06/09/2020 Sherburne County Board Meeting

– [All] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all – Your mic isn’t on – Thank you – Mm hm – Okay, our meeting agenda, Mr. Messelt? – Thank you, Mr. Chair, Members of the Commission With the Commission’s permission, we’d like to remove item 2.15 from the consent agenda We did have a change in attachments and because it’s a legal recordation, we’d like to note that separately in the minutes, if the Board’s okay with that? – Are there any other changes or additions to the minutes? Hearing none, I’d entertain a motion with that amendment or that change? – Mr. Chair, I’ll make that motion – Motion by Danielowski – I’ll second – Second by Fobbe All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries Consent agenda Consent agenda we have pulled item 15 from the consent agenda at this point Is there anything else to be pulled by a member of this board? Hearing none, I’ll entertain a motion? – Mr. Chair, I’ll move approval with item number 15 being removed – Motion by Dolan Second by Burandt All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries And we’ll handle 15 right now then It’s just simply an exchange of some sheets for a right-of-way plat Mr. Witter? – Yes – [Felix] Good morning – (coughing) Excuse me Thank you, Mr. Chair, County Board Members I appreciate you pulling that so we can add a bit of clarity to that So we did have an error when we were putting together the RBAs, the request for board actions, so in order to clean that up we have corrected that We have placed the correct right-of-way attachments on there Those have been emailed out and included in the electronic version of the board packet It is for right-of-way monumentation plat, excuse me, number 87, which includes County Road 45 from County State-Aid Highway 9 up to Rum River Drive, as well as right-of-way monumentation plat number 90, which is County State-Aid Highway 3 between County State-Aid Highway 11 and County State-Aid Highway 5

So, I appreciate you allowing us to clarify that – [Felix] No problem – And Mr. Chair, Members of the Commission, we can also show the changes electronically if any of you did not get a chance to review the email I don’t think we have hard copies of the changes for handing out, do we? – [Andrew] We do not, they are monumentation plats, so they’re– – Right – Mm hm – Big – [Andrew] Large – I think we’re fine I saw it in my email, that’s where hopefully the rest of you did as well? – Mm hm – Okay, we could entertain a motion to move on that right-of-way platting? – Mr. Chair, I’ll make that motion – Moved by Danielowski Seconded by Burandt Further discussion? Hearing none, all in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Thank you – Thank you Announcements? – Thank you, Mr. Chair, Members of the Commission Just, actually, believe it or not, only three non-COVID related announcements So the rest we’ll talk about during the COVID update First one is, I’m gonna ask Ashley Carlson to come up and introduce herself to you at the podium Ashley is joining us as a graduate student intern, and she’ll give you a little bit of background on her education and her challenges getting here and avoiding deer, and some of the work she’s doing for us – Hi, everybody My name is Ashley Carlson, like Bruce said, I’m a graduate intern here at Sherburne County I’m going to school at St. Cloud State and I’m getting two masters degrees One in public administration and one in geography And yes, I like to hit deer, so (chuckling) Yeah, last week I hit a deer So, I’ll be helping with the regional airport transition and kind of whatever else is going on in the administration office So it’s really nice to meet everybody – Nice to meet you Ashley – Glad you’re here Thank you – Welcome – Thank you – Welcome – The second announcement is for, the second announcement is, hopefully Commissioners, you can take a look quickly at your calendar Just a reminder that the Board of Appeal and Equalization is meeting next Thursday, that’s the 18th, at 3:00 p.m., and we’re hoping maybe even a show of hands today to know that we’re going to have three of you there? I got one, two, three, good, four five, good, excellent So we’ll plan on that I think there’s a separate meeting notice that already went out, but we’ll send you another reminder Kind of an important step The third is just a timeliness issue Just wanted to note that Commissioner Dolan is working diligently on AMCs Public Safety Committee work There’s been a whole bunch of pretty significant policy discussions that have occurred, basically since Sunday night in anticipation of the Special Session of the State Legislature He may have more substance I just want to note that typically these kinds of things are vetted at full boards It looks like the Committee is going to be doing most of the work, simply because of the timing issue And so I believe Sheriff Brott and Commissioner Dolan will be working on that and getting that ready The movement at the AMC Executive Board is going to be that they’re going to be meeting prior to Friday, so that hopefully AMC will have a position as the Special Session kicks off So, moving very, very quickly That’s the end of the non-COVID announcements – Any other announcements from board members? Okay, we’ll move onto our 9:20 item, the regular agenda Well, let’s see here, no, open forum Do we have anyone for open forum? – [Keisha] We have nobody signed up, Board Chair – Okay, thank you Now we’ll move onto our regular agenda Approve DNR Local Trail Connections Grant – Good morning, again– – Good morning – Mr. Chair and County Board Members So, we are before you this morning with essentially a procedural item, but wanted to give you an update on the project as well Considering approval of the DNR Local Trails Connection Grant in the amount of $150,000 for the Great Northern Trail construction between the north borders of Elk River and the City of Zimmerman If you recall a number of months ago, we received $827,000 through our District 7W Transportation Alternative Grant solicitation It’s always exciting to get that first chunk of money for a project, but then it gets a little nerve-wracking trying to figure out where that gap money’s coming from So, what we’ve been able to do is also apply for the DNR funds in the amount of $150,000, which is before you today, to put together about a million dollars for the construction of that trail The trail does open bids on Thursday, I believe, of this week We’re anticipating about a 1.25, $1.3 million cost, so we would have a local share in there, which we did budget for and anticipate within our 2020 budget,

