AN EMOTIONAL JOURNEY BEGINS | Finding Paradise – Part 1

*WHAPOOSH* Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to “Finding Paradise” This is the sequel to “To The Moon” And I haven’t played To The Moo — er, Sorry, I have I haven’t played “To The Moon” on the channel, but I have played it myself in my own spare time because it came out before I started doing YouTube, and I just played it because I heard a lot of really great things about it, and other YouTubers at the time were playing it, and I really, really liked it It was a really good game And I didn’t wanna play it again on the channel because it would’ve just been a weird series, having played it already, and it wouldn’t have had the emotional weight that it did the first time, because When I played it the first time, it… Actually, I only played it once But it made me cry. Because the ending was so beautiful The music, and the dialogue, and the way the story all just came together, was really really nice, and I liked that a lot So I’m excited about this. I think it carries on directly from the first game I think it’s like a direct, actual sequel to it And we’ve had other games like this before, but it’s just nice to have this game back Um So I’m really looking forward to this Also, I really like the music It’s delightful. Music in To The Moon was really good too And I love the art style ‘Cause there’s a lot of games coming out lately that kinda have this style Like… And it looks the exact same as the original game But kinda like Stardew Valley, as well, has this sort of look to it It’s cool! It’s nice to see some retro looking games still Is that us in the car? I think so (Dun dun dun!) (Laughing) Oh, he’s back! Ay! He didn’t crash this time! That’s from… “To The Moon”. That starts off the same way, doesn’t it? There they are, my scientist buddies (Chuckles) Dr. Neil Watts Um, ’cause To The Moon starts off like that, doesn’t it? Where a squirrel comes out, and they try and dodge it, but they end up crashing the car, and they have to go into the house Um, OK Oh, God. I have to make up voices for you now “What the fuck, Eva?” Or “What the *bleep*, Eva?” “That’s how you keep everyone alive, including the squirrel.” “Hope you learned something.” “Look, sometimes it’s either us or them.” “By keeping ourselves alive now, we can be around to stop more self-inflicted critter casualties later.” Heh. “Logic.” Good rapper “Enlightening.” “We should be arriving at the patient’s soon… I could use a snack before then.” “Do you mind?” “…Wow, only you would pack the glove box full of apples.” “Yeah, well, my nephew decorates the Christmas tree with them every year.” What? “…And then I have to eat ’em for ages.” Who decorates their Christmas tree? Yeah “Apples on a Christmas tree, huh…” “Don’t you dare say it– “Don’t you mean…PINEapples?” 😉 (Laughs) He should put the apple in his mouth “…I’m not hungry anymore.” Aw, yay! It’s good to have you dudes back Oh, no! She kicked it into the Er, I was gonna say she kicked it into the ocean She kicked it into the water! That’s mean! “Whoa, check out this rad bike.” “Why can’t we go to work on these instead?” “Because we are here to visit dead people, not to get ourselves killed.” “Really? I couldn’t tell after the trauma of you driving like a stunt double.” “Besides, we’re visiting half-dead people. Very different things.” “Yeah, well, let’s hurry and keep it that way.” “All yours.” Hm, yes. Very sophisticated scientist By the way, if you haven’t played, or seen, or watched To The Moon, or anything like that, I highly suggest you do. It’s a very, very good game, and there’s probably gonna be a lot of stuff in this that references back to it I mean, it’s probably gonna go over my head, ’cause it’s been years since I played

And it’s like, I’ve been doing YouTube for five years, And I played this before I started YouTube She said maybe I did it while I started YouTube, but I just never did a series, and then whatever doesn’t matter It’s been years so a lot of this is going to go over my head and a lot of references back to that It’s going to go over my head, so Apologies in that form but if you haven’t played it or seen it or don’t know anything about it These are two scientists that go around Visiting patients by putting memories in their heads before they die So it’s kind of a service to give them good memories before they die and I think they alt– yeah They alter some memories because in To The Moon, they alter the old man’s memories at the