Live Town Hall from 3 25 2020

all right and we’re back we’re gonna try this one more time we think we’ve worked through the audio issues that we had so again we appreciate your patience if we continue to encounter issues what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna film the rest of this Town Hall and then we will post it later on our social media channel so you’ll be able to hear all the questions that we’ve already received from the communication we sent to students on Monday we’ve received a number of questions already and so we are going to respond to you that way so it looks like we are good to go so the two thumbs up that’s what we want here again thanks for bearing with us while we work through this so what we’re gonna do now is go back to Denise for a third time is a charm thank you I’m just gonna pick right up where I left off I wanna the whole purpose of this is to make sure that all of our students feel comfortable with the decisions that we’ve made and know that we’re here to support you as Ashley stated our website CWI dot edu slash coronavirus contains all of the information that we’ve shared with you to date and will also be updated to include this information we realized there’s a lot of questions out there people have different concerns commencement is a big one and that’s where I believe we started up technical difficulties so I’m gonna cover that again that commencement has been postponed not canceled we will hold commencement at a later date and as I shared with everybody on our blog a week ago we want to make it in a commencement to celebrate the just everything that everybody’s had to go through how we’ve all pulled together and as I stated previously we’re gonna make it through this event I want to let our students know how hard our faculty have been working throughout the duration of these past couple weeks readying their courses today we hit a milestone faculty all of our content has now been converted into an online format our deans or department chairs our center for teaching and learning everybody’s been working tirelessly to ensure that the content is a available tomorrow morning students will be receiving an email with instructions on what to do our faculty are being communicated with first this evening to ensure that they are all set to go and again you’ll be able to reach out directly to faculty for additional help and assistance and with that Ashley I’m going to turn it back to you all right excellent so next we’re gonna go on to Chad if you would like to take it absolutely similar to how our faculty and instruction are moving everything online Student Affairs is doing the same our Counseling Services staff are ready to set up zoom appointments with you to chat and to host those appointments our Disability Support coordinators are available as well remotely to help you to adapt to give the new class format veteran services will be there to answer questions and is hosting a live webinar next week to answer any questions for our veteran students they might have about their benefits testing and assessment we’ll be working to proctor remotely all of those tests which can be remotely proctored we’re also working with faculty to prioritize the tests needed for graduation and certifications so as soon as we’re able to reopen our testing centers we will make sure that you’re able to take that test you need to graduate to get your certification similarly we’re working to move online all of those tests and placement exams you need to finish your registration orientation for our incoming students we still welcome you and we’re excited to have you joining us here at CWI whether it’s this summer or during the fall all of our orientation for summer and fall will be available online starting on April 25th it will have all of the information resources you get during our normal New Student Orientation program in a format that’s going to be available on blackboard and will stay as a resource with you for as long as you’re here as circumstances allow we’ll be moving some of our orientation back to in-person this won’t be required but it will be an option for you if you want that traditional orientation experience or you want to come see campus or you’d like to sit with an advisor while you build your class schedule we will be putting those together in a way that safe when the situation allows if you’ve already signed up for an orientation session one of our team will be reaching out to you just as soon as we can to help decide what option is best for you and get you put in the right place finally engagement just because we’re all at home doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun and doesn’t mean we still can’t connect there’s a complete calendar of virtual events that’s available on the Student Affairs web page and there’s a link to it at CWI edu / go online on there we have events every day tonight

at six o’clock join us for trivia tomorrow at 8 p.m. we’re hosting a family-friendly movie there’s events every day they include wellness events exercise and yoga classes discussion groups on short term home schooling and a whole lot more we really hope that you’ll join us everything’s family friendly so for those of you with families please bring them along my 1 and 3 year old joined us for lunch already today virtual programming will continue through the rest of the semester and the calendar will be updated on the CWI student affairs page every day excellent Thank You Chad and Patrick I want to talk a little bit about financial aid and and students your accounts so a couple of updates remember to fill out the FAFSA every year also our scholarships are open for for next year the application is open through the end of the month also want to let students know that verification documents can be filled out and submitted online as well one update about payments and fees we will not be assessing fees for for student accounts for payment plans and this went into effect earlier this week so that’s an update for you as well our work-study students will still be paid for their scheduled hours as it regards further information every student’s