Ron Hale for Railroad Commissioner Part 1

come okay I’m John works with derma County 14 we’re here with ron hill he is running with Harley one of the commissioners position with the Texas Railroad Commission and as we discussed before run go ahead and let you open up for up to five minutes and then we’ll do the Q&A session after that I’m Ron hey lover after the Texas Railroad Commission I’ve spent the last 18 years for a private security firm on the licensed engineer at the firm we do anti-terrorism assessments for the oil and gas industry and we work with other aspects of the Texas energy industry my main reason for running over the past year we’ve lost about fifty percent of our business and a lot of it has been because of outside influences on a railroad commission and outside influences from outside of the United States influence in the market mainly OPEC OPEC has actually taken a downturn in the last two weeks which is really great it’s starting to kind of fall apart under the leadership that it has a lot of the countries are wanting to back out and basically say every man for themselves so that’s that’s a good thing it was one of my main fighting points was that the USDA to lift the ban on oil exports we need to fight the EPA in Texas and the BLM who keep trying to come in and take our fresh water from us but it’s kind of a buzz word when you think about the Railroad Commission because it really has no say in what the EPA does it could influence and write opinions and send it to the Attorney General to sue on the behalf of all Texans to get rid of the rules that they’ve taught with like wotus boils the water is the United States it is a ruling of the EPA made in last year so six or seven other rule that they try to impose on the energy industry in the United States when I look at the Railroad Commission I want to see more of a technical background a Railroad Commissioner somebody who understands the Railroad Commission what it does how it creates the rules and regulations to make sure that Energy’s produce safely inside the state of Texas so with that being said you have to look at all the candidates you is the most experienced you actually has a background of working in the industry before you make a decision I would call for you to take a look on my website ronhill for Texas calm to learn a little bit more about us so you know I’m the only candidate that is actually pulling in industry endorsements from working in the industry thank you thank you the just little clarification on education said you had some college now online tech school and I see down here number five that you’re licensed professional engineer is that in regards of security as free as you’re a licensed p that’s like I district on the in private security industry whether it’s the fire alarms and security actually was moved out from under the registry the Texas registry of professional engineers they wrote a ruling 1994 that the State Fire Marshal’s Office and this private security bureau actually regulate our engineering licenses you can go to college you can get a degree and be a professional engineer for fire alarm systems or security systems but now you don’t have to use state of Texas actually has horses that companies and I guess suppliers will go and they would get educational licenses to train individuals in the field that is what I’ve done and I came professional engineer from that aspect for the security industry but we work with refineries we work with the corporate offices with drill sites logistics companies on designing security systems that they use and that’s the type of engineering idea okay okay we have an issue with property rights and the needs for national security and the need for the transportation of oil the pipeline is this prime example being blocked by our president and the problems we have

with OSHA and EPA in the oil industry and with with the pipelines going through as well what can you do or would you be willing to do is Railroad Commissioner to be able to fix this the number one thing is it’s being able to educate the public properly and the Railroad Commission needs to by example towards other regulatory boards throughout the country and towards congressional leaders and our senators and in the country because you know they depend on lobbyists to tell them which way they should what what specifics they need to take a look at and as a river commissioner in Texas you know first things first is we have to protect property rights if somebody doesn’t want to sell their land you know the it shouldn’t be eminent domain and have the government take their land away from them just to put in a pipeline on the other hand pipelines transporting crude oil natural gas it’s a lot safer than storing it in containers putting it on tanker trucks and you know driving it to a facility you’re putting in barrels and driving into a facility so from a safety standpoint the pipeline’s or a lot safer there’s less likely for a disaster to happen most of the companies monitor their pipelines to an extravagant that’s where most of their cost is if they’re a pipeline company so as a Railroad Commissioner it’s going to be about you know educating the public properly on the pipelines now from own estate in September when the articles broke on David Porter being in bed with Ambridge lobbyists who actually wrote a letter to the FCC to get some side of their technology taken away from a company who is in bankruptcy protection we started digging into Enbridge everybody thinks that the Keystone pipeline I feel because the president wanted to fail umbrage actually got one of their pipelines from the tar sands presidential approval without any of the environmental studies or anything to increase the size of their patrol at pipeline and guess which great state it goes to Illinois it goes to sit co and marathon Wales refineries so it’s more of you know having a railroad commissioner who understands how to look at things from outside the box you know you’re going to have candidates who say well oh I can do this or I can do that but if they’re not looking outside the box because there’s got to be a reason why federal government doesn’t want a pipeline come down to Texas and that’s because Texas is your rent state they know it and if those red dollars are now here we’re going to be able to spread this red knowledge the rest of the country and it influences elections so you know being able to look at the bigger picture it’s not just about Texas the oil industry yes it’s thirty-seven percent of our economy but it’s it’s bigger than Texas and you know you need a railroad commissioner who’s going to understand what that means also helped a warren buffett’s just OEM really yeah face it following on with the pipeline show up at work I would agree a certain it’s what the same as supposed is changing board until you introduce a control for tourism yes so how do you protect pipelines thousands miles pipelines against terrorists pictures low 1 1 section Chris Ault when the company’s go in and they design those pipeline systems you know they’re you know we need to be able to regulate them to where they need to have cutoff points where they need cutoff valves how fast of a cellular like type of technology for reporting when something does happen to be able to remotely shut them out so that way you know they’re not continually pumping area you know we don’t want something like what happened with deepwater horizon where you know a blue and kept pouring pouring and there was no way to you know shut it off or cap it so you know we partnering with you know the colleges and the universities that there were commissioned already has partnerships with you know trying to find innovative technologies working with them having contests to you know counteract what is going on in the industry is it is a great outlook another outlook is is that you know most oil gas companies that do have pipelines they hire consultants like me and we go out and we do worst-case scenario and tell them where they need to you know have types of technology and put in valves because if they’ve got a 300-mile pipeline that they have running from one place server finery and there’s only every hundred miles a cut off you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil that could come out so they need to we need to better section off where they actually have a pipe

