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yo yo welcome seoul-tokyo strength of units in part for Ferguson died zenaida go Pearl Harbor Scranton in a letter Hamlet’s in part shevata bite as was panicked on concierge no man company so obscure via shuttle part gift double vanities a graphic base clash of the four so a general tivo spousal bath balm I see a man who fucked adeniji I’m Hannah cover you are not to after interest in the conversation so I said here for secession gay transnasal hunit hunt for an abomination the Himalayan Messiah informacion here Jimenez I a kryptonite in a house that a version of illness as Kron don’t get rid of my hidden jeans farm in Russian Korea aha I prefer job zhou electrode isn’t oh bapre the trip auto to don’t duty zack sheets fuck so but getting ready the lights are you picking know is what we hear from moving like a wolf at feel the base attack feelings bro is wrong so turn the lights off you know you’re stuck way here we don’t care what they say we’re already on the way this time Oh though common secure Ginga classes yet haa amman Amish we ask laughs I some thumbs up in a few ways figures on a diversion in here alles klar halls yeah the hidden Turkish Foreign I’m moving Allah to relight my point which means it won’t work fuck yeah cuz it’s no longer crashed in the floor stretches on Tripp darling mum or kmart una cama stability for violet roids shabu business travel fly this is booming see and believe I initializing a football canal know anything either it’s crazy top nation your was not be here 500 ultimus for you each water for a scheme inch but I missing up here yeah I babe mmm canara autumn an accessory now when you stop livin large sonic sonar desist books to fill all those here okay as we’re done don’t be that hard what is wrong with you smoking in my house you know ever since that psychotic pal of yours turned up you turn into an even bigger asshole thank you you’re supporting my difficult times means the world to me I’ve supported you I left everything to come here with you and still that crazy bastard turns up I’ll handle how I don’t know oh you know what just keep him away from me and the children you lowlife whoremongering asswipe did someone say yoga no I think she said whore monitoring asswipe hello Fabian darling namaste I member how are we ready to bike this yes oh yes she’s very center a regular oasis a decent rate ruining this one very issues and worse friends no wonder I’m so upset the toe please namaste we practice Miguel join us please no please no no no do yoga is for sharing oh come again gum

awesome so fab you can make me as happy and mellow as my wife and be a job well fucking done we are all on our own journeys McCauley yeah no doubts why she driving a tank on hers perhaps to deal with your hostility Michael now here is good we have the Sun and the moribund the toy now we begin to put their soul to the earth yes we begin each sequence a bisogna or Mountain Pose all right then dude mouth and anus perfectly show him Amanda oh it is perfect now my god yes dead vas services ma a hunter hunter come on yes muscle touches with the mouth long you got is the citysearch okay so on yet started possible okay goodmornin see the nose ought to momen ok doc very good now let it go this is gonna have to do now we will do something more complicated what sometimes when I do is this post I weep uncontrollably for hours ok let’s compute oh oh that’s what my can feel that the emotion inside let it go hmm ok please please take a semester by to scheisse zones o breeze momia own you feel that ok so all right later you can show a stripper helpful yes yes Owen Kleist pleasure on top let it out baby ok trying I can’t believe it and yet come oh oh what one fight this silly man forgets to breathe okay okay okay oh ok keep it tight I’m about to feel some emotions all right remember shelter that’s cuz I’m not feel smell so one we are they are not sure for them I don’t think Michaels up to this hmm you may surprise you prank prank each other under Georgia yeah really huh-huh everything is flowing in me Oh Mike would you cook okay okay those disposals breezing is almost the most important thing no exhale if you’d found yoga before you wouldn’t have been that way with Coach Dickens a.m. and release it let it go this is what I was talking about can’t you see how block he is breathe please like it beyond annoying just exhale my god Nicole Fabian’s body with your bank account would be a