account is unique so the answer is often individual and so we encourage you to contact our staff at Fayette financial aid at CWI edu through email we are getting constant updates from the Department of Education from the federal government and we will be in touch with updates as we receive them from them as well all right Thank You Patrick I appreciate that update so now we’re going to move into the question portion of the of the live event here and we’ll start out with non-credit so we’re gonna what is the status this is a question we received as you recall earlier on Monday we sent out a communication to students and this is one of the questions that we received on Monday what is the status of Workforce Development and basic skills education so all new program starts are on pause until July 1st current students of these programs or services will be notified by instructors on current status please visit specific program and services pages for more details and also if you have specific questions for workforce and development please go ahead and send them an email at W D at CWI dot edu and now let’s talk about online Denise will classes be online the rest of the semester thank you yes as we stated previously starting April 6 all courses will be online so that we can complete our semester and just a reminder that we’ve also extended our semester end by one week to ensure that all of our learning outcomes and objectives can be met for every single program excellent excellent and what about our Career and Technical programs science labs as well as nursing programs yes they will also continue and we realize that there are exceptions that we have to make in this delivery mode because of labs and other practicums etc so we’ve got some plans on campus to be able to offer those at each one of our locations with limits to the number of students that we will allow in and enhanced disinfecting protocols and procedures that everybody that is out these sites will be trained in to ensure the safety of our students coming to these sites excellent and so if we have a student who’s scared of going online right further their curriculum do they still have time can they withdraw the semester yes they can they can we encourage everybody to continue because our goal is to help you achieve your goal when you started with us in the fall none of us anticipated this but we want you know rest assured that we are prepared to help you and if you’re having a challenge transitioning online our library Learning Commons has put together some great resources to help you a five step guide to going online to help you make that transition plus a little area called what the tech for any students needing extra support for their technical and just realize that as Chad alluded to Ashley has Patrick as we are here to support you we have several of our own employees who are in your situation as well and our goal here is to reach out and help you together we can get through these difficulties although it won’t be the traditional manner we have put I think

we’ve covered every possible scenario and put things in place to ensure that you’re supported and remember when you have questions reach out and we will help you and so also following up if if a student is having a tough time when they’re online how do they get a hold of if they can’t get a hold of their instructor who should they reach out to they can reach out to their our advisors in student success and instructors do have contact information posted in their courses so that you can reach out you can also send an email and we just want to make you aware without the turnaround time you know expect probably 24 to 48 hours but you can also chat with them in blackboard so reach out post your question and if you need immediate help you know please contact library or student services we’ll reach back out to you via phone or email great and so as I mentioned earlier I know I sound like a broken record but hey we would love to hear from any students who are watching this live blog so go ahead and add your questions in the comments section below but I’m going to go ahead and read one more question that we received what if I don’t have all the necessary tools and technology to go online like cameras etc okay so we have also our library center has laptops available to checkout as well as cameras this is by request so we suggest you contact our library to reserve that and make sure that there’s availability we also have Wi-Fi access available in our parking lot so if you have a laptop with the necessary equipment but you don’t have internet access you can pull up to one of our parking lots and you can pull off the Wi-Fi in your in your vehicle not the most ideal situation but hey you guys were we are doing everything outside the box for this semester to ensure that everybody can finish what they started so the other big question that a lot of students have that everybody has right is is commencement right it’s a terrific celebration to to you know we share and celebrate with family and friends to this important milestone that our students achieve here at CWI can you give us a status update on that we do as I stated earlier we have decided to postpone it because the safety of our students family and staff is extremely important so we want to do the event and make it a very memorable event when it is safe for everybody to congregate again and if you’ve ever been to a CWI graduation it’s quite an experience and we want to recreate that and celebrate getting through this rather than just mailing you your diplomas in the mail so just stay tuned for that and as we mentioned earlier in the show when we first started there’s a lot of developments that take place by the hour by the day and so today is no exception as we know governor Brad little at 1:30 today announced a stay at home order how does that affect what we do here at the college you know that’s we’re currently getting clarification on that but education facilities have been deemed essential so we want to follow the governor’s order and we want to wait for our guidance to come from the Office of State Board of Education and then