Let's Play: Unepic – Ein unepisches Abenteuer [01]

okay when you enter the dungeon two skeletons with rusty axes block your way the eerie red light that glimmers in their eye sockets watches you fixedly what do you do I load my elven bow and shoot whoa oh hang on are you really shooting an arrow at a monster that can’t bleed what do you think will happen that the arrow gets stuck between its ribs and slows it down hey it works in video games haha more on the best RPGs let you use common sense come on step aside and let it cleric work I take my holy symbol and i turned the undead get back to the pit from whence you came evil creatures roll a d20 a blinding light appears inside their skulls both skeletons scream and they’re inert phones fall to the ground take that two skeletons in one shot jock okay I approach quickly to see if they carry any loot as you approach them you step on a loose tile you hear a click and a spear springs up just under your feet funk a sprung a trap I got a saving throw right Eric pass me the chips hey guys let’s take a break I have to pee again huh beer into the hall left door light switches out five hang on i’ll be back in a minute bastards you switched off the light I’m peeing in here okay you asked for it but I can’t aim in the dark I can’t see anything what the hell where’s the toilet I don’t get it i was just peeing oops I think I just pissed on the floor let’s see if I could find the door nope this is a wall wow this wall is rough I’d swear that it had wallpaper on it before nothing I can’t find the door and this is definitely not a bathroom I got a bad feeling about this I’d better like my lighter at least I’ll see something find the lighter in your inventory once you find it select the equip option to open and close the inventory press inventory we’ll come to infer lagoon a person I’m toya each penis on hi suzette boys hi sahi asleep in common to an epic movie on sky garden or in a manhunt engine range be fun hunt and be seen mideast war we were able to invest in native only share gets a loss to me to tourists Americans Act one Earthman plus inventar yay bond the cotton ones are a pathologist for outside the seed the tarnish be on the toilet hours flag flash flash flash Nastasia d quality here here so what’s this stone walls columns darkness where the hell am I of course those bastards must have put some sort of psychotropic in my beer I’m having a hallucination cool it almost looks real hit it yeah personages act da habitual Dean gamplay room the phone as a random it didn’t come for the Xbox can stay in a Jewish sects first English what’s this there’s something I had it looks like holy a skeleton I’m imagining things maybe it’s Ricky’s grandma taking a nap I can see her as a skeleton or maybe it’s Chester copperpot does he have a key can’t hurt to check self wonkish him this place is crowded with traps that’s why she finishes tutorials from AG montage haha this vegan canyons gallant mid plus phonetic ugly Ted observation oh I get it the hallway the skeleton the trap I’m imagining myself in an RPG that I must be in a dungeon or castle that my subconscious is created ok while the drugs working I get to be the player in my own RPG cool I’ll compete against myself even if I’ve never been a dungeon master yeah whatever they put my beer is really amazing a better draw a map so I don’t get lost press map to see the map you can place notes on the map by clicking on an area in the I shop equipment appearance tiff to buy one dingman and saw Oh mile it’s my new car to you from bank of central Suns fill out wish me kitten okay listen

yo okay sure oh here since a feeder um schlafen the Gauss meter am here snakes huh ah so who is AG naturally who abide man naturally devices its compile Java tutorials on this build on that system Enoch tireless tutorials I was a guy who looks like we have a guest and he is unarmed no no no I was just leaving of course not let me offer you my hospitality um hey I don’t want to be a bother okay fear not it will be no trouble to possess your soul and make you an eternal inhabitant of this castle what no that was scary that shadow thing pounced at me wait a minute where did it go this is not possible there is no faith in this soul I cannot control this body I hear that voice inside of me holy I’ve been possessed damn it I can’t escape I am trapped within this body in this prison of flesh I possessed my possessed why the hell do you go around possessing people huh when I possess a soul I can gain control of its body and I can do whatever pleases me yeah but it didn’t work with me did it you sombitch pack you stupid creature I just have to wait patiently for your death then I will be free again in this place it won’t take too long yeah whatever in a couple hours the drug will wear off anyway so you don’t scare me in pasta okay yeah soon Gangnam alpha town in the dog industry look at these corpses in days of yore they were creatures who dared into the castle now their bones are a testament to their bravery yours will join them soon shouldn’t speed an event he-hey is sword finally it must have belonged to this corpse hey dark smoke guy you’re lucky you know if I add this sword before I could have split you in two pieces uh do not make me laugh mortal if thou weren’t so stupid thou would know that I have no body and no weapon can harm me but in video games I killed hundreds of ghosts with a sword the world will shadows and spirits can be hurt by ordinary weapons not only are you stupid but also a liar good shut up i’m taking my sword any way to collect the sword get close to it and press action then to equip it find it in the inventory and select equip yeah AVI Steve miner balm can manage I stomach threaten to threaten to harm happens elder scrolls degan said was Funches by blood mist so it’s a mitzvah shyness the better the cooks talk phone say his horse motor Oh cooking grates and cook stock we couldn’t offer on this mission Martin shortcut of asylum and convenience Amanda’s come on Irish immigrants conviction by the button bexley Irish whiskey stirred moosomin pas ma ma look at all this loot I’m rich gold is what nearly two grand announce with just one of these coins i could buy the new console jeez I’m an idiot this is all a hallucination damn it it’s like when you dream that you win the lottery and wake up with nothing take some coins you could buy powerful artifacts and deadly weapons yeah wait a minute you’re waiting for my death to be free aren’t you why would you give me advice stop asking foolish questions look carefully at how these coins shy yes shiny coins if you wish to collect part of the treasure stand over it and press action okay vespa that’s 15 minutes I’ll admit

