welcome to Elche here you can see a map with everything there is to see in Elche if you don’t want to pay the entrance in the museum you can enjoy another replica of the lady of Elche at the bus station we are in the city of Elche and it has a super green lung in the centre of the city that is the palm grove is composed through different palm gardens and we start with the first and one of the the most important of which is the public park let’s discover some of its secrets together we are in front of the monster of the palm trees this palm tree has from its trunk, emerges like eight different palms, it was donated by the family Rico Román in 2013 for enlargement of the public park and as it was very big the stump of the palm tree it was necessary the construction of a metal structure to be able to hold them it has a diameter of four metres in its area of the base and seven meters high so you see . We are going to discover more secrets of the public park Don Diego’s palm tree from the trunk of this unique specimen sprouted five arms, although at present there are only four, it was given to the public park by its owner, industrialist Diego Ferrández Ripoll, Mayor of the City between 24 and 25 and between 30 and 3, it was planted here in 1945, 1 year before the garden came out to the public we have discovered that in this park there are also wild animals so be careful with them because if you get close maybe they bite you or so meow typical Andalusian fountain with its tiles to enjoy the Andalusian constructions see if it drips Yei! look how cool it is :), it does work the visitor’s centre which is in the public park, because it is basically built with domes and is white earned the popular name of the “egg” and dates back to 1946 smells good on leaving the park we find the castle of Elche or Altamira’s palace which is right behind us it has been restored and is now the archaeological and historical museum of Elche. In its tower was exposed the Lady of Elche, the original, but then the people of Madrid came and took it away to Madrid so their return is became the historic claim of the Murcians (totally reasonable) we are in front of the basilica of Santa Maria in Elche that was built on the

ruins of a former mosqu, it was a gothic church and right now it is a Baroque temple, highlights its superb facade with a lot of incredible sculptures its bell tower and blue domes let’s see if we can see them later but the most important thing about this basilica is what is known as the “Mystery of Elche” we are in front of the sculpture that here they call the “La Festa” which is of the mystery of Elche which is a sung drama that is once a year in August inside of the basilica which is the representation of the death ,the assumption into the heavens ascent to the heaven and the crowning of The Virgin Mary, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 we are climbing the spiral stairs in the tower of the Basilica of Santa Mary and we have just been told that there are 170 steps, which are not many really, and if you look at every step it has something like this on it quite curious but if you go reading all of them you don’t get to the top anymore we enjoy privileged views of the Basilica of Saint Mary because there is no one because it is still closed because they open at 5:30pm, so from the ascent to the tower by the stairs there is like a little gap from which we can see a bit of the inside of the basilica (with nobody) very beautiful but it is dark, you can see almost nothing on the ascent to see the views to enjoy the views from the tower you have some chapels in which you can get into and having a look to what that space offers you and telling you that the stairs at the end, do not have too many notes they were only on the first few stairs because we are already in the 60’s, almost in the 70’s, and there’s nothing else so here you have the white palm works super important and super famous the rise has been worthwhile look waht we can show you, here some examples of white palm, look ,this is what we call the sword and this one that is all hairy we are already up here at the top and I don’t know why but the distribution of the views here could be greatly improved because the most you can approach it is the part that is less cool and the one you can least approach it is the part where you can see the palm grove better but well the view is worth it and it’s not so expensive is only two euros per person this way we contribute a little to the cultural heritage the national humanity asset call it “x” so you know, if you approach the basilica, go up the tower, enjoy the views and contribute to the wealth of the country and then you go to the coffee and take the “tapitas” with the beer so you contribute to the local trade, by the way after having paid here… they are a little shabby because you pay two euros to go up

