[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.24 드립 : 세븐틴 갓 탤런트 #2 (Ad-lib : Seventeen's got Talent #2)

[GOING SEVENTEEN] [Great magician got kicked out] Boss, you look really disappointed [Seems suspicious] I could feel it from the start [No pressure] The next contestants may feel pressured The one with the move over there I saw you from earlier [Attention] I think he’s the dancer of Anyang Please show us your moves [To the stage] [Moonwalking] You’re really bad [Even dances when saying hi] The pants Thump thump The atmosphere is kind of I’m in a bad mood because of the magician earlier I feel a bit down at the moment [The groove never stops] It says ‘dancer of Anyang’ and your specialty – is not just dancing to the beat – No [A real] I always dance [Dancer] even when I speak [Other contestants surprised] [Blank paper] We give you the ingredients [Dancing to the recipe] and you’ll present a finished dish You’re like a story teller What’s your favorite food? Hmm I like kimchi jjigae (soup) What about Pork Kimchi jjigae? Pork [Bacon] Meat [Speak with your body] I’ll do that We’ll check for the mic [Too much moves] [His story continues] Yo yo yo, look at him Okay, Mingyu. Can you do pork kimchi jjigae? [Turn] Okay [Interested] Okay, let’s go [Pork kimchi jjigae recipe dance] Ready, go! Mother’s kimchi [chop the kimchi] After you drain the blood from the pork, Pour some oil in the pot [Oil] and stir fry Pour a cup of kimchi sauce [Pour one cup] Let it boil [Simmering] Pour five cups of water Simmer it over medium heat [Medium POWER] [Reduced face] When it boils down to about a cup Add tofu, green onions, minced garlic, and pepper flakes Boil it again [Finish with a throw] and finish [Empty dish] [A round of applause] [to the dancer of Anyang] [The groove never stops] He’s a dancer! What was that? – Any other dish you can do? – I put the dish into separate bowls to share and I go 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and [He can’t count numbers] – 7 and. Like this – You shared it? – 4 and 7 and? – How do you go from 4 to 7? He’s so cool! x3 When did you start dancing? Since I was in my mom’s belly I came to the world with a wave With a wave? [Born with a wave] Even when I cried, I did popping like this So the dance to the recipe is done now I liked your expression at the beginning – We’ll see one more thing – Okay. Lastly, it’s dancing to a random song You can do it with any song? [condescending] Of course, why not? We’ll play any song randomly Is it hiphop, popping, or rocking? You can do anything Music, start [All failed] Your results will One and two, thank you – be out later – “One and two, thank you” You can go in now Who’s next? [Quick moves] – Our dance leader? – Who’s that? [Dramatic appearance] What? Hi! It’s not your turn I’m Lee Chan with lots of love for music and dance! Thank you! You’re You’re the magician student from earlier Are you not the magician? No, no. If you’re talking about the one from earlier Are you late for the audition? Yes, I’m a bit late. Just a bit. I’m sorry! How old are you? Fourteen [Laughter] Oh is that so? – A baby – fourteen? Is this your first audition? My third time – Where did you go? – Your third time? SM, JYP, YG [Big three auditions] All three of them? He’s not like me? I only applied to Pledis How did you feel when you didn’t get in? Well… Well I was What do you think was the reason? They said I’m ‘too young’ [14] ‘Not good enough’ So you’ve got some dance move for us? I have a song to sing Song! Your specialty is singing Is it a free song? – Yes I prepared it – Okay, let’s hear it Thank you [Legendary intro] [Feels] [Sorrow] He’s got some feels [Crying S.COUPS judge] This song? Ne-yo’s You can dance! Cause I know this song You want to dance in the back? I’m alright [From a fourteen year old boy] [Laugh] You’re good [Surprised] [Phone] [Sunnies on] Unnie why Unnie Unnie…? [Can’t be serious]

