Town of Salem | That Time Pickle Rick Betrayed Me

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! It’s your friendly neighborhood Queenie and I am playing Town of Salem Why? Because why not? So, actually, I already tried to record and the last game was pretty damn racist, so let’s see what happens this time Oh, that’s weird That’s weird, but you know, you do you. AppreciaterOfWomen Well, do you Um, so, last game I was Harleen Quinzel and I don’t like to use the same name twice in a row Even though those people are still playing Um… I’m gonna be Oh Go fast go fast go fast. Whoo! Alexis Texas. Because I like rhyming things and legitimately, that’s all Damn what is up with me getting Awful roles. Last game I was framer, which is an awful role This one’s even worse That’s fine. I’m gonna day one survivor claim and then act very suspicious and Hopefully, they’ll think I’m a jester I’m a survivor… oh, no, no. Copyright, Amanda. (awkward laughter) Oh, no, Epic Games was in the last game I played. What, did they all just leave early? No. Oh (laughter) Yeah Good luck everyone! This game should be a little less racist than the last one I was on Aww, poor amne. That’s the worst Press f for respects, y’all I’ve always wanted to do that So we’re… we’re all united. Also, one of our two blackmailers died But I mean this mafia Is… it was going bad from the beginning when we had a godfather, two blackmailers, and a disguiser But, yeah, basically because we’re all united now in memorance of the amne, nobody should get lynched Why? Why? Why murder? Haven’t we suffered enough already with the death of the amne? So I’m not paying attention, so I don’t even remember what killed The blackmailer. Let’s go back. Um

Oh, Veteran! Who did they visit? I don’t remember. I don’t remember and I’m gonna die. Oh was it Liz-an… Lisana? That’s not how you spell “lasagna.” There’s some nine year olds in this game though, and I love it We lost a godfather How did that happen? My role just got a lot more interesting. I’ve got to play like I mean it How did he die… How did the Godfather die? Um Real really oof should have probably Put in a suspicious person. Wait, how did they die? Oh Suicide okay, that’s fun What Okay, Pickle Rick, first you’re outing yourself and Is Bad is saying that the BM’r claim is real Oh, there is a blackmailer Yeah. Yeah, I figured that out. So Lisana is the, uh I write the dumbest death notes I get it. There’s bm’s gosh So I do like being a blackmailer because then you get to see everybody’s whispers and Information”s always a good thing to have in this game (Hums B*tch Lasagna) Sorry, that’s… that’s PewDiePie’s copyright So, how is everybody’s New Year going? Is it going? That’s good Today is probably the first for everybody by the time I get around to uploading this So I’m watching A Series of Unfortunate Events Let’s see what happened here Oh! I was, like, surprised Genji died, and I’m the one who killed him I’m not paying attention to this game at all Oh, he was my next-door neighbor! I didn’t even… I’m really not paying attention to this game People could stop dying and bringing down my property values Thanks So I can’t type at all right now. It’s because my game is lagging a little bit I think it’s because I need to restart my computer and I have absolutely not at all done that “By the way 2 and 15 are bad”? That’s racist. (giggle) Cool, Pickle Rick! Pickle Rick has five minutes to 2019 So, I don’t know who this guy is but I’m gonna guilty him because

He’s not in the Mafia Also people think I’m bad. So I need them to think I’m on their side We are a time and traveling game GTG got to go?! No, you’re not allowed to go! Pickle Rick! Pickle Rick! NOOOOO! Nooooo! (laughing) The only other person in the mafia left! (maniacal laughter) Just go crazy… just go crazy… go crazy when you have to. (laughter) Oh my gosh, should I report him for like basically game throwing? It doesn’t matter! Jailor should have killed me, and he didn’t But the more crazy I act the more people generally let me go but I am actually totally screwed in this game (laughter) I already claimed I think we should listen to Jackie boy Because also when you’re about to die do anything to not die Come on, vote him up! Vote him up! Okay, okay, okay .Who am I gonna kill? Who do I think the jailor is? Is Bad is mayor. Let’s just kill the mayor Let’s just kill the mayor and if I get killed by a bodyguard Good! ’cause I’m screwed I’m trying really hard to not cuss for you guys, but I’m More than screwed How dead am I? Oh, not dead. Cool! It was (laughter) I mean, you can get me, but also, 8 Oh, I should have changed my death note to be like I am definitely Jackie boy I’m trying Jackie

So I’m going to do the most trollish thing ever Let’s everyone vote up the Okay, so they changed the game. I don’t know if you know this, but it used to be you could only ever go after guilty votes, but now you can go after guilty votes and abstainers Let’s see here. I’m not actually jest… So that’s cool ’cause I’m gonna wait until the very last second Ish, I’m gonna vote now So Oh No There we go. So jesters can go after Abstainers and guilty voters. So if you vote innocent, they can’t get you (laughter) I didn’t want to die to jester (laughter) Oh, what?! That is a game throwing arso. That’s cool. I’m gonna get Kurt Sorry not sorry is the new death note I can’t believe he didn’t set anyone on fire! Like, arso is such a fun role and sorry that I just knocked the microphone Dang it! The jailor is the worst! Hmm No, what happened? Why was she visiting Lisana? You know, I would say that if I was a bad role Thanks Kurt For giving me a target Oh! You know, thanks for confirming it jailor. Dang You know, there’s like murderers out there, but sure I actually don’t know what day it is. Um Seven yeah, yeah, so Assuming a vet still had alerts On like night… on day seven They just shouldn’t But also it is why I haven’t gone after Lisana yet, so So I fixed that problem, I think

Oh, wait, no. What happened? There… no Wait, what happened? I wor…I worship dogs and reptiles. I mean, I don’t not You shut your ho mouth I am a good girl What have you done for this community? I still don’t trust Kurt Seriously though, how is default dance still alive? I’m hoping this is a plot twist Kurt is bad, just is. Mm-hmm What have you done for the community? So I’m dead now but let’s see ooh, sorry, I lost the mic again but let’s see what this plot twist is going on with default dance because I definitely killed them and I didn’t get a message Dang it! Then why didn’t default dance die? I was the last bad guy Yeah, it doesn’t say why they didn’t die. That’s such bull Anyway, so that’s it for Town of Salem Don’t worry. I’m probably not gonna play more For a while unless you really really like it and then I will and RIP your eardrums. Sorry. Okay. Bye