Strange Town: Tremont House – Galveston, TX – (SEASON 2) – REAL STORIES – REAL EVIDENCE

– [Voiceover] On this episode of Strange Town, we travel to Galveston, Texas and visit the Tremont House – And he felt a rush of air He said it was the most scariest thing that ever happened to him – [Voiceover] Hotel guests and staff have been reporting paranormal sightings for decades We investigate the Tremont House My name is Mark Morrow – And my name is Billy Driver – [Voiceover] We are here to seek out claims from ordinary people who come in contact with the unknown Real stories – [Billy] Real evidence Welcome to our world – [Voiceover] And welcome to Strange Town (dark, ominous instrumental music) – The Tremont House is a four-star hotel located within the Strand district of downtown Galveston It occupies the former Leon and H. Blum Building They were brothers who owned and operated a successful general mercantile store in the late 1800s The hotel has undergone many incarnations over the years But the stories of Galveston’s past still remain (country bango music) – [Mark] Galveston, Texas is a coastal city located on Galveston Island one hour southeast of Houston Named after Bernardo De Galvez a Spanish military leader who led Spanish forces against Britain during the Revolutionary War Today, Galveston is centered in the tourism, healthcare, and shipping industries But our story begins at the original Tremont House which first opened its doors in 1839 Years prior, in 1836, General Sam Houston led the battle of San Jacinto (cannons firing, flutes playing) where they defeated the Mexican Army in just 18 minutes, paving way for the Republic of Texas to be born While governor of Texas, Sam Houston was a unionist He opposed the Confederate States of America, and resigned as governor for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy On April 19, 1861, the Tremont hosted a grand ball in honor of the battle General Houston made one of his most courageous and inspired speeches of his life from the balcony of the Tremont to a very hostile crowd Denying rumors that he had been a traitor to Texas, and for leaving the Union once the Confederacy seceded, he also warned of the horrors of the imminent Civil War During the war, Confederate soldiers occupied the Tremont which was soon destroyed in a raging fire that swept through the Strand district In 1871, the Galveston Hotel Company, which is made up of Galveston citizens, began plans for a second Tremont House A year later, in 1872, architect Nicolas J. Clayton, built the second Tremont House on half a block of land enclosed by Tremont Street, Church, and 24th Streets – Just as Galveston was beginning to become a boom town, its fate took another disastrous turn A hurricane, labeled the Great 1900 Storm, swept through and devastated the city, killing over half of its population As the storm hit the island, on September 8, 1900, and winds reaching as high as 120 miles per hour, a strong storm surge brought 15 feet of water washing over the entire island Up to 12,000 people lost their lives And 30,000 were left homeless When the storm past, scores of dead bodies littered the island Buildings that were not damaged were used as makeshift morgues One of these buildings happened to be the Leon and H. Blum Building where today’s Tremont House resides In 1929, after falling into despair,

the second Tremont House was demolished Galveston’s history has since been restored by Galveston-born businessman, real estate developer, and philanthropist George P. Mitchell George and his wife Cynthia, were strong advocates of historic preservation, and served as leaders in the transformation of Galveston’s once neglected downtown area In 1985, the Mitchell’s resurrected the third and current Tremont House a few blocks away from the original location – Originally, that building did not have it’s French mansard roof on it Of course you have to outfit those with hotel rooms They had to refit all of the structural steel in the building And then they continued to do very good things with downtown buildings – [Mark] Today’s Tremont occupies the former Leon and H. Blum Building in the once makeshirt morgue during the 1900 storm – The 119 room Victorian-style luxury hotel occupies an entire block of downtown Galveston With it’s glass elevators and four-story atrium, the Tremont’s past is brought back to life by the souls who once lived here – Hello, my name is Dash Beardsley I’ve been named by certain papers the “Ghostman of Galveston.” I tell ghost stories here I’ve been doing it for about 16 years – We are led inside where Dash proceeds to tell us this chilling story – This bar was imported from Belgium in the late 1800s And we believe these pictures here of a woman on the bottom of each one of four spots is her from a young lady all the way to an older woman The top portion is rumored to be from pre-Victorian ships that actually crashed on the coast They took some of the decking off and recreated it and made it, re-varnished it, and made it new again Now, that one hole right there is supposed to be from a gunshot from a guy who was having a little bit too much fun here in the Tremont There’s a lot of ghost stories about this bar There was a story in 1998 of several peop– waitresses I should say, had gathered in here and they were just all wasting a little bit of time waiting on their parties to arrive when the manager brought them each a red rose It was Valentine’s Day, so they brought them a red rose A little time passed, and as a little time passed right here on the end of this bar, excuse me, down here on this part of the bar they saw, a waitress pointed and said, “Look at that.” And right there they could see as a martini glass moved back across the top of the bar, fell, hit the floor there, the rubber part of the floor And actually the bartender picked it up She said, she had had many experiences, in fact, this bartender was here a total of 29 years in this bar So she said I believe this is our ghost So I’m going to do something nice for him So she took the red rose, broke the stem off, sat it in the martini glass, picked it up in the air, and said “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Ghost,” “this is especially for you.” And then sat it on the bar A little time passed and they were all still waiting on their parties to arrive Grant you, there were no customers in here, only employees Well, another waitress this time pointed toward the right side of the bar And she said that she saw, and all of them I should say from that day, said that they saw a coffee cup move by itself It fell, hit the ice bin and landed at the bartender’s feet She picked it up said girls, it’s Valentine’s Day This is our ghost, he’s lonely, doesn’t have anybody Why don’t you give him your red rose The waitress grabbed the rose, stood back, pulled it against herself and said I’m not giving any stupid ghost my rose Well, as a little time passed they all were amazed because they said as the words left her lips a whoosh sound came out of nowhere The head of the rose was cut off as if by a knife Petals flew up in the air and landed at the waitress’ feet And she took the night off (eerie sound effects) – [Mark] We sit down and chat with Melissa Hall, a Guest Service Agent who shares her stories as heard from guest and the housekeeping staff – I’m a Guest Service Agent here I’ve been here for a little over two years I’ve had experiences myself with some of the ghostly encounters, as well as get a lot of the guest experiences told to me We actually had an intern from the Philippines that was here He knew nothing about the haunted history of the hotel And he was picking up some of the room service trays

