BIG BUCK BEDDED AT 60 YARDS! Iowa Public Land Gun Hunt – DEER TOUR E54

I bet you that’s been money as impact the whole time hey guys sorry we were just looking at the roof let me ask him hey sir have people been making it down there yeah we we didn’t want to try it we just wanted to see if people were going in there yeah yeah no we weren’t gonna try it we just wanted to see if anybody was attempting good luck I told him good luck he’s not hunting it’s good time though yeah no one’s been back there for a while cuz I just had the cameraman laughs there all right well we drove in here to check this road out and we figured it was gonna be pretty soft and it doesn’t look like anyone’s been driving in there and it’s really the guy that lives right there came outside and got his dogs and said that he hasn’t seen anyone in there for a while now so that’s that’s a good sign for us yeah there’s really no access to this piece and the way we got to walk ins real strange and we give it a go let’s get after it no full sun give her gas a little bit here what’s this truck even made of Logan and I are making our way under this piece of public there’s a cornfield way over there we think there’s a lot of deer feeding in there but the reason that we think they’re gonna be feeding there is that feels really isolated it kind of goes out on a point way out there in the river bottom all the roads accessing that field are really really muddy but there is one access it’s just a longer walk that’s when we came to and nobody’s been walking in here as far as we can tell there’s no boot tracks some fresh deer tracks pretty close to the road we’re not really sure where the pressure has been in here but we assume as we get closer to that field there’s gonna be less and less pressure just because so far away from the only available access right now got good conditions though snow feel good man I think we could see some some serious to your activity it’s a cool night to be hunting not really the most fun trying to keep the camera job but hey we’re gonna do our best cuz that’s a good day let’s get after him do you see him no no I don’t

well spotted that bucked but then probably that 50-60 large of us that maybe even closer we’re just walking along this point right along the woods here quad and very slow and very quiet just stood right up out of his bed her grass was too high to get a shot all you could see was just the top of his head movements antlers look like a pretty decent buff for sure when I would shoot we stared each other down for I don’t know five minutes it felt like maybe even longer finally he turned his head off of us we couldn’t tell if he was walking he just laid back down but we both lost him but neither of us I’ve seen them since I’d imagine it’s still a hundred yards easy shooting range probably yeah like in a hard left I would imagine so hopefully here in the next hour we’ll get eyes back on him and maybe pull off a shot yet yeah baby louder no I’m just grunt again and then

if that doesn’t work shake that tree do a snort wheeze I take the only other option as if he’s bedded there aside from them standing up it has to walk that right at it get after that stuff I’m just grunt make noise break that brown stuff get a shot on stands up yeah but he might be gone too I mean it definitely wasn’t too bad I thought he was going to walk right to us especially when they didn’t know all we were yeah maybe we go right at him yeah I get this body dude you know yes

are you on oh in him yeah it’s right between the fee in that tree yeah I’m just chasing the doe no big deal it’s not sure across to that like it’s pretty white right there was I die I’m ready to move on this buck that we spotted from we were coming in and there’s not one walking back because sorry yeah it’s one I’d probably shoot for sure don’t think they know what’s going on at the we were though I think we sat up there for probably close to the hour get out get out and start with scraped the ground I don’t know if you didn’t hear I heard she just without imagine you heard it but didn’t want anything to do with that somebody sounded we’re gonna sneak down as close to this brown brush as I could and we’re standing here Zack saw him get up and just bound that’s the reason that we decided to sneak up closer on him that brown grass is just so tall that they can stand up and still not have a shot with a gun like you shall miss it I had enough I mean he stopped out there and well within shooting range and stuff twice yeah and she just oh he just couldn’t shoot he was right here about it maybe maybe 50 yards from her we just walked 40 yards from the problem is is I sitting back there he can stand up and he was gonna go to the right I just couldn’t see enough made the decision to back out a little choice he’s not anything when he ran off those other day

it got out then there was a couple on their backs with all right so why we decided to move is because he was right out here about 40 yards we knew was bedded out there close we tried grunting obviously but the problem is is he’s not gonna get up and go towards that water to the left in this direction that cornfields over there so we knew he’s gonna get up and go to the right we can’t see once he gets up and goes to the right so he gave it time we started to run out of time it’s getting dark now so we just decided to make a move and I died I don’t think they’re gonna be gone I think we’re gonna be able to come in here and be on him or different deer tomorrow that’s it really good that’s a really good day that’s a perfect stunt I mean he heard something stood up we stopped I had a stare down with him for probably he’s dead I mean if he would have been in just slightly different vegetation we had him at least two really solid opportunities at him like maybe yeah if we were a little taller maybe we forgot that buck have a sweet though and the cool thing is is we have not impacted this spot at all that road access is a way over there there’s no way anybody’s been in here in that buck he’s not that far from the access but here’s a theory that I have to and I just wanted to throw this out there if in my opinion if you bump into deer on any piece of land during gun season and they blow how you they have not been pressured they have not been hunted with a gun yet because a lot of times when deer have been pressured with a gun as soon as they hear see smell something they don’t like boom they’re gone and they’re not standing around blowing because that’s just letting hunters know that they’re there and those a mature buck and he stopped like four times yeah then started chasing it oh yeah he had no idea really what was happening but he knew something wasn’t right it’s fun to be aggressive like that huh yeah so I mean if I wish I would have seen homeless yeah I think I might looked at you when he said my glass and like you right here what what happened stuff all right I gotta get a glove on him freezing to go so cold well we just spent the last 15 minutes of daylight here just glass and fastest bottom after we spookde that buck and we’ve seen a number of different deer in here after we spooked him they seem funny comfortable probably gonna back out of here for the night as quietly as we can and they backed either tomorrow or in the next couple of days and we got two days left of the first done season it’s getting dark we’re gonna slip out of here now as quietly as we can and we’ll be back in here within the next few days