okay today what we’re going to try to do is do a little photo show of putting Glen’s ducati engine and after he had it welded by Olson was at Olson engineering or engineering up in Nyack Nyack and they did a spectacular job on it so as you can see here number one the the motor is not in the bike and so this is gonna be cool it’s quite a funny story don’t think this just went back in all by itself it is on the operating table and speak and I have blend here to verify that we both weren’t taking off to a mental institution halfway through not yet not yet okay let’s go here we go yeah now we had to diet suggest that the Glen and what we did while a motor was out we took a buffing wheel and cleaned all these parts up we painted some polished some you can go to the next one and we’ll see what we got here he has the old Ducati motor now it’s welded we still have the handles on it and the handles actually worked out pretty good yeah when we started this we asked Luciano to stop by and supervise Luciano of course is in management and so he came by to give us some tips and tricks and well there’s a couple of things I just wanted to point out here so those plugs that you see in the motor were your idea that we use the balsa wood for yeah so yes plugs in the in all the openings that something could have caused some damage if anything dropped in and they stayed in the entire time they’re on transportation welding and then transportation back home oh there’s a couple of your girls right there yeah we just took some because we had a empty out the garage to make room for this far did we yeah yeah I don’t even know if we had enough room after we pulled them a lot of girls at the disco at night here okay so and of course step one on this whole thing we had to decide the first thing is do we want to put the get the engine and put the front bolt in or do we want to put the back bolt in right and of course we guessed wrong we put when you put the back bolt in you can’t pull the motor up the water pumps in the way you have take the water pump off so what by the time we had done that and we got the motor in place Luciano got there and of course they told us you got to put the front bolt in first so we had to take it back out but of course that’s the fun of being a Ducati uh what we call Ducati STIs are ok I don’t know you think we would know by now well this is it just getting ready to go back in we pulled all the plugs out everything was ready to go that to be fair about this there’s no part of this job that you need to be you’re not making a rocket to the moon it’s really nuts and bolts it’s really pretty self straightforward there are only a few things that you have to take into account and one of them is you got to put the front bolt in first you got to get the motor up around the water pump get the front bolt in then jack the back up with the back bolt and make sure your wires are yeah and if you haven’t won install the wires or hoses or whatever yeah so here we are ready to go and here we are we are literally ready to go it does yeah I gotta tell you though it does look a little daunting when you look at this right it looks a little bit like holy cow not really now okay you just you’re just suffer than I am well here’s the here’s the throttle bodies they were hanging in the breeze and I’m really glad we didn’t take these yeah even mess with them we didn’t have to do any of that yeah so just another angle here I guess I wanted to take pictures the idea of taking these pictures was we could would possibly see what we had done wrong and pass on some tips like tip one don’t put the back bolt in first and maybe that’s worth for somebody that’s going to do a job like this of course any knowledge you can gain and you can pass on is really a big help and I think also having the bike stripped down to the bones like this really afforded me the opportunity to clean the heck out of everything yeah Glen spent the day he probably will skip over but he’s spent a day when the motor was out being welded he came over and spent the better part of a day with all the waxes and cleaners and yeah ok basically Luciano came and looked at the bike he was blown away said wow he was he was impressed there’s a look of determination on my face going holy crap we may have to put the front bolt I don’t think this is that point yet well it’s we’ll find out yeah but again it’s that Dow now that whoosh I know when he showed up of course he came but we were already doing it working on it for a while but and and he was right that you had to put the front bolt in first of course he cheats he knows what he’s doing it’s that it’s them he’s done it before yeah exactly exactly see employ an aeroplane you’re not happy that I’ll cheat yeah okay so here you are anyway