end and Everything was like happily ever after kind of thing and that’s why it was so nice because it made me cry But that’s basically what they do. It’s kinda’ like inception for… dying people But the people have to be on the verge of death with no time left Like they have to be definitely dying. Something like that “Let’s roll” “Like a cucumber” “…What?” “Y’know, cucumber rolls? Sushi?” “Yeah, uh, no… That’s quite a stretch.” Hmm, oh, I’m her now “Hey, there was an empty spot right here. Why didn’t you park closer?” “It’s only a couple of steps away, sheesh.” “A couple of small steps for man, but a giant leap for Nei–… Wait, that doesn’t work.” *chuckles* Plus, you’re still a man, so Hello, kiddies “Hm, There’s a leaking sprinkler over there.” Is there? Oh, there’s a little troll doll there! Right in the middle. Right here “Hey now… what happened here?” *random noise* Potato *laughs* “She… She kicked my teddy into the water…” *emotionally cries* *PBBBFF* “Yeah, well, it’s a dumb bear.” “Just like your lame hair. Who (looks) likes that?” *random sound* “But bu–ma said my bun-buns are pretty…” “Yeah? Well, she also named you.” Oh, noo…God, why do you have to be such a…douche about it? “Uh…Don’t worry, we’ll get your bear back.” “Actually,” *sounding cool* “let ME take care of this.” “Why…?” “What do you mean ‘why?'” “I’m telling ya; I got this one.” UHHHMMMM Let’s give it to Watts I feel like–I feel like he really needs this Feel’s like he’s a little insecure(?) “Hey” “What?” “…Huh, is that also hers?” “No, that’s mine, you doofus.” “It’s the new Rebel Doll X3000.” I think I would know more about rebel dolls than you, genius “They’re cool, ‘cuz they got attitude and don’t care.” *same voice* Like me~ “Unlike wimpy teddy bears, they–” Oh, God. OhhH, God It’s not how you deal with this Oh, see now they’re both crying “Neil, what the jalapeno did you do?!” What the jalapeno? *swish* Whatever “What?” What do you mean what? You just took some kids doll and kicked it into the water You could get sued for yay You’re my hero, no probs kid In yo face This is so messed up Justice is cold and damp Ava or Eva. I don’t know. I don’t say Ava. That’s how I’d say it kind of like a tuna Okay Wasn’t there something not to do with? Dr. Watts as well didn’t he take painkillers for some sort of mental issue he had or he was addicted to them or something going on It was like whenever the real-life patient felt pain or something he would take painkillers. I can’t remember There was something going on about him, and it was kind of like I’m just looking around. It was kind of like ah There’s something gonna be explored with this character later on oh wait yeah, I have to go this way I Don’t know why I thought the house is up here, whatever And look my stardew valley garden It’s growing well The music is so delightful Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo Hole writing we go Hi hello

Hey there. This is dr. Rosaleen and dr. Watts from Sigmund You’re actually here Yeah, hope we’re on time Are you letting us in Huzzah then we don’t say the door for you Hey, thanks for yeah, what was that? What was what? Did you not feel the blast of ice through the monitor? Well if she’s the patient’s spouse, then she’s got a dying spouse. It’s not like we’re here to lay out a picnic Was that going to do what anything all right, maybe it’s just me Hello everybody it’s me Dave hello may I help you with something We can wait till you set it down my box carrying comrade. Yeah, thanks, bro. You really get me Huh no problem, bro. Just put down that box and huh I’ll give you a little talk, Aroo Oh, okay Here to fulfill someone’s dying wish How’d you know then this is the second time I’ve seen a visit from your company this week, who is it this time? Colin reads know of him The retired pilot yeah, he lives on the top floor Go on and give him my with the happy ending. He deserves probably All righty, you know what Dave maybe I will I’ll do just that All right ding ding top floor, please God, I just spit all over my screen don’t do that Spouses am I right hmm always make the job so cumbersome Depends on the person, that’s very true Hello there Sophia um dr. Rosalyn is it And dr. What Yes, we’re here for Colin of course, thank you both for coming Right this way walk this way I Kept changing her voice I need a I need a voice for we can talk inside Colin’s waiting Whether you look like an old Princess Leia I Was weird act 1 tell me what do you want to change? Tell me, what