ENG SUB 正片FULL【2020中国好声音】EP9: 大魔王单依纯连续两次被封印 赵紫骅淘汰李宇春心碎 Sing!China 202001023 第九集

Welcome to the 2020 “Sing! China” Let’s see who can be the best anchorperson for advertisement Welcome to the first challenger But she is not fast enough Let’s speed up her part I don’t have to speed up, watch me If you want to challenge me Come here At this moment, 10 students are coming full of musical energy They will show their best voice We are in Li Ronghao’s team Come on Tonight On this stage We will have a crueler mentor battle Half of them will be eliminated Let’s first welcome Li Jian to sing with his team “Yearing” Thanks Li Jian

Please go back to the mentor seat Everyone, please go back to the preparation zone Next, I announced, “Sing! China”2020, mentor battle Begins First of all These 4 bottles of milk in front of me The final drawing order is at the bottom of each bottle 4 mentors, please come to the stage We choose the bottles together And start this challenge Then Li Jian, okay? Good Nicholas Come on That’s it Three Two, one Please show the audience what you have Li Ronghao, first Li Yuchun, second Nicholas, third Li Jian The last one Ok 4 mentors, please go back to your seat Actually I came today To give you some surprises on behalf of Li Ronghao Yeah I know you will ask him before the contest You hope to be encouraged Some of you want the person who encourages you to be Li Ronghao But if you choose other people, he managed to “meet your requirements” too First of all Hello Mohan, hello I am Wei Li’an Cheer up Keep working hard Keep going Oh, goose bumps Next Nana Hello I’m Ouyang Nana I received a message from Li Ronghao today He said he has a student named Li Jiahao Then we want to cheer for Jiahao Hope he can sing better and better Then everything will come true Anyway, cheer up! Cai Xinhao and “Zebra Forest”, I will pray for you Because you are going to have a very important performance Believe in your music Believe in yourself Dedicated to performance Ronghao really did a lot for you Before the show, Toast together Start an organic new life Cheer up! Cheers! Let’s save the best state for the next competition Alright Ok Let’s have one more, okay? Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Mentor battle, first round According to the rules of drawing lots The first challenge team is Li Ronghao’s Please decide, in your team Which student will start the whole mentor battle Cheng Xin Cheng Xin Welcome, Cheng Xin Cheng Xin, please come out to your mentor I think she is relatively stable in our team So I think she is quite suitable to be the first I think it’s more suitable for you to sing this kind of song than the fast songs Because of this “hoarse” feeling, you have to sing slowly to make it be heard If you sing too fast, it cannot be heard This kind of song must be sung slowly I didn’t think so much I’m pretty confident I think the mentor trusts me In my mind, I must sing this song well Cheer up! I hope to give us a good start Cheng Xin

Which of the other three mentors did you choose for her? My idea is simple I’ll go from right to left Yeah I’ll choose Chunchun first Then, Li Jian Then, if I have a chance There is no chance Only once So at this moment, do you want to use your right to seal ? I think In Chunchun’s team, I think Pan Hong is pretty good I wanted to “seal” Pan Hong However, there will be 3 other mentors’ teams later I think I’ll save it for later I’ll use it later Anyway, this opportunity is also very precious Are you sure? I am sure I don’t need it Ok Cheng Xin, now please stand in front of Li Yuchun’s team You stand in front of this, stand here Don’t go further, you will see the names Yeah Ok Please decide your opponent by drawing lots Draw one After that, please give it to me directly Your laughter was a little scary It’s fine No Never mind OK, she has chosen Please take it, Cheng Xin Then give it to me When you were drawing lots, Your mentor can see the name on it So he gave a meaningful smile You know Because the only person I wanted to seal just now Is the person you are holding Yeah Then I didn’t expect it would be such a coincidence Ok Your opponent is Pan Hong from Li Yuchun’s team Pan Hong, please come to the stage I do not know I think it might be a fate Because of the “law of attraction” I did a lot of preparations this time Who can I PK with is a kind of fate And then it’s my honor too I just need to sing my song well That’s it Cheng Xin vs. Pan Hong in the first round The battle begins First, welcome Cheng Xin from Li Ronghao’s team “Unfinished Goodbye” Thank you Cheng Xin

Now, please exchange places with each other Next, welcome Li Yuchun’s team, Pan Hong “Soul Mate” Thanks Pan Hong

