UAB University Recreation Re-Entry Town Hall

hello good morning good afternoon everybody welcome to today’s member town hall with your university recreation team here at uab uh we’re gonna get started just a moment um but in the meantime just want to everybody know that everybody’s webcams on the session are turned off um except for the panelists as are your microphones should you have questions at any time during this session uh please feel free to type those questions into the questions panel under the go to webinar control panel and uh we can answer those as we go along or there will definitely be a dedicated question and answer time at the end of the session as well this session is being recorded so if you need to step out or if you uh miss something uh we will be posting this recording with uh subtitles on the reopening page of the university recreation webpage uh probably in the next couple days so without any further ado uh thank you for joining us i’m going to turn over to craig decker the director cam of university recreation here at uab thanks pj welcome everybody uh real quick i would like to introduce all of our panelists we have stacey myleen our senior associate director for programs seneca wilson our associate director for facilities and guest services and henry kenneth for assistant director for marketing and membership as you see on your screen we’ll be covering many topics today regarding our reopening uh through the presentation we will answer the questions asked during the registration process um however as mentioned there will be a question and answer time at the end as you’re aware we’re planning for that august 17th reopening which is on monday um on the slide you’re currently seeing our planned hours however the space is available within facility and the hours of the aquatic center might need to be adjusted based on usage and staffing et cetera so for example we’re navigating the process of the re-entry for our students and making sure that everybody is tested and has that negative test before they come to work for the first time as they come back to school starting on the 24th there was a question about swim lessons we’ll cover that later in the presentation also there was a question from a student asking about access if you are a registered student your access will come across automatically there’s nothing special that you need to do but if you’re on the webinar today welcome to campus as we reopen the facility we’ve been working with uab administrators and others to prepare our policies and procedures and our impact on our areas when we reopen on the 17th these areas are going to be closed we understand the locker rooms will have a tremendous impact in our continually monitoring state of alabama guidelines and working with uab health experts and administrators to get those open as soon as possible and then the game room and fitness studios have been repurposed we’ll talk about those later but we wanted to include them here because technically they are closed for how we normally operate but we will have some use in those spaces as students and employees you’ll be required to show the least risk message from health check the easiest way to do that is through the passport feature as you as you complete your health check and simply show us that screen or when you finish that program the health check you’ll see the get passport button and then you’ll load that on your phone and you can simply show us that screen as you enter if you’re not affiliated with a uab but you’re a partner of somebody who is and you have a membership you’ll just be required to answer the screening questions that are based on the uab health check only students 18 and older um and members 18 and older are permitted in the facility um just remember that as a student who might be under the age of 18 however you’re still legally a minor once you enroll at uab and become an active student your student status kind of trumps that from a university standpoint so you will have to be able to access the facility but at this time we’re not allowing guests or minors in the facility and we’ll update that as that information changes social distancing must be practiced by everyone you’ll see later in the presentation our efforts to help facilitate that but we we hope that you all help us facilitate that as well the face mask must be worn by everyone at all times while even while exercising other than while in the pool swimming these are just some helpful tips for how to properly wear the mask however our staff will be here to guide you through this if necessary but probably by now we all have been well practiced in the art of face mask wearing and then a few other measures to help us reduce touch points within the facility are as follows we won’t be accepting cash as a form of payment