We’ll wrap here [Passion burst] No, no. I’m not done yet! Wait till the verse – I want it x2 – Shall we? You feel a bit old for a 14 year old I thought you were middle aged [Restart] Just continue [Misses beat while laughing] [Love serenade from a 14 year old] [The great Lee Chan – So Sick] [Not a magician] Thank you Our boss used to sing so good once upon a time How do you rate him? Mature gestures for his age Good pronunciation [Good posture] I liked that he has his character My score is Get out I think it was good enoughI’m Who didn’t we see till now? I’m curious about this guy Chiwooji? Mr. Chiwooji [Chiwooji] Very unique name, Chiwooji Come forward, Chiwooji Don’t touch me, seriously [Sensitive] Yo bro, what’s wrong? [Where is your etiquette] Use this. A hand sanitizer Thank you. Is this a gift? No x2 I’ll take it with me Okay x4 Hi, it’s Chiwooji Why Chiwooji? My surname is Chi Oh Mr. Chi You have a sibling? Chi Yak? (=toothpaste) Oh, yeah Chi Yak? – Chi Yak! – His the youngest Your older brother? [Stop please] Okay What have you today for us? I’m from a cleaning company Oh For promotion of your company? [Looking for a job] Yes, I’d like to work as a cleaning company [Open-minded] We need to know how clean you can do Is there any way to prove it? I’ll show you if you pay first Pay first? We pay first? It’s about fresh and clean and that’s represented by sports drink – Sports drink? – An ad of those I’d like that The competition is pretty high these days so they don’t just say they do clean Right You must have something to come here I don’t. What do I do? [Copy the sports drink commercial] – Be real – As if you’re actually on the commercial Think of that Raise the bottle and look into the camera Look and be like the model Go Chiwooji It’s Chiwooji What should I do? [Laughters] I get it But here this is not stated as your specialty. My boss just randomly asked for it We get it x2 I’m a bit embarrassed You look embarrassed I’m here to clean [Looking for a job] – I’m here for cleaning – Your specialty ‘Like no other, we clean so cute’ [Interesting fact] Show us How do you clean cute? – You want cute? – cute Clean cute Cute – Clean the floor – When you clean the floor – The floor? I don’t know where the tools are I like him! He’s charming! I like that he’s not so competitive [Frugal] I’m here to just clean Any last words? No – Gotcha – Okay [End of interview] – You can go back – Thank you We’ll call you later for cleaning [Thank You] Okay Don’t touch me Any volunteer fo next? Here, this guy Dajjagojja (= suddenly) [Dajjagojja] Wow he’s hot ‘Dajjagojja’ Hey, mr. Dajjagojja Unique name you have Is your surname ‘Da’? Yes Where are you from? New York – From New York – Flori’da’ New York ‘Da’dgers Maybe from Flori’Da’ Do you have siblings? Da Sofia ‘Da Sofia’ What are you applying for? I can control my taste buds Can control the taste buds You can taste sweetness when you eat spicy food and vice versa like that? [Spicy chicken noodle sauce/ wasabi/ spicy pepper/ onions/ lime/ lemon] You’ve got a lot Do you control Oh I’m not the producer We’ll see what you’ve got [He doesn’t know] – You look embarrassed – You don’t wanna do it? Is this not your regular stuff? Why do you drink water? How is it sweet? All salty for him (Rhymes with his name) I first clean my palette before I eat so I feel the taste better You also have a lemon do you normally eat it? Yes I eat it for my meal – For your meal? – Yes It’s a good source of vitamin C Of course You said you control the taste Can you change the taste into something else in your mouth? [Awkward] We feel the sour kick from lemons but the texture is similar to meat so you can feel the meat, right?

