Land Of Giants – Episode 2

Yes, it’s a perch Oh yes! It’s bigger then the first one It’s a perch! It’s a “pig”! It’s my biggest Look at the fish! The “pig”! Wow, look at that. So cool! They are evolving faster For sure Wow Third day “Coffelomboloj” Delete waypoint Haven’t seen that before This is the place Okay Petter, let’s do this Slow down Third day I’m out Don’t understand how i’m drifting For some reason past you Fish on! Nice Crazy! Crazy! Bad response?! Yes, really bad So far away Yes It’s a big perch Oh my God Wow! Is it big? Yes, it’s a two kilo perch This is number 18 over two kilo We are fishing in around old houses Which is around 8 meters below surface This is an old river system Where they have built a dam to raise the water level Here you can see old walls on the Lowrance Structure Scan And we are casting the bait into the houses Okay, 2.2 kilo Been fishing in ten minutes Hopefully Christoffers takes one now And then we go to the next spot Nice! To the right you can see one room, or two

You can clearly see the walls Where we fish and where the two kilo perch lives What? What did you say Petter? I have 8.3 degrees here It feels like your sonar showed a bit to low before Let’s try a (Illex) Scissor Comb No strike on the first bait They are here, let’s try something slower with vibrations The ones you saw probably gets active when the wind picks up And they looked big?! Probably the fish we try to catch Just caught just caught a really nice perch (Westin) Shad Teez 10 cm Again It’s a really nice one! So nice Easily over two kilo, it’s like a football Just look at it Just look at it. A surrial perch Third morning here in Spain and just caught this one 51 cm and 2470 gr Super strike on (Westin) Shad Teez 10 cm (Colour) headlight A really nice perch Let’s release her She’s ready So nice! Good looking King Petter Let’s take another one Just arrived to a new spot A really nice structure going down You can see the point ahead that continues down towards me Really stony Where i’m standing around 7 meters Higher up between 2-3 meters And really stony With steep edges on both side of the structure Super interesting Fish on! Took it on the drop Think this is a small one Or maybe not! Now it feels heavy! Weird shakes Took the bait in the drop It’s a nice perch! A really nice one! Oh yes! It’s a two kilo perch Come on now Come on Yes! It’s a two kilo perch all day So beautiful

Arrived to a new spot and big fish on the second cast I was fishing with a Gunki V2ib Rigged with a 14 gr jighead This on a (Gunki) Chooten rod, Iron-T And this rod is a perfect rod to set the hook on these big perch Casting weight between 7-25 gr with a maximum casting weight of 35 gr Weight 2070 gr Length unclear, but maybe between 47-48 cm Soon we arrive to a new spot The sun is shining like crazy And the water is clear Green should work Will try a new colour that I haven’t tried yet Will be interesting The spot is really cool With old houses under the surface Where the houses are the structure we fish on Big risk to get stuck. Hopefully don’t lose this one Let’s see Just had a follower Saw it standing on the bottom Had a big perch that came up to the jig But they seems not to be interested Right not Seems not to be active We keep on fighting Sooner or later they will strike Arrived to a new spot Shortly after this one took my bait Maybe on third cast 50 cm (2375 gr) On (Westin) Shad Teez (Color) sparkling green Let’s release her Manne, would be nice to go up to the castle and look Fish, fish! Yes Feels heavy! First cast with (Illex) Scissor Comb Yes It is perch! Wow! It’s really big! Yes Hooked through the nose On (Illex) Scissor Comb Couldn’t be a better hook set or what Have around 4 meters here Made a cast into one of the houses Got stuck a couple of times and after that it took It must had been standing in one of the rooms Really fun, the fishing has been slow for a while now, suddenly this took

We had a race in the morning Feels like the fish has become more active now Just under 2 kilo, 1950 gr Took a (Illex) Scissor Comb Really beautiful. Let’s release her Stood in a structure we have houses under the surfaces That we located with the sonar, in one of them this stod A lot of fun! Look at her She’s ready, going down Nice! Nice! Oh yes! Nice Wow How big do you think it is? Okay. Five minutes ago I filmed Martins perch swimming back Two cast after that this perch took my bait 2320 gr and 50 cm My second two kilo perch today Feels like the fishing has become better now Now we have the evening fishing in front of us So let’s hope we catch some more in this size Let’s release her So nice! Let’s take another one We just had a evening race here Martin and Christoffer just caught one big perch each Then I caught this one 48.5 cm and 2250 gr Switched to a 10 gr head on a (Westin) Shad Teez A really nice perch They are so fat! Just about to release a really big perch 48.5 cm Resting in the net and ready to go Bye bye! Okay Approaching the last spot, third day here in Spain Have been paddling for 25 minutes now The rest of the group are behind me Let’s see 8 fish over two kilo so far today However, don’t know if any in the group caught one during this 25 minutes Anyway, the result is really good No talked about is! Let’s put the drifting bag in and try to catch one Fish on! Yes! Have been waiting for this It’s a “pig” Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Let’s take another one! I believe one more will be standing there One perch in the net Another one on the hook The evening fishing is so hot! This feels bigger It feels really big! How will this go Look at that! two two kilo perch in the net Two perch three cast Both two kilo, one of the bigger A really big one

