COUNTRY ROADS – Zen Plays GeoGuessr (Season 2 Episode 2)

hey guys welcome back to geoguessr in the usual geoguessr style we are somewhere in the middle no way well I don’t know that for sure maybe you know what this is a highway sign over there let’s go have a look at that and then we can maybe establish where exactly we are so I did say that I would try to make geoguessr a semi-regular thing a thing for me to talk about what’s been going on in my life almost before we talk about that let’s see what of you in Oakland I don’t think this is Oakland California because I’m you know you wish to Oakland California so I would I would know that that’s not the case I don’t know which other oatlands they are and this is probably somewhere either in the United States or Canada I see these drunk bumps over here which not all loads have so that’s interesting to know I’ve only seen I don’t know where see the drunk pops maybe let’s have a look at this is almost certainly in the United States I think it’s the style of road signs over there and it said just now let’s go back to the beginning for but I think it said earlier that we are highway what we highway the sky closer to that highway 11 and highway 137 exit 127 so we can find that if we can determine which state we are in I think we’ll be golden so highway 11 highway 137 and exit 127 can you remember that then I don’t know I my memories can be real bad sometimes it really can let’s go ahead and see what this is ah highway signs here’s exit 127 you can get gas you can get a phone you can get on comforts of home well you will hope anyway nice car dude let’s go ahead and see what’s up then that sign and hopefully we will be able to to determine where we are exactly another car here we look inside yeah we can see a person inside what are you doing you look like you’re reading a guidebook I guess a google google maps face recognition didn’t catch this one against I google didn’t think this was the face I don’t know why that’s very definitely a face but yes we she seems to be born I don’t know maybe she’s not born who knows maybe she is and she’s just utterly entertained but she her face doesn’t show it I don’t know I shouldn’t judge let’s have a look at what’s over here that is a sign over there let’s look at that sign real quick the scientist authorized vehicles only well that’s not going to tell us where we need to be here’s exit 127 waterview and Oakland I don’t know when the United States this would be a water view and Oakland would have us have water view and Oakland so I guess the only thing to do we will go we could have a look at the town it could could be kind of interesting you know what the talent going down into the town might be a good idea because that that might give us some clues as to where we are exactly can we even go down into the top Oh fantastic we can okay what’s there to see in this town that’s backed off a little bit first I want to have a look at that sign it says Thomas college and Koli Kobe college I don’t know those colleges so I wouldn’t know Oakland water veal and that says is that that’s not a kennedy drive have a look at that win slow so they’re probably some of you who are already who already know where the spaces is in the junction of 137 and 11 seafood restaurant will probably close to the coast I think ooh this is pretty look at that son I like this town already just looking at it weather vane does anybody from this town you be surprised folks I’ve had one at least one person tell me yeah I’ve been here before this is a place I used to hang out in and so maybe one of you know its knows exactly where this is i don’t i’m i’m going to guess it’s somewhere in the east coast that’s one great guess modern so you’re the one what it is econolodge let’s have a look at what the econolodge says nothing why nothing I can be in any way Irving we’ve got okay it’s nice to be in the city I always enjoy being in cities in geoguessr because there are lots of interesting things to see we’ve got cars wow that’s very interesting that we’ve got a KFC and the taco bell and mcdonalds all the travelers conflicts are there are here this person is reading a map is that a person we hold on no it’s a McDonald’s back it’s a nutmeg armfuls bag with a person oh my god then you’re going to chain you are going insane said eventually eventually you go completely insane Fred coffee New England coffee we are in New England maybe so I had guess we’re in the east coast somewhere I wonder let’s let’s start having a look in the east coast where I could we possibly be that there’s a junction of 137 and 11 I don’t know can we get close enough to see where in these areas 137 and 11 could be no I only see interstate highways at this level and you know what I might have to explore a little bit more if i

can get the state the state that we’re in we’re golden I’m telling you okay we’re aware we know dunking doughnuts hampton inn welcome capitals and summer vacationers yeah I want to go to the east coast I won’t go to the east coast the like Maine or something I need some seafood I think that will be fun I like seafood what does that say sure he eat to save up for gas yeah that’s what it says I’m sure land for sale guys we gotta explore this town if we can get some kind of indication ooh part I too I think I like part time folks but I think a part I here in the United States is a little bit too sweet I don’t know every time eatin path I hear it’s ended up being super sweet super china buffet that’s the kind of place I would even sometimes it’s not the best but I do because if they have crab legs I mean loves fat phablets like crazy she just loves the crab legs so if the buffet is crab legs we sometimes go because