BrightGen Salesforce Spring14 Webinar

right good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us on our spring 14 release webinar on ke badan CTR again i’m joined by Clive Platt our service manager and here’s the agenda for today’s webinar we can be covering the new features of the spring 14 release sometimes mr. salesforce1 as usual some chatter enhancements it went via cell source release without those a couple of forecasting changes to tell you about some new functionality in this release regarding orders and then some smaller pieces repeat asks some analytics changes and a few platform enhancements and then I’ll talk a little bit about the elevate London workshop that’s taking place in London later on in March and then finally I’ll hand over to client for the Q&A session so on to the main feature and for this webinar the spring 14 release of Salesforce so first up we’ve got some new features in the salesforce1 mobile application for those of you haven’t seen will use this application this was launched at dreamforce it was a relatively early version that was launched at dreamforce there’s been some additional enhancements added to that part of this race probably the major one for us is the canal access and salesforce communities through salesforce1 and unfortunately you can’t access them through the installed iOS or Android devices it’s supported for the html5 application version only so what that means is you have to access it through the mobile device browser you have to log in with the user ID and password because there’s no concept of being out of store credentials etc and like you can on an installed application and there’s a small amount of branding available and basically you can customize the splash image that’s displayed when the application first starts up and you can also change the color of the bar across the top of the screen and you can access this by adding a forward slash one forward slash one app to the URL of the community so next there’s been some changes to the the sales balls notifications and this is for the installed Act only because there’s no concept of notifications in the html5 version and for those who aren’t familiar there are two types of notifications so the first type is push notifications now these appear in the status bar at the top of the phone outside of the application so this is the kind of those of you who use things like Twitter and Facebook if you’re not running the application but something happens you receive a notification at the top of the screen and then we have in-app notification so these are displayed inside the application and they’re accessible by clicking a bell icon at the top right of the screen and when there are notifications waiting for you the bell icon will be displayed in red so changes to notifications are as follows and when a task is assigned to you you’ll receive in a nap and a push notification so that’s completely new in winter 14 profile posts and comments on posts cause been a nap notification and in this release you’ll also receive a push notification when this happens all of the notification types that are supported for the internal application are now supported for communities so any posts a post on your profile your community profile and comments on posts in the community will be notified through cell source 1 and finally and for iOS devices only so for iPad an iPhone you can configure whether to display full or minimal content with the notification now the default is minimal notification and this just create contains the name of the user in the event so it’d be something like Clive Platt mentioned you if you have full content on the other hand now that can contain full details of the mention or the post so it’ll say quite black mentioned you and said that you have the webinar this afternoon so make sure that’s in your diary for example and that’s something to be aware of if you’re considering using full notifications is that the notifications are actually sent via a third party service so Apple in this case provide the notification service and so what that means is there’s any sensitive information that appears in the full body of the notification and that will be sent and available decrypted on a third-party site so there’s any concerns in your organization about it’s sensitive information of this nature I’m it’s best to leave the notification setting up minimal the default so the the group’s functionality in Salesforce one has been enhanced you can create groups or group members directly from the group page using publisher actions you can edit the group details directly from the device whereas before you had to go to the full UI and finally you can view announcements which are a new chatter group feature which will be covering in more detail in the chatter section so here’s some screenshots the new groups functionality so the announcement is displayed near the top of the page just under the highlight

section with a little megaphone there now if I click on the button the + button to open the publisher actions and I’ve got two new publisher actions there abney group and new group member um another change files can now be previewed directly in the chatter feed of the salesforce1 application so what used to happen was you could see there was a file waiting for you you had to download it before you could see if it was something you’re actually interested in looking at so what you can now do is preview these so in the screenshot here I’m creating a picture a post which is going to include a screenshot of a rather fine organization diagram I’ve put together and once I post this to the feed anyone who receives the post in their feed will see a preview of the image rather than a link to download it and that’s probably looking at that picture the last time they’ll consider looking at it so next we have some chatter enhancements as is pretty common with these releases there’s been a number of changes to chatter except I’ve left the title of Salesforce one I apologize for that so first of all chatter side of things we have some changes to topics so topics are effectively a way of tagging posts to into indicator lizards on a particular subject and and now you can endorse people for topics which is a good way to identify people who are experts in a particular area so you have the concept of having a chatter group that you might get a postie because you know they’re experts but another way of finding this out of finding out who the experts are they can be endorsed on the topics and