[Eng Sub] 여자친구가 사랑한 유럽 (GFriend Loves Europe) EP 4 Part 1

[A cafe in Seoul (after the trip)] Sowon said she had a lot of fun traveling by herself Really? Weren’t you scared at all? More than scared, I was worried that I couldn’t speak the language Yerin can put on a strong face and enjoy being alone – You’re right – She can talk to the camera and everything I look awkward when I’m alone so I’m not good at it but [BUT!] but after a while, I started to get comfortable but after a while, I started to get comfortable [Fourth Story: I Might Be Scared But…] [06:00 AM Vienna] [Dawn, before sunrise] [Eunha and Yuju are getting ready to leave for Salzburg] Right now, Eunha and Yuju are getting ready to leave It’s so touching that you woke up so early to – see us off – That’s right See you soon [Time to part] Take lots of pretty pictures Go back to sleep and have a safe trip to Hungary [Sowon looks a bit worried while the others look bright] – Have a safe trip~! – Bye [No more tears!] Just go! [Parting kisses (?)] Have a safe trip – Bye bye! – Bye! “Bye doesn’t mean goodbye forever~” [You’d think they weren’t going to see each other for years] – Bye! – Bye~! Of course, I’m worried about traveling on my own I’m not good at doing things alone like eating alone So this will give me time to become someone who can eat alone and travel alone [And with that, Sowon traveled alone to Hungary] [Who’s this?] Hello. Good morning! [Sowon’s driver in Hungary] Thank you Thank you so much [10 seconds after getting on] Don’t leave me alone~! [Sigh…] I miss you guys [A dreamy trip through Vienna] [An unforgettable day] [A short stop at St. Stephen’s Cathedral…] […and a chance meeting with the owner of a record shop] [Walking in the footsteps of great composers and musicians in…] […Vienna, the City of Music] [With that trip in the past, Sowon moves forward alone] [Goodbye, Austria] [Hello, Hungary!] [Heading to Hungary with a restless heart] I was looking at the internet and [Levels of Having Fun Alone] eating alone is step 1, drinking alone is step 2, and traveling alone is step 3 But I can’t do any of those things [Sowon’s failed before she even started!] It feels like more than traveling alone this is like a personal project Something like self improvement What if we go back and I’m completely different? [Mastering the art of being alone after 2 days?] What if I meet someone for the first time and I’m like What if I meet someone for the first time and I’m like I made Umji a deal yesterday I said I’d do a video call […To fight off loneliness] I’ll call her right now No, not yet I should call her and check on her [She picked up!] It’s Umji~! [Enter the bright and cheery Umji!] “GFRIEND Loves Europe”! Yeah! I’m ruined! I’m no fun! – Are you in Hungary? – I’m going there right now Who are you going to eat with? They all know They know I don’t like to eat alone Say goodbye I know our leader and the youngest don’t have any chemistry But with Sowon you’ll get to see a lot of her charms I hope you show “Sowon Loves Hungary” lots of love That was so cute. Bye~! Don’t catch a cold Don’t get sick and don’t get hurt [I’ll have a good trip!] Bye~! [Missing Umji even more now] She’s wearing a hospital gown It would’ve been great if she were here, too I’d make her do everything Driver? [?] How long does it take to get to Budapest? [About 2 to 3 hours from Vienna to Budapest] 2 hours? In Hungarian, “igen” means “yes.”

