Replace RV Refrigerator Ultimate Guide – NorCold to Residential Refrigerator

so our local refrigerator just dead got a leak in the system it’s done so we finally made the trip up here to replace the refrigerator last time on our rv repair video we replaced the front air conditioner on our motor coach it was not so fun when we had to do it in the hot humid summer in florida we put a video link in the end you can certainly replace the ac yourself so check out the video to see how do we do it hi everyone welcome back to lovely flight account this is rebecca and i’m mark we are in golden mississippi so we are having the msrb solutions to replace the noco refrigerator in our tiffen feta motor coach and change to a residential refrigerator so daniel and carl from msrb solution is going to do the job for us we heard about good reputation that’s why we come all the way from florida to here to help them to replace our local refrigerator they’re very nice and very generous they are having us to film their work and how to take their local refrigerator out and put in a new one so we are going to show that in the video so if you are thinking of replacing the refrigerator in your rv and don’t know how to do it and keep watching this video and we are going to show every step let’s check it out okay let’s go we didn’t get the chance to film our refrigerator when daniel and the car take it out a local refrigerator in our coach but there’s another coach is here and they are going to do the same thing this refrigerator is still good so why they want to change it is because the door open this way will hit the wall here so they can actually open it so that’s why they come to a msrb solution to get another residential refrigerator although this is not a local refrigerator but the process is similar so you can still watch this video and know how to remove the refrigerator app we have breakdown step by step on replacing the rv refrigerator so our viewers can just follow the steps but first gather the tools that are needed for this task right towards get the job done easier and faster we list all the tools that have been used for this job on our website go to to get the list and the notes for every step let’s get started will take the front off of it gives us more clearance to get the new one how many refrigerators are you replaced we probably do four to eight a month we’ve done as many as six in a week before every day we’ve done two in a day before you get it loose at the top other side oh did you get it that looks like it’s gone and it’s just barely home hold on this is barely home [Applause] silicone they took the front wood part down because we asked them to keep it in case we need to do some you know more cabinets so we can have a matching color here’s a tip for you they use this kind of hydraulic lift table to move the fridge in and out it makes so easy get a product

link on our website then cover everything up just in case some damage to the army we go face down those doors try to open on us so we can turn around and we’ll like say we’ll lay it on that ledge i’ll leave it on we’ll lean that down i’ll hold the cart and then just grab it what’s next what you do is you put your feet under that way it won’t hurt the floor to take the refrigerator out of the coaches actually require four main power so if you are only one person if you are strong enough maybe you can do it but safer to just have more helping hands it will make things easier uh we’re disassembling the uh the breaker box we have to lower it down three inches to get the clearance on the for the new one to fit so we modify the cabinet so it’ll look factory disassemble the front of the cabinet now we’re putting it back together so then we have to we have to add the bracing we got to put the studs in add the bracing put the floor back so uh so this will have to be cut down the vent is going to stick up higher see it’s actually sitting up right here the floor is going to be sitting the floor is going to be sitting right here so i’ve got to cut this down oh i’ll be able to drop them in the battery i don’t got to drop it that much i gotta drop it an inch screw the screw right here yes it’s been it’s been wet and what nor culture when they go through a defrost mode they’re bad not too um the pan’s bad to stop up and and the little the little nozzle that it drains down in the hose was bad to us to stop up also and what it’ll do is it’ll flow down the back side of the refrigerator it’ll come out and it’ll come out on the front you’ll never know it yeah if you have a norcold uh you need to keep an eye on that that line to make sure it’s not back feeding water back down the back side of your refrigerator that’s the good thing about it residential it doesn’t you don’t have to worry about that

