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(upbeat music) – Hi friends (squeals) I’m so excited you’re back with us Okay, well, the heat is on for Liza and Charles, and I’m sure some of you are happy, some are maybe not, and don’t even get me started on that ex-wife What is she doing there? And speaking of done get me started, Josh and Kelsey, we need to talk I’m Taylor Strecker coming to you live from Facebook, also live from the flight deck at the historic Graybar building here in New York City You guys, lets get right to it Here is the scene we’ve all been waiting for – What do we do now? ♪ I’m tired of talking talking talking talking ♪ ♪ I’ve been nothing but good to you ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’ve been nothing but good to you ♪ ♪ Your howling into the night won’t do ♪ ♪ And I’m tired of talking talking talking talking ♪ – Woo-wee! And then she woke up (chuckling) Okay, I cried cruel and inhumane punishment Tell us how you feel or felt about that passionate moment with Charles and Liza with the six Facebook emojis We’ve got like, love, happy, angry, surprised, sad, and well, whatever you feel Our first fan break is in five minutes and we’re gonna check and see what you guys are feeling in that moment, but first let’s get to our fabulous guests “Younger” writer Joe Murphy – Hello – Who is responsible for giving us the highs and the lows of tonight’s episode – I apologize in advance, but yes Thank you, happy to be here – That one was really, you had me all over the place We got a lot to talk about – Real rollercoaster, wasn’t it? – And also super “Younger” fan and CMT Next Woman of Country and Stony Creek recording artist Lindsay Ell Hey girl, hey – Hi everybody – And of course you at home, our fans, and also in our live studio audience Hi guys, make some noise – Hi studio audience (audience cheering) – But like a lot of noise Like you’re on the (drowned out by loud cheering) – That’s it, come on – There we go – Thank you, thank you You were a hype man back in the day – Yes, I used to be a hype man for “Deal or No Deal” guys – Really? – I used to be like a “Whoa!” – There we go – That’s how bad I am at it It’s been a couple of years – So we have you, you, and we want to hear from you during our fan break segment, where we read your comments and we answer your questions Also, later on we’ll let you decide the perfect song for summer with our songs of a younger summer fun break It’s basically a game and you guys will be playing, they’ll be also playing at home To kick off our night of all this emotional drinking we have our cocktail It’s a lip smacking one It’s called, are you ready for it? The Banana Dick-iri (chuckling) – Cheers, I think – Joe, that’s a knob, I mean nod towards you – Fitting – And your woodsy cabin, so cheers – Bring on the penis puns – I know, I’m like, “Can I not mess up?” – How do you get your nose around the, yeah – You know, it reminds me of something else that’s kind of difficult (Joe laughing) Okay, with that being said, okay, with that being said Joe, you’re evil (laughing) – Yes, what were you doing to us? – You got to (mumbles) people It gives people some time, yeah – First it was waking up from a dream that interrupted Charles and Liza And then it was a janitor Liza can’t seem to catch a break – Or George – What do you have to say about this? Why are you so cool and when will this frickin’ happen? – Honestly – Right? Enough – It did kind of happen That’s not nothing – I want it to go to maybe third base – Right You got us all excited and I was on the edge of my seat and then I was like, “What?” – The edge of your desk maybe – Edge of your desk – Up against the bookcase – Whatever – Can we also talk for a second about Peter’s abs? Hello – Hello – I cannot – We didn’t expect that to come out of that shirt – No, no, but it was just a dream I was all hot and bothered and then it was like wah-wah – Aw, really? – Yeah, no, no- – It didn’t carry on to the day? – Job well done – Thank you – Really, really You really built it up just to bring it down – Yeah, that’s the sex dreams in my job, so (chuckling) – So Lindsay, as a super fan what was going through your head as you were watching those scenes? Were you thinking it’s hot? Were you thinking, “Danger, danger, they’re at work”? – I was thinking, “Finally!” Here’s this moment this angst and tension has been building between the two of them and finally I’m like, “Yes! “This is what we’ve been waiting-” – So you got it – No, no, no And then you’re like dangling a carrot and you pull it away You take it all away from us and it’s like, “This is not fair.” This is not fair – Carrots are very good for you They’re good for your eyes – No! – It’s not like it’s a bad thing to have, – It’s unfair It is like bribery that is just useless – It hurt – It did really hurt – They didn’t tell you were were just gonna beat you up the whole show, right? – I’m suddenly realizing why I’m here, yeah None of the other writers have come yet I’m the first in line to get shot down – Well, no, you’re also here, you’ve got some inside scoops So, let’s get to that desk porn moment I have to know, what was it like on set? Because that was one of the sexiest scenes – Honestly – I have ever seen – We shoot two episodes at a time across 10 days