Cheng Xin, please come back to the stage The first round of the mentor battle Ronghao Please comment on the performance of your student and her opponent Cheng Xin What I want to say is No matter what the result is I think I see you singing like this, I feel so touched Because The present Cheng Xin and the previous Cheng Xin who gave me the demo the first time, are two different persons Totally different The first time I heard her sing this song, it was a rock version Yeah Later I told her that there were many ways to sing As a singer, You have to be able to sing in many styles Then you can become a singer So She was completely immersed in this song after she practiced once or twice I think the performance was perfect Congratulations Thank you Cheng Xin Thank you Yeah Thank you, Every song he chose for me suits me Some mentors gave me more possibilities This made me even better Thank you Actually, I told them If I didn’t give them something They chose me for nothing So I think that many young singers can sing a lot of songs Just they don’t know Actually I didn’t teach you anything I just found it for you I just helped you find an ability you didn’t find before Thank you Then my mentor is like a big brother, taking care of our younger siblings Yeah Then he celebrated my birthday for me last time I think it was the happiest birthday in 23 years of my life Ok Thank you Chunchun Pan Hong, I think After she sang, She looked at me Just that one glance The unspoken words were I handed you today’s homework It was such a feeling Because yesterday When we were rehearsing, she still forgot the lyrics Or she sang the wrong lines All kinds of mistakes I was actually a little worried But she was very confident She said I will hand you my homework tomorrow I am quite satisfied with the assignment today Thank you Chunchun Thank you Pan Hong Because I also want to thank Chunchun Every song you chose for me I like it so much Then this song is amazing I think the amazing thing is that in this song there is such a strong emotion But It is perfectly hidden in the light rhythm So It feels amazing This is not the song I usually listen to But I fell in love with this song So I also hope to sing this song well today

Like submitting your homework to her Thank you I figured Under the guidance of your mentor during this period of time, you have all made great progress So how important a good mentor is to students! Ok Let’s see the result Everybody Red, Li Ronghao Green, Li Yuchun First round Voting starts First row, please vote One vote for Li Ronghao’s team All the rest support Li Yuchun’s team Thank you all Please put it down The last row, please vote Unanimous support for Li Yuchun’s team Thank you all Today’s song I think Her singing, I think it can be described as perfect In the words of our common people She is born to be a star The final result of the first round is 9:42 This round, Li Yuchun’s team, Pan Hong won Congratulations Ok Pan Hong becomes the Top 9 of “Sing! China”2020 Congratulations Now, Pan Hong, please go back to your seat Li Yuchun, according to the drawing order Next, you are the second challenger Please decide, in the remaining 3 groups of students, Who will be the next to challenge? Ok Zhao Zihua, Zhao Zihua, please come out To be honest, I have confidence in Zihua Because Zihua, he writes his own songs I think He just needs to show his own characteristics This work itself, I think it is great Really great I hope I can compete with Li Jian’s team or Li Ronghao’s team this round If with Li Jian’s team I think the opponent will be Song Yuning or Shan Yichun It will be fun If with Li Ronghao’s team, I will have another PK with Zebra Forest That’s great, right? Li Yuchun Please select the mentor Zhao Zihua will challenge Nicholas has the strongest team I dare not choose -Rong Hao, -We just PKed -You’re right Li Jian, I lost to him last time Each team seems to have a reason not to be selected I hope. . But I’m a little struggling For example, Li Jian’s team Because our team lost to them last time Well Actually I personally I really want to compete with them again Pick yourself up from where you’ve fallen So the choice is Li Jian Li Jian’s team Li Jian’s team has 5 singers A lot of choice Then Li Yuchun Do you want to use right to seal for him? Yeah Li Yuchun chooses to use the right to seal Who is sealed? Who you don’t want Zhao Zihua to face? Which one? It’s Shan Yichun Shan Yichun was sealed Shan Yichun can’t play this round Because of Shan Yichun’s performance in these episodes People think she is a recognized strong contestant Everyone try to protect their favorite students This is normal So now let’s pick an opponent for him First of all, Li Jian, please take out Shan Yichun’s name from your team She can’t be in the candidates in this round Ok Now Zhao Zihua, please stand beside Li Jian Pick an opponent for yourself Once you have chosen, please take it out and give it to me Su Wei, please come out Actually when he was picked

I was a little worried about Su Wei Actually to tell the truth Zhao Zihua is great, in my opinion I think Su Wei is “in danger” now Very nervous, how could he run into me? When the competition started, I was particularly afraid of meeting Zhao Zihua, I never thought about it I can only think about singing There is no hope I am going to be eliminated, it’s my last song Second round Starts In the second round, Zhao Zihua vs. Su Wei The battle begins First of all, Li Yuchun’s team, Zhao Zihua sang a song he wrote himself “Dad, Where Are You?” Welcome to Li Jian’s team Su Wei “Moss” Thanks Su Wei

