WHO OWNS YOUR LAND? You do. Can they tell you what to do? NO

Several people have asked me if we are only leasing the land that we sit on, who owns it? Well according to the government you do, but not the way you think, your land is borrowed against heavily in America through 18 companies, the so called government which is a system of republican government, created deliberately after the people said NO in 1999, what you’re not understanding is you were declared a legal fiction, some people say on your birth certificate doesn’t matter about all that nonsense where they got it from, you are a legal fiction, your name in capital letters is that legal fiction, of course that’s not you, you’re a living breathing human being… On the 23rd of June 2011 in the Supreme Court of Western Australia I tricked the state solicitor Mr. Leaf into admitting that my name in capital letters was a legal fiction and he stated that in the court, I said well thank you very much, thank you for admitting that now, where is a written wet ink contract required under the Corporations Act between that legal fiction and me? He said there isn’t one, I said then you have no authority over me or anything else that I do because I’m a living breathing subject of the Queen, like it or lump it, so you have me here as an advocate in this Court You forced me to come to speak on behalf the legal fiction knowing that they’re two separate entities, and then he started asking me a huge heap of stupid questions to try and find out what I was doing where I was going and what I had owned. Because he didn’t get too much because he isn’t very bright, he thought he could trick me into contracting with him to the legal fiction, but at ALL TIMES I AM THE ADVOCATE FOR THE LEGAL FICTION, I am NOT that LEGAL FICTION… Now everyone has a legal fiction you can say you don’t and then rave on and you’ve got this reason that reason the other you do have a legal fiction, that is, that legal fiction that actually lives in the companies in America, now when you purchase your land, you sign up to your mortgage and everything else, you are actually paying for that land that actually is sitting in these companies, you got to understand the legal fiction owns your land, no good talking to comrade McGowan the socialist donkey who thinks we haven’t worked out what he’s done, or the Labor Party’s done, all the Liberals or Nationals and Greens (all scumbags) they’re all in bed together, but let’s just call him comrade McGowen, because he is a socialist, I don’t know how he’s going to get on telling his family that he’s taking everything they own and giving it to an elite few people and borrowed against everything they owned in America so we actually own nothing, according to him, I don’t know how he’s gonna get away with that? Or even if he has the guts to do it I doubt it, he’s just one sick little man, like every politician, you all have problems, the problem is you’ve been lying to the people either knowingly or unknowingly, doesn’t matter, IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE, (you are all still going to prison) Now when you mortgage your property you pay it off, that property is borrowed up to the hilt, in the companies in America, it’s an asset of those cunt companies That’s why on the 7th of January this year I seized, the three tiers of the Federal Parliament, can I do it under Clause 61? Yes, of Magna Carta, I’m a

Commonwealth public officer, a Sworn Officer of the Crown… Like that McGowan? Tough that’s who I am and there are plenty more, we can swear in as many OFFICERS OF THE CROWN as we think fit, AND THEY ARE GOING TO BRING YOU DOWN YOU NASTY LITTLE COMMUNIST SOCIALIST, whatever way you want to put it you are a socialist, if someone doesn’t like me calling you that get a life of your own wake up, THESE PEOPLE ARE SOCIALISTS who think they own everything we have. (they DON’T) Further I seized your nasty little GREEN mucus CONSTITUTION, which has ABSOULUTELY NO AUTHORITY IN THIS COUNTRY, and it’s held in the STATE OF FRAUD UNTIL YOU PROVE ITS AUTHENTICITY, and YOU CAN’T I seized every rule regulation Act statute law or whatever else you want to call it proposed by and/or passed by the (fake) political parties… Why because their fraud? You don’t like that tough, they stay in the state of fraud until such time as you prove they have authority, and you can’t do that, because you did remove the Crown with the acts amendment repeals Act (fake) and legal Practice Act (fake), whatever you want to call that dumb treasonous act, you removed the Crown… Then it wasn’t there anyway it was gone when Gough Whitlam created the Royal styles and titles act and put in the (fake) Queen of Australia but you don’t even admit to that either will you McGowan? But you’ve got a problem LOTS & LOTS of PROBLEMS, WE OWN THE LAND, (not you) IT’S IN FEE SIMPLE… I’m going to read what Fee Simple means in a minute, so that even your little nasty treasonous pea-brain can understand WE ARE PAYING FOR OUR LAND, WE OWN IT, your local governments that you created in 1979, the Labor Party created, your part of that, the Labor Party were in power in every state and they created the Local Government Act in any state in direct contravention of the will of the people expressed in 1974 and 1977… What does that tell you? YOUR A TRAITOR you BREACHED THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE you OWE TO THE PEOPLE, this is a Government Gazette I receive it from a friend the other day it’s from George the Fifth, Letters Patent, Monday February the 16th 1920, puts back in place all of Queen Victoria’s Letters Patents, especially the one for the office of Governor, so we’ll just leave that one at there, because what that means, is Queen Elizabeth said