GW2 | FULL WEAVER GUIDE | WvW-PvP-PvE | Sword + Staff | Basic + Advanced

Hi everybody & welcome to my Guild Wars 2 Weaver GuideI main Elementalist & played around 10 THOUSAND Hours on it, mostly as D/D, staff, & sword, and I wanted to share with you my experience & some tips to help you.My guide is both for beginner and fore more experienced players looking for build, rotations, combos, & advanced fighting tricks & tips. Soooo let’s go ! —— Here’s the Table of Contents. First, I’ll explain shortly how Weaver works, the dual attainment mechanism, what is different from Elementalist, the strong & the weak points.Then I’ll show you the difference between two build I’ll share with you : Sword/Dagger Weaver, for PvP & WvW roaming, & Staff Zerk Weaver for PvE & WvW Zerg.For these 2 build, I’ll explain you the traits, the build, a review of EACH skills, I will show you some rotations, & combos.At the end of the guide I’ll explain you few tips, how to make teleport combo, how to stack boon, how to fight versus condition, etc You can just skip to the part you want to see, or watch the full video. Enjoy ! — Weavers can be attuned to two elements at once. When attuning to a new element, the current main-hand attunement switches to the off hand, while the new attunement is placed on the main hand. You can attune to the same element twice in a row, resulting in a typical single-attunement skill bar — The first thing to note is this bar below your attunement The first half of the bar show your primary attunement, & the second half your secondary attunement The first 3 skills are based on your main hand weapon and primary attunement, while your 4 & 5 skill are based on your offhand & secondary attunement Your 3 skill is based on your main hand weapon, but BOTH attunements So if you’re on water fire or fire water, your 3rd skill will be always Dual Attack —— Let’s speak about the weakness of Weaver Due to this Dual attunement mechanism, Weaver is more difficult to play than elementalist, & one of the most difficult class to master Rotation are harder, you need to train & anticipate which skill you want, & you cannot get immediately some skills. For example, here I’m core elementalist. I want one specific skill, water 5 to heal. I just have to switch water, Water 5 is available. Here, I’m weaver. I want the same skill. I cannot get it immediately I need to go water first, here is available water 1 2 but not 3 4 5. I need to attune again to whatever attunement, to get water 4 5, and attune to water, to get Water 3 4 5 This is the problem with Weaver : Skills #1 + #2 are the only one immediately available Skills #3 are not immediately available, you need to double attune to get them Skills #4 + #5 are not immediately available, you need to Switch attunement one more time to get them —— But now let’s see whats make the Weaver so interesting & exciting Other profession got 10 Skills, Elementalist got 2O Skills, Weaver got 26 Skills ! 6 new Skills for each Main Hand Weapon, more Skills means more Combo, more DPS, less time waiting for Cooldown Weaver Traitq are great, they can give boost significantly your DPS, your condition clean & your survability with Barrier To sum up, Weaver is harder, more Risky, but more rewarding if you know how to play it On top of this, Weaver is at the moment the class that can provide the biggest DPS of the whole game — Now let’s compare the 2 builds I’m going to share with you. Staff & Sword Weaver Staff build is mostly for PvE & large fight in WvW. Sword is for PvP & small fight in WvW, like 5v5 or solo —— Staff provides the biggest DPS of the game, and nearly dont have condition damage.Sword is average DPS, but benefits from both power & condition damage —— Staff attacks cover a very large area & is able to hit lot’s of players at the same time Sword if able to hit only one to three person at the same time, it’s better for smaller scale fights —- Staff is a range weapon, and Sword is nearly only melee weapon —— Staff offers very low survability & heal Sword offers insane heal, lot’s of invulnerability, survive is insane —— Staff is very selfish, you nearly don’t heal or boon your group with this build, on the opposite Sword is able to heal & boon