launcher on and that’s through you know influencing the industry to create new standards and new rules but not in a way that would hamper them from wanting to do business but it better protect them are they before they do that on anywhere on their own initiatives yes but you know what we’re set I mean visit is it all tied up wider Texas do you know the world I know that all the new pipelines that are being put put in I think it’s somewhere between 2.5 miles 25 miles where put in those those breakers where they actually have where they can turn on about to actually stop company to this section you know because they’re doing it now for repairs and it’s not necessarily geared towards what’s going to happen if a terrorist attacks it’s more hanging if we need to repair some part in this section you know we don’t want to yeah how long does it take to close one of those jobs you know it depends on how fast they get a signal you know they can take anywhere from you know 10 20 seconds to 25 minutes maybe 10 minutes no just depending on the technology if they had the still fussing them ronhill i noticing your choir here yes that it says energy independence in the next five years i think is what it’s on your hat is that possible it is possible if Congress and you know a lot of the refineries in the united states would want to do they want a new business with areas where they can get petroleum and the natural gas they need that in a safe manner they don’t want to go to unstable regions too but the fact that the United States has had one bar for years it’s their kind of a lot of other countries are forced to buy from unstable countries so it’s it’s more about you know and I’m hoping I hate to say it than you know the peace signs the Omnibus it’s the oil exports over and they’ll be able to export of oil so we might actually see an uptick and now sales from the United States one other countries and you might actually start seeing that global shift by Middle East and South American well let me backtrack and it would just kind of jump right little of several questions explain to us what the Texas Railroad Commission is tasked with thoughts its function the main function is to educate and protect the public and then the next is to regulate oil and gas operations pipeline safety in Texas coal and uranium reclamation and a lot of people aren’t aware but in South Texas there is a huge uranium on they just found 126 million pounds of uranium so the Railroad Commission it really needs to efficiently regulate those aspects of the energy industry in Texas title 16 outlines everything that the world is in its scope there is a part two to title 16 which is the Public Utilities Commission and I know a lot of people have set in recent years and I even thought it was a good idea that the pipeline safety would go towards the public utilities commission but after an experience I had with a public utility worker on Friday i’m thinking the public utility commission needs to come into the Railroad Commission full having three unelected board members who are allowing public utilities workers to have on a bashful access to our properties and early to call the police on us and say we’re making terroristic threats when our dog tries to tap them for coming in our yard and it kind of it’s unsettling yeah I had an experience Friday here no we have a transformer in the backyard and I was taking a nap and I guess he was beating on the door and I didn’t answer the door so my wife came will be up so there’s somebody trying to break in the front door so I called the sheriff’s turned out the guy was a utility worker and they asked him to leave two hours later he came back with another sheriff and the sheriff tried to arrest me for being making terroristic threats because my dog tried to attack him good I kind of laughed at him here