The day is about to end The fishing the last couple of hours has been crazy Almost no wind during the day Hard to find active fish But during the last couple of hours the fish has started to bite The rest of the group are up fishing on a shallow area Me and Martin decided to go further south I fish one spot whereas Martin is about 100 meters further down First thing that happends is that I hook a big perch And we have been noticing that they often stands in pair So I put that perch in the net and thrown out again Went up on the same spot, took one more cast, and a second big fish came 47 cm and 1950 gr One slightly bigger, 2250 gr and 50 cm A really nice ending Just look at it They are so fat. Just insane! Look at that fish. What a perch! In perfect condition Magical! Let’s release them Then start the journey home to the cabin Sit down in the sofa Take a beer and sum up the day Then we have one more day to fish So fun! Okay, Coffe here again The day has not ended. Went to meet Manuel and the rest of the group and fish on directly In the net! The net is tangled up Look! So nice! Let’s put her back It’s a cutie-pie! Rugby-cutie Stay on now! It’s a good fish It’s a really heavy fish! And it’s a perch, two kilo Take it easy now Oh yes! This one took on a (Gunki) V2ib Third day, last spot, last fish The others gets picked up 1850 gr Fun ending Tomorrow is the final day here in Spain Have been magical so far Let’s release this fat perch Took an a (Gunki) V2ib, transparent She’s ready Bye bye See you tomorrow, last day. Smack! This is a real “pig” Oh yes. This is bigger then the first one What a monster Easily over two kilo It’s like a football Look at the “pig” in the net Look at the “pig” Just sick. It probably weighs over 2.7 kg Last day here in Spain We have had three magical days Now we feel secure over spots and how to fish With this we hope that this day will be good The plan is to spread out Not attacking the spots with five kayaks Instead spread out on the spots we think is interesting And try to catch a really big one Yes! That sounds perfect It feels like new fish returns to the spots we have found 1-2 big fish And we have some spots that we think bigger fish stands This is the spots we will put our time on today We will fish two and two

It will be perfect Will be able to fish the spots thoroughly Last day and looking out, the weather is perfect It hasn’t been this good weather in ten years During this time of the year Just crazy We’ve got some colour My hands are totally destroyed It is what it is Okay, let’s do this! Nice! Will start the sonar We have brought our own units The new Lowrance (HDS) Live units They have been perfect You’ve got all you need With the live mapping Felix Frey has helped us equipped the kayaks With Rebelcell battery Then you can borrow extra battery So it works the whole day We have been live mapping Meaning we just can go out and fish the marked spots It’s almost a prerequisite to fish effective Now I have the map visible and know exactly where to place the kayak Looks like John is hooked up?! Yes Look Last day, first spot After some cast a “pig” bites 2530 gr and 52 cm Took an a I-Shad from Illex Good bait, apparently Delivered a real “pig” A new personal best Let’s release her “Mega” perch! It’s so fat 2530 gr and 52 cm A lot of fun Stretching out the back fin perfect There it goes Bye Bye Great “Kl├ąparn” Thanks Yes Think we haven’t fished here yet Looks really nice here Fish on! Yes Yes It’s really big! It’s a perch as well It’s a “pig” My biggest My biggest You know… we have these houses under the surfaces Right under the kayak Okay What a fish Fourth day First fish for me It took a (Illex) I-Shad Articulated head Offset hook Will show you a close-up later Quick look now Small paddle has been working now Okay Just started fishing on our first spot And I caught this one 52 cm and 2625 gr A dream perch Unreal It took an (Illex) I-Shad This bait Have caught several two kilo perch on it now For sure something you should have in you bait box Let’s release her It’s stretched out all the way to the log sticking up from the water ahead

