Ancestral Land. Russian TV Series. Episode 2. StarMedia. Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Alexei Kravchenko, Svetlana Kolpakova Yuriy Borisov, Arina Zharkova Maksim Kerin, Alina Lanina Maria Smolnikova, Vitaliy Khayev Sergey Sosnovskiy, Maria Kuznetsova Sergey Peregudov, Vladislav Vetrov Viktoria Tolstoganova, Leonid Gromov Created and directed by Milena Fadeyeva Director of Photography Radik Askarov, R.G.G. Art Director – Sergey Kokovkin Costumes by Alexei Kamyshov Music by Ivan Uryupin Montage by Marina Vasilyeva Sound Director – Leonid Shushakov Executive Producers – Eduard Aliyev, Tatyana Statsman Produced by Ekaterina Pogorzhelskaya Produced by Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin Movie of Milena Fadeyeva THE ANCESTRAL LAND I told you, I knew! You did it, you did! You’re strong, you did it! You’re the strongest! You did it! You are walking! My man is walking on his two legs! One of the Morozovs! My man! Stepka, nothing may hurt you now You’re indeed made of iron! Why are you staring? It’s not a concert or a performance Stepka Morozov is walking on his own legs! My good boy! Show it to daddy! Come on, sonny, walk a bit more Show it to me. Mother, look! Come on! My honey! Come on inside! Let’s go! A stomach is a reservoir made of muscles By the way, for those who don’t know what a reservoir is, it’s a kind of a jar In that reservoir, I mean in a human stomach, food that we eat and water that we drink are processed And now let’s start the main thing – the examination of the human body We need to cut it to see where that stomach is actually situated Where shall we start? You, for example What is your surname? Alabina Nice to meet you, student Alabina Please come here, closer Here you go Student Alabina, please show us where human stomach is situated Well? It is situated here Good, good Student Alabina, now take a scalpel and make a cut, as I have showed you Come on. What is going on? Come on, guys You should have called out somebody thinner It’s hard to carry such a heavy body Take her to the medical office Students, my dears! Such things will happen until you learn to see a human body as a mirror of your own! Who will perform the cut, after all?

-May I? -Who would doubt that? Of course, it’s you, Morozov I have a feeling that after the course you’ll be the only student to know the entire medical science Come out here, please Take a scalpel and perform a cut Come on Bravo, Morozov! Bravo! Get off! Are you deaf! Get off the road! Or I’ll smack you like a horse! Get off the road! Come on! -Are you out of your mind, Grandpa Prokop? -Go! Hello, Ivan Andreyevitch Hi, Alenka Why aren’t you going to school? I’m sick and tired of your school Instead of asking questions, you could give me a lift Of course, get in Where are you going? To Fryanovo. Mum sent me to the healer for some herbs for Stepka and Grandma Dunya -Are you going to the town? -Yes Please pick me up on your way back Are you reading about Dubrovskiy? I read a bit but I didn’t like him I stopped without finishing One may draw conclusions about a book only after reading it Did he give the house to Troyekurov? No, he set it on fire. Together with the officials. And after that Did he set the fire to it with the people still in it? It wasn’t his fault But you shall read about it yourself And come back to school What kind of man that Dubrovskiy was! He set the house on fire with all the people It’s your turn now, limp-leg! Or are you scared? Stepka, Stepka! Vitka, you’re a fool! A fool! Stepka, don’t listen to him! Lame Stepka, lame-legs! Lame Stepka is limping along the road! Stepka! You can’t do it! Stepa, Stepa. Stepa… Does it hurt? Stepka, Stepka… -Hello, Anna Nicolayevna -Hello, Alesha Yakov Dmitriyevitch asked for you I don’t know why but he asked for you and even asked me when you’d come back I see. I’ll leave the books in my room and go to him Come in. Close the door faster, for draughts are bad for my back Oh, that’s you. How do you like it? What is it? What? Do you see a naked woman for the first time in your life?

