MS Application Webinar in Supply Chain Management

okay thank you for joining us for this webinar on the masters and supply chain management program at Towson University we’re going to talk mostly about our graduate program in supply chain but we also offer a graduate certificate in project program and portfolio management and we also offer a graduate certificate in supply chain the nice thing about our graduate certificate in apply chain is that it is only five courses our master’s degree is ten courses and those five courses from the certificate also count towards the master’s degree so there’s lots of options if you choose to pursue your graduate education it’s housed in university and we’re excited that you’re here to listen to hear more about what we have so my name is Natalie skaila I am the director of the program in supply chain and all the graduate programs in supply chain and project management so like I said thanks and we’ll talk a little bit more about our programs all right so if you’re not familiar with supply chain what is it so Google defines supply chain as the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity so what does that even mean it’s basically everything from site sourcing to the product in the store so the typical example of supply chain is a retail environment and any you know if we’re looking at clothes for example in retail sourcing all the way from typically an overseas provider where the clothes are first sewn and manufactured shipped across internationally perhaps through a container across the oceans or air freighted into the US then taken to a warehouse or central location for that company and then distributed out into the stores so any sort of product that you buy in a store any sort of service that you get involves a supply chain and again those products would be things like clothes groceries but they could also be services so we look at things like doordash and uber how do those cars route to you and how do you have that service ready for you when you need it that all enviable supply chain and that all involves getting product or a serve to customers when they need it so we look at sourcing and manufacturing shipping and distributing product so some of the prime examples of supply chain UPS is encouraging their drivers not to make left-hand turns so that seems a little silly but when you PS drivers get their wrap for the day it’s given to them in a list in a handheld device and all of their packages and all of their deliveries are loaded into that with GPS directions on how to get there and those GPS directions are the most efficient they take the least amount of time and at least overall amount of miles and part of that is not making left-hand turn why well when you think about it left-hand turns I have to pull up into an intersection I have to wait for the traffic to clear and then I have to turn and I can’t turn on red I have to wait for the light to become green and also that takes time but also it opens up the opportunity for a potential accident right turning into traffic to cross traffic is a higher risk than turning right into traffic so UPS wants to eliminate left-hand turns because that idle time of sitting there waiting to make that turn adds up and maybe they only use one scent of gasoline while they sit there at that traffic light but when you have hundreds and thousands of millions of packages to deliver those one scent on every single package adds up so there’s ways to save money and increase profit margins by doing optimal track of activities such as this and to eliminate risks associated with accidents crime now is a great example of a supply chain you order a product and you have it delivered to your house within two hours that is a huge to logistics effort coming together to get that product you from the Amazon distribution center to your hub home in about two hours and again overseas outsourcing is also big especially in retail and commodities and military logistics also takes a huge role in supply chain getting equipment and resources to soldiers deployed overseas as well as in peacetime missions so we look at National Guard for example services after a hurricane or some sort of natural disaster how do we get essential water as electricity essential food back into affected areas so what’s nice about supply chain is that it’s pretty much every aspect of your daily life has some sort of element of supply chain to it whether we realize it or not and we are taping this webinar during the k√∂ppen 19 pandemic and you may be aware of a lot of references to supply chain in the news and these ideas about how to get groceries and going to the grocery store and not being able to find essential items or to find things like toilet paper why did this happen well things

change very quickly when in in March of 2020 when the kovat pandemic really started heating up if you will and we started half stay at home orders people panicked by and also there was a shift in demand no longer were we at our places of work using things like paper towels and toilet paper and corporate bathrooms we’re now all using it at home so not only do people need to buy more product because they were nervous they needed actually more demand at home and they actually needed more product as well so how do supply chains react and how do they respond to these types of scenarios as well so why in ms is applied to my a master’s degree or graduate work in supply chain sourcing and distribution skills are needed and evolving and within Cova 19 that is an understatement where do we expect to see job growth even in these uncertain times and these potential recession or depression times we see them in supply chain it is