It seems backwards “Igen” should mean “no” and “nem” should mean “yes.” [Now to befriend the driver…!] Driver~! – You can call him by his name – Like “mister”? – What? – His name – Yoo-oo-si? Yo-oo-ji? Yoshi? Yo-ooh-si~ [Um…] Are you married? [Travel Tip: Asking personal questions like someone’s marriage status is rude in Hungary] I didn’t know that Really? [I was just trying to be nice~] [That wasn’t a good start] [Ultimate Fail] Let me out~ [Arrival at the border of Austria and Hungary] On the news they Are we at the border? That quickly? [Travel Tip: Travelers don’t have to go through immigration when passing between Austria and Hungary] [Travel Tip: Travelers don’t have to go through immigration when passing between Austria and Hungary] Is it really this easy? Then you don’t need a passport? Oh my God [Just 1 hour from the border to Budapest] After the Austrian border it’s a straight shot to Budapest! Budapest is a city located in northern Hungary [1 Hour Later…] Is this Budapest? Called a romantic and noble city, Hungary’s capital city of Budapest The nightscape of Budapest along with Prague and Paris are the three most beautiful nightscapes of Europe along with Prague and Paris are the three most beautiful nightscapes of Europe I want to go to Budapest because the nightscape is really famous I don’t know much, but I’ve heard of Budapest So I definitely want to see it from the deck of a cruise The Danube River we saw yesterday in Austria flows out here The Danube River we saw yesterday in Austria flows out here That’s the Danube River [The Danube River] [Starting in Germany, the Danube passes through many countries like Hungary as Europe’s 2nd longest river] [Starting in Germany, the Danube passes through many countries like Hungary as Europe’s 2nd longest river] [The Danube used to separate two cities, “Buda” and “Pest”] We were in Buda but now we’re crossing into Pest This is so hard Then do they call the food in Pest, “Pest-food?” Sorry [Getting to lunch time…] [So let’s get some food!] The restaurant that we’re going to has a 3-star Michelin rating The restaurant that we’re going to has a 3-star Michelin rating They were in a scene for “Gloomy Sunday” too so it might be somewhere I can enjoy eating alone Sowon chose to start her trip at a traditional restaurant Sowon chose to start her trip at a traditional restaurant which served as the backdrop for the film, “Gloomy Sunday” [Built in 1894, it is Hungary’s most famous traditional restaurant] How will Sowon remember her first meal in Hungary? How will Sowon remember her first meal in Hungary? [Hungarian cuisine changed to suit French styles and standards] I came all the way to Hungary and a lot of famous people had visited there before me And it was in the film, “Gloomy Sunday” I thought it’d be a good place to be alone I’d heard that if you go there for dinner the price goes up a lot for a meal So I thought if we went for lunch then the prices would be cheaper So we went there to enjoy lunch with that in mind [At the coat check] Do I have to take this off? [A first for her, but service fit for Hungary’s nicest restaurant] The pope…! [Even the pope has been here…] [This is definitely the right place] [Nervously entering the restaurant] [Everything looks so classy] The restaurant is so grand Sowon will be having her first meal alone at this wonderful restaurant Sowon will be having her first meal alone at this wonderful restaurant Sowon will be having her first meal alone at this wonderful restaurant Good luck! I’m alone at such a nice place Can I Thank you [Great service! Great atmosphere! But…] It’s so nice Everyone’s staring at me because of the cameras [Will Sowon be able to enjoy her meal without incident?] [Let’s find out in just a bit] [Eunha and Yuju have been on the road all morning] [Where are these two headed?] We spent 2 days in Vienna and now we’re going to Salzburg

[Before the trip] “Stage of the world.” [Looking up Austria] “Salzburg.” This place looks great The entirety of Old Town is full of monuments to Mozart’s legacy They have a bronze statue of Mozart, too “Mirabell Palace.” This is where they filmed “The Sound of Music” We have to go here Let’s definitely go here Because we’re singers I learned Mozart’s music when I was taking piano lessons You can feel the spirit of music there And they filmed “The Sound of Music” here There’s a lot related to music there [Excited to visit Salzburg, the city of music] It’s Mozart’s birthplace And the city looked really beautify so we decided on Salzburg [But…] [The weather on the way from Vienna to Salzburg] [The weather on the way from Vienna to Salzburg] Is it just raining here? [No but seriously, it’s getting worse] [Correct] [A torrential rainfall outside…] […silence inside] [Staring worriedly outside] [It’ll stop, won’t it?] [This goes on for 3 hours…] So for 3 hours the bus drove through the heavy rain and eventually arrived at Salzburg Located in western Austria, the entire city of Salzburg was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Site due to its