a lot your team — This staff build is not efficient solo. You need a team to heal you, to protect you, to buff you. You are very squishy & weak, but you got the biggest DPS of the game Sword build is both efficient Solo or in a small group. You can support them & add a decent DPS — To sum up, this staff build is a Pure DPS role, & this sword build is a very Versatile Role, able to heal, DPS, support —— Now let’s speak about the Sword Build. Here are the weakness & the strong point of this weapon Sword offers Low to Average DPS, only melee Skills, it’s hard to play if you’re too squishy Due to the mediocre DPS, you need a more offensive Off Hand Weapon like Dagger. Focus Imo would not be efficient, because Sword is already a defensive weapon. With focus, you would be impossible to kill, but also unable to kill anyone —— This is why Sword is great : Insane Defensive Skills, 2 Evade Skills with Low CD, a 4s Water Field to heal with, lot’s of combo/leap/blast, making survivability insane. Good mobility, benefits from both Power & Condition damage Each #2 Skills are mobile Skills, to get close or far from enemy Each Autoattacks Skills are pretty decent with okay DPS Water #2 Skill is far & away the best defensive skill in the game and a life savior. I’ll explain you later why Here’s the Sword/Dagger build ! — First, I’m taking Arcana 3 2 1 This minor Trait, Arcane Prowess. Before December patch you gain Fury while switching attunement Now you gain might. This is a huge nerf But you can take advantage of this change to might stack with constantly switching attunements, before a fight Arcane Precision is a good trait, but it’s mostly useful in air to apply Weakness, other condition are too bad & short Renewing Stamina is also a good trait, take it if you don’t have enough vigor & dodge But I prefer Arcane Abatement, because you get like 400 heal each time you swap attunement It’s a cool free heal. You also create a spell when getting fall damage, can be useful in WvW, you can get free fire field or air field to combo with Elemental Attunement is your best minor trait : each time you attune fire you gain 2 stack of might, it synergies with the new arcane prowess trait. Each time you go water you gain regeneration & cure a condition, in air you gain speed which makes you gain regeneration thanks yo weaver trait, so you cure another condition. And in earth you gain protection, which is probably one of the most important boon of the game. It’s like free 500 toughness Here Elemental COntigency is a MUST have Because it’s the only way to get Retaliation boon, another VERY powerful boon. It’s also your only way to get fury since Arcane Prowess fury trait was nerfed. It’s also free Vigor & free protection. A great trait, so always take it Here Evasive Arcana is also a must have with this build. You gain a free heal while dodging in water, it also cures 2 conditions. And in earth you gain a Blast, to use in your fire field or water field. You also can notice that the Skill created by the dodge will proc your healing Signet, it counts as a skill, so its 300 free heal — In Water I take 1 3 1 Soothing Mist, this minor is great because it scales very good with healing power. With this build it heals you for 200 EACH SECOND It’s insane I go for Soothing Ice, it’s a free random frost aura to mitigate damage, & a free random regeneration, which will cure also one condition Healing Ripple is another cool minor trait, it will heal you for 2000 each time you go in water. As an elementalist, leaving an attunement makes a Cooldown on it of about 8s. As a weaver, it’s 4s. This mean that you can use this trait Twice more than elementalist; It’s massive Aquamancer’s Training is the best choice with Sword because it lower the cool down of Water #2 which is far & away your best skill. On top of that, it increases of 10% your DPS when you’r full life Finally, I take Cleansing Water. It’s your most important trait, it’s mandatory & it’s the only way you have to cure condition. Basically, each time you gain regeneration, you cure