um through our our services uh we will not be offering towel service for members and our equipment issue will be closed um and again those are to to kind of limit the touch points and then we have disabled the drinking fountains that you would put your mouth near or on but we do have the refilling stations available so we ask you to bring your your own water bottles to get those refilled and there’s a few of those throughout the facility now we’re going to take some time and walk through some area specific policies we have tremendous amount of signage in the facility to help alert everyone to these this is more of an fyi purpose today we’re not expecting anyone to remember to memorize all of this as you answer the first time but it is all on our website that was mentioned and that you probably found this town hall from uh so in the fitness center uh we have broken up that area into two main larger spaces but then within that uh we’ll have a cleaning schedule that will be specified as well but the lower fitness area will have that capacity of 40 and then upper fitness uh the occupancy of 20 the fitness center equipment has been reorganized to again allow for that social distancing piece so we just ask you to to kind of respect that uh structure to make sure that we can keep everybody safe and keep that social distancing uh in place and then as mentioned in the bottom there there is the cleaning schedule so we’ve broken up the area into those seven spaces and we will be closing those off at designated times just to make sure we can do our heavier cleaning but in the meantime we still expect you all to clean your equipment before and after use just like we do in our normal operating times and then iron cave uh we have a max capacity of five in there however based on the layout we might have to structure some of the equipment and so you might not be able to use everything but you’ll be easily able to access the items that are available and we’ll have all that noted out as well i mentioned earlier the game room has been repurposed we were able to throw in some cardio equipment in there to allow for more usage of the cardio equipment and we took down the tables to again encourage the social distancing piece in that space and we’ll make that available once we can but it is currently unavailable until further notice the racquetballs and squash courts and our studio five um is a one per space occupancy um and those areas are going to be reserved and we’ll talk about that a little bit later um during an update from seneca uh we ask that you kind of wait outside that designated spot uh to help make sure that we’re we’re giving everyone the space they need and then on our track we have an occupancy of 10 uh and as we uh kind of break away from our normal there we’re asking everyone um to be on the outer lane to make sure that we again are having people pass and that kind of stuff and then when we do need someone to pass we have ample space for them to do so and then our center court and four court areas um for open recreation purposes they have a two per court occupancy that works out to the one per half court um and you must bring and use your own equipment again as mentioned earlier the equipment issue will be offline during this time and then we’re making sure that no one does any sort of team oriented informal use on those courts there will be some academic classes that utilize that space as they needed extra space to be able to allow for their own social distancing part of the hybrid model and we’ll make sure those times are denoted on our website swimming lanes we will have these um the lap lanes and we’ve actually added another lane uh that is normally a part of the leisure pool to make sure that we have as much space in that pool as possible um it will be one person per lane um which for you lapland swimmers that’s maybe a breath of fresh air so we don’t have people sharing a lane right now um and with this is again another space that will be asking for reservations just to make sure that people don’t come to the rec center unnecessarily if the lane’s not going to be open we will allow some drop in space so you potentially could show up and maybe a lane would be available but we are asking people to to reserve those spaces um before you enter the pool we are requesting that patrons take a soap shower prior to use we will have the two all gender lock rooms which are private locker rooms available but just remember there are only two of those so we do encourage you to take that shower beforehand if not they are available but there might be some waiting involved now seneca will walk us through the facility changes thank you correct my name is seneca wilson i am the associate director for facilities and services and today we’re going to talk about facility changes and we are very excited to have you guys

back into in the facility some of the changes are going to be as you can see right here from this picture signage has been placed in front of the building and throughout the facility to as a reminder to practice social distancing um we have identified entry doors and exit doors at the main entrance and throughout the facility as well and as you can see next slide correct thank you so much um as you can see as you enter the facility um we we have place or installed hand sanitizer stations at the entry entrance and exit of the building so you can be able to um sanitize your hands at that time so as you can see from this picture as well you can see the stanchions in front of the in front to direct you towards those hair those turn styles to leading into the facility and it’s also leading you out the facility as well next slide and in this in this picture we are closing down the middle turn style to create the appropriate distance for you um as you are entering and exiting the facility and as you can see to the right we have also placed plexiglas at the membership desk customer service desk and outdoor pursuits for your safety and in our student safety as well next slide there’s also signage throughout the facility as a reminder to practice social distancing other signs you will see in the facility as well will consist of traffic of flow conduct coda conda please wait here policy changes and capacity signage as well speaking of traffic of flow the main stairwell going up to the studios um is one way only and the fitness center stairwell will be one way going down the main stairway are going down to the first level um down