then um d yeah angst full moons come hop character hochesh distillation shouldn’t be grounded then that’s called junior how easy it was to trick you why art thou such a fool what what are you saying that greed has become my doom it has brought me freedom as well if you chose wrong with me I feel weak I’m losing my strength oh you shouldn’t open aw naw I’m feeling bad I can hardly stand yeah free last yeah i saw this well soon some man Oh Scooby on some Dame on screen right up captain character John Snowden and radish Dean as if mine sm tesco activation work wit see strong hello spinnin Volta teach English tab stand out these two theaters didn’t look at these days convalescent wish to see she has to listen character Russian whilst when do decision based divine but oh to collect us for the watch when a cart Emir Musa generic minus character Jon Snow now um yeah is get relative inside of its Messick vitality sexy if you wish sorry splash pinch man it’s my name is Ken Goldman ah go back now left your coins new don’t only once shame on you fool me twice shame on me thanks anyway press menu to open the menu and access to all its options does not be punished mr. disinvite oh la la la la la la la la la often we are dr. Scott’s 00 a snake its enormous that motherfucker’s as tall as me press attack to attack edged weapons like swords are specially effective against living creatures yeah in a down when the snake muffins hey Jeff on sneakers to it takes now a chess and where there’s a chest there’s loot press action went in front of the chest to open it should it contain anything press action again to pick it up who I do love a big chest so the Henderson Cupidon being assigned hell Watson shortcut yo what hmm there are some barrels here looks like they’ve been here for a long time they’re rotten that means they’re meant to be broken mesas and axes are super effective against solid objects or armored monsters swords daggers and spears are less effective using the mace against barrels is the best option yay putting meant applause yeah yeah yeahs masters fast I guess you want a blessing Oh until clean get it these my loofah flutes unless they tap it into skillet another snake let’s make some snakes takes the smart between weapons without having to open the inventory you can assign a quickie in your inventory by clicking the item selecting a sign shortcut then pressing the key you wish divided no the striations since I sneak of snakes takes vocation to know about snakes take snitch and Miss steaks and hahaha if I don’t so an XL fashion vida we get a map yan by lacking here yeah yeah a torch let’s light it cuz it’s really dark in here Chris action went in front of a torch to light it yeah mocking with us please hello hey an oil lamp or something like that I’d better

light it to hope that Belmont doesn’t show up and start putting them out with his whip press action when in front of a lap to light it Yadav pothinus bail money Stan finger hindi mo unkind sewer pipes and and chocolatey shrine it but now by this beautiful shine jitsu karate monkey do what’s your name I have no name how’s that work the Lord of this castle has no name you are mistaken I am NOT the Lord of this castle I am a shadow and my task is to protect this place custom you’re just a minion one of those one hit point wonders if I had a pinch of the immense power of my lord I could destroy you just like that well shadow guy this castle and your master are figments of my imagination let’s say that I am the great creator of everything and then a while everything will disappear and then no one will have to be destroyed just like that you a pathetic creature meted bone the creator of everything haha are you a liar or a fool what a bite it whatever but I’m gonna give you a name names me nothing me let’s see what about zero it’s what I lovingly call one of my favorite characters do not dare call me that as you wish Zira by the way I haven’t introduced myself I can not i’m known as Strider but my real name is Aragorn son of Arathorn and I’m the rightful heir to the kingdom of Gondor dead I’m trapped in the body of a fool are you calling me foolish who’s more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him ha ha ha the Hern captain de tot kinda an oversized each a voice on yahoo can be awesome steel water sewer by Phoenix King savvy coke co nguoi coke serum Adam you smack phone allenford dumbness with you hey Tyler it is recommended to assign a shortcut to healing potions to search for a potion in the middle of battle is suicide because the game is not paused when you’re in the game menu when you use a potion you keep the empty vials they could be useful later thank you for the info yeah it’s Ayla ok so we is lost to dallas it’s clinton launched it Allison oya crouch one near an edge to illuminate the area below mmm Duncan fit into Saudi ding hey and become bit of us below just a couplet gypsy kind of nice fitting essences and foreknowledge oh that’s a few is in anthologies stuff like it better hey it’s esther click quick I’m damn it’s like without a heart oh yeah you think it’s B’s my house okay shahnaz your vaca putting my head back and putting an email engaging our pants on um what I wonder what does mine ah magic essences are used to cast spells and create potions it is a good idea to keep these for later yeah okay he gets sued in sewers country has normal APIs and on Canada’s Italian hmm walk it is here gasps I’m finger fila half