a condition So : – Switching in water gives regenration so cure a condition – Water 2 cure a condition But this trait also synergizes great with Weaver GrandMaster Trait thats I will show you NOW ——— In weaver I take 3 3 2 Master’s Fortitude is a must have if you have a Sword. Because it’s a free 300 vitality, which means 3 THOUSAND FREE HP. It’s great Elemental Refreshment is great because it gives you some barrier each Time you use a Dual Skill. Barrier Scales with healing power & u got a lot of healing power with this build so its a Free 600 life for each dual skill you use Here… All of the 3 traits are good I prefer Bolstered Elements, which gives you a free Stability each time you use a Stance, so you are nearly permanently under Stability.But you also can go Swift Revenge to get more DPS & more condition clean, or Weaver’s Prowess to increase your condition damage Elemental Polyphony, this minor trait is just free bonus stats Ok, then here I take Woven Stride. It’s a must have. Because each time you gain speed, you gain regeneration. And remember, with water trait, each time u get regeneration, you clean a condition. This means that these skills : – Switch air, Air 1, Air 2, Air Dagger 5, & twist of fates Also cure one condition. This in insane And if you are still in trouble with condition, just take Swift Revenge, you will gain speed for each dual attack, so its again more condition clean Thats its for the trait, as you can see the traits gives you a lot of heal, of boon, & condition clean These traits are all great to survive —— Let’s talk about the Gear ! I’m using Mender amulet in PvP In WvW, the exact build is in the descriptions But to explain you, it is based on the Marshal stats. Power / Heal / Precision / Condition Damage.Healing Power is very great with sword weaver because you got so many way to heal that it would be stupid to dont use it. Sword benefits from both power & condition damage so this gear fits perfectly for Sword Weaver I recommend you to add some Toughness to this gear. You got enough vitality because you got a free 300 vitality thanks to this weaver trait while holding a SWORD But you need more toughness to you can add some Soldiers or Cavaliers Gear — In WvW I’m using the durability Rune, it’s a must have because it’s free Vitality, free toughness, you need it because Mashals stats don’t offer these defensive stats You also gain 20% boon duration, which is great because you got a lot of boon In PvP Sadly this rune is not available so I use Exuberance Rune. Because it’s just insane stats bonus. You gain a total of 400 very useful stats like power, precision, vitality & heal On both game mode I use energy Sigil, it’s mandatory, it’s a free extra dodge.On WvW I use as Second Sigil, Sigil of Concentration, to increase my boon duration On PvP you can use whatever you want —— Lets talk about the skills ! For healing, I take the signet of restoration It’s very efficient because each time you cast a spell or a skill you get some heal Switching attunement count as a skill so it heals you Just look : If you switch water, you got heal from this signet, but also heal from this arcana trait, & heal from this water trait Dodging also create a spell that heal you too Never activate this signet unless you are going to die —— About utility skills Lightning Flash is an instant cast teleport It’s great to escape, purchase someone, to get to tricky spot, or to combo with another skill, I show you this a the end of the video Primordial Stance is a skill that apply condition to nearby ennemies. Condition depends on your current attunement. I recommend to use it in Fire & Air, to apply burn & Vulnerability Using this stance also grants you stability thanks to weaver trait Twist of Fate is a stun breaker. I not only stun break but also a 1s evade. So it’s like a dodge. You can stun break but also avoid all incoming damage for 1s. It’s a

must have & a life savior. On top of that, as a stance, it also gives you stability —— Weave Self is the weaver elite. When you activate it, your Attunement colldown decrease from 4s to 2s. This means you can switch more often, & get more boon or heal. In addition, you gain one bonus for attuning to new elements In fire : +20% condition damage Water : +20% boon duration Air : +50% speed it’s nearly like a free super speed ! Earth : +320 toughness. It makes you way more tanky. You should go earth at the begin of this spell When should you use this skill ? Basically each time you are facing a difficult fight You can see that the bonus are mostly defensive, especially in earth. So if you feel too squishy, use it. Don’t be afraid of using it, when you’ll be DEAD is will be too LATE You have 20s to attune to all elements, this will end this stance and grants Perfect Weave You have 10s to cast this new skill which is a MASSIVE control of nearly 3 seconds You can combo this skill with Dagger Earth #5 like this : cast it then immediatly cast