ITALY TRAVEL GUIDE: How to see Italy in 7 Days! (2019)

♪ For the record I’m going try and make y’all comfortable ♪ ♪ For the record, you ain’t tryna grow ♪ ♪ Then it’s done for you. ♪ ♪ For the record, Labb on me going all the way ♪ ♪ Way, way, way, way ♪ – In this video, I’ll be traveling around Italy to show you just how much you can see in a week I’ve teamed up with Contiki, the sponsor of this video, which is the number 1 social travel company for 18 to 35 year olds in order to show case the seven wonders of the world with a few other talented content creators (upbeat rap music) I’ll be seeing the Colosseum on our eight day Italian espresso trip, as well as some iconic cities like Florence and Venice But also, some lesser known cities that you may not have heard of And I chose Contiki’s Italian trip because I did a similar one when I was 16 and it was that exact trip that made me fall in love with traveling and meeting new people all over the world Hey, what is up you guys? We are now in one of the main piazzas, the main plaza This is the plaza of the people and we’re actually on a, uh, little walking stole through Rome right now We’re going ultimately to reach the Colosseum but before that, we’re going to go to the Trevi Fountain But just walking around Rome is so insane because this is like, something I saw nine years ago so it’s like, very foggy, but, now that I’m here seeing it, it’s like all coming back to me and, man I I’m glad I have a better camera to document this now We found out that you can actually fill up your water bottle here at these water fountains because the water is actually good to drink here Which, is not something I get to say about a lot of the countries that I travel to Like, you drink the tap water or anything, it’s not very good But here in Rome, it’s so good, that you can drink it out of the fountain We just saw a couple of guys filling up their water bottles here And now Charlie is gonna fill up his (running water) – It’s just water – Really? – If I get sick, I’m going to be very upset – Yeah, if it turns out that we’re wrong – Yeah, I’m gonna be sick now for a long time (laughing) – [Cody] To join me on this trip, I brought along my friend Charlie who you may remember from my travels in Bali (Cody laughs) You almost just lost your lucky coin – I know, I literally almost lost it straight away – Okay. So we made it out to the Trevi Fountain Now this fountain right here is famous because Roman soldiers used to come here before going off to battle and to wish that they would come back home, you would take a coin, and they’d throw it over their left shoulder So, you know, if you do that it means you’ll be coming back to Rome, or hopefully – Hopefully come back to Rome – Yeah yeah hopefully So we’re gonna we’re gonna throw the coin over and hope that we come back to Rome Three, two, one Guys this is Mike from Canada, and he’s about to throw a coin – Alright – [Cody] You did it, you’re coming back to Rome! – Absolutely! – We have officially made it to the Colosseum which you can see right behind me but this is where there used to be a huge huge wooden floor and all the gladiators would fight, and when it was first built, they actually had 100 days straight of straight gladiator fights So it’s pretty crazy being here I was here once a long time ago, but I never remember being down on this bottom floor So, I’m pretty excited to be here in this uh, in the gladiator pit What’s it like being at the Colosseum for the first time in your life? – Ah, first time at the Colosseum, have you seen It literally, I think it speaks for itself This place is beyond amazing Even if all the scaffolding you see most of it, but like, just the pure history and everything else that comes – [Cody] And the pillars, I think – The pillars, and the history that comes with this place I think it’s just unfathomable that, like some of like, this sort of stuff was built this many years ago – [Cody] With this wide angle, you can see the whole Colosseum, and it looks incredible This is honestly, like, one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Italy Like, seeing the Colosseum It’s definitely one of those bucket list checks off for this, uh, trip And with the introduction of the new Jordan and Israel uncover trip launching this April, Contiki has completed a set and now offers trips to all seven new wonders of the world So you can do this exact one, or visit any of the six others It’s now just about 1PM, and we finished the little tour that we did this morning for the whole Colosseum Now we pretty much have like, four hours to just kind of walk around all we want Contiki just kind of gives you a lot of free time So, if you want to go explore, you can (upbeat techno music) We have officially made it to the Pantheon here in Rome And this is a place of worship of all gods So, uh, they actually allowed all gods to be worshiped here And, it’s got this huge, huge hole in the middle of the dome And the floor here is actually like slanted so if it rains or snows or anything, it just goes and rolls off It’s pretty cool It’s this giant giant dome and it’s over 2,000 years old

