MapleStory 2! Ludibrium Party Quest Guide (Lv. 46 PQ) (Walk-through)!

salutations everyone and welcome back to maplestory 2 before I jump into the loot EPQ I wanted to show you because last time I showed you the repeatable quest for the shadow world PQ after the PQ and it was kind of Wiggy and weird so this time I’m gonna show you where to get the loot EPQ quest repeatable quest for extra exps before the PQ so I’m in the like mechanical town of some sort this one right here on the map and I’m up here in the corner right here I’ll show you right where to start the quest and actually if you go in here and do this quest it’ll automatically teleport you to the PQ map only one time though so you talk to this guy activate the quest talk to this thing and it’ll take you right to the map which I’ll show you here there we go for a reason I thought the M button wasn’t working I’d been bad here’s the map right here this is the Luo dpq map so just wanted to show you that real quick and then I will be right back to show you who to talk to to continue the repeatable quest and start the PQ so once this is done loading okay I will see you all in just a few minutes well to you seconds but you get what I’m saying alright we’re back we’re back we’re back we got a team of four ready for the PQ as I said after you get that one quest you get teleport here you talk to this guy and you start the quest and there’s an important part at the end of the party quest which I will explain once we get to it but we are about to get rockin and a-rollin here once we get our last guy here which his name is titi he’s a priest so that’s good because having a priest in this PQ is like almost a necessity like you need him well you don’t need him but it’s definitely a good thing to have so once he gets over here I’ll do the countdown this time one Oh God okay let’s go in let’s start ok so there’s quite a few stages to this first one is yeah I get four numbers and when you get those four numbers you have to put it in a keypad that’s on the ground if you get the numbers wrong in any way shape or form a bunch of sentry robots come out and blast your ass so try to avoid that but uh I’ve done this so many times we shouldn’t have a problem however it’s never about what you do it’s about oh they changed it so now you have to kill the robot it used to be where you could get like right on the corner and it wouldn’t hit you but they changed it oh they’re sly there’s they’re there they’re witty okay so we’ll take care of this guy no problem okay so it looks like I’m gonna get the first number here oh no one okay and then one nine okay oops okay it doesn’t look like we have to kill these address these guys run forward help of this person kill this we’re a team take this guy out no problem cool alright she’s got that I hate those cheap shots so annoying quit attacking okay 197 and we got the last one right here so we’re gonna run a front ahead 1 9 7 6 ok so I’ll get the 6 and then I’ll get the one in the 9 so we got it no problem move on to the next stage so this next part you gotta enter in a code and it doesn’t matter what number or what

combination you do first or last it doesn’t really matter it’s all about preference but no matter what there’s a specific number for everything so you got 21 which is basically set by Oh God the easiest way to explain it is those two left computers is your 1 & 2 and then your 2 or 4 right computers is your 1 through 4 so there’s two odd numbers and then there’s 2 even numbers the even numbers are gonna go with your ones and the odd numbers are gonna go with your evens so you got 23 and 21 and you also got 12 and 14 so long as you enter in those four and do the challenges you’ll get right to the final boss so this one here we did it was 23 and that’s the Cerberus fight oh yeah Cerberus 3-headed Cerberus yeah something like that and but yeah this is pretty much just beat them up kick its ass and it’s a good to go for the next challenge there’s the only stage as I mentioned aside from the final boss which is PAP that only drops an item the other three challenges gives you chests to choose from a ton of money well this gives you a ton of money in so does Pat but it’s all about money the money’s good it really is it is a lot of good money from these this PQ it honestly funded all of my purple equips so do PQ’s people it’s great it’ll help you in the long long run come up here you gotta take these guys out because he they will heal the the boss and it can become a little troublesome if he keeps getting healed you know I have an ESP I guess that’s a problem yeah I don’t know what they’re saying I hope hope it’s not mean I think I’m doing a good job yeah I think so okay so we’re almost done here we won’t have to worry about those guys spawning back because this thing’s dead it’s done it’s over doom look at that good stuff cutscene get your item get your monies and they’ll activate the switch one start okay so the next one will do 21 which should be the I think it’s the scavenger hunt where we gotta find the ship parts for Andy the time traveller stott which this has something to do with the storyline of the of the game but because I can’t read anything I can’t tell you otherwise so uh in in my heart I believe that as part of the storyline so so basically you just beat up these guys they’ll drop some items sometimes aside from that they yeah see they got some items they’re fixing up the ship other than that you got to run around look for like little gears like spinning which hopefully I can find one for you guys so I can show you there’s usually like over here part we’re missing looks like goggles that’s how I always remember nope nothing over here let me check my sweet spot I got a spot down here that I always check yeah see there’s one back here so check that out uh well that didn’t drop anything maybe they got it they’re running up so I’m assuming they probably did so I’ll climb out let’s try it changed my climb button yeah not a good time to do that yeah they got it okay boom look at that now you can pick a chest gives you a ton of stuff money which that’s all I’m going for really I’m in it for the cash okay so we got the twos out of the way now we just need the ones so we need one two and one for which they are already on top of this is good this is definitely because of the latency that I

