#3282 History: A Summary Of The Old Testament From Genesis To Malachi (Grace & Truth Ministries) *

it’s Wednesday night and we are in a study in the Old Testament I’m not up here to show off or sound profound what I generally want to do and I love teaching especially Old Testament I love teaching both old and new very few people teach the old I’ve spent about 58 years studying Old Testament and yeah I love it I believe that is the very shadow of the New Testament if you understand the old you’ll be able to understand the new and what I’ve done up here I’ll put up on the board all the books of the Old Testament starting with Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy Joshua judges Ruth for the second Samuel first and second Kings first and second chronicles Ezra Nehemiah Esther job Psalms proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon Isaiah Jeremiah lamentations of Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel and then the Minor Prophets holds their Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah Malachi that is all the books of the Old Testament if you divide them up I’ve been trying to show you that this is the story of a family a family and it is Adams family not the Adams family but Adams family Adams family and these are all sons this starts off with Adam in Genesis and starts with Adam and it ends over here in the book of Malachi that’s the last book of the Old Testament Malachi prophesized about 397 BC what happens after Malachi there’s 407 years 400 silent years until you get to Matthew and that’s the birth of Jesus him coming to the earth I want you to understand how the Bible’s divided up in the Old Testament whenever I teach you the Greek language I teach divide how to divide it up to remember it remember that I see you you have a B G D and then you die divide that from the next three letters easy e a B G looks like a little short stubby yd looks like gonna make a D but instead you go up make a curl and then if you remember easy if you remember EAS Y then you can remember easy e the Z is up here it’s not at the end of the alphabet since they were here first and the G is here because they were here before we were and they have a th and you have iCade no J ikl I’m just showing you the small letters don’t worry about the large letters are very seldom used ikl looks like an upside down ym looks like an upside-down H with a hook on it it looks like a B and X looks like a great big funny-looking E that’s an X this is an X this is a CH o P no Q no Q in their language they have case to take care of the Q sign so o P R R looks like there P is a PI and this is an Omicron with an R sound this is an O with an Omega sound o sound that’s an Omega so Opie no Q R or you take our R dr. leg-oh if you got there R is this is an S in the middle of a word and oval it’s an oval with a flag and this on the inner board is like that with a small curl down at the bottom looks like our s but the curl on the bottom is smaller tu a towel a noob saibot and then you have a P P H Keith CH PS busy and an Omega well I do the same thing when I’m teaching Old Testament first of all you wanted to buy the Old Testament into the law or the Jews call this Torah the Torah is great the talent is bad Torah or we call it tentative p en te te u CH now pent means five so this means the first five books of the Bible now Genesis starts with Adam and it ends with Joseph with Joseph going into the captivity and the captivity ends in Exodus the second well it ends when Moses goes to Pharaoh and Exodus god of Moses is born in the second chapter and

they come out of the captivity in Exodus the twelfth chapter at the and the Passover the first Passover that’s when I see the boat I’ll pass over you well from Genesis all the way to Moses birth well let me put it this way Genesis all the way through the exodus from Egypt is around twenty twenty-five hundred are twenty-four hundred let’s say to Moses birth 24 hundred and thirty years something like that 2004 and thirty years from Moses birth all the way to the end of the Bible always down to Malachi and including the four hundred years is only about fifteen hundred and seventy-one years from here all the way through the four hundred years it’s like fifteen hundred seventy-one years for Moses birth there’s more time passes in Genesis than all the rest of the Old Testament put together now of course Exodus is where they exit Egypt we’ve said that Genesis from Adam until you’ve got in Genesis you got some main let me write this on the board this is a very quick summarization of the Old Testament I’ve told you I’m giving you summaries before this is really a summary let me just write it on the board Adam to Noah these are high Adam to Noah and that’s the flood and then after the flood they come out of the ark and in Genesis 11 bable bable and his bill and the birth of Abraham in the same chapter Genesis 11 birth of Abraham and this begins and all of these are the these are just descendants Adam has all these sons and they that goes on down Leviticus is the law of the Levites Levi was the third son of Jacob numbers is all the journey in the wilderness journey in wilderness from the time they leave Mount Sinai till they get to the promised land that is the Book of Numbers all through the wilderness and that is after they leave Sinai down here after leave Sinai the forty years in the wilderness is happening in the Book of Numbers now Deuteronomy just comes from Duo meaning to it means second law so a lot of the things that were sit over here in Exodus and Leviticus numbers is repeated in Deuteronomy and that’s right before they cross the river to come in to the land there that over here in the wilderness for 40 years and then God is leading them by a fire by night in a cloud by day and they get north of the Dead Sea to come over and right before they cross over that’s the end of Deuteronomy where Moses dies and Joshua leads them into the Promised Land Joshua is God’s general God’s leader God’s commander-in-chief Moses was the commander in chief now when you get into Joshua and judges commander in chief you get to Joshua and judges I would call these military conquest books Josh was given the commission to go in and to conquer the land it’s Joshua that goes in and marches around Jericho just inside the border of Israel if this were Israel right here and this is the wilderness down here down here and this is Egypt down here down here and this is a Mediterranean Sea and here’s what we call Lebanon Lebanon that was Ty and Sidon tyre and sidon or the old it also had another name Phoenician that’s just above Israel just above Israel now they wandered around the wilderness they went from Mount Sinai as soon as they left in numbers ten numbers the tenth chapter they wandered they go up here to kadish Borneo God God says I’m going to kill everyone from twenty years old and under and upward that’s military age because they murmured against God they wouldn’t go in and conquer these these these giants in the land of a nak we call that

