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When I am not in An Yang I always think of Bai Cao The shy looks on her face Pretty good Okay let’s go Isn’t this a bit wierd? It’s not wierd. But it is missing something You need this necklace to make the outfit complete It will make it more elegant Senior Ting Hao What’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong You just look really beautiful today Let’s go. The old man’s waiting Today you will meet an important person Hall Master for Xian Wu Hall, An Yang Yuan Wu Dao Association President Today is his 70th birthday part Also, I forgot to mention, He is my grandfather Let’s go Happy birthday Mr. Wan. You look amazing You are in really good shape Grandpa, happy birthday! Here is my grandson Your grandson is realy handsome Your sister is overseas and can’t come back There is only you today Grandpa don’t worry She mailed her gift already Who is this? I forgot to introduce her Her name is Qi Bai Cao She is my present to you What? Haven’t you been trying to get me to settle down? She is my girlfriend Poppycock! What did you say? Bai Cao, you can call him Grandpa like me What are you saying? – Sir – When did I become your girlfriend? Did you agree to do me a favor? Do it now. Play along So he has a girlfriend already? Why are you asking me to set him up with other girls? That is a bit too much You think you can bring home any girl and I will accept her? You don’t understand your position in life What the heck Mr. Wan, calm down Bai Cao is a student at the training center She works out with Ting Hao sometimes I think Ting Hao is teasing you Grandpa, I brough her home today Because I wanted to tell you, This time I am really serious So please stop setting me up Okay. Okay Okay You don’t like any of the girls I have selected for you Okay fine You spend all day long at your dad’s company, What do you hope to achieve? Grandpa, I don’t want to waste my time I just want to be with the person I like I know telling you all of this today is going to make you angry But I need to say this I am an adult now I want to control my future I want to decide on my career I don’t want to be told what to do all the time Go I don’t want to see you again Leave. Leave! Mr. Wan, calm down. Please calm down Ting Hao, today is your grandpa’s birthday Apologize!

Senior Ting Hao please say you are sorry Grandpa, I am sorry But I still want to live my own life Leave, take your “girlfriend” with you Grandpa, happy birthday We are going to leave now Come on Bai Cao Um, I am going to go home now Thank you for today Actually, I should be the one apologizing If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be fighting with you grandpa Since my mom got sick, my grandpa wants to control everything Including my studies, my practice, my life, everything I don’t have any freedom at all Recently he began matchmaking So I thought up this idea I am sorry Your grandpa wants the best for you You are lucky to have a grandfather, sister and father They all care for you. It is wonderful I finished my favor to you I am going to pretend everything you said to you grandpa was a joke. I wouldn’t let it bother me Also, if my family was still here I would do whatever I can, to make sure they have a good birthday Something this expensive, I can’t accept Also this dress, after I cleaned it, I will ask your teammate to return it to you If you want to see me, come and find me Why ask my teammate? Because Because… what you said to your grandpa today even though we know they are false, But people will still misunderstand So it is better to So it is better to never meet up again?

No, just temporarily Senior Ting Hao! What are you doing? Instead of pretending, we should go public Starting from tomorrow, Fang Ting Hao and Qi Bai Cao will began dating This necklace is our promise jewelry No Senior Ting Hao! I can’t agree to it! I need to focus on my practice. For the World Youth Competition Qi Bai Cao, is there room in your world for something other than Yuan Wu Dao? Studying Yuan Wu Dao is my own goal Also, I promised Senior Ruo Bai Ruo Bai Since he lost to me last time, he has been focused on being a trainer He knows he can’t surpass me, so he wants to train someone more promising You can’t say that about Senior Ruo Bai It is all because of him I became so strong In my eyes, he is the best teacher That is because you never worked with someone better Anything Ruo Bai can give you, I can give to you in multiples Forget some youth competition, One day, you can be a world champion Qi Bai Cao, when it comes to Yuan Wu Dao, talent is more important than hardwork Ruo Bai, only has hardwork left So starting from tomorrow, you should practice with me Senior Ting Hao, thank you for telling me the difference between handwork and talent This made me realize our differences Because I am not talented either, But I believe as long as I work hard, I will get better Slowly it will accumulate, until Senior Ruo Bai surpasses you You are too simple minded How about this. Let’s make a bet I am not going to bet you But I believe in Senior Ruo Bai You should go home now Why do I fight with her everytime? But I can’t seem to forget her Grand senior – Grand senior – Senior This is a rare occurrence. Senior Fang is here so early Since everyone is here, let start our practice for today Wait a second I have something to say I haven’t practiced in a long time I am not even sure how much I have regressed I don’t know if the title Grand Senior still applies Grand Senior, Senior Ruo Bai is the grand senior So, I want coach to arrange a match I want to challenge someone Who? Ruo Bai No no no way. Senior Ruo Bai is tired from practice everyday He doesn’t have time to fight you What are you talking about? You forgot the last fight between them? Senior Ruo Bai almost got injured Coach Shen, let’s start practicing The schedule is packed everyday I don’t know if there is time for a match This matter I agree Ruo Bai, you You all think I will lose? Senior Ruo Bai. Do your best I believe in you Heaven, please protect Senior Ruo Bai