more and more critical to make sure that we have talked to people when they need it and people still need to continue on with their daily lives and they still need to go about and have things available to them now those purchases may be shifting to a retailed online environment or a delivery environment but that even leads even more opportunities for companies who don’t have strong online presence presence or delivery presence to get more involved in their supply chains so skills are always needed they are always evolving inside or outside of a pandemic and before the pandemic we were seeing a growth and service economies to begin with door – uber things like this and was on prime now all of our lives were changing more to delivery and service the Yuki pandemic probably is accelerating this and these changes might also become permanent so there’s more opportunities for growth and jobs their supply chain analysis is close and closely tied to the analytics field so if you’re interested in analytics or if you have an undergraduate or even graduate degree in analytics taking supply-chain and applying those mathematical and computational skills to a focus area such as supply chain is key these skills are in demand and there’s always lots of opportunities in Greater Baltimore if you are local to Towson University and beyond if you’re across the country alright so why is our program with stands our program out what stands this house–and University program out from other supply chain master’s degrees is our one-on-one faculty interaction our small class sciences and our faculty that are devoted to the students so yes some of our classes are online but a lot of them are hybrid model meaning a meet sometimes online and sometimes in-person that touch point that human touch point with faculty and our small class sizes of 20 around 20 students or less allows you to really get to know your peers it allows you to a network within your students as well as the faculty and get one-on-one attention this is not just a you know graduate degree for the masses this is a niche topic this is a focused topic and you’re going to have specialized skills that are going to set you apart from traditional MBA students you’re gonna be focused on one area learn it very much in depth and be ready to contribute to the workforce we look at all aspects of supply chain upstream and downstream and processes so you’re gonna get a full understanding of the supply chain and a full understanding of everything that is involved to be successful in this field we also pair our project management courses with project management skills a lot of our students choose to add our graduate certificate and project management to their degree but also with even if you do not choose to add that certificate we still have a mandatory introductory to project management as part of the degree why well supply chain professionals have to coordinate lots of things they’re involved in logistics they are in procurement and sourcing and distribution all of these things are huge undertakings and to get an understanding a project management how to manage large-scale projects becomes invaluable because you get to see how to actually apply these skills and make organizational change projects our new novel will never been done before and a lot of times we make supply chain changes or we introduce new surface economy aspects or we introduce delivery for example the first time in our company these kinds of things at home delivery curbside pickup all involve projects and rolling these things out for the first time so very successful supply chain leaders and managers and up the corporate chain have project management skills we want you to be ready to take on those leadership positions our program is stem certified so if you are an international student this allows you to have additional years of opt visa after graduation this is the SEM certified through the Department of

Homeland Security in the United States we are AACSB accredited which is the accreditation firm for business schools in the United States of America and because of the unique one-on-one small class size aspect of our program like I mentioned you get to exposure to a lot of professionals students in your cohort students that you work with in class as well as faculty teaching and we also in this program bring in a lot of industry professionals sometimes as faculty in the program a lot of times its adjunct speakers or special speakers Case Competition for judges all kinds of faculty and industry interaction so if you’re looking to network in Baltimore or beyond or the Greater DMV District Maryland Virginia area or even in southern Pennsylvania you’re going to be exposed to a lot of professionals in this area you’re gonna meet people you’re gonna be able to work with them and gain feedback from them and also learn what about applying this knowledge into businesses not just theoretical book knowledge doesn’t work how what are lessons learned and how do you use this in your career so like I mentioned before multiple operant opportunities supply chain was a growing field before the pandemic we anticipate that it will grow even within this changing job market and hopefully you’re watching at some point this print this webinar after the pandemics of size and supply chain we anticipate to become again an integral part in the US and industries you’re gonna get technical skills knowledge and our faculty is extremely involved in research as well as in community service as well projects and impacts within Greater Baltimore so here’s an example of what a course plan could look like and this is not going to be the same for every student but typically or in