The Journey to Entering the Magento Marketplace

Welcome to ay episode of the podcast. I’m Robert Rand your host for the day. I have a couple great guests that joined me to talk about the journey to entering the Magento Marketplace ,and so we’re gonna be looking at your opportunity, as a company that may have developed an extension or has an interest in developing an extension or that you had something built that maybe you didn’t think about bringing forward for mass adoption but that would really help others… and what that process looks like. So I’ve got with me both Brandon from the Clyde team and Dan from the Xumulus team. Brandon would you start us off with a quick intro Yeah first of all thank you so much for having us. Excited to be on the podcast. My name is Brandon and I’m one of the founders and the CEO of Clyde. Clyde connects businesses with insurance companies and enables those businesses, those retailers to be able to instantly launch top tier extended warranty programs with the best insurance company in the world using the best technology and getting the most successful results from that program And Dan I’m Dan Kozlowski, I’m with Xumulus, and we build Magento Extensions for the Magento Marketplace and we also are an agency that does full stack Magento deployments and other eCommerce platforms as well deployments and other eCommerce platforms as well And Dan I know that you do some great work with some mutual clients with us here at JetRails. So always great to collaborate with you. So, why don’t we dive right in and talk about the particular opportunities that brought you folks together and so Brandon I’ll pass it over to you.. what got you interested in engaging with the magento ecosystem Yeah so for us it was a No brainer that we would be i am heading over to humans though after we launched on shopify i’m so we want the product initially had trouble in because of that api are there and wanted to very quickly launch on specific equipment and go to church is because it will try target market sandwich the right types of businesses do in between u one hundred fifty to two hundred million in revenue in that understand technology i’m we have integrated with someone i confirm is well i’m reaching the wrong with making it easy is possible to get up and running which i didn’t i’m missing part of us What’s interesting in IVC add new magenta one is coming towards and alive there’s still a lot of adoption their bed in mid we know that folks like yourself who are you dating going to magenta to hopefully means that is more of an make that leave from one detail open the next year or so that have left before and the lights to magenta one that gets more people that are are looking at the options they have like quiet to add to their art their new MT store itself will entry Yeah and we can figure out with the idea of expanding and magenta one and it will it rain in waiting rate partner focusing initially on m two echo system and what’s the decision was made to build a magenta to extension what did dad was the research process like when did it take to really and get this show on the road is getting into a gentle marketplace yeah so magenta is is just such a beast that we really didn’t know that much out in wizardry center target market i’m bob but it’s been a different language there are some REP is built on so it made sense for us to look for someone that where is professional i’m on the road that has experience building extensions so i actually have a connecting with us in we found and isaiah extension i’m on the the market place within warranty extension and then we saw three like a natural transition from that to our plan Should i sell weed weed weed weed researching it in a bad accident on it with an accident Can you send daniel what’s your experience been busy so you had it leased this one extension open the market place in manhattan what did that extension three when will you know what’s it been like guys gonna going from mad into fitness more unique extension to connect with her

To the client system print it raining great actually what is good we have a couple extensions marketplace i’m asking you questions is expensive you’ll just saying any all kinds of things you re to okay Add remember the email for brandon what is the average per acre perfect We are having a business and branch and desperation the market awhile alexandra rebecca task reserve a monster dance list search homeless in lansing marcus ask for much is why would you ask what are the building you have to find a really really good i want to hear some info what applications stop the process or ladies who did the universe that’s expensive than what god requires specific training i was asked who’s buried alive r many great things in a grid four more if i’m already on insurtech like to apply as control want to process receipts what’s your experience so in essence i know that there is some extensions that are really just connecting api api this particular extension its says its interacting with the checkout where is shopper i am can i don’t want me to add the product display package Nope i’m products categories category a explained haddock are you getting alerts from server response error interaction with anyone add wine to the us Modified the car want to add a move and act on their attraction wanna search for an invite Where were you when is tops for a walk and the checkout process is so yeah I think dan delete a great job of seeing how it don’t what is the front and the pray masterchef that we both of the back and i’m to access all of our insurance partnerships i’m taking the power of matching to all the equi Importing it usually over to magenta and i’m realizing what you had initially expected Let’s try a match made in heaven and i really happened i think um You tell me a little bit about what’s actually interacting with client server servicenow adding up Add on product the custom option or product adoption and magenta yes play it on her that it there is off the shelf need features for some of what’s going from wide servers in what’s what information is transferring back to clyde through this process What are the biggest benefits of working with our platform is that we were taking our partnership switch top tier insurance company is onboarding there are individual contracts their products their pricing show when are You install extensions we receive all the information about your products your catalog we make intelligent decisions about connecting your products two contracts that are within our platform i’m can you access to our dashboard to manage your margins be able to manage are your products are actually works i’m everything u potential the new house we need to actually use manage your orange program When we were the women extended warranty and also accident coverage for all sorts of different products Ok so is it really is fullstack solution order from deliveroo front of the house UX UI and also back at the house sales order catalog smashing contracts everything And i imagine that if you work with multiple different areas of warranties and insurance policies is there some choice and in which company is it going to be What is his underwriting so speak what Did he does your team play roland is your system play a role in helping the match the user with the company do they have to go out and figure out some about themselves The user doesn’t do anything and then start extension they can be up and running by the end of the day which the stopped trains company or companies use quiet and our team handle all of the interaction between of business insurance company tho yeah depending on the size of a store or what it is that there selling it could be a extraordinarily yeezy launch where you are with the best pricing in the past customer service i’m available any industry where my be a longer process where we do custom pricing