You’re a doctor You’ll have to treat young ladies Lilya! He’ll faint now Put something on yourself Otherwise, I’ll never repay Babakhin for him! Lilya? What a fool! She ran away without taking the money All right This is why I wanted to see you. Let’s go Alexei! Alexei! Look at yourself You look like a trump and not like a student When I paint a portrait of a trump, I’ll invite you to sit for me Here you go. My jacket No, no. There is no need for that It’s almost new! Take some of my shirts! That won’t hurt My favourite coat It’s too small for me now, though And it’s out of fashion Here you go. Hold it! No, this I may still wear myself Come on, try them on -Thank you -You’re welcome Stop! Go, honey! Come on! Thanks, Ivan Andreyevitch! I will read about Dubrovskiy tonight and will come to school tomorrow Do come. Of course, you shall come! Oh, God. What a punishment! Why don’t my eyes see what I need to see the most? I can’t see a needle and a thread I wish my eyes didn’t see you instead, old fool! You never wanted to look at me She’d rather look at a needle with a thread than at her husband! You’re a hen and not a woman! You’re a fool Why are you such a fool, Lukyan? Why do I need a thread and a needle? Who am I mending the shirt for? For Grishka the neighbour? -Hello -My beauty! Come, I’ll kiss you -Have you been to the healer? -No, to the director of the theatre -Who? -Who, who? Grandma Dunya, where could I have been if I brought you the herbs? Right. Come on, help me Oh, God. Here comes the child! Don’t you dare shout at the grandma, vile girl! Shut up, old man! Nobody asked for your comments Look at her! I am defending her, and she is still unhappy Oh, you! You’re always squabbling You could at least be heart and soul to each other at the end of your lives Eggs don’t teach the hens! Have you heard about Ignat? About Ignat? What is it? He invited everybody to his wedding He is marrying Katerina Kuznetsova Next Saturday, the entire village will be celebrating I’ll take a harmonica from Mikhailovitch… Shut up, you old fool Why? Don’t shut my mouth! Damn it! Where did she go? Where, where… She is in love with him And you’re telling her about the wedding and the harmonica Oh, what an idiot! How could I know that she… Damn it! -Makar, Makar! There… -I know

I drew you here Look, the sun is shining and this is our… -Varvara, go out. We need to talk like men -Dad! Go out, I tell you! Dad doesn’t repeat thrice I’d hit you with this fist! Listen. I’ll talk to you Do you think I took pity on you because of your leg? I don’t give a shit for your leg Nobody shall take pity for you You’re the same man as everybody and you have the same leg You did a right thing to answer when Vitya started to tease you It’s right not to let others bother you But it’s wrong to cut a person with a knife. It’s a bad deed A human is not a pig It’s wrong to cut him. Do you get it? I do Stop looking like a wolf at me If I had known that a tree would fall on you, I’ll gladly kill myself Stop staring at me! Why are you following me? I know that it’s bad but my granny and I don’t have any money That’s why I agree for any job Of course, I’m not a Sonechka Marmeladova and will never be one I’ll never lose the sense of self-dignity I’m sorry, Alexei, but it’s unpleasant for me to talk to you because you saw me looking inappropriately I didn’t see anything. I mean I did but I don’t remember anything now -Nothing at all? -At all -All right -Yes Promise me that you won’t look at that painting Even if Dubasov asks you to do that, you won’t! I promise How are your studies going? Are you satisfied? Yes, thanks, I’m very happy I did a surgery the other day How interesting! What kind of surgery was it? I cut out an umbilical hemia I performed that surgery on a man On a dead man -Did you operate on a body? -Yes Oh, right, you’re still studying I’d die of fear You’re doing well. You changed so much Nobody would say that you come from a village -It’s Dubasov’s coat -So what? Alexei, come to see us this Saturday I’ll introduce you to my granny Will you come? I will Good. I’ll leave my address with Dubasov Go to learn! I’m going to Dubasov Luckily, he is finishing his painting topnight. See you! See you I love you to death!

My lovely Katya! How would I live if I hadn’t met you? Be quiet. Be quet! Comrades, be quiet! Comrades, be quiet! I demand you to be quier! Last year, two fires happened in our village A sauna of Fedor Frolov burnt because of his own carelessness Sotnikov’s shed burnt because the owner of the house Egor Demyanovitch threw a cigarette butt nearby The present situation is still unclear Why is it unclear? It was an arson! Talk, Matveyevna! Why not? I’ll say what I had seen I came out outside to the toilet I’ll cross myself in front of you all There was a man in Ignat’s yard I saw a shadow Somebody ran away from his yard When I got in bed, as soon as I closed my eyes, the fire started The rooms were light as if in the broad daylight Oh, she saw a shadow! My Yevdokia is so blind that she can’t see a needle with a thread! How could an old woman see a shadow at night? I crossed myself, Lukyan! Don’t listen to him, Matveyevna! You only want to attract attention to yourself, old fool! -Don’t shut my mouth! -Sit and keep quiet! Quiet! I demand quiet! Be quiet! Comrades, be quiet! If Matveyevna is right, it means that somebody had set Ignat’s house on fire It must have been somebody from our people We’ll sort it out. In any case, Ignat, the kolkhoz won’t leave you without a roof over your head We’ll help you build a new house, won’t we, comrades? Moreover, you will have a new wife soon Stay after the meeting, we’ll discuss it The meeting is over, comrades, you may go home Ignat? You’ll stay with Matveyevna for now She is a talkative woman but a hard-working one I’ll bring you a sack of potatoes tomorrow and some milk Believe in the kolkhoz! The kolkhoz will help you, Ignat! -Thanks, Grigoriy Ilyitch -Bye! Ignat? Hello, Ignat I heard your house burnt down

