India visa help video

okay guys welcome to a little helpful video here for doing your visa application online hopefully this is profitable and good and we’ll see the last few times I’ve been trying it is for kicking me off the website so that’s fun so if you see ground up here in the very top you go to indian visa online gov I in so you can pause it right now and go to that get the web page up and then we’ll go from there so I’ll go ahead and do that right now okay once you have this web page pulled up right here you see it looks just like I have it right here scroll on down to this right here this is apply online click on the little icon right there and it should open a new page right here here it is this is the beginning of the application so I’ll be filling out this application for Cristina Fernandez i’ll be using her information so the country you’re applying from for all of us that is united states of america the mission is where we’re applying at which would be obviously houston nationality for everybody this will be a mere USA except for you Lucho Lucho for you you’ll put chili right there but everybody else United States of American I’m date of birth note on the date of birth it’s not month day and year but it’s day month and year so please note that be very careful because that’s gonna be on all of the birthday things will be filling out so Christina’s birthday is April 29th so instead of putting 429 up at 29 / 04 can always put the 0 for the single digit ones and she was born in 1991 okay expected date of arrival into the country for all of us will be july twenty first so again another difference you put the day and then the month so 21st of July o 7 2015 is when we’re expecting to arrive our visa type scroll all the way down here will be a tourist visa we’ll talk about that more later do not click the transfer one make sure you kick the tourist visa is very important to note put in the little access code d 1738 ooh they’ll be different every computer put your access code in push continue now before you do anything else I’m doing it right now myself you see right here the very top and read this access temporary ID application number please dear Jesus write that down that is incredibly important because if you need to stop for whatever reason and come back later so you see at the bottom here you can save into further x8 if you have to go or if you don’t have this of information you thought you had that you can save that and come back which I’ll need that number i’m going to log back in so do that so let me I’ll hope that makes sense let me pull up Christina’s passport here you got Christina sorry I stay with me one second so get your passport out if you having you don’t have that with you going to get that out we’re ready to roll I don’t know why I can’t find Christine up there it is okay so get your passport out look at that first page of the passwords what we’re looking for here and you’ll put your surname which is your last name as on your passport so for Christina it’s Fernandez and every time you type by the way it’s in all caps so don’t worry about holding down shift or whatever then your given name is your first name okay followed by your middle name all right Christina doesn’t have a middle name so just cristina fernandez but like for me that be I put Randall Wayne and then Fernandez I mean it’s use me Willis for me but for you last name is your surname given name right there okay have you ever changed your name okay if you have never changed your name leave it like that you have click yes give the details of your previous names there you go okay sex your gender christina is a female if your date of birth again miss to confirm town or city of your birth to where are you born christina was born in San and tonio country for all of us except for Lucho again should be the US of A unless you’re avoiding somewhere else I didn’t know that about you it’s cool just make sure you click that let me get that okay your sister national ID is your driver’s license number so make sure you put in the driver’s license number that’s fear which ain’t put in so Christina’s driver’s license number is 2 512 837 too so if y’all want to steal Christine an identity you’re good to go religion hopefully you put christian with that visible identification mark just go ahead and put none don’t worry about all this stuff just do it education quality um below matriculation means you were accepted to college ok so the low matriculation would be like high school the convert deal right matriculation you’re not your minor you have anything other you post graduates the