the Gaza Strip during the time of Jesus or during the ancient world when there were kings in Israel they called that the land of the Philistines then they wander up here north of the they come north of the Dead Sea the Dead Sea you’ve got a border it that borders changed considerably through the years but there’s a border you’ve got the Sea of Galilee they said that was the womb you got the Jordan River the source of the Jordan River is the Sea of Galilee it empties into the Dead Sea which is the salt sea it’s like the sea out there in Utah you can lay down it and float you won’t drown you just float because it’s so full of salt the buoyancy will keep your body floating and one time this over here was part of Israel it was the land of Manasseh sometimes it was the land of Perea during during Jesus day Berea at one time it was north northern Jordan was the land of Amman those borders have changed considerably southern Jordan was the land of Moab these are the two sons of lot by his incestuous affair with his daughters because they were trying to retain the the seed alright now let me go ahead and put this on the board Babel now this is a rundown this is a rundown of the Old Testament so you got Babel birth of Abraham birth of Abraham and then Isaac the promise goes to Isaac God gives Abraham the land and then Isaac Isaac and then Jacob and we find those promises in Genesis 17 and Genesis 28 to Jacob 28 and it goes to Abraham and Isaac and they get the Land of Israel and that’s why I don’t belong to anybody else and then you’ve got Jacob Jacob has twelve sons and they become the nation of Israel Jacob’s name is changed to Israel Jacob has changed to Israel in the 32nd chapter of Genesis Israel and those twelve sons become the nation and then you have Joseph in Egypt Joseph is sold in Egypt now this is just a rundown he’s in Egypt and then that’s the bondage bondage and then you have Moses coming 400 years later and that he is that’s an exodus and he’s going to deliver Israel out of the bondage they’re in and then they’re in the wilderness wilderness 40 years and you’re in the first chapter of Exodus by then Exodus 1 through Exodus twelve because that’s where the delivered out of bondage in Exodus 12 when Moses is getting all of these commands from God to go until Pharaoh let my people go where is Moses huh he’s Meacham gone how could it be anywhere else he’s in Egypt he’s going to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt that’s where he is it was an obvious question I thought maybe I’ll catch on to it also all right so that’s in Exodus and then wilderness for 40 years and then they come to the land of Canaan and that is where Joshua comes along all this is the law and then Joshua comes along and Joshua goes in and he’s the commander and they go on and conquer ai and where they can seize a wedge of gold and he sees a goodly Babylon his garment and he takes it and he’s been given instructions not to do that and God says you’re gonna have to kill him Joshua and they do you’d say why we’ll talk about that some other time so they come to the land of Canaan and that’s when Joshua goes in and has all these wars against these Hittites Hittites these parasites these Amy writes all these i’ts these Jebusites and there’s there’s several others and they’re

occupying the land all the time that Israel has been over in Egypt all these different pagan tribes are coming and they’re occupying the Land of Israel well they are so Johnson goes in to conquer when you get to the book of Judges that’s occupancy go in and occupy the land well they go in and judges to occupy the land and you’ve got 13 judges 13 judges during a 300 year period it starts with I believe it starts with Joshua and I said that hot nail who is the son of who’s the nephew of Caleb was judged he was the first judge other than Joshua in the land and that it ends with Samuel the judges ends with Samuel and Samuel is still the judge in the first part of 1st Samuel here’s what these books do they overlap going to one to the other so Samuel is still the judge when you get into 1st Samuel now Ruth is stuck in there Ruth is the story of Boaz and Ruth and Boaz is the great-great-grandfather of David therefore he would have to come before the book of 1st Samuel where David becomes king so that’s why his story is before Boaz and Ruth stories before you get to David let’s think of those kind of things so and that’s a picture Boaz and Ruth is a picture of Christ in the church then you get into the kings of Israel let me see where I was down here in this little rundown they come into Canaan Canaan you’ve got Josh when judges Joshua judges and then at the end you go through some real famous judges like Deborah he hood the left-handed man Jeptha the son of a harlot threw him out of Israel you go through Gideon a Dirt Farmer and God calls him a mighty man of Valor and Gideon’s going at one you talking to me and you have another judge that while he was waiting his name was Samson he had a problem with women boy liked women’s he liked him in the wrong way and he got in trouble doing that but he finally killed more more of the Philistines and they were they were battling Philistines and Midianites and and all of these different peoples of the land and every time a judge would rise up a righteous man God would sent him a righteous man he would pull him out of the being get in pulled him away from the Midianites destroying him and soon as Gideon died another the people would rise up and they’d start to play and go after Bill in the grove as he always did and then they would go down and God says I’m gonna destroy him he would send another judge and the judge would pull them out well when you get over to second first Samuel you get into you get into this is the book of the Kings right here first and second Samuel first and second Kings first and second Chronicles that is called by the Jews the book one book of the Kings it’s called book of the Kings and that’s because this is all the lineage of the kings of Israel everything here on this chart this is every King that served during this time period right here everything before that was pointing towards a nation and this is called kingdom of God kingdom of God kingdom of God was a term for Israel when the Bible says in Matthew over and over and over it’ll talk about the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven is why kingdom of God and kingdom of heaven was one and the same Matthew speaks of the kingdom of heaven repeatedly mark and Luke and John speak of the kingdom of God and we know that the same thing because Matthew says blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven Luke says in Luke’s the sixth chapter Matthew says that in the fifth chapter Luke says in the sixth chapter blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God the reason they they said heaven and God

