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If I go 2 times more to the North Pole or ten times more it will not improve the world in any significant way But the inspiration I get or the insight I get from it. I might transfer and make a difference on the planet to to the people around me and To myself and hopefully to the world hopefully one day That was polar expedition leader Inga Solon and this is the Brendan Carr podcast Today, my guest is Inga Solheim. Inga is considered one of the world’s leading guides Inga was the expedition leader for Prince Harry’s charity walking with the wounded He guided the Prince and wounded soldiers to the North Pole in 2011 into the South Pole in 2013 Today he and I have an amazing conversation About being in tune with oneself with nature and with the people around you here we go You’re often doing a lot of training you’re leading people in training. What is what is a normal session like that look for you? So we try to we try to work out and train relevant to what we’re planning to do so if we’re planning to climb a mountain we we go climbing and training with rope works and and Using the equipment and and physical general physical training I try to push people very hard during the training so that the expedition is easy and when we go to the North Pole, we do the same but more core core fitness Training with the pulling tires or pulling us keep like pulling a poke or something like it sled behind you when we’re trained for the north or south pole or crossing Greenland or something like that and For for the kind of skiing that I did this weekend. It’s just you need hours on skis and any general core fitness Yeah, so how do you know then? How did how hard to train people if you’re trying to make it so that the final event is easy? How do you measure that out when you’re working with someone? My job is to to bridge the gap betweens between people’s ambition and their ability that’s how I try to see it and I get to know people well during the training and Interviewing them where they are today how much they want things What they’ve done before and then? testing them I find out if if there’s a miss permits mismatch between what they think and what the reality is and different kind of background is Yeah, so some people can have a lot of gym training and gym background but not the kind of robustness that you need to work hard in nature so I need to Tweak their training regime over to be more relevant to what we’re gonna do later. Yeah, and what do you mean when when you say robustness the robust has become more and more important word for me because I like I was thinking strong before our fate and all of that and I’ve had I’ve had Olympic athletes on on expeditions and they are there they like miles miles More fit there, like there’s so much more fit than than other people, but there are not always robust, you know they’re working under they’re used to competing under ideal conditions and training under ideal conditions with a with a Kind of a service Organization behind them and stuff like that and then when you put them out in in nature where they can get cold They can they work over much longer time and and things are changing They don’t respond so well to it. So by robustness, I mean you’re physically strong your body has been working hard over longer time so that your ligaments and your ligaments and your bones and your muscles are used to working hard over a longer time and then the most important thing is the mental robustness that you actually Can pick yourself up when you had a little crisis you when you’re and hungry are scared you can You can lift yourself up and and remote re re motivate yourself That’s a mental robustness So how can a person build more of that then through their training? well, I think I think Different people can do it different ways, but the in general I think People need to test themselves more under safe conditions, so don’t go out and do something stupid like you

Take too much Chat too many chances and stuff like that, but go out and push yourself push your mental and physical Limits or boundaries Move them and try to do it under safe conditions Maybe work work and work out with people that are stronger and more experienced than you so that you have to push yourself but you still have a little bit of a safety net and I don’t think there’s any Shortcut or easy way to become mentally robust it takes years or take some time Some people have it from childhood and other people have been living in a very protected Environment and and in protected life and and I don’t think it’s possible to become physically and mentally robust without facing challenges, so yeah, yeah, and and you kind of step out of What you might think of sort of a protected environment? Career-wise you were you were in finance for a while and then you’ve you made this this jump into being a guide How did you make that transition? For me that was going back to my roots and For you know, I grew up in the mountains in Norway very fortunate to to be able to live and and Test myself outdoors since I was a very young guy and I had that in my blood. That’s where I Out there is where I built my character my confidence. My self-image was in nature and For many years. I worked hard I I owned the pizza restaurant. I was working here with some Video-rental I I did I worked in a shop for a while but I went into finance because the money and the status was very attractive to me and So for four eight nine years, I worked in finance and I was challenging in many ways but it didn’t really appeal to my to my nature and I didn’t get enough time outdoors and to push myself physically and mentally outdoors So I