It’s actually the third one though, because two other ones burned down until they realized hey let’s make it out of like cement or like, some kind of stone, and not just burnable wood (upbeat techno music) ♪ ‘Cause my heart is on hold on, hold on ♪ ♪ So I need you to play on, play on ♪ (classical flute) – We have now made it to Castle St. Angelo This is a second century castle here, in Rome And, uh, supposedly, it houses a bunch of renaissance paintings And I love the renaissance time It’s just like my favorite Leonardo Da Vinci, I almost said Da Caprio (laughs) You know, renaissance time you know, Leonardo Da Caprio! (laughs) – Leonardo Da Caprio! – Leondardo Da Caprio! (laughs) It was actually originally built as a tomb for the Roman Empire, but uh, then they just kept building and kept building So it never really went and decayed like a lot of other buildings here in Rome A lot of things are in ruin This one, they just kept building, and they’re like, you know what, let’s take it from his tomb, to like, you know, like maybe we’ll make it a prison Then we’ll make it a fortress Then we’ll make it all this cool stuff They’re like, yeah, let’s do it! One thing I really like about Italy is just the history here Everything is so like, old and historical, and some kinda, and like everything here looks like it could be a part of some famous historical you know, event Everything like, this castle right here is really famous, and, uh, it’s just you know, you’re just walking by I just walked down the road earlier We found this castle, that’s how we found it I didn’t look it up I just walked down the street, looking for gelato I found this castle So like everywhere you go, you could just find something pretty cool Alright, so we’ve just come to a past cooking class here in Italy This is like, a local experience And uh, we got all 47 of us making pasta – [Teacher] Okay, now you have the egg You have to fold it in. Look at me – Beat it into submission ♪ Just an ordinary day ♪ ♪ I was making my way ♪ – It’s actually rather difficult, so I’m pushing, I’m pushing very hard on this and we’re not supposed to but ♪ I was feeling kind of wicked ♪ ♪ When I heard my boss (muffled rapping) ♪ – [Teacher] And bellissimo! – I’ve never made pasta like this before I usually just take it out of the box Now she’s putting it through what looks like a spaghetti, or like a play dough thing that you squeezes it It’s like a wet blanket. (laughs) It feels like a wet blanket ♪ What you gonna do with all that jean ♪ – [Teacher] Okay, keep going. Move, move, move Go! Go! Go! Go! – That is the food that we made! You guys enjoying it? Do you think it’s actually good? – It is good – It’s amazing – [Cody] Yeah, I’m actually surprised. It’s actually good It is good. We did a great job! – We actually did a decent job Now, we made it to the Vatican, and look at the top of the ceiling! It is completely gold above us It is crazy, it stretches on for what seems like a mile This thing is huge. It is massive It is our last morning here is Rome We’re actually about to hop on a bus right after this, and drive four hours to Florence ♪ Can you feel the beat of the ♪ By the time we arrived in Florence, the sun was setting and we headed out into the city for a karaoke night (upbeat pop music) ♪ Yeah the time of our lives ♪ ♪ It was all about fun ♪ ♪ We were the kids ♪ ♪ It was all about fun ♪ ♪ Shame we grow older ♪ ♪ Remember it like it was yesterday ♪ ♪ We were the kids and we did okay ♪ ♪ Shame we grow older ♪ – Mike, Charlie, and I have come out to this bridge here This is one of, the uh, famous bridge, here in Florence

It was a uh, crazy night last night with the karaoke Uh, but we made it out this morning so we could do the Duomo we could see the statue of David All these famous things All here in Florence And Florence, I gotta say, is one of my favorite cities I’m so glad to be back here because you know it has such like crazy renaissance history here All these statues, all along here, all these different renaissance, you know, politicians, aristocrats, painters, everything like that When I was 16 I don’t think I fully appreciated the art here But now, like coming here, it’s actually like really really cool Since I’m really you know into the whole renaissance history and seeing the statue of David, seeing all these like huge like famous statues around here in the Piazza della Signoria It’s like one of the most famous squares to come to So like, quite popular, quite crowded So, we’re seeing the recreation of David It’s like a couple hours away to see the actual David But, you get an idea right now (upbeat techno) We made it inside the Duomo which is one of the huge buildings here in Florence Really popular, and if you get a, uh if you reserve a ticket beforehand we’re just kinda walking around so we just walked in here But if you reserve a special ticket, you can go all the way to the top of this tower The dome, which is insane I’ve done it last time, and I highly recommend it If you’re coming to Florence, you have to go and get a special ticket and go up here ‘Cause it is amazing! (upbeat techno music) Well, after a day of exploring Florence yesterday, we have driven an hour and a half out this morning to a town called San Gimignano, and it is this big walled city It looks really cool In like an old historical town Charles! – Hi! – Yo, what up man? This is Charles He is from