Or where there is something laying on the water All the way out we have this structure It was crazy If you had been casting under the bridge you probably had caught one You should do that later Wow! Think that was perch actually Saw one yesterday, that came up with the back fin Is it so? Can you see the bubbles? Is it minnows in the surface or what?! Don’t know Can you see? Fish, fish No! It came lose On the top Again! No, bottom That was a heavy one Do you have it on? What? Do you need help? I have it! Oh yes, for sure! It’s probably above 2.5 kg Look, it took the paddel on the first strike Then it took again on the drop Martin and I arrived to a new spot which Martin found yesterday Just next to it we found a small spot where trees stretched up from the bottom Martin hade a hard strike It came loose I casted out and got stuck in a tree Dropped the jig down and boom Missed it. Got the jig up like this without paddle Dropped it down again And this came A real dream fish Was fighting like crazy Wanted to go down to the trees again 2610 gr. Haven’t taken the length yet We have to do that You know it’s 52 cm Just release her Go back to spawn This lake is just crazy! Okay, still last day fishing Me and Manuel had a morning race where Manuel caught one over 2.6 kg We both felt quite satisfied with that So we started trying out new spots Searching for cool points, structure, etc And then give it a chance And first spot we found like 15 minutes after Manuel caught his perch I got a strike And landed one at Let’s have a look 2420 grams and 51 cm How about that A really nice perch As usual it took a (illex) Glossy Shad Slowly fished over the bottom And then a short fight Will let Manuel take some photos And then let her go back So cool

So cool that you took it in the corner What a “pig”! Precisely Fish on! Went up to Manuel to take some photos It’s a nice one! But he response with a perch Let’s see Yes! “Pig” It’s a “pig” Look. Double What did it take? (Illex) I-Shad again The same size as in the morning This can even be bigger Wow! Beautiful What a perch! Now we got two “pigs”! We need to leave this area and fish in on it again Yes! Probably stands more fish here Just insane Just missed one before this one, that took my jig as well Put on a new jig And tried to cast in as Coffe did And what happened It’s as usual As usual Two kilo after two kilo It’s insane. Let’s log out Okay. Time for some release 2225 gr was the weight of mine Two two kilos again 51 cm So, let’s release them Just insane Two kilo perch after two kilo perch Yes! It’s a never ending story It’s a never ending story Just starts to get as normal Let’s log out and keep on fishing Oh yes! Fish on Same spot as the first one This is a big one! Talk about crazy fishing First cast after releasing two two kilo perch Let’s see the weight of it Coffe here again This starts to get a little tedious But it is a pleasant problem First cast after me and Manuel released two two kilo perch a super strike Had to hold the rod hard. A new personal best in weight In the net I have a perch at 2560 gr and 51 cm Will let Manuel take some nice photos Totally inhaled a (Illex) Glossy Shad 2560 gr and 51 cm, new PB in weight And the day has just started Let’s take a bigger one Time to let her swim back Crazy how fat they are Just insane Wow, okay How about that Congratulation Thanks! It’s insane Yes, crazy fishing Did it chase your bait Martin? No, it came swimming towards the kayak and under it, did not care about me at all Thats just insane On the same edge Oh my God! It’s a “pig”! For sure the biggest i’ve ever seen For sure the biggest i’ve ever seen

Missed it first, took it a second time Look It took on Look at this perch! Look at the perch! Are you kidding with me Look at this perch! Look at the fish! What a perch! Are you kidding! Look at the perch! Oh my God It’s a sick perch! Look I see, just sick It’s the biggest i’ve ever seen We arrived to a spot that Coffe found Where I caught this crazy perch Look at the belly It’s totally insane This perch is just insane Wow, wow, wow 2850 gr. We have not taken the length yet No It’s so fat. For sure the fattest so far We planned to gather for lunch here The fishing has been crazy How many over 2.5 kg have we caught this morning? Five! Took a cast on a spot that Manuel and Coffe found Had a hard strike but missed it But i took again It’s an insane perch and a new personal record 53 cm and 2850 gr So beautiful Took on a (Westin) Shad Teez (color) sparkling green It’s sick! Just look at the belly You need to support it Okay. Let’s release her Yes, yes, yes! Now it feels heavy Oh yes! Yes! How about that. A two kilo fish, Took a Gunki Whiz I put it in the net and take another cast And take another one Two fish after Oh look! Wow, wow, wow, so cool! Wow, wow, wow So cool. A two kilo perch went up and took a minnow in the surface Dont’t know what to say So cool! And I have a two kilo fish in the net Okay. Came to a new spot We have the harbor like 50 meters away, where we put up the kayaks