perfect man you’re not so much yes i’ll just use those Winkle gapes we need to talk to the kids about having a family session strong inhale out through the man your aura is just like Bobby long enough you’re at all breezing is almost the most important thing no very good let it go yeah pool election toot are doing to heighten your garden is embarking large can excel easy it’s good to be the tombs in a dish out with the bread and Tommy are you just get Trevor on a yoga mat ah you have come a long way today Michaela yes later you will cry like a baby Yeah right his chakras are completely blocked don’t worry about him is it download oh I’m glad we have helped with your impotence Miguel what’d you say your sexual energies have been blocked for too long Yoga is the enzyme again but what is the question oh why am I such a moron fuck you Hannah bony Frank fucking yogi ah again Jimmy smile that Maggie ran over my mother put these on my hair Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy come from one James go was I oh yeah fuck you you know what if there was a rape button I’d be using it right now unless you got a getting you like that swished nice TV that day for that yeah you smashed the other one didn’t you hey come on I wanna go for a ride I gotta meet a friend all right so I’ll go meet him with come on I’m gonna get out of the house I’m not going alone come on this is fucking bullshit bullshit threatening to molest your online buddies is bullshit they’re not my buddies they’re the only people you speak to start on our toll yeah behind you stick your car a bitter neither d news indeed we’ll see i’m gonna cover the other cover of money as a top schiesser i’m gonna spice it up in Las nation in what misfortune skip Stone Age try sphere so young follow me decorate meter so where is your friend burger shot you keep distant overshot iris cloud hello Thomas firehouse what did you work and I see the kids are still hanging out at the burger joints and the guys we go down to the diner after class every day you know get noticed right please you know you’re really creeping me out I’m trying to relate to you know you’re trying to take me on some nostalgia trip you’re such a cliche Oh says the dope smoking game playing live at home world owes him a living millennium I knew it I knew it the mask was gonna slip the monsters vinexpo the hell are you talking about the real you that bitter vindictive old man you pretend you’re being a father but you hate me don’t you I don’t hate you Jim how many times I love you sorry if I don’t express that correctly but why do you think we’re here together you really have to meet my friend yeah I really do then please don’t get weird for once in your life don’t be weird man good to see what are you turnin tricks to pay for this shit huh hey yo man it’s my dad oh alright mr. de Santo yeah you’re the kid selling Jimmy pot by the pound yeah now Jimmy bro your dad fine man come on do this shit and let’s get going oh yeah you get that other thing oh yeah come on in what the fuck Jimmy just just hold on a second oh all right all right later on yeah but with that hey let’s bounce bounce we’re bouncing now that what we’re doing jesus fucking christ okay bouncing via the phone alrighty then now what we just get back to the house please ok let’s go to michael’s house ok

bollington via some houses work so I’m of the country I’m driving because normally you’re such a between the white lines written to the pedestrian kind of guy fine get it here ok Michael swing class phoneme gusoff muscles Donovan ok your turn maybe when we get who’s the slightest kinda sorta his legs on a shell is this is full of dishes you love horny it’s like a lynx each name right just give us gas that paranoia does need to chill out Oh via a finger thing out that killer lusty finger friend oh I’m sorry fucking shit check to you from yourself also took money from your bank account movie that’s crazy danga zone for ashwin’s here mmm ok Ozma cydia ok yep oh yeah oh yeah I inter-firm Dorgan I’m fine oh yeah chilis saw the shabbos commerce is the music room last night was happening by YouTube could block toward the benzene I’m up here light I was to wash beer now and you had an in Game sarkash Guinness Book long turn a long way back Oh you’re not a well man lekha me but a mask chef isn’t oh shiz I gotta said nothing pinaka comin here is just got an evite via tones I’m Tyrion fountain I taffeta finished a new one wet-nurse done they’ll often on that mission of I of English there was some fun that wooden from Viet lenience impeded her home life is a speck pocket

a those Michael yeah she’s fast lat yet neither in those alternatives on via font of the Scottish white fish ever landed here so see if I was a pasear and his punt comenda him on the spirit is super kawaii absolute audition I have to carry on your fetish guy got soaked I’ll bloody Paki she arrived choices so Bichette foods and converse are linking what Nucky die opener house there you oh I’m back Michael I think you finally lost your mind your recent behavior in the company you’ve been keeping already had me very concerned now you’ve taken to attacking my Fabian who was a close friend and then Jimmy said you took drugs while driving him in your car we’ve decided to move out for a while you promised me to change and you haven’t changed a bit I know you say I always act like I’m in a movie well this isn’t that I think I’m gonna speak to a lawyer I’m just really confused please don’t try to contact us and try not to get yourself killed Amanda / Stanton yeah Yoga Yoga buite Alice I don’t even say hi to hear lisa ferguson hopped schmuck my writer online fellas so n shit yoga noon-4 Fupa by commission dicking baby pursue any seed ok I’m grateful Oliver Kazumi feely got butter Chuck door was like Arabic nya Michael Celina this what I get me importa me Trevor automate Franklin visits village minutes before your favorite planet domu get married in the foyer fun out on the piston business vida goodbye I’ll fly