anyone who has endorsed receives an email notification that’s happened and they can configure that on an individual basis by their chat and notification settings and when you access a topics page the top three experts the top three most knowledgeable people are displayed with a link to go and view the rest of the knowledgeable people and finally anyone who is included in the knowledgeable people list but doesn’t want to be because it’s maybe drilling in a bit too much into their time answering questions from people who think they’re the expert then they can opt out simply by clicking the hide me button that’s displayed under their name when they view themselves in the knowledgeable people list so the endorsement flow is when you open a topics page and there is a list of knowledgeable people displayed I which may be empty if no one has been endorsed as yeah and at the bottom there’s an endorse people link so clicking on this link opens the endorse people page are much like adding people to a group or following people it’s a simple search box and allows you to search for individuals and then you endorse them by clicking the little endorse link on the bottom right and that then adds the user to the list of knowledgeable people so you can see their admin user as being endorsed and appears there’s a number one knowledgeable person about salesforce1 so next we have something that we’ve been asked about several times over the years and some hoping this is gonna make a few people happy and this is branding of the chatter email notifications so you can change the name of the sender and the email address that the email is sent from which are particularly exciting helpful but more importantly you can change the footer text and the footer image so here’s a screenshot of an email notification sent from chatter in winter 14 and you can see down the bottom Inc the landmark one market sweets there’s nothing in there that says this is anything to do with bright gin you have to look at the context of the message to figure that out so in the spring 14 version what you can see here is that I’ve changed the text and the image to be bright and specific so there’s no more mention of Salesforce in there especially if I change the sender name and the sender email address okay and another chatter enhancement you can now send an email to create a post in a chatter group and this has to be enabled through the chatter email settings page and once this is enabled a post by email link will appear the bottle on the group detail page so if you click on the post by email that’ll open your email client later right post now you’re limited to 5,000 characters and the subject and any attachments will not appear in the post it’s only the body of the email and then if you save that email address as a contact in your client then you can post to a group from wherever you happen to be and that could be I can see that being useful if you’re in a kind of patchy bandwidth area and it’s difficult to fire up the full salesforce1 application and navigate through the groups etc and finally on chatter we have group announcements and which we touched on on the cell source 1 section so this is from an idea on the salesforce success community so another good example of salesforce listening to their customers when there’s a good idea so there’s a new publisher action on groups which I’ve tried to show there and that allows to create an

announcement as well as being able to post regular messages post links paste polls can also create an announcement now the announcement is displayed in a highlighted fashion on the group detail page so that will appear it’s a quite pale yellow but that would appear in yellow sits on the left-hand side of the great detail page as well as appearing at the top of the group page on the salesforce1 application and it also appears as a regular post in the feed but that has no stickiness so that will further posts appear in the feed that will then be push down and the announcement includes an expiry date and after which it won’t be displayed anymore at the end of the chatter changes and so next up we have forecasting so a couple of things to mention there firstly customizable forecasting is no longer being developed by Salesforce so instead efforts being focused on collaborative forecasting and it’s important to note that customizable forecasting will still be supported it’s not there just dropping it and but there’ll be no new features added to it because it’s not no one’s going to be working things anymore and some additions to the forecasting functionality sales teams can now use up to four types of forecasts so that allows them to predict sales from multiple perspectives so the available options are opportunities based on revenue quantity or both and opportunity splits based on revenue and product families based on revenue quantity or both and there’s also been a couple of changes to forecast reporting so forecasting managers can now filter forecasting items and forecasting quotas reports by forecast type and a final change on the forecasting side of things is that managers can filter forecast reports so that they only display data from their direct reports as opposed to rolling up all the way through the all their descendants in the hierarchies they can just be concerned with their immediate team rather than their immediate teams reports etc okay next we have orders so this is a new feature introduced by this release so what is something that we’ve created custom versions of in the past but they’re now in spring the 14 going to be supported natively by the platform so in order is an agreement between a customer and a company to provision services or deliver a quantity of products at an agreed price on an agreed date and the say it’s something we’ve implemented custom solutions for in the past so we’re quite pleased that that’s now being picked up by the platform where it’s less less code for us to write so orders and not even enabled by default for existing systems any new systems commissioned after spring 14 they will be enabled by default but those who already have a system your system administrator must enable this through the order setting page orders follow the sharing model of the parent account so users that have read access to an account also have read access to all orders associated with the account and when orders are enabled there are new object and user permissions that appear in profiles and need to be configured to control access to orders and in much the same