heaven and God and it’s believed that Matthew was written more to the believing Jew the Jews believed that if you said the word God that was a reproach upon his name so they replaced God with the word heaven about 200 BC around 200 BC that’s when they changed it so Matthews saying the kingdom of heaven is likened to and all those parables the kingdom of heaven he’s talking about the church is likened to because the Jews are going to have their eyes blinded there in Luke 19 now everything that we talked about in prophecy in times is a result of this time period right here this is one of the most important time periods in the Bible first Kings through second Chronicles you say what’s the difference between kings and chronicles the writers tell us that first and second Kings is looked upon Israel to the view of the kings and chronicles has looked upon Israel through the view of the priests and I remember a priest and King priest in King with the two anointed ones in the Old Testament these are the two that were noted to do the work of God the king would rule the people the priests would tell him what to do lawfully and the Bible says God had made us priests in Kings in Revelation 1 and 5 now we’re Kings only in the sense that Christ is living in us in spiritual Israel now you’ve got Kings then you got the nation’s split nations split into two kingdoms you got two kingdoms you got northern Israel but after the split northern Israel is called Israel southern Judah or southern Israel is called Judah Judah is comprised of two tribes in the two tribes or what Benjamin and Judah okay Benjamin and Judah I know you better than that Dave I know you knew Benjamin and Judah and we won’t name all the rest of the ten tribes is northern Israel and who’s that ruled by Ephraim and it was he huh yeah but would don’t just say son of Joseph you got more than one son of Joseph second-born son of Joseph second born of Joseph second born of Joseph y’all are kind of getting hold of this aren’t you now let me finish laying out this simple thing now second Kings are first and second Chronicles first and second Kings first second first second Samuel kings and chronicles then you’ve got the two kingdoms Judah southern Israel in Israel northern Israel and then God says to Israel all the time their nation if you worship other gods worship other gods which they did all the time that they were nation then left to Bale Grove the number of God’s they went after shamash Molech I seized Osiris raw a remand which was the sun-god of the of the Sirians and the list goes on and only when after everybody’s gods so God says you do that they were a nation up to 586 BC they split into two nations the nation guilty of the breach between God and Israel was in northern Israel they’re the ones that brought it in through who who brought in all those Sun God and tree gods in northern Israel eh-hem and where did he get it from that woman from that woman what was her name Jezebel her father was who it’s bel what does that mean with bail and where was

he a king of Tyre and Sidon Lebanon what we call Lebanon or Phoenicia that’s right now they brought that in they corrupted does anybody remember what chapter and what book that they brought that in getting close Deuteronomy where did where did a heaven Jezebel bring that worship into Israel what chapter does anybody remember what chapter would it you got it right there 16 and what happened after that what was God’s judgment after they brought that in and built these temples to Bale and grow huh as if you’re right what happens in 17th chapter what did God say he would do what’s the what’s the four judgments of God and what’s the first one that he brought there No famine and how did he bring that in the 17th chapter no rain for three and a half years and who brought that message Daniel no he lied you it Roger comes in and says there’ll be no rain for three and a half years you’re getting a lot of them right and I know you knew better than that you’re anxious there so God gets his fill of northern Israel and under King Josiah over there in the 17th chapter of what book is he scatter Israel what what book what well said no ciggy King 17 in eighteen and nineteen is where Sennacherib comes down to try to take over southern judah seventeenth chapter shows where that they were scattered you got right close to it though now got close yeah now let’s put that on the board here they bring in all this and because they bring it in got God’s four judgments the sword the famine the pestilence and the beast beast in God scatters northern Israel because they’re guilty of the breach between them and God through Ahab and his wicked just godless wife Jezebel and later on we’ll see that God destroys both of them more he retains they have till he gets into battle then he scattered southern Judah in 722 BC under host Shia in that seventeen chapter ii kings well this system bleeds down into southern judah this see a system of bail girl voices how does it get down there okay afterlife who is she the daughter the daughter of Ahab she is a child of hell she’s the daughter of hell on roller skates I mean teeth that woman is one ungodly woman she marries into southern Judah who does she marry huh ahora Mew know all the answers but some of these other people answer okay so she marries Jehoram and who is he yeah you got that right me Mary sitting down front she marries Jehoram Jehoshaphat son and how does she try to get ahold of southern Judah I’ve said it a thousand times killing all the seed roar what is all the seed oil mean and don’t mean just it doesn’t necessarily mean her sons that means every every seed that Jehoram has gone out here and got him a bunch of wives she has had everyone killed that could inherit the throne by any wife he had except who joash out there he

escapes when he grows up the priest comes out and says God save King joash and what does she say treachery you’re you’re treasonous you’re you’re doing something wrong against the king and I’m the king queen maybe she was a lesbian there’s something I don’t know so now southern Judah continues in its apostasy other than two kings in southern Judah who are to the most righteous Kings after this and who would they be huh and who has a cut Hezekiah and his great grandson Josiah everybody else is dogs and God finally scattered southern Judas so that in 586 BC under the last King Zedekiah and they’re scattered all over the face of the earth and these prophets now we worked our way down here God scatters them and while they’re scattered when they’re scattered Ezra does anybody remember anything about Ezra what was he huh no well he was a prophet in a sense who was his ancestor what lineage was he in Aaron he was a high priest and what is he most noted for yes putting together everything in the Bible see Ezra was right at the end of Israel’s history Ezra is around in 444 BC when near my gives the last decree for Israel to go back and rebuild the city and Nehemiah finishes up the building of the city in 432 BC 12 years later and immediately after that you go into Malachi so he’s right at the end of Israel’s history he’s probably alive when Malachi writes his book because he put all these books together that’s kind of interesting it so just because you’re not at the end of the Old Testament yet it doesn’t mean his time period isn’t will you get into israa near my and two things happen in Ezra Nehemiah that are very profound and what is that does anybody remember huh well I don’t know how to ask the question that’s kind of it but huh for the crease for decrees and what a how they divided up what are the first three decrees about huh I can only give up with you to build the temple that’s the first to decrease in what book are those three decrees found in and what I know you know Ezra they’re found in Ezra do y’all remember what chapters those three decrees our founding well yeah I hate it did you answer that does anybody heard what he said one six and seven that’s where those decrees are the first two decrees are for rebuilding the temple what’s the third decree for know what what’s the third degree for no the third degree the second degree the second one supply the temple that’s right supply it for with priests and with sacrifices and money and foods and and supply it with the the priests with robes and all the things that they need and what’s that fourth decree what what’s it for rebuild the city