South Korea – Hello everyone! – The other night, when we did uh, we did karaoke, and he did Gagnam Style, and he was only one (Charles sings in Korean) he was the only one who could sing the whole word in Korean Charles is one of the guys here who came out on this trip solo He’s like enjoying it There’s many people who came out here solo We made a bunch of friends So it’s pretty cool, – Cool! – That he was able to do this And you know, our friend Mike as well So, that’s one of the advantages of the Contiki tour You can come out here, you can go solo And then you can meet a whole bunch of friends and you explore around – [Cody] Yo guys, how you feelin this morning? – Amazing! – [Cody] Did you guys go out last night? (laughs) – Just had wine though – So, there has just been endless flowing wine non-stop on this tour Obviously, ’cause we’re in Italy Everyday it’s just like you can have five to 10 bottles of wine at your table for dinner So the story behind the towers here in San Gimignano is that, at one point, all the families wanted power and building a tower the tallest you could was a symbol of power And at one point, it got to be kind of, you know too much There’s a bunch of towers here So the town was like, alright enough of these towers! We’re only gonna keep the 14 best looking ones So that’s what they did And we’re about to go climb up the tallest one right now which I believe is this one right here Oh god, I can’t fit! (screams) (Cody laughs) We made it up to the top of the Torre Grossa, the tallest tower here in San Gimignano – [Cody] It probably has the best view over the entire city here (mellow pop music) ♪ Before this night is over ♪ ♪ I will guide you home ♪ ♪ All this time you thought we’d never pay the price ♪ – [Cody] We all of course stopped for some gelato I got strawberry and sour cherry – Strawberry, caramel, sour cherry, and passion fruit – [Cody] You got four different ones? – I did, yeah – I got, strawberry, chocolate, mango, and pistachio – [Cody] You can get so many! And what did you get Charles? – Pistachio, bananas, coco, oh, cocoa. Yeah – [Mike] We got every single flavor they have here – This is such like uh nice small quiet little town here In the Tuscan hills You can just look over these all these hills here, all the vineyards Well, I assume they’re vineyards But, um, yeah we have such a such a nice day here Just we are walking around here before we head to the wine tasting (country pop music) Came out to the Chiantri region for a quick wine tasting at this pretty cool looking castle You probably saw from the drone shots What do you think of this wine? – Uh, great! (Cody laughs) – [Both] Cheers! – [Cody] We then headed back for our last night in Florence

where we all went out for a little food walking tour So we came out to get drinks before we got out to eat This is kinda like, the Italian tradition here So I got this thing called an aperol spritz, and what’s in it is aperol, prosecco, and soda water And it’s a lot of alcohol, so it is extremely strong! But it’s really good and it’s one of the Italian drinks here So we’ve come out to the next place which is called All’antico Vinaio and this is where we’re going to get our kind of appetizers Where we get bread, the cheese, and the meats It’s very common in Italian culture, especially here in Florence where you go from one place to one place to one place uh, throughout the night The first one is the Florentine Salami, which is, you know, it smells really amazing Oh man! That has to be some of the best salami I’ve ever had – [Cody] Which one’s been your favorite? – Um, definitely the salami It is just ridiculous! It doesn’t taste processed It’s literally just like super fresh – So we’ve now made it out to the place where we’re gonna be having our main course It’s called Osteria dei Baroncelli We have gotten the meat here It is like for some reason in Florence, it has to be basically bloody, and uh, it’s kind of like it’s kind of a sin to ask them to make it well-done That’s what we were told So we have our very rare steak here, as well as potatoes and salad, which is just standard But uh, we’re gonna see I don’t think I’ve ever had a steak or just any kind of meat that has been this rare! So uh, we’ll see. I mean it cuts really easy – [Attendee] We’re waiting for you to swallow it Cody – [Attendee] Swallow it – It’s actually, I thought it was gonna be much like harder to chew It took only a second but uh, it is really really good and like tender I think its the perfect I mean they they have it down to a science here at this family restaurant So uh, I highly recommend this meat Even though it kind of looks strange, like the redness, it doesn’t look right, but uh, I highly recommend it (upbeat techno music) So we’ve driven about an hour and a half outside of Florence this morning ultimately going up to Verona and then Venice, but we’ve stopped here at the leaning tower of Pisa, which is right behind me It is at a 4% lean And what’s pretty interesting is they originally built the first three parts of the tower and they saw that it was leaning and they were like well crap, it’s leaning how can we fix it? So they took a break for about 100 years and they just continued to do it where they thought they could like kind of correct