Senator Umberg: Mobile Home Resident Resource Town Hall

Four three. Greetings and

welcome to this mobile home residents resource town hall I’m Brian green with the. We providing information and answering questions for owners up and residents living in manufactured homes in California discussed how to navigate the Kobe pandemic and the housing crisis and we’ll also hear about legislation that pertains to them and how current laws Mike this system Nearly twenty two million or 7% of the U. S. households live in mobile homes and if I read the right statistics about a half million of them at least all right here in California and- those mobile home residents should be offered the same kind of protections that are provided to other California residents or homeowners. So grab your last Saturday morning Cup of coffee here and I join us as we get into this webinar with our participants all of us as is now common place virtually and subtly distance from each other for this conversation and for starters I will introduce the lead for this online discussion the honorable Tom Hubbard who is our state senator from the thirty fourth Senate district representing Orange County. And who is appropriately for this conversation a member of the California State Senate select committee on manufactured home communities and mobile home communities of course are a priority for him and he has co authored or at least supported and voted on several pieces of legislation that we will be talking about during this conversation so Robert good to see you again Sir welcome. Well thank you Brian- thank you for joining us today really appreciate. You being here with us- I also am really grateful that that we have some of the outstanding experts on mobile home residency law in manufactured housing here joining. Us today. All to. Why have. All we have Brian a gusto of. Is with the rural. Project California rural legal assistance foundation and he’s been there for quite sometime And for those of you don’t know that’s one of the outstanding organizations here in California. Fighting for affordable housing fighting for adequate- both working conditions and living conditions for many many many many Californians- Brian has played a key role. In legislation for over the last fifteen years- I looks like you’re in your office there Brian is that right is that your office. Well that’s a fake background center also face world C. I wouldn’t do that I

wouldn’t have a fake background- I’m standing right from the capital it’s about ninety degrees out here. And also we’re also really privileged to have Bruce- stand with us- Bruce and I worked together quite a bit this past year on. On legislation- later on we’ll get into some of the details legislation and a couple of the procedural challenges that we had this year- but overall we were successful. GSM well has been a wonderful partner in the capital advancing legislation For those that live in mobile home parks- much of what was done this year thank I would say. Nearly all could not have been done without G. as a wells really strong support both legally with. Bruce organizationally. Holly legislators making sure that your boy are really Legislative advocate Esperanza Ross did an excellent job this year and just really an excellent job with credibly heart- and so what what would like to do is we like to go over some of the bits of legislation in the past this year. Some of the things that we’re still working on so many issues that need to be addressed. Later on- we’re gonna talk about AB twenty seven eighty two what which was a mark Stone Bill with an assist from from our office- concerning park closure long term leases. About S. B. one one one seven- mining on utility charges- A. B. the ABC stands for assembly building SP stands for Senate bill Assembly bill twenty six ninety of the elimination of a loophole for exempting parks and spaces created after nineteen ninety from rent stabilization- that bill was actually not heard for lack of time but remains remains of great interest. Bob so without further ado let let’s go ahead and get into the meat of the program. Bob Bryan I’m gonna I’m gonna kick it over to you and then- well we’ll we’ll Move forward. Thank you. Great thank you. I think I’m- we’re we’re gonna start in this conversation is to talk a little bit- I’m calling script correctly about. Thirty eight is this my cure to do that That is well we could take it whatever order yes go ahead I’m so I think yeah I’m one important piece of legislation which is not yet. Ben mentioned by senator- Berg- that’s critical to manufactured home owners and tenants is the passage of AB thirty eighty eight. Which is a response to the crisis that many folks Facebook homeowners and renters in making the rounds in light of the economic crisis that code has presented and so- there were a number of bills moving through the legislature this year to try to address that looming crisis and the one that came out the other side it. And is now in effect because it took effect immediately is AB thirty eighty eight and it’s important for folks. To know the set of protections and it provides. So what is thirty eight. Do limits on evictions for non payment of rent related to cover bad so for homeowners who are facing the potential that they are not gonna be able to make branch the bill expands the existing notice provisions in state law that typically require only a three day notice for non payment of rent expands up to fifteen days and in that fifteen day notice. The landlord or the park owner must give you. Declaration that offers you the ability to say that you have had some kind of- impact your income or expenses related to covet and then use that decoration when she returned to the M. actually from a potentially affection for non payment- it now covers two time periods. It covers rent that was due from March First through August thirty first and if the if the park owner or landlord demands that ran in a fifteen day notice and you provide the declaration they could never evict you for not paying that rent now that red may be owed. It can be collected in a civil action but it’s not the cannot be the basis for an eviction action And in the same respect for rent that was that is due starting September first Through the end of January. Yes the- resident or tenant or homeowner gets that. Notice that fifteen day notice and provides a declaration. Andy agrees to pay or not respected

