TBWA Plays | Garry's Mod (Trouble In Terrorist Town) | #001

hello we’re playing bball team was weird about oh I’ll sit detective and I died sorry Willa and shut up you see everyone so I’m watching good Rory with your buddy good here’s the law huh my Chi Minh see I’m stuff letters and bloody isn’t prepared to fight on the side I don’t know around you everyone the ship’s Titanic oh look us but first while you’re looking at that Lainey naked women for one reason there’s oh oh my gosh what are you doing your fam I alright so roaring everybody is nature at your side of the naked woman I’m sorry things are looking up no the reason the shipments the entire time now things are up indeed so is it true penises terrace yet do dhari to test to see any colors free terrorists trouble in terrorist oh wow oh yeah you killed the person who killed me ah yeah Hey oh wow outsider I show you just a bump in a cute bun it’s just this is just bad talk about bad good i know baby squeals what you think critically other is the only radio thing i could think of hello rifles well Chris I read you but I want to stop rapper who knows like 20 over here oh there’s another one oh I call it huge the hug yes I hug hey what can I get hey how you doing forget out hey ray anyway some of its way oh you’re safe Ashley suppose you know I’m safe look beyond the door for anyone to tainted I’ve already I’ll close that place are we gonna be effective how do i put a close close and you did you hang back with your face you’re so lucky yes yes and up behind the goal yeah its essence hey what I’ve just opened the door but then he trapped me behind your son oh hello don’t like this yes yeah this dog that’s Swiss a close though worst that did find it I’m not saying kill Mr gonna try sandwich for hours smooth like motion blur industry why are you shooting me you like what’s at an outside wait are you sir your detective last final section are funny and said oh okay the detective is losing place you showed me I don’t know what you’re doing what do I got you were even a traitor why’d you shoot me against but it shot me who is it it was right oh yeah that means I just shoot anyone goes home you killed me and getting could say anything hello changing my settings to get the version scilicet motion blur I don’t know that room right oh I my eyes okay weird week’s time Lewis look like the guy that lost his head while a title and breaking bad chick alright everyone look the same way baby what you go do some one huh if something someone says think really offensive in the video who answer what if this was can you reach the center line on my video is beat their offense is frozen just make sure the intro and then bday I’m yet there are you can just make the video mature and aloha I’ll Rooney for you funky but you’ll owe me a three-page electro-optics public rated M fish you’re okay oh [ __ ] you these boys don’t base their bodies everywhere what are you I got you fool oh but allows you to

decide that’s shot by a long Lois right why you spoiling it you can’t speak on something Carolyn he’s a credit to the teachers of this map everyone could beat in the museum now it was museum oh the dead it doesn’t matter just nice same one significant because I’m dead there is in the bed of the dodo I’m watching you on recess al said and this longing oh my old one praise our country the dodo bursts open huh oh I also to know oh gosh my games like they did you do Oh watch me strip worry it’s packed Oh a shirt okay I just hurt them yes adil shah Slifer sound of this rifle I don’t need explosion there you go you can add that oh yeah golden girl by the hunter shot there everyone goes alright wow really stop finally get your car the dog hates Monday wait to die it’s all right I don’t bring you can’t show you that man Wow swindon you dead engel we all look watch out behind you Louise hmm what that’s pretty much said that he said Oh Adam you had a shot in there and then Louise just turn around his shotty yeah he did open the door right in front of my face ya know my father was out I’d no idea with a shot came from I blame ray fingers at your that’s one of those things that you say like in a party that it gets quiet and then you buy differences parents like sit I don’t know having lower comma reduces your damage yeah they can be deployed you shot me oh my god your class up I realized it isn’t taken i stopped oh well you’d pretty much already killed me anyway those like Ted of my office oh don’t do that oh ok jock itch that was a really feminine voice though hey it’s my god oh oh oh Jenny Oh David racist shadowed the body well anything racism pretty much buddy will race race good just started an answer to try these buds Wow original hey Haddix co TV where you can crouch together you know the gym what the [ __ ] oh I’m still use this Chinese my heart sigh well your razors gift give you an induced killed me then every trip oh crap I’m not even to tear it Wow well they sis you kill amiss because it was reverse psychology raised a few yes why don’t people wife on it why following me oh you just porn what what the hell is that it takes for her I don’t know I can’t tell I can’t say what it is but what is that you told it to me mm-hmm I’m a sect if FF station I’d stop following me now oh it’s like a big error for me it’s like wine aerator actually I klutzy backorder those but everywhere that I saw a real story is all you can’t see my shoot destroy you Adam at I can you can i’m sure you can you conceive it I killed me again once the dead bodies everywhere I can’t find anyone omigod Hawaii Vicki 50 Porter fan huh I don’t know I’m looking for the quickie behind it yeah man here if I blow why you did this the bottom the Ottoman is impaired west LA so here’s the other to tighten this up with more detail if everyone yeah okay I know I know you’re not oh wait now is is that good al are you still joined the wall and you just walk past me it’s just a little sis place or what what you fellows know you’re the only one who’s actually survived so basically everyone else detective who really save anyone that’s