Churning Earth for a dévastating attack This elite skill is also a stance, so it also grants stability —— Now let’s review together ALL SWORD SKILLS In fire : The Auto-attack : decent DPS & Burn at last attack. It’s one of your best auto attack with sword Skill 2 is a very good skill. It’s hard to hit your enemy with it because the animation is very slow & its easy to dodge. But its your best skill to combo : When you start the attack, it’s a leap. You can use it in a fire field to gain a fire aura, or use in a water field to heal. When you end the attack, it’s a fire Field for 2s On top of that, DPS is good, & cooldown is very low Skill 3 is sadly nearly useless This a an advice to you : as a sword weaver NEVER double attune to the same element.First of all because most of Sword skill #3 are bad. Then, because if attuned to a single element, you don’t benefit fully from this trait, & gain only once the bonus stat instead of 2. You also get stuck for 4 more second in the same attunement. Your survive comes from switching attunement. So don’t attune to the same element with this build.Anyway, this 3rd skill is good DPS but sadly you will nearly never use it —— In water : The Auto-attack is bad DPS & Small Heal. Use it only if you’re on CD with your other skills Your skill 2. It ’s just your best skill on sword, and the best skill of elementalist Because it’s an EVADE, that means its a dodge, that last nearly 2s, with a 10s Cooldown It’s not only a dodge, its a Water Field that last 4s, this mean you have time to blast inside with Earth Skills, or dodge inside It’s also a small heal & provide regeneration boon which clean one condition This is your life savior skill Water Skill 3 is useless. You don’t double attune to water so you won’t get it & its good like that : it’s small DPS. You can see in the description that it’s a heal, but the heal only come if you hit your enemy with this skill. And when you need heal, you dont go melee so you cannot hit. It’s a useless skill — In air : Autoattack is good & provides swiftness which clean one condition.Skill 2 is a very cool skill. It teleports you to your opponent & is a Leap skill, so you can also combo with it. It’s a stun skill which can interrupt your enemy & will give you supersede, which also cure one condition. You can use it to combo, to get closer to ur enemy, to escape from a fight by targeting someone in the opposite direction, or to interrupt ur ennemy Skill 3 is a good skill which provides lot’s of DPS & vulnerability, but it can hit only 1 person, & the fact that it hit multiples times makes you vulnerable to retaliation

— In earth : Auto-attack offers decent DPS & Bleed Skill 2 is great : it’s like Water #2 and evade skill for 1s, another free dodge. It’s good DPS but it’s also a blast finisher with a low CD. It’s perfect to combo with Water 2 : Use water 2 then switch earth to blast in the water field. Its your best defensive skill with Water 2 Skill 3 is great DPS but you cannot move while casting it, & you need to double attune —— Let’s talk about the Dual Attack Skills.Fire Earth #3 is one of your best skill. It offers a barrier each second, plus some small DPS & a 1s burn each second. You should cast it first, as soon as it’s available Fire Water #3 is an okay DPS skill which offer burn & chill Fire Air #3 is very great because it applies a LOT of burn, you can reach 6 stack. Use it when the enemy is not moving, when he’s under control for example, to apply the maximum of burn — Water Earth #3 is good DPS but can only hit one target. It’s interesting because it’s not a melee skill. You can use it range. You got 2 range skill on Sword, this one, & the next one : The Water Air #3. Sadly it’s not a good skill because DPS is very low Finally, Air Earth #3 is a great CC skill which gives great DPS but it’s really hard to hit the enemy with, because you need to be very close — Let’s speak about rotations. As a Weaver you have to be Attune to 2 elements at the same time. Some elements fits better together than other When your main attunement is Fire : The best attunement to switch after this one are Air & Earth You should avoid Water. If you switch Water, Your main attunement would be water, your secondary would be fire. The different skills dont fit together, you got here one fire field, one water field, but you cannot blast inside If you are on fire & switch air, you can use Fire 2 to put