we will be communicating precise step-by-step guidelines for our students and how do I access the lab what is the protocol what if I need a computer what’s the protocol for that so as the guidance comes out from the governor’s office and OSBI we will update on our website oh that’s that sounds good that sounds great thank you so much Denise so moving along let’s go ahead and talk about testing here at the college and I’m gonna pass the ball over to Chad here so Chad how well in-person tests work like for math oh nine five absolutely so like I mentioned earlier the test that we can proctor remotely we will be our testing staff have the ability to monitor test remotely using the respondus lockdown browser already built into your blackboard so you don’t need to learn anything new your instructor can decide to turn that on and that means that our staff in the testing center will be able to monitor you while you’re taking your test from the comfort of your home some tests simply can’t be taken at home math oh nine five is an example and starting as soon as we’re able to we will have the math solution Center will be able to use their you can book me link that’s available in blackboard in order to do remote testing or to do in-person testing for those tests it’ll be an in-person test will limit the numbers of people will make sure you’re sitting at more than six feet apart to keep everybody safe but we do recognize that there are some of those tests that can’t be done in at home and so we will communicate with you on a

course-by-course basis to let you know when that becomes available all right Chad we’re gonna stay with you here so for our next question we’ll GED Testing open up again yes it will we don’t know when um as soon as the governor of the State Board of Education the Centers for Disease Control all let us know when it’s safe to start bringing small groups of people together we will open the assessment and testing centers at that point again maintaining that proper distancing we will make sure that students can take their GED tests to continue to move forward that our other students can take certification test and the students who need a test to graduate or to move into their career will be able to do so so while we don’t know the exact date we do have plans in place as soon as we’re able to get people back into the testing center to do so safely and to do so in a prioritized way that makes sure our students are on time and on track to graduate all right and again what about placement tests to get a minute yes English placement tests we’re already online and you can do that by visiting right class CWI comm that’s right WR ite um class CWI comm math placement tests were not previously available online but we our team is working to get those online as soon as possible we do want our new students to get their placement tests done to get placed into the right classes do their online orientation and get advise into the perfect class schedule for them for the summer or fall and so those will be available shortly all right Thank You Chad now moving on to Denise here we have a question what if someone’s concerned about their workload increasing and taking care of their kids especially during the soft school closure and a stay at home that’s a very real concern and we do have some guidelines a guide to going online which will help you we recommend when you’re going online it’s just like anything else that you have to schedule time utilize the time without you would have been coming to campus to take your class and plan to utilize that time daily for your study time and going online that way you’ll be able to stay on top of your coursework and you won’t feel more overwhelmed than you already do having your children at home or trying to balance the work life with that as well alright and another question we had is regards to externships and observation hours so will we be able to finish our required hours example health care and early childhood students thank you actually and that’s another great question we are our intention is to be able to complete all of our work hours which is one of the reasons that we extended our term by one week in addition we’ve also worked so that we can extend beyond that if necessary to help ours is complete but right now it’s our intention but as stated previously we are watching this daily and hourly just to make certain and again we will communicate that out so if you have additional questions contact your program managers directly to address any concerns you have because they have all been working on alternative plans to ensure that we can help you get through all right Thank You Denise Patrick we’ve got a question about payment what about late fees can you fill us in on that absolutely students who have balances and fees at this point were sent an email earlier this week with a variety of options but most importantly noting that as of earlier this week we’re not going to be charging late fees on accounts and for the payment plans right and will there be tuition refunds well CWI is really committed to delivering education for the duration of the semester and we’re encouraging all students to connect with their instructors about possible hurdles that they may have additionally I want to reference the CWI edu slash go online that is our document for how students can transition online in the very quick fashion that we’re all being forced to do all right Thank You Patrick Chad I’ve got another question to you break out the crystal ball here right are you ready okay so what about deadlines and orientations for future semesters summer and fall specifically absolutely so starting on April 25th we will offer online orientation through blackboard students who need to complete orientation will see that pop up in their blackboard and it will have all of the steps to go through it’ll walk you through all of the information you’d get from how to set up your financial aid account how to register for classes how to get involved on campus and online and everything else you need to know it’ll have resources for when you get to campus in the summer or fall and we’ll make sure that you have all of those questions answered it will also have contact information for everybody you might need to reach out to our websites our phone numbers our email addresses and people will respond to you if you have questions that pop up as we move on

