Ancestral Land. Russian TV Series. Episode 16. StarMedia. Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Alexei Kravchenko, Svetlana Kolpakova Yuriy Borisov, Arina Zharkova Maksim Kerin, Alina Lanina Maria Smolnikova, Vitaliy Khayev Sergey Sosnovskiy, Maria Kuznetsova Sergey Peregudov, Vladislav Vetrov Viktoria Tolstoganova, Leonid Gromov Created and directed by Milena Fadeyeva Director of Photography Radik Askarov, R.G.G Art Director – Sergey Kokovkin Costumes by Alexei Kamyshov Music by Ivan Uryupin Montage by Marina Vasilyeva Sound Director – Leonid Shushakov Executive Producers – Eduard Aliyev, Tatyana Statsman Produced by Ekaterina Pogorzhelskaya Produced by Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin Movie of Milena Fadeyeva THE ANCESTRAL LAND Anya, wait. Let me look at the stitches Does it heal like on a dog? It heals like on a strong man I’ll let you go home in two days Alexei Makarovitch, you’re my saviour I’ll owe you for the rest of my life Maybe you shall go to Leningrad, the Medical Academy? You could stay there It’s a pity to live in a small town, considering your doctor’s talent I’m fine here. I treat people Leningrad will do without me Right Aren’t you cold? Don’t worry Nothing has happened I see Timka off to school, packed my things and came to you What things? I have no right to spoil your life Soon, you won’t be able to operate because of my hysterics I have no right to spoil Timka’s childhood His psychics has already suffered enough

I came to stay in the hospital You’re right, I’m seriously ill How many surgeries do I need? It doesn’t matter, though I’ll undergo all of them I’m ready I understand that I’ll stay in the hospital for long, for indefinitely long I’ll tell the nurses to make the injections Shall the need be, they may tie me to the bed I’m ready for anything Doctor Morozov! Thanks Thank you for coming You were drifting further away from me You were dying before my very eyes Do you remember how we met? You went out of the shop and I almost knocked you down You dropped the apples They were red apples We collected them together You smelled of violets You smell of violets now You didn’t drink today -When will you operate on me? -The faster, the better Come on, Liliya Mikhaylovna We have a long struggle for your health in front of us We need to win this battle Pasha, why are you looking at me like this? Come up to me Lena Have I ever told you that I loved you? You haven’t I have when you were unconscious, dying Well I love you Pasha? What is going on with you today?

This is it, this is it. Go. Go -Who is there? -Criminal Investigation Dep The witnesses may be free Go out Pasha! Hands behind your back. Move Pasha! Take care, honey Alena Makarovna, what’s wrong with you? Call a doctor, please… faster Mum, do you know that I like sledges more than the swings? Shut your mouth or you’ll breathe in cold air Mum, where are you taking me? Whom did I tell to shut the mouth? -Me -Shut it, then Or I’ll sit on the sledge and you’ll pull me I shut it Stand up. You’ll walk from here Why, mum? Let me ride you on the sledge now. Shall we do it? Mister, does your leg hurt? Our warden in the nursery also has a broken leg Egor, it’s not a mister Who is he? He is your daddy My dad? No, my dad is different My dad is big and handsome And this one is thin and dirty What are you saying? You waited for him for so long, Egor! This is your father It’s your daddy, Egor! You have been waiting for him for so long, Egor! Egor! Stepa, I I don’t know what’s gotten into him

He has been waiting for you so much! Stepa! Is he our man? One of the Morozovs? He started writing letters to you as soon as he learned the letters He kept writing I was collecting these letters in a box I told him I was posting them to you And then I would write to him as if from you What did you write? That you’re at the front That you’re fighting, defending our Motherland I wrote that you loved him very much Good that you wrote that Daddy! I made it, didn’t it? I remembered that bloody front tin every single evening They didn’t even have to make injections to me or tie me to the bed You know, I saw mum in my sleep tonight She was patting me like in my childhood She told me that everything will be all right Everything will be all right It’ll be fine Get her into the surgery room A clamp A tampon Another scalpel. Andrey, check the pulse It’s normal A napkin They beat her kidney off, bastards Alexei Makarovitch, there is no pulse! Alexei Makarovitch, Lesha! Lesha! She died Have they confiscated the property? They have -How are you feeling, Alena Makarovna? -I’ll live Maybe she’ll need help God, I didn’t ask about that

So many bad things happened to her Her husband was arrested She lost her baby -Right -What sorrow! Is somebody here? Sure. Hello Take your coat off, brush your hair, powder your nose I’m not going to take a picture Here you go This is from Pavel Arkadyevitch Babakhin -Whom who? -From Babakhin. Are you deaf? I’m sorry but I don’t know any Babakhin What are you saying? You’re Frenkel, the photographer You have Pasha’s jewelry I’m sorry, honey, but it’s you who are talking nonsense What jewelry? What Babakhin? Let me repeat once more I know neither you nor your Babakhin! Take this away! Bastard! Had Pasha been here, he’d crush you like an insect! You decided to steal other people’s stuff? Choke on it, slave! You’ll cough Pasha’s jewelry out all your life! What a snake! But it’s all right Maybe she’ll become a better person without the money I’m leaving the city tomorrow Just in case Pasha is going to be executed Go, go! A war is a terrible thing A half of our men is dead We wouldn’t survive but for those snotty-noses helpers Help them load the logs on the truck! Grigoriy Ilyitch! What about the district? Will they send us a new tractor? They won’t give us a new tractor, Ignat Kyzmitch, because the secretary of the district is a bad man, not a helpful one I can’t fight with all those bosses You shall choose a new chairman, a young one Grigoriy Ilyitch? I was at the district -I see -Mum! We’ll get new desks -You talked them into it, didn’t you? -I did -Oh, Varka! -We’ll get textbooks next week too Oh, Varvara! You’re a real teacher! You taught a lesson to all the bosses in the district in one day! I’ll need help, Grigpriy Ilyitch! Somebody who will unload the desks Take your man. Morozov, you may go Thank you! Don’t sleep, guys, don’t sleep! Take our son, and let’s go -Careful! -Come on