and we’re ready to get the trail constructed So, with that, I’ll take any questions on the consideration of the approval for the $150,000 DNR grant – Mr. Chair? Quick question, not necessarily on this piece of it, but the construction that’s going on, a little bit further south on that trail right now, with sewer and water lines, or it could be just sewer lines going up there, are we gonna coincide with that? Or are they gonna end that and then we’re gonna start the– – I have to be honest with you, Commissioner Dolan, I’m not aware of it, it sounds like something the City of Elk River is working on So I’ll reach out to them this afternoon or later this morning and make contact with them, but we’re anticipating, like I said, opening bids Thursday Generally there’s about a two or three week process there to get contracts put in order, bring it back in front of the County Board and then get things going So, we’ll start construction probably a month from now – Okay, yeah I just want to make sure we don’t get the yay, yippee, the trail’s back open, oh, psych, we’re starting another project (laughing) And also, I just want to be able to tell people accurate timelines – [Andrew] Yep, I can get that information out to all of the commissioners – Thank you – Any other questions? – Mr. Chair? – Commissioner Burandt? – I was just wondering, how long do you think it’ll take to complete? – Well, there is a significant amount of work on the northern end, Commissioner Burandt, in regards to the wetlands and construction through the wetlands So it’s gonna be a three month project So it’ll take some time I don’t want to promise it’ll be open by this fall before snow falls, but that’s our goal – Okay, thanks – Yep – Commissioner Fobbe? – Mr. Chair, I’ll move approval of the grant contract – Motion by Fobbe, second by Burandt How much of that trail do we have left? We have not, we don’t have right-of-way for the entire trail yet, either, do we? – We do not have right-of-way for the entire trail, so that’ll be our next phase, is working on securing that I always tell people, in general, we’ve got about 90% of the right-of-way between Zimmerman and Princeton Fortunately we’ve been able to help the city of Princeton out with some funding and being able to assist them to ease some of their budgetary costs by some in-kind services So they’ve actually completed the trail up in the Princeton area and actually the big hurdle was getting across, or underneath, 169, and they were able to do that with that project earlier this spring – It takes a long time to build these trails and acquire the right-of-way for them, so we have to be patient – Princeton’s far away – Yeah (chuckling) – As I age, is the trail handicapped-accessible? – [Andrew] Yes, we have to design it to, yeah – Absolutely – Good planning on our part – There we go – Okay, we have a motion and a second Any further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Thank you so much – Thank you, Andrew Okay, we’ll move onto item two Forest Haven, third addition I would imagine we’re gonna need some, Nancy, to, good morning, Nancy – Good morning Can I shut this laptop? Does that affect anything? – [Felix] It doesn’t affect us, I don’t believe, or is there a camera on it? – [Keisha] If we have presentation – Oh, okay – [Keisha] Otherwise, you see it from there? – I just don’t have anywhere to put all my stuff – [Tim] Somebody didn’t consult Planning and Zoning before dais design (chuckling) – [Felix] This definitely is a planning issue – Sorry (laughing) Good morning, Mr. Chair and Commissioners As you see, we have a very big meeting here This is the report from the last Planning Advisory Commission meeting You’ll see in your Planning Commission minutes that there was one item, it was for a IUP for a gun training range, and that’s in your minutes, but that has since been withdrawn, so that’s why that’s not in your packet So, the first item is Forest Haven, third addition Property owner is Lee and Roselie Peterson They’re requesting preliminary and final simple plat approval, which is just one lot in Santiago Township on 48 acres in the Agricultural District Planning Commission recommended approval with the two conditions that are listed in your packet

Any questions on that? – Mr. Chair? – Tim? – I’ll move approval of the preliminary and final simple plat for Forest Haven, third addition, with the conditions outlined – Motioned as conditioned by Commissioner Dolan Is there a second? – I’ll second that motion – Seconded by Danielowski Any further discussion? Hearing none, all in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Okay, the next item is Shipwreck The property owner is Richard Arlen They are requesting an IUP for an auto mechanical and or body repair shop for boat repair and restoration This is at 32227 124th in Baldwin Township It’s on a little bit over a half an acre in the Urban Expansion District Planning Commission recommended approval of the request with the 15 conditions that are listed in your packet, and this also includes the finding of facts that were done by the Planning Commission – Any questions on this? – Just one question, Mr. Chair, on this – Commissioner Fobbe? – I apologize that I didn’t get to you before this, but in the roll call, Bryan Lawrence isn’t listed – It could be because he’s the chair, and I think sometimes he was not voting unless it was a tie – Okay, thank you And I appreciate all the discussion on this one We’ve got a little history with this, with Shipwreck, so it looks like just a one year was agreed on? – [Nancy] Yes, that was one of the conditions to limit it to one year – Okay, great So, Mr. Chair, I’ll move approval of the IUP for Shipwreck – As conditioned? – As conditioned – Motion by Fobbe – I’ll second – Seconded by Dolan Any further discussions? – Quick note, did staff meet with the applicant after Planning Commission to make sure they understood all the conditions? It looked like they did at that meeting, but there was a lot flying around I just want to make sure they understand those conditions? – [Nancy] I couldn’t say for sure – Okay – [Keisha] We did talk to them prior to the meeting We do send them a copy of the conditions so they can contact us if they have any questions on it – [Tim] Okay, all right, thank you – Okay, if there’s no further discussion, all in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries Those Dyno Guys – Yeah, Those Dyno Guys, they’re requesting an IUP for a home business in an Accessory Building This is to do motorcycle repair and machining It’s located at 24910 84th Street Northwest in Orrock Township, about 17 acres in a General Rural District Planning Commission recommended approval of this request with the 11 conditions listed in the packet and there’s also the finding of facts the Planning Commission did – Any questions on this? – Mr. Chair? Yeah, Mr. Chair, I’ll move approval for this IUP with the conditions and findings – Moved by Commissioner Dolan as conditioned Do we have a second? – I’ll second that. Mr. Chair – Seconded by Danielowski Further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Okay, the next item is Robert Rasmussen, the owner, and the applicant is Matt Weber He’s requesting a CUP for a single-family residential home in the Commercial District It’s at 16656 20th Street in Santiago Township It’s on 2.17 acres and it is in the Commercial District He is basically converting the old town hall into a residential home Planning Commission recommended approval of this request with the two conditions that are listed in your packet, along with the findings of fact made by the Planning Commission – Any questions on this? If there are none I’ll entertain a motion? – Mr. Chair, I’ll move that motion Motioned by Commissioner Danielowski, with conditions? – With the conditions – And I’ll second – Seconded by Commissioner Fobbe All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – The next item is EDF Renewable, and the property owner is Prairie Restorations They are requesting a rezone of 23 acres from Urban Expansion to General Rural This is for a solar farm, actually this will be the first solar farm that’s in a Connexus area It’s a 90 acre piece but they’re only rezoning the 23 acres