a fire Field, then go air & use Air 2 to get A fire Aura like this If you are on fire & switch earth, you can use Fire 2 to put a fire Field, then go earth & use Skill 2 to get some Might Stack —— When your main attunement is Water : you can switch to all attunement. If you need to heal you can go earth to be more tanky, but you can also go to the other attunement to heal & being more offensive.When you’re on water, your skill 2 is a Water Field. With this water field, you can combo with EACH Attunement to heal — Here If I go fire : I use my Water 2 skill, then I switch fire & Use Fire 2 which is a leap : is will heal me & makes some DPS — Here If I go air : I use water 2 skill, I switch air, & use Air 2 which is also a leap, it teleports me to enemy & heal me — Here if I go earth : I use water skill 2, I switch earth, & use Earth 2 which is a blast, & heal me You can also dodge in earth, in your water field for an extra blast As you can see, you can combo with Water Skill 2, with ALL attunement — When your main attunement is Air : you can switch to fire, then you can Use this combo that reminds me old D/D elementalist : Air 4 Air 5 to knockack, then Fire 2 Dual attack, skill 3 — When your main attunement is earth, if fits with everything. You can go water, then you can use Water 2 & Earth 4+5, they are 2 blast finishers To sum up : the best attunements that fits the best together : Fire Air or Air Fire for an offensive option Fire Earth or Earth Fire for a both offensive & defensive option Water Earth for a defensive option —— I’m going yo show you 3 combos you can make as a Sword/dagger Weaver This first combo is an offensive one, Big DPS & might stack First, you have to be in Earth/fire.Cast Dual Skill to get some barrier & burn.Cast Fire 4 to get a Fire field. Use Fire 5 to DPS Then dodge into your fire field, & use earth

2. You will gain 6 Might Stack with this Double Blast.Then Switch Fire. You are now Fire/Earth Use Fire 2, which is a leap, into your fire field, to get a Fire Aura. Fire 2 is also a Fire Field. Use Earth 4 to blast & control your enemy. Then immediately use Earth 5 for a devastating Churning Earth, with a lot of might Stack — This second combo is optimal to DPS but is Harder, you have to be very fast Start with Fire on Main Attunement. Cast Fire 2, Then fast switch to air & use Air 2. You gain a Fire Aura. Use Dual Skill #3, it applies Burn. Use Fire #5, Firegrab. Then Use Fire 4, it’s a fire field. Now you need to be fast. Immediately dodge & while dodging, switch to Earth attunement. It’s a blast into the fire field. Use also Earth 2 into fire field, another blast. Use Dual Skill #3 to CC your enemy, then switch Fire & use Fire #2 into your fire field. You gain another Fire Aura, & created a new 2s Fire Field. Now Use Earth #4 to CC, then #5 for a devastating Churning Earth, with 20 might Stack — This third combo is a way to get full health quickly You are in water/earth. You can first dodge while in water to get some heal Use Water 2, you created a Water Field Use Earth 4 inside, it(s a blast. Then, switch earth, & fast dodge inside water Field, & use Earth #2. It is Two more blast inside. You also can activate Water #4, A frost aura, to reduce incoming damage. Use Water #5, its a heal Now you should be full health. You can switch to fire. You are now Fire/earth & can use your Dual Skill #3 to get some Barrier, & you’re ready to start an offensive combo to DPS —— That’s all for Sword. If you want some more advanced tactics for fighting with Sword, go at the end of the video 🙂 — Now let’s speak about the Staff Build. Here are the weakness & the strong point of this weapon Staff is a selfish weapon with low support You don’t have a lot of defensive skills You cannot play it solo, you need a group to help you, to protect you, to buff you You are very squishy, your survive is about self positioning in a good way. If you fail, you’ll be dead — But in the other hand, Staff Weaver offers the biggest DPS of the game, it’s a multitarget weapon with insane large control, long range You are the master of the battlefield. You can kill, control, slow ennemies, with a 1200 range —— Now, the build ! In the Sword build, all the trait are defensive. Here, all the trait are taken to increase your DPS First, I’m taking Fire, 3 1 1 The minor trait Empowering Flame buff your power while in fire Attunement. Try to stay in fire when you