do you want to change I want to change my hair I want curls Huh, this is a quaint place you got it Collins in the other room come with me Right down to business. I like that do you actually Yeah, cuz right now. I just really need to put this box down Your lies you gonna put it down anyway, but Oh kick-ass TV. Ah that’s his wife That’s sad It’s not the room oh it is Ah sure you must be here for my father I’m making everybody British for some reason You have the patience son yeah, and I came as soon as I heard We can talk later why don’t you set up first that box looks heavy see he gets it? Okay, let me just set it right here. Are you guys ready to get settled? It’s the Machine down look around more. That’s it the Machine down my arms getting tired. Yeah, just give us a moment So it ends up happening, then is that you implant a memory, and then you go in and I Think you’re going to just like make sure that the the memory works. Well Ash was like the fuck I just I just opened that is the power here sufficient Why does everyone keep asking that it’ll work fine sheesh? But first brace yourselves for a power outage of cinematic proportions

Acting One of those sounds sounded like it came from Dino crisis I Remember that sound huh I guess you got a more stable power grid than I headquarters It’s equally equally comforting as it is worrisome You’re in good hands. We do this all the time too much of the time if you ask me So you two are for real Yes, we are only. What do you mean? You can really fulfill his wish ah You bet dog we’ll certainly try our best ma’am But we always succeed because it would only be in his head though Not like he’d be able to tell the difference sorry, I keep hitting my mouse and the cursor keeps coming up Anyhow fess up? What is it that he wants? He wouldn’t tell us he said it doesn’t affect us, and we have nothing to worry about Well that sounds legit Also makes our job quite hard look. That’s That’s okay. We’ll find out from his from him soon enough I Have a hei ball, so I’m gonna scratch it good. Do you mind? Isn’t it also in the earth isn’t it also in the paperwork? Yeah, but who reads that stuff It’s like terms and conditions when you buy a new iphone. You just click yes and they Appreciate the N emojis. I’m kidding. I’m kidding I’m really not kidding, but seriously. Where did the file go it wasn’t in the box? Nope. Yes, I might have left it in the car Alright, I guess. We’ve got time so the machines booting up anyway who goes to fetch the file what you can go? Rock-paper-scissors- lizard-spock to decide no. That’s a Big Bang Theory reference that needs to not be here I’d rather play logic you forgot it so you go get it the end well played Spock I Like Watts Because he just makes his own fun, and he’s a pain in the ass everybody kinda sounds a bit familiar I’ve updated the system. It’s practically configuring itself now Good that’ll save some time Already down to business, huh? Hey, I remember you yeah, it’s been a while although Dr.. Winters and Dr. Lin assigned to this patient instead Yeah, but their rosters were full at the time so we heroically volunteered turned out they got nothing to do today, so Hmm, I guess you never know the timing with the nature of your job Anyhow don’t mind me? I’m just gonna check out the patient Hmm yes, that’s not the patient. That’s a monitor Don’t you have to go get something before we can get started Don’t worry. I’ll be back before you realize that I shouldn’t have forgotten it in the first place But seriously my apologies Yo, what’s up? Ah sure you look like handsome jack? Is there anything I can help with I’m just gonna head downstairs to get something but dr. Rosalind could use some help in a bit Okay, understood Good job, dude Neil don’t forget to get the patient’s status monitor from Colin’s medical dark first Good idea wouldn’t want to be snoozing when it gives the long note oh Shit I keep forgetting go ahead and get the monitor for Colin stock before you head out Okay Where is it? Is it is it is it in this initializing system, huh? Something looks different about it new paint. Thanks for noticing That’s how you spend your weekends Hey, someone’s got to keep it looking pretty Here this should help receive remote patient monitor, so he ate Colin’s heart rate is now activated Prentiss press escape or right to open Trusty little wireless thing just hope it doesn’t give me tumors Don’t no no okay. Where does this stylus? Oh, it’s up its up He’s healthy I