It’s in Baldwin Township in the Urban Expansion District And Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezone with the findings listed in your packet – Questions on this? – So, Mr. Chair, just circling back to Commissioner Dolan’s questions in this one, the transcript of circling back to the Princeton – Yeah, and I did get a followup email that staff reached out to the City of Princeton and the City of Princeton is supportive of it – Okay, thank you Okay, then I would move approval of the rezoning of 23 acres from Urban Expansion to General Rural with the details listed – As conditioned? – Mm hm – Motion by Commissioner Fobbe, do we have, seconded by Commissioner Burandt Is there any further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed nay? Motion carries Bright Stream Solar Partners – Okay, so this is on that same property Bright Stream Solar Partners, property owner is Prairie Restorations They’re requesting an IUP for a three megawatt solar garden This is on that same property It’s in Baldwin Township, section five Planning Commission recommended approval of the IUP with the 19 conditions that are listed in your packets, along with the finding of facts that were made Any questions on that? – Hearing none, I’ll entertain a motion? – I will move approval of the Bright Stream Solar Partners solar farm proposal with the conditions, 19 conditions and findings of facts – Okay, is there a second? Second by Burandt Further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Okay, the next item, property owners are David and Deborah Hedburg They’re requesting preliminary and final plat approval of a three lot simple plat named Parkview Acres, in section 14 of Baldwin Township on 13.43 acres, and it is in the General Rural District Planning Commission recommended approval of this plat with the four conditions that are listed in the packet – Questions on Parkview Acres? – Mr. Chair, I’ll make a motion to approve – Motion to approve as conditioned? – As conditioned – Mr. Chair, I’ll second – Seconded, motion by Dolan, second by Danielowski Further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Okay, the next three items are all solar farms that were previously approved and are already built and they’ve been brought back due to a fencing issue The fencing that was installed was not consistent with the original plans that were approved The first one is Gohmann Community Solar, LLC Property owner is Katie Hartkopf Requesting an Interim Use Permit for a one megawatt solar farm It is in Clear Lake Township on 30 acres in the Agricultural District As I explained, it was a previously approved project And the county ordinance requires, we want fencing, but we don’t really have a specific type of fencing Up until now all of them have been chain link and that has been in all the plans There was, Clear Lake Township had an issue that those plans weren’t followed with these and they put up, they’re calling it an agricultural type fence, I have a little bit of a problem with that term, ’cause that can be pretty broad But it’s a different type fence than chain link Lynn and I both did inspect them and they’re pretty sturdy fences Planning Advisory Commission recommended denial of the IUP and they cited Township opposition and the failure of the solar company to install the previous agreed fencing type There were also references made to the National Electric Safety Code requirements for utilities Those are pretty vague, too When we researched that, they don’t have a, it’s not set in stone what kind of fencing to use In the Planning Advisory’s finding of facts, they didn’t really specifically talk about the fencing, which is really the only thing that’s being changed,

proposed to be changed on these So staff is actually recommending approval Again, we don’t really have a specific requirement in our ordinance for what type of fencing Do you have any questions on that? There have been some questions about whether there was adequate tree screening These are three that we did quite a while back So I don’t know if you have any questions on that either? – And I’ll weigh in here if I can a little bit I represent Clear Lake Township, and Haven Township as far as that goes I have been in contact with Clear Lake Township Their concern, and I think they expressed, it was the idea that it was something different than what had been proposed to them And I understand that, and they understand that as we move through this process that the County Board is the final approval of this project, or any project, and that their recommendations flow up Although this is probably not the best way for this to happen, we would just as soon that the information that the townships receive is the information that we ultimately act on But I think in many cases there are alterations that are made as time, as we work through this, because it is a process, they understand if we move forward and approve this The thing that they want understood is that they are not comfortable with proposing one thing and building another So that’s their concern, and I promised them that I would express that, and we will work at avoiding that in the future But ultimately we will bear the responsibility for this as well So I wanted to share that at the onset of this And we have a consistency problem here too We have two different townships and two different, two different outcomes, and that is really not how countywide zoning should work So out of deference to Clear Lake Township, I want to express that I hear them and we understand that they got put on the spot here and we want to avoid that in the future And we will take responsibility for making this change if we decide to go ahead with this We talked a little bit about screening I wanted to make sure that we were properly screened there I believe that, I went out and looked I think in some areas we have trees that are mature trees that screen some of these projects really pretty well for the most part I guess I would just ask that the solar companies, the company that’s involved with this, makes sure that screening is adequate, and make sure that, and we follow up and make sure that as those trees are mature, things are gonna change with them and they’re going to die and we’re gonna have blight And I think that’s part of the responsibility ongoing, and you can tell me if that’s the case or not, Nancy, but I think our expectation is that we will be following up to make sure that the proper screening is done with them? – Yes, the ordinance does address that if trees die or fall down that they need to be replaced So we do look at that It hasn’t happened yet, but you’re right, it can happen in the future I just wanted to say, Mr Chair, the applicant is here if, and I know he maybe wants to talk, if you want to hear from him, it’s up to you – What are the wishes of the board? – I can speak from being at the Planning Commission I don’t think, all Commissioner Schmiesing’s points are well-taken and I think they were pretty clearly articulated at the Planning Commission that the main point of contention was the change in the plans, and it’s an unfortunate thing that happens Is there anything hurt by it? We don’t necessarily have a standard to meet for fences so if this, the fence that’s existing there now was the fence they would’ve came in with on their plans originally, there’d probably be no issue I have a tough time penalizing a business for that type of thing I don’t think it was on purpose But I do understand where Clear Lake Township’s at And it was a split vote, and like Felix said, there’s a lot of different thoughts there But I think that main point of contention was more or less the surprise of this was what was on your application and you built something different, in kind of a,