professionals I’m a graduate graduated college that’s it did you require your birth my natural or nationalization of our birth so by that proves nationality don’t delay with that you don’t have it passport number again you go to your passport you have 480 three four four four two one so is your passport number should be on the top right part of that first page your ID I’m place of issue and I really confused on this one because if you look at your passport all over it’s not any place it says place of issue it just has a bunch of nothingness there so on mine I went ahead and put Houston because that’s where i got mine and this all remain office here where we get it at so you might in texas probably went through the Houston office even though you might have submitted it somewhere else so date of issue okay you have your date of birth your place of birth and date of issue desperation so data issue again note date day month and then the year so Christina’s was the 20th of April which is before and she got hers in 2011 and then it expires the next line down to be the day 19th of april twenty twenty-one please make sure any other password ballots nope she does not have those okay there it is so you click Save and continue again noting how important that number is okay your present address k make sure that your present address on here is the exact same address as what’s on your driver’s license okay this is because you’re going to later submit a copy of a driver’s license so you got to make sure this is exactly the same or they’ll reject your visa okay so your present address all right is for Christina let’s go and put that in you can put that in right now I’m doing that hers is 5 7 11 fossil can young and that is in San and Tonio that’s in Texas or zip code there is 78 252 country for all of us should be the US of A okay again can’t we hear that enough make sure that that present address you put in here is exact same one that’s on your driver’s license okay don’t miss that up okay your permanent address again okay so permanent has aged the postal and the zip code so just the same thing right there I’ll go ahead and just copy it i’m lazy also canyon and then i’ll put a comma and i’ll put 7825 too so that has a little red ash that’s all you need to do don’t worry with other stuff father’s information so make sure you have your father’s name and nationality and place of birth and country / saw her father’s name is a good old friend Reuben that wasn’t either Reuben found a nan desu notice how i roll the r’s well thank you Ruben Fernandez that make sure nope no middle name for Reuben he’s US citizen another prima place of birth is San and tonio Texas Capitol comma there I can’t so Texas country birth again for all all of our parents are probably me USA unless Lucho maybe something different k Christina’s mother’s name is Miss Jessica da Vila Miranda okay she is US citizen she also was born in san antonio texas country of birth obviously she’s one in san antonio us don’t get that okay i don’t you got that applicants marital status so she is single and ready to mingle where your grandfather is that it ever belonged to pakistani held area no not for her okay you got a profession so her present occupation you click here see if they have any of the things that she is photo shoot reporter tired worker a writer so I’ll see that’s all going to click others others right here you put what it is so christina is an office no space manager now let me do that so i will pit admin straight tour then won’t we do spaces okay cool employer name so the name of your business that you work with is Fernandez produce express incorporated and the address I gave it on the red astrix time we’re about

filling it out address is 1603 South zarzamora street okay that’s all that’s on the Red Sea that everything else let’s hear it were you in the military position organization are you where you know the end of that so Rosa make sure you put yes and fill that out right there the rest of us would push no I assume and you like save and continue please interior either present phone number or mobile oopsy-daisy check out the phone number so let me that’s a good thing if you forget something like that they will nice remind you so like Christine is in there a quick 2 108 2790 27 there’s christina’s number they go save and continue you guys of all the information on Christina you could ever want okay so type of visa should be tourist visa places are likely to visit okay make sure you really tap in here okay so our first place i’ll always put is Chennai that’s how you spell out CH e in a I if I go too fast for you please just pause the video and go from and you can do that matter I and then lastly we’re going to put Rami swaram okay there might be some little vigil and good to those the three main areas flying into chennai flying into medoret madurai and staying in rameshwar so those are the three places likely to be visited duration of your visa and months okay with these is 120 okay this is a ten year visa so 120 so if we go back next year you won’t have to do all this again which is great number of injuries is actually a multiple entries okay purpose of your visit tourism okay you ever stay with the whole tourism thing we’ll talk about that in our group expected date of your journey okay 21-7 got that already port of arrival will be in chennai okay again there’s a red so again see that pause the video if you need to do that we all i make sure we do exactly the same please do that right there okay have you ever visited in here before we’re saying nope if you have then you get a need to have the address all the cities the less indian visa number type of visa dadada or you can just click no if you have been I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to just say that for that your permission to visit or attend estate near previously ever been refused so appealing answer that yes or no countries you visited in the last ten years she has visited Israel so we’ll put that on there she went our israel trip always encourage you go to that had visited any stark countries of your own in the last three years no she has not okay our reference stuff in india is all my computer so i’m going to go here you might have it somewhere else i have it over here somewhere where is my work to do there it is okay down in here or is it it there it is so what do they need first let’s see they need the reference name which will be right there my friend’s name is mr. in israel palos there’s there so the name there is real pasta address okay address is going to be that it’s kind of long so you have to do by lines here okay so you cut it off there so go back to Royce is rubbish warm i’m gonna go ahead and come down this way and i’m gonna actually combine those like that okay so you can do that but a bing I’m you swarm I don’t know if you let us do tamil nadu let’s see if you let us yep tell me I do state okay so there you go his phone number is these little magical numbers right here okay I’ll pause this in a second let me get it fellows in there okay so there it is that is the Indian stuff you need to know so go ahead and pause the video right now and type this all in exactly as you see it right there okay all that exactly as you see it and then pick up with a video right here okay all right once you’ve typed in our Israel’s referenced information a reference name and in sa for America so I’m going to have my wife be Christine as reference because I know my wife’s information and so you can put in anybody stuff here that you want doesn’t have to be someone you live with it could be anybody in the states that you want to put their information as a reference if they need you for some reason so put all that in there there’s all the odors information