We were shooting this episode and the next episode at the same time and when the assistant directors break down the episodes they realized that it was a full day of shooting sex We wanted it all the one time, it’s the one location ’cause it’s Charles’s office, so Sutton was like, “Can we just get it our of the way? “Can we just do it day one?” That’s my attitude going into any bar or a club Let’s just get it out of the way – Get it out of the way – I’ll talk to you later, it’s fine – True – Yeah, yeah – Forget about your name, not a big deal – That’s a minor detail – So Sutton was like, “Please let’s just do this-” ‘Cause her and Peter are very close They’re great friends – They’re friends – They’ve been working together for so long, so yeah, it was like working on a porn set I don’t know, I’ve never worked on one – Oh, wow – Awkward? – But it was – A little bit awkward? – Yeah, we know these people and they know us I felt like we should be taking our shirts off as well – Did you? – I did and they were like, “Put it back on.” – Wait a minute – Wait, I heard the story about Peter and the thrusting There was a specific story about that – What? – Uh-huh – After the table read, it wasn’t actually part of the dialogue, but I had in the action line that Liza comes to with the word thrust and I bolded it and underlined it I was like, “This is gonna get cut “There’s no way that Darren’s “gonna keep this in the script.” And then it did – Right – So after the table read Peter took me aside and was like, “Well, that’s the first time the word thrust “has been in one of our scripts, “so we’re gonna just call this the dirty Australian script “and be done with it.” – (chuckles) Congratulations – Thank you – Not only thrust, but bolded and underlined – I know, I really wanted to give it some punch – That’s intense, yeah (laughing) – And I did They did – Well, now it’s on to our fan break Here’s what you guys had to say about the dreamy bang your boss moment Okay, so Meg says heart emoji, good job, “Charles and Liza are perfect together.” And Rose Marie said, like emoji with a big smiley face, “OMG what a tease “It began with a dream “I loved it.” (Joe chuckling) Round of applause for you – Wow Look at this – Look very good – Thanks, thanks, thanks – Thank you for your responses Our next fan break is in three minutes and we want to know if you think having sex against a bookshelf or on a desk is more passionate Which piece of furniture would you choose for office nookie, bookshelf or a deck? Let us know, and let’s take a look at this passionate moment – Wait, wait, wait, wait I have to tell you something – Don’t talk All we do is talk (creaking) – The janitor? Shit, the janitor! (rattling) – I mean, there was a couch in the room, just gonna say Joe, what do they call what they just did in your country? Like it’s a different language, he’s from Australia – Yeah, well, this is a very international episode of “Getting Younger.” We’ve got an Australian and a Canadian – I know, right We’re covering the globe – Oh my God, I’m like the UN! (laughing) This is amazing – It’s so true – What do they call? Doing it on the desk, it’s a classic move It’s like the boss thing You can’t do it on a couch That would be like It’s like a power move I feel like to do it right there and then – And I heard this level of passion is called the pash rash? – Oh, right, that is the mark that you get from around your mouth when you Poor Sutton, she had to kiss Peter so many times- – Poor, poor Sutton – I mean, poor Sutton I know, it’s a tough job (mimicking crying) The abs, the looks, the hide She really suffered through it – Poor thing, yeah – But she kept doing it again and again so many takes and she would Makeup would have to come in and do it again because she got quite red In Australia we call that pash rash – Pash rash – Pash rash – Lindsay, have you ever been a victim of pash rash? – I can’t say that I have had that level of pash rash before – You’re not kissing hard enough, that’s the problem You really got to go in there – I know, true enough – Do you want pash rash? – I need to get an Ausie full lesson about pash rash – Yeah, beard helps Beard helps, yeah – Okay, good to know – I mean, I’ve got a little- – Okay – Maybe later on you can show us a few things – Maybe, I mean – I have to ask, what was Darren’s reaction to the hot sex scenes? Lindsay, what was your reaction as a fan? – I was so into it I was so into it, and over desk or bookshelf I’d say desk – Desk, it’s more space – Just because it’s more space If you need to get thrusting in it’s a better surface – Neither are good Neither are comfortable, yeah – It’s a better surface – We obviously talk about the episode in the room as a group of writers – Yes, was Darren blushing? (laughs) I know him to be a bit shy in an adorable way – This is man who created “Sex in the City.” He doesn’t blush anymore – True, true, true – But we love this scene from this movie “Atonement,” if you’ve ever seen it There was this very sexy scene up against a bookshelf so we were like, “Well, if we can …” We’re in the publishing world, so the fact that you’re doing it up against books – It makes so much sense – Completely – Yep – I don’t think I would choose either for having sex with my boss I mean, I wouldn’t do that, so (laughing) It’s not going in the right direction, that question – Well, I have to say, why does Liza

always have to make the first move when it comes to Charles? Is Charles a bit rusty in the chess game of love? Lindsay, as a woman are you like, “Charles, get it together”? – I’ve definitely been in Liza’s position before where as the girl we have to be proactive Yeah, Charles needs to get it together a little bit I think when he said before they brought his birthday cupcake and he was like, “Why aren’t we doing this?” That was the first moment where I was like, “Ah-ha, thank you.” – He technically made the first move by saying that – Okay, fair – Also, he did make the first move in the end of season two if you think about the mall Think about this, think about this, he kissed first – Yes – In defense of Charles – Touche – But also it doesn’t mean that just because the guy makes the first move that he’s done It’s like- – Keep it up, buddy – There’s got to be constant give and take Yeah The first move is a great place to start – Yes – But it’s constant two way street – Well, definitely stay tuned – Taking notes for men everywhere here – I was gonna say, stay tuned because a little later we’re gonna help Charles, okay? And also you, and you at home, and you in the audience look for signs to know when to go for it in our take out tip section hosted by Lindsay Yes Okay, so right now Charles is so into Liza, but how do you think he’s gonna feel when he finds out her secret about lying about her age? What do you guys think? (Joe sighs) – I think that he’s going to be shocked – Shocked – Completely shocked Especially because I feel like they’ve created such a bond – Yes – And all of a sudden discovering that she’s been lying to him this whole time, it’s like, okay, there’s a little bit there, but I think once he gets over that knowing that they’re the same age is just like it’s perfect – I know – It’s perfect – Soulmates match in heaven – I know! – I’m not so sure – Joe (laughing) – Oh boy – Devil – The devil comes in I liken it to when you start dating someone that perhaps the two of you had an affair to get together, so you were the other person and then you became the person So you kind of know what that person’s capable of doing – True, true, true – I do wonder whether there’s always gonna be the element of trust that’s gonna be broken between them – True – Because he knows how easily she can lie – That’s true – That’s true – And also the cheating Okay, well, speaking of maybe toeing the line, let’s take a look at another tongue twisting scene of the night Josh and Kelsey, let’s take a look – You are gonna bounce back just fine, all right? You’re one of the strongest people I know – I’m glad you’re here – Yeah, me too ♪ They say you’re doing well ♪ ♪ You’re doing just fine ♪ ♪ I hear it all the time ♪ (groans) (laughing) – That’s how I feel Understated emotions I really don’t wear my heart on my sleeve or anything The kiss with Josh and Kelsey When they moved in together I was angry This kiss just pushed me over the edge So, Joe, you’re in time out for now (laughing) – In my chair over here – Lindsay, how do you feel? And how do you think Liza’s gonna feel if/when she finds out? – Very cruel It’s something that- – Get used to it The devil, cruel, I’ve been called a lot worse It’s fine – I honestly felt like it was bound to happen – I know – They just have such chemistry There’s a part of me that wants to believe that it could actually come to fruition, and because Liza’s betrayed both of them that if Kelsey was upfront enough to be like, “Hey, I have feelings for Josh,” that actually Liza would want them both to be happy But then there’s the other