Whirlwind Girl EP22 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

Senior I’m taking them to the training camp, I don’t think its a good idea to block here Senior, please let them in Move How is this little girl his senior?! No way, she looks like she’s only 14-15 years old No older than 17-18 years at most Min Zai is so polite to her, and those Chang Hai disciples following her Seems like she has a high rank But that is so rude If we weren’t on someone else’s territory, I would have hit her already Qi Bai Cao! I’m Jing Ming Zhu I’m very good, I want to compete with you Jing Ming Zhu? Jing Ming Zhu!? You’re Jing Ming Zhu? That little girl who was crying on the floor Don’t you dare laugh You, Qi Bai Cao Come here What do you want? I want to compete with you Is that how Chang Hai treat your guests? This Senior, don’t be so rash. They’re our guests Hall Master will be angry once he hears about this I Jing Ming Zhu, will let you know today you defeating me before was by luck Ayo ey Jing Ming Zhu It has been so many years now, your Chinese hasn’t improved, and it seems your brain hasn’t improved either? We just got off our flight, we’re exhausted You want to fight her right now? What are you thinking? This is a despicable person taking advantage of her You’re a despicable person You said Qi Bai Cao was the cleaner, but she was actually your breadwinner. You lied to me And now everyone is laughing at me Laughing at me for losing to a cleaner on Song Bai I have waited for so long now, so today I will teach you a nice lesson! What do you want? I want revenge, I want to defeat you! Are you such a sore loser? After losing to me two years ago, you still haven’t let this go? For you, is Yuan Wu Dao only used for fights? No, I’m not a sore loser But I can’t lose to you, Qu Xiang Nan’s disciple Qu Xiang Nan, shame! Qi Bai Cao, shame! Losing to you, shame! If you continue to slander my master, I won’t let you off so easily Shame! Shame! Shame! I will defeat you and wash off the disgrace You! What are you doing? You said it yourself, Yuan Wu Dao is not for fights Qi Bai Cao, let’s begin

Who? Are you making troubles again? Sunbaenim Sorry My junior, Ming Zhu, has disrespected you. I apologize in her stead It’s okay Ming Zhu apologize I don’t want to Apologize! I don’t want to! Sorry we’ll punish Min Zhu for her impoliteness Min Zai will take you to rest I’m so sorry Come! Senior let go of me! Qi Bai Cao!! Qi Bai Cao! Let me go Qi Bai Cao I’ll bring you all to your dorms Aiya this Jing Ming Zhu, she’s gotten taller But her attitude has grown bigger as well A leopard can’t change its spots Let’s go Okay, we have arrived These rooms are for the boys, and the ones over there are for the girls Everyone can rest now Senior Chu Yuan? Your room is not over here Then where do senior Chu yuan live? Your room is on front Then let us take a look, come, come Let’s go over there senior Chu yuan woow it’s so pretty senior Chu yuan this is your private room private room? so big? It’s a picture of senior Chu yuan it’s senior Chu yuan there’s no need for this, I will just live with everyone else no, you must live here Senior En xiu arranged this for you, she styled this room for you too Li En xiu, Li En xiu. It’s actually Li En xiu what are you doing, repeating this name Girl master she’s like the goddess standing on the top of an ice mountain the Taekwando Girl master Li En xiu, don’t you know her? no matter how may times I say it, it won’t express the excitement i feel inside I would never imagine that her relationship with senior Chu yuan would be this great it’s such a breaking news and she even arranged a private room for senior Chu yuan right, did you see that picture? but senior Chu yuan is dating Ting yi right now this is the common love triangle in those korean dramas, so romantic two genius girls and a tender handsome boy which girl is the boy in love with and who will he choose to spend the rest of his life wake up already let me tell you, your imagination is too overboard senior Chu yuan is dating Ting yi now it’s impossible for him to be with En Xiu your imagination is too rich Love! what is love? Love is a passion, it’s a feeling with impuls hard to control is not controlled by reasons even though senior Chu yuan is dating Ting yi now but love can explode at anytime the love itself actually Ting yi have now a strong rival

should we worry for her? Why are you looking so excited for? she has always had a crush on senior Chu yuan but she’s too afraid of competing therefore she can only imagine to fullfill her unrealistic dreams That’s not true! The fox preys farthest from its hole. I’ll never steal teammate’s boyfriend It’s a principle I uphold I just think between senior Chu yuan and En Xiu there’s something special then think for yourself, En xiu Arranged a room just for senior Chu yuan to make it easier for the two of them to date don’t talk about senior Chu yuan like that, he’s not like that When did I say that he’s dirty? You did. You were talking about Senior Chu Yuan Enough. We haven’t fought with Jing Min Zhu and you are fighting Jing Min Zhu might come any time That little girl is so defiant We should’ve had Bai Cao give her a lesson earlier To learn your enemy and yourself to be invincible We better not underestimate her Bai Cao, I belive that Jing Ming Zhu will look for you again Be ready Yes It must be Jing Ming Zhu The door is unlocked, come in Senior Ruo Bai?! Ah Senior Ruo bai? What are you doing? Nothing, just It’s just..weather is so hot, I’m cooling down I Come out for a second, I need to talk to you I’m so embarrassed You deserved it for laughing at me Now you get your punishment Don’t go Do you know what the training in Korea means to you? I know Coach Shen said I have to become the top member, to be able to compete against Senior Ting Yi And only when I defeat Senior Ting Yi, I get to participate in City Youth This is one reason I want you to take a look at the world the world of taekwando is very big in this world there are many talented masters All of them are trying their hardest to climb to the top don’t think that Ting Yi is your only goal even if you achive that goal, you haven’t made it to the top Ting yi has been a national champion for many years But this is international At best you get second or third These few years, girls’ taekwondo’s first place was always taken by the Korean athlete Enxiu Enxiu… female sage? Correct She was born into Taekwondo All her ancestors were predecessors of Korean taekwondo she competed in competitions when she was 12 years old besting all the Korean youth competitors