pays 25% of the rent that is due. They’re protected from infection and with the- that protection. The homeowner can pay 25% of that rant. At any time between when the it’s demanded M. January thirty first so the 25% could be paid- during any time prior to going right before January thirty first if you do so you can never be affected for that non payment but again the money could be. Sought in some other collection action or civil action so it’s important that folks know that while it protects you from infection it does not- completely erase that debt now if you get that fifteen day notice and you provide that declaration for most homeowners that is all that they need to provide. But if. They make over a certain 30% of the median income for that- county the county in which you live and then they can deliver can’t ask for some additional documentation to demonstrate that you have some kind of impacted loss of income or increase in expenses. But with that- as long as you provide some documentation for that your similarly projected so- this additional projections are on top of everything that the M. or L. already provides in terms of eviction protections M. for. Folks not living in manufactured housing communities or who are renters not subject to the M. R. L. but just state law it provides additional protections which essentially require. That’s the landlord a part owner of- stage. Because so that’s always the case under their morale but you’re not protected by the M R. L. the mobile home residency law- this law until January thirty first provides additional protections for just cause eviction so- very important set of protections- that. At Janet said homeowners should be aware of to help get us through this difficult time of coded and the impacts that people are are facing I’ll just say one more thing. We’re heading at back the center I’m that John. Come thirty first the legislature and act and advocates including organizations like G. as well are gonna need to think about how we’re going to replace- thirty eight which will expire at the end of January to provide additional protections in that regard so we’ll be back at the table talking about this in Sacramento very early next year. So center back to you Thank you Brian- Brian those of you that are. Watching and listening- brides devoted basically his entire career to Existing tenants end up in a forcible housing also thank you Brian and Brian a little bit of personal information lives in Sacramento with his two teenage children I assume you’re all All in the sconce right now during this call the period yeah having had a one point three teenage children you have my sympathy. Well thank you thanks thank you let let me turn it over to Bruce Bruce Stanton Bruce’s general counsel for G. S. M. O. L. in Bruce is I mentioned it at the outset was instrumental in legislation. During the past but well during the past bunch of years I’ve only been back in Sacramento now for. A little less than two years but certainly during my time there he’s been absolutely instrumental- his practices is nearly exclusively devoted to a representation of mobile home residents and small businesses and families so- and I’m just Making sure that you guys are paying attention because if you’re looking at the actual run of show you C. have switched up a little bit just to see if you guys were. Paying attention apparently you are so let me now turn over to Bruce thanks. Good morning senator And good morning everyone. It’s a pleasure to be here with you and senator I just want to say on behalf of G. S. M. well myself. You for many years and a loyal supporter of mobile home residents throughout California and a champion. For them in Sacramento so we thank you. That is an old one of my favorite lines from- movie went said what we owe you is beyond the valuation and I think that’s I think that’s probably true. So as general counsel GSM well I have been in the tips here the legislative tip this year was that incredibly challenging as Senate Robert knows I think there were over two thousand pieces of legislation. Drafted and submitted in January and at the end of the term we ended up

with about three hundred bills I think that. That were passed and what G. S. M. O. L. sound In mid March was that a number of bills that we had had to be Is actually completely restated and reformatted for Kobe nineteen purposes. Couple of those bills. Thanks we’ve made it through and- what I wanted to talk about today was a P twenty seven eighty two which actually was a combination of two different bills that started the legislative session Senate Romberg authored- S. B nine ninety nine. Which dealt with long term lease exemption from read stabilization and assembly member Stone was offering a Bill- that dealt with protection a mobile home residents upon conversion or closure of mobile home parks We were very fortunate I believe and our our hardworking lobbyist Esperanza Ross who just I think was burning the candle literally almost. Twenty four seven. In the summer months was able to work with as Senate around Bergen assembly member Stone and other members of the legislature to keep these two pieces of legislation allies. And they essentially were merged into one bill which is J. B. twenty seven eighty two. So what did twenty seven eighty two do. It’s actually some very significant things first of all the heart that was a survivor from assembly member Stone legislation. Provided new