in 2008 when she was here, she upholds all her Great Grandmother’s Letters Patents, that proves they were there… PROVES YOU DON’T HAVE ANY AUTHORITY, but let’s look at this November 2003, in the Parliament as stated by Sue Walker, she was the shadow Attorney General, Hansard at page 4603 “The Queen is the head of the State of Western Australia and as the Crown is the head of the Judicial and Court system, many officers of the state including the Attorney General who is the first law office of the Crown, uniquely and deliberately separated from politics and the direction and influence of government, and owe their responsibility to the whole community through the Crown… (how about that?) So John Quigley you’re a nothing, you’re A FRAUD and you have no right to be where you are WHY? BECAUSE THE LAW SAYS SO, I don’t care if you don’t like that, you can have your socialist communist Republican ideas but they have NO AUTHORITY… and this is Fee Simple, straight out of the case and I will read you the case, because I’ve got it here this is a submission I put to the Court, directly out of the case, LOCAL GOVERNMENT HAS NO LAWFUL RIGHT TO EXERCISE ANY POWER OVER OR UPON and IN ANY RESPECT TO THE LAND, THE RIGHT BELONGS TO THE OWNER, & IT IS BEYOND THE POWER OF LAW TO INTERFERE WITH OUR INHERENT LAWS, this has stayed in the High Court of Australia in the decision of the Commonwealth of Australia this of the state of New South Wales, and another 1923 HCA 34, 33 CLR which is Commonwealth law reports, while Justice Isaac describes Fee Simple or Freehold land… “In the language of the English Law the

whole word Fee signifies an Estate of Inheritance, or as distinguished from a lesser State, not as in the language of the fuedels which is a subject of tenure as this is distinguished from Allodium, Allodium being wholly unknown to English law, the letter distinction would in fact have no meaning, “a FEE SIMPLE IS THE MOST EXTENSIVE IN QUANTUM AND THE MOST ABSOULUTE IN RESPECT TO THE RIGHTS WHICH IT CONFERS, OF ALL THE STATES KNOWN TO THE LAW IT CONFERS & SINCE THE BEGINNING OF LEGAL HISTORY, IT ALWAYS HAS CONFERED THE LAWFUL RIGHT TO EXERCISE OVER, UPON & IN RESPECT TO THE THE LAND, EVERY ACT OF OWNERSHIP WHICH CAN ENTER INTO THE IMAGINATION, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO COMMIT UNLIMITED WASTE & FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES OF OWNERSHIP, it differs from the absolute dominion of a chattel & nothing except the physical indestructibility of its subjects Besides these rights of ownership are Fee Simple at the present day confers an absolute right both of alienation into the intervevious & of device by will, Under FEE SIMPLE OWNERSHIP THE LANDHOLDER CAN WANTENLY DESTROY ANYTHING & EVERYTHING ON HIS PROPERTY, that is not specifically withheld under the terms written on the original Title Deeds, EVEN IF EVERY NORMAL PERSON DEEMS THE OWNER TO BE STUPID OR EVEN CRAZY, IT IS BEYOND THE POWER OF THE LAW TO INTERFERE, SUCH IS THE FORCE OF OUR INHERITED LAWS… What that means comrade McGowen, YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER LAND, your so-called government which is only a parliament purports to serve the people what a lot of garbage, what a Liar, now all those nice little people who sit in church and sit in all the places say why don’t you pay your rates the rates are to provide services even that other little socialists named (idiot) Van Stein, who stood out beside the Shire and says we provide all the services to you… No you don’t you Liar, but that’s not unusual for you to Lie, is it Van Stein? Most of the money for rates goes to pay the executive officers wages, over seventy five percent, thirty thousand dollars a year or more to each of the twelve councilors, they can’t talk to the public How does that one work? We don’t have any wards anymore why? No we’ve got a spokesperson named Van Stein, who flips around the town making himself out to be a good guy, I’m not going to repeat what said about you around town what you get up to what you do, how your stab people in the back, but I am going to reveal a few things… Now when John Howard introduced that (unlawful) goods and services tax (GST) in direct contravention to our Constitution, which clearly states any Law in relation to tax shall deal with one subject of tax Seems he and all you morons cannot, you don’t like the word moron, morons are somebody that acts stupidly knowing the opposite is the truth, that’s you, don’t like that word? Tough, I’m not going to say sorry for the things I say, if you can’t count to one, tough… Goods and Services… TWO SUBJECTS OF TAX…?? They’ve even forced all the churches and everybody else to get ABN numbers. (unlawful)… Who the hell do you think you are? YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER THEM, none That’s coverered under the Crown, which is God, which is the Queen is our Monarch, WHO GIVES YOU THE AUTHORITY? But let’s get back to where all the money comes from to pay for footpaths, roads, parks, libraries everything you reckon you supply Van Stein and don’t, you get finance from the Federal Government… We pay fuel tax, Trillions of dollars a year, over two Trillion dollars a year in tax… FUEL TAX WHY ISN’T IT GOING INTO OUR ROADS?? haha it’s going here, it is going there, IT’S GOING OVERSEAS, THAT’S WHERE IT’S GOING, TELL THE TRUTH We pay car license, ha that’s for the roads, except the $99 their last premier before you McGowan, added for, their National Insurance Scheme you know to pay for injured people? The one you increased the tax to pay for, but don’t worry about that, John Howard said when the GST came in, all the other taxes would be abolished… Well how come they’re all there? How come they’ve all been increased?