to aquatics it will be a two-way traffic where we will have signs stating please wait here um until the stairwell is clear and as you can see this sign as well these are some some of the signs that you will see throughout the facility also we will have directional signage that will show you the traffic that we want you to go throughout the facility as well next slide please here in the fitness center the lower and upper fitness center we have placed equipment six feet apart in the facility patriots will only be allowed to use every other piece of equipment we have provided a schedule in in the fitness center also online to show you areas that will be closed for deep cleaning so you are able to modify your workouts or adjust your normal workout schedule in addition you go to the next slide please correct in addition we have placed some equipment in the game room area to create more space create more space so you can so we can have other areas in the facility to work out the as you can see in this picture the games and the game room will be will not be available but the racquetball course will be available also what we have done is limit the amount of equipment that are out to minimize touch points and also to help our staff with cleaning and you will see that throughout the facili fitness center and as we mentioned as i mentioned earlier that we will have capacity signage throughout the facility and on each door you will see a capacity signage that lets you know how many people are allowed in that area and with that we will have our students monitoring those areas walking throughout the facility to make sure that we are not at capacity and if we are we will have individuals wait until we are allowed to let other people in and as you’re walking out the door as you can see you exit to the right and we want to make sure that you also as you’re leaving use the hand sanitizer station as well and then we can go to our next slide as craig mentioned earlier we are allowing you guys to rent uh reserve um lap lanes racquetball course and studio five and so how do you do that you want to go to our website

on the front page you will see um a re-entry re-entry instructions and it’s on our university recreations website but we also have where you can reserve it on our uab mobile app so take advantage of that as well you can only reserve no earlier than 48 hours in advance so no reservations will be taken in person and are over the phone cell but if you need help um there will be someone to help you um with those instructions as well so and stacy will be talking about um programming and so i’ll hand it over to her all right thanks seneca um yeah so we’ve made some adaptations to the programs and services that we’re offering as well too due to the nature of limiting touch points and large gatherings um so with the aquatics area in particularly we are not offering group lessons we are only going to be focused on private and semi-private lessons for our students and for our members as craig mentioned earlier no minors will be permitted in the facility and no guests or non-members will be permitted in the facility so our private lessons and semi-private lessons will only be open to those who are students and members at this time similarly to the normal program registration process you simply will go on our website and register through the program registration portal or you can sign up at the membership desk in person in the recreation center so that process has not changed the competitive sports area has made some modifications to offer some esports programming in light of some in-person intramurals again our intramural sports are open to students and faculty staff on campus so any of them are eligible to join our esports program that we will run throughout the fall semester we also are offering some virtual trivia nights that anyone is eligible to join in on those that will have various topics that will host twice a month for that area we will have limited in-person offerings for intramural sports this year again we need to be practicing social distancing when it comes to these activities so we plan to offer badminton table tennis and possibly a couple of other outdoor activities that our students and our faculty staff can participate in while social distancing on campus the fitness area has made a major shift to offer a variety of ufit classes in a virtual format we’ve been doing this all summer since our facility closed late last spring so we will continue with those virtual offerings as we move into the fall semester here we also will continue to offer virtual personal training sessions so the same way you sign up for normal personal training packages and get paired with a personal trainer will apply to these sessions as well you now will simply have the option of doing either in-person personal training sessions or take advantage of these virtual opportunities if you’re not able to make it to campus we will have a limited in-person class schedule as well so we will be offering about two to three in-person ufit classes per day per studio depending on instructor schedule and availability but the idea is to have some in-person offerings while maintaining the majority of the classes in that virtual format personal training sessions again will also take place in person our staff will be practicing social distancing during these sessions however so things like spotting will be modified by our personal training staff in order to maintain that distance during that program the outdoor pursuits area we have started a virtual team building sessions so this is a service we had previously offered in person involves a lot of close contact with participants so it’s something that we’ve moved to a virtual format so different groups and organizations on campus can still take advantage of this service however it will be in that virtual format rather than in person this fall we are still operating our rental center at its regular capacity so equipment rentals are still available to anyone in the the community whether you’re a member or non-member however we are operating by appointment only so you will need to go online or call our outdoor pursuits office to schedule your equipment pickup and your drop