Zihua, please come back to the stage Li Yuchun Zihua’s song, From his demo to the completion of the arrangement To every rehearsal To today’s performance Actually, I have heard this song so many times But every time I still feel like I want to cry I don’t know why either Actually, I think I am quite strong But it’s in his music That kind of understatement, sincere emotion So touching So moving So I was really impressed by his music and talent Yeah Thank you Chunchun Thank you Zihua This song describes a relatively distant parent-child relationship Or to be more specific, the parent-child relationship of a single mom

I hope Everyone can resonate a little bit about that relationship To make them reconcile To make them think of the relationship Li Jian Su Wei I think this song is very meaningful to you Just like the lyrics “Moss flowers are small” “They want to learn to bloom like peonies” This song I have been keeping it in my heart for two or three years I have been waiting For the right person to sing You are the one I really like I’m happy for you Thanks Li Jian -Su Wei -I just learned that this song has been in Li Jian’s heart for two years Actually, I also like this song I think, standing here today, I’m already luckier than many people So I think I am the “moss flower” I stayed in a place out of the sun I have been working hard until now I am seen by so many people So many people hear me I feel very happy Then Let’s face the result Voting begins First row, everyone Please vote I still think there is a chance of winning Because I still believe in the power of this work Last row Everyone in the last row Please vote In the last row, Li Jian’s team won 7 votes Li Yuchun’s team got two votes Thank you all Please put it down Finally Zihua vs. Su Wei, 22:29 Su Wei wins Su Wei Please go back to the your seat Congratulations to Su Wei Representing Li Jian’s team and himself, he becomes the top 9 of “Sing! China”2020 Zihua So far Ok The competition is over It’s over for you Say goodbye Goodbye I’ll give a speech about the award First, I want to thank Ronghao When I sang the wrong lyrics that time, He turned around and recognized my work And then again When I was about to leave this stage Thanks to Chunchun She got me back I was able to sing more songs here Then I will continue to be a “qualified” Hard-working A great musician who is walking on the path of music I have learned a lot this time So I have no regrets Thank you Thank you Zihua This sentence, “in my blood” So this sentence is the essence of the song This is a very advanced way of writing Speaking of our students this year I think Zhao Zihua is a great one Definitely From the previous song “Time for a tear” Until now, this song has touched the hearts of others In fact, it can be remembered in an instant The songs he wrote Are way much better than the other singers And he is probably better than most song writers This kind of song were written by people who have experienced a lot It is a very good work I believe he made this original track more meaningful Nicholas Tse now As the third challenger Please choose Your first student to represent the team in this round Pinocchio, Pinocchio, Vocal Orchestra Please come to the stage Thank you Nicholas for giving us a chance to choose Because I think it’s better to take the initiative

To pick the opponent you may encounter, The overall win rate will be higher Sorry We have more people Yeah Ok Thank you Nicholas Please choose an opponent for Pinocchio Which team? I choose Ronghao He chose Li Ronghao’s team Nicholas Tse Should I choose to use the right to seal before the battle? No thanks No need to Well Pinocchio sent a representative to Ronghao Yes, just one person -1 person -6 people together, menacing Choose an opponent for yourself Have you decided yet? You can feel there are three of them Yeah No, this is Li Ronghao’s name You can choose me Please bring it here and give it to me All the members of the Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra, please come to the stage Now by drawing lots The opponent Pinocchio chose was from Li Ronghao’s team Cheng Mohan Cheng Mohan, please come to the stage Nicholas’ is the strongest team this year The failure in the last round was because I was too nervous After that, I’ve been practicing For seven or eight hours every day Then Li Ronghao also taught me to overcome this tension I was thinking that this would be my last song The third round, Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra vs. Cheng Mohan The battle begins First of all, welcome to Nicholas Tse’s team, Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra sings “The Lantern Song” Thanks Pinocchio