Go, go! Auntie Alena! This is you! And I thought – what a beauty or an actress came to our village! I haven’t seen you since my childhood but I recognized you Auntie Alena You became even more beautiful Yes. But I’m an Aunt now -What? -Go your own way, this is what! What did you come for? To pull the wool over his eyes again? Hello, Auntie Glasha I won’t let you in Go where you came from! Why are you sitting? Get out of here, so that I didn’t see you here! Hello, beauty! Let’s go. Don’t listen to her A pancake is hot but not for long -Let’s go -What are you doing, fool? It’s none of your little business! Go away, granny! If you drive her away, I’ll go with her! Why are you staring? Why you’re sitting as if you’re a guest? Stand up and cook if you came Soon Ignat will come from his work, he will be hungry! Dad?

Dad! Sit down, sonny I brought them some bread too Why didn’t you hand the books over? We forgot that it’s a day off today and the library is closed Dad, you shall come back to work I’m working, sonny I am still the head of the hospital But you don’t do the surgeries Why? Are you scared? I don’t know I can’t enter a surgery room That surgery? Can you enter a different one? I can’t operate I can’t hold a scalpel in my hands It’s not your fault that she died Her heart simply failed You know, I resisted it as a fool She wanted to take you from the orphanage and I wanted to have our own kids Now I thank her every morning I thank her for bringing you into our family for giving me a son Dad, let’s leave! Let’s go to Leningrad! You got an invitation! Be patient, sonny I’ll sort it out somehow

I’ll find the strength to go on living To live for your sake, for her sake She is still with us She wants us to be all right What is there in the cinema now? “The Heroic Deed of a Scout” Works for us Shall we go to the movies? We shall Did you buy another one for her? Why are you standing? The girls cooked you some dumplings Sit down, let’s have a dinner Uncle Volodya bought a bird for Vanya a bird for Vanya The bird sang when it was free, comma, but it didn’t sing at Vanya’s Now take a blotted and blot your ink Last time Egor Morozov didn’t blot his paper He got a blob instead of a dictation And now let’s read. Who is ready to read? -I’m ready -Come on, Zoya I’ll glue a red star into your notebook for that. Start! We are happy in our Soviet Motherland Who made our life great? The party of Lenin The Party of Stalin Comrade Stalin is the chief and teacher of our country Great! Sit down, Zoya, I’ll put you a brilliant mark for this If you can’t pack something, don’t worry

We’ll put it in a box, and then somebody will bring it to us Dad, won’t you regret it? Think thrice before making a decision Don’t regret it when you’ve taken it Do you have any doubts? Your decision is a law for me I know that you’ll feel better there I went to the hospital this morning to bid farewell to everybody I’ve worked in that hospital since my youth I was on practice there, then an assistant, a surgeon, then the chief doctor You know, dad, I want to be like you Egorka! Stop, bastard! Stop! I’ll catch you and hit your neck! Hold him, Mikhail! Stop! Hold him, Mikhail, hold him! I’ll tear his head off when I catch him! Wait! What did he do? I gave it to him to look and he hid it into the pocket and ran away Wait. Come here Show me what it is Oh, Jesus What may happen Sorry, Lidka, I’ll punish him at home He won’t do it anymore Why do you put shame on your mother and father? Well? She likes the necklace Who? Zoyka Akimova Do you like her? No! I hate her! You hate her, don’t you? Go! Go! Lie are like stealing – they are bad! Get your ass ready for the beating Go! Find the widest belt! Go! Will Stepka come? He promised to He goes to church every Sunday Stepka? Why is that? I thought he had forgotten what hand to use to cross himself He became very religious He is keeping his old notebook with the Gospel I don’t know whether he got it at the front or from the camp. He won’t tell When dad was going to the war,

he took some earth from mum’s grave He kissed the cross on it as a farewell He loved her very much He loved you too, Varya He loved everyone, Alena He loved you and Stepka. And Alesha His relations with Stepa were not easy But father always respected him Two men with passionate natures But he said good words to Stepka before death Then an explosion, and that was all He always loved you He used to say that you’re the most beautiful of his children And it’s impossible not to love Aleshka Father was so proud of him! I have yet to meet a man better than Aleshka I think God put all the shit in me and all the good things in Aleshka Alenka, come to work at our school Me? Yes, you You may lead a drama circle there You’re talking nonsense, Varvara I won’t rush you. Think it over He is here Have you been sitting here for long? For long We’re sitting remembering our father and mother, our grandpa and grandma We’re all her except for Aleshka Timka? Smell it It’s the smell of my childhood Dad, I feel very good here You haven’t been to the village yet It’s just the bank I like this bank Long time ago, my family were bidding farewell here to Lilya and me

Then they all went away, only mum stayed I was standing on the ferry then looking at the ancestral land that was disappearing from view Mum’s lonely figure was on the shore Mum wouldn’t go She was crying, waving and crossing the ferry I felt neither pity nor sadness I think it was because I was too young then And today, when we were sailing here together, I was standing on the ferry looking at the ancestral land approaching me You asked whether I regret my decision, sonny No, I’ll never regret it You’ll study at school here I’ll treat people I’ll try to open a new hospital A home is a place where you left your heart, sonny, My heart is here I love this land I’d like you to love it too someday