that’s good all right here yeah it’ll sit right up on it so when that particle board gets wet it just deteriorates kind of like kind of like the press board on the bottom of these slide outs where they get wet they’re about to deteriorate like that too so what i’ll do is i’ll pull that all back together and screw myself screw me some screws in it so you need to add the frame for the new refrigerator yeah the new one’s actually lighter but we just reinforced when they when they put these in at the factory basically there’s just a few screws and some staples holding this together uh we just feel better about it when we put it back together that it’s more secure than it was when it when it was built we just want it to be strong once we get this done it can’t move anywhere because basically it’s everything’s pushing against the floor screwed in at all the bracing and then this the floor sitting on top of it so it basically it can’t come out more secure now than when it left the factory when we get done with it so this is the base for the refrigerator after getting the local out and getting preparation done for the new residential fridge it’s finally the time to get to the exciting part we have the whipple side-by-side residential fridge which fits perfectly in our coach this is the ice maker kit on the new refrigerator just for the ice maker waterline so so so as three other man comes in i got this thing okay all right later this all way

you don’t need as much ventilation it’s internal and underneath norcos and all have to have all they can get it ain’t enough sometimes so so you say how big the no coil is it’s like 12 13 cubic foot uh-huh and then this oil 20 it’s considered 22 it’s 21.7 it maxes out the size of that that hole in that that cabinet see it goes 28 inches deep the box of this cabinet the box of this refrigerator is 28 inches and it goes it leaves you about a half inch against the wall and then of course it’s uh 66 inches tall which is why we got to lower it and then the width is the width is almost 33 which is what the width of this opening is yeah yeah yeah because it’s it all circulates underneath it’s got a fan underneath and it’s like in a house so when you roll it in into a cabinet space and you build your cabinets around it it’s circulating the air underneath and basically all you have to do is blow off these fans every once in a while uh-huh you know like you would in the house will i be able to reach it maybe maybe me and you’re in the same boat i feel your pain i’m small now i have to use a later for sure how tall are you i’ll tell you tallest and no cold so sticking over like that oh that’s that’s just where it won’t fly out if you sleep if you swing out over you’ve wrecked and you’re not worried about it you know only when you’re traveling just make it a habit starting today to put it on there okay i know what’s i asked him a lot but just you know just make it a habit

msrb solutions totally understand rv full-time living if they cannot complete their service in one day they will get your coach back to where you can take it back to rv park and sleep comfortably for the night that was the first thing we worry about we didn’t have to find a hotel to stay overnight i’m so happy to have a new fridge hey happy wife happy rv life that’s the rule of thumb lots of people ask do you need to upgrade the inverter in order to run the residential this is the inverter we have in our 2017 fitted we send a picture of it to msrb to determine if upgrading inverter requires we were told that this inverter can run residential refrigerator so no upgrade needed in our case with that being said we have a modified design wave inverter it’s an improvement for power over a square wave inverter but it can shorten the lifespan of all ac powered electrical devices some will recommend changing to a pure sine wave inverter for best performance and the life of your appliances if you leave it on the inverter that’s why it’s blinking so as soon as you unplug that inverter will automatically power up that that refrigerator so there’s no power there’s no downtime between power as soon as it unplugs and this immediately it takes power over you don’t want the compressor kicking on and off kicking on and off yeah that’s not good for it over a long period of time because it can cause the shoulder you used to work for tiffany right 14 years part-time and full-time that’s where i got all my experience very efficient to just come here and have your professionally done all these things they replace this refrigerator including lower the breaker box in just like four hours four hours wow that’s amazing the first refrigerator we’ve done took us a nine and a half hours we’ve done them in as little as three instead of hours the refrigerator what other job that you do uh flooring carpet you know like that we do a lot of uh slide out toppers into the sunbrella material changing out window awning fabrics water leaks we do a lot of general repair work uh-huh anything from roof reseals you know replacing windows adjusting slide-outs sliding mechanisms now we don’t do the slide floor we would just change like the drive shaft part of it uh the motor from the gear pack any of that kind of stuff we would change we are so glad to have msrb solutions to change out the bridge in our coach they did such a great job and huge thanks to them for sharing their professional knowledges to our viewers give them a call if you need any repair on your rv they can do pretty much of any general repairs msw solutions also replace the carpet throughout our coach it’s gonna be our next rv repair video subscribe to our channel now and stay tuned for seeing our next video don’t forget to go to our website to get the details and the tour list for changing out the fridge and other great perks don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click the little bell for getting notification for our next episode give us a like if you enjoyed this video comment below if you have any question you can also find us on instagram pinterest facebook and patreon