Next, Li Ronghao’s team Cheng Mohan “My Heart is Too Confused” Thank you

Thank you Cheng Mohan Pinocchio, please come back to the stage The third round tonight Two mentors How do you feel? Nicholas Let me start with Cheng Mohan Ronghao must have chosen your outfit Your hairstyle And this song -Is my heart too confused? -Great Confused? So confused I was so confused Do you miss your original hairstyle? A little bit That means you miss it, okay Pinocchio, when the audience listens to their 6 voices Of course, 5 voice types There is another part of rhythm I think it’s easy for us to listen But it’s actually very, very difficult to sing But today you did very well Thank you all Thank you Nicholas This song selected by Pinocchio I haven’t heard of it, sorry, is it a folk song? Yeah It probably describes the people who used to carry lanterns during the Lantern Festival on the 15th of the first month Then they go to the streets to celebrate, such a scene This is what we want to express on this stage Because it comes from our hometown Then I also want to let everyone know what it’s like to adapt the Chinese folk song with A capella I also hope that more young people can remember that In fact, our folk songs have many nice melodies that can be remembered Yeah I think your adaptation is also very good You are actually a very cute team, Pinocchio Thank you Cheng Mohan, this song How to say It was actually a sudden thought One day, I said you should try this song He tried After some practice, I said “that’s it, we won’t change” Because he sang high notes in the previous performance He sang something jazzy too I want him to show different aspects Watching a young man sing old songs… -You were born in the 90s, right? -1996 This song is from the same year Yup I feel great In fact, I usually listen to many singers, many old songs But he is the one who can bring you back to that era He has the potential Cheer up Thank you Ronghao Mohan My Heart Is Too Confused After singing, I am quite calm now Exactly Yes I’m not confused any more after singing Exactly I always want to thank Li Ronghao Thank you for teaching me so patiently I found my potential too Thank you Thank you Yeah Your hairstyle needs to be changed from time to time Thanks Mohan Li Jian Pinocchio’s song should be the hardest one in all their works ever I think it’s amazing And You described this scene Especially this year, it brought us a lot of warmth Thank you all Thank you Then Mohan Actually Zhou Chuanxiong’s song is hard to sing Very difficult In fact, Cheng Mohan has always been an underrated singer His voice is very good He has a voice like Zhang Yusheng But his voice is more magnetic than Zhang Yusheng’s He can sing different works Thank you Li Jian, the third round Let’s see the result First row, please vote In this round, Cheng Mohan from Li Ronghao’s team won The gap between the two teams in this round Was only three points But It is already the result Congratulations to Cheng Mohan from Li Ronghao’s team For becoming the third one of the Top 9 students This victory Do you think you improved a lot? I think I can be calmer on this stage This is the most important thing I am not as anxious as before This episode is also very interesting So far, all those mentors who started the challenge have failed

Right now Li Jian As the fourth mentor, Please select the student you want to send out in this round I think I want to see Who can’t sit still? Do you want to find someone who wants to take the initiative? I think Song Yuning Song Yuning Please come to your mentor I think we should play an original card And I am confident in Song Yuning’s work This is the first time I wrote and performed a mainstream love song on the “Sing! China” stage I am very confident You have chosen a student Find him an opponent Because Song Yuning wrote his own song So just like what Nicholas said Songwriter vs. songwriter It will be more exciting Nicholas’ Team Is there only one songwriter? Yeah “Tiger Head” But you can’t guarantee that you will get “Tiger Head” this time Yeah I think you can’t So now, I can only choose from Chunchun’s team Because Ma Lu, Qian Jiangtao are both songwriters No matter how to draw lots, there must be a songwriter Yeah They have this ability to write songs But the song doesn’t have to be written by them Song Yuning is a songwriter A guy He’d better to find a guy who is also a songwriter But it depends on his Luck Draw lots There are two songwriters in Chunchun’s team The probability of 1/8, it is actually very easy Song Yuning Please stand beside Chunchun Before letting you draw Li Jian Do you want to use the right to seal this round? I won’t Ok He won’t use it, Song Yuning Please Look at me Then choose an opponent for yourself by drawing lots Go a little further ahead Go ahead; don’t get the mentor, the two in the middle Yeah Yes There are two in the middle Selected, it’s him Right? Please bring it here and give it to me Done So the opponent you choose for yourself is from Li Yuchun’s team Qian Jiangtao Qian Jiangtao, please come out This round, Li Yunchun chose me a song by Chang Shilei The song called “Me”; I’m very confident now Because this song fits me very well I think whether it’s a cover or not It can express what I want to say Then I think it’s ok for me Round four Song Yuning vs. Qian Jiangtao The battle begins First of all, welcome to Li Jian’s team, Song Yuning brought the song he wrote “I Don’t Blame You Anymore” Thank you Song Yuning

Li Yuchun’s team, Qian Jiangtao Me Is this the song chosen by you?

