Superpower 2: Nationalist China | #1

hey guys this is that for those studios and welcome back today we are gonna be playing some more super power – already so much episode where I asked y’all to go ahead and vote for which country I should play as next in the comments section know what happens like I think you blew the [ __ ] up we got like 40 comments in one day that [ __ ] was insane you guys literally went insane although unfortunately the comments section was really widespread in terms of what countries you guys chose for me to play as and I really couldn’t make out a very clear winner I did see however a bunch of people say China I want to see people you know say go for the Baltic States much of people say Finland III think the the majority although in terms of everything and in terms of all the suggestions it still was very much a minority but I believe there were like three people who suggested China and then there were a lot of people who just solely voted for a country and then also two groups of people like like groups of two people I mean voted for the same country so it was really really mixed up and I really couldn’t discern a clear winner although I believe China was the most voted for although like it just said it made up a very very very small portion of your guys’s opinions in the amount of people that actually voted so I do apologize for that next time I think I’ll go ahead and put up a YouTube card poll just so that we can get exacts and maybe just limit down what countries there are for you guys to pick from so that way there are a million different answers and no clear-cut winners but I’ll come up with a different system to use next time it’s just I really wasn’t expecting to get a bunch of people suggesting a bunch of different countries but first of all before we go ahead and get into this I want to go ahead and say thank you for all those comments that [ __ ] was crazy that was really crazy and also you know thank you for all the support all the everything like that it means so much to me I really do appreciate it guys and once again thank you guys for voting if you have a suggestion on how I can actually do voting next time then please please please hit me up with a comment below but I really think that system of voting doesn’t really work especially considering the amount of people that actually comments and I was not expecting to get 40 people to comment on that video and suggest a country for me to play as so I think that’s why I think therefore if there were a lot less people then you know the choices in the amount of countries that were chosen would be a lot less and there would be more of a clear-cut winner but anyways that’s besides the point I’m gonna go ahead and be doing this playthrough as nationalist China and I was originally going to play as communist whoa what the hell oh sorry for that I was originally going to play as Communist China and I said that it would be pretty interesting to play as them when I was actually you know playing a Soviet Union and asking you guys which country I should play as but I kind of changed my mind because someone in the comments said that nationalist China would actually be a lot harder to play as named Communist China because although Communist China is a very small country and they’re landlocked in the beginning they can very easily steamroll over nationalist China because their military is a lot weaker so I’m going to be playing as nationalist China here and also once again if you take a look at the Empire map mode half of our country including basically the economic powerhouse of our country this eastern coast right here it’s really really really the biggest portion of our economy it’s really really poor important and really really vital so that’s occupied by Japan unfortunately if we click on that so I would like to go ahead and pop through here liberate the rest of China and then annexed Communist China get them back under the fold and then head into Korea and see if we can’t free them and maybe even an Kariya that would be really really good if we could annex Korea but first things first we need to deal with economy so go ahead and actually well we’ll leave it on the Empire map mode for right now all right so let’s just go ahead and open up the economic tab and first off the bat we’re gonna have to raise up taxes to like 70 percent it’s gonna have to get really ridiculous and then the little bump down the interest rate down to zero percent as usual and then we’ll go ahead

and take a look at our budget all right so what are we dealing with here we can completely eliminate health care we’re gonna hit the lower government spending definitely and we’re definitely gonna have the lower research as well heck we might even be able to lower taxes a little bit as well mmm okay yeah we’ll completely get rid of propaganda completely bump up infrastructure um if we can get the environment yeah there we go all right well we’ll just leave environment right there that should be fine I don’t want it to be too low because that’s really gonna hurt our economy and as nationalist China we have a [ __ ] ton of consumption going on and we don’t have a lot of production going on so we’re spending a lot of money importing food services goods the whole nine yards and I really really just want to help lessen that whole effect on my you know daily budget so I’m gonna