rebuild the city you know what chapter that’s in the mi – you know all these answers let some of these other people answer I want to see how much they know I know Dave’s been studying this save me weeks of Daniel with me for 14 years or so so he knows most of these answers now I mean he has studied at night and day now so when you get to Ezra nearby you’re under does anybody remember what Kings are ruling during Ezra Nehemiah Stein what dynasty know what dynasty Persian dynasty remember babylon over babylon cares is carry southern unit captivity but where am I Oh babbling carries them to captivity but when you do you remember you remember what when Israel when southern Jude is carrying the captivity what book is that in second chronicles 36 Marian said won’t you let somebody else answer second chronicles 36 and the Babylonians overthrown by the Persians so when you get to Ezra near my Persian Kings are ruling do you remember what King was ruling under the first decree cyrus and what king was ruling under the second decree the riots and what King was ruling under the third degree art artaxerxes and what King was ruling under the fourth decree what our dessert seized was ruling then now when you get into now these are the decrees of the seventy weeks of Daniel so you got to tie these you have to understand when you get over to Daniel Daniel was carried off into the captivity even though Daniel comes after the book of Ezra Nehemiah Daniel was carried away how many how many deportations deporting Israel to Babylon were there what two or three what did you say two or three I’m not gonna settle for two or three I mean II know there were three do you know what years those were no no that’s when they were carried away in the three decrees for that the three deportations when are they 6:05 that’s the first deportation but that was a peaceful deportation that was when Babel was ruling and they were ruling but they weren’t they’re having a little trouble with Israel so they started removing some of them taking him over to Babylon which was 600 so miles away the second decree was 596 97 that just difference in people 97 96 and the last deportation was 1 586 BC and that was the total destruction of Jerusalem the leavening of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar’s armies Daniel was carried into the captivity he was carried into captivity believed to be the first deportation now Jerome the historian in the church says that Daniel was about 12 years old so by 600 BC he’s 17

by the time Ezekiel is carried over he’s already in the captivity he’s in his mid-twenties Danny would be in his mid-twenties Jerome and several others say he was probably about 12 years old so they watched Jeremiah preaching to Israel for how long 40 years so Daniel was on the end of Jeremiah he got to sit in admiration of this great man when he was a boy when he was a boy about 6:17 BC when he was born all through that time from about 626 BC 626 to 586 BC that’s 40 years and Daniel was born somewhere on run 617 BC therefore he was watching Jeremiah preached in Jerusalem and it’s believed by all the scholars that Daniels home was Jerusalem because of Daniel 9:24 when when Daniel and when the Daniel says how long are we going to be in this captivity and the angel of the Lord says seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and thy holy city it’s believed because it says that that Daniels home was Jerusalem so Daniel and all probability for the first twelve years of his life watched this great prophet Jeremiah walk through the streets of the city and pronounce judgment on them and he was carried away in 605 so he’s already in the king’s court by the timing zekiel gets there probably his equalist believed to be about 17 or 18 when he scared away so God’s using young men back then they’re not messed up with America’s way of thinking Ezekiel is to believe he was scared to win the second deportation I believe Daniel was created we’re here so Daniel is in Babylon established over there about 600 miles away from Israel carried away from Jerusalem all the way over here Daniels over there and can you remember some things that Daniels noted for in his book well whose dream did he interpret what’s his name no no that was Joseph all right you need to be go ahead zip your mouth all right now what did I ask you I can’t remember what I asked oh damn Nebuchadnezzar’s dream any Nebuchadnezzar is the Book of Daniel is probably one of the richest books in all prophecy but it’s what is the big main prophecy in Daniels book seventy weeks of Daniel Daniel 9:24 227 that will tell you how long Israel 70 weeks is seventy times seven seventy times seven they had a sabbatical year every seven years one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven and you find that what chapter do you find those sabbatical years and what book where do we find the sabbatical years take one year off every seven years and let the land lie fallow does anybody remember that I’ve said it many many times where is the law what chapter can’t remember you will you ever all beat you Leviticus the twenty-fifth chapter that’s the sabbatical year y’all beating yourself now all right now so Daniel so easy Ezra and Nehemiah all right at they were in all probability Ezra’s last decree as in the book of Ezra I was 457 56 and that’s an era the seventh chapter well

Ezreal that’s 457bc and near mais decree is in 444 some say 445 ladies 444 won’t going to lie so you’re talking about 13 years later after Ezra’s decree they were courts they were contemporaries they lived at the same time they talked to each other they got together and worked together you find the Ezra reading the book of the law in Nehemiah 8 chapter before the people that’s because as it was the priests in them I wasn’t so they were in all probability his friends and then 397 47 years later Malachi is preaching so they’re all living right there at the end of Israel well if you go from Ezra near my you get into Ezra that’s during the reign of xcr xes Xerxes well I was during Xerxes reign did I say Ezra that was in Xerxes reign and Xerxes was the father of artaxerxes so he is one of these Persian kings and that would follow that this would be in the same time period and that’s where as Esther Esther Nasra sounds alike doesn’t that’s where Esther Esther’s uncle you remember who he was maybe I hadn’t mention him enough I need to preach a letter yes sir Ezra’s uncle was Mordecai and Mordecai mister was beautiful woman she was probably in the King’s Xerxes harem probably had many wives but she had more favor with him and there was a man that was going to plot to kill all the Israelites he was going to I can’t even think of his name Haman Haman was going to kill all the Israelites and he played up to the king and he said the Israelites are going to try to overthrow you and then he lied through his teeth and he got a he got a gave a decree that all the Jews would be killed and Esther who was the King’s favorite got wind of this and she goes to Dirk seeds and he’s called does anybody know his biblical name huh anybody know his biblical name he’s not called Xerxes that’s who is a hazardous I don’t even know if I can spell has a yes ERU is a hazardous that was his name that’s his biblical name but he was Xerxes in history and he was in the Persian Empire and Haman is going to have all the Jews killed he’s already got dirt seized or hazardous to make the decree why does the hazardous have to go with his decree that it could not be the decrees of the Medes and the Persians altered not and could not be changed once the king gave a decree it was there for the life of the kingdom it was like a contract but the thing about the Persian decrees nobody could change it not even the king who made it well they all had a signet but once they made the decree in sign the decree all one of those kings had to do was sign a piece of paper and it was the law they didn’t even have to put their signet on it all they had to do is have their signature on it the letter that was written to Nehemiah by artaxerxes he just wrote a letter once he wrote a letter to signed it that was Persian law from then on so it could not be changed that’s why gosh it’s gonna get us into too many things I forgot even where I was I got too many things to say these decrees oh the decree that Haman got Xerxes to give to kill all the Jews Esther got wind of that so she goes and