get How do you introduce u the actual insurance company or administrator of email for a relationship and i mean really depends on the situation that we’re working And i know that i think of these kind of warranties and things i think out of the products and electronics and appliances Do you want yo couple questions around now to me first and you see a lot of adoption opportunities in other industries like you know if someone selling furniture do you have solutions to yeah hello We can cover up almost anything that’s not a consumable We focus right now i want refund sure appliances and electronics i’m but no we are all sorts of businesses reach how to i switch with crazy ideas i’m in general because we have this portfolio of insurance companies we can find the right insurance to work with your business and we can facilitate that entirely nothing new dish network the business needs to do except install extensions And then in terms of the prices of what these warranties cost obviously there’s a price from that the carrier Does the fan get to mark it up as they see fit now i know that some businesses like electronics where they are and make their money on things like we had yesterday the cables the warranty Yeah show everyone the changes makes up pretty significant revenue from clyde i should we do when you do install what is a match your products the contracts we return what we call wholesale cost you would be Remember i’m business can i mark up to that markov if i’m entirely embarrassed to keep you can control it with a client dashboard where you can actually enable our data science team to control it we tweet the price to increase conversions and i’m so it’s a it’s a free app it’s a free platform before our partners to use which i it’s not cause a financial experience trump day one Very interesting in and and eat in this case this is connecting acquired API sweatshirt and magenta were you what average length album with this particular belt Are you ready gak respective euribor do i add laundry do inside the module hola product catalog and pushed over and acquired so they can match i can i can do all that i just bought far though lets switch to process task where can i get st gilbert and german which ones are the mascot contracts which ones are can i have your cell so the other part of the navigator app which ones would you date is it works i was so proud of pages some help We’re in right back and i am asking is there a match the match the middle it just waved select the words were sheer which i would like to call your collections let add Which one u wanna select one status started tigers back and where works the tracker that’s where the product matches i got in the car just jumps Mobile products i’m looking forward to using it doesn’t get confusing add orange is a separate item can you tell which products what’s your select to go to the squared circle And would you save the third submission process was pretty fluent between your two teams working together around the business and marketing information that needs to be submitted along with the actual code and the code review process Who is bruce whatever top of the table Direction with the modification he doing here She would know not directly about radius beer doing estate change that can directly hello supper market go to be prepared and irs where do not text or dislike a two separate tracks that are able to a computer there is no sign of magenta two point one just can’t really experience Advance to the round up magenta version I’m two point one just when end of life for your new extensions i said no it’s approved for probably two point two point three may be backwards compatible