I don’t want to say a slap in the face, but it’s a pretty big oversight in the planning of things So I think that’s where a lot of the heartburn came from in that As far as hearing from the applicant, if he wants to speak, I’m fine with it – Mm hm – Would you like to hear from the applicant? – Sure – Mm hm – Okay If you’d introduce yourself, please? – Yes, I’m Evan Carlson with IPS We’re the developer here I just wanted to apologize for the oversight in the change It was not intentional And we’re gonna do our best to be more consistent going forward And we understand the concerns of the Township – [Felix] Good – And we’ll do that in the future – [Felix] We appreciate that, thank you – [Lisa] Thank you – Do we have a motion to approve this? As conditioned? – Let’s see, motion I’m trying to think, I’m flying a little blind here, sorry – With the actual motion? – What’s that? – You want to motion? – Well, I think our– – If you scroll down, Keisha, if you want to go with staff’s recommendation– – Do we have it? – Would it be in– – It’s on the motion – And just to, and one more quick point of clarification, their current site plan meets our current screening requirements, correct? – Yes – [Tim] Okay, I just wanted to make sure – Well, I guess I should, is all the screening up now, the trees? – [Keisha] Yes – Okay – Okay, yeah, my main concern was, when they got the original IUP our screening standard didn’t change between then and now I just wanted to make sure we’re meeting current standards on everything – [Nancy] You’re correct, yeah – Okay – Is that a signal? – [Bruce] You know, attorneys always like to keep boards in the dark, so (chuckling) – One thing I do want to mention, Mr. Chair, is, since this is contrary to what the Planning Commission recommended, if you decide to approve with the conditions that were presented, there are also finding of facts that staff did So we need to make sure you approve those finding of facts – Okay We’ll need a motion to approve as staff recommends, with their findings of fact – If you’d like, I can read it into the record So the, and then somebody can say that that’s what they want as the motion, so the motion would be to approve an interim use permit for a one megawatt solar farm with the 19 conditions and findings of fact, as prepared by staff and the county attorney, and contrary to the Planning Advisory Commission’s recommendation for denial – Mr. Chair, I’ll make a motion to approve the application based on staff’s conditions read in – Motion by Commissioner Dolan, do I have a second? – I’ll second – Seconded by Burandt Further discussion? – I do have one question, Mr. Chair? I did watch that lengthy Planning Commission meeting I think it was a record for time I applaud everybody that made it through it But my question is, what are we going to do moving forward? Are we going to be looking at different varieties if we’re not going to be, so we don’t have these issues again, is that something the Planning Commission is gonna look into? – Yes, we had already been talking about being more specific about the fencing Obviously chain link is what it is and it’s sturdy And again, what they put up is very sturdy But I don’t, I personally don’t like that term agricultural fence because, Commissioner Schmiesing and I have talked about, there’s a whole array of different kinds of agricultural fences, so I think we need to specify a certain wire gauge, metal poles, things like that So yes, we are gonna follow up with that – Yeah, that certainly was, we’ve gotta get our definitions so they mean something when we are looking at these projects And I think that’s understood by everyone and I’m certain that the solar developers would welcome that, to know exactly what they need to arrange – Yeah, I think they want to have good fencing for protection of their infrastructure too – Yes, and the more clear we can be, we can avoid this – [Nancy] Yes, absolutely – And we want the bunnies to be able to go back and forth – I would think they can adjust – Any We have a motion, we have a second, is there any further discussion? Hearing none, all in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Don’t let it happen again (chuckling) – [Bruce] No wait, you’ve gotta approve number 11, it’s the other one – [Felix] Yeah, we have, moving onto number– – Next item is Hartmann Community Solar, LLC

Property owners are Douglas and Terri Hartmann The request for an IUP for a one megawatt solar garden with the same conditions as were previously approved for the solar garden, but with the change in the type of fence that’s allowed This one is in Haven Township in the Agricultural District Planning Commission recommended approval of this one, with the 19 conditions and their finding of facts Any questions on that? – I’ll entertain a motion – Mr. Chair, I’ll make that motion – Motion by Danielowski to accept the Planning Commission recommendation as conditioned – I’ll second – Seconded by Commissioner Fobbe Further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries The Ernest Goenner – Okay, E. Goenner Community Solar, LLC Property Owners are Ernest and Angela Farms, LLC This is in Clear Lake Township again on 17 acres in the Agricultural District, section 5, township 34, range 30 This is similar where the Planning Commission recommended denial for the type of fencing that they were asking for And again, staff is recommending approval with the same, with the 19 conditions that we had proposed and the new findings of fact – I’ll entertain a motion? I think our previous discussion probably covers this unless someone wants to? Okay, can I have a motion please? – I will move approval of the application with staff’s findings of fact – Okay, motion by Commissioner Dolan – I’ll second that – Seconded by Commissioner Danielowski Further discussion? Hearing none, all in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – Okay, last item is a solar farm, again This is Solar Club 26, LLC Property owner is Shaun Schilling They’re requesting an IUP for a one megawatt And this is in Haven Township on 14 acres in the Agricultural District, section 30 Planning Commission recommended approval with the 19 conditions in your packet and the findings of fact that are listed Any questions? – Any questions on this one? – Will that be with a chain link fence or with an agricultural fence? – A chain link – Chain link – Just kidding – Well (chuckling) We may have to send a memo out to all of them and say, hey, you’ve gotta stick with your fence right now – [Tim] As long as it is what’s in the plans, we’re good – Right – Okay, is there any discussion on this? If there’s none, I’d entertain a motion? – Mr. Chair, I’ll move approval of the interim use permit for the solar farm with the 19 conditions and finding of fact as recommended by the Planning Advisory Commission – Motion by Commissioner Fobbe – I’ll second – Seconded by Commissioner Dolan Further discussion? All in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries – [Nancy] That’s all I have Thank you – Thank you – That’s all, she says – That’s all – Yeah – That was a long meeting – [Nancy] Those meetings, when I first started here, they all went that way – Oh – Yeah – [Nancy] They used to go ’til midnight – Okay – That was a doozy – The old days – Okay, we’ll move onto our 10:30 item Creation of a broadband task force, I think, who was, Commissioner Dolan, or going to lead this discussion, or? – Yeah, I can start out, Mr. Chair I just wanted to come to the board As we all know, rural broadband’s been an issue since, I don’t know, for the last decade And we’ve done a good job through the EDA and through the staff we have and all the mechanisms that we have in chasing after grant opportunities and getting what we could where we could But we’re not quite able to keep pace because we don’t have a group of people dedicated just to this, and I think it’s, now with COVID going on and more people at home it’s becoming more pronounced, people are realizing it Our video, our meetings are starting to be online There’s half of our county that can’t stream them effectively So my thought is, in creating this task force,