Korean taekwondo committee made an exception for her allowing her to compete in the adult games She got her first top place trophy when she was 13 She then participated in the international competitions, and took hope all the trophies Girl’s Taekwondo now entered the era of Enxiu So Guo Tianhuang, her when she was 17 taught her the 17 moves of blackbelt gave her the burden of carrying Korean taekwondo future and now known as Female Sage she so amazing I will learn all I can from Enxiu I hope that You will be able to surpass her I will first look up to senior Ting yi Then I will face the world, and try my hardest to climb to the top Why are you always wearing this hairclip because…I like it go go go hey Bai cao you came back at the right time quick let’s go what is it? you will know once you get there No?! No?! are you sorry or not?! No No!? No? No!?? wow, take a look Are you sorry or not? No No?! No?! This Jing Ming zhu can really resist to get beaten, you can see directly that she often get hit, ah?! I will take my revenge you You, you sit here for today, do you understand that? Jing Min Zhu is looking at us let her look I feel that we shouldn’t stay here for too long Sister Min Zhu i really think you were wrong, you should apologise this way everyone can still be friends you guys are not worth to become my friends im coming excuse me you are? Im Yuan Xiu Mei, i brought some hometown delacies for everyone to try then come in hello everyone her name is Ruan xiu mei, she is a friend at training camp she took with her some speciality from her home town for us take a seat so nice let me introduce you her name is Mei ling her name is Qi bai cao Im Fan Xiao yin, and she is Qu Guang ya we are all from An yang Try some of An Yang’s delacacies Thank you thank you Xiao Ying, do you understand what he’s saying?

I don’t understand what he’s saying, he doesn’t understand what i’m saying either I said he looks funny and he nodded Why are you listening if you don’t understand, are you stupid? You look so funny The eighth Taekwondo training event now begins Let us invite Master Jin Yi Shan to say a few words that Jing Yi Shan look s angry Keep it quite Everyone who is participating in this training camp I am Jin Yi Shan This years training camp This is the first time I’ve seen so many participants Amongst you, there are those who have competed internationally And won eighth place or up 32 boys, 24 girls Woah, too impressive I’ve only heard that there are many pros here but there are so many here that won a spot in the internationals in the future 3 week Every morning Chang Hai’s instructors will provide lessons And teach Every afternoon, is for each team to compete *excited about Best Camper Award why are you so excited, It won’t be you anyway the best camper will be choosen from the top 8 one of each gender, there will also be a prizze the prize is ten thousand American dollars wow wow there’s 10 thousand dollar? Bai cao must win the best camper to be able to compete against Ting yi good luck! the winner of best camper, will also get a bonus price You will receive a day of teaching from Yu Yue Head Master Yu Yue [Li Yu Yue] Is it Chong Ming? Or There’s a chance to learn from Yu Yue head master! Its only Yu Yue, why are you so excited about? No. Its Yun Yue head master! He is a godlike person A long time ago, he beat everyone the competed against him Any Master competing against him will be KO: ed at the first round He really beat everyone If he’s here he must be hiding I also heard the his daughter, Master Li En Xiu doesn’t even get a chance to train with him they must be pranking us How is it possible to even talk with Yun Yue headmaster? Omg This is thousands of times more incredible than thousands of dollars I must be dreaming Pinch me Quick pinch me What are you laughing at? I am glad to have met you The impossibles have been achieved like miracles It is almost magical

Because I have met you I have come to believe I can fly across seas of people Just to find you. I am not scared Because you are the guidance to my life Together, we can overcome any powerful storms Soar like the wind All because you have install wings on me You are the light that shines through my heaven The most beautiful dream is like right now I can soar like the wind Shine like the brightest light in ordinary world I will never waver to walk through the unknown future I am glad to have met you Meeting you is the brightest light of my life What kind of perverted test is this? They’re taking us as targets These soft bags will hurt too This is used to test our response and speed Don’t worried, it’s ok Really? Next up, Hu Yi Feng, Fan Xiao Ying This soon? If I get hit, will I turn stupid? What’s there to fear? Your IQ is already below zero Hit it a few time, it might become positive Hu Yi Feng Alright. Take it easy. Just try your best Take things as they come Hurry up. Let’s go Remember the reason you came to Korea I’ll work hard to be the best camper Are you okay? Look how much Im bleeding, How could I be okay? Senior Ruo Bai let us out for once, we should be shopping It’s your fault ! Telling us to drink some Ginseng chicken soup Look at me after drinking it, blood flowing nonstop So it’s my fault now? I wonder who it was that finished one bowl and shouted out loud that she wanted three bowls more You said the soup is nutrient and mild I haven’t even drank one and already getting nose bleed It’s because you have too much masculine vigor Look at Bai Cao and Guang Ya. They’re fine Hey Fan Xiao Ying, I must say you are so manly now What kind of guy would be brave enough to want you? Yes, I’m manly Your nose isn’t bleeding. You’re more womanly than me Of course It matches you very well Let’s go shopping. You may leave, petty maid Stop right there Can you blow this? Look here Hurry [Ginseng] Ginseng? Ginseng, it’s good -Boss, how much is it? -It’s 10 Korean Won for a box Xiao Ying!

Thief! Catch the thief! Thief! There’s a thief!