off that way it can be done in that appointment time frame we’re currently not offering any outdoor trips at this time this is something that we will be reevaluating as we move into the spring semester due to covet restrictions and university guidelines on travel we are limiting those opportunities at this time but hope to revisit them as we get into the spring semester with our wellness program area we currently are not offering massage therapy again due to contact and touch points this is a service that we are going to hold off on at this time we also are limiting our nutrition programs in-person sessions as well and due to minor restrictions on campus we will not be offering any in-person youth programs we have some plans to offer some virtual offerings for youth and minors surrounding the day camp time frame that we would normally have don’t quite have those plans finalized yet but anything we do offer for minors in the fall will be only in a virtual setting we want to make sure that all of our students and members know how we’re responding to covid19 and what steps we’re taking as a staff to ensure your safety as well as our staff safety we want to make sure we create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to come utilize the facility and take part in the in-person programming and services that we are offering at this time our staff are working hard to follow cdc guidelines alabama state guidelines as well as uab implemented guidelines we are doing a variety of training sessions with our staff to get them prepared to return to the work setting in this different environment that we’re going to be facing at this time we are doing employee screenings very similar to the participant screenings as you come in to utilize the facility to ensure that our staff are not experiencing symptoms as we place them in the work setting we’re also limiting areas of congregation so we’ve removed furniture that’s more in lounge areas we’ve eliminated those types of spaces that way we can limit congregation around those areas seneca talked about equipment we’re removing a lot of that extra loose equipment in order to reduce those touch points throughout the facility and we’ve mentioned moving that all to ensure that we are social distancing with our members and with our staff we have a very rigorous cleaning schedule that we’ve added for our staff so we will be doing that extra cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day we also will have certain closures throughout the facility at times that will allow us for deeper cleaning as well and then our reduced hours of operation as craig mentioned earlier will extend throughout the fall semester in order to limit our exposure time and allow for that additional cleaning so at this point i will pass it along to henry to talk about some membership information so as everybody on the skull i’m super excited to reopen this facility and welcome you guys back um as many of you know um uric offers a few different payment options for members to choose from and so we had to work through um those few different scenarios to accommodate for each of the groups um so the first group are members who paid in full and since um we closed our operations on march 15th we’ll apply um the amount of days since the closure until monday um to their expiration date so we’ll extend their membership by the exact amount of days um the second group are our members who are uh who are paying for their membership monthly with the credit card on file uh and so again the last um curricular billing has been processed in march and that paid for the whole month of march and so will applies um the second half of march um towards the second half of august and then we’ll restart the our normal credit card billing in september with the anticipated date of september 2nd the the third group are our members who are paying monthly out of their payroll with payroll deductions um we haven’t processed payroll since we closed and so in order for us to respond better to all the external circumstances and to be more transparent and responsive will not be restoring payroll deductions uh as we reopen um payroll deductions always paid for some period time in advance and so as we transition we’ll set those members um we’ll um basically set those members with an expiration date to reflect the amount of times they prepaid for and we’ll ask members to transition to our monthly billing with the credit card file