always had this longing back to nature when the weather was nice outside of my office window I was I was dreaming about being outdoors When the weather was really bad outside I was dreaming even more about being outdoors to sort of feel the elements and stuff like that and so one day I just Decided to to quit and I told my boss and he was absolutely convinced that I had a better offer from from another Stockbroker or something like that, but it wasn’t anything like that but he still gave me gardening leaves to make sure that I didn’t go straight to your competitor and that gardening leave was nice for me to just To just yeah chill with full payment. So it was nice. Um but I I was I left finance where I made a lot of money and for The first 10 years of working as a guide. I didn’t make much so So it looked kind of stupid for people around me, but it felt right for me Yeah, and and one thing you mentioned several times and there’s your connection with nature and I’ve even heard you say I am nature What is that? Yeah Yeah, it is It’s something that I’m trying to convince people around me that they are nature I feel like nature as I’m as much nature as an Animal or a tree or the bacteria in my stomach. We are nature and we are much more Interconnected and dependent with the other species in nature then we understand so we can be domesticated urbanized civilized and all that stuff but we still We’re still dependent on air food we’re water and and that interdependency this connection I Think is the solution for everything if we if we reconnect we understand our effect the effect we have a nature and and the effect that the rest of nature has on us I think that we will find inspiration and will and courage to do what it takes to to make this world better because we have We have not been treating our planet well the last 150 200 years and we need to change that but that change that change can be quite as a painful engine Change in general is painful but dramatic change in our consumption or Thought and behavior patterns and all of that to to save this planet will be uncomfortable and painful for us

But it’s absolutely necessary. So Human beings I Found at least grown-up human beings only trained only change through strong inspiration or desperation and I Think we need to we need to play on both Both of them. We we need to make people inspired to to do the change we need to Show that the situation will be desperate if we don’t do the right things today and I think I think there are many many things that we have to do simultaneously, but it all starts with personal responsibility We all have to do more and better is there is there something that that inspired you in particular or was there a desperation that you felt about this this need to protect nature I Don’t think I’ve reached desperation Yet because I’m Chronic optimists I think that we can so we can solve this I think there is there are more good people and more wise people in this world and then Then the opposite I Think technology can help us a little bit but more more importantly we have to understand we have to share Share the resources better between us We have to take care of each other and The local environment around us and that will have a global effect. I think that I Think that the growing by the the up-and-coming generation the the young people today are wiser and better informed and and less corrupt than my generation and older So I’m very optimistic about that and and these guys will will Change things. I think they will take money out of politics. I think they will Expose corruption on every level. I think they will Push the establishment out and build new Power structures. Hopefully, they will be better and and and Wiser than the previous ones and one thing on a more specific level that that you’re doing to the tackle this is your work with the More environmentally conscious cruise ships. What’s what’s that about? so a few years ago I a Friend of mine told me about his plans to build the next generation of cruise ships because he said that what’s being built today is Not very environmentally friendly they’re they’re using too much fuel and not cleaning the fuel enough They are so sound pollution air pollution ocean pollution from these cruise ships is bad and I think the whole maritime industry is polluting way too much and of course they are driven by the on like the never-ending demand of transportation of cars and goods and and Commodities and that’s our our shared responsibility We’re consuming too much. We’re transporting way too much fuel and and Jeans and whatever So that the that’s our shared responsibility but Through legislation through best showing best practice through many different ways we have to clean up the maritime industry and my friend who is a who’s been a cruise ship owner for many years and and a great guy that I know Utley he He showed me his plans for next generation of cruise ships, and it really inspired me and now One month ago. We contracted this cruise ship with a Dutch shipyard and we’re building this with very fuel efficient and clean fuel and cleaning mechanisms and the battery packs so that our electric diesel electric engines can run cleaner and better and charge batteries so that if we’re going to into Galapagos or Into the Norwegian fjords we can do so on battery power. We have also prepared this ship to take different kinds of of fuel that are like Biodiesel and and stuff like that the most important thing here keeping the ships small so the manageable size and that our footprint when we land on a Distant Shore somewhere we leave no, no