here’s the police report the other cop asked them to leave property I mean I can’t do anything oh yeah um it’s been since the 70s since we opened up any refineries in Texas part of the problem is federal government and their oversight and their thumbs on the oil industry but in the last eight years specifically Texas because of what’s taking place in our White House a lot of things have change in technology a lot of things can be fixed that word problems before and in the refineries where they’re safer that working better they’re environmentally friendly it hasn’t been done because it’s not it’s not cost-effective for companies and they don’t want to have to fight all the stuff from federal government so what can we do to nullify our what do you see here position as Railroad Commissioner to try to nullify some of this government intervention and business I think you know building relationships to the congressman’s throughout the state and you know the Senators being able to have them introduce legislation at the national level to you know learn from what Texas is doing with our pro-growth towards the only gas industry letting them know that hey we need more refinery so that we can keep up with the amount of olean that we are you know producing in our state to be able to you know create cheaper energy for our state and for our neighbors so a lot of it is going to be you know writing opinions to the cars notes to try to get them on board with trying to influence the Energy Commission at the national level at state level it’s it’s about you know creating regulations that investors see as a good investment to potentially loan out the money to a one of the refineries or if it’s a new new group of Engineers that decided that they want to go into you know owning their own refinery you know it’s it’s about creating that that great environment that they feel safe with attempting to open a refinery because it’s going to have to be investment dollars and something like that is going to have to be close to a billion dollars just to build one and so telling investors hey you know it’s it’s going to be profitable but we’re seeing the oils kind of I mean just take it for pido a price right now it’s more of creating the regulations that they think it’s a safe environment to invest all right um one of your questions you’re wondering responses you said the RFC is stuck and the ancient past technology was you expand on that 1996 cobalt computers jen-ta I mean you know when when you look at the tech firms that are just I’m just exploding everywhere to Silicon Valley up in Dallas and around Austin you see that you know they can go and buy technology off the shelf they’ve got programmers that can create new technology we have partnerships with the mostly University they tax the Railroad Commission you know where you’ve got kids that are creating apps that could make the Railroad Commission run more efficiently whether it’s the permitting process the reimbursement process through capping well you know it we need to bring more technology into the Railroad Commission in order for to keep up with the pace of the filmstrips really microfiche machines and Kobo servers are there so outdated that I honestly don’t know any cool program or saying more and then your fortune or Treasury I think most of them have retired completely and the machines have been buried okay yes just like the Ataris no pretty good ok the question of the rate if the question is what is the most important problem you see for the Railroad Commission in the next legislative session you would indicate getting approved by sunset Commission yes pretty pretty dumb sorry

and I would solve it by first getting the name change for the rotor Commission some people don’t understand that how is that going to solve problems just on the nation most of the legislators and you know the public that actually sits on the Sunset Commission they’re not they’re not particularly industry they are legislators or everything from Dennis doctors insurance salesmen real estate agents you know they don’t necessarily understand when you have to make a joke that it’s we don’t have anything to do with the reverence anymore no more teacher trains they kind of throws them off because they don’t understand why it would be named River Commission if it has nothing to do with it so that automatically turns them off to why we need a regulatory board selected to regulate the industry so changing it to whether it’s you know the natural resource commission the energy and natural resource commission or whatever name choices is made it would they would have a better understanding of what’s coming in front of them they would understand that is thirty-seven percent of Texas’s economy it’s a it’s a big supplier of funds for public schools four billion dollars last year you know it’s it’s more than just you know hey we’re the joke office we used to deal with trains but it mean haven’t had any regulatory authority for train since 1984 and in 2007 they actually finally took the language out on a title 16 so the name changes the first step and then the second step is having commissioners who have worked in the industry understand industry understand what regulations are good you know why we need sunsets authority over approving us and you live word from there to give to give their opinions to other legislators when we commonly bring rule changes and we bring you know parts of the title 16 then you changed so it’s the name change has to happen and it’s time I love history I’m a history buff you know I love the history of Texas everything from the Alamo to the Astrodome to know spend on top in the first oil strike in the state you know it’s the history it’s rich in our state but you know having an office that is named completely something totally separate from what it does just throw it’s everybody often it starts that well we don’t need it if you don’t do that you said the $64 namer of Groucho Marx regulation obviously that’s very key at all levels federal state local so forth can you cite some regulations that you think need to be beefed up from the Railroad Commission or ones that need to be done away with some of the need to be transformed yeah I think the number one that needs to be go away is the alternative fuels and i guess i’m going to call it the piggy bank basically every time lng fill stations built in state of Texas they can receive anywhere up to six hundred sixty thousand dollars to build the station a lot of the fill station to them built in and around Santa Clara County because the I guess City Council the mayor decided that you know they’re going to go alternate fuel because of what gas prices were so they had a couple of stations around the city and for their city workers and it just created this snowball effect for the region I don’t think the railroad commission since we’re supposed to be regulating in industry should be handing out winners and losers and investment to companies to go into business most of those fill stations have zero employee you know there’s a guy that goes out and fills the station there’s a guy that goes out and test it but there is no worker on site so that’s one that I think needs to go away we were talking earlier about the pipelines and you know communication regulation you know I would like to see that you know when when a home alarm goes off there’s a regulation that there has to be a response from a monitoring center of no local more than 60 seconds so I would like to see when the pipeline companies are reporting a problem between their reporting and the shutting off and move out before a problem happens that time shrunk down to his fast as possible the I would say the