here’s the whole thing we had used some zip ties the whole parts away again once you get the front bolt then it’s pretty much the muscles and then the other thing is like getting a bolt in a swing arm because the swing arm on a Ducati I guess on all Ducatis it hooks to the motor and so once you take the motor out there’s nothing holding this the swing arm on it just flapping in the breeze right and and the spring on the shock to the swing arm wants to pull the wheel forward towards the motor it’s kind of a that’s kind of why we got the rear stand on this so we could pull the rear stand back and hold the wheel away from creeping towards the motor and give this a little bit more around and you notice we have a strap here this is on a come-along so we can raise and lower the back at a motorcycle and that was helpful then that was well of some value I don’t know why here’s where I’m puzzled and I’m saying Luke I think we blew it we put the backboard yeah you blew it yeah put the front bolt in first like I told you before lucha loves being right i think he diva like you put that water pump in place he knew all along what you knew come on order us a pizza see you then what happens is when I’m not in management so I get to do a lot of the dirty work you notice I don’t even have gloves that match these guys I think this matching do body gloves and I got this the painting gloves oh my god here’s Luke all right old you guys you gotta put the front bolts on ass TV right oh my god no we had fun doing this I gotta admit what a night laughs and we just route on my porch having a cup of coffee and laughing about how much fun this was it was a good grill I could all look do it out it so you just bought a new bike no doubt about it so you can see though the back bolt is in and we got the right order just hang in there was great but we’re trying to figure out how we’re gonna get the front and that you could if you really were in a pinch you could take the water pump off I’m sure that’s probably you could do that but then guaranteed that sucker is gonna leak there’s gonna be a problem the mouse is gone I can’t wait to show them the official Ducati tool used together yes well we have an official we made a few Ducati please so what bouncing back and forth how do we do it we’re still hanging from the back bolt so we’re not there yeah we’re we’re almost there well there it is there’s the official Ducati say there he is now you may not realize this but those scrawny arms are holding said to copy motor up with my belt and those aren’t real tattoos those are the singles are lying on those kids think I got one that my friend gave you like a glove yeah so that belt I’m actually holding the back up right and there’s the jaws I think of a cup of coffee while Glen solder the motorist maybe I’ll order a pizza there we are with some sense of victory yep let’s see if we can well you got a couple of pictures going on here about how we’re fitting it all back in yeah yeah I like to look at the look on your face here for here it looks like oh my god we just ran over together so yeah but this this was certainly one of the better points when we the motor is in we got the motor area that’s it now to be honest when this happened to Glen he was a little upset about it of course that he had an engine that was broken but and I was determined we were gonna do this at that there was not gonna be no surrender here and and and over the course of three or four days of working on us Glen came to become a believer in yes whoo yes we’re gonna dance man yes yeah and now here this this is something that that really got us a little bit right was getting the swing arms yes hello yes so there’s wafer-thin does shims the little wafer thing yeah they probably thousands we knew where they went we knew the direction that the swing arm bolt was supposed to go everything was good that but the issue was in order to line everything up you’ve got to have it positioned perfectly all through oh my god well you’re gonna have a really tough time and I’m gonna tell you there’s probably somebody out there that said that I did this myself no big deal I I really need to see the guy that can do this alone cuz yeah you’ve got it I’d like this hello he does it with the back wheel still on yeah what saved our day was in Glen had a good idea took the back wheel off so to swingarm was lighter and you could maneuver it around more accurately while one guy held the shims in place and one guy pounded on the axle yeah cuz I don’t think we were ever gonna hello china laughed at us but we got it in and then when we got it in he said oh that was easy yeah I too bad I didn’t have a belt to do that point oh yeah yeah now among the funny things here we had this hose and it’s the hose to know where it goes to a bolt yeah so both sides let’s take a look this so it’s both sides of the the inlets on on the fuel and air there’s texture to kit the two were inlets yeah and and somebody had blocked it off with

a hose well there’s Luciano you’ll never get this thing running don’t even call me if you need using a belt right notice he’s going to ride on a beautifully just restored suzuki bandit who did that paint a picture that Bandido down that is shining oh man notice my track bike isn’t painted but his bike is painted what’s wrong with that I don’t know that’s it that’s a good look oh yeah it came out nice it really good so luciana said okay you two look he’s kicking the wheel out he’s they won’t miss it I’ll roll a wheel into the pond and find it there that’s nice that’s it that’s a little break in the video but just to admire Luciano yeah job by well we had a little break we were going crazy but thanks ready I had to go look at how now this is what I love about our DS do you want to take the back wheel and swingarm and shocks an engine out of an RD 20 minutes it’s stunned