Yep the interest rate on there to remove all the support for the stores that are not making play it to the apps that can you include your actually working there Can you play the got yelled PHP version is another issues where they need to push users to upgrade sell reasonable stuff or keeping your here will you roll Virgin they put out a new version pretty much every year since twenty fifteen so that’s two one what would a band i believe somewhere in late two thousand sixteen maybe around seventy euros i would like read the ad i was both fun to see either of you see any room for improvement in the process of magenta themselves and had some improvement by moving from a linear process to need to be able to it to work on multiple A part of the submission requirements at once i’m anything if you run into time frames for responses are support or anything so there were you think that you know they can continue to read i’m drunk process Only this particular one wasn’t bad i’ve had a tension screw where can i initiate the swap this transmission process versus whatever it is i am unclear on which is healthier is always expensive test for heart test rest set up for grandpa who is cashing go to screen modify to testing we’re trying to figure out the impact of what was going on with major sex how does existence rehab center cloud system at the given this order is finished Does an employer search your request and you can stop the suns so how much is the process where how are you Never in the past six yrs were sometimes will you get success You can read books i’m probably your not able to repair i need to follow up anywhere that’s the most frustrating things like what i don’t know what actually probably needed what is that she has yeah I want to forget what it could be having because i think it is probably get you a card system in place where you can actually get so god what’s the address there i’m looking for a magenta marketplace is bus kinda situations where you are subscriptions are you the one from the wild west of memento connect where anybody could pretty much anything good bad or otherwise and i had to be run along show to magenta two some where around twenty fifteen twenty sixteen at yeah where releasing the market place and just having code review on having You know standard deviation of some best practices been huge i think for the community grant I hope i get there getting there little by little i mean a different role of themselves that they had to That’s not so pretty positive stuff I’m still surprised that my customer is like people have engaged while processing disorder how many people are all eccentric just everywhere so i don’t want you to setup you control on everything and i would like to set what’s the backstory do the south of market what’s the address to send you any idea Are there any bread like all the stuff disney Going to restaurant process and control o what’s your next big visit by your place places that hello there are there stores that supposed to the market and stuff like a fifty fifty can i think dead for paid extensions in the market place that may take a mare their causes you to managing the operating marketplace are you said that that means that extension developers can offer discounts end and sales in other things directly on their site still compete with buying it from the marketplace sent I don’t want the biggest challenges that i’ve seen it is sometimes not enough reviews in the marketplace You know that these extensions of been used by large number of Store owners but it’s very hard to tell from the reviews that there are no it isn’t so i want to searching for the best option i made it makes it difficult stadium that is a chance for magenta tried to sort out how they make their day marketplace even more i eat more and green with it

the shoppers to go to store all those dark shopping for extensions good research platform how to get them to buy there And i’m sure that something at bed must be talked about somewhere in the halls of adobe read anyway because no composer install recessed area if you’re no Hey would like to jump to the store and managing oh no i think it’s narcissistic behavior process will you can actually i just upgraded from mandel me that sort of guilt on the market which store am i texting the first elsewhere of different ones or Registration userid there is research so even further updates respect to your company once remember a random event on marketplace the pictures of you command center error store updates and all the codes update me not to go places so startup probably another subject forget i absolutely can’t find it on your I know you talked about nothing and not in the community around always improvement i would let me ask brandon said you’ve been making me sleep ima see u had time during the planning and submission process add to think about how to best Work within the gentle community what if you don’t have to engage with the community it has building extension push you to interact more with others and magenta ecosystem Yeah great i’m so sorry tender mejor madre i’m here What was our first experience in the memento can you leave anything is there really good way to i’m me people and i hear logan out what is the you guys are talking about right how i said i was a really great experience for us in and bring extension we’ve also there’s conversation switch all different kinds of retailers that that i’m looking into a solution like i’m so i think that i think that i really look forward today and further with the magenta community especially as we are troubleshooting different things that i am not really coming up with what i the actual integration in what can you tell there’s a really good back until wed i’m just route from attending a magic And so you been chatting with merchants in the ecosystem i would u say IV seen this revenue stream here and i think good Bitch reserves of installation for described and the ease of getting up and running within the mail Create a list of the platform itself will be in today help i having a pretty fabric stash and that people can install on and work with Are there no speed time to market of course What are some of the other benefits so i will everyone loves to increase your average order value increased revenue in but would you say that Red their friends benefits to having these types of loans Absolutely you know clyde is is a my groceries very similar to confirm i would say i am and what you do by using our service is taking this pretty massive operation project you would have to Which is the revenue driver and off-road it to a company that is solely focused on making Best experience in the industry i refuse benefits with doing that i’m Events in the financial one in that sort of an obvious thing but think we actually talk more than we talk about our financial benefits is um so We found backlight doesn’t really awesome job is value prop two and customer is added to increase my lifetime value that customer gets lifetime value financially so when the product breaks make sure that i purchased a product from that is out we’re doing everything for the third continuing to use that brand Which is really good in terms of quality of life for you though give me the brands that retailer another sale in MSRP so what is it Hope things that play here that i’m that make it a good opportunity for retailer not just financial Can you add a message we’re sorry wasn’t even really thinking along those lines this much but i was excited train of thought