am in the u.s. that they’re way ahead of me now can almost guarantee that but that’s no big deal because I make up for my little bit of a disadvantage so this one’s you’ve just got to follow this guy he cures all the tainted areas pretty much which he seems to be a reoccurring character so he’s got to have something to do with the storyline as well because the boss at the end here is also a reoccurring boss and it’s the same one from the tower-defense PQ because I don’t know if any more like I don’t think you can kill him in the tower defense PQ he probably disappears after a while like if he takes too much damage I’m thinking because that’s what he does in this part too he pretty much if he you knock him down to about half health and then he like does a super knock back on you guys and stun you and then he disappears so he’s got to have some kind of like story of some sort because it keeps coming back yeah I’ll head forward here see he keeps reoccurring so I don’t know what he has to do with the story hopefully a good chunk of it because if you look at him I don’t know it this is just me but this guy’s got a white wing and this guy’s got a black wing at first it looked like a scarf but now maybe it is a scarf I don’t know I can’t quite tell but I don’t know it’s like Larten light and dark and whatnot I don’t know I don’t know all I do know is you got kick it’s a kick its butt about half way and then he just kind of he goes off doing his own thing almost there thankfully it doesn’t take that long boom see he goes stunt lasts for a while so does the freaking poison and I like the poison kind of shuriken and then the last one is going to be one for which that’s gonna be a junk quest of sorts which normally I do pretty good on but sometimes I can also do really bad alright let’s just jump right into it yeah okay this first jump always screws me up because hitting my up and left key for whatever reason it won’t allow me to jump but every other key allows me to jump so basically you don’t want to hit the red things because they’ll bring down a freaking wall which it shows you right there that all disappeared but yeah it brings down one of those and everyone in the party gets really pissed because you brought down the wall that’s why I try to avoid ever hitting the purple squares but you know sometimes it happens that’s why I keep activating these screens because there have been times where I’ve died and I’d had to run all the way back and it’s just a pain but it’s fine okay this next one’s a little tricky ah got it I’m gonna let them do this next one cuz there it’s like a half and half for me I can get it sometimes and then I can screw it up sometimes so better off just letting them handle it cuz he was all gung-ho he was going forward he was like I got this man he’s got it boom look at that and we saved the chief we get our last treasure and then it’s on to the final boss which is type of lattice do one stud this is the TMX 980 or 950 or something Oh TMX 980 how was right the first time and it’s like freaky now it’s like overload Oh taps voice what I normally do is I use

this skill but you don’t want to go inside that tornado because it’ll hurt you he’ll are you bad and then usually groups want to stay in the right corner left corner over here because it avoids all possible like map like the map alters itself see how where shows that’s read those blocks disappear and you can fall through and you don’t die but you get sent to a platform off on the side where you gotta fight you gotta fight a few monsters which he’s going to do that anyway in just a little bit he’s gonna start freaking yeah Larry’s freaking out and he teleports you off to the side which you got to take out these mobs and then once you take out the mobs you can go back and start fighting again so it’s not that big a deal pretty easy as long as I don’t die but sometimes like right now he if you don’t pay attention he does the tornado and he’ll make the blocks inside the tornado area like it’s doing right now disappears so you better hold over so you don’t fall in on them or not but it didn’t look like I had that much of a problem with it this time we took him down about halfway already so we might be able to take him out before he even teleports us again hopefully it’ll be great he’ll be awesome he’s gonna do a push attack super-k be knocked back now you can go back to kicking his butt and does a little sappy thing in front of him again you didn’t do that for a little bit and he’s gonna teleport us all again there he goes he’s doing it oh well I’m not gonna get teleported that’s the only way you can get out of dude get in teleporters if you just flat-out die which I mean that’s one way to do it you know I mean just keep fighting them I don’t mind dying I don’t care all right just a little bit more yeah he’s definitely gonna die this time no problem he isn’t even gonna get a chance to do the super knock back cuz we won’t let him oh come on yeah there we go taken out but yeah I look on the back here shows Bella over on the side there or what looks like Bella and then there’s another thing back here so success now real quick when you first do the repeatable quest coming from that town and talking to that old guy in front of the PQ you want to go inside of this portal it takes you back to that town and then you accept the quest or finish the quest that way now after you do that the first time and it starts the repeatable quest anew you start going in this portal instead so or no no no sorry I got that mixed up this takes you back to the PQ entrance sorry you got to talk to the mad scientist looking guy again and then he gives you a new quest which is the repeatable quest and then after that you go through this portal so just remember that the first time you do this PQ after getting that quest you go in this portal and then every other time after that you go in this portal so sorry I made it a little confusing I mean it’s been a while since I’ve actually done it so yeah so it’s pretty pretty straightforward PQ just got to remember those combinations in the first part and for that you know to get to all the different stages itself but yeah see this portal takes you back to this way and then you just go inside and you you just talked to the guy inside of here but this is only after you do the right portal for the first time you do the left portal after like your second and onward peak here so I hope that wasn’t all that confusing it may have been because I was kind of like rambling but anyway that’s the loo dpq pretty easy right only took us like 17 minutes I think so that’s pretty good time that’s the best time that I’ve ever done usually was about 20-25 minutes so with that I hope you all enjoyed I will be back here soon to do the new PQ’s like I mentioned before there’s level 17 level 24 and the new level 48 PQ so I’m pretty excited about that so I

hope you enjoyed and I will see you all in next ones