and he heard a woman crying And as he was walking back trying to find this lady that was crying, he was walking towards the stairwell And the door was open and the lady that was crying was getting louder and louder And as he approached the door the crying stopped And he felt a rush of air He said it was the most scariest thing that ever happened to him (lady crying) One housekeeper this happened to her twice in the same room You get a routine as a housekeeper You go in, you clean the bathroom Once you finish with the restroom you go out in the bedroom Twice as she exited the restroom, was in the process of cleaning the bedroom, a small figured lady dressed in black, an older lady, walked out of the restroom She said it happened to her twice And both times she just kind of ducked her head and walked out of the room One of the first guests that stayed in this room had some activity He said, I don’t know what it was, I just picked up my phone you know, I just wanted to take a picture He says, and when I took this picture he said, I not only seen this out of the phone or in the photograph that I have, he says I actually seen it with my naked eye And it’s an orb, but it’s unlike any orb I’ve ever seen It’s like about this long It’s about a two-foot orb It looks like about a big around as a can of Coke or something like that But it’s stretched out And I do have that photograph on that And they were just, they said that they felt the presence That there was just something in the room with them This is room 271, this is going to be one of the rooms that you are going to be investigating We’ve had a few different issues that’s taken place here on the second floor This is a connecting room to two of our suites We’ve had issues with cold drafts, strange smells that’s neither perfume nor, not a bad smell but it’s something that makes your hair stand on end, I mean on the back of your neck You’re ready to get out of that room as soon as you feel this or smell this We’ve had housekeeping staff that’s walked up to these rooms, knocked on the door knowing that the room is vacant, and then they were told by a female that no thank you, we’re fine They’ve exited, you know, from the doorway and called the front desk and let us know that the room is occupied, and we’re like no, that room is vacant That has happened quite a few times over in this area here – She leads us to a door where her first personal paranormal encounter occurred – As you can see, the door’s usually propped open like this My experience when I went, I stepped, I went to step like this and the door swung shut on me I mean, I’m talking literally slammed shut And you can see it’s not a easy door to close I mean, you heard the scrape I mean it doesn’t, but it completely slammed shut I screamed, turned around, ran down the stairs, and ran all the way back to the front desk Room 424, this is going to be another one of the rooms that you’ll be investigating this evening There’s been reports of orbs, water shutting off and on, lights off and on There’s also been reports of a shadow figure that’s been seen in the room So, I mean this one has had a lot of activity This is another, I would say, hot spot of the hotel (eerie music and sound effects) – I am in room 271 Guest have reported the lights turn on and off in the middle of the night An undescribable smell appears out of nowhere And guest and staff also report that most of the paranormal stories come out of this floor in this hotel This DVR camera is here to capture whatever roams in this room I am standing in room 424 In this room, guests have caught pictures of orbs Also, reports of a shadow figure seen standing in this room – We begin our night’s work by heading to room 271 – Okay, so we are in room 271 This is where the lights turn on and off The faucets turn on There’s also been that smell that people can’t explain that just kind of comes out of nowhere And also one of the staff here and guests,