and then if you want better views you have to pay another euro but as I have already told you earlier if you look to see all the palm grove is so far away the basilica has suffered various mishaps throughout its history as a the earthquake of 1829 or the devastating fire of 1936 which, together with damages originated since its construction involved important interventions as the replacement of the dome, the roof and then the vaults of the the nave and the transept. Its floor plan has cross shape with a large central nave and four chapels on each side with Buttresses drilled On its nave a large dome is built that is part of the mystery of Elche scenario and that outside is covered with blue tiles the Lady of Elche in Diva mode we are in the gardens of the museum “el palmeral” that we will show you a a little bit around but we want to tell you that just a few steps away is the priest’s garden, priest’s orchard and we are not going to go inside today because we have little time but tell you that it is a huge botanical garden you have cactus you have vines you have fruit trees you have lots of sculptures including a replica of the Lady of Elche and also the jewel, the crown star in a manner of speaking, it is a palm tree that is called the imperial palm that is 165 years old and was planted in honour of a visit at the end of the 19th century of the Austrian Elizabeth of Bavaria known cinematographically as… Sissi the young Empress, and stands out because it is a palm tree that has about seven children but instead of being born from the base, they come out at medium height and is basically huge but if you come with time and it’s a nice day it’s a little walk like this very romantic and very quiet so we can recommend it and now we will show a a little more of these gardens of the museum of “El Palmeral” we are starting our tour of the gardens of the El Palmeral museum that ticket to the museum is one euro the gardens are supposed to be free we are in the garden of Saint Plácido right now I think I didn’t tell you before, but the ticket for the the priest’s garden is five euros the normal entry, the general one, and then if you are a student or retired or so you have the reduced one that is around three euro well have a look at the timetables, get information we want to see the white palm workshop because here is the only place, unique place in the world where white palm works are made but I think that opens at five o’clock and we think we have to go fast after this so I don’t know if we’ll have enough time or not but well, as a curiosity, I can tell you that here the white palm is handcrafted during holy week because they make their decorations in white palms and they send them to VIP such as the Pope, the Kings of Spain and the President of the Government (important entities understand me) what here they consider VIP for sending a white palm decoration and well we show you a a little bit more from El Palmeral Museum (Palm Grove’s museum) we take advantage of the environment among palms to tell you that Elche is the city of Europe with more palms the Palmeral (palm grove) has more than 200 thousand specimens

we are inside the El Palmera museum and on the first floor and ground floor tell you bit about what it is the palm grove, the 200 thousand specimens how it is constituted that it is formed by different orchards the tradition of the people here and you can already see, it’s telling you a little bit along its walls and it says that it is not a garden, it is an agricultural technique that was brought by the Arabs is very interesting and it’s cheap the other day we were talking about what would be the difference between a tree a plant or grass so look how curious is that it’s explained here it says that palms are not trees but are weeds because they do not produce wood then supposedly the definition of a tree is that which produces wood I didn’t know that because I stupidly thought that the palm tree was a tree Here we have the clothes and what the palmers used, as you can see they had this little blouse, then they had a hat, so it was made of straw or palm tree then used the… the… the like the espadrilles… what were they called that, the chapulinas, here they call it espadrilles and then the rope they used to climb up, the belt, the bag to keep the dates what are they called…? I’m going to call them chapulinas :), I don’t remember “alpargatas” Did I say it right before? I don’t know… alpargatas! this palm here won the competition, placed sixth position in the competition of the Palm Sunday was made by a person learning here in the workshop is submitted to the competition and this one came in sixth place in 2014 the city council provides funding for this workshop that opened in 1998 with the intention of the craftsmanship of Elche would not be lost, the craftsmanship of the white palm a very traditional process that comes of the palmer’s family two courses are offered, one for beginners and another for advanced users, you don’t pay anything and you can’t get any benefit the variety of the designs are result of the creative inspiration of the artists, the leaves are braided together and sewn to form stars, virgins, flowers… that are added to the central palm and they achieve an impressive result the learning work ends when the work is presented to the competition the eve of Palm Sunday and then are shown in the procession this one for him and this one for me. The lady made them super fast the tradition is very beautiful and very good and that the city adds funds for these things it is better it’s great! Look, we have some memories of Elche that go beyond our hands they go in our hearts let’s try a typical easter cake which is called the “Mona de Pascua” I… I think is like the dough in Galician threads

for ” Feast of The Three Kings” and then they put an egg on it and a chick that the girl almost kills it, poor thing, but it’s still alive. The egg, different from what you might think, I think is raw because I tried before take it out and did crack I don’t quite know… it seems to be raw but I don’t know let’s try the dessert, let’s try it looks like a thread, here with my friend Thomas who is looking at it like this but no no as it is, as it is, as the thread of the Feast of The Three Kings, it’s good and the… egg we will clear up any doubt if it is cooked or if it is raw is cooked is cooked check it out look the little quail egg it’s hard to peel, nuts is cooked so tastes like sausage we recommend that if you come on Easter season the sweet is good, they do it like once a year supposedly because they do only for Easter so we recommend it take the “Mona de Pascua (Easter monkey) why not? another gastronomic experience see you, bye! Was not explained that the palm was not a tree but a plant because it does not provide wood then why do they put the palm tree wood? and its characteristics for furniture and decoration? whaaaat? castle, the palm grove, that (I do not know what is that) 100% recommended if you have it in your country Cheetos cheese flavour Balls! if you liked this video, give it a like and share it don’t forget to hit the bell and subscribe to enjoy videos like this one, bye!