general the program is about two years if you take this part time so a part time program is considered one or two classes per semester and this allows students to continue to work while they engage in our classes some of our classes are online but the ones that are hybrid always meet in the evening so f – f means face-to-face or hybrid and blended also means hybrid so sometimes in-person some weeks are online our classes meet from 6:30 to 9:30 not I’m sorry 6:30 to 9:10 p.m. that’s Eastern Time because we’re in Baltimore Maryland this meets one evening per week so if you are a professional in the area you would come to campus one day per week perhaps every other week to take your courses and one or two courses is considered part time our full-time students and most of our international students are also full-time we’ll take three courses per semester that does allow you to finish the program a little bit earlier if you are taking three courses per semester but it also allows you to if you choose to do take a two-year program and add the project management certificate to it as well and add a few extra courses and then graduate with a master’s degree and a certificate in project management as well but if you choose just the plane management says supply chain management master’s degree and you choose the do part-time this is an example of the course that we offer this is not exhaustive so for example Business Process Management Six Sigma quality I’m sorry business project management and customer relationship management so EB TM 730 and EB TM 740 are electives so if you do not want to choose those courses there’s other electives that you can substitute in there and instead but our program is seven required courses 307 acquired courses two electives and then your capstone project for a total of 10 courses and your capstone project is given usually in the last term that you are enrolled in the program but sometimes students take it a little bit earlier and in your capstone project you dive into a project it is just you and the advisor working in joint to come up with a flight Ain apply solution students who work in industry tend to choose a problem at their organizations to solve but if you’re not working at industry and you’re a full-time student there are plenty of research problems that are research active faculty have and you can work on one of those problems as you’re perhaps toan project so here’s an example of some of the employers that have hired our students this is not an exhaustive list but these are leading companies in the U in the district Maryland Virginia book greater Baltimore region and they span across multiple industries in multiple areas so technology and IT transportation manufacturing and tools banking apparel industry logistics and shipping as well as HR and recruiting and what’s nice

about again about supply chain is that it spans across multiple fields you might not realize that there are supply chain needs within the finance industry or even within HR but there are tons of opportunities for supply chain professionals to understand the holistic process to understand that start to finish in a corporation and then make decisions and contribute to the business in a holistic fashion other types of industries include healthcare consulting services dudes in aerospace one of the things about healthcare especially during the pandemic is this idea you know how do we allocate hospital resources how many beds do we need devoted to Kovan 19 how do we separate patients when they come into an ER from potential Kovac patients or patients who are suffering from another ailment all of these ideas about sourcing masks and PPE and making sure that there’s available resources is all supply chain driven so some of our job titles this again is a sampling of job titles that you might see in this area and we see things like business management analysis analysts we’re looking at business processes and process management operations analyst tends to be more of an analytics based job but you also apply that to this idea of procurement sourcing and logistics data analysis analysts also aligns with analytics in the supply chain world and a lots of a supply chain professionals are also consultants or contractors especially in the DoD and DHS spaces so if you’re ready to apply time sure hope you are by the time you get to this point in the webinar ply online a grad there is a link to the application there if you are a Towson alumni or a current Towson student there is no application fee if you are not a from alumni or a current student there is at this time of recording a forty dollar application fee if you attend one of our in-person information sessions which are held once per semester typically in September and February on campus you can have a fee waiver for your application our deadlines for fall emissions in terms of applications are August 15 for Spring emission January 7 if you’re an international student and you’re interested in fall admissions we do suggest that you try and please submit your application if possible by July 1st this will give you enough time to secure your visa and have all of your travel arrangements made but that fall August 15th is the absolute latest deadline for fall other than January 7th first bring you need a few things for your application you’ll need your official transcripts just one copy from the institutions that you’ve previously attended or are currently attending you will need two letters of recommendation your resume and a short one-page personal statement all I want to hear in the personal statement is why do you want to do this why do you think that supply chain management in Towson University is