Good choice Round four Li Jian, do you have anything to say? Song Yuning is extremely persistent He has lyrics in his head every day The others will take this as a torture But you may think it’s a pleasure I think Musicians can be immersed in their own music every day It’s a cool thing And you did great today You put strong emotion in your song Like the feeling of “that plane appeared later” It’s very graphic It felt like there were many planes I think it’s very good Thanks Li Jian Song Yuning First of all, I want to thank my mentor Li Jian He treats me very well Two things The first is This song is written recently Yesterday, we were still working on it, In order to show my different aspects, Li Jian chose a different style of song every time He said this time I will let everyone see I can also write pop songs Then I want to talk about myself Because we went all the way from summer to autumn Then I am very grateful for everything I am also grateful to all those who worked hard for it Thank you Thank you We are also grateful for meeting Thank you Chunchun Did you choose this song for him? Yeah Actually, He also prepared a song he wrote Yeah Then we The last time When I let him listen to this song We temporarily changed the our idea

Yeah Thank you Chunchun Qian Jiangtao I really like this song That’s why I want to sing it I especially want to tell everyone through this song Every individual is unique Thank you Li Ronghao Let’s talk about Qian Jiangtao first I told Chunchun before you finished singing I said this song was chosen well This song is perfect for you Sometimes it is difficult for you to choose the right song Yeah But I think this song by Chang Shilei I think It’s really suitable for you I think you have to thank your mentor for choosing such a good song for you Yeah Then Song Yuning He is a songwriter that I always like Today your song was more like a pop song Because his songs used to be more like Ballad songs This one is more popular It’s actually very difficult Because there are too many pop songs When you write, the melody might be almost the same Or sounds familiar He is a very smart songwriter He didn’t get too caught up in these routines This song that Li Jian likes I think it is difficult Thank you Ronghao Ok let’s see Result of round four First row, please vote Ok let’s see Results of round four Everyone in the first row, Please vote Thank you all The challenger is Li Jian’s team, Song Yuning vs. Li Yuchun’s team, Qian Jiangtao. The final score is 31:20 Song Yuning wins Song Yuning won because of his work He is good looking too He has the image of an old-school young intellectual Wearing glasses, very simple And his hairstyle is not that fashionable He looks like the people of that era All 4 rounds are over Congratulations to Li Jian for your victory so far 5 people are still on the stage But then the challenge is coming again soon Because we are back to Li Ronghao’s team again The order you previously announced -It seems we should challenge Li Jian’s team -It’s Li Jian’s turn Right now Let’s start by selecting contestant Ok Zebra Forest Please come out “Zebra Forest” chose “It’s All Your Fault” I hope everyone can see a band, in which they perform a slow song together Because they are all passionate now They are young In fact, they are a musical team They have both ability and passion This song is actually Is a very, very big challenge Because to be honest, this song is completely different from my music style It’s more like a feeling of stuffiness inside It’s actually quite difficult Ok You keep Ma Xinyi for the last round? Yeah Ma Xinyi wasn’t here in the last episode Is this an important reason to keep her till the end? Yeah I want her to see more Because she didn’t watch the previous live competition I want her to feel how exciting this is Ok The remaining students of Li Jian’s team include Shan Yichun, Gao Rui and Madina Duman. Do you want to use the right to seal? If I don’t use it, I have no chance to use it? Yes Then I’ll use it I asked, no chance, then don’t waste

I think she is the relatively strong opponent in their team I will seal her first Yes That one Do you want to use the right to seal? If I don’t use it Is there any chance to use it in the future? No Then I’ll use it That one -Shan Yichun, -Shan Yichun, sealed again Shan Yichun was sealed for the second time Congratulations to Shan Yichun This may be “Supreme Glory” Ok Shan Yichun, as an opponent, can’t play again So please take out Shan Yichun’s name again You can take it directly, I think There are two contestants available now Either Gao Rui Or Martina Duman Turn around You don’t have to This is okay Ok Bring it to me Ok go Your choice for yourself is -Your opponent in Zebra Forest -I want to pick one You want to pick, it’s okay Just tell me, let me translate for you I want to pick Martina Duman You want to choose, Martina Duman Why? Because I think She is amazing Because he thinks she is amazing In fact he chose… So far All teams have already competed on the stage Who can stand on the stage on the final night? Who can truly aspire to this year’s highest honor? Mentor battle, the same time next week See you Thank you and see you next week