Mean he’s he’s about as healthy as a dying man can be, but let’s see if I’ll read it There we go yes good good Good good. Yes, very good. I’m going to head out. No date herb Dasha Don’t get up Dave was the guy in the lobby not here I’ve got it Hmm, or do I go do a little snoops Shit might as well go get to the car first April be able to check this place out when she’s ready Yeah, okay, I could have proceeded anyway, but let’s just do things right Rescuer mouse click to switch between characters oh That’s neat Cause I don’t the other one. I don’t think so Neil wasn’t kidding this thing really is configuring itself It does that now Yeah, apparently the new paint isn’t the only upgrade I guess that means I get some time to snoop around the house Cool, but in the meantime. I’ll go monitor the patient like a real doctor Hi kid, I kid not a real doctor How dare you? Okay, I’m a real doctor. I should get someone to show me around should you should you really? Who what’s in here? Hello oh Hi Angus, oh shit you’re from Secor I’m not really dead No Don’t lie to me. I just signed up for your services last week. They said you’d come for me when it’s time I Already said we’re not here for you, man No, I I’m not prepared. I can’t die yet. Oh I know You’re not really here. I’m just seeing things How does drink too much trial Allah Allah Allah? Oh? Shit I clicked it again fuckers You’re still here No, this isn’t fair. I worked so hard my whole life, and I have to die before I’ve even be been to Detroit I Built this whole bit on you, baby, and you’re a baby, baby Wow nice fellow very very very chipper Boo Man, if only elevators came that quick in real life am I right everybody. What’s the deal with elevators? Oh? Little girl and her teddy bear hello Ha you got your bear back yep a nice lady in a brown dress swooped in to the pardon got it for me swooped Yeah, she didn’t even touch the water You shouldn’t lay off the sugar kid ain’t good for your head or maybe she just saw a bird person She everything about that Done already he didn’t down you did he? Know she hired you ha ha ha ha Alrighty rooty tooty lapa para Donar, can we find the swoopy lady? Oh hello other swans? Who’s dying dear uh Excuse me ma’am That code and tank you are from segment If you are here, then someone’s time is up Callin reads do you know him I? See He and his wife used to stroll with my husband and me here every day. Please do your best for him dear You sound awfully calm about it if I were your friend. I’d be worried After years of seeing everyone around you go. It’s hard not to be But then you of all people should know that well Okay bye positivity Grim Reaper lady This one’s staring at me stop it Okay now where is that dang file? Trip Why is the other door open

Music is very Harry Harry Potter ask Dagnabbit did I leave it at the office oh? Don’t tell me that Hello Rocks, it’s me. No still hiding your caller ID Getting calls from unknown feels like I’m in a horror movie. You know what’s your favorite scary movie? My bad I’ll turn it off next time no. I love the suspense Every time I’m like am I getting cursed are the feds coming after me The excitement’s are endless Um alright to you. Anyways look. Are you still at the office? Why do you think I left the patient’s file on the printer? Oh? Okie dokie Pocky low-key. Oh my god, she talks like me oh God the amount of times. I’ve said okie dokie Loki smokey or something like that in videos. Just give me a moment What an odd lady Hey, you got the file Ava I think I forgot it back at you what Don’t worry. I called Roxanne. She’s gonna find it and send it over a sent over a scan okay, just take care of it I Will geez man leave me alone Did you find it rocks Yep, and with just sitting on your table after all Great just scan it and wait my table. You’re in my room Yep, you asked me to get the files right I Meant from the printer in the lobby how did you get into my room? And how I locked it. Oh a girl’s got her ways Okay look just get out of there and send me a scan, would you don’t touch anything? I just organized it Oh shit I Think that’s where his like meds and stuff are You guys got everything else you need yeah, navour’s configuring the machine right now How’s the weather out there? What is it nice as far out for a drive? I? Guess so You know I think I’ll just come over and get you the file in person then What why? Just scan it and send over a copy well. We’ve got no patience today, and it’s boring here anyway Penny oh don’t worry. I’ll