um the process is actually very easy um we offer a few different options you can call our membership desk on monday and we can add your car and file over the phone or you can do it um from the comfort of your home from our member online portal as well as from the um uib direct mobile app if you have any specific questions to your membership please contact our membership team and then we’ll work with you individually just to make sure we give you the exact information regarding into your account um we also had to address the our non-prime member group the early birth night owls due to to reflect some of the um hours of operations adjustments and so um to move forward our non-prime membership will have access to the facility from 6 am until 3 pm so normally they had a six hour period of window during the day now we extend by nine from six seven to three p.m and they’ll have unlimited time on the weekends as well um and so um since we’re transitioning from the payroll to our credit card billing we are more flexible in terms of our freeze membership freeze and cancellation procedures we no longer require 45 day notice for our membership freeze so if you’d like to freeze membership we can do it uh at the end of the month as well as um we uh do the same thing with cancellations as well um one one additional policy change in our membership freeze we no longer require the cap of six months so members may freeze their membership longer than six months if they wish to do so so i think that brings us up to uh our question answer period so i’m going to invite all the panelists to come back on screen for us here and um they had a couple questions in during the session here that we’ll address uh if you have any questions based on the uh information that you’ve seen here please feel free to type those into the questions panel and we’ll go ahead and try to address those as as best we can um so first one it’s kind of clarification craig you touched on this and uh stacey you you kind of mentioned it a little bit too um with with the minor policy but if someone is a uab student and they are underage as they are under uh 18 years old they will still be allowed in the facility this fall is that correct that is correct all right great so yeah so your your status as a student does uh um super exceed your status as a minor so if you are a student and unders under 18 you can still come use the facility this fall um henry this one’s for you mr uh pakal here said i am a student this fall i download the uab campus recreation app and it shows that i need a member id where do i find that id excellent so that id is actually different from blazer id and you’ll have to contact our membership team um to um share your online services credentials with you and you will use those to access the mobile app or the online member portal um the easiest way to do it is do it over email the email address is rec member or you can call our frontdesk as well and what i’m going to do is i’m going to i just go ahead and type that address into the questions panel so that if you need that address rec member it’s right there in the questions panel as well um very good uh uav students are automatically members correct that is correct as long as you’re a registered student you are good to go great uh stacey this is for you uh will the youfit classes still be held with social distancing guidelines yes 100 so we have actually done capacity uh accounts for each studio space that will allow us to have just a minimal number of participants in each class but that way they can practice social distancing along with the instructor so class sizes will be smaller we’ve also marked off the spaces within each studio that way participants kind of know their area to stay within and the social distancing will be practiced throughout every class that we offer in person fantastic and um this wasn’t a question but i’ll just ask as a clarification will there be any aqua fitness classes offered um in person not at this time no um and they kind of relate to the next question here is when you do elaine

laughlin reservation can we do our own aqua exercises in those lanes or are we restricted to only doing lap swimming you are able to use the lap lane as you wish or as you see fit you will need to provide or bring your own equipment however though i know we typically have the equipment available on the shelves within the pool area that is not available at this time so if you wish to do any exercises on your own you just must remain in your own lap lane we won’t permit patrons in the leisure area at this time but you can definitely utilize your lap lane provided you bring your own equipment to do that great uh seneca i think this one’s probably uh best for you so this patron said that they left things in their locker how do you get them uh if the locker rooms are going to be closed down i’m going to let hearing answer that question but um we definitely have a process for that um and i’m going to pass it over to henry thank you um so to address that question we do have a process in place so all you have to do just please email our again direct member email and what we’ll do we’ll bag it for you and set up an appointment for you to come in and pick up your belongings great so remember at and we’ll set up time to come get it and we will we will go into the locker room and put everything in a bag for you and then and you can pick it up great uh see will there be a designated space to stretch or non-equipment use so flex training doing you know personal yoga pilates whatever else i guess that is probably a better one for you seneca right yeah i can definitely answer that question all right yes we will have we have designated areas to stretch throughout the facility um is one person capacity in those areas but we do have some areas to stretch and we will have a time limit on those so other people are able to be able to use that space as well great uh stacy back to you fit um will there be a requirement to register for those live ufit classes in advance we’re looking at that option currently that’s something we haven’t um quite finalized just yet uh our plan is to start to see what kind of demand that we’re having for the in-person classes and if we start to see that