No environmental footprint behind and I think our ship will be an example to follow for other cruise ship builders and we’ll share share the stories in our experience so that This cruise ship will be a role model for the next generation of our cruise ships. That work will be keep keep improving and then maybe other People in the business other companies will also follow this example Yeah. Yeah, I hope so. I Think it so often when when people talk about things like oil For example, we think of our cars that we drive around but air travel You know cruises things like that also are consuming and affecting the environment in a big way huge way, yeah Do you have a suggestion for people who want to be more conscious about their travel people who are like you they love the outdoors? They love to get around, but they want to be more conscious about that kind of thing. I think there are many ways to do that and so transportation The way we travel is important for myself. I can tell you that. I’m my environmental footprint is my travel footprint is way too big and and I Want to find other better ways to travel. I think that if we through our Consumer power we choose suppliers Airlines and and ship like cruise ships or transportation services that are There are more environmentally conscious we can turn the whole industry around to be more environmentally conscious They are running their businesses with Excel sheets more than hard So they will see that if the demand is bigger for the environmentally friendly options They will they will move their business in that direction we also have to use our Voting rights, so we have to elect more environmentally conscious honest strong and brave leaders that will make the necessary changes to in legislation in laws of how to Build planes and ships and stuff like that and and we have to get money out of politics so that so that businesses can’t own politicians Because that’s that’s the really dangerous slippery slope that Some countries, I won’t mention any but some countries have gone way too far in the wrong direction So and and then we then we just have to Be more conscious about how we consume how we travel I have a good friend called Bertrand Piccard who is doing a big job now to To find the thousand solutions for a more sustainable future and many of these solutions are on transportation and he he did himself a test run around the around our planets where he circumnavigated the earth with the plane called Solar Impulse on purely solar power he circumnavigated the earth and That’s a that’s a good example on were technological innovation and the Determination can can bring us a better future. Oh, that’s that’s incredible. I I know before Before while we were setting up this interview Ashley and I told you in some emails that we circumnavigated the globe but we did it by traditional means and and like you said My my carbon footprint from that journey is probably enormous when I think of, you know, flying all the way around the entire world I think that you could do that with with a cleaner source is amazing we Definitely. Can there is there’s at least one or twenty technological solutions or practical solutions to most of the environmentally damaging things that we humans do we can produce clothes clothes and food in more environmentally friendly with lower footprint when when I say footprint I’m I’m not only talking about co2 co2 is the sort of the villain in the story here But it’s much more complex than that. I think that The global focus on CEO co2 and ice melting and global warming is a bit of a smokescreen that Politicians and business leaders are hiding behind to avoid uncomfortable questions about Tangible things that they can do something about how they produce their products how we produce our power how we what kind of fuel we use in all sorts of things and and that smokescreen is So the louder and more people talk about warming

the more these businesses and politicians can hide behind Blurry talk about global warming we have to be more concrete we can still talk about global warming but global warming would be if if it If if if that’s our end goal to to stop global warming that would happen If we did all the others are all the other things better if we produced Energy more clean if we change our consumption and production of of goods If we ate better more environmentally-friendly I That whole global thing global warming thing would would be solved but nobody wants to talk about concrete things and Especially not politicians or business leaders because they don’t want to be held accountable to anything. They just want to have They want to sound environmentally friendly in their speeches Yeah to play on those buzzword. It’s like you said that global warming I thinks they love that but we’re not talking about one or two degrees up or down or or co2 Footprints or or carbon credits and and other fake things like carbon credit is a it’s a fake concert like like a fake market to make people feel better or To I think it’s a I think it’s a big mistake we have to we have like taxing taxing your Gasoline is not the solution. If we had brave politicians, we would promote environmentally friendly solutions we would stop giving tax breaks to To big oil companies and it the whole change would have already happened. But as long as we have corrupt politicians and and Greedy business people nothing will change. I’m sorry about my Norwegian directness, but If you want to if you want to talk to you about like like nice things and and no No, I just lead me into something different. But when we come to this, I think I can be an alternative voice Yes, I I admire this so much and and it’s it’s interesting. The carbon credits are something that you mentioned Do you know Alex Honnold, you know of him the