protections at the time that parks are closed or converted For decades we’ve had a system in California where local government protection was required in order to protect residents and mitigate the impact upon them when a park closes or converse. And the existing code in the government code said that local cities or counties may provide for these things but there was no guarantee so this legislation for the first time provides a guaranteed that in the event of a park closure or conversion If residents cannot be relocated to another mobile home space words and other comparable housing then the park owner now has an obligation to buy them out it’s fair market value and that fair market value was determined as if the park is not closing. So way that that happens according to the statute now. Is that park owners- yeah by being required to pay that are gonna have to J. term and we have to determine the value of the mobile home this being purchased and so the statute talks about now an appraisal by a state certified appraiser being prepared. To determine fair market value to calculate that last resort buyout another important provision that was added requires now that until or- a local jurisdiction who’s looking at apart closure conversion they cannot approve that. And lest they make a finding that the closure or conversion will not result in a shortage of affordable housing in the area. That’s an important findings well that we Jean de um necessary based upon some local legislator jurisdictional and- litigation that has occurred. It is very very important that before we can close a mobile home park we got to know that we’re not and negatively adversely affecting affordable housing in the area So this was a project there was de over two years in the making and we’re very gratified that we’re able to get these pieces of legislation passed. In the bill also other provisions from original SP nine ninety nine were included which is very critical because that Bill- address the issue of long term lease exemptions from local red stabilization back into the late nineteen eighties this provision was enacted in the mobile home residency law civil code section seven ninety eight point one seven. And it exempts from local rent stabilization any rental agreement or lease which exceeds twelve months and lacks the idea behind the original legislation which is sort of before my time but as I’ve always understood it was to give the parties a chance to contract out of the dispute sure the acrimony that local rent stabilization hearings Might result in however nobody really at that time I understood so what Lang some park owners would go to force people to sign these documents and in addition this does not prevent none of what seven

ninety eight point one seven provides would prevent- the park honors from week requiring that prospective purchasers new buyers sign these leases. Allen left the local red stabilization ordinance has what we call prospective purchaser protection in it that says you can’t make a buyer signed a lease when they purchase two and runs around stabilization ordinance unless that’s their new buyers are made to sign these documents thereby taking this space out of rent stabilization sometimes for many many years. So this legislation we deem to be very important to close a large loophole if you will in the Lara that has. This exemption And we’ve got we encountered all kinds. Where some in some parts. Manager we even going door to door in presenting existing residents with these leases and telling them they had to sign them. Language issues issues of unfamiliarity with law- leads is some of the most egregious tactics that we have seen so thankfully this new alarm is going to correct that. It’s not urgency legislation so it literally doesn’t take effect until January first of this coming year. But what it says is any of these long term leases leases that typically fall into the category of twelve months or longer. If they’re signed on or after February thirteenth of this year they will no longer be exempt from rent stabilization as of January first. And we backdated if you will to cover from the point in time that the legislation became known through this year so that we didn’t have our governors. Seeing this on the horizon forcing a lot of signatures of these leases. It also provides that as to any other long term leases Exceeding twelve months of legs Active January first twenty twenty five. Those will also drop out as the exemption so basically from January first twenty twenty five going forward. All rental agreements of any kind in any blanks will be no longer exempt from rent stabilization. So this was a critical Bill- that we are very gratified that we were able to still pass through the legislature even in this. Cove in nineteen ten Democrats I think that’s a- pretty fair summary of that. Substrate kick it back to you senator well thank you thank you Bruce- and just off a little bit of sort of legislative- intrigue with respect S. B. nine nine nine the problem as posed as Israel’s discuss that we’re trying to address our folks who would live in mobile home parks where their local city has that rent control or rent stabilization ordinance but sadly people who live. You know two hundred meters from stick built housing in the stick built housing is on under the protections of rent stabilization whereas mobile home park tenants were not and the purpose is to make sure that that they are treated equally- and that’s- by resolving this issue concerning long term leases- but what happened is that that still Gates form with just focusing upon local- the availing mobile home park tenants of the provisions the protections of local rent stabilization ordinances. I Bill made it through the Senate and it got to the assembly and it got to assembly housing committee- which is usually sympathetic to mobile home residents and was killed there- bothered by I’m a Democrat was killed by the Democrats- which was unusual anyway the bills. That and- because because brewers Another it was real simply members Stone. Agreed to take it and make it part of his Bill and so we use that vehicle and it may sound easy but not easy at all because it requires- the consent of. Legislative leaders in both houses the author of the committee chairs quite quite a bit of work. On it to make that happen in so there are lots of folks to thank. For allowing that’ll go through it and thank the governor for signing the bill so it as Bruce said that it’s now law as of January one- when you would mention Bruce that it’s protects folks who’d signed Long term leases going backwards to February thirteenth twenty twenty. So that if you sign the lease after February thirteenth. You should be protected if your local. City has a rent