It seems you think Senior Ruo Bai will lose too And you say you are his admirer. Aren’t you kind of a phony? I didn’t say Senior Ruo Bai will lose! I am just worried. Worried, do you understand? Sure I guess something like you wouldn’t know what it feels like to worry about someone I am surprised you are willing to accept my challenge You can’t win against Chu Yuan, but don’t you always challenge him? Chu Yuan is afraid, his opponent will advance past him Someone was bold enough to say you are better than me So let’s decide through a match One day Senior Ruo Bai will beat you Go on Do your best! Senior Ruo Bai! Senior Ting Hao’s kicks are really really fast Senior Ting Yi’s moves are already fast, But Senior Ting Hao’s attack is so fast you can’t fight back God, I didn’t even see clearly when Senior Ting Hao kicked How did he already score? That is amazing! Senior Ruo Bai is in danger You attacked are still faster than flying shadows But it no longer can be described as faster than light It is true I haven’t been practicing, So I am slower But it is still fast enough to beat you I hope you haven’t only lost speed Ting Hao’s thunder double kick is as quick as lightning and with purpose, as expected from a genius like him Senior Ruo Bai, offense! Take offense! Be patient, Senior Ru Bai might be on defense but no points are lost with even with Senior Ting Hao’s strong offense You’re right, why isn’t he scoring a point even with his strong offense? Ruo Bai knows Ting Hao’s skill level and he has improved a lot these two years If he defends his 90 kicks, he can still do it But they can’t go on like this, Senior Ruo Bai will eventually lose if he keeps on like this Not necessarily. As long as he keeps it up, he might have a chance Ting Hao’s strength, it’s as if Ting Hao hasn’t been trained systematically for two years His physical abilities have decreased from before If… he could change his tactics in time No. A royal way of victory must be a perfect and overwhelming victory Senior Ruo Bai, keep it up. You can certainly do it Ting Hao’s strength can’t sustain those lightening-fast attacks anymore When he slows down, even if it was only one-tenth of a second, that would be my chance to win

It’s over. Ting Hao is going to use his final move My idol is going to suffer That chance is right now Stop Ting Hao, you lost Ruo Bai, your timing was great You won this battle beautifully Senior Ruo Bai, you’re the greatest! I knew you can do it I’ve joined Xian Wu for many years now, but this is the first time I see Senior Ting Hao lose a fight Very good Since Chu Yuan withdrew, I haven’t been defeated in a long time But, the feeling of losing is not bad In order to win, I thought of countless tactics In the end, the real reason I defeated you was that you didn’t practice for a long time Something that you gave up yourself Strength I will win back And, I won’t give up on the things that I like Ruo Bai, I look forward to the official competition with you I look forward to it too What? Lost one round and you can’t stand it? Are you thinking about because I shortened the match time by one third, you lost accidentally Otherwise, you could have definitely regained the losing round If it was a standardized competition, I wouldn’t lose I admit, your skills are better than Ruo Bai But this doesn’t mean you will never lose In the most recent year, think about it carefully How many days did you actually train hard? Even the most talented candidate will require an effort to be successful You lost to Ruo Bai, first you haven’t practiced for a long time, your physical strength decreased Secondly you were distracted In order to show off in front of Bai Cao, you knew you could change tactics, but you didn’t You should think about it, what does Yuan Wu Dao mean to you? You’re exaggerating, Even if I didn’t improve doesn’t mean I got worse Is it like that? Yi Feng, Ruo Bai, Bai Cao, Sheng Bu, they are improved Just you, still standing at the original place, not moving Maybe one day, Yuan Wu Dao will leave you I like taking showers, my skin feels great Practicing writing First Senior Brother Ruo Bai? Today you won Fang Ting Hao, You don’t plan to buy me dinner? I won, you didn’t win