HOW COME YOU USED SALES TAX TO FORCE OUR AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY OFFSHORE? Why? where has all that money gone? WHERE ARE YOU SENDING IT, ALL INTO YOUR NICE LITTLE COMPANIES IN AMERICA SO THAT YOU CAN ACCESS IT…Your own unlawful companies, but then you have a problem, it’s called Fee-Simple, the Titles have Fee Simple on them, so what did you do? You pretended to sell the titles office, or LandGate as you call it in Western Australia, it’s not yours to sell, you’re a nothing McGowen, and only a thief, that’s all you are, a PAID LIAR & A THIEF, THE TITLES OFFICE DOESN’T OWN THE TITLES, don’t matter what you say, the person who owns a properly, being me I own my property I have my Title, I own it, if you buy your property you own it, or are you going to tell your kids ah sorry I don’t own it anymore Daddy gave it away, Daddy didn’t give it away Daddy is too gutless to stand up for the truth, for our Constitution aren’t you Mr. McGowen, nice little comrade McGowen, introducing the Chinese into our country, into our state, yeah there’s a good one for you traitor Van Stein, you’re building this little town up here for the Chinese people to learn our language that is a Lie, you extended the runway at the airport so you can land bigger planes, where from China? Now there suddenly came out they’re going to open it, Who is going to open it? China, China is, what are they going to do? Fly-in fly-out workers, if you are telling the truth about that they come here to learn languages and all that, we have a University here, extend it, we have a TAFE extend it, we have schools, what’s wrong with them? Come on Van Stien for once tell the truth, now look at what else you say Van Stein, look at that, we have over 1500 to 2000 vacant blocks in this town, why can’t they build their houses amongst them and assimilate into our society which our Constitution requires? Requires, Van Stein, requires… Why can’t they move into the shops here? We have, what half the Main Street empty, you go around everywhere theirs shops everywhere empty, why can’t they use those shops? Apart for the fact the rents are too high, but let’s not worry about that, now Van Stein it’s time for you to just stand up & tell the truth, ah you told the truth, let’s see you beat me in Court, Liar, you did not, there was 43 witnesses that heard the magistrate say to your lawyer “I can’t give you the Order you seek, I can’t give you an order in relation to the land I don’t have the authority”, because he didn’t have it, he was only a traitor sitting there anyway, and I told him that, and he left the court, he abandoned the court, you did not win, that is a Lie, you had already transfer the land according to you and Landgate, you can’t transfer an original Title you idiot, section 24 of the Supreme Court Act says it has to be signed off by a Justice of the Supreme Court, section 39 and Magna Carta requires a Trial by Jury, or it doesn’t happen, Landgate in the ignorance, the ignorant employees of that company, tried to Lie to me, we got a copy of all the documents where your lawyer admitted, admitted Van Stein that he knew the case was before the court, and you knew it was in relation to ownership of the lands, you knew, but look at that, you think that an act of the Parliament can take away the rights of people because, look at that a local government that we said we didn’t want, that makes it totally unlawful, can decide you owe the money, and you Lied about that money, Lied from one end to the other, and that doesn’t stop there does it Van Stien? But suddenly when you get charged with grievous bodily harm, and have to stand trial you’re going to vigorously defend

it in the law, so you’re entitled to have a decision of the court, but I’m not? Land owners are not? How does that work? Because you’re a Socialist Lying pig, you put out applications to different people to tender, to pull down my house and rebuild it out at the airport, you think I don’t know? I’ve got better friends in this town than you have, much better, ones that can do things to you that you won’t like either, all lawful don’t worry about that bit, all lawful, you have bent the law that many times, and you get it, you think you get away with it. With our Crown we can and we have the power to do it, to fill out and issue titles to every Landowner, because we are Officers of the Crown, you, your Parliament that you call the government the Federal Parliament calls itself a government, none of you have that power, but we can, and when we issue them, their enforceable, fully enforceable as our land and that’s what we’re doing, and you can’t stop it, SO ALL YOU NICE LITTLE COMRADES SOCIALISTS