side of me that’s like, “Girl code is girl code.” – Girl code! – It’s just not- – Schmirl code – Oh! – He’s back in jail (laughing) No, wait, tell us – I can move my chair back here – Man – No, look, I think that the We had to honor the flirtation between the two of them for this season – Fair Also, is it because their chemistry is so great off camera? I have to ask you – Oh, absolutely Nico and Hillary on set are a total hoot They are such dags, we say dags in Australia It means they goof around, they’re clowns The three of them, with Molly as well, with Lauren, they all have us in stitches The two of them, we’ve watched them for the last four seasons become such good buddies on set, so to put them They found it kind of difficult as well to play this scene – I bet – Because they feel like they’re betraying their characters in a way as well – Exactly But you did wrap it up at the end pretty nice – Yeah, I think that they both, particularly Kelsey more than Josh, I’m not sure how far he would have gone with it ’cause he’s in a pretty hurt place right now They both are – Right – Right – I think she did the right thing

– Okay, with that being said though, she did the right thing but now moving forward there’s still the sexual tension – Right – So could they, should they, and as Maggie would say, which is basically you Joe since you wrote the script, so eloquently, should they consummate and deflate? What do you think? Just do it and get it over? What do you think? – I don’t think they should It’s something that’s divided the room all season when we were talking about it Some people are very pro Kelsey and Josh Most people are against it because I feel like when you start partnering up all the different cast members and crossing over it starts feeling like “Gossip Girl.” Even though I loved that show, saw every episode – Yeah, I know what you’re saying, it’s like, “When are you gonna hook up with your brother?” (laughing) – Wait a second, weren’t you related? – Well – Weren’t your dad and your mom dating last season? Yeah – Exactly – It starts feeling not the same as that, but there is an element of don’t screw the crew is what- – Oh, I like that Don’t screw the crew – I like that as well – Yeah – Well, now on to our fan break Which wood works for an office bang, besides the obvious, a bookshelf or a desk? Here’s what you had to say on Facebook Brianna says, “Desk by far “More ways to do it.” – Wow – Pam says, “Bookshelf for sure.” Alexandra says, “Anywhere with Charles.” Meow – Our woman – Our next fan break is in five minutes, and this time send in your questions for Joe and Lindsay This is your chance to ask them whatever you want I mean anything, like even social security numbers, they got to give it up – Yeah, all right, well, I’m here illegally No, no – Perfect – I’m not, don’t kick me out – Now to our fun break of the night Game time! Okay, music sets the mood for love and relationships, so in a nod to summer lovin’ and our music lovers tonight we’ve got songs of a younger summer Okay, here’s the deal I’m going to read out a scenario that’s actually from “Younger” and you pick which hit song of the summer best suits the scenario, and I’ll give you options So here we go What song best describes Charles and Liza’s courtship? “Despacito,” which for the record means to go slow and sensual B, “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey, one of my faves Or, C, “I Gotta Feeling,” Black Eyed Peas Oldie but a goodie Pick – Ladies first – I’m such a hopeless romantic I want to say Mariah – Right? – I just feel like they belong together and it’s something we want to happen – Yep – Hey, I’m a gay man, I’ll always choose Mariah Hands down (laughing) If she’s an answer for each one I’ll always select it, so you might want have to mix it up And if there’s Mariah on there- – Mariah – Yeah, it will be Mariah – Mariah – Mariah Always Mariah Number two, what song best describes Kelsey’s love life? “Summer Bummer,” – Is that a song? – Yeah, by Lana Del Ray – Oh yeah! – “Promiscuous,” Nelly Furtado, you know that one? We can always sing if you need a little help – You’re the singer here – No, no, no, I want to hear this one over here – No, I want to hear you sing, girl – Yeah! – Everybody will leave if I sing And then C, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” There you go, I sang for you Rolling Stones Don’t- – Thank you for that, I really appreciate you telling me- – Don’t compliment me ’cause I will reject it – I thought these were current songs Are the Rolling Stones having a comeback? – All sorts We got all sorts of songs – Good, I’m glad – Okay, what do you think? Describe Kelsey’s love life – I think Rolling Stones for sure – Yeah – I think Kelsey is someone that tries to strike a