they’re reaching that capacity then we are going to implement a registration process it’ll still be a free you won’t have to pay to attend the ufit classes but we will do a similar process that we are looking at for lap lane reservations or racquetball court reservations it would be the same type of process through the app or online to simply register for a space in the class but at this time we’re going to see what that demand looks like for the in-person classes see if we’re reaching our capacities and if we are at that point then we will implement the registration process and if people are already used to doing f45 class reservations or or cycle class reservations the services is very similar it’s just not there’s just no fee associated you have to purchase a package before you make the reservation but if you’re used to going to the app and making your reservation for those classes the process will be very similar um but like like stacy said only if we do see a demand such that we need to um implement that now the speaking of demand that kind of takes a great segue into our next question here um what happens when capacity is reached in a given space will members be forced to just wait outside and congregate or they ask to go somewhere else how are you planning on handling uh the capacity control in these different spaces so we have our supervisors roaming the facility and and monitoring those spaces and they have they will have a a a ipad to count the people in each space and we will ask when that room get into capacity we will ask people to stay either go to a different part of the facility to use that space such as the game room um or ask them to have a different workout or adjust their workout to to meet their needs and then as people are waiting we will remind the patrons that there is a time limit when someone is waiting for a machine great uh another question came in for henry um my 17 year old has a minor account of joined to mine since we’re not allowing miners in the facility will their monthly charge automatically be adjusted to not charge for the miner during this time or as do they have to be proactive and reach out to you to make that adjustment great question so since the miners will not be up in the facility will basically freeze their membership until they’re allowed back on campus so yeah we will automatically take care of that for you um and um if you would like to follow up

i’m sure our contact information will be up here specifically so if you’re still concerned about that then definitely reach out to us we’ll be uh more than happy to to um you know absolutely verify that your specific account has been handled but our plan is to go through all the minor accounts and freeze the miners on the account and not charge those uh those fees uh for the time that the miners are not allowed in the facility that just about wraps up the questions i think we’ve had so far i’ll just give a couple more seconds to um for people to jump on in and ask their last minute questions here uh however while we’re waiting what i’ll do is i’ll just ask craig if people um have any additional questions looking for more information on this where can they go is there a space on the website where they can look at and and or an email address they can send a question to yeah so the the easiest way to access that uh is our reentry website which is a there’s a banner on our home page that directly links you to that um and we’ll make sure that that banner is always at the top of the website as we know that’ll probably be the most frequently accessed piece of our website uh we purposely made that kind of the hub so that way we don’t have outdated printed materials in the facility the website will be updated to reflect any changes that need to happen and then the rec member email address is the best email address because then there’s people monitoring that address and they will forward your question on to the appropriate party uh so instead of you trying to search and find the right person if you email that we’ll do the hard work for you and we’ll find the right person to give you that answer fantastic yeah so especially if people are watching the recording of this later on i know we have a lot more people registered than actually attend so if you’re watching the recording if you have a question please send an email to rec member at and then also check out the reentry web page link to a banner on top of the the main campus record web university recreation web page excuse me one last question popped in then we’ll wrap things up what this one’s for stacey what kind of mask requirements are there for use of the pool so the only requirement is to wear your mask into the aquatic center until you go to get into the water you are permitted to take your mask off as you get into the water to begin your workout or lap swimming so we asked that then when you get out of the water you put your mask back on as you’re roaming through the aquatic center as well so in and out while you’re not swimming is our requirement for wearing the mask while in the pool area fantastic all right guys thank you all so much for your time i appreciate you joining uh and take time out of your day to answer the questions for for your members here thank you to all the members and people who joined on and to all those of you watching the recording later on too we can’t wait to have you back in the facility it has been very very lonely without you um and so uh we’re definitely looking forward to seeing you back on the 17th so everybody have a great day have a great week stay safe wear your masks and we’ll get through this take care everybody you