a student that includes her education her skills her coursework test scores and even rich media elements like her art portfolio LinkedIn doesn’t work just for future game designers and artists but everybody whether you’re a computer science graduate in English major in MBA or a community college or technical school graduate LinkedIn’s are creating the access the insights in the reach in a way never before possible and Shannon’s not alone in fact there are 20 million over 20 million students and new recent graduates on LinkedIn in fact they’re the they’re the most engaged demographic on LinkedIn so Shannon’s also harness the power of connections and insights in a way that’s interesting and unique I’ve met Shannon and she’s super talented and I can tell you for sure that she understands as

most of us on this webcast do that relationships matter she’s establishing lifelong professional connections she has an amazing network of mentors classmates her parents friends and Ringling College alumni this type of activity is allowed Shannon to secure a really prestigious internship last summer and how she did that was using the alumni tool which is what you’re looking at many people ask what is the alumni tool the alumni tool is the best-kept secret on LinkedIn the alumni tool is insane it is the best-kept secret there’s no doubt and think about it this way there’s 200 million members on LinkedIn and it’s growing every day we know where they went to school we know what they studied we know what degree they received and we know everything they did after their their college after their college experience so every company they worked at LinkedIn has the first and the only large-scale data set in the world that exposes career outcomes of any education from any school in the world it is the largest data set exposing these outcomes and you know what students are actually catching on in fact 35% of students plan to use LinkedIn as their primary source for their job hunt that’s up seven hundred percent just in the last two years third when students come to LinkedIn they’re joining experts they’re joining a lot of the folks like you that are on this webcast professionals it’s the ultimate apprenticeship LinkedIn is the ultimate apprenticeship without the Donald Trump factor okay any student can get ahead and here’s how they can view and participate in conversations and discussions well before they’re in their industry understanding in Shannon’s case the lingo around Maya in max illustrator and all the new tools they will be automatically connected with groups jobs and professionals LinkedIn bridges the gap between schools and what they teach and what the real world really requires so really now that you know what LinkedIn is doing for students today how do we plan to amplify that growth and that engagement long term we realized that all of these insights are really great for helping you get your first job but not just your first job every single milestone in planning your career from getting into college to choosing the right major to getting your first internship remember what it was like doing your first ever interview we can help students by answering two questions first which direction should I take basically which college has the best medical program how can I which career path can I aspire to have if I major in philosophy second question how do I get there who has internship jobs for people like me who can give me the inside scoop on what it’s like studying at that school and it’s important to note that students might be on different networks and databases right now for one step in this series of milestones but they will be LinkedIn every step of the way so now let’s talk about universities yeah universities are doing some really awesome stuff I’ve had absolute pleasure of sitting down with experts at LinkedIn like Christina Allen in John Hill folks that live and breathe the connectivity that we’re building with universities let me encapsulate it like this how many people out there on this webcast have gone and updated their alumni database record let’s say in the last seven days or maybe a month my teammate John Hill and I have literally asked this question of thousands of students and alumni around the world over many years and largely the answer is what alumni database or no but I have to hear someone who has done it recently if at all I have yet to hear that conversely I would guess that all 700 of you roughly on this webcast would have your LinkedIn

page open right now and if not I’d be willing to bet that you’ve been on LinkedIn in the last month so we’re essentially integrating and partnering with universities because we have extremely unique insights and access that they need for example the University of California system told us they have 1.6 million alumni members in their alumni database the percentage of those folks with current updated professional information less than 10 percent according to their own research LinkedIn data has 50% of their alumni alumni information and that’s a dynamic non or evergreen and dynamic profile 50 percent of that information those unique insights help to fuel the interests of universities across all non academic functions we also have been partnering with higher education and the 23,000 universities around the universities and schools around the globe we’ve turned and partnered and supported these universities and made them LinkedIn evangelists schools like NYU or Wake Tech Community College in my neck of the woods in Raleigh North Carolina there are part of a growing percentage of institutions that are promoting LinkedIn as evangelists fact MIT Sloan School essentially requires a LinkedIn profile as part of their application process thousands of Career Service professionals are helping a new generation get connected to achieve their goals and get ahead even high schools are anxious to help in summary students and universities with a little help a lot of help from LinkedIn are get creating opportunity for graduates globally every day every every every day of the year so now let’s talk about the entire employer set playbook for you for success and finding the right students on LinkedIn this is where the five tips start Rob hit us off with the first tip yeah we have really thought through this quite a bit we want to give you some things you can walk away with today of course and we’re also looking forward