A Bronze Beats 2 GC's!? Rocket League How To Train Your Bronze [Ep. 2] (Coaching)

Hello friends and welcome back to How To Train Your Bronze Epsiode 2! Today we have 50 percent gaming back with us and we are going to be focusing on 3 more things to help YOU improve your Rocket league game! as well as give you 3 training packs you can use at home to further your skills! Don’t forget to like the video and Subscribe to the channel if your new for more rocket league content! After one game this is where 50 ranks in the 3 focus points first up is car positioning, this was brought over from last episode as he needed more focus on it 50 is still sitting at a 5/10 as he struggles to be in the right place at the right time next up is speed, 50 scores a 1/10 here his speed HAS to improve if he wants to begin to climb out of bronze lastly hitting the ball with purpose, 50 scores a 3/10 here he knows WHERE he wants to hit the ball but struggles to execute on this Lets see if he can improve over the next game! After two games I would like to say 50 improved a ton in this episode! starting with his car positioning I would have to give him a 7/10 he was in the plays more often and in good position to make an attack on the ball Moving on to speed, this is where 50 improved the most, coming in at a 6/10 He was doing his best to keep momentum and stay in the play and it showed! Lastly hitting the ball with purpose, 50 improved here as well scoring a 5/10, 50 still struggles to make solid contact and put the ball where he wants it but he is improving! Well 50 seems to be improving pretty well! do

you think he will make it our of bronze? let me know in the comments below! and dont forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more Rocket League content! if you miss out on episode 1 be sure to watch it! or check out our latest show match between element and fearless!

Rocket League How To Train Your Bronze [Ep. 2]