well I guess mainly the staff believe that a lot of the paranormal live or roam this floor – And hopefully we can find out today why this floor is so active and why there’s so many reports coming from here So I’m going to start by doing with my MEL Meter It detects electromagnetic fields in the air And typically you like a room to be at zero, which means there’s no energy in the air So if you get a spike or the numbers change, that could signify that something is suddenly there in the room with you And on the bed we have a constant point eight Point nine Anyone in this hotel, could you please join us in this room? We’re curious as to who you are and why you’re here We don’t want to make you leave or harm you in any way We’re just curious about you – On the floor it’s two point seven – Yes, so the floor has a high reading I want to check out this side Nothing, well point three, but – Not as high as like it is over here – Not nearly, it’s just a point three In the bathroom we have a point nine The sink is zero But right in the entrance way it’s a point two, point one It’s pretty clean I actually stayed in this room throughout the night last night And I woke up around three o’clock in the morning just because I was having trouble sleeping And as I was laying there in bed trying to fall back to sleep I had my feet about right here in this section hanging out from the covers And I felt a very gentle like brush across the bottom of my feet It just felt like three fingers sliding down, down my feet So, it certainly wasn’t my imagination There were no covers around, there was no one else with me So, three o’clock, that’s right around what they call the witching hour when spirits seem to be the most active So, who it was I don’t know, or why But something certainly happened to me overnight in this room – I’m going to try our Spirit Box down here on the second floor and see if we can communicate with any entity that runs on this floor And what this device does is it scans the radio waves And emits white noise in between those radio waves and supposedly a spirit or energy can use that white noise and communicate with us in real time so we can hear it Is there anyone here with us? (white noise static) – [Mark] With no activity captured on our Spirit Box, or from any of our other devices, besides the unexplained spikes in our EMF meters, we decide to move on On our way to the fourth floor, we decide to measure the EMF activity along the walls only to be alarmed by this And on the second floor we have a EMF reading of 70 And that is an unreal amount of EMF So we’re going to go compare on all the other floors, and see if we get similar results at a similar distance And then we’ll go and see what’s on the other side of this wall, and try to explain why there’s such a high reading right here So now we’re on the third floor Again, about three and a half doors down and we’re still getting really high EMF readings on this side of the hotel – Mark and I are here in room 424 And this is the room where they’ve seen the orbs and the shadow figure – People have been seeing, they’ll wake up

in the middle of the night and sometimes they’ll see a figure standing at the end of the bed Who is it that people are seeing? What’s your name? Would you like to come in here and tell us who you are? Are you a flood victim? Again, we register high EMF spikes over the bed where people sleep Essentially, you’re sleeping in a very high electromagnetic field And people that are sensitive to electromagnetic energy, it can cause hallucinations, both auditory and visually So it’s quite possible that when people are sleeping in this bed the EMF field that they’re sleeping in is just causing a simple hallucination (white noise static) – [Mark] Were you killed in this building? Hear that? I heard something – A female voice – [Mark] Yeah, a female We begin to receive random hits of EVP activity Were these entities trying to relay a message to us? (white noise) Are they victims of the 1900 storm? (white noise) – [Billy] Did it say, Mark? – Just now? – [Billy] Sounded like Mark – Can you say my name again? (white noise static) After nearly 40 minutes of investigating, we wrap up and decide to head back downstairs Curious as to where the unexplained EMF spikes are coming from, we decide to go outside But on our way out, we make a stop at the bar to set up additional gear – Okay, we’re down here at the bar It’s closed, everyone’s out I’m going to stick this GoPro and put in on time lapse mode and we’re going to shoot down the bar And I’m going to take this glass here, and there’s been reports of glass being moved along this bar and I’m going to put this here And this GoPro will be able to capture this if it moves And in order to get any audio, I’m also going to place my recorder right next to it – We make our way around the building towards the back alley way So we’ve come outside the Tremont House and we’re in the alley way that’s right outside And we’ve noticed along the wall where we were getting such a high EMF read out there is an electrical junction going across the alley And then a very large, high-voltage line traveling at floor level in between the third and the fourth floor So this explains why we’re getting such high EMF readings along that wall of the building And why at about three and a half floors down that particular section of wall is getting the highest read out of it all Because there’s a power junction entering the building right at that section This could be an explanation as to why so many guests and visitors to the Tremont House are experiencing paranormal activity that they are Our DVR cameras remained silent all night The GoPro camera and the audio recorder in the bar area captured no unexplained activity After our investigation, Billy slept in room 271, as I slept in room 424 to no unknown encounters Are these consistently high EMF spikes causing guest

and staff to be disillusioned? That is an unreal amount of EMF – They were just, I mean they felt the presence There was just something in the room with them – [Mark] What about the evidence caught by guest who happened to stumble across the paranormal? (white noise static) Were those the voices of victims during the flood? One that died in the flood and another that died on a cruise ship as a result of the storm? This building holds history that cannot be ignored There is a reason why the Tremont House has been plagued by paranormal stories for decades The island of Galveston has seen its fair share of devastation And these energies, whether residual or intellectual, seem to make themselves known to those around them, reminding them of the life that they once had It is hard to disprove these stories as fairy tales or folklore since guest and staff are still having these ghostly encounters today Until next time, happy haunting (sustained bell ringing)