I am entering the conversion rate optimization at something that it trails we Look at the rockets were always looking at loading speed optimization you know fast insights running better the conversion rates generally So it’s something i’m hosting where do we look out for that would you say have you seen any data that suggests that by differentiate because i know that you know Three years and years etc You are different than your competitor you offer different solutions better solutions any content i didn’t think that i can affect the conversion rate i’m confused adjust the add a warranty can do that in some industries like me a lot of the best sister we talked you also sell on amazon I and amazon is doing well on all of their products it’s a really great opportunity for business to make the case Order customer to buy directly from them i’m so we actually see and Assinar customers are concerned about seeing a decrease in conversion because you might be potentially having another step to the process read either see no text or increasing conversion because there is increasing and um And conference track and looking for special needs a smaller or no what are the businesses is there a good way to looking and feeling like an operator of amazon is there a god exist mark fact i just because im irritable like amazon so when is the name of game these days because we talked about a bunch of times and the podcast now i know they would amazon and u friend me that i They own the customer I’m taking a cut me not to say that they learn something at the market place that brings something to the table What you got the error in terms of your brand and your customer relationships i things can disappear really quickly they are so i any time you can make the case that people should And could the quality be buying directly from you i know we’re gonna get the same or better from you directly asked my opinion always a smart for a merchant app Hey ninety percent of march and still we talk to there actively trying to take business are you in to their website then end off amazon news clyde is one of the ways to do that No add your never run into another product that directly compete with clyde which is rare because there are a lot of categories of solutions in when i view the integrate with that would ecommerce platforms weather magenta top five big car you name it Have you ever been to a new not sure are you sure don’t you disrupting others that were already there Yeah i mean if you think about the industry as a whole like the largest companies in the world are doing what cloud enable center doing it because they have access to these insurance companies are doing it because it makes them millions and millions mix best by where to program more than half your annual profit show you haven’t seen another company like fly before which is where operating a very white space we are there with these massive insurance companies are operating with the top three retailers and take that same type of access i make it possible for any business i’m not working why are way up because of how awesome our technology is the larger enterprises as well and No not that makes sense spacing you taking something that was available to some enterprise that could invest into the technology and you’re making it available to the mass market of ecommerce sellers sell add certainly makes an impact for those cell is there a certain smallest size business that you think you target well is there any kind of risk of signing on with clyde special when you talk shop i know i often there can be some you know some nude mom and pop starting up from their coffee table in the garage yet how do you read what it meant we don’t have a problem that we deserve someone has striped is this company switch is that your amount by amazon starting any garage in mds and it’s our go to er i alongside those pants from day one which is why we find um open tuesday you be installed on shop for a magenta under the covers from expanding to an addition to our API and SDK so there is no

relaunch with three revenue businesses sometimes it’s not okay is our sales team or engineering team but we go to fast forward purposefully to be open to any and all text business record i know that you’re still early into the community sale Hopefully we’ll be back and so i get to do the case study else Yo how u one in the ad on marketplace one for you and perhaps i look at some of the partnership sent Other relationships that you fostering a community i know it’s a great for us to add be able to ten to get to know you from the ground and i end of the year for that journey i’m dl any other thoughts that you don’t If we wrap for today i just that i look forward to i can i do for you a gentle community i think that we have a very transparent tell him i’m and more than happy to take people thru i’m a demo our product i know that it it’s a big decision to make i’m just like having a farm or something like that might be a big decision i mean we are typically helpful as much as possible Thank you set robert up for hosting has absolutely and any final thoughts today I just the thank you s that haven got also excited to see what’s in store for accepting this is a where is the community where you got as a larger hold on how to apply for my prestige good mom Powered do things like the big is your i got your bag u still need to be able to some black dresses shirts and a bird and becky can you open a ticket Alexa alexa Absolutely will general thank you so much for joining us today for our list nearest please be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you notified of new episodes as they released you can follow us on twitter add gabriel sa walang facebook we’re absolutely on linkedin and very active there and we love to hear from you can always visit our site reach out to icenter question start song topics you know we’d love to hear from my order and send dud how is the band still Be in touch and there was a new episode forty percent be only