cast your DPS burst Here I’m taking Burning Fire, it’s a free condition clean. I prefer it over burning Precision which is a very mediocre DPS addition, it’s only 1s burn on a 5s cooldown Pyromancer’s Training is a must have : it’s a +10% DPS While in fire, & reduce the cool down of your fire skill. It’s mandatory because your best DPS skill are in fire Burning Rage increase of 10% ur DPS versus burned ennemies Persisting Flames is also mandatory : it will increase your field field by 2s. This means that Fire 2 Lava Font will tick 2 more times, & also your dual skill Fire Earth #3 —— In Air, I’m going 3 3 1 Ferocious Winds is a small DPS Buff, you will gain like 10% Critical damage Tempest Defense will increase your DPS of 20% if enemy is under CC. Which happens a lot in WvW large fights Finally, Bolt to the Heart will increase your DPS of 20% if enemies life is under 50% In Weaver, I’m going 1 2 1, this is very different from Sword I’m taking Superior Elements , it increase my DPS on Weakened ennemies, but you also

can take Master’s Fortitude if you feel you don’t have enough life Swift Revenge will increase your DPS from 7% Elemental Polyphony will increase your statistics depending your current attunement. IN Fire you gain more power Finally, Elements of Rage is a massive DPS boost. Gain a lot of ferocity, but also Gain 10% DPS when attuned to a single element That mean you need to double attune to the same element to get this buff for a small amount of time. IF you want to get all the damage boost, you have to double attune to fire — As you can see Staff build works with damage modifiers to increase DPS. Here are all the damage modifier Power bonus if you are attune to fire – 10% if you are attune to fire – 10% if enemy is burning – Ferocity bonus – 20% if enemy under control – 20% if enemy is low health – 15% critical chance if enemy is weakened – 7% DPS if you got the speed boon – Power bonus while attune to fire – Ferocity Bonus + 10% DPS if double attune to same element This is more than a 100% increase to DPS Of course, all the damage modifiers won’t proc at the same time, but you will always got few of them This is how you can have a massive DPS —— Let’s talk about the gear In PvE survive is not a problem. You can take Berzerker statistics to maximise your DPS.In WvW you need some more defensive stats. You can use Maraudeurs armors, this will add some vitality. You also can take 1 or 2 soldiers Ring to get some toughness & extra vitality The exact WvW build is in description —— In both game mode, I’m using Scholar Rune It’s the best DPS option, even if you’re not full health.Bloodlust & Force Sigil in WvW, Impact & Force in PvE — Lets talk about the skills ! For healing, you have different options Arcane Brilliance is a good option for WvW because it’s a very fast burst heal, & also a blast finisher, to use inside a water field Ether Renewal is also good if you have trouble with condition Glyph of Elemental Harmony is good for all game mode, it’s a very big heal — About utility skills Lightning Flash is an instant cast teleport It’s great to escape, purchase someone, to get to tricky spot, or to combo with another skill, I show you this a the end of the video Signet of Fire is only here to increase your Precision, this is the passive effect, It will add around 9% of critical chance. Never activate it ! It’s only a passive permanent DPS boost Twist of Fate is a stun breaker. I not only stun break but also a 1s evade. So it’s like a dodge. You can stun break but also avoid all incoming damage for 1s. It’s a must have & a life savior — About the Elite Skill, I’m taking the Fiery Great Sword. It’s skill have massive DPS, Skill #5 is a big AOE DPS that last 10s This Elite also buff your power, so you can summon it right after casting Meteor Shower to increase your DPS — Now let’s review together ALL STAFF SKILLS In fire The auto attack is far & away your best auto attack, great DPS and great range; It’s written 1200 range in description but in fact you can hit from 1500 You can use it while waiting for your Cooldown Skill 2 is one of your best skill, Very low CD, it will attack 6 times, cast it as soon as it’s available Skill 3 is sadly nearly useless, DPS is inexistant Skill 4 is a quick roll back & is great to escape, if you’re in trouble. You also can use the about face button to go faster. I explain you how to make this at the end of the video Skill 5 is the best DPS skill of the whole game. You will hit 24 times with meteor on a huge area for few seconds, doing massive

