Happy Halloween! (Train Simulator 2016)

howdy partners at your buddy John here happy Halloween and welcome back to train simulator 2016 we’re not on Dan Sylvania but we are using the spirit of Halloween for this we are on I already forgot which map we’re on but um let’s I’m happen England what’s it called um we’ll figure it out but we are hauling a bunch of Halloween goodies look this we got us a cart of pumpkins there’s some sheep for some reason there’s some candy and looks like a cauldron of some kind and what is this pumpkin juice that’ll go over well anyway so we’re hauling this from West we’re hopping from ox words to Westerling let’s open up the map take a look at where we’re headed let’s go ahead Center on the player so we got us a ways to go let’s go ahead and get this bad boy rolling all right cut back on the break I’m going to set the cell flaps set that to right about there give us a little speed going there we go playing the map on have a time set to autumn right after or just before sunset figured we go for a different map up in Dan Sylvania cuz that map is really small we can’t really go many places I figured this would be a good substitute all right well why am I still back here there we go let’s cut back on the break a little bit more let’s go ahead and hit that lamp lazy now be really cool if the lamp came out of the pumpkin itself let’s make sure we have everything set right Center on the player please everything looks fine up here it looks like we’re sticking to the far rail here all the way what does change over there I think seems to be fine to me that is a really high speed limit might be a bit of a problem for us using a steam engine here go ahead and open it up a little more here let’s just keep an eye on the coal and the steam there we go that’s fine pressure might give us a bit of a problem with a wheel slip problem there stopped picked it down to 19% there we go that fixes a pressure problem and should keep us from losing too much speed too fast we keep seeming to have a problem with wheel slippage I think I just I’m having a hard time trying to find the perfect balance between the wobble the reverser

I think we’ll be okay where we have it now what’s that coming down the tracks oh just a spirit of Halloween I’m wondering can’t get into one of those back carriages there I’ll be kind of cool you see does it does not seem to be an option for us so we’re stuck up here in the engine I want to know we see something here can I do is this one here we haven’t buddy there no we don’t might stop see if we can pick up some passengers keep an eye on that hole and I’m not paying close enough attention there to the steam also gets more water going in let’s get the coal up first then we’ll take care of the scene you go all right you seem to find a decent medium here we’re sticking out pretty much exactly at thirty three point nine miles an hour and I think that’s good enough speed for me this maintain that the problem is keeping both the coal and the steam up making sure I don’t take a wrong path here I think we’re still on the right rail I probably be checking on that more often too let’s go ahead put it off a little more steam going I’m gonna check this Fork where are we oh that last track went off to a dead end anyway we’re doing okay just in to get this back up kind of got low there get that up to 54% then we’ll go back to the coal I don’t know if you guys can hear that we are have a little bit of rain coming through here at the moment and I keep hearing thunder outside there we go back to the coal just trying to find the decent medium between all of its I think we’re doing good sticking up pretty much the same speed hey uh Frank you know that you might need a maybe seen optometrist about this I don’t see how you’re able to drive real well guys are all crossed yeah there’s really not a whole lot out here a whole lot to see so it’s going on there something’s going on with the speed I’m not exactly sure what’s causing it get some more water going get that up to prob about 50% I’ll switch back over to the Cole I’m wondering take a but Dan’s release see if that fixes the speed problem holy 8 good little cold hopefully how far do we have up to get me up 50 more miles this is going to be a long run hopefully I have enough coal I’m sure having a pole but the problem right now is the water that’s the thing I’m worried about right now you know ladies and gentlemen happy Halloween I love this stuff but I’m afraid if I do I won’t be able to get it