right for you international students have additional documentation such as the test of English as a foreign language a transfer of evaluation from a certified source or some other types of documents as well but if you are an international student the online application portal at grad will walk you through all the documentation that you need if for any reason you need to get a hold of us in terms of a paper reason there’s our mailing address on the screen grads at is always monitored by graduate admissions they will and they’re very very good at answering your question no matter how obscure or how whatever the question might be they are they know this process inside out they are here to help you the number on the screen is also the number for graduate admissions in general if you want to reach us and us directly the program directly directly that email is supply-chain at so one word supply chain and then act house indeedy you okay so here’s another tacky URL that will also ask you to the application so for us in the students as well as international students and again these are the processes that you will go through when you is the application screens for letters our recommendation you will submit email addresses and then the system will automatically email those recommenders and ask them to submit their documentation directly to the system you could also use an application status checker or email grads at to make sure that they’ve received all of your documentation and that you are ready to go so once your application is complete and all your documentation is submitted the graduate admissions team does an initial screen to make sure that our Amin minimum emission requirements are met emission requirements are met then that

PAP location once those requirements are met is sent to the Department Admissions Committee that incomplete and comprises I myself the program director as well as other faculty in the department we review and vote on the application and if you’re chosen to be accepted into the program you will receive an email from the program director and congratulating you and then you will get a follow up a packet from graduate admissions with all of your admissions paperwork ok and here’s the big one graduate assistantships how do I pay for all of this so admitted students may apply for graduate assistantships on campus and the key here is admitted graduate assistantships on campus are competitive so it is to your advantage to submit that application as soon as possible so for example if you’re interested in fall admission the deadline for follows August 15 if you’re watching this in June and you have your application materials submit them because as soon as you’re accepted to the program you’re eligible to apply for assistantship s– what we have there are multiple assistantships on campus most of them are false spring positions meaning they’re for one academic year some graduate assistants work for 10 hours per week and in return for that work 10 hours per week they receive a six credit tuition waiver to classes completely paid for and are free to you and you also receive a small stipend it’s not a lot of money but it is a little bit and the big benefit here is this tuition waiver there are a few assistantships on campus where the student is required to work 20 hours per week but in return for those 20 hours they receive a four class or twelve credit Wishon waiver and a little bit larger of a stipend these positions are available across campus so we do have a few graduate assistantships available in the College of Business but they’re also all over the campus and Campus Recreation Services and student affairs and student on campus life and Residence Life and all kinds of places on campus so it’s to your advantage to apply as soon as you can to as many assistantship that you might potentially be interested in again that application process is is come so since assistantships are open across campus they’re open to all graduate students on campus but many of our students do have assistantships and they are very beneficial and allow and help them study for potentially full-time here’s a website on the screen if you want more information about assistance in general all of our assistantship hiring is handled through Towson University coming a program called handshape which is a career services platform where students can apply for jobs so that’s the website you need to use once you’re admitted to login to handshake and start applying for available assistantships so again I am the current program director again my name is dr. Natalie skaila um you can reach me at supply chain Towson edu I’m supply chain at where you can also go to our website slash SCM for supply chain management if you’re interested in granite general admissions requirement questions grad studies and graduate admissions is where you need to go grads at and if you’re a potential international student and have questions that visas or getting with an international application or your travel to the United States is Esso international student scholar office is what you need is SOE at and with that I end the webinar so again please reach out to us if you have any questions we look forward to hearing from you we also look forward to reviewing your application I think I mean tamson university has been great for me as a professor I’ve been able to work with so many great students and be able to mentor them in our smaller class size environment so I hope you find the same beneficial relationships at Towson you get the same kind of growth out of your career and I wish you all the best I’m looking forward to your application so go ahead and submit that soon thank you thank you