the free climber? I saw an interview with him recently where he was talking about how He used to he flies a lot and he used to buy carbon credits to offset things But he’s realized that it doesn’t Quite make the difference that he was hoping for so now he’s starting his own nonprofit And and trying to like you suggest take more of a personal responsibility For don’t do something and do something concrete Most of carbon credit money disappears in the financial system and this this Kind of exchange and It it doesn’t greed is not used like your taxes Like your environmental taxes on on fuel or or cars or whatever It’s not used where they have an effect. Very little them it’s more like shadowboxing like pretending to do good and if politicians and businesses were really Really wanted to do something real they would for example change LED Legislation they would stop stop subsidizing the polluting industries and And like the world came together and banned freon gas We should more we should do more things like that like big both big bold statements and and and brave Yeah brave things all the other stuff is just Pretending to do good, but it doesn’t we could put out we have the resources the technology But we don’t have the will to put out uncontrolled the fires in coal mines for example huge polluter Spewing out not only co2 but poisonous Gases in their local environment and polluting our atmosphere. There are at anytime lots of uncontrolled fires Burning in coal mines all over the world. Especially China, I think maybe some in Australia as well. But especially China and We could we could put those fires out We have technology and we know how to do that but it’s costing more then is to just move and and and drill or dig somewhere else So they’re just keeping them burning for years And and we we can do so many things to to

to pollute less but there’s no will for it and and Like I live in Norway we have a good PR machinery working to to make us look environmentally friendly here and It works people think it’s a very conscious environmentally friendly friendly and conscious country But when you look at it We struck oil in 1969. That was our lottery ticket. We became the richest country in the world We travel more we consume more we we export more oil and gas and we have the biggest shipping fleet the biggest tanker fleet the biggest Cruise ship fleet is on Norwegian hands or controlled by Norwegian companies. Our environmental footprint is massive per capita Nobody talks about it. We even have the heavy in the industry in Norway and Nobody talks about that co2 footprint or or environmental footprint. I’m sorry. I’d mentioned co2 but We with the responsible with the With the privilege of being the richest country in the world I feel that we have a greater responsibility to do what is right So my dream scenario would be if we invested some of our huge sovereign funds in environmental technology in clean energy sources in research and development of environmentalists and our energy saving technology Affordable environmentally friendly houses in their different parts of the world and and things like that and if we also used our position on the global geopolitical scene to influence other countries to do better and more I think we should do that. But we our politicians are two weeks to two week to do that. So Yeah, so Norwegian companies, they typically the things they’re not allowed to do in Norway They go and do in Angola or the investing in fracking or tar sand in in Canada and the US and that’s our companies if we try to do anything like that in Norway, it will be shut down immediately because our environmental our Environmental laws in Norway are very strong but our state company In energy company and and other Norwegian companies are doing abroad what what they’re not allowed to do in Norway which is morally Corrupt, yeah it seems something you keep coming back to is is Responsibility and it also seems to be part of your philosophy for training and guiding people through these expeditions I I saw you in a recent interview with Esquire You said something along the lines of it’s good to do your best and that’s nice and your mom will be proud But if you’re working with me, I need you to do what it takes What did you mean by that? it sounds really brutal because people are people have grown up and and This I did my best or she did her best or he did his best That’s something we’ve all heard and and in many ways in many cases That’s that’s good enough. And especially when you’re a kid, that’s good enough you do your best on Your exam or your your drawing or in sports? I Like the idea of that you do your best I think the focus needs to change a little bit when you grow up you need to look at what does it take to reach? The goal or to do the job and then you focus on that because most people don’t know what their best days when they think they’ve done their best They still have a lot more potential and capacity left whether it’s in in intellectual capacity or physical capacity so most people don’t Know what their best is So if you’re aiming for what you think is your best you will completely under shoot your potential I don’t know if that’s even an English word under shield. You will not reach your potential if you focus on what’s your best? You can do so much more and if if the job is to climb Mount Everest or to do something not physical but something in intellectual and that the requirement is is is X If you do anything less than X you’re failing so you have to focus on doing what it takes Maybe you have to do a gap analysis What is the difference between where I have to what I have to reach and where I am today? And then you you sort of?