why I fly you serious like what did his job who is the universe left got mine is calm and look at that what out as I walk as well as rifle so finally thanks for joining not yet ah kama have you been shooting he shot me keep shooting me uh sure Isaac are probably everyone the girls toilet is locked car game boy that it’s be using anyway monster that’s particularly i found the male and female 1 yeah he’s not well if your name oh the fridge opens inwards oh well as american bridge hey guys it’s austin dillon aah gunshot oh there is it copy no difference of a shotgun so with it leave her ass none of us has some cheese it was changing at tinola where is everyone ah wait someone did have a shaman I am the detective sorry the done I am going to take the other oh I am good nice toes away two guys that’s nice up some cases the wiring let me follow hot oh wow all right way dead Texas missing an action someone that just happened there I just clicked on someone and it just into you like flashed away ball / Louis it’s all up to you okay looks like pause oh it means there’s no well wait on you give you deem it is what’s all this about it’s really two of them let ya you know oh yeah how’s that what else guys I was worried always dead no touching no space how could someone just shot me yeah oh it was it was ivory finally we found all I know I should we head if I the thread looks at me pretty much except vacation is a pretty fresh too said I think everybody know what you just say I can we don’t hate but I’m Rory in the end even choice yes had Adam starts putting everyone are you stoked Paul no he’s choosing to be there okay oh but I mean you might be watching so did everyone is watching respect I think I’ve got this abuse Lisa my bag in twos some hanging tunes banging tunes bei der der der der straight already the raid raid on justin e IC oh this is nothing around oops listen going on internal threats greater is he green up yes you can pull your character looks like um wasn’t in cotton from a risk yes yeah Fresh Prince of bel-air babe isis cleans up in the air whatever knows about that he can set us loose what they wanted to save me two rounds sure it’s a different kind of racist ass wife Carrie who hoo ray this is not the time to fall asleep wake up hey what was that that’s nothing you just one edge I had a nine toting come from the headphones well you really just wore on the map combats the exact same play you for it off this time live now me1 i’m even safe at this time poor did say he’s going for a walk huh cut hey oh wow oh wow oh she’s gripping stuff it’s GV were slightly away got a simple cut no they worry about that

whole oh sounds equipping weapons oh that’s probably jailbait that they’re just gonna say it’s like it’s not where you are oh you’re welcome Louis wallbang game oh I’m in bank I’m in Bank Bank bank is in the bag is ready for a consultation okay for alone shoot through the wall I am Thursday night again good just a patient getting everyone out of love oh wow boys everywhere but the stats come up on the gate at the end of the game saying oh this person did this one yeah that’s Christine Oh enjoy this stop ahead leave a moon close there no no no why would you do that the fall sure was the first one to narrow a bastard he killed an innocent man give Louis power he’s just going to destroy the world almost the first to kill two battles and since Mary was the first attack like you’re impossible let’s keep it that way Oh comes without no wait any guns on Edith these two guns I left am i right haha grenada by ya get out of the room I got more problerms the hell is going to solve it fire I just go hurry I was cut in there then select explosion the whole room to sell fire an extra while always alone in this I’m i always get thirsty visit words are the best footage I’ve got the bed I’ve got the fabric bird’s-eye view of everything is going on oh sure that’s good savory to the record i do i’m using their power point frame by frame literally other recording substance can be used as well yes a lot those are change and wait it huh didn’t read it did it is Panik to do good I’ll walk you I see a smoke grenade then someone jumped out ha that’s me huh should I trust you ah I’m detective Jedi gonna shoot me jeez go away from me oh don’t have 24 health did you actually think I think that’s the quickest anyone’s ever died initial interest not on the phone to record for by the way it’s been 17 18 19 minutes I’ve over 31 minutes Oh God what’s right discombobulated me I also hope you cannot ever heard it I’ll right let’s go blah blah bleh detective you out with the check thank me someone door I don’t feel safe so you just you anyone you see no one will get loads I’ll just cover niyati oh my dear just what you see you would just burn oh yes Mara is why we rated M for Mature m for master this isn’t allowed on YouTube rated R Khoury why is every time the Serpent’s running around Rick’s told Amanda that God down boy oh no Peter died but it did it did