way that you would any other standard object there’s nothing particularly special about how you would configure those orders there will just be additional ones that you’re probably not used to seeing up until now orders support reductions so these are changes to orders that have been already fulfilled orders are first class s objects so they come with a set of standard list views and you can also create your own custom list views should you so desire and you can create reports on orders so in terms of standard report types when you’re creating a report you’d simply choose a type from the contract reports area that includes orders you can also create an custom report types of the standard ones don’t match your requirements so next we have repeat tasks so repeat tasks are alternative to recurring tasks with the main difference being but they aren’t scheduled for a specific date the repeat dass task is only created when it’s needed which is when the preceding task is due or completed so it means you don’t get a great big long swaths of them recurring tasks filling up your calendar going out into the distance all you’ve got is that the next task that’s jus that brings us to our first demo and we’ll try and take a look at this in our sandbox okay so if i go to the brighton account i scroll down and create myself a task

i’m going to give that a recurrence interval of seven days and that means seven days after this and task is complete sin this case it could be complete so it could be after the due date for seven days after this task is completed i want to create a repeat ask so what happened is at the moment when i say this so we’ll see down here is I’ve only got a single activity open activity i’ve got an activity history of just really got the test repeat task in there so if I now go and edit this task and complete it go back to the bride Jenn account so what’s happened is that typical completed task has moved down into the activity history and a new one has been created in the open activities section which has a due date of seven days after the complete date which is today the fifth march of my initial task and this will continue quite happily until such time as we change the configuration so if I complete this one again and save it and then I go to the bright gen account i can add another two completed tasks and I’ve got another complete task in there now continue until I turn off the recurrence aspect of this now if I save that if I go and edit it again and complete this task go back to the bright gen account then you can see all of my activities are now complete so there’s no recurring no a repeat task that was scheduled as part of that because I’ve marked it to say that I didn’t want another scheduled task to be created ok next up we have some enhancements to the analytics side of things so um winter 14 Salesforce introduced a new API for external access to the system which was the analytics API and so this is now available for developers working on sale source platform through the apex programming language so what this means is that you can execute a report and access the results directly from code alone up code that runs in triggers because that would hold up committing to the database you can execute the report synchronously and wait for the results or you can execute it asynchronously and then poll to to get the results and Cygnus reports will finish more quickly but there are limits on how many of these that may be running a particular hour how many results may be returned and that kind of thing so asynchronous is probably better with larger volumes of data there are some additional limits and restrictions which are documented in the apex developers guide an example use case for this functionality might be some scheduled apex and that pulls down the report converts it to a CSV file and then emails that I know that we’ve had a couple of our customers asked for that in the past again we’ll take a look at what this looks like on page I can find the right page yeah so what I’ve got here is my opportunity to pool so what this is doing is this is executing a report said my code has no idea what the format of the report is so how many columns are in there what type of reporter is the fact that it runs on the opportunity object has no idea about any of that all it knows is the idea of the report that it needs to run so having executed that report it then gets back a bunch of meta information about the report in terms of the number of rows number of columns etc and then I can iterate the rows so I can iterate first off I to write the headings again I don’t know how many headings there are I just walk through them out putting them until there are no more and then I can walk through the rows and for each row I walk through the columns so what this means is I can have this report used in a programmatic fashion so for example generating a CSV file however it means that the query that’s backing the CSV file isn’t tied into my code someone can go and update the report and the next time my code executes it will pull down the different version of the the columns or the heading that someone has configured into that so nicely decouples things so you can see there being some some interesting uses for that okay there’s also some enhancements to the reporting user interface so you can now salt group levels independently and you’ve also got floating headers available when viewing lengthy reports it’s gonna be a lot easier for me to try and show you this then try and describe them so let’s take a look at clothes so I’ve created a report called group tops and what I’ve got here is I’ve got opportunity is grouped by close date and stage so as you can now see it’s possible for me for