Why should I take you out to dinner? That’s right. Right You won I didn’t help. But love helped Love is so powerful It help you beat Fang Ting Hao Stop speaking nonsense Who’s speaking nonsense Ruo Bai, actually I already knew You have been interested in Bai Cao for a while I’ll summarize for you. You’re pinching and scraping. No calligraphy paper, but newspaper This ink is also the worst quality Working everyday after school just to pay Bai Cao’s training fee and black belt exam. Am I right? She is a potential in Yuan Wu Dao, shouldn’t be overlooked Yes, yes, yes Ruo Bai Second Senior Brother will tell you, identify the one in front of you and what’s happening in front of you Don’t regret it after you lose it Ting Hao Grandfather – This is the latest product – This is yours – These two are yours – It’s super effective – Thank you – Come visit again! especially dry. I use this to moisturize Really? Then it seems pretty good Do you have any recommendations for eye masks? Ta-da This eye mask is very easy to use It looks good and works well It helps prevent dark circles, as long as you use it every day it should be helpful Okay. Then give me both Okay, okay, let’s go pay Quickly, it’s over here Little Bai Cao Ting Hao Senior I think you were right Fan Ting Hao is here again He’s really interested in Bai Cao He comes every now and then Regarding talent versus hard work, I think you were right Yuan Wu Dao is something I once took for granted but in fact, I’m losing it bit by bit So, I have to find what I have lost What do you mean? I already discussed with my grandfather I am going to do isolated practices So these few days I won’t be going to the usual practice Isolated practice? Yes If you can’t see me for such a long period of time Will you miss me? Don’t cut your bangs

Some people make good coaches. As for beauty You understand You look better with long hair anyways But I am still thankful for yesterday’s match Because it taught me a lot Senior Ting Hao Sorry I went a little overboard the other day I really didn’t mean it It’s ok Little Bai Cao I should thank you for the rude awakening Ruo Bai Help me look after Bai Cao Little Bai Cao (Xiao/Little adds on endearment) Then, I’m leaving Let me try one Thanks Take it and use it! Ting Hao Senior seems a bit different For such a prideful person like him to say those words today, it must not have been easy This time I hope it’s a change for the better I’ll get it done immediately What now? This store sells it the cheapest Other stores sell it for $20-30 I’ll try looking around again Look around If you like it then try it It matches my strawberry hair tie Even if I don’t have money, can I try it? If you like it, then try it Our hair clips are cheap I’ll do it Here Take a look Isn’t that good? Look at it yourself, pretty girl How is it? Perfect, isn’t it? Am I right? How much is this hairclip? Seeing that you don’t have much money on you $20 and it’s yours $20? For this hair clip? $20 is not much. I saw that you looked so pretty And especially pretty with the hair clip The original price was $30 I saw that you didn’t have any money, so you can have it for $20 Bai Cao, you came to look at these too? Let me see It looks nice. Different from how you usually look Cute and elegant, very good, very good Ruo Bai Senior, how do you think it looks? It’s really nice looking. Buy it! I wasn’t planning on buying it Why not? You look good with it on Also you always complain about your bangs getting in the way of your training With this hair clip, just clip aside your bangs and it’s all good Let me see. It matches your hair tie too It’s fated Buy it! How much is it? I really wasn’t planning on buying it. I was just trying it on I understand you enough to know you would only try it on if you really liked it How much is it? $20 and it’s yours Boss Can you mark it down a little? I’ll head out first Bye senior Ruo Bai. We won’t be late Boss, can’t you give it to us for cheaper? We really want to buy it $20 is still too expensive? Look at our product It’s the exact same as those sold in brand name stores Don’t tell me it’s the same as a brand name item Look at her hair tie, now that’s a brand name item. See how the crystals sparkle Just look at your hairclip again It’s ok, we really want to buy it. Say the price -How about this.. -Xiao Ying, Let’s go You’re not buying it? Sorry I’m not going to buy it