If you want any taste for me – Feel the spicy hot – Hot? He can control, right? We want spicy and hot – Spicy and hot? – Yes x3 Okay How can he eat that spicy? I’ll do that He can’t He’s changing it [Taste] It’s spicy x2 You don’t feel [Hot] Hot x2 Hot He actually looks hot Hot? [Spicy] You can have fire noodle whenever you want Is this an acting? [Method acting] – He’s sweating – It’s really spicy Drink water sweet [From hell] Can you eat spicy pepper sweet? It looks really spicy He only does this That’s only thing he can do It’s too much for you right? Drink some water Woah. It’s so sweet! Really? Then what about eating spicy pepper dipped in spicy chicken noodle sauce? Eat it as if it was sweet Why, why, why? Are you giving us the look? Why?x3 [Electricity] I just told him to put chili peppers on spicy chicken noodle sauce [Didn’t know what was wrong] put it the other way, the spicy chicken noodle sauce on chili peppers [Chili peppers] As if it was sweet? We want you to be happy As if you’re eating some pineapple [Sly] Ah, just dip it in Ah, S.COUPS, go and Alright, I’ll help him [Kind] Ah, this way [Squeezing it] Enough, enough Ah, wait, I’m putting it on, but he’s like ‘wait, wait’ next to me [Mean] Maybe because he thinks it’s gonna be too sweet? [Mean 2] It’s gonna be like too sweet and putting some sugar on If it’s too sweet Is this an actual hot pepper? [Nodding] Oh [Happy] Goodbye Ah, I’m so looking forward to this [Ready] Alright, show us -As if it was sweet? -As if it was sweet [A hot pepper with spicy chicken noodle sauce] I love a lemon almond cake So I’ll think of this as a lemon almond cake [A crunchy cake] Oh, a cake! It’s like a cake! Eat a little bit more How does it taste? [Oh, so sweet] How is it? Oh, it’s like a cake You eat it as if it was a carrot You eat it well, as it it was a cucumber [Appreciating the taste] It smells good what? It smells good Oh [It’s a lie] [Crying] Don’t cry x2 why are you crying? Really ‘really’ smells really good and sweet sweet? Is it like a lemon almond cake? [Strongly positive] I think he’s crying because it’s so good [Changing side quickly] OK, then please put down the chili pepper Should we go for the onion or the fish cake bar? To neutralize, let’s go for the onion [Happy] -As if it was crunchy -Then, put the spicy chicken noodle sauce on the onion The mustard? Then, S.COUPS, go ahead and there’s wasabi there Oh, the wasabi fish cake bar! [Shaking] But he’s eating it because he’s OK with it He doesn’t taste anything We could never -If he ate an onion, he would eat it as if it was an apple -Exactly [Trying hard] Because he’s only gonna have a bite, just put some on the top Ah, that’s so thick -Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat it -Wow, this That’s amazing [He eats everything] Ah, that’s very incredible, guys How.. No one can eat that! -How does he eat that~ -That, as if it tasted like nothing Nothing? -No taste [Excited] Yes [Having a bite] Why are your nostrils getting bigger? You’re not getting tired, right? [Thought of something sad] He wants to appreciate the taste Isn’t he just tired? [Sorrowful] Are you sure it doesn’t taste like anything? [Sad eyes] You look very sad You seem to be speaking with your nose Your nostrils are dancing I’m gonna practice dancing with my nose from today [Don’t do it] He seems to be reminiscing about something? Maybe he’s reminiscing because it doesn’t taste like anything [Done reminiscing] I can’t think of anything Because it doesn’t taste like anything Alright [Keep asking] Lastly, take a bit of the onion as if it was an apple ‘As if it was an apple’ [Loves the taste of an apple] -Onions taste good, originally -Have a bite The onion is so shiny Did you just sigh? -What? -I think you just gave a deep sigh Are you not breathing? [Defeated] [An apple advertisement] The apple looks so good [It’s an onion] How does it taste? Um~ Why are you drinking water?x2 [Like from Master Show] Get out! [Suddenly leaving to brush his teeth] We have two people left AI Shu Bot? [That’s me] It says Shu Bot Is there another robot? There’s a robot among the participants? [Shu Bot] [Acting as A.I] He’s a robot, a robot! [Shocked] [This is the sound made by him] Yes, hello, I’m Shu Bot It’s a robot, a robot! I’ll ask you for the last time I think you’re gonna regret this in the future, is that fine? That’s fine [Inhaling] I’ll ask you for the last time If you just go back in, we’ll leave it here I’ll go back in [Maintaining the act / Shu Bot is over] Thank you Ah~ great