charms the king and says can you make a decree that the Jews can defend themselves he said yes and he gives a decree that the Jews can defend themselves and the Jews far outnumbered in Babylon far outnumbered Haman and his forces so so they took that decree says okay go ahead and kill us we’ll fight you back and kill all of you they took Haman took him to the gallows hanged him on the gallows that was supposed to be for Mordechai now that was during the period that was during the period of Ezra and Nehemiah period then you got these books here job Psalms proverbs Ecclesiastes these books here are called by some poetic books I don’t hate to call them that porting they’re more than poems these are like instructions about our lives particularly Psalms and proverbs well I think Ecclesiastes just as much now job is stuck in there but job’s life does not take place somewhere after Esther where does job’s life take place it is believed that this is the first book that was ever written in the Bible we’re not talking about it was the earliest time it’s the first book but we know that Genesis is the first book of the Bible but who wrote Genesis who wrote Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy back up to here back up to Exodus Moses wrote that but he wrote it somewhere somewhere around 1400 BC because that’s after he he brings the children of Israel out of Egypt do you remember what year about 1447 I know that’s a hard thing to remember around 1447 so about 1407 is when he gets to when it gets to the promised land sometimes during that time period while he’s in the wilderness cuz he dies at the end of the wilderness experience doesn’t he so somewhere in that forty years he’s writing these books right here he’s writing then so job is identified before Moses he’s identified with the life of Abraham around around we don’t know exactly around 2000 BC long before Moses so he was around long before Moses but when you read Joe he’s got these three friends that correct him say you must have done something wrong God kills you seven sons and three daughters and to call you sub and God has to correct these three men and he calls a young preacher to correct him you’ll remember his name Haley you Elihu is a young preacher he listened to those three friends of Jobe you remember who their what their names are yeah that’s one that until dead bill dead see anybody remember the rest of them so far yeah Bildad and Zophar and who else he life as a life has Bildad and Zophar these are three friends and ever hew corrected them and God gives Leu it’s a really good book to read because you’re seeing how that God sustains job Joel’s life is a picture of the fiery trials that we go through to pull to perfect us it’s what his life is about but then you get into Psalms proverbs Ecclesiastes and these were all written by who Solomon it is believed that he wrote excuse me not Psalms proverbs Ecclesiastes proverbs Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon that belongs in there excuse me proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon believed that that that Solomon wrote proverbs in the early part of his life Song of Solomon he wrote at the beginning of his being a king proverbs and mid-life Ecclesiastes when his old

man because he crazy acids really tells you what life’s about it’s all vanity and vexation of spirit no matter what men think he’ll tell you I’ve had everything in the world and it’s all vanity you can get everything in the world and it’s bad he Robin Williams proved that this past week didn’t just worth nothing and then Psalms that is an exposition on the happenings of many people particularly David the psalmist Moses Asaph david’s musician song leader and when you go into the Psalms you can pull out your P volume look up Psalms and the McClintock and strong it’ll give you something about who it’s believed that a lot of the other writers were so why don’t we say the psalmist David you can say the psalmist Moses you can say the psalmist say Seth now then you get on down and you look at Isaiah now these are the major prophets Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel and I’m losing myself Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel and there’s said to be five major prophets who would the other prophet be if these are for the major prophets who had the other major prophet be well we got him in here Ezekiel Daniel Isaiah Jeremiah who’s the other major prophet who who wrote the Pentateuch Moses he’s the fifth major prophet he was absolutely a prophet now Song of Solomon is a picture of the church and as Christ lover that’s what he is the Song of Solomon was forbidden to be read in front of children among the Jews and the answer well it’s a very explicit it’s about it’s about a love affair between Christ and the church tweets Solomon and his wife and then you get into the major prophets Isaiah was prophesying as there was prophesying about 760 BC when was the when was northern Israel carried away 7:22 so he’s prophesying long before they’re carried away and he’s prophesying after their while they’re being carried away in fact when they’re carried away in the seventeenth chapter of second Kings in the 1918-19 chapter of 2nd Kings the king of Assyria who carries northern Israel away goes on down to southern Judah and threatens to carry them away and who’s the king of southern Judah at that time Hezekiah and he gets real sweaty gets to sweating it because there’s probably a couple of hundred thousand soldiers outside the city and they’re just a small group of people and he goes to his prophet who is who Isaiah he goes to Isaiah so Isaiah is a prophet by looking at that there carried away in second Kings 17 second Kings 19 Isaiah’s around 4 Hezekiah to consult after northern Israel scared away so that’s 722 BC so we know hmm that Isaiah’s around when they’re carried captive doing you know that you have to look at things that close Isaiah’s around when northern is was carried captive so if he’s somewhere in 760 that’s 40 years later after he’s born we don’t know exactly when they’re born but it’s certainly long after he’s born and he’s an old man when they’re carried away now and then Jeremiah is definitely around when they’re carried away because he’s the last prophet preaching to southern Judah while they’re being cared he preaches to infer what we say 40 years he preaches to how long did Isaiah preach to Israel 50 years Eloi Eloi ship reached for approximately 52 years elijah performed more miracles than elijah ever did but