going again all right cool and there we go all right goddess a bridge here you know I have only done much on this map here this is kind of interesting yeah what I was here and I really need to spend more money on unlocking now buying new maps just for some reason they’re so expensive at least they were last time I purchased one so I never really get around to actually getting new ones are we doing then just pump that up to running me out why there we go little more speed built up my big problem right now is the water and coal go ahead and actually pull back on the throttle a little bit go will keeps us from burning through the water and cold to fast all right it seems to have actually fix our problem here with going through the coal in water too fast I shoulda known that I’m bit slow he’s a little town or no it’s like it’s just a farm I think there’s a few houses up there starting to get dark pretty fast that’s pretty cool it actually adds to the feeling of the game especially with this train here happy Halloween everyone sorry can’t stop still can’t figure out if I’d be able to get it going again you know maybe I should next time we come up to a we get up close to a platform we’ll go ahead and stop so you can take on passengers not sure I guess a getting this little carriage thing here but I think we got a hat would open I don’t see the option down here just keep that there yep moving on you know what we have another platform going up here I want to stop and see if I could take on some passengers let’s go ahead start slowing her down exactly is it and see it still always up front up ahead I think we’re doing okay there on the speed should be enough to get us to slow down when we get there I just want to see if I can take it on passengers here in this carriage there it is let’s go ahead apply those brakes there we go now can I take on passengers that’s the thing I want to know isn’t there usually an option over here load there we go anybody want a ride okay I’m somebody it’s like we got one passenger I think

or did he just disappear I think they’re disappearing as they come in no one else aboard all right fine let’s go ahead and get a rolling again it’s just uh go push it down to release let’s go give us an opportunity to get a little more pressure build up anyway there we go nice and easy and we’re off does everyone here drive the exact same car does that sound didn’t sound good how are we doing you still got a long way to go I think there we are there our destination is all the way over here great I really chose a long one bring this we still have another hour did cut up a void well I think it’s too likely to change tracks in case there’s something going on over here can’t really see anything yeah hold on okay looks like I think we’re open here we got a green light some Thunder going on in the background outside the house which is really adding to it all right we’re fine are we yes we are okay back up screen yeah good old franking bringing Halloween treats and goodies to all the good little ghouls and goblins how he could see while he’s doing it I don’t know one eye is going this way the other eye is going this way everybody mention that but for some reason it’s really bothering me right it seems that the ETA is increasing which is weird because so is our speed huh 125 okay I don’t think I could ever hit that in this I think this uh this train here is MIT this a track here is actually meant more for the electric engines probably those bullet trains I should probably look into buying some of those too I don’t really have a big collection on the game at the moment they should probably work on increasing that same with the maps I’d really like to do more of this game yay coming up on a 50 miles an hour I think I’ll go ahead and try to keep it about there see right there I think that’ll do it seems like a decent of speed considering that we’re a steam engine going on track meant for 125 miles an hour right about there there we go we’ll just hold it about there I think that should do it well and spend my best efforts we actually seem to be gaining a lot more speed almost at 55 miles an hour pretty respectable for a steam engine I’m pretty sure especially this one I guess we’ll keep it up at though does seem to be helping with the ETA time because that’s going down pretty rapidly now see there’s no sudden drops that are too severe isn’t even going through these stations here it’s pretty pretty

fast the scoring in Street League still looks like it’s going to be a hundred and twenty there the ref that goes back up to 125 so I think we’re okay you know it’s really not a whole lot on this map let’s be really nice one during the day time I probably should have set the time little earlier in the day I just felt like riding this one here at night would be a really cool one from this episode go same viewing putting well we’re keeping up the pressure great and keeping up this the coal and the water great ETA still dropping that’s good speed holding around fifty six most part we’re actually doing pretty good here lot smoother than I was expecting I came over actually talked about the slip without and what a big reason I didn’t go on and do the scenarios on the Dan Sylvania map I don’t know if anybody’s wondering about that but I rent it to some bit of problem on that so you know I think it’s actually a lot more fun anyway I’m kind of enjoying it yo wish I could see more though oh wait there’s a little town hello happy Halloween is that up ahead but let you a bridge let’s take a bridge so we’re starting to come back into more of a populated area I think the speed would reduce through here but no it’s like you saying about the same pressure is building up for something here we go just break a little bit to set up the cell flap I think that’s good there and we go that fixes the pressure problem go ahead is that it those buildings are a weird shape these buildings here why are there no lights on goes the pressure again coming up on a reading yeah closer look at some of these uh Hall in here so that’s candy they were what is this some kind of potion or something you see eyeballs in there and what I think is it tentacle what is that a slug maybe I don’t know and I don’t even want to know what’s up with the Sheep Oh okay okay okay we need to start reducing speed here this looks like a pretty major area let’s cut back on that speed quite a bit as the storm outside gets even worse I don’t know if that’s coming across on the mic but it sounds pretty bad out there isn’t too much be too fast well again Co what we’ll need more is more steam going with water let’s get that up