publix I don’t know where we are exactly and I we see you know folks if Mike Moore back was here he would be calling the phone numbers accs on the on science which I don’t think he the few times that he has paid you guys are on stream whether it’s dark sea streams erode oxy stream on my stream I don’t think he managed to connect to any phone number that would be hilarious that would be so funny Oh what is this it’s a church that’s not going to help me out so much i was hoping you’ll be like city hall or something then you could tell me then they could tell me exactly where we are what we are in opening but open which state I don’t know I know to which state this open happens to be in hmm what’s that it’s a hospital and want to see yeah it’s a hospital but the hospitals just knowing is a horse Oh license place you should be looking at license plates and then you’re silly but the the the issue with license place is that in google maps they they have this algorithm and the center license plates like that so it’s not like and see them very well and as it got extremely lucky there’s one time in which i did get extremely lucky and I got a license plate so that’s that but I don’t want to spend too much time here because there are five rounds and and if I don’t if I’m not careful this could go up to like an hour so we’re going to quit we’re going to have to to make it our best guess soon i think we had seven minutes ready i think i won’t spend like five minutes I location so so ah because I’m Korean no script over here don’t we yea Korean there we go but that doesn’t tell me anything I really don’t know where we are I’m sorry guys won’t look for those of you who are in New England specifically this part of New England I don’t know where Oakland Oakland would be necessarily okay well we’re just going to look at the map and make some guesses though we’re probably near the coast somewhere let’s see fredericton though that’s Canada goodness me we was Oakland and I forgot the name of the out of town but Oakland and it was a 137 and 11 right we have some local highways your state highway so maybe you can get lucky and find 137 or 11 no doesn’t really seem like a this is Manhattan this is not where we need to be oh boy this is tough guys okay guys I’m just going against 114 that’s not it 111 we’re looking for 11 not 111 yeah yeah i’m looking through this really quickly i wouldn’t be surprised if I just ran right over Oakland didn’t see it but we have to cast up because I need to move on to a new location so it was uh it was in New Hampshire huh okay let’s find it we got receive a fair mall the points with I so I’m okay with that oh yes another road in the middle of nowhere let’s quickly go over the gas station and have a look there well we are not in the United States and the reason I say this is because the prices don’t seem to be per gallon I think they are poorly that well I don’t know but it’s not in united states currency or units whatever that is hi but i don’t really know where we are either i can barely read this like Shama Shama Nick wait no we’re probably in that’s what we a civic script I’m thinking yeah yeah it looks at elekta me so we could be in a ball game what’s that sign say let’s look at that hey what’s that sign says and I don’t know I I cannot read it even if it say something because we’re very established that with somewhere in Europe somewhere new am I right no idea it’s all in the country somewhere okay well that’s we might as well peek around and see if there’s anything interesting to see doesn’t really seem like it hello anything interesting anything going to hop out of the bushes are we going to have the magician of votes like with the last time around or whatever

that is not a nice house below I mean that’s nice how is this that maybe not so much I was going to say nice houses but then I guess so oh there’s a cop Disick oh hi Carl you probably don’t know what this big old van is doing but it’s taking pictures of you I hope you don’t mind okay there’s a cop I decided the road I had no clue where yeah I’m going to be honest with you i think i’m going to completely fail this challenge ah that sign says i cannot even pronounce that ah i think because i spent a lot of the time in the last one i know i’m not going to get this one so i might as well yes we had southern east we are in the southern part of Russia somewhere oh no no not yet we’re not going to make a castle right there yeah we’re not in Afghanistan goodness me we are somewhere south of i think we could be here maybe I still got a bunch of points it’s the right country guys uh sure hey that’s that’s not hard to get because Russia is so huge what do we have in here whoa what is with this I’ve never seen road markings and that was that supposed to me it’s exactly or you get fine i don’t think that’s what that is we are in the middle of another country road so why don’t we just look around and see we can find something that can help us contextualize where we are give us some context to where we are exactly i’m going to guess that we are not in the United States just because the world markings don’t look like the kinds of world mountains that that United States highways are I mean I am not trying to be I’m not trying to be a geocentric is just my reference point because I’ve lived here for so long so my first thought is that is just the United States know then it’s got to be somewhere not the United States Wow sand wow you are an incredible genius right you know what okay I’m not an incredible genius what is this let’s have a look at this because I am the master of the obvious yes i am captain door what is that can we even see that I I want to get close up to it and I can’t