get there before you guys are done. See you both then wait Rock stop God damn it Thank nabbit Who says dagnabbit Dr.. Rosaline dr. Rosaline, I want to controller and go around the house, I’m gonna need a tour guide though Maybe ash will give me the stuff that I need Anything I could help with doc Tour the apartment think you could show me around the apartment while we’re waiting on my colleague of course. I’ll come with Asher has joined the party Did it I did it I did it. I did it in a 10 10 10 10 10 10 Didn’t Ted Ted Ted Ted the lid Find fancy reference a model of a smallest fixed-wing aircraft Hmm is this your dad’s it sure is He used to be an airplane pilot. I guess it reminds him of his roots Receive note retired pilot. Yes all this stuff is relevant because then you build like a good memory for him, I think Is that your parents Yep, that’s them I Remember being embarrassed about that picture as a kid, but it’s kind of sweet that they kept it so well Okay, didn’t get anything from that part of home grown hibiscus, ooh Must be hard work growing tropical plants all the way out here I Wouldn’t know any better my mother takes care of them We’ve had these around the house for as long as I can remember. I guess it’s some kind of a family tradition Hibiscus, okay cool Hmm, and this must be the family table. I knew it Haha the family toilet roll of course

Dang it. Why is the toilet paper never on the dispenser? Are you go? You go take shit? One day they’ll thank me for the unsung hero that I am Okay Ava whatever Where am I now? That’s weird Dusty cello with quite a few scratches across the board it is my father’s old cello he played it a lot back in the days But not anymore it seems Yeah, I guess it’s hard in the wrist Usually just plays the scales though, it’s not exactly music to be enjoyed I Like it cellos are one of my favorite instruments So definitely one of my favorites stringed instruments just because a lot of like really cool Movie soundtracks and video game soundtracks everything have that really whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa? because it’s like violins are cool and all that kind of stuff, but I love the the the kind of deepness of a cello or a double bass, but Cello is kind of like that perfect middle ground kind of sound an aged digital piano The digital piano just called a keyboard also, your father’s or No, this is my mother’s She used to lull me to sleep playing it back in the days Intentionally I hope That really opt you to decide a bow so let the people do what they want well, what’s happening I Guess I have to wait for him to come out okay, show me upstairs I Haven’t seen many apartments with multiple floors Most of this floor is for maintenance. He just got a little storage room cut out Sorry about the mess seems like they’ve been doing a bit of cleanup Her new problem. I love me a bit of mess huh seems like they missed one I Think I recognized that book it’s been around for quite a while My dad kept it taped up. I guess you didn’t want to throw it away Yeah, it sealed up He doesn’t want anybody reading at home Well under normal circumstances. I’d say to leave it alone for privacy sake but he did sign up to become your client So I don’t know Unseal it open. Yes of course There is a chance that it has helped the mission Finish the mission There’s nothing in this Huh it’s nothing but stacks of empty pages glued to the spine They’re all wrinkled – That’s odd It’s been around for ages though. Maybe whatever was on there faded These aren’t receipts I’m a scientist, I know but I guess it’s possible Either way, there’s not much I can do with this Well if it’s sealed then it’s not gonna fade Let’s keep moving So if kind of only fades if it’s like subject to the light, Oh actually there’s something else that might help you prepare Here’s the family photo album goes way back a Physical photo album in this day and age feels like it had turned to dust if I open it It’s quaint, but I guess they like having something they can touch Look through it if you want. I’ll go check on my father. I Should go get to the mission go get the Machine ready my colleague will be back soon But I’ll check this out for a bit first uh-huh Bye Asher, thanks for the tour great tour guy ten out of ten. Oh look a little baby No so adorable Look at you go playing soccer you also have your mother’s eyes. The mother’s eyes are green dad’s are blue What a musical family I wonder what Asher does Who know Where are you? What are?