to your questions on Twitter and following the webcast and really happy you could join us let’s talk about the set list okay but the first thing is building your brand a few years ago I met a staffing professional who handles the staffing at Los Alamos labs in New Mexico Scott Weiland he’s charged with essentially creating a brand that’s um that’s among the among all of the newly minted PhDs around hundreds of opportunities at Los Alamos National Lab this would just normally be difficult because one their PhDs there’s a finite number of them it gets more interesting you see Los Alamos lab is located 3540 miles outside of Santa Fe New Mexico I’ve not been there and I love the folks at Los Alamos in case you’re watching guys but I’m not real anxious to go miles out of Santa Fe no offense they’re seeking to find PhD in particle physics hydrology applied math and other easy to find skill sets and by the way they also need to pass a rigorous federal clearance requirement so despite all of these challenges Los Alamos has managed to create a fan base of some of the most sought-after scientist in the world and they’ve done it in a number of different ways one of the ways they’ve done this is using our jobs product and don’t think about it as posting let me tell you what I mean essentially your jobs are part of your brand because of our recommendation engine students will see your jobs across our site giving you an opportunity to create branding vectors and ambient marketing in a way that just wasn’t possible until now keep in mind something about the power of jobs on LinkedIn the job posting itself doesn’t matter it has no inherent value think about the job posting as the

instrument what’s in the content of that job posting is the soundtrack it’s the soundtrack of your brand that you need to play and proliferate so similar to Scott Ellis Ellis you can post your jobs today on LinkedIn and the best part it’s absolutely free to post all entry level and internship jobs so what what have we done differently we’ve actually changed our jobs algorithm to include educational fest such as degree field of study so that we can make sure to target the right job to the right student wherever they are on LinkedIn such as their home page on email as well as on their mobile phones students are some of the most active mobile users of our LinkedIn application once you post on LinkedIn not only will it go in all those areas most importantly it will be on the student jobs portal a one-stop shop for students find all entry level and internship positions on LinkedIn even better dozens of schools have linked to the jobs portal on their website when we look at our data and all the trackback university schools like University of San Francisco Boston College and Georgia Tech all linked from their career website to the student jobs portal so when you’re thinking about posting on places on various job boards such as nicely as well as jobs from as well as portals from those schools make sure you post them on LinkedIn as well build your brand your presence post all entry-level jobs on LinkedIn it’s be and you can reach students globally I think you mentioned Cecila it’s free if you want to pay for it at some point I know a thousand salespeople at LinkedIn but they are free just to reiterate that they are free so second element of our set list is creating a fan base if you’re a dead fan a Grateful Dead fan you know that they’ve created one of the most loyal and dedicated followings ever and you need to do the exact same thing it’s imperative that you do this right here’s the good news it doesn’t matter what size you are it doesn’t matter if you have a 10 person company a hundred person company a 200,000 person company it’s about quality right so there’s a couple different folks you want to focus in on you want to focus in on of course your employees why because they’re gonna influence students I would assume that many of them are parents a very important influence vector I’m actually qualified to say that because I have three kids and two teenagers in high school and I’ll take that offline with anybody but the key thing is LinkedIn is growing the number of students as members and soon the majority of students in the world will be on LinkedIn right so you need to basically go ahead and leverage your fan base or create a fan base of employees of potential students future students and leverage all the different constituents and so basically when you’re thinking about creating a fan base the alumni is a great place to start through the Alumni tool but you can access today linkedin.com slash alumni you can see all of the employees at your school at your company that used to that graduated from your top schools so before you spend all the time and resources resources traveling to Harvard MIT and Yale make sure you check on the Alumni tool who from your employee base graduated there and ask them are they willing to take a phone call from students interested in joining company with the Alumni tool you can also expand your fan base so that if you’re looking for similar schools to the schools that you go to but you’re looking at it in a different geographies such as India if you’re opening an office in India the alumni tool will give you similar school recommendations in your area of in the geography that you’re interested in and so it’s about not just building that fan base of employees it’s about expanding it beyond and including other schools so tip number two leverage the alumni tool to build and expand your fan base yeah and you know the way I look at it is this it’s it’s really important to start considering getting beyond your golden schools I’ve talked to hundreds of experts out there that are doing campus and university program recruiting and