Find out what you need to do. Not what you want to do. What is comfortable to do what you’d like to do? That doesn’t count like you cut you will not reach your goal If you focus on what your best is you have to you have to do what is required and and this quote The first time I heard this I’ve been feeling it my whole life But the first time I heard it putting into words was an old quote from Winston Churchill from the war where he he said to the English people the British people he said sometimes doing your best is not enough you have to do what is required required and I’ve sort of taken those words and Applied them to – not everything I do sometimes I’m a lazy Guy as well And I accept mediocrity in myself. I hate to say that but Most of the time if I have if I have tossed in in front of me I will try to find out what I need to do and then I’ll do that Do you have a mean example of when when you’ve had to hold someone you’ve been working with to this? Kind of standard and how you how you work through that? Very often on training or expeditions People tell me that they can’t do more I Can’t I can’t make it or they they lose faith in themselves or their ability to do something and Sometimes my job is to for so people are different. So some people respond well to a nice Chat about it where I tell them. I think you can do it and Remember why we want you to do this and I’m trying to inspire them other people respond to different things so I just kick their butt and say like Get your sorry ass up from the that rock and keep walking and stop feeling sorry for yourself and and and they respond well to that so I need to know My group or my expedition companions. I need to know them. So well that I can I can Try to inspire in them in the way that that works for them. But sometimes You just have to push push yourself and people through things it’s not always a popularity contest You know you you you if you want extraordinary Results you have to do extraordinary things. You have to push yourself beyond and most people in our modern society At least on a physical level they don’t do that push themselves beyond anything they’re they’re too comfortable and comfortable makes you lazy and not robust So, how do you get a read then for? who you can hear you can tell to get off the rock and who you have to Kind of work with because you’ve you worked with such a diverse set of people you’ve literally worked with princes You’ve worked with Prince Harry, but you’ve worked with people who are so-called disabled veterans, how do you how do you read different people you’re very active with different people because They’re they’re all people and they’re all individuals. So First of all, we make the mistake sometimes to treat people as Like as there are a group so we talk about disabled people We have an image of what that is and and that they are less capable or less able to do something. I Found the opposite mmm, we’ll talk about Royals and we think that that’s that’s the type of people but they’re all individuals we all are and we all deserve to be treated individually and and That’s what I try to do I try to see everyone as individuals and try to learn as much as possible about them and When I can I will adapt and and And yeah, what do you say When it’s possible, I will adjust and adapt to to the individual Sometimes the group Responsibility to the group is greater than the emotions of the individual so sometimes I am quite brutal when someone tries to give up on me or Comes up with excuses and explanations because I’m quite allergic to it And then then the democracy and and the niceness goes out of the window And I say things as they are or as I see them not always the truth but if I’m leading a group I have to trust my instinct and do what I think it takes and

But most of the time I’m leaning back and because of the thorough training and preparations people lead their own expeditions and they remote evade themselves and re motivate each other and this works and and and I think At least three out of four expeditions work that way where we are prepared So well that that my job is not to walk in front and and tell them what to do or show them where to go I’m just leaning back and facilitating and like a safety nets and and so much of this comes down and to your your instinct in your Sense of what’s going on? How do you get in touch with that as I come through? Experience or do you have a mindfulness practice or is it just through? Solitude time in nature what what brings that out and you what gets you in touch with that? I I think it’s a combination. First of all, I have to say I’m not always perfect and I’m not always right When I do things and and when I’m out on these expressions for me, it’s a learning it’s a lifelong learning thing where I’m I’m Responding differently today than I did two things two years ago or 20 years ago. So I think that’s it. Really? It’s a lifelong thing and I’m not I am I haven’t I haven’t cracked the code yet but I have to trust my Instinct and I am very lucky to be have unlucky and I have good friends around me who are honest and and Transparent and I’m not afraid to tell me when I go right and when I do something wrong So I constantly keep calibrating this I think there’s no substitute for for experience You can’t take a shortcut to experience. You have to work hard for many many years to build this gut feeling and The gut feeling is based on things you picked up and learn from other people what feels right? the experience of what you see from making mistakes, for example you learn from your