Don't ever let me in charge of your town

i know i know i’ve played astroneer the tutorial but it was astounding and the point was to play the game after this and the next video was supposed to be on astroneer but there is a change of plan and why it’s because i need to test something with a microphone and if i play astroneer and then i realize microphone was not good and i have to record again everything it’s not gonna be good because my point with astroneer is to discover the game and if i already played it and it failed and i have to play it again i’m not gonna discover it again and it’s not gonna be natural so i figured out i can try to record myself but with another game and if it fails i just don’t publish the video and if it doesn’t fail well extra video for everyone you must maybe know about rtx voice a lot of streamers talk about it and record with it youtubers too i really like the way it sounds but it turns out that it doesn’t record my voice when it’s too high and sometimes i can have a really high voice so i want to try and see if while i’m playing i can be natural without having my voice too high to be well recorded because if it works it would be very nice but if it doesn’t i have to delete rtx voice so yeah let’s see if i can keep a deep voice a deep voice sorry it’s gonna be really difficult let’s see if i can not use a high voice for this welcome to oliveburger oil burger is a very very small town with 15 citizens those 15 citizens have no home we have a little bit of resources we have 120 store logs we have firewood we have stone and we have iron and some tools and some clothes and some food too great we need this because we need time to build some houses and to build buildings which can help us for food for example well first let’s let’s see the map okay with the river here we can build we can fish and this is pretty nice we have forests to hunt the problem is we are kind of trapped no here in reno trap okay i think i’m gonna put uh some hunting here so wait this is something this isn’t a hunting gaming cabin we need some builders to build it for now i put three but we’ll need more and what’s the most urgent i guess the houses as you can see we have a limited resources so we must choose well with what was with what we are beginning maybe before the houses we can build something for the wood uh and that’s called a first load great and now we can put some somehow this maybe three three for the moment because look we with some builders i’m not gonna put so many builders because uh when i say we have a 15 citizens we actually have four five children who can’t do anything for now so we have 10 uh 10 adults and we will need laborers the laborers are here to gather everything gather the resources for example the builders are coming to cut the trees and build the house but we need people to gather the the logs of the trees this is why we are gonna need some neighbors so it’s okay if we don’t have eleven builders it’s just gonna be a little longer but i think it’s not gonna be a problem so let’s do seven builders and three laborers and let’s see we can go a little faster and look it’s like some little ants i think it’s really funny there is a symbol of home here because they don’t have any but as you can see it goes pretty fast here first house and we have sanchez in she married it is it a child i don’t remember at what age there are adults here i think it’s an adult at this uh age here we have furmani and siela and here we are we have a whole family in here we have friends we have tangelo we are we have ugg berta we have shone who’s who’s a child oh nine is ch child uh we have uh jose lemay

is really young she’s one years old one year old oh look a new a new little one i think wait yes we have children look a child named constant was born and then a child named xavier was born nice we already have more but the problem is the more we have citizens the more we’ll need food and logs and clothes and um pool too and or firewood look here we have a haunted garden so now we need hunters let’s put three for now because really we really need food and here the foresters are gonna cut some wood so not four because it’s a little maybe two the fact is we are gonna need woodcutter the woodcutter is gonna work on the locks to to do firewood to make firewood and with the firewood we can uh have some hits on in the houses it’s not as uh good as the call but the call is gonna be a little more harder to get so for now fireball is nice oh some people don’t have a house yet look look what we’re doing uh damn new houses oh is someone dead oh no other stones oh yeah we’re already out of stone so i can take resources wait how is it again here wait oh my god the reserves are full yeah it’s okay remove resources i can remove rocks for example the stones here because to to have more rocks i try to have more stone i have to build a carrier a mine no no not a mine a aquarium a query sorry not a career a croy i have to be the to build a quarry and um it’s pretty long to build and it uh requires a lot of workers in it so it’s i think too early for that firewood is ready or a wood cutter so i did put some woodcutter man here and it is ciela ciella is uh pretty happy she’s 23 uh she whoa siela where did you go wait wait for me she’s educated so yes about education oh my god they’re starving don’t stop no we need more food we need more food we need um a million already a gatherer hut we are gonna gather some uh some berries here and a fisherman don’t die don’t die here so about education for now the children are children until i don’t remember how age maybe something like 10 or 12 and then they’re already uh going to work but if they are not educated they are going to be less efficient than if they are educated and to educate them i need a school and i need teacher the builder has died of starvation no don’t die oh my no guys we need food we need food um wait wait wait gatherer oh it’s not built yet man i’m already bad at this okay concentration so i was talking about education the problem is if i put a school um the next adults will be educated but they are adults later so i must wait longer what any of the builders have died no no don’t die we have children who who are actually right now born but we have to wait before they can work and they are cold because we don’t have enough firewood uh we’re gonna do some roads they’re gonna go faster great so they’re gonna go a little faster as you can see we are in early summer when it’s gonna be winter it’s gonna be much harder because it’s gonna be cold so i was almost as cold as my villagers but now not anymore the fact is my villagers don’t have any sweater to put on so uh i hope the firewood is gonna be ready very quick for now for now it’s not really the case we look when i don’t have anybody to work here i have this question mark we need the fishermen two two two for now do we need to build something right now let’s see what we can build this is the storage in the stock pile so it’s gonna be quick full maybe i can do this now because it’s really annoying when it’s full the market is for later the trading first