that didn’t make him a better prophet elijah was very bold and very brave now what’s the lamentations about what does it mean to lament to weep and mourn over and that is that is one of the saddest books in all the Bible it’s very sad because little jerem Jeremiah is weeping and lamenting and that’s after is it was carried away over here in Jeremiah’s over here in Jerusalem Nebuchadnezzar has come in leveled Jerusalem done what they always do burn every building down cloud just plowed annex through the city and sonant was solved so nothing would grow and Jeremiah’s sitting there looking out there at Israel like a wasteland and everybody has been carried away except the poor and Jeremiah’s sitting down on a rock surveying it all the total annihilation the total destruction a million people dead and he sits down and writes this book and it looks like no hope God when you read lamentations it’s a little short book you think man this has got to be said and then after lamentations comes Ezra Nehemiah Esther job Psalms proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon then you get into these prophets and then you get into Ezekiel now you got to remember I’d say is a prophet in Israel he never gets to he’s there during the captivity but he’s not carried away where he’s left there Jeremiah is in Israel he’s during the captivity of southern Judah but they leave him there and remember Nebuchadnezzar comes in and he hears about he hears about Jeremiah’s faithfulness to Israel and warning them and he sends his commander-in-chief in his commanding general in the old member his name and tells Jeremiah were liberating you you’re free Nebuchadnezzar heard what an honorable man you are and you can do one of two things you can stay here or you can come to Babylon he will set you up for life and you’ll have plenty of land plenty of everything and who was that commander that told Jeremiah huh his name sounds like Nebuchadnezzar’s kind of huh never Zahra did you need me he’d be you CA ra da in Debbie’s eridan and he tells Jeremiah Jeremiah stays now Jeremiah is here in Israel Isaiah is over here Ezekiel and Daniel are carried away they’re over here there’s 600 so miles away so when you read as in Jeremiah think Israel when you read Daniel and Ezekiel think over here because they have different culture different customs they will say Daniel and Ezekiel say something with a babylonian idea in mind you see that in Jeremiah in Isaiah there over here in Israel and Jeremiah’s over there with nobody left now then you get into you get into all these their profits of the captivity these guys are Ezekiel prophesize can you remember anything specific that Ezekiel The Book of Ezekiel has in it the wheel in the wheel there’s something over there later in the book that’s real specific the valley of dry bones what chapter is that in 37 John Scottie Ezekiel 37 and there’s something else that’s mentioned in Ezekiel that’s only mentioned prophetically in the book of Revelation you know what that would be well that’s part of it but now I’m talking about

there’s a term that’s mentioned know what is the world system called at the end of time in Revelation 20 no huh Gog and Magog and you only find that in Ezekiel gog magog you find that in Ezekiel and I’m going to wrote it down here gog and magog you find it in ezekiel 28:2 through 18 and 39 1 to 11 you find Gog and Revelation 20 and 8 you find God may gog magog was one of the descendents of who it was been one of the descendants of ham he was he was a descendant so well they were descendants of ham they came out of the ark and he was a son of Gomer not going were piled but gonna okay and then may God has mentioned his this son is mentioned Genesis 10 and 2 and first chronicles 1 in five and they named their cities after their selves after their names you think somebody else does that did we do that Washington DC Columbus Ohio Columbus Georgia Columbus Mississippi Columbus everything you know all the cities are named and magog was just a name where is the land of magog up there where is it gog is just a hardening of the is the hardening of the consonants for a car koh and the land of gog is the caucasus mountains gog caucus it’s the caucasus mountains between the catchment see in the black sea in fact over here above the Black Sea is that is the Ukraine just under south west Russia that were the plane-crash just up here and then and they called their land by the names of their mountains and they called the highest points gog and they named their leaders that so Gog and Magog is the Iranian enemies of God and this is where the Caucasians come from up here because Japheth migrated up here and that’s the Caucasus mountain he was the firstborn son of Noah and that’s also the land of the Assyrians the land of the Citians the most barbaric people if you study into these barbarians this is the most of our big people who ever lived Caucasians what they were now when you get to so these are the major prophets gosh I was gonna make this simple but it’s hard to do you get into all these Minor Prophets here and each one of these prophets had somebody they were preaching to now you can tell you can tell by the dates when they lived who they were preaching to because the dates they live if they come before 722 BC they’re preaching to Israel in general are preaching to the people around them who are pleading them so Hosea Hosea lived said maybe 5 is approximately when he was supposed to be well he’s long before southern Judah a northern Israel’s captivity and who is he preaching to all through his book I went through my Bible and I circled highlighted in red you can do this you can just thump the Bible how much time to have my look here I went to Hosea Joel Amos and here’s what I did as I read through it years ago I would do this so kind of remind myself he

mentions Judah in the first chapter then I got over here we mentioned Judah I would circle in green I circle in red then he starts goes after Ephraim all through here Ephraim is in northern Israel see all those green circles and see from when he’s preaching and see from that’s northern Israel that’s because he lived in 785 long before Israel Falls so he has to be going after northern Israel or the land of Ephraim which is northern Israel and all through here you can see he’s going that’s that green it’s where it says Ephraim he goes after he free then when you go to you go to uh I was going to get back to science tonight but I really want you to understand how to kind of learn the layout of the Bible you’re learning it aren’t you when I die I won’t people would be able to be strong here I keep praying every prayer pray Lord mature the flock make them strong my idea appears not to be mr. somebody and being full found in front of everybody I am a true teacher I want you to learn this stuff I love it when one of you barks out something when I ask a question while ago in one of y’all said something you know I thought what’s amazing for that person to say I don’t remember who it was but yeah but I want you to learn now Joel it’s confused about when he lived not real sure 800 BC he’s going to be there long before Israel gets real corrupt long before northern Israel gets carried away he’s there preaching to the Kings and Joel the main message is locusts in his book in that second chapter he’s the one that Peter is quoting in acts 2 this is that which was spoken of by the Prophet Joel that in the last days the Lord shall board of his spirit his truth on all flesh because he had limited at the time of Joel only to the literal Semitic Jewish people and he said his truth is at in the last days the last two thousand years it’s going to be to all flesh and he talks about locusts being God’s army when God comes after you northern Israel he’ll send all of this famine he’ll devastate your crops and that’s saying why why is he preaching this kind of a message they’re going after bel gross shamash moly sieze Osiris ramen raw all the rest of Christmas the Christmas system that’s right Oh what I had one message huh oh did I get didn’t get Amos oh wait a minute I’ve marked under all flesh I mean put all face up here Oh flesh now Amos he’s not partial to anybody who he goes after israel-gaza ash dog Ekron what’s Gaza Ekron in Ashdod huh no they are major cities in the land of the Philistines and so he’s going to have her in if you see ekron ash daughter gaza you’re no it’s the Philistines and they worshipped Idol gods then they had all kinds of gods over there and he goes after Edom and what is Edom it’s descendants of Esau and were they located where’s the land of Edom south of where South America what south of but what particular point are they south of now there’s south of the Dead Sea just south of the Dead Sea what was their capital city it was a it was a city built in a mountain a rock