each of those groupings that comes back if I click on the closed day I can support sort by close date ascending or descending independently of sorting by the stage name ascending or stage name of descending so before you never really have any control of over that it would just simply sort by ascending and so would always show the kind of oldest information first so now got real granular control over that now the sorting of the floating headers so most reports you know don’t normally fit nicely onto a single page especially if they’ve got various levels of grouping summary because you’ve just got so many rows to be displayed so what now happens and when you scroll the headings off of the screen you’ll notice that they say a small arrow appears where my pointer has appeared there and if I click on that and that drops in the floating headers for me so I can suddenly see again okay I’m into the close date is the 22nd of februari and the stage grouping is stay three of proposal sent now this will then change as I scroll through so won’t stick on the twenty-seventh februari in the proposal sent if I scroll down further which brings the next row into play then suddenly the close date changes to the 28th of februari and the stage changes to prospecting so the floating header reacts to what Scrolls what is scrolling underneath it to make sure it’s displaying appropriately for the context okay next up we have some platform enhancements so first up we have feed based page layouts so these allow you to put the chatter feed and record details into separate tabs on the page so that you users don’t have to scroll down through the entire feed every time they want to access some of the record information now this isn’t available for all s objects currently it’s only for accounts contacts leads opportunities and custom objects so let’s just take a quick look at a record that has a fee-based page layout enabled so they go to webinars so this is something that you can figure through the page layout to say whether you want it to be tabbed on non tabs so though the maximum level of granularity you’ll be able to get is going to be on a per user sort of yeah per user profile so there’s the page layouts being specific to user profile and record type combinations so you can’t have any differently I per user basis as you can see here my details tab purely contains my details and the feed tab and shows me all the feed information that which there is nothing on this if there is a lot of information that often you end up having to scroll down and remembering to hide the feed you’re actually interested in both sides of it can be quite a nice way of switching between it um so yeah then something that may be useful if you but if you’ve got quite a lot of activity in your chatter feed and some people have no interest in that and purely want to get straight to the record details okay next we have them mass assignment of permission sets so anyone that’s used permission sets will know that currently having created a permission set you then need to go to each user’s record scroll down to the bottom of the users record find the permission set section click on I think it was add remove or manage or something like that and then have a list of available permission sets and a list of the permission sets that are assigned to them so it’s a fairly slow and cumbersome process to assign it especially when you sort of got into more than about 10 users you could spend quite a lot of time doing that and also becomes a bit error prone so if you’ve got a list of users it’s very easy to list of 100 years it’s very easy to miss out one or two of them so the new functionality and allows you to add or remove a permission set from a number of users in a single operation when you assign a permission set it will only complete the operation for valid users so for example you can’t assign a permission set of giving access to a custom object to a chatter free user because they have no record access so in that case the operation would fail however where the operation fail was a message will just be displayed giving the reason against that particular user so it’s not on all or nothing they don’t have to all succeed you can have individual failures and successes as part of the same operation and this is limited to 1000 users in a single operation which I think for many customers of cell source is probably going to be sufficient so let’s take a quick look at what this looks like so we have our obligatory siren go past as always part of the webinar so here I have a position set called test which actually doesn’t do anything at all and just purely there for the purposes of

demonstrating this so if I now click on manage assignments so basically no one’s assigned to at the moment so remove the silence is grayed out and then I can choose to add assignment and what this allows me to do is then pick and existing any existing list view that’s been defined for the users so I’m doing it for all active users and even though I know I’ve got users or it’s going to fail on so but has a moderator user I’ve got chatter external user so no these people aren’t going to be able have this permission set assigned to them and I’m going to take everyone anyway and if I click on a sign so it gives me a message to tell me that 14 users found 11 users were successful as we can see here and where I can’t assign it to someone it gives me the reason why so the user license doesn’t match this but there may be other restrictions as well so having done that and I can then take any number of these people that have already got the permission set assigned to them and I can then just simply remove the assignment on mass and that will then tell me that it’s been successfully removed just go ahead and remove it from everybody else because this is our sandbox and people might get confused okay so that’s mass assignment of permission sets and finally on the the platform and this is a bit more developers rather than administrators or business users in the system so bear with us for this one slide this is a solution to a problem as vex to salesforce developers for a number of years auto numbers in tests so to give a bit of background for those who aren’t familiar with them auto numbers are custom fields that automatically increment each time a record is created effectively giving a unique identifier to each record now lot the time you want those to be contiguous you don’t want any gaps in there you want each time a record is created for it to get the next available auto number now unfortunately unit tests consume all tone numbers so for every unit tests which creates 50 test records then at the end of the test you’ll have a gap of 50 in your auto number because those are consumed rather than being rolled back as part of the test process now spring 14 introduces a new independent auto number sequence option on the apex test execution menu and that stops unit tests consuming auto numbers so if that’s something that has been plaguing your developers there is a solution to it however no this is not a silver bullet it’s still possible to get gaps in auto number sequence because auto numbers consumed whenever a record is attempted to be created in the main system as long as the transaction that attempted to create that completes even if the record