towards later in the summer if circumstances allow we’re really excited to start welcoming our incoming students back to campus we’ll have you in smaller groups than we used to have we won’t pack you all in an auditorium anymore we’ll make sure there’s appropriate social distancing but we will still have that in-person orientation to come visit campus see our amazing facilities get to know some of the students and staff and sit down with an advisor who can walk you through the process of building a schedule so neither ways necessarily better than the other we just want to make sure that you have different options for whatever fits your learning style and whatever fits the college experience you want to build here at CWI excellent Thank You Chad and Denise I’ve got a question for you so how long will campus stay closed for and we will follow the stay at home order as long as directed by governor little today which I believe he stated was 21 days so you know stay tuned if there’s any changes with that again we will update and if it remains intact that’s what we will do with limited access and there’s more to come on that information all right okay yes so again following everything that we’ve gone through today we’re going to be posting this information on our website right so you can always go to CWI dot edu slash coronavirus for the most recent news and updates we frequently update that every day really in addition you can also go and explore CWI edu slash go online to find more opportunities you know talking five easy steps on how to go online and prepare yourself as we shift from in-person classes to spending more time online which is what we’re going to be doing effective April 6 so again we’ll be posting all the questions that we’ve answered here today we will be posting those to our website so if you have any follow-up questions you can you can look there as well and we’ll have a few more questions we’ll be answering here shortly and here we go so we’ll keep rolling here all right so what program are online application are we planning on using for online classes Microsoft teams Facebook live that was one of the questions that we received here Denise would you like to field that one for us well we’re gonna be utilizing our blackboard platform and a tool called collaborate which allows our students or our faculty to reach out with students there are other options as well some zoom classrooms as well as that all right yeah we’ve I believe we kind of touched on this earlier but we’ll revisit it again here is it no weather summer classes will experience a shift to online only right so as I stated this has been changing rather rapidly so we’ve prepared several scenarios so that we can alert our students and faculty and be prepared so we are preparing to go we’re assuming that we’ll be back our intention would be to be fully back for our summer term but in the event that we cannot we have already begun the process of identifying and preparing content to move to the online format through our summer ok well again we’re going online here and so thank you for all the engagement we’ve received so far we’re going to go to a question from Jamie Porter Jamie asks if the situation with the virus improved sooner than expected will we be able to go back to normal Jamie we certainly hope I think that’s a sentiment echoed by everybody that if the situation improves we are our intention would be to get back to our old definition of normal as quickly as possible all right this is a great one from Chandler Chandler thank you for this question what about using tutoring using the tutoring center on campus and that the micron center okay so our Learning Commons area has posted extensive documents out on the CWI website we also have a new option which is tutor comm that we’ve been using for since January so for the foreseeable future our tutors are being trained currently to be utilized blackboard so that will be an option and until we can go back to Amman or normal of offering of our education we encourage our students to utilize and follow the guidance that has been posted on the CWI website on how to access tutors again we’ve got a question here from sage and I know we talked about this a little bit earlier with one of my earlier questions but sage asks regarding the nursing program what plan do you have for nursing students to finish clinicals and may we continue our hospital clinic training as

of April 6th okay so that again is something I encourage you to go and speak with your program managers about because our Dean Kathleen curry and the program managers and department chair have been in close contact and have come up with several scenarios and plans and again this is our intention April 6 that we can resume with that but we also have the opportunity to utilize simulations in nursing so my recommendation is to reach out to your program managers and they will be able to speak to you thank you again ok well thank you so much Denise chad patrick for taking the time to come out today and i also want to thank all the students who are online in the virtual world today that are participating in this live event this question-and-answer event if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to the college you can reach us at the best the best place is probably one-stop so feel free to reach out to one stop student services at 2:08 562 3,000 and also we’ll have one stops contact information in the comments section here on the post will have that there shortly as well so you can find their email address as well as a link to their website also I always encourage you to go to CWI edu slash coronavirus thanks again for joining us today we really appreciate your patience earlier on with us this has been a great great opportunity for us to share and discuss some of the changes that are taking place here rapidly thanks again for joining us