The company doesn’t accept robots Ah, what a shame Is that all the airtime he gets? Some skills, some robot skills Do you have something to show us? [Doing robot skills although he’s a robot] Oh, robot skills? [Became a human] Ah, I have a pushup skill -Why did you suddenly become a human? -Why are you walking out like a human? Do it again [Shu Bot] [A fan of Shu Bot] He’s good Oh, the skill to show us is the pushups! [The pushup skill] Stop! [Listens well] Turn it on!x2 Get up! He’s like a robot! A robot for real Can you do sit-ups, too? [SHUA] I can do sit-ups [Shu Bot] Yes, I can Yes, I can [Dead] [Still maintaining] Stop! [Enter a command] Wait! x2 for a bit Let’s leave him for a bit The middle abdomen burns For real Aren’t you tired? No Go down Come up Get up [Tired] In a robot version Can you do it in a robot version? Yes, I can ‘Yes, I can’ [The second skill, an earthworm] [A very rare sight] You take this audition so seriously You’re so good! [Shu Bot off] There’s gonna be a day when the robots will rule over the humans ‘Possible’ ‘Possible’ I’m excited for the last one His name is Wen Junhui We used to have a member with the same name Wen Arthur’s real name is Wen Junhui [Contestant Wen Junhui] I don’t know if he’s another person, but come out please Wen Junhui is here? He’s sleeping now? [Impersonation] Hey, dancer of Anyang I remember that. His eyes open in sleep Is that Wen Junhui? Get up Jun Hey guys! I’m not gonna give my name – That’s a flutter – A flutter! He doesn’t stop – His job can’t be a flutter! – It’s my last chance x2 TOO MUCH [Laughters] I like that x2 He’s such a flutter Do you feel pressured because you’re the last? Wait! Is he that person? [The 8 impersonating Seungkwan] ‘I am~’ Woah! – Don’t call me camel – Oh, a camel! [Doppelganger] You got anything for us Wen Junhui? I’ve been doing it the whole time You can do martial art – Oh right! I can! – He does martial arts It doesn’t hurt at all [We can tell] Wen Junhui can eat sour stuff really well He doesn’t really feel the sourness He likes sour food I’ll go for it Do you feel it? Do you feel it? No it’s okay Not at all? Wen Junhui eats – spicy food so well – I know! I like spicy food In China, I had Sichaun [Dazed] You don’t know Sichaun? I know – Why don’t you do it? – I’ll try Is it spicy? Is it not? It’s not at all NOT AT ALL [Pepper with fire noodle sauce] Not~ at~ all~ [Laughter] [Unexpected] One more~ Two more~ Not spicy at all He’s so annoying – Since when were you like this? – Since when? Ever since – Such a flutter – What did your parents say? My parents? Speak with courtesy, please My parents? They love their son It’s all love and care They always You look hot! [Spicy] There’s another Chinese member THE 8, – Right – you don’t like that he’s too quiet I don’t like…? Well THE 8 is too quiet so you’re saying Wen Junhui is suffering? Are you speaking for yourself? What’s wrong? Why? What is it? I think I need to go to the bathroom? Okay x2 [Perfect Ending] Okay, boss. We had our audition today Flutter is the best How are you so good? I think we need some discussion Thank you for all I loved all the passion and talent from you guys We need some time to discuss on the results and will get back to you

We need some time as well Oh sure For what? Fire the judge [Pretending to discuss something] Whispering x2 I actually like the rainbow cake the best I like the red bean one as well in Jeju I also like Injeolmi, but rainbow one is also good The discussion is over All contestants stand up You look good as a team Where’s the great magician? Wait Thank you all for coming today Today’s winner is it was hard to choose Today’s winner Today’s winner Today’s winner is no one What? What are you going to do today? For me, what? Ummm I don’t know