damage. You can start casting it then teleport to get safe, because the casting time is very long, making you vulnerable — In water The auto attack is useless, unless you want to heal a bit your team but it’s really poor Skill 2 is massive DPS but also a blast, so you can use it in your water field (skill 3/5) or in your Frost field (Skill 4) to gain heal or a frost aura Skill 3 is a small heal & a water field Skill 4 Chill lot’s of ennemies on a huge Area. Great to slow them ! It’s also Frost Field This attack don’t make any damage so you won’t enter the fight mode if you use it Skill 5 is Huge Water Field, best one to blast inside with your team. It also Clean Condition — In air The auto attack is okay DPS on depack enemies Skill 2 is a good DPS skill Skill 3 is a control, you can push enemy with & make them fall down from a tower or a cliff Skill 4 is great. It applies Switfness to you & your team, but also cure you & your team from condition movement like chill or immobilize. So you can use it out of fight to speed up your team, or in combat to clean conditioN Skill 5 Inflicts stun and damage when an enemy enters or exits its area. It’s Great in WvW ! — In earth Auto attack is bad, small DPS, only 1 target, forget it Skill 2 is good DPS & a blast Skill 3 will reflect projectiles, use it if someone is attacking you from range Skill 4 is a massive control, Enemies attempting to cross the area of effect will be knocked back. Great to prevent ennemies from crossing a position or a gate Skill 5 Iis very bad DPS but applies immobilize so it can be useful to make your target vulnerable for 2s —— Let’s talk about the Dual Attack Skills Fire Earth is your best Duel Skill. It works like Fire #2, a good DPS that will ticks for 6s. It’s also a fire Field Fire Water is not very good, its a small DPS & a Small heal Fire Air is a great burst skill doing massive damage — Water Earth is a bit like Water 4, but instead of chill, it will cripple & slow ennemies, in a large area. It also makes small damage Water Air is a small Damage skill but it will hit a lot of people Finally, Earth Air is your biggest damage skill on a single target. You can one shot enemy. But be careful, you can’t move while casting it, so you’re vulnerable. In addition, it’s a projectile, so it can be reflected & you can get one shot by your own skill — Now I’m going yo show you how to DPS as Staff Weaver Here is your 3 best DPS skills. Fire 5, Fire 2, & Dual attack Fire Earth. I’m going to show you a good basic rotation to DPS in WvW It’s also a good way to DPS in PvE but not the optimal at all if you want to do raid of high level Fractal, I advice you to check qT & Snow Crows Site to see their own rotations & build — Sooo here is the DPS rotation. It’s for WvW but also works in PvE.Start with Fire/Earth You can cast Earth 4 before if you need to CC. First, cast Dual Skill 3, then Fire 2.Now, cast switch Fire, you’re double attune to fire, which proc the buff Elements of rage, its a 10% DPS increase. Cast Meteor Shower, fire 5 To get even more damage on Fire 5, you can cast your elite, it will increase your power — When this combo is done, you can use fe other skill to DPS, while waiting for your cool down Air/earth dual attack, Fire/air , Earth 2, Water 2, are good DPS skill.You also can use Fire 1 & Air1. Also remember to cast Fire 2 as soon as available, & to always use ur Fire while fully attuned to fire, to benefits

from the damage boost — Here are all the skill to control or slow your ennemies.You have 2 skills to stun or block them : Air 5. & Earth 4 You also have 2 skills to slow them : Water 4, & Water/earth Dual attack That’s all for Staff Now I’m going to show you few advanced tactics & tips in fight — How to fight versus condition. It’s always difficult to fight against a scourge or a condi Mesmer. How to deal with condition, as sword weaver ? Remember, thanks to Water GrandMaster Trait, you cure one condition each you gain the regeneration boon. In addition, thanks to the Weaver GrandMaster trait, you cure one condition each time you gain Speed or Superspeed. So let’s check together ALL the skill that will cure one condition – Dagger Water 5 – Dodge in water – Attune to water – Attune to Air – Air 1 – Air 2 – Dagger Air 5 – Twist of fate