historical importance [Salzburg: Located in western Austria with a population of about 480,000] [Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site] The birthplace of genius composer, Mozart, and where “The Sound of Music” was filmed What is waiting for them in the romantic and artistic city of Salzburg? [Getting out of the car…] – What? – It’s raining I guess all that worrying wasn’t for naught It’s raining here too [I’m fed up with this rain…] – It’s cold – It’s really cold! The wind is freezing my legs [Day 2: Cold snap + Rain + Wind] It’s so cold [Shivering] [Day 3: More rain!] [Is the rain following them around?] You arrived in the morning and it was still raining [Even being reminded of it is annoying] It was raining. Again It was raining a lot Especially yesterday! I like staying home on rainy days I don’t like going out Of all times, it was raining during my first time in Europe So I was like, “Rain, again?” [Teary] Should we buy an umbrella? [First thing’s first, buy an umbrella] [The slow walk of two melancholic girls] [Looking around] Do we just need one? – Should we share a big one? – Sure – Should we get this one? – Sure [Going to the register…] 8 Euros please – 80? – 8 [All the rain has muddied Yuju’s numbers] Thank you [Thankfully, Eunha was there to save the day] But at least we’re here in Salzburg [No enthusiasm] I know But it’s raining again…! – It’s been raining all day! – It’s our first trip together [Everyone’s got an umbrella] – How is it raining today? – I know It’s so sad There was so much I wanted to do while we were here I really wanted to go to “Mirabell Palace” where they shot “The Sound of Music” It’s raining so let’s go “there” first The birthplace of Mozart [1. Avoid the rain at Mozart’s birthplace] [2. Do outdoor stuff later!] To get to Mozart’s birthplace we have to cross a bridge How do we get to Old Town? [Yuju (20), Bad with directions] We need to cross a bridge [Eunha keeps her eyes on the map] I thought Mozart was from Vienna but someone told me he was from Salzburg

When I was in elementary or middle school [Scanning complete] my teacher was really into the arts And he really liked Mozart [Listening with her ears and scanning with her eyes] [Genius] So he went to Mozart’s birthplace One thing that I remembered was that he said he saw Mozart’s actual hair So he said he pressed his face against the glass and stared – It’s inside glass? – Yeah, it’s in a glass case Is this it? [Confused] I think this is the right way [You can see Mozart’s Bridge from here] There are a lot of people Do you think you’ve gotten better at finding your way? No problem I don’t think I got mixed up and I was able to find my way – What about Yuju? – Yuju would never Yuju wouldn’t… no It’s really a bridge I thought it’d be a lot more grand I thought it’d be longer It’s kind of like the Cheonggyecheon in Korea [Pedestrian bridge] Doesn’t everything feel different on this side of the bridge? Like the rocks and everything [A view of the Alps] You can see the mountains really well from here There are lots of locks here It’s like Namsan Tower in Korea – There are lots – Let’s put one up too Do you want to? – It’s really cool – Look at that [The Salzach River: The Salzach River cuts through Salzburg is is fed by melting snow from the Alps] [New Town lies to the east and Old Town the west of the Salzach] The river and the buildings here look pretty – Should we take a picture? – Sure It’s a bit – It doesn’t look the same does it? – Maybe it’s because it’s cloudy? Then on the count of three, take a picture in your mind okay? 1, 2, 3! There! – It’s saved in my head – Great It’s best to look at it with your own eyes anyway We’re limited by what we can do because it’s raining so whether we take a picture with out eyes or our phones, let’s take lots of pictures today – Let’s go! – Let’s take a lot of photos today! Great! [“A Rainy Day in Salzburg: A Photo Trip”, Start!] [#heavyrain #so_cold #eyephoto #cant_capture_this_view] [Krani Station] – Hi – Hello [Buying train tickets to Bled] – Two for Bled please – Okay [She understood right away] Thank you That was easy – Thank you – Bye~ [Heading to the train platform] Wow Early morning at a train station in Slovenia Deserted but picturesque Leisurely and warm It reminds visitors of a simpler times long since past It felt like a regular train station you’d see in a movie A train station with it’s own atmosphere It reminded me of the trip I took with my parents It reminded me of a lot of good memories [The train finally arrives at the station] [First time on a train in Europe, huh?] [Is this it?] [Yerin and SinB get on the train headed for Bled] [Getting seats with good views] [SinB looks like she’s feeling good!] There’s so much leg space! [Why’s that?] [Before the trip…] I wanted to go here last time [SinB has always wanted to visit Bled Lake] – Bled Lake – It’s a castle Bled Lake [I wish we could go right now] If we go here, we could go see the castle and a few other places Of course you have a book today, too – Of course – Since you always have your book, – I thought you’d be needing a pen – An intelligent woman We’re going to Bled Lake Can you summarize in one sentence what Bled Lake is? There’s water there and in the center, Bled Island – Can you take a boat there? – Bled Island! [Is anyone listening?] The Church of Assumption Wow, a village