orphan wells the reimbursement process I guess the legislation that goes along with it when a I guess a landowner has a well drill on her property they have to go back in they have to get an improved concrete company in engineering to sign off on plants and every step for when they actually plug or well and then they have to pay upfront and then they submit all the paperwork to the Railroad Commission and they get reimbursed now before they drill the well they have to supply 57,000 dollars to railroad commission for the things p5 insurance which is basically if the well has ever abandoned or or or needs to be plugged that money is there to do it for the Railroad Commission now there’s over 2,000 plus orphan wells in state of Texas where there’s a problem with having to deal with tracking down the company that’s operating the well tracking down the landowner that you know the wealth property is on before the Railroad Commission can go in and just plug the well itself I would like to see that process improve its it’s kind of disheartening to say that there’s over 2,000 wells that we just don’t know you know that there’s a well-drilled there and we just don’t know if it’s being operated if it’s been it’s turned off for the time being you know there’s no recourse for the company who did the well and landowner it’s just you know to the Railroad Commission to try to find those people so you know that needs to there needs to be better communication between all owners and operators in the state with the Railroad Commission to make it more efficient so that if a natural disaster does happen in the area and that well is actually sitting there spurting out of oil or spreading on natural gas and a brush fire comes through at the same time you know you’re talking about a real disaster so there needs to be a change in that regulation right and one of the answers you talked about asking about benefits for same-sex partners you said no but you wanted plus one benefits yes try other channels plus one benefits when I ran for state Senate I come across it was a group that they were lobbying for +1 benefits dr. change that before plus one because there are some single parents who have disabled children that live with them but once they reach the age of 25 you know they’re no longer have to have their own insurance so they’re not allowed to keep them on their own insurance policy so looking at +1 benefits was a way for them to be able to keep that child on the insurance I was thinking I had grits and things in relation to that that that 25 h 25 exemption does not apply if a child was classified as disabled and and it depends on the insurance company to if they you know if they allow that as part of their because every state has a different towards it and a lot of the companies in Texas don’t necessarily buy insurance from an insurance company in Texas they were buying from states like California or Arizona or even Delaware to get insurance that way and they had different rules to the types of you know the age of the child’s some companies in California allowed up to the age of 30 so yeah that’s it all depends on the state and I just think it’s a plus one would be my benefit people and it might cause some of the people who like to cost problems over benefits to calm down a little bit and realize life is more than just our young people okay um question 16 civil civics are a political union organization individuals to mu contributed to last five years what is a two hour and he’s the end Republicans okay King straight downtown Houston pachyderm and a greater houston packet on that water’s Bible now the pack my little pelicans Oh pumpkins is over there yeah al ignorance is where the elephant I wagon arms or what it’s a term for elephant oh my geez you are you

a Republican so okay let’s see okay how number can how would you bounce use of existing energy sources with the development of ultimate energy sources and you said you advanced everything equally because we should not play favorites with the industries but if you’re balancing or is that a control statement if you’re balancing everything equally now you said I would balance everything April he sounds like a control statement like I’ve balance everything across the board yeah basically yeah when you because the commissioners have tried to bring solar and wind under the control of the Railroad Commission in last couple of years so being able to regulate everything from a neutral standpoint and not taking favorites with what should receive benefits from the state you know I think that subsidies and handouts just already I mean if company wants to go into business you know find some private dollars to invest in your company you shouldn’t depend on tax dollars so you’re saying love the free market dictate yes ok ok please stop me early if you’ve already covered everything for question number 17 it says you’re the only engineer in the race I think when I answered the question I was the only engineering the race well I was loyal to theirs I guess there is a I guess west and Martinez is a cellular engineer oh yeah so okay but I guess my question was more in particular to to Ryan said yes and as a mechanical engineer yeah well quiet gasp dud can’t use it possible to get to engineer heavy on the railroad commission I don’t think so i think because a lot of the rules and regulations have to deal with engineering aspects so if you took a let’s just say an art teacher and you put her put together with an engineer and you ask them to solve the problem of you know the types of structural problems that might occur with a certain type of pipe that is being used in order to lay a pipeline the art teacher will be able to draw the pipe she’ll be able to measure the pipe but the mathematics involved with the pressure and types of that nature that will go through the pipe would be better understood by the engineer and a lot of the rules and regulations that are created or more or more engineer based towards the industry so i think that you know when it comes to making sure that the river commission is running efficiently and gets to the permanence fast enough and understands that when one of the