stabilization ordinance- just as a bit of an overview for those who are watching and listening. Is it this year- was the most unusual. Your legislature probably in the last. Eighty years World War In that the covert crisis impacted everyone particularly impacted the state- we have a huge budget deficit which means that some of the things that we want to do and were formally doing it makes it more challenging to do this year and we also have a huge challenge Justin operation. And sadly as as I mentioned at the outset there were some bills that were killed not because of that they were folks voted against it because- we simply didn’t have sufficient time. To be able to pass legislation before the constitutional deadline when we’re required to two German so Let me now let me know turn it back to Bryan or Bruce if there’s anything else you would like to add if not we can we can turn to some questions that have been posed by folks here in in Orange County why is anything else you wanted to add to what’s happening in what has happened and what you anticipate happening- in the next year well thank you senator I just I just wanna know it as well as Bruce Ted- that. Tremendous leadership that center number is provided on manufactured housing issues in the- incorporation of nine nine nine and a twenty seventy two is really. Quite a feat our- and I think it’s gonna make a huge difference for Protecting homeowners when I think a lot of us are looking at that and thinking that that long sought policy change was Gonna die on the vine so Graduations very hard work on that. And I will just say I’m hoping that next year we can continue our robust of Legislative initiatives to continue to protect homeowners- coverage continues to provide those challenges so it’s great to have leadership like Robert Second one of thank thank you Brian. Bill it as was mentioned I think Bruce mentioned that that we went from twenty five hundred bills to just a few hundred bills still sounds like a lot by the end of the session- it. In theoretically we focused on covert related legislation. Of fire related legislation and housing related legislation. Obviously three of the- issues the largest issues that are confronting California. Housing will continue to remain. Big issue we have a tremendous housing shortage and manufactured housing provides one of the ways in which we do provide some affordable housing- sadly as I think many attendance note is that there is increasing pressure on the park owners- and increasing pressure on the tenants. With respect to conversion and I expect that will continue and so- as was discussed- continuing to provide protections for those who are in parks- again many many many of them seniors are when parks are attempted or are converted. It’s going to be a continuing- both focusing challenge for us so resenting else you wanna add as to what you think- what was accomplished or not accomplished in the course of last year. Yes thank you I could add a couple of things senator- we have another build that I’ll briefly mention SP Eleven seventeen this was legislation authored by senator Bill mining. And it was related to this issue that Ben developing throughout California in recent years We’re serving utilities with their- jurisdictions have been seating over the ability for local load serving entities they’re called L. as easy. To become sort of a third party in the provision of gas electric if you will. And when that happens the rates can go down Well we found that our governors even though they were getting the benefit even lower rates for gas electric provision. They were not passing that through. To the mobile home residents. This bill provides dad. The mobile home park owner must pass through any discounts. That results if one of these local L. as T. a load service entities is involved with the gas electric provision so it also closes what would be another loophole and- you know I found in my time with GSM well which goes back- with some. Great sort of likes the senator I took a few years off with another entity but out I go back to about nineteen ninety and- most of the mobile home residency law. Has banned- the products of GSM well

through the years through the decades with the lobbyists that it’s had- and that volunteer memberships- it’s one of the great accomplishments of GSM well and one of the great benefits. Of G. S. M. all membership. The other thing I want to mention. About that I think was on our agenda here briefly because it will relate to some of the questions coming along. Is the mobile home residency law protection program the M. I. L. P. T. that was the result of legislation that passed last year A. B thirty sixty six. It’s the first time after years of attempting this. That we’re seeing some way to enforce the mobile home residency law- when I do I get my interactive. M R. al. Presentations when we used to have our- regional meetings throughout the state the first question I would ask the audiences who enforces the mobile home residency law. And I will get all kinds of different answers but the real answer is look at your left and look to