mistakes and Little by little you get more confidence when you get to confidence you start making mistakes again. So so It’s a fine balance and sometimes you’re ahead and sometimes you’re behind For myself, I think that the most important ballast I have is growing up in nature I’m calm inside and When you’re calm inside you pick up clear Signals from other people from whether from yourself You’re more aware and To respond to what’s really happening You have to be aware and come if you’re stressed or worried or if there’s too much noise in your head of ego or Or other things you will not be Responding to what’s really happening. You will be reacting to what you think or you fear or you want to happen? mmm, I think I think that my greatest asset is That I’m I’ve learned to respond to what’s really happening more than anything and then Very few things distract me and and Take me out of that sort of Zen place very few things. Well, that’s that sounds like a Superpower, especially in in a amount of work like here is it that there is such a need to stay present to what you’re doing I think it’s transferable to many other areas of life to you know, if you can keep your If you can keep your mind calm you you’re not Going into a fight flight or freeze response to when things are happening. Stay curious. Stay conscious Stay here and now in the present you you use the word present and which is a key word to being responsive and conscious is to be present here and now and and I think it’s transferable to family life you the most important and dramatic things and and and Challenging things we do as human beings are not to climb mountains The most challenging things is bringing up children living in a partnership or relationship friendships Those are the really important Challenges in our life, you know, nobody needs to climb a mountain it doesn’t bring human beings any further or

but on a personal level and then On a bigger scale it’s it’s important But we’re not like I’m not if I go two times more to the North Pole or ten times more It will not improve the world in any significant way, but the inspiration I get or the inside I get from it I might transfer and make a difference on the planet to to the people around me and to Myself and hopefully to the world hopefully one day Yeah, well I I’ve heard some of the stories of the things you’ve been doing and and I think there are certainly inspiring many people certainly inspiring the people who go with you and And you worked with with the first blind person to go to the South Pole. How did that go? that was an incredible journey, so Mark Pollak a hero and friend of mine Julia I grew up in in Hollywood in Belfast, it’s a Little area of Belfast Co Hollywood not to be confused with the more famous Hollywood in in West Hollywood now in LA he on nine years before I met him. He he Lost his eyesight from retinal detachments. He was a very active athlete but little by little his eyesight deteriorated and one day he was legally blind and He had this dream of doing something big Were to sort of feel that he was back up and kicking after turning blind So ten years more more or less ten years exactly after he turned blind He skied To the South Pole and he skied a thousand kilometres to the South Pole He fell over at least a thousand times stood up again and it’s quite challenging terrain But he did it and there was a huge Victory for him a huge inspiration for me and and to all the TV viewers that could see it on on on thin ice of course, um stories like that Doesn’t mean that all blind people are also called disabled people go and conquer the south polar or Everest It’s just he’s just a good example that If you set your mind on something if you have strong inner drive and inspiration you can achieve incredible things and for some people that is getting over a Mental illness for some people. It’s physical Injury for other people. There are other challenges that are that are their Everest or their South Pole and and I love I love the fact that I was able to facilitate this journey for for Mark and I learned and and I had as much out of that as maybe him and other people around so For me was a privilege and and I’ve been lucky to guide other people double amputees and People with PTSD mental injuries and it’s been Extremely rewarding for me and made made me feel less of a selfish Like egocentric guy because you know, it’s it’s quite some It’s quite I don’t know what the right word is but it seems quite selfish to be just jetting around the world going and going on adventures and getting paid for it and so working with the disabled people helping people in general to push their limits and see their potential and to inspire others Makes makes it feel less selfish to do what I do I’m still spoiled rotten, by the way. I’m so Fortunate to be working with the things that I do it’s it sounds amazing and it sounds like such a special experience and and An inspiring story for so many people. You’re also doing a spot with CNN in the future a North Pole solo expedition When’s when’s that coming up? The the CNN project is a documentary? and It happens to coincide with some north pole training. I’m doing now in April on the North Pole and Spitsbergen But that that documentary would have been done Anyway, but it’s it’s good content for that documentary and it’s being shot to the this month and and the next 2-3 months so very interesting thing a huge opportunity for me to