go ahead and leave environment right there I think I think this should work out pretty well we can accumulate a little bit of corruption what’s is at right now thirty point seven percent so this is actually gonna go up about 20 percent our corruption here which is gonna end up probably doubling the amount that it’s gonna cost us hmm I don’t know I still think it’ll be beneficial to leave it there so we’re just gonna leave it like that all right so first things first in the economic tab is to go ahead and legalize drugs and we’ll put it on a private market and do it at a sector tax of 10 % there we go and we might even want to lower the taxes of all these I don’t know if we’ll be able to pay for that barrel mm-hmm yeah a lot of the taxes that we have going on here are pretty ridiculous like I’m seeing 20% yeah 20% tax on engineering yeah that is terrible there’s no way we’re gonna get growth with that percentage of tax so I think I might just go at an institute ten percent flat tax and we’ll deal with whatever backlash in terms of budgeting we get from that but we definitely need to lower it down to 10% because it’s gonna absolutely SAP our economy if we have sector taxes and certain sectors at you know 15 20 % that’s really gonna suck for us especially when we’re trying to grow our economy here right in the beginning of the game where our economy is extremely extremely weak we need to go ahead and keep taxes as low as possible now of course taxes in certain sectors are gonna get heightened a little bit but overall taxes will go down so that’s what I’m looking for here and heck if we are meaning consumption in an area which I don’t think we are yeah no we’re not meaning consumption in any sector yeah okay that is really pitiful oh yeah that is extremely pitiful I was gonna say that we could nationalize a few sectors but as you can see that would not be a very good idea not at all we might eventually do that later on though once our economy starts going a little bit we may not end up nationalizing something or if we annex a country with really good production in a certain sector we might go ahead and nationalize it there but I don’t know we’d have to annex a pretty damn good country for them to be our production level or I mean consumption level all right so there we go 10% and we’re almost done here we just got cereals to go and there we go sweet so interestingly enough if you think a look at our per second ah you take a look at our total percentage of the market share we actually own a [ __ ] ton of the world’s market share and a lot of sectors especially in food and agriculture just the thing is we have so many people that we still despite our percentage of the market share that we own we still do not meat consumption so yeah China’s population does get a little bit ridiculous there but yeah okay so there’s that what do we got going on over here what is this suit advisor yeah getting restless I don’t care that’s cuz I like raise taxes and everything but who gives a [ __ ] am I right or am i right alright so we’ve got four insults here and I’m thinking we’re just gonna completely knock out all of these guys I really don’t need them in the beginning of the game and if I ever do need to pick up some covert cells later on it’s not gonna be hard at all it’s very very easy I mean we can train up what an elite cell in like nine months so that’s

really easy population is getting restless yes I know I will deal with that very very soon so ah with our population being Restless I’m gonna go ahead and switch over to a single-party democracy right there and this’ll you know pretty much make it so that way we don’t have to deal with approval rating so we want to completely Mack that out of the ballpark for right now I would also like to get rid of freedom of speech who actually maybe we shouldn’t do that because I am mmm I don’t want Western nations to hate me I do have to keep that in mind Great Britain really really likes me so if I can actually get a little bit more fancy with Great Britain I think that would be a great thing to do can we get an alliance going with them yes we can indeed sweet so we’ll go ahead and get that going if we can actually get like a common market with them now that’s going to be refused and thinking like assume my dad who I don’t know they’ll probably be negative for quite a while though all right well maybe we won’t do that then we’ll legalize abortion though that’ll help us get a little bit more friendly with Western nations because you know relations are a very very integral part of this game so we can go out and legalize abortion there Mandarin Chinese we’ll maybe we should actually change that that really doesn’t make much sense cuz none of our population speaks Mandarin so let’s see what can we make it then mean on here I think we’ll have multiple official languages so we’ll have Cantonese mean on min BAE maeín Mandarin so we’ll have like four official languages and that will help increase approval so that’s good there I don’t think we’ll set an official religion we’ll keep everything else the same in there or maybe we’ll legalize the freedom of demonstration no no we’ll leave that legal for right now okay so there is all of that taken care of we’re meeting our budget and we’re actually making a little bit and we will be able to pay off our debt in a very small amount of time actually so that’s