city Petra Petra means large stone Lords rock jesus said thou art Petra’s Peter little small stone and upon this Petra this big rock which is me I will build my church and they can he goes after teaming which is associated land of which is just right next door to it’s believed it’s next so we don’t exactly next door to eat him he goes after teaming he goes after Amman this is everything that Amos is going after he goes after Amman northern Jordan what we call northern Jordan it’s the old land of him and he goes after Moab he preaches against Jerusalem Amos doesn’t favor nobody Jerusalem and he’s the one that’s famous for saying there in three three if two how can two walk together except they be agreed he’s the one that said in verse 6 of chapter three is there evil in a city and I have not done it God said he preaches against Egypt Samaria and we used one of his terms you see it along the highway everywhere and it was a mistake his words prepare to meet thy God and four and twelve he’s telling northern Israel and all these nations running prepare to meet thy God judgments coming he’s the one that said in seven and eight and five and eight seek him that maketh the seven stars in a seek not Gilgal he says if you seek these places where there’s out of God’s you go after him and the seven stars it was the Pleiades and the Pleiades was said to draw the SAP up into the vine and give him crops in the spring and he’s saying God will bind the sweet influence of Pleiades and loose the bands of Orion he was saying well that’s the same words as job job the 38th chapter and he says in 7 and 17 Israel shall go into captivity yet those very words you don’t have any hope Israel and he says in 9 14 and 15 some of the famous last words I will bring again the captivity of my people and I will no more again will I scatter them that’s a prophecy of the end of time and then you’ve got over die over die I can’t put all of them down that Amos he goes after so many I can’t even put him down I just named him off for you and then he got over to die he’s got one job one people he’s going after who’s that Edom he saws descendants Edom he saw he saws descendants it is Edom is the one he saw descended south of the Dead Sea their capital city was Petra and he says Edom is proud you say I’ve built my nest among the stars up on that rock mountain up there and he says you say I can’t be brought down God will bring you down he’s the one that said in verse five or six I can’t remember which verse God will ├ínot it all acquit the wicked I love those words y’all heard me say that from time to time he won’t acquit your wickedness and your sin you you can’t do wrong and get by and then he then Jonah we know what Jonah’s about everybody knows what Jonah’s about what’s he famous for the whale Jonah invented the whale did Jonah went one place went to Nineveh and what was Nineveh huh it was what which we’re spinning he’s one guy us old TV said Jonah went and got on a ship down it chopping that job is here on the his on the Mediterranean Sea carried out in the Mediterranean Sea he’s out there and after three days and three nights the whale spit him up his one preacher said he spit him up I believe he spit him up right on the shores of Nineveh and then it was over here about where Baghdad is if he’s feeding him up he had to go way up in the air and somebody said look up

in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s Jonah each other they only painted in the maps that is so funny I just started I busted out laughing I was by myself somewhere nice story at all and yet you don’t even know and he had this we take him wrong in three days for a coil to swim down around up through the up through the Strait of Gibraltar and swim down around go down through the Indian Ocean and come back around south of Africa going to the Indian Ocean and come up through the Persian Gulf and swim up here and spit him out big all over three days called a migratory journey so he preaches to Nineveh the capital city of the Assyrian Empire and that’s somewhere around 8 62 BC 862 BC so that’s long before and what happens with a seer they repent don’t they the people then have a repent but evidently they come out of that repentance because in 722 BC they’re going and destroy southern Jude northern Israel don’t they mark is a very interesting guy Micah it’s kind of like Amos he goes after everybody he lives somewhere around 750 so we know not 722 750 750 so he’s there before evidently God is using him to prepare northern Israel for judgment and Micah preaches against Samaria Jerusalem and he’s the one that said and I read it off on in chapter 3 verse 5 and 6 the Sun will go down on the profits and there’ll be no light he’s talking about that there’s not going to be a light in the world with Israel because God’s going to darken them and he’s the one that says in 3 and 11 I’ve said it many times the heads of Israel judge for we Lord the priests priests preached for high they preached for money and he speaks at the top of the mountains and four and one and he’s talking about the Gentile church just like Isaiah the second chapter is in Nahum what is name preached to he said he was the burden of Nineveh he preached to the same people that Jonah preached to he said I am the burden of Nineveh and he beats him up real good now Ibaka heyse preaching somewhere around 626 so he couldn’t be preaching – he couldn’t be preaching to northern is oh goody they’re gone Habakkuk is believed by the scholars that he was preaching when he tells Manasseh because of your wickedness in that twentieth chapter ii kings God’s gonna show Israel you’ve offered strange gods sacrifices strange God in Israel you have passed your children through the fire you’ve raised up an Astaroth or eight you serve God and the Temple of God serve these gods in the temple of God and God’s going to bring judgment upon Israel that whosoever heareth fit both had ears shall tingle and it’s believed that he was preaching to Israel during the reign of Manasseh that he was that secret prophet that nobody knows who it was and it’s believed that it was Ibaka in Habakkuk says God’s gonna raise up the Chaldeans Chaldeans is another name for Babylonians and it was the Babylonians it was the Babylonians that come in just about that’s about the same time that Jeremiah starts preaching remember that and 40 years later God comes in and wipes out southern Judah and then Zephaniah Zef and I has a lot to say he’s around six-30 BC 630 BC so northern Israel has been carried away when seven I was here but southern Judah is not too far down the road of being destroyed