Hi, Alenka. Yes, it did -I need to talk to you -Talk to me -Stop. Let’s talk here -What do you want? -Marry me, Ignat -Alenka, stop that nonsense Marry me. I’ll build a new house for you Here. It’s golden I may build three homes for that Marry me! Are you offering me a deal? Where did you take it? I took it where there are no more Marry me. I’ll love you all your life! You’re a fool, Alenka. A little fool Your foolish love makes you do foolish things -Makar! -What? Makar, wake up, she is not there! It’s already dawn! Where is she? The girl disappeared, our daughter! Did Varka disappear? You have another daughter! Alenka didn’t come home for the night! God, where are you going? Makar, where are you going? -Mum? Has something happened? -Go to sleep, i tell you! Makar, where are you going? I’ll look all around the village If I fail to find her, I’ll involve the chairman and the other men for help! -Pasha? Wake up! -Toma, stop it! Let me sleep Wait, wait. No! It’s time to wake up Come on, stand up! -Pasha, Pasha! Yes! -Toma, stop it! Yes, yes? -Good morning -Good morning -Alenka came to you -Which Alenka? It looks like Alenka came from a village She said that you told her to come to you She also said that her brother is Dubasov’s lodger She is beautiful She has golden hair and big eyes Pavel Arkadyevitch, she is a real beauty! What an interesting start of the day! -Pasha, where are you going? -My queen Let her get out of here! Queen, dress up Let’s go look at the girl. Zinaida? Hello, Goldilocks Why are you so scared? You’re a decisive girl. Do you realize that you came to the wolf’s lair?

-Did I give it to you? -You did I don’t remember it Will you live with me? I’ll buy you a lot of such trifles then -She is still a child -Don’t make me mad She is still innocent Innocent? Is she really? Tell her, you innocent being, will you live with Pavel Arkadyevitch Babakhin? -I will -Did you hear that? Pack your things and go to your apartment -Zinaoda! Serve the breakfast for two -One second You won’t leave me just like this… -I’ll cut your throat -Get out. Get out! -What is it? -My things -Zinaida? -Yes? -Throw that out -OK This too Sit down, honey -Hello, Lilya -Hello Why are you standing here? Hello, Alesha. I’m waiting for you I thought you would be waiting for me in the apartment -Where is your granny? -My granny died tonight How? I told you, she was sick A week ago, she felt better and I thought that her state improved But… All in all, it happened It’s good that you came Let’s have a walk But it’s raining. You’ll get wet Rain? Today, it doesn’t matter The important thing is that you’re with me I don’t have anybody now You know, Alesha, I feel that you appeared in my life not accidentally And it’s not a coincidence that you came today I am just sad that granny didn’t see you Ten Years Later Stepa, has anybody come to court your Varka? Shishkin came I… He’ll now forget the way to our house

You’ll drive all the girl’s suitors away I understand why you threw Vitka out You hate each other since childhood when he put a mark on his cheek And? There are other young men in the village who like your Varka -Are you talking about yourself? -Why about myself at once? Though, yes, why not? You’re my friend Come on, come on! Makar, call your Stepka to replace me I’ll go and help Nicolay and Zakhar Stepan! Stepa! Come here! Father is calling Take the saw Harder! Next week, we shall repair the house The roof is broken. After the holidays, we will build a new sauna Varka! Varka came, guys! It means it’s dinner time -Hello, Sanya -Hello What a disobeying girl! Come on. Go, go! Hi, daddy! Oh, vile girl! You came again How many time did I tell you not to bring food from home? Stepka and I may eat the kolkhoz food together with the rest of the men It won’t happen, dad! I’ll be bringing the food as before Do your plaits, as all the girls You let your hair go You’re neither a witch nor a mermaid Maybe I’m a witch or a mermaid Sanya, eat with us I made potatoes dumplings You’ll eat them together with a plate Let’s go! Why are you calling him? He is your friend Don’t we have enough dumplings? Uncle Makar, may I ride your Varka in a boat during the holidays? You may. You’re not a hooligan I permit it And I don’t Come on, Stepa, what’s wrong with you? Nothing. I’ll ride you myself Step, what is wrong? Where are you going? -Go, go! -What about the dumplings, Stepa? What a troublemaker! Alena, look what I brought for you Alena! Have a look! Pasha, I asked you not to call me “Alena” I won’t, Lenochka, I won’t Open it, Goldilocks… What is it? Pasha! Pasha, they are the once I dreamt of! -Have you read the play? -I have. But my heroine has few lines there No, I understand that I’ll have less to learn But I only go onstage three times Honey, you can’t become a leading actress at once You shall move from small things to the great things Pasha… When will you throw the old birth out of the theatre?