And on the second cast a two kilo fish takes my bait With two fish following They looked bigger as well Landed this, put it in the net and continued fishing trying to catch the ones following but without success Then, a two kilo fish went up and took a minnow in the surface just 5 meters in front of the kayak It’s just sick. Just next to the harbor. We got no wind and sun It’s sick. What a fishing! Let’s take some photos and then let her swim back Okay, let’s release her. I haven’t taken the length but would say it’s between 48-50 cm It was quite thin so probably 50 cm 2070 gr is the weight Took on a Gunki Whiz Nice! Let’s take another one It was here the perch hunted Was it so? Yes! It was “ramping” It was “trailing” Yes Okay, back after lunch We did a split. Half of the group is further up in the lake on another spot and Me, Manuel and Petter Went to try out some new points Yes And short after I landed this one 2400 gr and 50 cm That will be released now Just insane This day is just fantastic And now we’ve just started the evening fishing We hope that the weather holds, that we will continue to have some wind, and the fishing will be epic But now How many fish have we caught now? Almost 10 fish over two?! (Actually 9 fish) Think so, Martin caught one just before lunch And during the day, 4 new personal best Yes So that’s nice Yes it’s insane But now, let’s release her I think so as well What a perch! So, cool! Nice! Let’s take another one On the shallow What a perch Or what? Look. On the same jig again You know This has to weigh 2.6 kg?! No, 2 kg max! What?! Okay, what just happened? Just after Coffe… Manuel has to run between us and take photos When Coffe unhooked his I hooked this one 51 cm and 2740 gr

It’s so fat. Just look at the belly Last day and the fishing is just crazy Yes Let’s release it Boom Feels heavy Wow It’s heavy! Hey Hey Look! Look, what a fish! Me and John arrived to a new spot A point that goes out in the water Big fish on the first cast 2430 gr and 52 cm Will be released now Took on a Gunki Whiz rigged with a 10 gr head which has been working really good for me during this trip Let’s release her and then take another one John Yes Like that She’s ready Oh yes John. Nice! Okay. Last day has come to an end here in Spain Exactly The fishing has been magical 37 perch over two kilo in total Totally insane Topfish of 2850 gr Caught by Petter And many fish just under We will go through the kayak and tell you what there is to think about And how we have used it, how we have equipped it Exacly We have brought a lot of gear ourselves We start from the front First, we have the net Yes, strapped on here Here we have the battery storage Quit big battery to power the (Lowrance) HDS This battery has been here on place This Lithium (Rebelcell) battery we have got from Kayakstore through Felix Frey Works really good The good thing with this battery is that you can bring it on the plane And ways almost nothing 700 gr It’s not enought to power the 12 inch the whole day If you bring the brightness down to 50 % with an Active Imaging transducer this battery can power it for 5 hours That’s why we use two batteries But it’s enough to power the 9 inch Lowrance HDS whole day Yes With a bit under full brightness And the brackets First we have a Ram Mount bracket That you can mount on this rail on the kayak In this case we have used a short arm mount on a c-ball Then we have the transducer mount Same thing here, where you can see the mount How we have mount it Just screw it on and of The arm from Kayakstore as well like all the mounts Just fold it down like this And here we have a Ram Mount for the GoPro There is a lot of different types available You can build it how you wants Yes, now you don’t have yours still on Petter? No, I’ve just mount down everything, in 5 minutes Super easy to mount everything on fast If you are well prepared before you go We have been live-mapping all days

Which has helped us a lot. We fished best the last day when we had the map Also due to that we learned the water and that we had the map meaning we could see all the structures Knowing where to fish and how to fish them Exactly We could return to the spots, see where we had been and where we had caught fish, make waypoints, etc Everything, has been really effective Without the map, we probably wouldn’t have caught half of the perch No exactly Agree And then we have another tip Use an IKEA bag as a drifting bag Really nice With a carabiner, not necessarily but more easy to mount Under the seat you can place the bait boxes With the bait you want to bring Behind we have a big storage for clothes, shoes etc Which is not waterproof But the storage in the front is a bit waterproof During this trip we haven’t had any problem due to the calm weather. We could place stuff everywhere Which has been working just fine So, yes Only time we were about to sink was when we were driven home A tip is to close the hatch. Martin! It came… I had it closed but still water poured in Total Panic With two decimeter of water in the kayak Okay Are we done? Yes Cool. What a trip! Yes Time to go home Yes