balance between work and guys, and she can never get satisfaction on either side of these things It’s a cool song, she’s a cool girl, so I think that would be, yeah – Yeah, I’m definitely ♪ I can’t get no ♪ – More, more more – Kelsey, there’s a part of her that I just don’t think it can be happy right now I think it needs to come within herself maybe – Yes – Figuring out what she really wants Yeah – Every guy that she dates either dies, cheats on her, steals from her – Dated her best friend – It’s been, yeah – Kisses her best friend – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – The odds are stacked up against her – It’s been, yeah, a few rough ones – Last one What song best describes Josh’s romantic predicament? “Blurred Lines,” “Wild Thoughts,” you know the new one with Rihanna, “Want You Back.” – I’m gonna say “Blurred Lines.” – Me too! – “Want You Back,” I just think he’s so heartbroken that it’s just a weird place It’s “Blurred Lines.” Nothing is clear for Josh, the poor guy – The poor guy – He’s just been through so much He’s fallen in love, he’s feeling these feelings, yeah, it’s blurry – Yeah, we stomp on poor Josh quite a lot in this show Especially the last season and a half – The poor thing – Yeah, I’d say it’s “Blurred Lines” as well because he honestly doesn’t know how to trust people Every woman seems to deceive him and he just keeps giving his heart out, so yeah, it’s blurry – Blurry – It’s a tad blurry – But it’s gonna get a little clearer as the season progresses How’s that? – Oh, can you say that again? My good ear – I like this I like this forecast – Clarity is ahead for Josh – Okie-dokie – Yeah – Well, now it’s time for out takeout tips

– Yes – Lindsay, you’re on No night with us would be complete without our more helpful than hurtful takeout tips of the night So tonight’s takeaway is in honor of Lindsay’s hit song “Waiting On You.” Let’s take a look and a listen ♪ You ♪ ♪ Gotta make your move ♪ ♪ Like the dry ground ♪ ♪ Waiting for the rain to fall down ♪ ♪ I’m a July sky ♪ ♪ You’re a bottle rocket ♪ ♪ I’m waiting on you ♪ – Girl, I was dancing in my chair – Thank you – I love it! – Why didn’t we use that in the show? – Thanks, guys – That should have been, hello – Joe – Good idea – We’ve been waiting on Liza and Charles to get together forever – That’s how we were talking about It’s been what I’ve been living with in my personal life So, Joe, call a sister up – Did you write it for “Younger”? – I did not, but it is perfectly applicable – If you did that means we own it, so (laughing) – It is perfectly applicable My own life is very resemblance – Maybe you could join Josh’s band next season He’s on the washboard, you can be on the mic – And then she can be a love interest Oh my God, now my head is going crazy (laughing) – I’m totally giving you my number at the end of this episode and you call a sister up – Okay, so Lindsay, we want your tips on when it’s okay to make his or her romantic move When do you make a move? So, you make a move when what? – You make a move when he or she is readily available to you When you’re texting, when you’re replying, when it’s like, “Hey, are you available “to go grab drinks later?” “Yes, I am.” That’s a good sign that’s positive – When someone’s not married – Not married, great sign – Yes – That actually should be number one sign, like check that first – Yep, that ring, that ring thing – Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah – Okay, what’s the next move? – You make your move when he or she gives you that look That longing, puppy eyed look The eyes are the window to your soul – Puppy eyes are what we call cruising So when you stare at someone for long enough that you’re like, “Oh, we’re definitely gonna have sex.” – Oh (laughing) That’s the part where you leave the talk later – Again this romantic version You can see why I’m suddenly- – Romantic comedy version, soft porn version – You’re looking at why I wrote this episode “Also, he’s disgusting, got it.” – Hopeless romantic Yeah (laughing) But yeah, a look is always a good sign, regardless of what it means – Aggressive or soft, whatever – Right – True – And then last but not least – When he or she writes a song about you – Oh, like maybe called “Waiting on You.” – Maybe called “Waiting on You.” And I have to say it’s hint, hint, hint – I think if you were the one signing and writing the song, sure But I think the majority of people that come up to you with a guitar in a bar or in your bedroom and start serenading you I’d be like, “You’re a creep, please leave.” – Yes, except if it’s Lindsay – Yeah, that’s the one instance where that’s okay – If I a guy wrote a song about me and said that he wanted to date me I would think that was really sweet – Yeah, me to – She’s a