We doing here good got my part done. How about the file? You said Roxie is sending the scans She said she’s delivering it in person for some reason what? That’s wasting both our time and hers Hers mostly we can still start Still I mean I know she’s a bit cucumbers in the head and all but are you and cucumbers what language Ava? I’m sorry fiddlesticks Dagnabbit, anyhow we’ll worry about her loopiness later shall we start All right, just get the patient equipped up But on the nipple clamps He’s got a sick VR helmet on Neal hmm Never mind we’ll talk later Your helmet is on the recliner. We’re all set oh Hell yeah sudden head into this matrix. Yo Command some memory traversal Wait Before you begin could you tell me what you’ll be doing in there We’re going through his memories to grant him his last wish duh, I thought you already knew Yes, I do know that but how well will you actually be doing Well We actually don’t do much. It’s the machine that does most of the work Says the technician who knows best the Machine calculates calculates permutations of possibilities and creates a new tangent of life In the four in the form of memories of course It’s an illusion, but to him would be indistinguishable from a lifetime of real memories However the permutations the Machine calculates would still have to be logically coherent So it needs a starting point and a change in a and a change in a key variable, and that’s why are we come in? We tunnel through his memories from the most recent to as far back as we need Drawing a line from now to then We did then be able to help Colin transfer his current motivations hauled away to his past So in his simulated life rerun. He’ll make all the kick-ass decisions and fulfill his own wish Just by his own volition is that enough? I’d have thought if fulfilling wishes would take more than just effort in the second chance I mean can’t you two just make whatever needs to happen happen I Want to continue elaborating I want to refresh my own memory of this Perhaps but one problem. He’s not brain-dead There are uh, there are a few things that uphold the illusion of reality? Illogical happenstances aren’t one of them and since the world still must be self coherent We can’t do more than simply influence him Besides we don’t get paid enough to generate memories manually it’s not a cave painting There’s little need for interference. Anyhow willpower is usually more than enough Not everyone can reach their goals in real life time changes them Motivations come and go they always start strong then plateau then fade But in a simulation based on the mental state of a single moment stretched through a lifetime Let’s just say that it’s some powerful voodoo bond Let’s just say that it’s some powerful food of mine Anyhow no amount of volition is gonna help a dead man shall we proceed Yes, thank you for the explanation, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in there, but good luck Looks for lotteries with professionals, but thank you, ooh sharp words See you on the other side into the memory very Patient is stable and ready initializing memory traversal sequence in three two one Am I doing it am I going into the headspace It’s a neat idea Okay sir in late adulthood

Alright this should be Collins last accessible memory Yeah, and check out the room Raining heavy sleeper champ over there Leave that memory of her alone, she’s not our client by the way, I wanted to ask earlier What’s with the helm you put on your patient? mm-hmm The equipment looked different. Oh, I just removed the casing during maintenance. That’s all Then why didn’t you put it back? Hey that reminds me. Did you know I added a new feature new feature behold Never mind forget I asked yeah One zero zero one zero character customization Oil of a meta it is ah Let me give him the cool afro Yes Smooth yet manly hipster stache Amish paradise rich oil baron Oh, we have to do this, dude Plain black socks even black or gold to me. It doesn’t change anything dinosaurs Hell yes finalized yes Tada Just why well I figured if we’re gonna spend so much time working here, we might as well travel in style We Poops did I say we sorry. I meant oh wait. That’s exactly what I meant tag. You’re it Neal you son of a character customization Ooh Saucy bangs Pragmatic, bun sticks That’s very good Grandma stash oh I can give her a beard oh I can’t do that Oh, I really want you though, but let’s take this at least somewhat seriously Whatever she didn’t want to be messed with too much, so I don’t want to dick her over Well that could have been worse I Guess I’ll wear it like this until we find Colin You got lucky this time. I was really counting on something more facecam worthy I Don’t want to know what you meant by that a nice sucks by the way mm-hmm Okay, cool the current memories position in time can be viewed by moving the mouse towards a top of the screen and got it oh Let’s turn off world interaction before we wake her up After all that I’m surprised we didn’t already okay, so now we can’t actually interact with the world Alrighty mister, I can’t go out that way huh, Oh balcony Collin what the this isn’t a stable copy let’s find one we can talk to Okay There we go as this memory gets to be clearer than we’re able to access different parts of it obviously As it’s not clearly evident as to what the hell is going on it’s not that complicated Actually, there’s something I want to check upstairs. Oh, yeah We can’t go there ah Nikki Trixie’s The bookshelf is gone, but is the book still here? It’s still full of books here. He must have cleared it very recently then Cleared it Yeah, when I checked this place in reality. It was empty except for one odd book Which isn’t here actually whoa spooky I Can’t take you seriously Neil with that getup, but I love it you don’t like a well-groomed Einstein Collin where are you dear uh? Pretty sure the hall didn’t look like this Dude, so old. He can’t even remember his own house, but isn’t the machine supposed to autocorrect these kind of spatial inconsistencies