-Do you mean Tomka Suslova? -Do you have other old bitches? You’re a real beast! A real demon in a skirt! Yesterday, a man died under the knife of Professor Belskiy -Belskiy is 72. He is quite old -Unfortunately, it’s a fact He used to be such a prominent surgeon! The first after Pirogov I feel sorry for Andrey Lavrentyevitch No one may compare to him Gangrene. Prepare him for the surgery We’ll amputate it -Hello, Andrey Lavrentyevitch -If only it was good I’ve already heard about it My sympathies The patient was very old, so… The surgeon was very old too It’s time for me to stop Don’t say so One shall leave with a head raised high, Alesha Do you understand? I lost the moment, so I’ll have to leave with my tail between my legs -Andrey Lavrentyevitch! -Enough talking about me I waited for you for another reason I’ll still head the hospital However, you’ll be performing surgeries instead of me Me? -Alesha, you possess a doctor’s talent -Andrey Lavrentyevitch! By the way, I discovered it ten years ago Don’t be modest, my friend, and get ready for the serious work Where did you take the horse? The chairman gave it to me I said that I had to take the books to Fryanovo You lied, didn’t you? No, I offered to do it instead of Kolokoltsev. I’ve already done it -Let’s ride to the cliff. Go! -All right -Go, go! -Go! Stop! Stepa, what is it? What is it, Stepa? Go! Go! Doctor Morozov, it’s indecent to pick flowers from the flower beds! Lilya, I think I missed you very much

You look so happy! Tell me, what good has happened to you? It seems to me… Alesha, something seems to you again Don’t delay it! Don’t interrupt me, Liliya Mikhaylovna You know that I’m very curious. Lesha! It seems to me that you shall become my wife At last, Lesha! A girl was washing a dress in the morning… Varka, don’t bend like that or I’ll fall into the river Don’t stare, then, Sanya! Where are you going so early? I am going fishing instead of my father He hurt his back He has been lying on the stove for the second day in a row I’ll ride you in the boat tomorrow, Varvara! Look at him! He’ll ride me! Maybe I won’t want to ride with you! Let’s see whether you will want it tomorrow A girl was doing the laundry… Dad, when can we wash in the sauna? I’m washing in the river all the time I look like a dirty Gypsy! You look like a Gypsy no matter whether you washed or not The sauna will be ready next Saturday You will be able to wash then Stepa, don’t fall from the roof You are so high It’s scary to look at you! Don’t look, then! I won’t fall if you don’t prophesy doom As if I can’t look at you! You shall go, Varvara Don’t get in men’s way Go to mother and help her clean the sty Why are you standing? Varvara, are you deaf? What, father? -What, what? Go and help mother! -Sure Run! What a vile girl! Why are you sitting? Come on, hammer on! What are you cleaning this mess for? You shall throw it out long ago You could throw everything away What if we need something What may we need? Maybe this little crib?

Only Aleshka slept in it, out of all our kids Yes I made it with my own hands No, I won’t throw the crib away This is what I meant Every item here is dear to our hearts How can I throw anything away? I love this shed more than anything in our home I feel good here You know, you shall hang some shelves here And a hook to dry meat for winter I all, mother. Where is our Varvara? Where? She went to the river with Sanka Zhukov. That’s where -She shall get married -What? What, what… I’ll give my blessing as soon as he comes to ask for her hand Stop it. Why marry? It’s still too early It’s not. Today, she was staring at Stepka in a way that I got ashamed Really? She stared at Stepka, didn’t she? Yes. She looked at her own brother like at a stranger man I almost fell from the roof on seeing her stare She is well-developed for her age She must have hot blood We shall marry her as soon as possible Then yes… yes This is how we shall do, mother Is it a deal? It’s a deal