the the curve But it ultimately did not end up working So, we still have the leaning tower of Pisa (upbeat techno music) A couple hours later, on the bus, we’ve made it to Verona and we are at Romeo and Juliet’s we’re actually at Juliet’s place where you can see the giant balcony up here where Juliet was and then the sculpture of Juliet in the back here And it’s traditional and it’s customary to rub Juliet’s boobs for good luck And uh, it’s pretty interesting There’s a whole line here to rub Juliet’s boobs So right behind me in Verona, there is a giant whale bone hanging from this arch Now this whale bone was originally the first like advertising or marketing for the pharmacy because they used to crush up whale bone for medicinal purposes And there is actually still a pharmacy here on the corner And they just left it And the story behind this whale bone too, is that if you have never told a lie, then this whale bone will fall, but it has never fallen ever Let’s let’s see if I get crushed right now Uh, alright. It’s still up there You’re a truthful guy right Charles? (laughs) He’s, he’s walking, (laughs) Alright Marin These guys are all liars – They’re all liars – You know, I can’t trust any of you guys

I can trust none of you Making our way up to this castle for sunset Last time I was here in Italy I never saw this here in Verona So I’m super excited It’s actually a pretty scenic view that we’re walking We’re walking across this big big bridge right here, and then up to this castle (upbeat techno music) ♪ You’re my music player ♪ ♪ You tear me to pieces ♪ ♪ So where does it come from ♪ – Charlie! – What’s up? – We’ve made it! – We made it! – We made it to Venice! This is one of my favorite cities here in Italy Although a little bit touristy because it is so amazing You can come and see these huge massive clock towers You can see this crazy architecture all around You can see like the beautiful gondolas going through the alleyways or the little canals which we are gonna be going on a little later today – Oh my god! Okay – You’re fine. Oh my god! (woman speaks foreign language) (laughter) – Oh my god! – She’s like, juggling birds! – You see what guy they like! (laughter) – Charlie look at me. Look at me Charlie – What’s up? Bird whisperer Up up. Wait here – You just like summoned them! – Come on! – [Charlie] What are you doing Cody? – Dude, I’m feeding a pigeon in San Marcos Square Ouch, he’s pecking me (Cody screams) There’s two of them! This feels so weird I’ve never held a pigeon Hello (sings classical tune) Be free! That was pretty sweet! ♪ ‘Cause I need you to play on, play on ♪ ♪ Yeah I need you to play on, play on ♪ ♪ I’m your limbo, you’re my intermission ♪ – So we walked off into one of the first little alleyways and this is where we started to see some really cool stuff When it gets really tight and you can see all the gondolas in the canals This is one of the main bridges here in Venice Towards the back though, you have to walk through a couple of streets to get here And you can see kind of like at one of the big boat piers so a lot of boats, a lot of ferry boats, some taxi boats come here So there’s like a lot of people being dropped off And then on the other side, just over here, there’s all these beautiful restaurants and gondolas watching all along the side (upbeat techno music) A 45 minute ferry ride away from Venice is an island Called Burano And it is this colorful island where fishermen live And it’s all these colorful houses and each one is a different color for the fishermen to live in And so that in the mist and like the fog when the fishermen are up in the morning they can see the island where they live and come back and not crash into the island basically And everyone is pretty much a different color There’s a couple of variations and looks just really picturesque This is the place like you wanna come for just a quick lunch and then head back to Venice ♪ I need you to play on, play on ♪ ♪ ‘Cause my heart is on hold on, hold on ♪ ♪ So I need you to play on, play on ♪ – Back in Venice and we are hopping on one of the gondolas This is my first time ever riding a gondola actually And what better place than in the canals of Venice, Italy? This is amazing guys! – Yeah, you’re beautiful! – Are you guys getting engaged too, Mike and Charlie? – I mean, it’s a bit intimate but yes – It’s just the spot So it is the late afternoon here in Venice, and it’s a nice peaceful little ride here Other than me vlogging, it’s very quiet, and I like it, it’s like we have a 30 minute ride all throughout the canals (upbeat 80s pop music) Contiki has adventure-filled tours going all over the world that are perfect for 18 to 35 year olds We saw one of the seven wonders of the world on this trip but they now have tours going to the other six wonders as well And if you book their ultimate all seven wonders of the world trip, Contiki will cover your rent for two months while you travel to all seven of these bucket list destinations, so that you can travel the world without having to feel guilty about your rent money going to waste So, check out the link in the description to do this exact tour or one of hundreds that Contiki offers Thank you for watching Road Nation, and until next time, explore the world