your right because you do it’s up to you to know your rights. Know how to enforce them and I know how to maybe go get help with the enforcement This program for the first time really provides a way for that And essentially what it amounts to is- the department of housing and community development agency D. has created a new subdivision with that it which will be- fielding complaints that are submitted by mobile home residents throughout California Regarding M. all rail mobile home residency license we’re not talking about title twenty five issues or rent stabilization issues those are handled differently. But issues coming out of the mobile home residency law complaints can be submitted H. C. D. is that the enforcer of that there’s sort of a triage if you will they’re going to be. Receiving the complaints. Gonna be. Through them adult them seeking more information from park owners if appropriate. And then for the most egregious violations that can’t otherwise do you worked out once the are going to understand what’s happening in your backs off first as Leyva listed down to work this out For those agree just violations that can’t be. They will be- farmed out to local vehicle providers throughout the state C. H. C. D. is contracting with those local legal providers. To them provide direct legal assistance to the complaining homeowner’s residence at low or no cost. So this is again the very first opportunity we’ve had to really Gaines seven four spent. Of this very important consumer protection law. The law took effect last year but really didn’t the program didn’t come online until July first. A few months ago because of the need to build up funding the park owners are billed. Now every time they renew their permits and so finding has been building up NHC David has been putting the staff together and putting the program together so it’s now up and running- about two weeks ago. There was actually an online- if dad’s- where the public was invited to make comments about the regulations emergency regulations that have now been developed. By age C. Dietz implement the program so that’s up and running and I. Just wanted to mention that as well sender. Thank you Bruce. In a couple other common. Is for those of you M. ller. If you don’t know who your assembly member is or you don’t know your center is you need to find that out today- you you need to find out who they are and where they stand on issues of concern by the way this is not necessarily partisan issue it is personally remember one of the great champions of mobile home park residents was a fellow named bill Craven. So yeah Craven a Republican representing San Diego county was. I think it’s brutal Ted he wasn’t. Great champion during his year of mobile home park residents. And so. You should you should contact them- I know- for me I always enjoyed being invited to mobile home parks to talk to folks in usually the they have a community center. It was a great opportunity for folks want to gather information for me to gather information- I also. But just as an aside I enjoyed walking door to door in home parks philosophy. One because usually the folks are very friendly and they were very interested in and needing a state legislator to let him know what was on their mind Two they were close together so they have to walk far- the I suppose it wears a badge of pride I got kicked out of a lot of mobile home parks. More than I can count- but it is the Kerry I think there’s some

legislation Brisbane. Right basically- a first amendment right to be able to contact folks. Used to keep that my back pocket so I could show folks the managers when they try to kick me out. Or did successfully on some occasions kicked me out. Anyway so it’s important it is really important for. All of us to stay engaged and to stay knowledgeable and to be knowledgeable as to where your local legislator stand on issues of concern. It again invite them invite them to come in and talk to. Your community- these are these are important issues and your voices. Need to be heard in the last point is you know make this point again a little later on is that. The only reason that Bruce and Brian Esperanza are able to actually do their jobs and be able to protect folks. Is because- you the mobile home park residents the tenants Evan power them. Even power them because legislators that the you a voice in the community and to the extent that you’re louder in the community you empower them to be able to protect you all right so I think we’re now to the question and answer portion of the program. Is that right right yes we are I do have questions have several of them actually fora for Bruce Stanton and Brian a gusto and then a handful for- senator Umberg and- I’ll throw this at you John and- obviously if some of these questions reference points that you’ve already. I think it’s still all beers worth repeating if necessary because I can also this very important topic. Very important issues so all of these questions coming from- mobile home park residents throughout Orange County the first one From a resident of the beach west mobile home park in garden Grove. In our park the land owner management if it’s mobile home. Owners from selling their house that was made in nineteen seventy and older. Does the park owner and management have the right to do so and if not working we ask for help. I can take the answer to that one the answer is essentially no the park owner cannot require that Many years ago- the law is in a state where it was called the seventeen year rule. And basically the laws set us the mobile home is more than seventeen years of age the park owner can require them to be removed from the park at the time of resale. Back when- governor Jerry Brown had dark hair we got GSM well got a bill passed which was basically called the mobile home resale addiction protection act. And it’s now found in civil code seven ninety eight point seven three part of your mobile