and you don’t need a helper you don’t even need a crane you don’t need you don’t need dynamite nothing you just get out three bolts and it’s out back to the mat probably guys in Houston launching a rocket to the moon again have this much fun not this much there we go let’s pull in the Russians yes so now this is we were starting to put the the connections and the hoses and everything back together again yeah is the break we needed the break now what’s good is in Glen Glen didn’t notice this when it happened Karen bought us out coffee and I told her put sambuca in a coffee Glen doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it well you know we went a lot longer than 500 you’re gonna what but we never gave up now so then here’s the motor installed we got everything in the swingarm both is in and I mean those were probably the bigger pain in the butts was just figuring out I think looking back at it now that we know that front bowl-winning on the motor would have went in a lot smoother swing on we would have had the tire out that would have went in a lot yeah yeah I mean just those little the thing is if we did another bike I hope we don’t have to do yours but if we did another one we got to do that Suzuki that you see in a background yeah that needs a crank shift but with this bike to do the second Ducati I’ll but we could do it in a third the time yeah because I know all the pitfalls now and that oh by the way that’s why we’re making this video so if somebody has a similar issue to maybe they could save two three four hours or they can say you know I maybe I got to pay Luciano to do it or something or post a question just sell it on YouTube called blend by the way here’s this home number 24 I can tell you every mistake we made yeah no that’s okay here’s the studious look on my face yeah you look all serious very intent here’s our professional box when all else fails grab the head now at the end that is at the end of this thing you don’t see it on a video at the end of this I purposely sorted out the tools and made it a pegboard with all tools on it cuz Glenn was complaining he couldn’t find this recording find his underwear couldn’t find his society and we took the throttle things apart luckily we had a camera to show how we put it all back together what the adjustments were if you look up top on the frame rail my beautiful clean frame took yeah but it came off easy because game right off course it was wax on c1s clean you seven things of McGwire’s polish on that frame and it really looks nice looks good now here’s a little glimpse you show me yes how is yeah yeah yeah no no I got nothing rocket science and a lot of the connectors to Ducatis credit a lot of the connectors were really nice that they only went one way and some like mandatory yeah unlike some Japanese bikes that I’ve worked on where every connector looks exactly the same and the wires get frayed and did this wood that was not a real part of the job well it only a 15 year old bike yeah when it’s 40 that might know that my wallet rubber rots away in everything and the colors yeah I’m getting a chain back on in the back wheel and guns had that wheel off so many times the witnesses don’t forgot to put the space service that blue is credibility yeah there you go oh man ah yeah we talked about this yeah you talk about well when we were putting the front sprocket back on the top bolt that you see right there the head snapped off the bolt yep now while that may have been a tragedy on a brand new sprocket you may not be able to see it because it’s so dirty but that sprocket chain and rear sprocket a brand new we put those in a couple of months ago Wendy took the sprocket off no that’s me going you got to be kidding me yeah he was real look at his face you gotta be so there it is there’s the broken bolt is a picture too broken both inside I need a manicure I got to go for a pedicure yeah I’m gonna get you one

okay so I showed blending the old trick from course I used to be a partner in a machine shop of getting that bolt out with a screwdriver what it literally if we took it off the bike we slid it off because there was no tension on it so that it would a dremel tool you slid it with the Dremel tools stuck a screwdriver in it and twisted it right out came right just like that and the next thing you know it pulled it I’m not gonna take a picture of it because you’re anybody well I’ll be honest with you for anybody that breaks the boat first thing I’m grabbing is the easy out because I’m hoping I can get it and I’ve booked it up the outside of it with the easy out because it was so big a hole is ten sometime you booger up the threads so listen that cut that you see up and up in the video just make a cut with a dremel tool and take and exact on then what happens when you do that typical machine shop stuff you what happens is you heat the bolt more than the part around it and it disturbs that if there’s lock tight on it or whatever whatever froze in there and usually it comes right out usually I wouldn’t want to bet that it’s all gonna come right but that one did so here’s Glenn cleaning up some of the other parts and we got the gallon of kerosene going here and yeah yeah I can’t speak enough about how important it is I think when you’re doing jobs like this and this is what you’re