decent-sized little town why are there not many lights on come on people it’s Halloween trick-or-treaters Olivia they don’t really celebrate a Halloween as much in that England as they do Texas in most North America do they I don’t even even look let me know I always wondered about that yo this is be too fast I might take this opportunity to get more coal going into the engine here anyway let’s just get the rest of the way into not not I’ll hold it hold it hold it we’re doing okay let’s just get that steam built back up all right ever there maybe I should have stopped got more steam going I wouldn’t a better idea yo all right we come back into more of a populated area what else are we getting still got another 30 miles to go here we go okay seems to be doing it good very good right moving on that looks like a big mess uh Heathrow so this is looks like it Wow it’s good thing we’re stopping outside of there where are we going in exactly West Ealing okay so luckily we dodged that big mess it’s going to be sticking out a pre decent speed brush here’s a bit of a problem let’s get this back up and going tickler but let me blow back just get the water pressure built back up here we go over halfway there now ah it’s got 20 miles left to go just roll along pretty quickly I thought it would be taking much longer than it actually is how much longer do we got about 25 more minutes watch out pressures building we’ll make it yep nothing to talk about here we’ve got a little town hmm sorry no it’s the homes and businesses and everything they’re coming much close together so I think we’re getting close Oh far you just got 15 miles left to go here we go we’re getting into the homestretch a lot more industry as well I think it’s a pizzette with a power plant out that way some kind of factory happy Halloween at last there is a light at the very end of this very long tunnel

ten miles left to go I’m kind of wondering what would it be like if we actually passed hiepro somewhere out that way get really into London I’m not going to do that this time though maybe sit all the time uh another platform here oh hello everyone yes why are you all wearing green oh my gosh they’re all clones white no wonder we don’t stop aah yep let’s get into the point I don’t think I really need to worry anymore about putting more coal or water and I think we’ll make it the rest of the way with what we got I see otherwise I’ll go ahead and give it a little more but I think we’ll be okay in fact maybe here in a couple minutes I might want to think about slowing down we’re at 55 miles an hour at the moment go ahead and fly the brake just slightly push it up to running maybe self laugh might be a good idea we’ll do it there there we go I’m cutting back any speed should prevent us from getting any more that might actually put a little more water let’s a little more water going when cut back on that alright ok I think we’re getting pretty much more into the outskirts of the city here pretty much been a non-stop buildings and houses along the railroad so far from past maybe five minutes so we’re getting closer just got four miles left to go speed has gone down some I might want to consider one more break let’s put it there throttles okay for now I think when it gets down to two miles then I’ll really start applying it here we go just let a mile and three quarters left to go let’s just go ahead and write it out because how we all enjoy the time of the month of four this is going to be the end of it I really have I really like doing these seasonal things so I’m definitely going to try to do more of it on the channel later this coming month November I’m going to do something for Thanksgiving I like to get somebody with me to help me do it do it with me maybe David I’ll see if he’s up for it but um yeah I’m really probably my favorite things do here on the channel as these seasonal videos also I got a few other things coming up here at November and I’m really excited about hope you all are to go ahead start applying the brake a little more here you know think our stops coming up right after this one right here hand well we might be losing too much feet too fast let’s go ahead and build it up a little more there and that’s not go overboard because there’s our stop right there just ease it right in I think I pretty much guessed the right amount there of water and everything because we made the rest the way really without needing anymore

all right just around a half mile up to go let’s go ahead and get ready to apply the brake there it is cut back on that let’s leave it right at zero I can there we go go ahead and hit apply all right here we go looking good looking good well I kind of enjoyed that Thank You partners again um hope y’all enjoyed the month of horror um now back to the regularly scheduled uploads yay good job Frank good man all right these watch partners happy Halloween and I will see y’all next time bye howdy partners for each on your welcome back to passing pine you forest why are we back apparently I really messed up last night so is that where we started hearing the scary sound I basically started running a parent