home residency law Bible that you should always have very close by for your mobile home resident. That provides that if a mobile home is of a certain age it may be required to be removed but only S. either it doesn’t meet code it doesn’t need health and safety after appropriate inspections or is this significantly run. Down or just repair. With respect to its health and safety to two members of the public sphere to residents. And the park owner significantly has the burden of proof that in my- apart going up almost never ever can prove can meet that burden of proof I’ve only seen a few situations in my decades of doing this where the park could lawfully require the home to be removed it’s all based on the condition. Getting an inspection making sure it meets health and safety. And listen park owners want older homes out right they want him out because they want to upgrade their park and increase its value. But this protects the selling homeowner from that kind of- predatory practice if you will that’s the question asked where can we ask for help well. That’s that’s a mobile home residency law protection program issue if somebody I can’t afford. An attorney they should immediately. You know make a claim with a C. J. to see if they can get a local legal provider to help them And with the GSM well we also have an entire network of zones which John vice presidents regional managers assistance associate regional managers Many times those folks can help our members with these questions and sometimes yes and well you know we can write a demand letter we make a contact and it’s amazing. How park owners will back off as soon as they understand that the homeowner knows their rights Information is power. She Staten one quick thing that which is excellent analysis of

the just say that yes folks should definitely reach out to the Jeff small leadership for help and just and also utilize the ACT program but there may be additional resources available from a local legal aid program as well if the resident all is low income resident a qualified so you may want to consider looking for contact with your local legal aid as well to perhaps help with that. Right thank you John next question from a resident of the gable mobile home estates in Santa Ana. The landlord increases the rent from 6% 210% every year the residence as us are low income people and we get a lot of trouble in the long time. But the good nineteen pandemic how can we receive supporting support or help from local government or elected officials where can we contact who can we contact when we need help. All I start out with this win to- and I’m man Brian may have some thoughts but- this is a pretty expensive question this really asking. You know we resided at in a conservative perhaps jurisdiction that does not have rent stabilization what can we do- GSM well actually has a lot of information that can- yeah informed and hopefully assist Local M. parks chapters as we call them where we have members. With this kind of issue we have the mobile home residents who lost stabilization handbook. This is a political and a legal projects. You want to be educating local government officials about who you are why you need protection. And how to get it- there’s a lot of politics there involved there’s a lot of hard work. Organizing if residents can’t get local government to act there’s always the ballot initiative process that can be pursued. We had residents in Humboldt County a couple years ago who could not get their local government. To pull the trigger on protecting them from exorbitant rats so they got busy they work very hard. That we drafted a ballot proposition with the ordinance they put it on the ballot and they got past. Much to the chagrin of the local County Board of supervisors and now they have an ordinance we’ve already had one ranked hearing under that ordinance. That has defeated almost all of the rent increase that was requested by the park honors so- it’s gonna require hard work you got a working nice you’ve got to find. That person on the board of supervisors and the city council who can carry the flag for you could be your advocate and go from there. But there’s not enough time on this call to be able to really go through the details but if you contact Yes I’m well. We can provide a lot of information and what of our vice president David loop has. An axe power point presentation- with a lot of information about this that we can provide. That’s it. Okay we will move on to the next question does come from a resident at the ranch while ray mobile home state Huntington beach recently M. Carson noise from the city of Carson mobile home park was sold without any notice to the raiders are there any laws to notify residents in the event the land is being sold to developers. The answer- is yes. There is a section of the mobile home residency law that provides for notice. But C. it’s language does allow it is something that G. S. M. well is currently actually looking at strengthening I think it does allow. Apar Goddard’s M Glazer to fast and loose with that requirement I’m speaking in the M. R. L. loves- civil code seven ninety eight point eight zero. Which says that apart owner last within days of listing the park for sale notify the homeowners if the homeowners have pursuant to this section created an organization it doesn’t have to be a formal corporation or anything like that it could just be out. Of the not incorporated association called the residents park purchases association or whatever you wanna call it and if they notified the park owner annually we have this entity here’s president your secretary here say contact us if the park is getting you listed for sale They have to contact the residents and let them know the park is being listed and you know presumably this would allow the residents to make your organized and say Hey if you would like to provide parks you for selling. It if you would like to buy. But you see that the loop here. If the doesn’t actually. It sale the