not going to get when you drop your bike off at a shop right exactly what you don’t get you’re not gonna get guys that are taking your parts over to a parts washer and then washing your stuff out for you they’re in the business of making money getting you in and get ya where is us everything that we took apart were things it’s all lost everything was a look we’re broke as it is this we had no money to start with not burdened but but everything that came up was getting cleaned yeah it was a reason for it you could not have paid somebody to do the work that you did to clean up on a frame and on all of your there was a good day spent all day you were out in a garage while I was I don’t know we’re doing gardening a plant and plant so yeah I know in our earlier video we had a picture of the motor itself yes was spotless – and I mean oh Jesus you rat on my mylord grass although there is little fuel I think I got your neighbors but yes so this is after we got the sprocket put back in we want it up and the sprocket covers in place that will be painted black over the winter I could I’ll show you folks over with these painting and sundries yep look at the face I never noticed the face you really took this the heart here I think I had to go to the bathroom no it looks like you’re going right now this is funny this is another thing we’ve tried the exhaust system came out in one piece right I know it was difficult but I came out in one piece with the engine in place now with the engine in place we couldn’t get it back in in one piece we had to take it but we would determine the try to get it apart absolutely and and and not take it apart not so it shame on us we had to take it apart around so here’s my suggestion if you got an s2 4 of 2 or 2 st whatever it has two less d2 that take the damn thing about any of the STS take it take it apart so this is us oh yeah also remember the the bolt on the kickstand right right extent right so we had the actual bolt but it wouldn’t go through the threads somewhat not again the bike is is 15 years old we don’t know the full history of the motorcycle so somewhere along the line somebody had a long had a bolt in there and they’d book it up the threads on the inside he did something yeah and we couldn’t get the bolt to fit all the way back through but we cleaned it out we did what we needed to do and the bolt is back in we had a shortened one bolt yeah couple four five twelve yes’m but I don’t know what if maybe the guy had washers on it or something let pull alright again right you don’t know what a history to bike here’s where it starts getting fun because now you know the engines in the wheels on everything and and Glen is already start and say I want to start it yeah it’s not chaotic can we put the gas tank on you know we don’t get ants in this pain right and these are all just redundant photos of putting all we got the battery box that went back in yeah yes stuff went no problem the little battery to look at my but what a sure I battery the battery was old and the the two chambers for the battery acid we’re really all uneven and and pretty chewed up we bought a sure I Wendy measured out it looks like me unless you got some tattoos but we measured some large about to see exactly the kind of bracket we were gonna need you made a bracket for it cleaned it up nice to fit in perfect and it’s holding like like it was meant to be there then we put the fairing on and never hooked up to better right we knew that there was a fuse blown on the charger wire right but we put the fairing on after that’s another story but here we are putting in the this is the best part of her story Glenn yeah I’ll teleca’s he’ll be embarrassed he goes out and buys that ice stuff that’s supposed to be better than

antifreeze and never looks to see the quantity thinks it’s a gallon but it really was a half a gallon so he only wanted to put in like 3/4 of a half a gallon which is $22 they gave me the whole goddamn you should fill it with money I mean just put top ten dollar bills in their holy kid yeah but anyway that’s another part of another story that’s coming after this so we did funny put a funny part it’s really a good story but we only have a few minutes left to you well this is everything getting tidied up so I mean yeah this is just redundant stuff yeah so here we go and putting all the bolts and hose to see who’s hands who needs a pedicure here and everything who’s got well this is us now we’re eliminating the parts as we go backward right because we’ve pulled backward as we as we took him off the first parts went through the back the mufflers go right on it’s that head by here we are this profit pipe was a pain in the butt and we would determine we were not gonna have to break it apart and loose yeah we did well but then management showed up with my my grandson don’t worry I’ll help you sir this this there went another hour into the job now how am I gonna work on my bike when I got this guy he’s so much fun we go from here to here yeah not the nuts the nuts yeah so this was uh this was a bit of a chore was getting the was getting the exhaust lined up and getting it in place but and we had the things these little split things were backwards where the once we put them on the straight way it went right in there’s no problem sort of ah here