really read that i I don’t I have no idea what that’s supposed to say so why don’t oh that’s the thing we can read we are probably in Poland i’m going to guess this is polish so so let’s start with that may somewhere in Poland that doesn’t really help oh actually let’s go back let’s go back let’s read what that sign has to say right we have Poland it says Kol musto wish I think that’s what it says and the other sizes genki genki ok so let’s go ahead and look at polling for a bit shall we hello Poland how are you doing today let’s see you can find janky in here somewhere Jen he and I most the other one goodness me the other one was Malkovich janky can we find janky somewhere about you there’s so many towns look I know my god my eyes on still fast enough all this reading mm rope dog Reuben Reuben this is Germany you ready hmm I don’t know where it’s janky I don’t want to spend too much time scrolling through a map because everybody knows that adds interesting it’s really not it’s neat look that says michael has a week key that’s probably not it makes magic risk okay better whiskey is a wiki is means a town or city or province or something like that loveland demos the Belski zov car I apologize to any polish people watching this because of my really bad pronunciation polish just probably not holding any more than I am so confused khalistan is this your palate poland this this seems like more like Russian to me yeah I went out into Russia I think or something not maybe not Russia but not polling anymore I have not seen genki anywhere well let’s go look around a bit more see there’s anything interesting to see here houses hello beautiful people I don’t see any beautiful people hello empty streets and houses what does this truck say whoa whoa this truck is 52 alternate so I want to investigate this interesting Trump I don’t know why it’s for five dollars in it let’s take a look hey truck I can see it well I guess we would never find out what’s behind door number 125 this house is a nice Gator oh it is a sign that the poster let’s have a look at that the poster says oh that will clear Danny Kostas lukovitch oh my god i have hot ajay them so bad at pronouncing

these words once at a bus station that’s really well it is cute but the unfortunately the gravity on it is makes it it’s unfortunate because you sure that you shouldn’t deface public property like that graffiti artists graphic ears I craft is I’m sure on properties ah what is this it’s a tractor well that doesn’t help me identify where we are exactly but I have a good feeling that we are important somewhere so maybe we shall make our gas and then see if we can spend some of our time in our into later locations so gently you can i zoom in someone maybe just run into gently somewhere or whatever the name of that other places called Michael which well you know what we are going to guess I didn’t see a highway number anyway besides so may I guess here make us oh it’s all the way on this side it’s near Ukraine ok so this area’s you create over there so I got the right country I’ve been getting air okayish kind of point so far but but not anything spectacular whoa this world this this is the kind this is a setting for horror movie right yeah why did the google truck go in here goodness me holy cow this is the kind of place in which you expect like I don’t know which is to come out of I mean I’m just talking about how to be the trees the how dark and creepy it isn’t you’re not making any comments about the location itself ok well I couldn’t read that sign so I guess the only thing to do is you just go down this garden path well not much who garden really but just go down this road and hopefully we will end up in a place that we can in fact identify because oh that’s a silo without something we’re out into the open deja oh we are are we in an english-speaking country no that doesn’t look like English over let’s have a look out over the danger chantal into date or public Oh are we in Canada possibly or we cannot go in here just danger there’s always see all that danger we are by the coast what kind of danger lurks in here um zombies that’s my answer I didn’t I I don’t know if it’s zombies by my answer is dombey’s let’s go back to the the starting location and go the other way and see if that needs us to a page that is not creepy was I don’t hear any no I what’s down here goodness me no I should be going this way yeah oh there’s a person they’re all gone hello hello person hmm he got stretched he’s got he’s got sunglasses Oh God well mr. sunglasses guy i’m just going to let you go on wearing sunglasses in the dog would just you know i’m not going to ask you why i’m just going to let you do it right okay we’re back out in the sun pedestrian crossings no entry over there so i guess we may not be able to go down there here we see that time late grant the legs away I’m thinking we’re even france on canada right yes it does i say danger so oh it’s a beach oh I mean I like the beach but it’s not much we can do about it oh well can we go I have no idea where we are to be quite honest view it’s either France or Canada so let’s go back to the starting location again and we are going to go back on this way and see we can turn the other way we’re going to take a vote no less taken folks two roads diverged in the snowy would well this is not really all that snowy but you get a point Robert Frost is probably like tut-tutting at me from beyond the grave no shaking his head angrily how dare he meet my poetry like that I really the two worlds poem is okay I mean it’s good it’s not just okay it’s a really good poem by don’t like it as much as the other Robert Frost poem then I know well which is the walking in the woods in the snowy evening I think I might have gotten those two bones mixed up good job said well what I’m saying is I really do prefer that other poem walking in the woods on a snowy evening I don’t know why it’s just so peace have a look down here hmm is there any indication at all so where we are yeah nice hay bales I guess no no I guess not that’s a nice house I wish I could have a house like that let’s have a look at it wow it’s not it’s got a big lecture on tio not as well I think we are finally approaching something that looks like a city center or at least are you a vote that’s not PB road in the woods so we might be able to figure out where we are exactly okay so let’s have a look at the sign that I cannot read that sign let’s have a look at this sign over here come on game hmm large seen it I think we installed there would be even with a