so again once you have all of that okay you’ve all your formation in right there okay this is last information and then the upload image or did you deduce I’m go ahead and upload a picture just you can see how this is done although i’ll have to change Christina cuz I’m gonna upload picture of myself okay so you need to get a picture and save and i’ll show you how to do all that so I somewhere what did I save that you can look through all my stuff now here I have a picture it’s not right there okay where maybe I said an SNL nope cool excuse me while I find future okay well that’s not good well anyway here’s where you find a picture I don’t recommend these are going to be appropriate enough there’s pino Boston being though oops look at me um I shall really first-rate I can’t find so anyway you should somewhere have a picture of that and there’s there’s a wool will go through all those kind of things and what that all looks like that so that’s where it should be you upload your picture right there save and continue what if I let me do that yep it did ok so there’s where it would be so again now you confirm your details Hopkins requested to verify all particulars v na yata please note your temporary ID that’s a number you wrote down earlier right there so then you go through the call this cristina fernandez ok let me double-check I’m saying all that how you spell Christina that would be bad I think you just click on it or you click on here to modify or edit all right if you need to edit something so you just go over everything and confirm you have everything exactly right because you hate to miss something like this up let me check on christina here make sure I’ve got her name correct good Christ and then inna so Christ you know yep good job ok is going to confirm that make sure all the information hopefully is correct you go through all that stuff you got a picture verify and continue I’m going to do in particular is pissed okay receive conversation or cancel to modify so okay okay pressing print form your application PDF one is what you want to do so you’re going to print the form right there when it does that it’ll so if you have a nice Mac it’ll open up a preview for you over here and you should get this or if you’re on a PC person I don’t know where it will open but however your stuff downloads it will download and here it is Christina’s there it is download it now for anything else you do when asked you for a certain number like a web ID numbers like that that’s it right there under the bark ush and then that number okay that’s all it is right there so there’s all the information okay you’re going to need the sign in this box right here they’re very tricky now sign but you cannot let your signature touch or go beyond this box if you have to sign really small in that signature okay the passport photo I told you to get okay that needs to go right here okay so that you’re going to put you look at your paste your unsigned recent color photograph right or two by two so if you begin if you go to a fedex that’s where I went I’d encourage you to go to fedex or any post office make sure when you do so hey Lissa needs to be a glossy picture two by two right yes glossy picture 2 inches by two inches correct and you get that do not staple it down here they’ll get really really mad at you do not staple it at all right here okay just get some tape I mean some tapes you some glue and glue it right there make sure it’s nice and lined up pretty sign it right there make sure don’t touch the box and then come down below right here there’s today’s date and then sign it right there as in your passport signature right and then again here’s all the information they’ve gone through for all this kind of stuff all right so there it is it’s done once you’re done with everything there then you need to save this document print it out however you want to do it I don’t know this is doing here I’m going to email Tina this PDF so you can save it to whatever you want to save it I’m going to save it to the desktop just so I know so i can see okay this is tina visa app okay so i’m going to save that it is so now i can email it to where you have the thing when you print this out make sure you print it as two pages don’t print don’t print it as a double sided don’t print back in front there right there print it off and then you’re

good to go so hopefully that helps once you’re done with this page you can just print form you click out again if you needed to stop for whatever reason you have a complete complete partially filled form you go back and click on that right there india visa online gov your temporary ID application ID access code is it start there to submit and you can pick up back again where you left off so that’s how you do that right there for your photo that goes on here you can put that or not put it up to you I don’t think it’s mandatory because you’re going to put a passport photo on there so if you want to go into it I went into it with Maya I just didn’t do a Christina make sure it’s a JPEG make sure it’s a two by two sighs okay and make sure that it cannot be smaller than ten get killed like kb’s whatever I even know what kb that is small kilo bytes maybe it cannot be bigger than three hundred kilobytes so make sure you look at that when you’re doing if you want to do that if not let me know I can help you do this again I can call them if you need instructions for this you can have some more right there can help you out with that which I think anything else is on here yeah guidelines helping with the photo I ther that’s there if you need that as well again call me if this is confusing for you at all or if you have if you need any information hopefully that’s everything I went through right there pause use this as much as possible anyway call me any problems and I love to help you out and walk through with you all right let’s get this done let’s go to India hi guys peace out