we can create a small group that can kind of identify some gaps and try and find some tools that we haven’t been using to address those needs and be dedicated to just that, and maybe push those recommendations or findings up through the EDA or directly through the board, whichever we feel is appropriate As far as the makeup of that task force, I was thinking if each one of us could appoint one person from their district that hopefully is somewhat impacted or knowledgeable on the topic, would be awesome, and then a couple of commissioners, probably economic development staff, someone from public works, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same person all the time And then the county attorney stepping in when need be So I wanted to bounce the idea off you See if that was something that we had the appetite for, and if so, I can start to work on the details with staff and bring it back as a consent, or we can appoint people at the next meeting, give you guys some time to talk to people in the community – Mr. Chair, whoops, sorry – Commissioner Danielowski? – Go ahead – I think it’s about, it’s time I think we really need to formulate a task force such as this I’ve been advocating for improvement on our broadband for our county for as long as I can remember, since I was elected 12 years ago And I think it’s abundantly made clear why, through this pandemic, we’ve got people, kids trying to learn at home, not having access to adequate internet services The same with people that went to work from home This is gonna be more of the future, and we have to really get on top of this and really start moving this forward This is a main utility now This isn’t like just a want and would be nice to have We need to have this if we’re going to continue to grow effectively in this county So I would be very interested in serving on that Like I said, it’s been my, been one of my drivers ever since I was elected for moving forward So I’m very supportive of this thought – Okay, Commissioner Fobbe? – Thanks, Mr. Chair, and I too, I am very supportive I think it’s a great intentional way to approach the topic and to really delve in a deeper dive I think our schools would be a great resource because they know exactly the pockets We do, because of our remote meetings also somewhat, but the schools have the streets, they have the houses, for residential definitely, so I want to make sure we include someone in the schools, and I can look at that, either in Princeton or Elk River schools So thank you – Yeah – Yeah – And I– – Commissioner Burandt? – I’m sorry – Well I have, what I was just thinking, though, is we’ve been attending the leadership meetings with the school district here, and I think they would be a wonderful resource for us, because they do know where it’s working and where it’s not And so I was thinking we should maybe encourage that participation – Yeah, and I’m 100%, both here and after the meeting, if you guys have suggestions on who to be on this I have no set formula that I was sticking to, I just want to make sure that we have the resources And again, I think we’ve done a great job picking off the low-hanging fruit and getting some good grants and putting some fiber in the ground and some good policies We just need a little more gas on the fire now – Well, being the old guy in the room, back in my day when a sharp chisel was a good way to communicate (chuckling) I commend, this is a great idea We’ve been talking about this for years, and we have worked on it, and we continue to work on it, and this gives it a little more emphasis, and that’s important But I just think of my own evolution with this, when I first came to office, there was a little bit of email going on and that sort of thing, you read it and eat it in the home, you had dial-up And then as we started to talk about it, well maybe internet should be like infrastructure Maybe it should be like roads and bridges and power lines and that sort of thing, and man, are we ever there It’s critical, in a lot of ways for a lot of communities it’s more critical than a road It really provides economic opportunity for communities So I think now, and with this COVID, it’s going to be a glowing fire, because we know we have a problem with it in this country

There’s other countries that are doing far better So I think this is an opportunity, and I think it’s a very good idea for us to be postured to take advantage of it So I would be very supportive of this as well – Yeah, I totally agree We’ve got some great information that we can draw on The county did that study a few years back in regards to building that spine around the county and stuff, so I think it’s great timing – All right, so I’ll work with everyone and staff to try and bring back a more formulated plan for this going forward – Fabulous I would guess, I would suggest that if commissioners have ideas that they contact him and speak with him as well and with Mr. Messelt as well So I don’t think we need to do anything more with this at this point, so thanks for bringing it forward – Thank you – Okay Approve and provide additional support for COVID Outdoor Capacity Relief Fund – Good morning, Commissioners – Good morning – [Dan] Commissioner Schmiesing, I’m here– – Just snuck up on there – I did (chuckling) I’m gonna talk about the Outdoor Capacity Relief Fund today, and in order to coincide with the Governor’s Stay Safe Executive Order, we administratively moved to get the program up and running by June 1st, and so far we’ve had six formal applicants and several additional inquiries, and the first checks are set to go out early next week already Several of the applicants did purchase their equipment, so unfortunately they’re not eligible for our current program, but we did find some that were eligible and like I said, that money is set to go out next week The program, which is run in partnership with the Initiative Foundation allows up to $1,000 per month for tent, patio, and canopy rentals, and anything that was leased after March 20th, which is when the Governor’s Executive Order took place So I did hand out an example of the application prior to the meeting today When an applicant does click on that link that was sent out, this is the sheet they see, and it does describe the program So, as I read it I can see why the rental expenses, they’re kind of hidden in there Maybe we should’ve highlighted that a little more, but it is only for rental equipment at this time So the original seed money for the program was funded through unspent 2020 dollars for conferences and educational opportunities that were obviously canceled due to the pandemic So it’s not an additional budgeted expense, we did have it in the budget, we just reallocated some money to make it a more beneficial use So today we’re just seeking formal approval of the program, and the authority to add additional funding if needed as we move forward through the pandemic – Is there a way to change it, to collaborate with people that have made, purchased tents, to help, is there a way that could be possibly– – It’s our program We could certainly change the parameters – I would, I don’t think we want to be buying tents, but if we’re paying to rent tents, maybe we should be participating in the purchase of them as well for those folks – We could do a dollar-for-dollar match or something like that on purchases maybe? – Okay, I just suggest that we look at that – Yeah – Yeah – And we don’t want to be buying the tents for them, but we do want to help like we’re trying to help with the rentals – Yeah I would like to see that expanded if we could – Okay Okay, is this a – So, was this just discussion or? – Well, whatever you’d like to do, Commissioner Fobbe – Commissioner, I’ll let you lead – Well, I’m ready to move forward with this But if there is more, I’ll entertain a motion or more discussion? – Do we, I can make a, I’ll go ahead and make a motion to formally approve, and, so I have one question, you might address what I was gonna ask – So, I think if you’re willing to approve the program and the funding as it is, we would also, if the board is willing, authorize up to an additional 10,000 to keep the program going between now and the next board meeting, and authorize staff to expand the program if legal and feasible to include a match grant for purchase Is that what you were thinking? – Yeah, I was kind of, whether I should address that, the ability to change to the purchase – Yeah, if you give us that authority, we’ll just work with the attorney’s office to expand the program – Okay – So we just approve it and– – [Felix] Is that your motion then? – That is my motion, fine sir – [Lisa] I’ll second – Motion by Commissioner Dolan, seconded by Commissioner Fobbe Further discussion? – I was just curious, is there a sunset on the program idea, or is it just going to go until? – We don’t have one currently We could certainly add that if you would like us to – [Raeanne] Yeah, I just– – We don’t know when the pandemic’s gonna end, so it– – Right, but we do know that we have how many restaurants, and once they get their equipment up and their patio offerings, would it be further than that?