doesn’t get created the auto number has already been used up by the time that that record fails that one’s gone so if for example you’ve got a trigger that’s processing a bunch of records that been loaded in batch is processing 200 at a time and five of those records fail each of those records will still have consumed an auto number so there will be effectively gaps in the auto number sequence of records that didn’t make it as part of that transaction okay so as usual this has been a bit of a whistle-stop tour of the highlights of the release that we believe are of interest and there’s obviously other changes that we haven’t covered today and so if you’d like more information on this then head over to this spring 14 release portal at the short link shown we can find the release notes and 330 plus pages of them this time so make sure you’ve got a bit of spare time if you’re planning on reading through those and there’s additional documentation there’s feature videos training videos and collateral and plenty more there as well so that brings us to the end of the spring 14 release highlights so now moving on to our final topic the elevator workshop in London so elevate is a free one-day event being put on by sales force and the wider community it’s taking place on march twenty first roll mint court it’s focused on developers and as I say it’s free we need to bring is your developers need to bring is a laptop and a bag to take home the workbooks that will be available so there’s three different tracks depending on the level of experience beginner advanced mobile so beginner is aimed at those that have no force calm development experience but would like to learn about it so that’s the clicks lock code style development this is be suitable for people new to Salesforce in general or more from an administrator background then we have the advanced track which is more around coding extensions to sour sauce using apex visualforce canvas applications and then we have the mobile track which is for those already comfortable developing

in apex and visualforce and want to learn how to build installable mobile applications so this won’t be building mobile applications that surface inside sales was one but that’s more about this is more about building your own kind of custom completely custom mobile applications that get installed on device with your own branding etc and I’ll be co-presenting the the mobile track and you can learn more about this event and sign up for it at this short link shown there ok so now we move on to questions ok thanks very much here so first of all it’s question here are there any plans for a black wii version of salesforce one and not as far as I know no sales force the sales will stance on this because we’ve asked about black proved asked about windows mobile so busy iOS and Android aren’t the only mobile technologies but the Salesforce stance on this is the iOS and Android are the ones they’re seeing demand for at the moment so that’s what they’re focusing on so for BlackBerry users they would the option for them would be the html5 version of the application accessing that through the native device browser ok thanks very much another question here from one of our viewers thank you very much when you use printable view for a summary report summed amounts don’t show on the same row as the group so it makes it very difficult to manipulate the data on there in hospice for this um so I don’t I’m not aware of any enhancements in this release for this however you do have the kind of sledgehammer option of using the analytics API in apex to actually generate a visualforce page with everything laid out exactly as you need it laid out so no I’m not aware of anything on there on the regular configuration but we will check into that and we’ll come back to you on that just to make sure we’ll also have a look and see if there’s any anything planned as far as in the next release to tell this okay thank you very much and finally and Christian here says can you change the order to feed centric changes Oh sort of Leah feed centric canpages no you can’t change the order so the feed will always appear as the first tab and the record will always appear at the second tab however what will what what does happen is it remember that the platform remembers or the application remembers the last have that you were on so if you’re on the record view for a particular record rather than the feed you next time you access it won’t drop you back into the Phoebe it will take you to the record view where you were so it shouldn’t you won’t you won’t be forced to navigate to the feed you and then flip over each time okay thank you very much of this summer a couple of questions come and some new questions coming in will the training day be repeated in the future this is the other way term workshop i’m assuming and the honest answer is I don’t know it so it’s taken a few months to put this one together and now I know they have in other parts of the world so certainly young in San Francisco I think they’re on their second or third of a workshop but they do believe that there is a plan to host others around the UK so the last I heard there was taught there has been one in Bristol which took place last year which was prior to sales was one so the content would be different and there is talk of hosting one in Birmingham later in the year as well so imagine there’ll be an attempt to do more of these around the UK I don’t know where they’ll actually be repeated in London at any point in time ok thank you very much and another questions just come in can any user post announcements in categories no you have to be you have to have a particular permission on the chatter group you have to be the owner i believe or the moderator of the Gotham manager of the group so you can’t just have everyone kind of throwing announcements in there at the same time ok um so there’s no further questions so I’m just like to say thank you ever so much for joining us today I this sessions been of use to you if you’ve got any further questions as a result of having seen this but think of them after we finish by all means send them to me Clyde flat at bright gent calm and I’ll make sure that clear answers them for you and I’ll of course be sending out the slide deck and the YouTube video link as per usual so you better re-run any part of the session that you want thanks once again for attending and hope to see you our next one um whenever that is thanks very much everyone thank you for joining cheers guys oh boy