good I would like to go ahead and combine our Navy’s first of all because we’ve got to split up needle units right there so let’s go ahead and get those guys together and we have a very very small Navy unfortunately yeah it’s pitifully small of Japan Oh or we not at war with Japan well that’s gonna have to [ __ ] change isn’t it how the hell aren’t we at war with Japan if they own [ __ ] half my country the [ __ ] is that free my region [ __ ] they refused it they [ __ ] refuse that are you kidding me I wonder if I would get hate for declaring war on them oh well actually everyone really hates them so no I wouldn’t at least well I mean it’s still gonna [ __ ] my relations because if you look Europe kind of really likes them because they’ve got Germany and Italy [ __ ] all right um let’s see let’s switch over to Empire click on our country I want to take a look at our treaties our existing treaties let’s see are we in any like alliances no we are in more than just in standard world trading organizations here yeah we’ve got like all of Asia here yeah that’s just very very standard stuff okay all right so maybe we could get some more trade agreements going on with Europe that’d be good for us okay well let’s go ahead oh now we’re taking on quite a bit of deficit but we need to go ahead and first of all here we need to go ahead and attack Japan so what I’m gonna do is just quickly embargo the [ __ ] out of them to lower our relations and we’re gonna completely steamroll over them so there we go that should be good enough there and yeah they completely hate us let me click on them yeah there we go negative 100 so we are good there now we can go ahead and commence war oh actually you mmm we might want to beef it up our military a little bit I feel like Japan’s military is definitely a little bit more beefy than mine how is their Navy though they actually whatever

really weak I can’t see I can only see that that army of six right there [ __ ] well let’s see let’s view our Navy what do we got here hmm it’s really not that impressive yes I’m pressed up at all um well train those guys up though whoa I didn’t train him up hmm all right well I don’t like requests war and get [ __ ] up you know what I mean so let’s go ahead let’s actually visit the black-market I think we should so go ahead and buy some infantry vehicles yes buy a bunch of these boys all right and we’ll get some tanks as well I just want to really beef it up my military and hey looks like I’m buying a lot of these units from Communist China so that’s gonna be great for when I go ahead and start you know attacking them so that way they’ll have less troops that’ll be amazing so yeah we’re just picking up all these tanks there we go and then we could go ahead and get some artillery and more stuff from Communist China fantastic man oh we can like buy out their whole freakin army here Jesus look at this oh that is great that is great all right what about fighter craft can we get some some nice aeroplanes yes we can we could get a bunch of them from communist China as well fantastic man fantastic what about some attack aircraft yeah that’s see any communist China attack aircraft up for sale that’s okay though we need it regardless all right so that should be good that should be f—ing up our military enough to at least take over the rest of mainland China I really hope that’s good enough though all right well let’s go ahead go balls to the walls in the cloud on Japan request was there we go glorious I don’t know why we don’t start off at war with them in the first place like they they occupy my territory but we’re not at war [ __ ] don’t make no sense [ __ ] literally makes no [ __ ] sense and I’m not even sure if Japan will be able to get over here I mean they have a navy but are they gonna use it you know what I mean like hmm here can we march in to Korea as well because I’d like to take over North Korea that would be [ __ ] great I know that all town is attacking North Korea how do people actually like North Korea though oh [ __ ] people really don’t like me oh and it looks like since Japan is a part of the you know access alliance it looks like Italy and Germany also declared war on me [ __ ] well okay yeah we’re gonna need to lay low for a little bit here let’s go ahead check out our war list and see if we can go ahead and set it to peace yes we can all right so there we go we dipped out of the war with the axis tripper on tante so that’s good but now we have the rest of China under our claw we still are negative in terms of our budget so we’re gonna have to lower something else um what do we want to lower we could completely get rid of research let’s do that and raise taxes up to 80% and that’ll put us on a positive budget all right that’ll work that will work yeah that’ll definitely work okay oh no now we’re negative again [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] huh we might have to go begging a little bit hmm yeah well Great Britain like I said really really likes us so if we can just wait until they are in a positive state of budget then we can go ahead and get some economic help from them and maybe also from the spanish republic will they give me any help I don’t think they will cuz now everyone’s really pissed off at me so I don’t think they will ya know they’re not gonna [ __ ] um who else the u.s. actually really likes me they’re my