to show a little bit more of what I do and Next year, I’m planning a big expedition a solo expedition and I can’t wait to to tell the world about that when it’s Due to happen All right Well Inga before I ask my last question if people want to follow along and hear about that kind of stuff in the future Where should they look for you online? I’m quite visible and active on Instagram and I actually enjoy that just try to keep it light-hearted and Inspirational I keep I want to talk about Recycling. I’m not I’m not telling people off I’m showing things that they could do if I want to I want to inspire people to go out and feel that they’re part of nature. So hopefully that Instagram Account will will do exactly that and I’m sharing a little bit of the private stuff But not much and then I have a website which I never maintained but is ingersoll. I’m calm and that’s a that’s a nice little Like a little brochure online, but I’m easy easy available and and an active more on Instagram All right we will put Links to your website and to Instagram down on the show notes for anybody who’s listening along and wants to check those out That would be cool. All right anyway, my final question is How can a leader make their team more robust? it’s a really good question and I I think that the first thing a leader Should do is try to get to know the people that are leading Because people are different and different people in different circumstances require different leadership and different Principles but I think the core principles should be respect and the leader should know as much as possible about the task and the people that are that he has to That that is asking to solve it Leadership is not an exact science and And I don’t I haven’t I’ve read many leadership books but I’ve never found one leadership books that is applicable to every situation and every person so So being curious and conscious about the way you lead people so that you can constantly be learning constantly and And Evolving with the people you’re leading and with the times I think is key The worst leader is the unconscious one who? Who? Don’t know what he’s doing or not Interested in the effect he has on the people around him and the other dangerous leader is the so called strong leader Who are usually? Strong leaders are usually weak men with strategies to to stay in control and They are really dangerous you see them over-represented in in big businesses in finance and in politics and They’re usually very weak men with with strategies to produce to have control Because leave leadership is more than just leading other people in leadership is also leading yourself and and being your own best coach or Inspiration and it all starts. So I think maybe we should talk more about Responsibility, please. Yeah, yeah and and what when you when you mention responsibility I I Feel that it’s on it covers or it’s it’s important on many different levels or areas in your You know the first and most important Responsibility is the personal responsibility you have for yourself in your inner life. And and how you Act and and you know who you are and how you act that is the biggest responsibility like you you have to take responsibility for your own situation for your own emotions, and it doesn’t mean that you’re responsible for What happened to you? But you’re responsible for how you work on it and how you respond to the world and what the curveballs or the challenges that world? throws at you It can be other people’s fault, but your responsibility and at the end of the day Most things in your life. You have to solve yourself either from the inside or from practical things around you or relationships around you and and the other responsibilities we have is is to to the people around us that depend on us and who love us and

Who? Look to us for answers and if we can stay kind and strong and True and authentic. I Think we will it’s much clearer to us what that responsibility is and the same same Principles also go into the wider sense of responsibility we have for the for the planet for Or for the environment and If we get the first two rights, so we’re taking responsibility for ourselves and The way we are and then we take responsibility for the people around us the people who are close to us it I think the third one that the overreach the the bigger picture is easier for us and We will make the right choices. We’ll take the right responsibility on a global scale if we get the other things, right? So this part it’s kind of being in balance with yourself in your surroundings. That is our responsibility. We can’t blame people for Being out of balance with ourselves and the peak on the world around us We can come up with lots of excuses, but at the end of the day we can change things in ourselves and the things that are near and close to us and Then if more if many people do that, it changes the world Absolutely, it’s it’s like you talked about before about when you’re in tune with oneself you make better decisions you see things better It’s it’s huge Yeah, you’re not. Yeah, you see things better not always the truth like the truth is such a strange concept, you know, the truth is also extremely subjective and depending on your the information you have your point of view and perspective and stuff like that and but I think You living true to yourself living a 10 and living an authentic life and Being in balance with yourself III think I don’t know what it means, but I’m constantly working I’m constantly working on it and just it’s it’s a it’s a very blurry concept and just like what people call Mindfulness and stuff like that. I I don’t I don’t know what it is But I’m I try to move towards