Wow I think my parents would really like it here [Why…?] Really? It’s like our home town Jeollanamdo Baegyangsa It’s located south of Gwangju It’s located in Jangseong [If you squint, it sort of looks like Korea] That’s right. SinB went to school in Seoul so you’d always have to take the train everyday from Cheonan I used to wake up early to take the train… It’s so pretty here! [What is SinB looking at?] It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty It’s like a house from a dream And there’s more clouds Are those clouds or is it fog? I’m not in a plane right now, right? But there’s a village down there Wow, that’s so cool [Yerin and SinB’s trip…?] [The Sensitive Beagle Sisters] I want to empty my mind There are lots of places I want to visit before I die In a lot of ways, we’re trying to draw out a beautiful stroke during our short lives…? I think that, occasionally, you have to step out of your daily life, empty your mind and enjoy travel [What do you think?] Right? Lately, sleep Sleep is really important That’s right, sleep is really important And sleep while you’re traveling Eat some food [Bursting out laughing] [Sleeping and eating, two important parts of travel] [Finally they arrive deep in the Alps at Bled] Let’s get off [The “Beagle sisters” get ready to get off] [Tip for Traveling to Bled] After about 20 minutes on the train, the Beagle sisters get off at Lesce-Bled Station And right after they got off, they went straight to Bled Lake It’s so pretty~! [Bled Lake: The lake if fed by melting runoff from the Julian Alps] [The deepest point of the lake is about 30 meters deep] The Bled Lake is formed from melting snow from the Alps It may only be about 6 km wide but with a picturesque setting, it’s been one of the most beloved destinations in Europe for a long time it’s been one of the most beloved destinations in Europe for a long time Especially, Bled Island, located at the lake’s center, looks like it’s been Exactly what you’d expect SinB to like I thought it looked really mysterious There was a lot to see. The view was great and the air was wonderful It was a great place to visit It’s so pretty here It’s a castle! [This castle] Can you see the castle up there? Seated on a dizzying cliff, Bled Castle Nice view, right? That’s Bled Castle Let’s go Let’s go. We’re going to go to Bled Castle This is going to be fun It’s really pretty here Over there! Over there! – Look at it! – What? That! The swan! [You talking about me?] That one! Right there! Stop yelling at me! Then look at the swan! I’m a swan! What!? The swan! Over there! Is this the lake? I want to see This is the first time I’ve seen one up close – Are you sure it’s not a duck? – It’s a swan It’s a swan? [A duck…? Well, that’s insulting” Look at its feet Now “quack!” I want to pet it – No – Ah! You scared me! [The nerve…]! That was a shock I want to pet it Cool [In comes the guide, with some swan food] [In comes the guide, with some swan food] [SinB tries to feed the swan…] [Hurry up!] That’s too big. Try a different one [Scared but still… fed a swan!] I’m afraid it’ll bite

[That was delicious~] [Now it’s Yerin’s turn] [Yerin’s scared of the swan’s aggressive tactics] [First attempt: Fail] Sorry! I’m a scaredy-cat! [A few hiccups, but still… Success!] I’m a scaredy-cat! [Blank stare] [Yum yum…] I shouldn’t pet it, right? [Now’s your chance] Do it~ It looks like it’s going to bite [The push and pull of petting and not wanting to be pet] [Quick surrender] I don’t think so. Bye~! Bye~! Have a nice life It’s been fun! [Come back with your family~!] Let’s go! [What is the Beagle sisters’ next destination?] Hi – Bled Island? – Do you go to Bled Island? – Yes – Thank you They call this a “pletna.” It’s a traditional boat There are only 23 pletna boats in the whole country Each boat is passed down to descendants and relatives of the boatmen Everyone in Europe would love to get married here Everyone in Europe would love to get married here – Wow – And here – At this island? – Yes And there are 99 stairs on the island The husband carries his wife up those 99 steps I guess I should lose some weight Are we going to? [The GFRIENDs Cast: Yerin as Jo In-sung, SinB as Go Hyun-jung] Is something funny? – Yes – 99 stairs – 99 stairs – I’d rather come back later with my husband! – You have to carry me up – I want to come here with my husband! – What are you talking about? – Hey~! This is our travel destination! I want to come with my husband! No~! I feel like my eyes are getting better [The effect of the lake?] But your love came true in Ljubljana That’s right [A Happy Ending for “Dear My GFRIEND”] I hear that most breakups happen on the first day of a trip That’s what Sowon told me [What will happen to Yerin & SinB?]