PRETENDING TO BE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE WHEN YOUR NOT, and that includes COMRADE SCOMO, and that donkey who allowed the Chinese to buy that baby food factory, and that’s beneficial to Australia? You’re a Liar, what’s beneficial to Australia is it stays in Australian hands and they pay tax here because you are going to give them concessions they pay no tax, you’re not saying that but that is the case, isn’t it? Why don’t you tell the truth? Why don’t you tell the truth about goods and services tax? What was that for? So we are paying a lease, to the Vatican… That’s what the 10% is, It’s the same 10% that’s in the Bible, we’re paying a lease to the Vatican and look who doesn’t pay it ? Corporations, why? because they’re part of the system, part of a so called one-world government you’re trying to set up… Time for people to wake up, look around you smell the grass, you are having everything taken off you and given to foreign companies, and foreign countries, and look at China taking over everything, why are you not letting the water down the Murray River, the other the other River that’s not the Murray it’s anyway it doesn’t matter, you let it down to go and water fish, but none of the farmers were allowed to have it why? why not? The Darling River that is, why were they not allowed to have water, you are making them pay for water rights but they’re not allowed to have any how does that work? Oh that’s just another one of your ripoff systems, now Free Hold land held in Fee Simple… Stop.. You farmers and you people who own the land stop listening to the idiots cut down all the trees away from your house clear out under the trees clean up whatever you want in your land IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU STRIP THAT LAND BARE THEY HAVE NO POWER TO LEGISLATE OVER IT, IT’S IN FEE SIMPLE, TELL THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT & STATE SO-CALLED GOVERNMENTS, GO AWAY IDIOTS, WE CAN STRIP EVERYTHING OFF OUR LAND. WE DO NOT NEED YOUR PERMISSION to take down trees, take down bushes, you should be clearing up the fifty meters away from your house in those areas… Why? to protect you and your family, wake up, these idiots, and Greens ha, get out in the bush and hug some more trees specifically the dry ones that are burning, if you think they’re so safe to leave them there then you go hug them when the trees are burning, you think that’s smart? You Ignorant little people I heard some of the things some of you bird brains are saying, you’ve got to be kidding, there’s some poor little animal in the grass is that more important than a Human Being? You’ve got to be joking, you have a nice day, and am I angry? Yes I’M ANGRY THEIR IS A SMALL GROUP OF IDIOTS WHO THINK YOU HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY OFF US, THE DAMN COUNTRY OFF OUR KIDS, YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT, you are now going to see what we can do to you, no we’re not going to get in large groups and attacker you, we don’t need to,

as I told young cops years ago, how you treat the people when you’re sitting in the office driving in your cars around on the street is how you’re going to get treated when you’re on the street There’s only one of you then, no guns no battons no handcuffs and no protection WAKE UP to yourselves, you are very vulnerable, I’m not threatening you I’m just telling you, WAKE UP whatever you do to people they have the authority and power to do it, UNDER CLAUSE 61 of MAGNA CARTA, (lawful Rebellion) you think we can’t hurt you? break the skin, create bodily harm on you Yeah we can, we can actually wipe you out THAT IS OUR AUTHORITY, BECAUSE WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH of this COUNTRY, the Commonwealth of Australia the people, the States are the Commonwealth of Australia in individual areas, it is still the Commonwealth, OUR LAW IS THE SUPREME LAW, not your green mucus Constitution, OURS GET THE PICTURE? WE’VE HAD ENOUGH, and get the picture Van Stein, if you damage my house or my property I’m gonna do the same to you, you think you can stop me? Ha, you are a dreamer, you sit there walking around in your suit with your big fat gut hanging over the top of your shorts, “oh ah I stood up to the Prime Minister” (loser) no you didn’t, you made yourself look like an idiot, that’s all you did, if you have so little respect for this country and people being naturalized and that’s the system not, “ah can we swear to the queen of australia?” or uphold Australia? You’ve got to be naturalized that’s our Law YOU ARE NOT DOING IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY, you’re not the mayor, you’re just a dreamer Have fun Van Stein