something like that as much as I can people ask me if I meditate and I say well I’m not calm consciously meditating, but I think I get a lot of meditation through my job and Just using little pockets of time and consciously Trying to calm my brain and my body and Yeah being present here and now I don’t call it meditation I don’t schedule it But I think I get it get a lot of it when I go on long expeditions I get silent retreats and meditation and all sorts of things for free Yeah, without really wrapping it into some concept or packaging Many years ago. I read books about the astronauts and cosmonauts the pioneers in space and there was a phenomenon described by their psychologists called the overview effect and the psychologists on in both Russia and the United States who briefed and debriefed the astronauts they described something called the overview effect, which was a Change that had happened in the astronauts and cosmonauts when they came out came back from space the isolation and the perspective from outside of this planet changed their view of themselves and the planet and the whole and I thought I thought that was extremely interesting. And of course, I’ve always dreamt about going into space, but I think that The idea of just leaving the matrix or leaving the the normal and the Comfortable and and the safe sometimes and seeing it from the outside gives you a different perspective So the ultimate overview is of course seeing our planet from space from the moon for example But I think we can all lift our head sometimes and and try to get a sense of the whole and I think that helps and I think I’ve been very privileged to get some of that when I’ve been on long expedition like two three months leaving the matrix for long enough to calm down and to reconnect with nature properly and reconnect with myself

Away from all the noise and commercial impulses commercial messages All the people wants your attention all the noise and the smells and all that stuff when you leave it for long enough your mind calms down and You see more clearly and you feel more clearly you’re It’s kind of your brain and your heart Gets more resonance, I think Yeah, I get that in in small doses Sometimes which I love about living in Malibu I live on the top of a mountain and I can I can walk about a quarter mile a beautiful lookout and I do that a couple times a day just to to step away from my working things and and I look down on the ocean and Maybe it’s not as dramatically the overview as from space But but even that I find even in small doses brings me back to Center a little bit so I totally believe that those small doses of overview and escape or break from break from the The everyday grind I think and Step away from the noise for a few minutes or hours or days or weeks month once. I think that’s extremely Important and valuable you just just like a computer needs processing time. Our brain needs processing time and we need to Digest some of the impressions were bombarded with all the time I’m I think you’re really lucky to be living in Malibu because the energy from the Pacific and and the whole energy in Malibu is beautiful and so strange to know that you’re only 30 minutes away from the matrix of LA and The noise and the traffic jams. You’re very fortunate to live out there. Yes. It’s it’s definitely a blessing that I think about Probably every time I go to that lookout. Yeah. Yeah good I think I think a very important thing for me is to to say that I don’t have all the answers. I sound real I sound quite clear and determined and and and Loud when I speak about things that I’m passionate about it doesn’t you’re very direct My directness and and it doesn’t mean that I have all the answers and and that that I speak the truth I’m just passionate about and clear about what I believe in and then when I learn more I believe more and different things and I think everyone needs to – – they need to distill out. What sounds right for them from what I say hold it up against things that they have experienced themselves and And then come up with their point of view or their truth and and don’ts Don’t be too attached to that truth be open to change to evolve to learn new things. I Think that’s one of the big problems today people Go into their trenches and and they the world is more polarized and people are too sure about things. It’s almost politics have turned into religion Religion has turned into politics and and business. It’s it’s all this Polarization is dangerous for us. We need to go back to individual thinking to to Be more concerned about what’s right to do then. What is Socially acceptable to do this Because all the answers are inside us if you take away all the noise and the influence from religion or politics With a with a kind and clear mind you’ll know the answer And too many people are followers and I the last thing I want is a following I want to Kick some butts. I want to inspire people. I want to shake their comfortable a little bit to challenge the establishment so that People are more conscious about who they are how they live Oh Inga thank you so much for for coming on the show and sharing Thank you so much for having me and I hope that didn’t scare people with my Norwegian directness You know you did your question just inspired me We love it. Thanks Inga. Thank you Everybody that was Inga Solheim one of the world’s leading guides and explorers in the most extreme environments on earth and If you want to help us get more great guests like this on the show Then be sure to subscribe and we’ll catch you next time