Hey! Why don’t you think about it He was about to give in, why didn’t you keep going? I wasn’t planning on buying it Why not? It looked really nice Also, if you have this hair clip then you don’t need to cut your hair Think about Ting Yi, how beautiful her long hair is Every time my mom sees her ad, she compliments it I wonder how Ting Yi and Chu Yuan are doing overseas right now I’ve once hoped so much that you would progress with Senior Chu Yuan Indeed, everything in fairytales are lies Never mind, whose youth isn’t painful? I also haven’t won the affection of senior Ruo Bai That’s right, where did senior Ruo Bai go? Oh, there’s a translation company over on that street He’s taken on a lot of translation jobs I heard from Yi Feng that he goes to bed really late I feel so bad for him I haven’t heard him mention it before You already know his personality, he wouldn’t mention these things Yi Feng told me secretly Xiao Ying, you go back and practise first, I’m going to cut my hair Fresh meat (slang for hot young guys), come to jie jie’s bowl! Cuties~ Xiao Ying, look! I found a place cutting hair for free My haircuts pretty good right, I saved quite a bit of money Ghost! Bai Cao! How did your hair end up like that?! Why are you shouting like that? I just wanted a fresher hairstyle Please! Pretend you don’t know me until you fix your hair Too shameful What is it? Am I that scary? Look Gosh Bai Cao, how did you hair get like that? I…I got a haircut Judging from everyone’s reactions…it’s not that good Tell me, who cut it for you Xiao Ying. Was it you who did this to Bai Cao? You chopped up her hair, didn’t you? Me? I don’t even have that ability. They cut such a original and ugly hairstyle, A normal person like me can’t achieve that Bai Cao, with your hair cut like that, Which hair dresser? After practise today, I’ll go with you to find them No… No need. It… It was free Free? It was a senior center’s free haircut event My hairdresser was a grandpa Is it really that ugly? Bai Cao, look at yourself. Is it ugly? It is absolutely terrible. So very ugly It’s best if you have a look yourself Isn’t it really ugly It’s okay, it will grow back after some time You can even console yourself when its this bad You are truly the nation’s #1 customer Give you a thumbs up, give you another one Are you guys having a meeting? How did your hair get cut like that? Are you purposely doing this? If you don’t want to cut your hair, you can say it. Don’t need to purposely cut your hair so ugly Let’s take a look – Look over here! – Over here! Ting Yi is back! – Can the two of you look this way? – Good, thank you, thank you Ting Yi, now that you’ve returned to the training facility, you have to go back to training under pressure. How do you feel? It felt like I was home I mostly spent these last two years in America training. Of course, there were things I wasn’t too used to As I continue my training, I hope Coach Shen stays strict And then I built upon all my past training Coach Shen, is Ting Yi rejoining the team to prepare for the National Youth Competition? That’s right. We will focus our training around the National Youth Competition