– I believe there’s language to, when funds are, or when funds are exhausted – I think it’s three months – Correct – We have a limit in the, right in the– – Okay – And if you want to be consistent with the state, we could, you could, as part of the motion, say program to continue 60 days after the expiration of the emergency order, that’s consistent statutory language they’re using for all state programs So, in other words, we would continue to fund up to two months after the order so the business could transition back to normal – Okay, that would be an alteration to the motion that was just made, and I guess that would have to be deemed acceptable to the seconder and the originator – I’m fine to that amendment to match the state’s language – I am too, and it can always come back to us, obviously, if things change – Right – So, ’cause that order may change – Right – It may – Okay – And I’d, Mr. Chair, I’d just like to compliment staff on how fast they worked to get this out in a relatively tight time window to make sure we could serve those businesses Everything’s been changing and moving, and lots of moving parts, and not knowing what the next executive order’s gonna look like, and it was relatively difficult to figure out a program that could address the needs and they did it on short order, and it was very well done, so not typical government, is what I was trying to say, but – Yes, Mr. Chair And I think that, expanding on what Tim said, the businesses, I did get a text message from one of our businesses in Big Lake They didn’t utilize the funding, but they’d seen that it was available, and they just wanted to say thank you to the Board, and thank you to the County for thinking like that and trying to help the businesses as much as we can So it is appreciated in the business community, even if they’re not able to utilize it And I think in, what, it was only 50% open starting tomorrow, inside? I think that helpfulness of the outside still being available is going to help them obviously produce more revenue to stay open – Commissioner Fobbe? – Mr. Chair, and it’s safe to assume that this was sent out to all cities and– – [Dan] It was, to the economic development staff – Communicated well, as well as you always do Thanks, Dan – Okay, hearing no further discussion, all in favor signify with aye? – [All] Aye – Opposed, nay? Motion carries We’ll probably get out another press release today with the expanded language, so hopefully I can get that together today and get that out this afternoon yet – [Felix] That would be good And the direct contact through the chambers and that sort of thing, as far as that change, I think, is probably a good idea as well – Thank you – Mm hm – Thank you – Thanks, Dan – Okay, we’ll move onto, are we to the 10:50 item? COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and county response, I think it’s your show now, Bruce – [Bruce] Thank you, Mr. Chair, Members of the Commission – [Felix] And we have, Amanda’s in, almost in the room? – Yeah, Amanda’s in the room (chuckling) If we’re okay, we’ll start with Amanda with Public Health update, and then I’ll add a few administrative comments I don’t think Kyle will be joining us from EOC, but I’ll give you an update on that as well – Good morning, Commissioners – [Felix] Good morning – Fairly short update today You’ll see the latest lab confirmed case overview displayed Statewide, COVID cases are at 28,224, that’s an increase of 338 from the day before 452 are hospitalized, 198 in the ICU, and almost at 1,200 deaths Just of note, the highest age category of those statewide cases are individuals who are 30 to 39 years of age That accounts for 39% of all COVID cases and everyone that’s 39 and younger accounts for almost half, 48% of all COVID cases statewide In Sherburne County, our cases are at 260 There are 27 hospitalized, 11 in the ICU, two deaths, and we did add another long-term care facility to our numbers, and that’s the Benedictine Homes up in St. Cloud I think the question was asked last time, how many long term care facilities are there? There are 20 in Sherburne County, so almost halfway We’ve had a real decline in our day-to-day cases I don’t know if it’s, how we send it to Keisha, but I don’t necessarily always pull it up

But, it doesn’t sound, we’re not a big county, so it doesn’t sound like a lot But in the month of May we had an average of seven cases a day and now in June we have an average of two cases a day So you’ll kind of see the graph, the blue lines in particular, that we’re experiencing quite a decrease just in Sherburne County cases, and that’s pretty consistent with statewide numbers as well So, yeah, statewide, we seem to be plateauing, and then hospital and ICU numbers, which the city is really looking at, seem to be trending downward Actually yesterday’s ICU bed count was 198, and that’s the lowest in a month, so this is all good news I know you all watch the news, as I do, so tomorrow is the next phase of the Stay Safe Plan, where bars and restaurants can open at 50% capacity, places of worship 50% capacity, salons 50% capacity, and gyms and entertainment venues at 25% capacity The big push right now with COVID is testing So they are continuing to test The Governor’s priority is everyone in long-term care facilities, and that’s staff and residents Guardian Angels has their second, two out of three testing day today Elk River Senior Living is scheduled to start testing this month, and St. Ben’s was completed last month So those are the Sherburne County long-term care facilities that are being tested In terms of testing, also another priority is the mass gathering test, so specifically addressed to the protests and the social unrest down in the cities There are three locations in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul that are open Tuesday and Wednesdays from 12:00 to 6:00, and those are open free and those are for people who either have symptoms or no symptoms MDH just released an update on their testing priorities last week, and so they’re testing priorities in terms of who they will test are anyone who was involved in mass gatherings, the social protests Those who are symptomatic Those who are asymptomatic in congregate care Staff in high-risk settings, including long-term care, jails and prisons and shelters Those who have been identified in cluster investigations Asymptomatic individuals needing medical care, so if you’re going in for a surgery or a mom giving birth And then asymptomatic mission-critical workers And that was a new addition and something that we were pleased to see as part of our Unified Command structure We’ve have a lot of back and forth with our law enforcement because up until recently, asymptomatic first responders and law enforcements, were not on the prioritization for testing And so we did get that out to our city law enforcement partners to share with them And there are four sites in Sherburne County that you can get tested at That information is public on the website, on the MDH website, but just so you know, they are at Becker CentraCare, Fairview Princeton, and then North Memorial Clinic and Urgent Care in Elk River, and calling ahead is strongly recommended With that, that’s my update Does anybody have any questions? – [Felix] Questions? – Bruce may also say it, but just because things seem to be scaling back in terms of numbers and intensity, our Unified Command went from meeting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, to now only meeting Wednesdays at nine o’clock, And we’ve structured our Command meeting, and so our Operations and Emergency Management, to meet directly after that meeting, so we’re starting to scale back our meetings as well – So I’ll pick up real quick with that one comment, as Amanda mentioned, and then with your permission, Auditor-Treasurer Arnold would like to jump in here and follow a little bit on Dan’s great work, but also Amanda’s comments, with a thought and a board discussion, very briefly, on a topic, then it would come back for formal action later With respect to the EOC, as Amanda noted, we are standing down scheduled meetings of Unified Command to Wednesdays only That will be followed by department director briefings, as we’ve done in the past, Wednesdays only Keisha has noticed those meetings so that up to all five commissioners can participate in those Wednesday briefings It is at your interest and at your interest and at your availability We’ll still do those with WebEx So as opposed to the Wednesday, Friday briefings, it’ll be Wednesday only, but please feel comfortable to participate knowing that it is posted as an open meeting so that we comply with the statutes With that, if the Board’s okay, I would like Ms. Arnold to talk about an idea she’s come up with and we wanted to raise with the board as part of our response to COVID