you know the key thing is we’re all set up to focus on our golden school or our targets coolest and it totally makes sense but what’s interesting is you can learn as Cecile said about other schools to recruit from you’ll find interesting things like the Maharishi school University of Management is actually one of the most rigorous programs for CEOs in the tech sector you’ll also find and this is really important that you can expand and find international students for the first time ever using something as simple as the free alumni tool and I’d encourage you to take a look at it so you’ve got your fan base you need at this point to really amplify your brand I worked for a company called harmonics music systems in Cambridge Mass I worked there for a whole summer helping to recruit people a lot of people have never heard of harmonics however they have heard of rock band the video game I worked with the folks that invented and created that and helped to hire the art and art design and engineering team one of the things we did to amplify the brand was create a unique friends of a Harmonix group that still exists now it’s been in existence since 2008 we use this to amplify the brand in a way that that that that leverages that fan base so it’s really important to think about ways groups network updates to basically stay in touch on a constant and free basis with your fan base here’s an example as you can see here the Disney company page has over 200,000 followers now every company has a company page on LinkedIn you can check out your own and see how many people are currently following your company we’ve by defaulted every single employee at your company is by default following your company your company page and what you could do for free is send status messages status updates to all of your follower base let me give you an example my cousin Pierre is currently studying graphic design and he loves computer games now is he thinking about working at Walt Disney no he’s thinking about Electronic Arts and Ubisoft but here you have it I follow Disney and I saw this status update that Disney is actually recruiting for game designers and so what do I do I immediately share it with my network and especially with my cousin Pierre so tip number three make sure to leverage your company page and send free status updates to help amplify your brand through your followers yeah for a second there I thought you were gonna go French the seal speaks a few languages so I got nervous there apologize once you’ve done that you need to really work hard to create backstage experiences backstage experiences are the key to the architecture of your game plan going forward and let me explain what I mean if you’ve ever been backstage at an Aerosmith show a Metallica show or any show you know what I’m talking about these backstage experiences don’t need to be huge events a friend of mine brie Sylvia is the leader for campus recruiting at tripadvisor.com he would go to the career fairs when he was starting the initial program for intern engineering intern recruiting at TripAdvisor and he would end up getting booth somewhere in the Attic of the halls of this huge MIT career fair and no one would even come to get all the very cool swag so he started thinking how can I create an experience that’s a little bit different so in advance of these events these career fairs and so on he would actually target a very specific group of people computer science engineers at MIT at Brown University and so on and he would say hey go to the career fair pick up your swag do all those types of things you like to do and then meet me outside because we’re going to pick you up in a limo we’re going to take you to Needham Massachusetts and you’re going to meet our VP of engineering and you’re going to meet our CEO and after that type of backstage experience Barry’s been able to fuel what is a best practice intern program with a brand that’s not widely recognizable in fact he’s created a fan base that’s small but supercharged and able to amplify tripAdvisor’s brand to serve the interest of the company’s growth crate backstage experiences and so how do you do that just like just like Barry Sylvia at TripAdvisor first you want to look for exactly the right students linkedin has recently

rolled out students facets actually it’s been maybe a year now yeah I don’t know if you know about it but if you search on LinkedIn com or if you have recruiter seat you can also search there with specific facets like degree field of study school and graduation dates and so if you’re looking for a software engineer from Harvard or if you’re looking for a specific graphic designer from NYU you can find them on LinkedIn and so tip number four create a backstage experience and how do you do that find exactly the right student send them a message that is compelling and then give them an experience of their life so that you can amplify that fan base on campus as well yeah and apparently I’m not in the Millennial Generation I want to be upfront about that all right but apparently they share this kind of experience with their friends so it’s a really great idea to create these experiences and the education facets allow you to do things like find people based on the exact school the exact field of study that maybe have pipe programming experience that are connected to your organization it’s amazing how you can target and it’s never been done before no it has not so the last tip is it’s relatively vague but I think it’s the most important thing that we can leave you with you can go and set up your ten-foot foot booth collect resumes put them in a box that’s process what I’m suggesting is that you need to focus on art always not process having students use their iPhone to RSVP to a private dinner with your CEO and Snoop Dogg two blocks away from the career fair that’s art handing out lighting balls with your logo process creating a an unfiltered original video tour of your office like insomniac games did that’s art visiting campuses at your twenty golden targeted schools that’s effectively process we’re going to help you essentially proactively reach out to students early and often even when they’re in high school this is art and if you think it’s too early by the way high school think about connecting with my friends in the desert in Santa Fe this is exactly what they’re doing they’re essentially connecting the next generation of students high school and even earlier with science engineering and math careers making math and engineering sexy LinkedIn is essentially a canvas for you to focus on the art of marketing Intel is a great example of this absolutely check out right now the Intel lounge group it’s it’s an amazing it’s an amazing example of art they’ve created an exceptional group to help students better understand how they can get their foot in the door at Intel they can apply to a job and you know with all of the other applicants it gets pretty hefty for the recruiters to go back and look at all the applicants but they can post an update to say