well Hey look What’s is a weird one It’s so sophisticated Open I’m that old. I look like that or better. You know I’m saying target acquired. Let’s go oh But you looked nice yeah, I like it this way better Ahem Blaire all right oh man Thanks Turning on entity interaction Turning on entity interaction Collin My name is dr. Ava Rosalyn. I am a memory traversal specialist at Sigmund core and my colleague here is dr Hatton Dr.. Mann Nice reference Kind of voice oh, I want to get you oh you were dr. Neil watts How do you know how did you know huh your nametag? This isn’t what it looks to be is it Yes Colin your procedure has started good. It’s not just me then Something felt off about this place. It’s as if I’m both here and far away at once Either this isn’t where I am as this is where I think I am or my head’s going downhill faster than I thought More like both actually huh fair enough My wife and son how are they handling it? They’re there, right Yeah, but they aren’t prancing around. That’s for sure although given the circumstances. I guess I’d be worried if they were Listen there’s not a lot of time and it’s best if we get started you’re the most recent slice of Colin that we can load up and The only relatively reliable version that we can interact with for new info So I hope you can assist us in completing the mission finish the mission of course. Why would I not? Good, I’ll keep your state saved so we don’t who we won’t need to have this conversation again Mr.. Prentiss even his state Yes your highness Yeah, but out now in order to help you relive your life here to fulfill your last wish We are first going to backtrack through your memories to connect your timeline and then we’ll be able to transfer your desire all the way to your younger self and Run a run the algorithm for you to live your life here all over again to fulfill your wish yeah That’s why it made me cry when I played to the moon because you can’t go back over everything and it’s like The stuff that he wanted to make happen didn’t happen and then by the end of it you’re like he did it he did it I’m so proud Anyhow : we need your help to jump between memories we need mementos and no not the freshmaker There are items of importance to you that connect one memory to another Do you have one here that we could jump with? Whoa slow down. We still don’t even know with his wishes what is it that you want anyway : Actually, I think I can answer both of your questions with this What Dad It’s his Sigmund contract. The text is rather blurry but o It is a memento sweet, let’s move Shatter that momentous This mementos as barrier shatters by itself since it’s so recent, but the next one won’t be so easy Okay We need to charge it up first prepare the memento then miss prepare my momentous oh Shit, when does goes first when linked together? Ah Oh Shit was I any supposed to do that oh Ah

It’s like playing Bubble Bobble Fuck I press this one, and then it didn’t okay Boom Jam Like some sort of memory Tetris activate momento activate. Thanks. We might come back for your help again Someone showed up By okay, we’re still in his older adulthood, wait a minute this place It’s the sigmund guesthouse ah Were they Wine and Dine the geezers into signing up for the service? Sure been a while since I visited Looks a bit different from when I was last here, too. Let’s check it out Okay, but not yet because I I’m gonna leave this episode here That’s a nice good first episode to get an introduction into what’s actually going on and the next episode We’re going to delve in and really get to the bottom of what’s going on. I’m excited for this These games usually aren’t that long either, so it’s only gonna be like a five pirate kind of series which is nice It’s nice short to the point, but they’re always very short and sweet! And I’m I don’t know because I cried when I played the first game I don’t know. It’s gonna be different if I’m actually recording him, but let’s face it. I cry very very easily There’s some there’s a lot of movies like cry. It’s like games. I cried sometimes I cry at certain music the way it hits me just right so I don’t know I probably won’t cry, but we’ll see what happens I’m very much looking forward to!! (yay!!) What this is gonna turn out to be cuz it always has such a wholesome feel what it works out But hopefully you guys enjoyed this and hopefully you guys are excited about this series! But for now, thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face!! LIKE A BOSS!!! And High Five all-round!!! (Whoopsh 2x) But, Thank you Guys! And I will See you Dudes , IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!~~ (Outros-I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe) Man! Silla wish we had our beards they were cool!