Then, what sorts of breakthroughs do you predict in Ting Yi’s performance this time? Do you think you’re going to place in the top three? Can she beat Korea’s female youth champion, Lee Eun Soo? That depends on her and her opponent’s condition But I think it’s possible for Ting Yi On the competition, you’re valiant and heroic, especially domineering, but it’s said that in front of your boyfriend, you’re demure and cute Is it like that? Every girl will act spoilt in front of their boyfriend Of course, I’m the same They he dare not to make you angry, right? If you’re angry, he might get kicked by you No, it’s I don’t dare to make him angry He use to be a Yuan Wu Dao student. He’s very talented Even though he hasn’t trained in a long time, I don’t think I can be his match still I heard that you’ve been in America for the past two years because he was also studying there, is that right? He had to go to America to take specific classes he can’t here, But for me, wherever I train, it’s the same Now that we’ve heard this, we can tell you’re not just an outstanding Yuan Wu Dao athlete, But also an excellent girlfriend Alright, it seems about time, so let’s stop here. We still have to train Thank you everyone Thank you everyone – Bye – Goodbye The boyfriend she was talking about, was it Senior Chu Yuan? That’s right, it was Chu Yuan That’s so good, you two suit each other well Senior Chu Yuan is handsome, and you’re also beautiful Yes, he is handsome and has a great personality. But he doesn’t like to talk about our relationship in front of others, in case it disturbs my competition Senior Chu Yuan is so sweet. I really envy you! But, since you both have to practise now, doesn’t he really miss you? Chu Yuan was originally going to stay in America for a few more years But because I was coming back, he also came back with me He was going to come to practice with me, but Hall Master Yu also misses him. I convinced him to go back to Song Bai first Oh, no wonder Alright, lets go and train Let’s go Senior Chu Yuan is back Sorry for suddenly appearing, affecting everyone’s training As the most outstanding female Yuan Wu Dao competitor in the nation, you’re bound to become a media darling. It’s not your fault However, next time there are reporters following you, warn me beforehand Don’t make it a surprise This way, everyone can dress up a bit and look better on camera Just now, some reporters said you’re not only beautiful but a great coach They wanted to interview you sometime You haven’t done systematic training in so long Wonder if your leg work have gotten worse but Your mouth has become stronger Alright, everyone let’s welcome back Fang Ting Yi! Ting Yi You train with Ruo Bai Bai Cao and Guang Ya are a training team Ok Coach Shen, I want to remain partners with Bai Cao It’s okay, I don’t mind who I get partnered with Why? These days, I’ve been helping Bai Cao with personal training. It cannot be stopped suddenly Ruo Bai, even though normally you lead the training, you have to understand, you are ultimately just a team member, not the coach I’m sorry, it’s all because my training situation isn’t ideal, So Senior Brother Ruo Bai is worried about me I’m ok with training with Guang Ya Personal training can wait until after class Coach Shen, if there’s no compulsory reason, Please let me continue training with Bai Cao Coach Shen, it’s better not to break up Ruo Bai and Bai Cao’s partnership Every time I come back, I disrupt everyone’s teamwork. It’s my fault

Why don’t I partner with Guang Ya. She’s also quite good Ruo Bai. As the coach, I don’t need to explain my decision to you But if you need a reason, I can tell you The Yuan Wu Dao World Youth Championship is very important From local to national, everyone is looking forward to it Do you guys want to win the championship, and bring glory to the country? We do! Very good! For the last few years, Lee Eun Soo has been dominating Ting Yi is the only one in the country who can contend with her We all wish to help Ting Yi improve even more so that she may have a breakthrough performance Ruo Bai, you are the most skilled and the best at guiding team members, so I require you to help Ting Yi prepare for the Yuan Wu Dao National Youth Championships But, Bai Cao also needs to prepare for the championships Very good I admire your attitude On a team, there must be competition in order to improve Ting Yi Yes How about you practice with Bai Cao Have a look if your skills have degraded after not practicing for so long What you have to do is the chance to participate in the City Youth Competition – But Ting Yi – This time I want you to beat her Why are you so nervous? Every time Bai Cao have a match with TingYi, she always loses Now they’re up against each other, it’s a repeat nightmare How can I not be nervous? So nervous, Think about it, Ruo Bai can beat Ting Hao For Bai Cao now, Ting Yi is nothing much Can that be the same? Nevermind, you don’t understand Go Bai Cao what’s with your hair? Is this the new latest hair trend? I know! Is this part of your new skill? Such a unique hair style, so you must be distracting your opponent by making them laugh Such an unique skill You’ve laughed already. Let’s start now Okay, let’s start Ready Start Ting Yi rarely uses this kind of initiative fighting style Kick, kick, Bai Cao, kick! Bai Cao is too stupid, she can’t even kick that?

You’re any better? How about you go try? What are you saying? Stop Today’s match ends here Bai Cao you improved a lot Practice harder next time Yes Look like Ruo Bai’s special training is effective Ruo Bai, you’re more suitable being a coach than a student