hey I applied and I have never heard back give me you know let me give me a tip for how to get my name in the door and they actually respond yeah yeah I think that’s the most important takeaway if you create any venue on the web it doesn’t matter what it is but if you create a LinkedIn group having a moderation strategy having a service level agreement if you will ensuring that you’re responding even to the most mundane questions like where’s my application I applied then he didn’t call me for an interview whatever it is Intel is actually doing a phenomenal job of this I was looking at it last night and noticed that none of the reactions to comments and posts and information were older than several hours is a prime example of a venue to create a really good following and really get to get your marketing and and your art instilled in this kind of a way and can please they’ve just reached over 10,000 students and recent grads from around the world so if you recruit globally this is a wonderful example of art when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand so tip number five focus on the art do not focus on the process so now this is your employer set list let’s go through all the five tips that we gave you and remember they’re all free first

build your brand yeah you want to post student jobs they’re free in case we didn’t hey tip number two expand that fanbase all right yeah yeah you want to do that that alumni tool is the best kept secret period I was watching my 16 year old son used this thing just last week and I was amazed at the look on his face you can use this define get beyond your golden schools and do some really interesting stuff tip number three and once you’ve defined your fan base use them to amplify your brand I promised I wouldn’t say follower ecosystem too many times but the follower ecosystem really is important I can’t think of another way to say it right it’s like getting a bunch of followers like dead fans they’re literally going to travel around and follow what you’re doing it’s really important tip number four create a backstage experience for all those students that you’re on campus anyway yeah use the search filters if your customer and have access to recruiter and create a messaging that’s really unique and then back it up with the stuff that you’re already doing traveling to campuses traveling to exotic locations Boston Warsaw Iowa whatever it may be and then tip number five focus on the art not the process yeah it’s all about our processes boring use student group discussions you’ll find you can become a mentor an authority and create connections in a way that really gets exciting and proliferate your your brand and of course your success now as part of the webcasts so this is your setlist your five tips that’s probably the webcast we promise to do a sneak peek and so for some of you that are interested in knowing what else is LinkedIn going to do for me as an employer well on May 9th we will be announcing a very exciting product at our telekinetic Sydney conference and what is this product really going to do well we understand that campus recruiting is very difficult today collecting paper resumes attendee list even spreadsheets on your computer can be cumbersome to keep track and manage and then you want to engage with students instantly there’s an increasing competition for your brand and for recruiting students on campus and lastly it’s really hard to have any if at all visibility into the success of the events that you go to is it just the stack of resumes or lists on a spreadsheet you want to have better insight into how to find the right students and which school that you want to go that you should be going to so this product will actually help solve a lot of the issues that our customers face when they go on campus when it comes to helping with their process and automating some of that branding themselves as the employer of choice as well as having some visibility into you know which schools or do good job and so with this announcement I absolutely recommend that you all subscribe to our blog at talent Darlington dot-com slash blog where you’re going to actually hear about it on May 9th this is really exciting this is the end webcast so now what we will do is is actually receive questions from you so you can again ask all your questions and comments using the Twitter tag higher to win so actually why don’t you get us started Rob with one question that came in around can I use advertisement if I try get the right students how can I use it use different tools to do it in the mass so I don’t have to message the right student one by one sure and I saw you on the picking up the iPad and looking all the questions I thought that was pretty interesting that you could do a couple of those things at once so yeah let me be clear about it essentially the ability to target just like the education filters in our LinkedIn recruiter product a field of study graduation year school and all those mechanisms of course graduation date is really important those are all available in all of our ad targeting whether you want to target a specific audience with our work with us ads or any of our ad units the availability of marketing and targeting based on those particular filters is available widely across our range of products great and so when we

do that a question came up are we allowed to see the names of the students that we’re looking to recruit when we’re when we’re specifically targeting through advertisement and and in mail campaigns that’s a good that’s a great question there’s actually been a lot of organizations that have actually done really extreme targeting very successfully already with with regard to students and recent graduates so you can actually create a way to connect with those folks in particular can you see the names yes I mean in in the subscription product yes in the ad product no you’re targeting on those variables not on the specific people remember LinkedIn is a member first organization philosophy so we always protect the interests of members especially students yeah and what you can also do is send an email campaign so if you want to target 500 students all at once whoever actually responds you’ll see their names one other question came in was what constitutes an entry-level job for the purpose of the of the free job posting oh that’s a good one it’s an entry-level job if it’s a