Ан-24 а/к КрасАвиа | Рейс Красноярск – Ноябрьск

Welcome to another trip report Today I’m leaving the Krasnoyarsk krai, but I’m not flying to St. Petersburg on a direct flight, but with a connection in Noyabrsk This is a new route for KrasAvia, opened on February 18 and was almost immediately cancelled due to a virus Ticket price – $108, travel time – 4 hours 10 minutes There were only 5 passengers on this flight Utair H125 (AS350 B3) RA-07321 KrasAvia L-410 (RA-67018) KrasAvia An-24RV (RA-47362) An-24PV RA-46642 This plane was manufactured 46 years ago (29.09.1973) My seat – 1A Only in the first row you don’t have to suffer from lack of legroom This plane used to fly in Novosibirsk and Angara airlines

Since August 2017 in KrasAvia Distance between airports – 1241 km Yemelyanovo village

Big Kemchug river Small Kemchug river Chulym and Kemchug rivers

Druzhny settlement on the Orlovka river, Tomsk region Tetu-Mamontotyai lake Noyabrsk Yamal Superjet 100 (RA-89090) from Krasnodar

The next day I will fly from Noyabrsk on the same Superjet 100

This is how planes with shift workers are met Yamal SSJ is being prepared for the flight to Krasnodar, travel time – 4 hours An-24 is preparing to fly back to Krasnoyarsk Gazpromavia Superjet 100 (RA-89054), flight 4G292 Talakan – Noyabrsk – Moscow Thanks for watching!