it did it did it in the NLCS actually have no idea what it is no I got the taste 20 in this dun dun dun water no dihydrogen monoxide oh hell you want to what it’s a terrible poison yeah you don’t want to drink it oh so that is that again oxalate but that yeah dr going to name the new discovered Adam again young inion ileum it an easy on your knees IAM here and i found out i feel very badly wounded yeah and somewhat of the hell of course he following me yeah yeah all right what yeah I’ve been working out ah shoot all right shoot all right you know you know what you think I could do anything of a pistol yes you can yes it does an ego spit eagle that’s what is it ego-t go somewhere there you go I was always good and evil yeah I just know Eagle click clock at risk of an eagle that’s my scolded by summit at it eagle that’s a glove huh does it go this action do oh can you open doors on your bra hey and I off the start of the round because I love you killed someone yeah I’d actually managed to get the ring out of the pool I was hoping to kill Adam you did kill Adam but all i had was bringing to add that doesn’t yet full health I think i’ll advance all right let’s go just a sphere Hey oh excuse me I pick a freaking sniper throwing up look great ah I’ve really got nothing Oh finally your virginity yet see I’m gonna eagle you know that dessert Rory for that I play close the door I fully does can’t get anywhere ain’t got a gun yet oh ok but I fear by God ie that’s my god you didn’t no no no no Kay I’m not allowed to walk this way apparently what this way talk this wing house Lewis if you started shooting at so I would have killed you that’s what I’m shooting anyone why are you following me why wait ok this way first you five is that because in front of your dirty in this room yeah that’s worried a try find a weapon I don’t believe that about following me oh you know if I die you see on what’s up i suck every class is not to fire well this night but that was you I’m sorry I’m songs charge you me everybody Oh go Phil father take long come on sir pan Oh James Yardbirds really the father gonna like sniper TK sing something for you all right detective what huh oh you just drove you just pooped out a grenade that’s impressive ya beat that door I don’t like to be back this is there any more terrorists yeah Trey come on defective its own oh yeah yeah I got a hug it’s a choice to me to make two trails why am I stuck on top you trade toes no homo yeah me too how do you change it though that’s pray like press I want TTT trail on Mara can trouble max so yeah 30 to treat this is that everyone a traitor I detected I got away from me get away from me what to do get away from me but i will say to you you know what a hug pulled all the hook stuck in the doll know what’s going

on this is fine Larry just shop the stuff how about this don’t shoot me a message please please a big array I’m sure what is he always kill me little ah yes a running away from you I needed not running at me what do you expect it to do let’s Kelly issuing a place to embraces love every trust God faith I don’t go for you everyone Tyson you just take a normal definite yes no jacket we actually team up with this okay if you shake me I’ve never trust Ian data ok ok let’s talk i do some of the traitor health and kill everyone that I’m screwed why’d she kill feel personal taken he’s been in here she’s going on there’s a woman to details it is not that I said I’m gonna help kill people with you that’s gonna kill you right as terrorists I let you live irfan and this is how you repay me you didn’t let me live I just run away from you yeah I’ll you shot me you’re the one of the reason I died why do you confirm this deafness who you ready tells me I should ask was it that’s right oh oh wait was it a shuttle look I’m tired a battle I’m making it for its TP for ever come through the doors get to get ahead show is like as well use my gun I said I’m a real cool adam praise the traitor then it just be every time every time a door when you talk about is have some break I don’t get the child to kill you when you kill me for us hellas Rory do so what a little water now you don’t want to know what I was doing let’s just say you’re looking quite funny i think i was having a nice time with a toilet should you one more round yeah way around she the fat be little up and let’s just do one more round then and then we can service like play without having to good so I’m just I’m list of America looking up one world yeah like that it’s not me oh and you know you do it huh oh I of micros quiet oh wait a second gate well you’re eating cake you know this is scary sure okay guys are white stuff on it behind this Adam don’t say that phrase tie my shoe it wasn’t honey I haven’t found any guns if you [ __ ] so I start a snob i spawned on top of some walls woman for the hell is the shock of beef is the shock of peace awful you’re holding up the shock of peace hey I’m sure she’ll compete and poor look at this shall pass it on look at the list let Pete you put your gun on me clicking on this side Nickel hey somebody a sharp now don’t become fog or drink anything well basic n x 7 40 now what is it it’s me to me it’s me it’s me calm down Oh wash your hands ah oh my god where’s this happening I’m the detective I ok to the side these are doing it he’s trying to try kill me so second show I can’t get through the door oh well you never wait 20

oh my god the way to the way well alright but the Whalers are you shooting here we go I think he’s a [ __ ] I killed you in the whale they get their pad because he’s trying to chase after these energy so let’s get away right this way please oh isn’t really in the combine yes kids oh my goodness if downstairs I can go oh my god 30 hurt is that a actual dead bodies where okay I don’t think anyone has died yet oh sorry there’s nothing except I oh yeah I sure the loyal goes thank you sir daddy died uh oh this effective what they do live yah what huh for the hell are you behind you right yeah effect is not I don’t enjoy the world I would not trust you I auras on Chavez it’s just been attacking me with a way over last video where is everyone you’re all just gliding kill let’s stick together would be the perfect opportunity for jihad bomb though this would be totally sellers all to jihad bumblebee skirts famous here oh I dunno who’s you tis not me awhile usable the Pope’s run with the ball oh my god it’s oh my god everyone died that way we could I got in the back I couldn’t stay just you i never trust you right oh god the moment kill you all but I think I’m surprised you can see me put a bomb does leave this is how you’re doing oh gosh a see me for a ball under my kitchen sink cuz you’re inside a flower okay I tried to run away from the Buckeyes dice visible well that’s my recording bed oh yes Oh yelling it yeah we shouldn’t say goodbye first yep come on holox against Jews I yeah thank you for one thing for changing the signal what Adam said Rick me on god I don’t you see more subscribe if you don’t know what to us subscribe if it’s only our youtube account just as mad subscribe if you’re around like oh we’re full right your poor ray said okay to my fights already you