second most liked country but only 2727 relation with them hmm economic aid oh yeah that’s right well they’re negative okay so we’re gonna have to wait until one of those countries either Great Britain or the u.s. goes in a positive balance and then we could jack up our foreign aid switch our internal waz over a little bit and just kind of mooch off of them yeah all right sweet so I’m just gonna wait a little bit of time then for Great Britain or the u.s. to go into a state of positive balance so I’ll be back when that happens and voila welcome back to the future guys the u.s is now in a state of positive balance in terms of their economy so we can go ahead and begin mooching off of them first of all I want to take a look at their internal laws and okay so yeah we’re definitely gonna have to do away with child labor but that won’t really matter because we’re gonna be able to pump a bunch of money into our economy and as you can see we’re actually doing very well in terms of our budget right now we’re actually on a positive budget and we I think can lower taxes a little bit yeah yeah we should we should can lower taxes by – no no not 21.5 percent my bad so that’ll help us out a little bit there okay so let’s go ahead and match the us as internal laws they have freedom of demonstration permitted obviously get rid of child labor and we are completely matched up with the u.s. in terms of internal laws and Wow Great Britain really like that holy [ __ ] yeah they really really like that everyone else not so much not so much why does the Soviet Union really hate that I might be because they have child labor and yeah freedom of demonstration okay damn I hope that isn’t gonna really [ __ ] us up that Oh God yeah that puts us pretty bad with some countries but I don’t really give a [ __ ] of communist China hates me all the power to them as long as they’re not sabotaging me I kind of actually want them to hate me so that way they declare war on me and then I don’t lose relations for going to war with them and also yeah like six years past for this [ __ ] to happen so yeah there’s that anyways the US over here we still need a little bit of relations with them so I’m just gonna go ahead and bump up for a need all the way up and that should put us at boom 87 with the u.s. suite and now we should be able to get economic aid from them boom and they should be able to assume my debt and they will sweet actually well we didn’t have any debt to begin with what the [ __ ] am I saying okay so yeah let’s go ahead and actually get an alliance with the u.s. I think that’d be really good oh I wonder if the Alliance are the allies my bad not the Alliance the allies is a thing indeed it is can we join it yes we can sweet yeah I’m definitely into doing that so who is currently in the allies right now it looks like Canada pull and Graper in in France so yeah it actually looks like quite a good alliance to be in yeah that’s really nice actually I kind of like that sweet so if like Russia ever declares war on us or if the Axis powers never go to war with us again we’ll be protected at least in a defensive war we’ll be protected alright sweet so I’m gonna go ahead and the maxing out my resources and we’ll start with food and agriculture and you know how the drill is we’re just going to go through and increase production on everything and then just drop all of our debt on America and I believe as nationalist China week actually accumulate quite a fair bit of debt before we you know actually get to a state of Anarchy and our economy completely dissolves so we should be able to actually increase production on this quite a bit and of course we are gonna have to wait for the US economy to recover and you know go positive in terms of their budget once again but they should be able to pull it off boom there we go yeah our drug production is really good we might even want to nationalize this since we’re increasing production so much I’ll put you in a difficult economic situation sure okay so there we go now we’re on the brink of economic failure let’s go ahead and drop it on the US oh this is gonna double there oh god no that’s not even gonna double it that’s gonna like [ __ ] multiply it by any basically holy [ __ ]

oh my god well have fun with that America have have a lot of fun with that I’m gonna go ahead and nationalize – I don’t know if we should though do we even need to I don’t know if we even need to it might not be a good idea as well cuz our production might start dropping and I don’t want that to happen all right well that’ll actually that’ll better be fine for right now and can I even lower taxes down a little bit more as well yes I can sweet so we’ll go ahead and do that advisor warning yeah okay yeah no no that’s fine all right so let’s take a look at the u.s. how are they doing oh yeah that that really [ __ ] them up actually I hope they can recover from that because if not I’m have to find another country to mooch off of but anyways that concludes the first episode of explain superpower to as nationalist China thank you guys so so much for tuning in to this episode if you guys are enjoying the series so far please be sure to leave a like please be sure to comment and please please please subscribe everything up sell and it really does mean a lot so once again thank you guys so so much for watching and I will see you in the next episode bye bye