Tata Sky HD Dish Installation and Troubleshooting Guide

Standard Installation Kit for HD Setup 12V 1A Indian AC adapter with green LED indicator Universal Remote and HDMI Cable SPDIF Optical out connector the HD box has at the back antenna in port, usb in port, AV port (yellow-video, red and white -audio), Optical in to connect Toslink audio cable, HDMI can transmit both HD audio and video and card slot with power adapter Wall Mount Dish Kit Part No MA-68MFGI MCBS Elevation Angle Arrow should be in UP position, this unit will connect to the umbrella (dish) Skew Angle +75 > -75 Degree on LNB Elevation Angle marked 40 to 80 Degrees While the engineer is fixing it, you can see all the sequence he follows to fix the entire setup Tatasky Installation Executive starting the installation

All the nut bolts are provided with the new setup, in case you loose any of them, replace with a suitable ;part only else loose fitting will create issues this is the plastic clamp that will hold the LNB

Choosing the correct wall so it faces south east is best The clamp should be fixed in wall very tight with nut bolts coz most common complaint in India is dish misalligned as per repair guy Make sure the surface that you choose to install the dish clamp is stable and free of obstructions, drill holes properly inside the all and use plastic beat to fasten the nuts This is the LNB and you can see the LNB SKEW degrees marked from +15>-15, it should ideally be at 0 arrow but if required this may need final adjustment before tightening the bolt The new installation will give this yellow guide that tells you what all will be fitted where so you dont go wrong with the installation Wire bundle has clear markings after every meter so you can know exactly how much wire has been used in your installation accordingly you will be billed 10 Meter is free with standard install Make sure the cables once fixed in LNB are tied properly with Cable ties so it is not hanging loose nor interfering in movement, loose hanging wires cause stress in LNB connector All the nut bolts should be tight, some times when this setup is in public, neighbors or others dislocate the dish for petty reasons causing inconvenience to the subscriber Now he is connecting the digital SatHero Satellite Finder, one side connecting to the LNB and other side to the STB so necessary power can be provided to the meter (even 22K) Now at initial stage, he saw no signal, now he is alligning to the approx location thru azimuth and the elevation thru markings on the dish and then will see the meter for any audio and signal strength activity You can see my other video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwL1-sAMG1M to see how you can use your android mobile as Satellite meter You can hear the audio of beeping as he moves the dish thru positioning the beeping frequency increases and he can see that in the SatHero display as well (mine case signal 90%, quality 72%) you have to make sure signal is very good, quality can be a little on lower side as per location) Make sure dish a clear sight of the satellite, any obstruction will reduce signal resulting in subsequent problem. Prefer roof top installation is it does not have public access

Aligning process going on, his experience is also being used, a new installer will face some initial difficulties) Suddenly the beeping audio is enhanced indicating the dish positioning is very close As with audio, he is also keeping a close eye on the display of the meter to make sure signal and quality is at the best before finalizing the position Now its final so he will tighten the nuts supporting the dish umbrella as well as on the wall While the tightening is going on the audio beep sould remain constant, else if during tightening the beep reduced means the dish has moved a little so be careful Now check once more on display. If your dish has later also moved, please use same process to retune Some fine tuning at the last stage Viola Done, angle as per android software statistics as you can see in my other video Now he is adjusting the LNB SKEW angle that I mentioned earlier to see if more signal betterment can be achieved After skew he is tightening the cable connector and finalizing the position Now regards first signal, it has to be activated from the NOC. Message says subscription not active

This is the universal tatasky remote that can operate both TV and the STB, you have to program it a bit he standard cable they use for installing is RG59 Coaxial Cable for CATV network. Use high quality without any joints or bents Once dish is installed, you can use a permanent marker to make the azimuth and the elevation so if the dish gets moved, you can reallign it yourself with the help of any meter I hope his video was informative, sorry for shakes and a bit unprofessional attitude, if you have any questions, so message me here