comes the nemesis for anyone oh yeah a motor out of a Ducati st2 yep this airbox gave us probably as much trouble as the motor going back in I know guys are gonna go out it’s so easy yeah yeah I want to come over my shop and do it in front of me while I’m shooting video yeah me too because I’d love to see him dude ain’t that easy so what we kind of figured out and I don’t know how many so you got the you got the parts that that fit in there those the heck of those things the rubber boots the boots that go into the air box and then connect on to the the fuel the fuel injection to the airbox correct these things anyway these things will all hook up but the bottom line is it was a pain in the butt you got to put a couple of them on slide the last one in and we kind of feel there’s little markers where they line up and how they line up and of course we didn’t we didn’t even when this the little markers even that doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna get it on a first yeah it didn’t you got a really play oh my god you can only put a couple of them in and leave one loose and the last one you actually have to put in from the top of the box and here’s Danny Danny was over here helping us and Danny did come by to get and and he also got his clip-on fix by Wendy which was nice we made him a clip-on wally here’s the box yes in place yep not going to stake in full credit for say we we may be taking it back out we took I don’t know if about four times where we got it the line up you got the air filter going and got it and of course it’s dark now Karen is already saying don’t you guys ever want to eat well I think yes so there’s the old and the new this was midnight was it it was like it was late a client about 10 o’clock at night yes we would determine I mean blood is a tough guy you know he we had a long we’re in a garage that’s my I finally am smiling in that picture right there because us saying we got it yeah we’re cleaning up or clean it up Danny’s help clean up here and we sprayed everything down we cleaned up Wendy’s workshop in there it is and there it isn’t we worked and in my neighbors looking out the window you know what a bunch is I mean we weren’t gonna start it up at 10 o’clock at night but but we certainly could have started it up we were good to go right there that’s uh that’s us and now the final putting the final screws in and putting all a little gas tank on and all the hoses yeah I think I’ll sip you’ll gauge hooking everything up I mean this was in a smile on a schedule I’m happy this this this is a you post I had to go to the bathroom look on his face or whatever that’s really great this is like wow he is now the authority if you have any question you have one of these Ducatis and you want to pull the engine out in 15 minutes just nope you’re right no problem at all I’m not sure if that was the last one or now we got a couple of blood so yeah this is us and Danny were so well I don’t remember we had the what we were doing with the tank on and off on oh you wanted to start it we wanted to start late but we’re not I saw what our neighbors but we didn’t want to leave the gas tank out any longer than we needed it right because it’s got fuel in it and you know of course a fuel tank it’s posing problems it’s better to have it on the bike and connected than it is to just out of Lane around plugged up yeah nobody could kick it bang it yeah but this is Danny he’s saying wow that was that was something else that

certainly don’t a long time but yeah we were upset well that’s that that is the last shot from the beginning to the end I would say no matter what amount of time we spent on this everybody did that including Luciano we all learned something we all learned from each other we all shared the adventure and it’s a great adventure because somewhere down the road we’re gonna get some nice video of Glenn riding a bike net it’s one quick story he took it out for a test ride and I said as he was leaving that that day you channel took his bike out for a test ride and it overheated one of the bikes he had never ridden before of his fleet so what happened I said let’s call Luciano and say you took out the bike and it overheated and and Glenn pooh-poohed he thought out on I don’t do that don’t do that so name Glenn took the bike out for a little test right got a third of the way home and his bike overheated so but of course we only had a half a gallon of antifreeze and between Glenn and I you think one of us could do metric measuring half a gallon third of a gallon but so and then the trick is putting the antifreeze in you’ve got to squeeze the it’s got to be on a side stand you got to squeeze the hose on the side you got to continually squeeze the hose to get hang get all the bubbles out yeah and do all this stuff but you know what in the end everybody learned something and I hope the people that do get to watch the video and they share some of the the the little idiosyncrasies in front of doing this kind of stuff I hope everybody don’t pass it on to your friends even if you just enjoy hearing us and make fun of each other which the whole purpose of doing this though to pass the information on yeah and the guy said have Ducatis are really good about sharing information and sharing these little tips on their websites there’s a good