– [Felix] Good morning – Good morning, Commissioners Just to give you a little bit of a history and stuff, we are coming up to our time now where we are starting sending out our letters for our businesses that we provide the liquor license for, within Sherburne County We don’t do the city ones and stuff, but we do everything that’s within the townships and within the county So my thought proposal, and due to COVID-19 and many of these businesses having to be shut down, is that I would like to propose to the board to reduce their liquor license fee, to give them a credit, for two and a half months that they had to be shut down? – Okay, sounds like a great– – ‘Cause what I would do is, I put together a spreadsheet and I’ll lay it all out and I’ll present it to you at the next board meeting on the 23rd, so you’ll be able to look at that and stuff It consists of the businesses of Fairway Shores Golf Course, the Finish Line Cafe, Monty Tropical Hideout, Bailey Ray’s Bar and Grill, KJ’s Refuge Bar and Grille, Kinitski’s Grill and Bar, Ridgewood Bay Resort, and Del-Tone Lutheran Gun Club And then whatever their fees are, is just reducing them by the division and stuff of two and a half months credit – Mr. Chair, oh, go ahead – I just, I think this is great I appreciate you bringing it to the board and look forward to seeing the spreadsheet and many other counties have done this, as I’m sure you’ve seen or they’re starting to – They’re starting to And I did get one inquiry for one of the businesses wondering if we were going to be doing anything on that To also let you know, that we did do, our budget was 21,000 for the year, and this will be reducing our budget by $3,989 There is one business that wasn’t included in here, so our actual budget was a little bit higher So it’s gonna be the amount that we’ll be collecting is right around 15,000 then – [Felix] So it’s a revenue budget you’re referring to? – [Diane] Correct, the revenue budget – The reduction in revenue to the county? – Yes, yes it is – Mm hm – All right, quick question, if you’re done? Diane, how much staff time and work is there involved with a liquor license renewal? – It’s just, it’s the communications, sending out the letters, getting everything drafted to them, making sure we get everything back, the proper checks back from them to do their background checks, and making sure the county attorney has got the proper paperwork for them to review, the county sheriff does, and collecting everything and making sure we’ve got the signatures from the townships and stuff that they’re wanting approval with it It’s an ongoing, it’s a process that takes awhile to go through And then once we get everything, presenting it all to you, and then once we get the approval on that, then we send it into the Gambling and Alcohol Board – But they’re all internal costs to us? Staff time– – Correct – We don’t pay, Sheriff’s Office does the background checks? – Correct, and there’s a separate fee for that, and that wouldn’t, this is just the licensing part itself So the reduction would be approximately, on some of the businesses, $500, $604, and Del-tone, because they just basically have setup, is right around $72 – [Tim] Okay – Well, I think it’s a great idea I wouldn’t be opposed to doing more Our impact on these businesses, hopefully during good times, is not that much, and now during the tough times, there’s little that we can do to really help, because we don’t impact them, which is what we want So I think we should be trying to help them in as much as we can with this at this point So I know other counties have done the same or some similar– – [Diane] Very similar or a percentage that they’ve done They’ve taken it as a percentage – Yeah, so, at any rate, as you look at it, and as you do your spreadsheet, if you find a way that you can do even a little more, or you want to recommend a little more, we– – Well, that’s, I went two and a half months for when they had to shut down to when they would be able to open up again – [Felix] But they’re still not open completely – Correct – [Felix] So, let’s– – Can you give us some options? – Give us some options, yeah – [Diane] Certainly, I certainly can give you options on there, yes I can – Okay – Thank you – So I can take it out another month – Yeah – Yeah – [Lisa] That’s a good idea – I can do that, I’ll present that then for your next board meeting – [Felix] Sounds good, thank you – Okay, you’re welcome, thank you – [Diane] Thank you, Diane – And then just a brief summary here

A couple of other things that the board, individual commissioners have asked about status with the organization We estimate, as staff, that we’re over 75% back working in the facility Some departments are at 100% They’ve returned all people to working here Health and Human Services is probably a little slower to bring people back, but they also, traditionally, have a lot of people teleworking Also, the functionality of the space in Health and Human Services is more difficult to manage with social distancing because there’s a lot of cubicles up there So they’re probably lagging a bit with employees back, but otherwise almost every department is well over 75% or higher in terms of staff back That being said, we would just note, the conditions that you’ve noticed, as you come in the building, all employees do a health screening questionnaire every morning Visitors are directed to a health screening questionnaire board that they’re asked to review themselves before entering the building We are practicing social distancing in all work settings, as well as in customer service interactions, as well as the, what are sometimes called sneeze barriers or cough barriers We are still practicing limited gatherings, as you’ve seen, currently 10, and I’ll touch on that in a second And then, where social distancing cannot be maintained, as well as in intermittent exchanges, we are strongly recommending that both visitors and employees wear facial coverings So you’ll notice more and more people, even as they’re walking back and forth, will be wearing a facial covering once they get to a place such as this room, and we can establish social distancing, it’s not required But we are doing that We also have the option, if necessary, of declaring critical infrastructure workers and requiring both temperature screening and facial coverings for returning to work So, if we have a situation where social distancing cannot be maintained, there will be facial coverings in the workplace as well, even without customer service interaction Last two points, Amanda noted the relaxed social gatherings tomorrow This is the Stay Safe Phase III that the Governor has announced We will evaluate that as it applies to our facilities It is possible that this facility may qualify, for instance, for 50% occupancy Should that be the case, we can recalculate the 10, and this may be then the last meeting where we have WebEx set up and limited staff We’ll still manage it pursuant to the new guidelines And then last but not least is, we are also looking at the 15th of June internally as kind of a pivot point for returning more people to work, because at that point, it’s our opinion that child care needs under the school year, as well as under the federal requirements kind of go away It’s now summer and that would be a good time So we’ve been working with staff to indicate that that’s the date that we feel like, if it makes sense for you to tele-work, we’re still gonna tele-work, but if not, that makes sense for you to take responsibility for child care and return to work So those are kind of our two dates, the 10th being tomorrow, and then next Monday as we see more of a return to that functionality So, for the Board, tomorrow will be the first open meeting Briefing at 10:15, and you should’ve received an updated note from Keisha for that And again, that will be for WebEx We’ll continue those in WebEx regardless, simply because even if we open Maple up to 50%, we would probably overwhelm that in the future So that one for sure will remain WebEx Whether future board meetings would require WebEx will be determined upon Amanda’s evaluation of this room itself and whether it follows for 50% occupancy That’s it – Thank you Are there any questions? Okay, we’ll move on, I guess we are to commissioner correspondence, committee reports? – I can start down on this end, Mr. Chair – Thank you, Mr. Dolan – I’ll kick it off with one Bruce mentioned earlier, which is AMC Public Safety Committee Sunday night at about eight o’clock we got a laundry list of proposed legislation that’s going to be being reviewed in committee for a 3:00 p.m. meeting yesterday The most of it revolves around the recent, recent stuff in Minneapolis and changes to,