romantic – I’m with her (laughs) Also, your album comes out this Friday – This Friday – So get it – So excited, guys – Very exciting – Thank you – So, let’s go to our final questions for you guys – Yes – Let’s first go to Facebook and then live audience So, Facebook, Caitlin has a question for Joe – The character of Caitlin is asking me questions? This is weird and meta, isn’t it? – So crazy – “Has there been any discussion “of making the show an hour long? “We want more #GettingYounger.” Thanks for using the hashtag – I’ll admit I spend a lot of time reading the comments on my Instagram and Facebook, so if you think they’re just going into an abyss they’re not I’m definitely reading them – You watch “Getting Younger,” don’t you? – I watch “Getting Younger.” – There you go – I am here, I know how many times that Debbie dropped the F bomb and used the phrase (mumbles), I’m all over it (laughing) The most common thing that people say is, “Please make these 60 …” And that’s a compliment for us We’re like, “Great, you want more.” – That’s awesome – So? – We can’t give you everything you want all at the same time – We’ll work on that – We got to tiny little bits – Tiny little bits, okay We have a question for Lindsay from Lily “What do you think will happen when Charles finds out “that Liza has been lying?” You kind of answered before, so just real quick – Yeah, I think he will be hurt initially It’s that betrayal that he’s like, “Whoa, okay, this makes so much sense.” Because he’s always thought, “Why do you seem so much more mature? “Or you’ve lived more life?” – It’s like he’s questioning himself Yeah I think a lot of things will make sense to him but it’s gonna take him some time to get over it – It’s also gonna take him some time to get over the fact that his wife’s back in town That’s something he’s gonna- – And that About that Not cool – You’re tricky, you – Not cool – Okay, so now it’s time for questions from our live audience Very exciting Let’s go to, oh, pretty girl, off the shoulder top – Hi, I’m Dana and I have a question for Lindsay What song best describes you this summer? – That is a very good question Other than my song “Waiting on You,” ’cause it’s the epitome- – You can vote for your own song – I can vote for my own- – This is a moment for self promotion, definitely – Say it again, it comes out when? – It comes out on Friday

My record’s called “The Project.” But, because I feel that what I’m going through and what Liza’s going through are kind of similar things in a way, sometimes you need to wait for what you really want in life – Okay, okay, I like that Second question, yes, you – Hi, my name is Miranda My question is for Joe Can you give us any updates on the Josh and Kelsey hookup? – Okay, Miranda wants the goss Well, look, I think for now they sampled the goods but they’re gonna close the door That doesn’t mean that it is off the table, but- – Oh, you You’re trouble starting – They’re both so hot, they’re both 10s You cannot live with a 10 It’s like you’re gonna have sex with them – That’s like dangling the carrot again! You’re dangling the carrot, it’s not fair – And as we learned at the beginning of the show carrots are good for you – See? – Although they have a lot of sugar, so- – Well, so does this drink It’s like watered down sugar – I know – I’ll be up all night – You guys, I have to tell you something really sad Guess what? That’s it, we’re done – No! – I know, it went by so fast – Nailed it – Nailed it – That’s it for us tonight Thank you Joe Murphy Thank you Lindsay Ell for joining me, Taylor Strecker, in our members only club And thank you friends for engaging, tweeting, snapping, gramming, commenting on Facebook obviously tonight and every night Be sure to follow us throughout the week on all social media We got Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, all @YoungerTV and use that hashtag, GettingYounger See you next Wednesday night where we’re gonna be joined by Richard’s cute son, who we have yet to meet, we meet him next week His name is Ethan, AKA Liam O We leave you now with some hilarious bloopers Bye guys – Oh! (man speaking indistinctly) When one gazelle goes down the herd continues Thank you Margaret Attenborough – Can you please do that- – When one gazelle goes down the herd continues – No, the, “Oh!” – Oh, girl Oh-ho-ho, – You’re the voice of “Planet Earth.” – The herd continues – The lone pube I thought that was very good – Oh, thank you – Really, I thought that was excellent – Well, sharp Who was that? (speaking indistinctly) – Thank you – What were you saying? Charles and Kelsey both licking their wounds so now we have your undivided attention – Standing by – Chris, Dance – No (clattering) – Ha! (laughing) I’m sorry (laughing) (upbeat music)