is pretty nice that maybe it’s too early for that it means that someone sometimes a boat come comes and i can trade my resources against his and his resources are sometimes resources that that i don’t have here for example if i want to um look here i can do some pastures but for that i need cows or ships or cows and i don’t have any but with the trader i can get some so uh i’ll have to do a trader pass really pretty soon but i need things to trade with him i need so much food okay we need maybe more gatherers but i still need always one labor because there are gonna be so much uh resources to pick for example the hunter they do hunt and then they have the food inside but we need some people to take the food from the hunting cabin and bring it to the storage bomb and that’s not the hunter job so that should be the labor job that’s why i need to keep some labor laborers to do this job no a chalice a child has died xavier a child died look it’s terrible we we need a symmetry i i think it’s called the symmetry yes the symmetry is uh is useful if you don’t want your citizens to be sad well not too silent not sad for too long but at the beginning there are going to be a lot of dead people in that means i need to build a big symmetry and i think it’s better to wait uh until less people are dying the reserve of luck okay what about the forester we don’t have a lot of foresters let’s put let’s add one and then we only have one label look here for example this is here but it should be here it’s okay now we don’t have any labor anymore the well is uh if you are if you have a fire in your houses it helps to shut down the fire do we say shut down shut the fire to well to put water on the fire to stop it and if there is no well i think it doesn’t burn everything but it burns way more houses to school we need it as soon as possible we need more food this is a pretty nice to grow uh fruit trees oh yes we’re gonna do fields we’re gonna put this uh here okay a giant field we need builders we only have one okay how many citizens do we have okay so we have uh 17 citizens we had more and then they died but we still have more than at the beginning where we had 15 oh now we actually have 18 good keep working keep bringing food home and wood and yeah keep keep keep working people are starving people are starving but i don’t know what to do i can’t do anything more no another child died no no anthon and sanjay child no ah come on oh no no okay we’re back to 15 people and five it’s five children so the children can’t walk please children grow up very fast and we relate somewhat that means then there is autumn and then there is winter and then it is cold and everybody is gonna die because we don’t have firewood everyone’s standing i’m so bad i have too many responsibilities no don’t die children okay so the problem now is that people are dying so we have less people to gather food okay we don’t have any vodka anymore so we can’t have fire log to have more heat gatherers we have two two fishermen we don’t have any hunter anymore and we only have one builder to to take care of okay someone the builder died we don’t have builders anymore and we don’t have food and we don’t have oh my god we’re so dead okay so i think this isn’t fainter what do we need the most we need the most food so no foresters anymore no foresters uh just more more food and they are all cold night because it’s winter and now there is snow and everybody is gonna die from cold tremendous dying is dead but it’s a child so he was he had no use this is terrible i’m sorry for saying that but you know it’s a child he doesn’t do anything except eating the food so fair enough but the problem is it’s not only the children who are dying okay the fisherman died too we have six people wow do i still have hope in this game i’m not

sure i really don’t know maybe some miracle can happen look the winter is almost finished so we don’t we won’t have the problem of cold it’s one one degree i said degree okay i’m not saying saying fahrenheit or something i’m i’m i’m french i say thank you look how fast it runs like oh my god oh my god i need to bring food i mean i need to bring food look oh my god i gotta work i gotta go i gotta i gotta hunt i gotta hurt so fast because i’m starving oh my god so this citizen is called eggberta is it oh she no he he is in bad health uh he’s not educated anyway he’s pretty happy despite his health keep working keep being happy i have faith in you please be fast or you’re all gonna starve again what so we don’t have my holly anymore she i guess she died great we’re really handling this this well we now have five adults this is amazing i mean i’m doing a very great a really great job don’t you think i think i’m doing them great and they are cool but we don’t have any woodcutter anymore so we can have some uh how is this called again firewood we don’t have any firework yet sorry you just have to well yeah we don’t have clothes either so you just have to freeze naked in your house until i figure out how to deal with this come on can anybody uh do the field oh no the winter is coming again they are gonna die they are definitely gonna die look they are already cold and it’s not it’s not even winter yet this child here crestanto is two he’s not gonna make it he’s not gonna make it through the winter i i can i can promise you leonardo he he became an adult recently i think he’s not gonna grow up anymore he’s gonna probably die too hey berta please survive please survive jude i i i really i count on you you’re the hunter of the village you have to survive you have to bring food to the other people who are starving you’re not starving you’re only cold so so be a be a man and um don’t be cold that’s exactly my advice right now don’t be cold you’re cold no problem i have the solution don’t be cold great he’s not listening to me he’s not obeying i have some dumb citizen but nobody’s starving anymore okay maybe because leonardo just died no okay she didn’t oh the field is ready now what do we want bean or pumpkin well bean obviously and now we need farmers we don’t need the builder anymore so let’s uh it’s late winter it’s maybe too early to farm no let’s see let’s see okay wait so to death three four what we have two villagers okay well i guess uh this is the end for now i guess this is the end what do you think so this is a failure can we say this video is a failure well the point of this video is to try things with my microphone so it’s gonna be a fader if the microphone is fast failed about this game let’s say it never happened and now everything is fine thank you for watching don’t forget to like the video and to subscribe if you want to see more trailers bye