to some long-standing policies There are a couple of bill numbers that are referenced, and I can make sure that it gets sent out to everyone so we can kind of see the conversation at the committee During the committee, kind of the one consistent thing through that was, we don’t have enough time to vet any of this, we can’t put support behind this, we can’t put support against it because there’s just not enough time to do our diligence and look through these things that are being proposed That being said, I think there were two or three items that I did go over with the sheriff and there was kind of a general consensus that the Sheriffs Association, and AMC in general would support, because it fell within our normal platform But the majority of them were relatively controversial So that was interesting, and now I believe we have to have some comments back to that committee before noon today So after this meeting I’m gonna sit down with Joel and kind of get his two cents on those as far as how we go forward, because those are the policies that he’s dealing with everyday But it was a good meeting, it was emotional We had a few Hennepin and Ramsey County Commissioners in there and some out-state 25, 30 year law enforcement veterans It was a good conversation, but it really showed us that we need to slow down, do our diligence, and make sure that were not passing knee-jerk stuff on emotion and make sure that we can make an impact where we need to So that was that If anybody wants to, like I said, I’ll send out that, those proposed things to everyone so they have them But it was kind of short order, and I believe there’s actually hearings on Wednesday at noon, tomorrow, even before Friday So, AMC’s stressing about it as well, ’cause they don’t want to take no position on any of it So they’re trying to find their way in the dark right now Other than that, AMC District 5 Annual Meeting via WebEx, Sherburne County EDA meeting, I attended and listened in And then the marathon Planning Commission that we dealt with the remnants of today – Yeah Raeanne, are you? – Yes, Mr. Chair, thank you May 21st I attended the County EDA meeting And May 27th attended the COVID-19 briefing Also on May 28th had the CMRP meeting for our partnership Also had an Options Special Meeting that night We convened a special meeting to talk about where Options is at at this period of time in their funding needs, and that it’s getting to be a pretty dire situation that we’re working hard to address And then on June 3rd, another COVID-19 briefing And then June 8th, the AMC District Annual Meeting via WebEx, or was it Zoom? I lose track of the different – Pick a platform – Doesn’t matter (chuckling) – Thank you – It was virtual, how’s that? – Lisa? – Yes, Mr. Chair I had a number of Great River Regional Library Personnel, a Personnel meeting, a supervisors meeting, and the board meeting, the COVID-19 briefings On the 20th, the SUP Coalition met I’ve been on a couple of ISD 728 leadership meetings On the 28th, the Rum River One Watershed One Plan Policy Committee met Yesterday, the AMC District 5 Committee meeting, or district meeting, that we were all on And then the Blue Ribbon Committee, AMC Blue Ribbon Committee, continues to meet twice a week It has been a bit impacted by the situation in the city with the death of George Floyd But we continue to move ahead And the biggest things we’re working on with regard to the special session coming up would be the waivers, mostly with HHS, and the CARES Act Those are the two primary things that they feel prepared to, kind of with Commissioner Dolan’s Office, this crew has had a little more time to reflect and work on specifically those issues

The other issues going forward are things that we’ll look at for next session in ways that we can So I just want to say a little bit more I was able to tour some of the destruction in the cities and was down at the George Floyd Memorial, and I just think, for all of us, we all have people in our lives that, either family or friends, that work in law enforcement We have people in our lives that have black or brown skin And we have people in our lives that reside in the cities And I just believe that this is an unprecedented, we thought COVID-19 was unprecedented, I believe this is another time in our life that we need to stop and recognize, and that is quite significant And if you get a chance to go downtown to be there, similar to Commissioner Dolan and the Blue Ribbon Committee, has many urban commissioners on, I’d encourage you to reach out to them This has been a very, very difficult time in their work, and if you know any City Council Members So I think this is a challenging time for us, but also a time of great opportunity – And I’ve attended various COVID briefings, and I also attended the Rum River One Watershed One Plan Policy meeting on the 28th And on the 4th I went to Central Minnesota Council on Aging meeting And then on the 8th, at the District 5 Spring meeting, and then later watched a Health and Human Services Policy Presentation on COVID and counties and what they were doing So that’s it – Thank you, Barbara Attended Command meetings, three a week Now we’re down to one, I’m thankful for that AMC District meeting yesterday And then I was at a number of meetings with the zoning issues and that that we’ve had going on So, it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep me pretty busy I guess, so I think that basically completes our agenda I’m going– – Mr. Chair? – Can I ask about the meeting on Wednesday with Senator Benson, just kind of what are we thinking for the setup for that, is that all WebEx for all of us? – Yeah, thank you for noting that, and I apologize We did post that, we posted that as an open meeting, right? Okay, so I apologize for missing that one on the calendar Yes, we did post it for all of you to participate via WebEx It’s being set up by her staff It may be Zoom, but I’ll look at those and get those instructions out That is her meeting It sounds like she wants to talk to you a little bit about some of the Special Session items that you’ve mentioned So I think your leadership and emphasis on CARES Act funding and on some of the really good waivers that are good would be very helpful And then just for board information, Senator Benson does have a meeting scheduled Thursday with Commissioner Danielowski to talk about Options funding As you know we’ve been trying to help, and you approved a letter tonight as well So I apologize I’ll make sure you’re set for that But it is a WebEx or a Zoom meeting – [Lisa] Mm hm – And too– – And then – [Keisha] I just wanted to update that if you look at your calendars the Zoom information was sent out yesterday – Yeah, I got that And then I was just, in my report, I failed to discuss, we did have a regional airport meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss how that’s moving forward, and I think that we’re, we’ve got a couple of oars in the water and we’re trying to move along here I think the one thing we’re going to need to do as a board is we’ll discuss the people we want to consider to be a members of that, and we’ll go through that, and we’ll probably deal with that at our next board meeting And in the meantime, we have a list that I believe has four people on it, and we’ll share that with you and discuss I do have some ideas, some favorites, and maybe you do as well, so we’ll work with that I was gonna say a couple things at the end of the meeting, but Lisa said it, and said it so well, that I think she spoke for me very well and maybe for some of us others as well So, thank you for your words And with that, our agenda is complete And I will adjourn this meeting (gavel tapping) Thanks, everybody