Zephaniah and Ibaka must have been close friends 626 630 look at the dates that they’re born and the Bible says in the first verse of Zephaniah in the days of josiah son of Ammon so he’s preaching in the days of Josiah and if Ibaka was preaching during Manassas day they have to be contemporaries and they must know each other these two guys here so in the days of Josiah son of ammon and he talks about Gaza destroying Judah he preaches against Gaza Escalon ekron the Philistines and these three cities are in the lens of the Philistines three chief cities he preaches against Moab Ammon sodom gomorrah Havens Ethiopians Assyria Nineveh and he utters those famous words that you see at isaiah forty seven and ten and implied in Revelation 18 and 7 I am and none beside me what that means I matter and nobody matters but me and he says that’s what Israel will say and it he says Israel’s prophets are light the word is because it means they’re saying unimportant words and they’re treacherous and he says I’ll raise up a pray against Israel that’s in three eight and nine and he says well goodness I don’t want to get into all this right now he speaks of the king of Israel look at look at do I have any time Mike seven minutes look at I was going to read these two but I’m not going to have time look at Zephaniah Zephaniah three one way to remember Zephaniah can you remember is eh I mean h z h z m that’s the last five books of the Bible HC HC M Ibaka Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah Malachi agency 8 cm it’s a good way to remember that didn’t last five books you just have to memorize those edge-on Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah now and then you got HC HC M alright now once you look here with me at 3 in 15 the Lord had taken away thy judgments he have cast out by an enemy the king of Israel even the Lord is in the midst of thee notice what he says the king of Israel even the Lord whose King of the Jews yeah I’ll come back and read the rest of this King I’ve got a whole list of these Zef and I speaks of the king of Israel I’ve got a whole bunch of these other writers and we’re going to show how that alter the Old Testament they speak of the king of Israel in Israel was the Jews wasn’t it and if Jesus is the King of the Jews in the New Testament he was the King of the Jews in the old now Haggai and Zechariah had a particular job what was that well they had started building the temple in 538 BC the first decree was given by who not what the first degree to rebuild the temple it was given in the book of Ezra by us all right 538 they built for two years they get opposition they get opposition in 536 BC they quit building they just stopped now they were given a they were carried away into captivity in

586 God says you got 70 years in Babylon and then I’m I’m going to bring you back what in 5:16 is when they finished building the temple 516 BC so if they quit in 520 they got four years to finish it if they quit in 536 down here in 520 the the decree is reinforcing that a first decree is given here and that’s given by who the rice don’t have time to that that second decree is given in 520 BC so they get in the two men that the rice is over here in Babylon he’s the king he’s the Persian king or the meed King it’s a dual infamy version he’s a Mead king over in Babylon he gives the decree to go back here to reinforce the first decree remember that he gives that decree and they go over there and they start building but two men you got the rice giving a decree over here you got two men over here in Israel that are called to command Israel to get busy building and who is that Haggai and Zechariah Haggai and Zechariah and they start they Haggai starts prophesying in 520 BC the same year that Duras gives them the decree to reveal but he has to reinforce the first degree since they couldn’t give another decree the decrees are unalterable of the Persians and the Medes so he gives the decree at the same right after he gives the decree Haggai and Zechariah heguy prophesized for how long three months and Zechariah for a little over two years and their whole job is to go after Israel and tell them to get off their tails and start building the temple and then you get right down here you are rebuilding the temple so they’re living somewhere in 520 but Malachi is over here in 3a at 397 so even though Hagin Zechariah at the end of the Old Testament Ezra and Nehemiah are actually after Haggai and Zechariah because they’re contemporaries of Malachi and Malachi preaches Malachi his date is around 397 BC he’s the one that says in the Old Testament Jacob have I loved there in verse one have not I loved you Jacob and I hated Esau and Romans 9 says that was before either one were born for either one had done any good or evil and he preaches against the priests of Judah and he’s the one that preaches about the tithe when will a man Rob God he Rob’s him in tithes and offerings and he’s the one that says he lied you must first come before that final day of the Lord in verse 5 of 5 and 6 of chapter 4 and then you can’t either that with Luke the first chapter because what it says about Elijah is what it says about John the Baptist and then in Matthew the seventeenth chapter Jesus says Elisha must first come and in Jesus spoke of John the Baptist that they did what they wanted to him and then his apostles knew then when Jesus spoke of Elijah he spoke of John the Baptist and that takes us to the end of the book and I’m out of time and I might that’s a run down of the Old Testament I hope that’ll help you some I didn’t realize I was gonna get into all this till this afternoon I was gonna go ahead and preach on signs again but I’m here to help you understand the scriptures I hope you can get ahold of these things take this message and watch it over and over to get those dates and those people please forgive me if I say Ezzor instead of Ezekiel since they both start with E to E I’m liable to say that yeah yeah would be well let’s pray father we thank

you for your word for truth I pray for the flock Lord you’ll mature the Sheep cause them to grow help them to understand these truths Lord when I’m gone I pray that they’ll be so strong nothing can shake them that they’ll be like trees planted by the rivers of waters bringing forth its fruit and their leaf doesn’t wither and they will not be moved that they will bring forth continual fruit worthy to be caught works of repentance thank you for your word leaders cheer elect open a many doors of ministry and all praise you for all things in Christ’s name Amen that’s the Old Testament whether people believe it or not it is one time I said I was going to do the Old Testament in a nutshell I preached a message and I rolled back just about the Old Testament I don’t know what you call it mister I haven’t spent a mall small amount of time on this I spent a lifetime in it hey are you doing I think that was Robert that may answer a question I said how does he know that I think it was you that answer a question I love you how you doing hey how does she now 81 I’m not far from there