legitimate job for someone with three years experience essentially what we’re trying to continue to do is increase the liquidity of jobs on LinkedIn why because students around the world had asked us to so we’ve actually gone from some 900 jobs 18 19 months ago to over 30,000 jobs those jobs are inside our relevance and recommendation engine and they’re being served up automatically to the home pages of students and recent grads I’d encourage you to look at the website which is forward slash student jobs and you’ll get all the details you can connect with us and we’re happy to happy to get you started and do you think that jobs actually constitute graduates as well they constitute graduates yep so graduate jobs yeah yeah if if you’re after MBAs and you have a it’s really about your position if you’re looking to hire someone into an entry-level type of role or an associate level role at your company that’s where we would give you those jobs and I think what we want to do educate students on students whether they’re undergraduate or graduate of what upper tiers are out there for them we want them to see LinkedIn as a place where they can explore their career by understanding all the opportunities out there and so posting your jobs as a way to say yeah we are hiring at Genentech for these kinds of rules which is student my have not heard about at all previously at their school yeah someone a lot smarter than me explain it to me this way it’s not about jobs at all I think I articulated that but it’s really about drawing concentric circles around the schools you want to target especially the schools that you find are having the same kind of talent that that you’ve just discovered using the alumni tool for example creating concentric circles is a way to leverage essential ambient branding so you’re essentially populating these little decision-making vectors for students to look at to make it to make it more specific if a student joins LinkedIn and they are fastest-growing group in terms of new members if they join LinkedIn and they’re at the prestigious ethica college in New York and you’re targeting that school what happens is based on our relationship with career services centers and the the whole ecosystem that job is going to pop up and be presented to them based on their skills the courses they’re taking their field of study so if you’re looking for some of that say in the film industry up pops that job or that opportunity basically creating a way for you to connect your backstage experiences and your brand to that particular user that particular student at that exact moment yeah so I’m not sure if this other person is on on this with us but he’s asking how do you actually post entry-level jobs on LinkedIn and so just a reminder go to linkedin.com slash student jobs there is the student jobs portal where at the bottom it says post free jobs in a small link which will give you another URL that I’m not going to list because it’s longer but there is where it’s the employer interface of this same jobs portal so one what I sent to you linkedin.com slash student jobs is for the student view if you click on the post free jobs at the bottom and the link there you’re going to see the employer view James green

I stole the iPad away from see oh I see you have a question of what hashtag are the questions being pulled from it’s higher to win higher tio win I think that might be on the screen so if you have a question James go ahead and lob it this way awesome sorry for stealing your that’s your iPad I love it so as we wait for more for more questions to come in why don’t we talk a little bit about the solutions that customers could actually purchase we talked about lots of free things you might be interested in how do I get even more value from LinkedIn and so we do like you mentioned earlier Rob we do offer you solutions like advertisement in mails where LinkedIn employees will help you evangelize your brand even more so you can tell us you know I’m looking for engineering graduates from these you know 50 schools that I like to hire from and LinkedIn on your behalf we’ll send out your message massively to you know a hundred five hundred thousand students on your behalf so that’s a way to capture in mass lots of student interests other solutions that were coming out with are more related to the process that we talked about and leveraging solutions like recruiter not only to find the exact student you’re looking for message them instantly but also on the back end just tracking and managing the students as they progress through your application flow and so those are solutions and the seekpeek coming in on mason and may 9th will help illustrate some of the ways LinkedIn is really amplifying the ecosystem eco recruiting ecosystem for employers so another question is there a limit on posting the free student jobs and the answer is no so what there’s two ways you can post for free one you can post online one by one and these will be 30-day posts too you can contact our sales team and they can help you post at mass by giving you a college job slot where essentially you can post any job any for as long as you’d like up to a year and so that’s a great way basically of just you know getting all your jobs up there we can even rap for you so rap all your jobs from your career site all rap LinkedIn and so feel free to contact your your sales team the sales team to better understand how to do that a VMware Kim Han said thank you for listening to our webcast you have a new follower in Rob Humphrey I appreciate you listening today I think we’re just about out of time okay yeah I think that’s right and great looking through here if there’s anything else can you post Uddin jobs using an XML feed if you want to do it at mass I would definitely contact again the sales team they have resources and understanding technically how to wrap all your jobs but I believe we do we we do support many different ways of wrapping jobs probably including XML feeds but if you do it on LinkedIn com it’s basically just through that link linkedin.com slash student jobs where you could post one job at a time for 30 days great yeah so that’s all we have for you today we hope you didn’t learned a lot do comment and tweet on Twitter using hashtag how to win love to hear your feedback thanks rock and roll everybody create those experiences I’m looking forward to see what you’re doing thank you