dangerous sign yeah we definitely influenced some way I think large honey we’re not in Canada because even with the danger sign there there would have been more English around it we were in Canada so we’re in France but where exactly in France this map might help us if we can even get close to it hello map hello no no I that I cannot see the map i can read it damn it okay let’s look around town a little bit more we are in a charming French town is quite charming i like the houses like I said oh but the houses as charming as a yard or text actually tell me where I am exactly so what do let’s see you can get closer to a place that can tell us where we are things look a little bit busier they looking a little bit more promising see me of a traffic circle aha sides ok here we go tech the pole la pointe du diable Oh Tecna pole that doesn’t help me just tells me that i can get to attack the pole which i assume means like some kind of university i’m assuming i don’t know if you speak French or if you have a native of the Savior please do let me know because I am a complete ignorant person I am a complete ignoramus is what I’m saying are these backpackers that looks that’s fine a technical lay Bernice of vernie’s once this is this German lest they say its best on it oh god guys shut up shut up I it’s the name of the town i’m not talking about the human body part folks ok rest we know how to get the breath you know how to get to best all right best i think i sing songs ah yes here this here it is folks uh-huh uh-huh this is d 789 bestest over here the road is d 789 and we are to look the compass here we are oh god we are west of best i what am i laughing at this time it’s like I’m still stuck in fourth grade or something but yeah we have west of breast and we are this is d 789 ah we found these 789 good and we’ve seen the coast earlier so we’re quite close to the coast so we are around here somewhere mmm d is 789 now let’s take a closer look around town we’ve established we have around here somewhere it’s a techno pole any way around here whatever that means right so wait wait hold on hold on hold on folks hold on d 789 will be on d 789 along what’s this over here this says d12 ok good we are in the junction of d 789 and v12 okay I think we’ve established that so these 789 starts here I think if we follow d 789 a bit we will be able to find where d 12 is and once we find where d 12 is we would have found our exact location where we are standing right now now that said the exact location where we’re standing right now is not the start location so Wes d12 how that is ok so here here here so guys these 70 80 90 12 that means at this moment oh come on map that means at this moment we are standing around here all right now how did we get here how did we get here let’s go back to the beginning though ok so we’re back here we took this world over here which was facing you not right so that means please and then we went not for a while and then we came across this world and we continued not if i’m not mistaken well we after this world we continued not east right and eventually that took us to the town okay so I apologize this is going to be a longer video than usual but I think I’m starting to get a handle as to where we started out with so and over here which we all do we take oh god I’ve completely forgotten everything oh yeah we had the hay bails right before the hair girls we kept going not northeast not right and the other side immediately led to the beach right so if we kept going north eastern off let’s zoom out for a little bit here we this is where we were why we had to go north east right so that means to say we will here somewhere probably right uh if we follow this road a little bit just go back there’s a backtracking where we were before we are still heading northeast we went north east for quite a bit and then eventually we ended up I don’t think we went down that road eventually we ended up here we hit this traffic circle over there and then after that I don’t know