What is the common point of all these skills ? They are all in the Air & Water attunement So, if you want to cure condition, juste swap between air & water, & just use your skills When you have cured your conditions you can go Fire or Earth to attack. Then if you need to cure condition again, go back Water and Air. All your condition remove are on air & water, & you dont have condition remove at all on fire & earth If you still have trouble with condition, take this weaver trait. Each Dual skill will purge One condition. So you will have nearly 15 different skills that cure 1 condition —— How to fight versus power build, as a sword/dagger weaver First, remember this build offers a lot of Free Extra Dodge, thanks to Evade Skills.You have 4 of them : Water 2, Air 5, Earth 2, & twist of fate. Time them at the good moment to evade the enemy burst Versus power, you need some toughness. Remember that, thanks to Weaver minor trait, you gain toughness while being attune to earth. Your Elite Skill also provide you more than 300 toughness for 20s The best way to heal & tank is using the Water & Earth attunement, then Fire earth or Fire air to attack ——????? How to heal as a sword Weaver ? Weaver is the class that has the more different way to heal – Attuning to water will heal you – Dodging in water will heal you – Water 2 create a water field, blast or leap inside for a heal – Soothing mist will heal you for 200 per second – Regenaration boon will heal you for 200 per second – This Arcana Trait will heal you for 400 each time you swap attunement.-Finally signet of restoration will heal you for each skill.So how to burst heal ? Just have a look, I get full life in 2s – Switching Water heals me, but it also Count as a skill so it proc signet of restoration, & it is also an attunement swap so it heals me – In the meantime I dodge while being in water, this create a spell that heal me, & it also count as a skill so proc signet of restoration – I use water 2 & blast inside, it heals me During this combo, I also get regeneration & soothing mist that heals me This is how you can burst heal ——?????????? How to combo with your teleport skill Teleport is instant cast & won’t interrupt channeling Skills So you can start channeling a skill & use teleport BEFORE the end of the skill This works for Earth Dagger 5 likes this It also works with Staff Fire #5, to get safe while casting meteor shower U can also use a CC skill, like Air Dagger 5, teleport & immediately use ur CC —— You have few skills that do a retreat behind you. You have a trick to go on the opposite side, if you want to surprise your enemy, or to be faster

This works with Staff Fire #4. Burning Retreat The normal skill is like this Here is with the trick. How does it work ? First, go on ur settings & check that your « Use either mous button to change direction » is disabled Also check your about face button, I bind it with the letter A to make it easily available Then, Hold your left mouse button. You can walk & move the camera Press the about face button, & immediately activate your skill & thats it It also works with Sword Water 2 skill —— Last tip for you guys, how to boon stack You can stack boon before a fight, in PvP or WvW.Since last update, switching attunement give you might. & Thanks to this arcana trait, you gain a boon when attuning to an element.So basically, before a fight, while walking, just constantly swap between 2 attunements.The best way is between Water & Air.- Switch Water gives you regeneration Switch Air gives you speed which gives you regeneration thanks to this weaver grand master trait So, you can stack Speed, Regeneration & might, before a fight Your elite decrease your attunement cooldown from 4s to 2s. This means that you can get twice more boon Starting a fight with permanent speed & regeneration is a very strong advantage. Remember also that your elite while being in water increase your boon duration, to make it even more efficient —— Thats all for the weaver guide, I trully hope you liked it. If you have any question, just ask me in the commentary section below, I will answer to everything If you liked this guide, you can subscribe, I will make more guide for elementalist in the future. I’m also posting a lot of videos of gameplay. Here is a video of Gameplay in WvW as a Sword/Dagger Weaver.Have a nice day everyone, I wish you a merry Christmas & a happy New Year/ Bye !