which direction went in so let’s see get over here and take the pole was there I think we went down this way if i’m not mistaken we went down this way am i right on my realm I don’t know continued yeah not so with somewhere northeast of us right we’ve established that here we have this location we’re back in so if we follow the rows back we had to go dog I don’t know this is to vote exactly but we had we were very close to the beach we have established that like if we went the other way we would have ended up in the beach so I don’t want to spend too much time much more time on this location i’m going to guess geo gasps no no don’t do that to me don’t scare me like that we saw oh well oh you know great geoguessr I although he put me somewhere random I don’t like it where are we I had it let’s see you do you get sir where exactly is this now you put me in oh ok well we assume that same general location but but see you get closer here because I thought I thought oh I completely lost it Emma geoguessr how dare you do this to me okay okay don’t panic don’t panic this is d 789 right we were there earlier and then we went out this way it was somewhere around here and again I apologize for the for having to redo my location here I wouldn’t have had to do that if you guess it didn’t just freeze on me and just put me somewhere else uh-huh uh-huh I almost had it folks I was so close okay good all right let’s uh look down here yes we all around here somewhere I think take the poll oh yeah here this tag the pole there we go so we were self here we were down here somewhere right there’s a point in which we had to choose a low okay went down this way I don’t know though I don’t know I don’t remember the every configuration or the royalty I’m just going to put me very close to the coast I think that’s it hey two miles away that’s not bad at all that’s not bad at all almost got full points for that nice okay one last all another countryside why I was hoping to be in really dance city in fact this looks really similar well I wouldn’t say really similar but it looks basically this entire realm has been in like temperate regions of the world I guess but that’s okay we shall see we can figure out where we are exactly this has been kind of a tough gig as a challenge okay what is this let’s see if we can establish where we are more nice houses probably yoga if i’m going to guess it might be wrong let’s see no signs in it oh there’s a sign language just say i cannot beat it because of words are so small so let’s keep going down this falsehood road and hope you can find something of interest hello and you Burnett anyone at home no that sign I cannot beat that it’s too small let’s see we’re going to go down this world go backwards with this fellow as usual Oh Pooh how nice trampolines got two trampolines probably like jumping across the fence no that’s probably we’re dangerous that’s not what trampolines are useful folks don’t attempt at at home don’t try to use trampolines as kind of like a de facto way of getting in between houses that highly dangerous you might get impaled on the fence and then everybody would be sad I really don’t know where we are I need a country at least if i can get a country then perhaps my score will be decent because i did decently this timeline scott at least 3,000 points for every gas I’ve made with one almost at 5,000 points so but in this particular location I had no context whatsoever as to where I could be which is a kind of a little bit annoying a sign of real sign start me say stop uppsala is 16 miles uppsala is somewhere in Northern Europe I forget which country it is it’s kwame Sweden I’m thinking let’s do close Lucilla is a major city if i’m not mistaken so that means i should be able to see it form a kind of blown up map I just don’t remember which of these countries oops

allows in I think it’s could it be Sweden or is it finland Oh Oh dad is okay also there’s only 16 miles away on this world and i was very what Sweden wasn’t it and uh boss Austin Myers 52 miles uppsala is west of us 16 miles to the west so if we can find a way let’s see if you can find like aust what is that again aust awesome are ya alright so oops less here with somewhere to the original starting location area right now we have about 16 miles to or 16 kilometers to be to the west of uppsala yes yeah if you go back to the starting location you started off I’ve forgotten which we went down but we can’t be too far away from 16 miles away from book sellers so and it’s it’s between uppsala and osmanthus or hasta ma ok so if you can find awesome are on this map somewhere oh that is awesome oh right so there’s some way around here we’ve established that much ok but aside from that I really have no idea where I am right so it could possibly be one of these roads over here see does this will go to awesome awesomer doesn’t seem like it which will goes to awesomer right so this vote goes awesomer so it has to be some on this highway over here I’m thinking now if now between Osama we don’t have a scale here so let’s let’s calculate this little bit or any small pocket that point it was something like 16 miles to Uppsala and fifty something miles to awesomer which means there was a point there in which let’s see let’s see what we’re about twenty five percent closer I mean if we are closer to absolute then automatically appear realize that but if this was a line we will be on the twenty five percent mark between if you’re going from uppsala to awesomer let’s put it that way so we’re probably around here somewhere i’m gonna guess okay so let’s guess here i’m going to guess you make a guess nice we were eight point six kilometers away from the correct location i got 4970 two pints and my total scores 21 thousand two hundred fifty five points not bad i have to say if i do say so myself not bad for a game there was essentially every single thing in like a forested vote 00 some or some little path somewhere so anyway guys as usual i will copy the URL and i’ll put the challenge in the description down below oh by the way folks since it’s a lot easier to i’m not sure how you can get it to me now though oh maybe leave a comment if you want to challenge me to a map that you’ve played before i find me on twitter tweet it to me all put in the comments down below i’ll pick one and go how exactly i think at random and i’ll pick one at random and i will challenge and then you can challenge me and see how well I do compared to your score anyway guys thank you so much watching I will see you guys next time bye bye