park owner de act. Do a lot lists. And just as a private At first you know sale inquiry finding buyers privately sort of offline. They’ve literally the statute doesn’t require them to say anything so it’s all too often gonna happen that cards to get sold and residents have no clue- that it happened because it’s all sort of engineered privately offline It’s a it’s a problem that we’re well aware of in a problem that I think we want to deal with the future. We just had really quickly also I had him do that to the sort of next step for that. Particular park keep in mind that twenty seven eighty two which was talked about earlier. You know if the new owner developer intends to do something else without park The production to twenty seven eighty two and potentially local ordinances. Ordinances in Carson could provide additional protection so it’s really important to keep an eye on that and- reach out to Jeff well if you see. Indications of that but also your local council member about Temperatures apart. Okay the next question comes from a resident at the lake park mobile home estates in Santa Ana recently I learned that our park only allows one internet provider. After receiving mail from a second inter internet provider I called and spoke to the sales rep to find out that that particular internet service provider kept submitting their application to the park owners to have them be allowed to run their cables. To compete with the current provider and the park owners kept turning them down. Because of this the current internet provider monopolize is and is the only way we can get internet our mobile home parks allowed to do this. Yeah I’ll be interested in Brian’s Dustin this is well it this is a it’s a pretty unique question I have not run. A big Gaines this issue S. S. specific as it stated here. There is a case involving cable TV that says a park order cannot require Residents to pay for cable TV if they’re not gonna use it This question is a bit of a twist on that in a when is saying as well I want internet it’s not that I don’t want to use the internet but I want to get a different provider. And that’s gonna run into issues like you know hard wiring and you know cable laying and- train. Possibly trenching and so forth- in the park I think that. Clearly if the internet service being provided isn’t working it’s not sufficient and residents are being deprived of their ability to have internet Then I think that- there is a there’s a definite issue in that case. Because you know they they they are they just serve G. D. especially if they’re paying for a service they deserve to receive it. And even if it’s not being billed separately you could say well that’s part of the rack as part of what they’re paying. For part of the services that they’re getting. But if the issue is well I’d like to have the Jeff from. That you know the prices better. I’m not sure there’s any law that would allow residents to require that you do you have any thoughts on that Brian. Yeah I was puzzling over that as well and I don’t have a definitive answer I wondered if part of the answer May lie also in. Federal regulations that prohibit- sort of woman or potentially ribbon Of I’m not Holly arrangement with Parker between internet providers. Our governor but I do I don’t a solid answer that it feels like something we should. All look at fairly closely since it may. Result in homeowners paying more if there’s not an ability to. You know have a competing provider provide that service. Move on to the next question here this question from from a resident V. Westminster mobile home estates I assume the city of Westminster does the new H. C D. log housing and community development law that assigns legal aid apply to ground water problems or black mold problems roughly how long does it take to receive that aid once a complaint is filed. I can start out as well the answer is no the new- and Morrell protection program applies or pertains to Violations of the mobile home residency law. When we’re talking about groundwater issues that could be an issue that- what amounts to a violation of what we call title twenty five. Those are the regulations for mobile home parks that are enacted pursuant to a different code. Which is the health and safety code California- that’s as as one of the old C. D. and counsels- run support we stay. Mobile home residents have to be aware that there’s two basic. Parts of lots be aware of. There’s the

test and the New Testament. The Old Testament is titled twenty five. That’s what H. C. D enforces the New Testament is the mobile home residents who are that’s where the residents staff to get enforcement now with age he D. help with the new program. But so the water problems would be an Old Testament problem title twenty five issue standing water and so forth in a C. D. where what enforced that they would they could come out and inspect that violation- with the respective mold that’s a whole different issue. That’s a you know a whole different. Kettle of fish that may have some totals twenty five application but also- there’s all sorts of other. General law that would apply to that. Yeah okay moving on to the next question from my resident at the Huntington beach mobile home park the park I am residing in targeted me to get me out due to my sixty six year old home I think this is regarding updated code so they can get more space rent for a new resident and a coach can they do this. You know that’s- we had yeah right. It’s a very similar to question number one seven code seven ninety eight point seventy three would say no only under limited circumstances. All right and next question whether from a resident at the Sun K. gardens mall home park in Anaheim do you C. a B. twenty seven eighty two somebody Bill twenty seven eighty two as a path to restoring rent control rates to all homeowners in cities with R. S. rates. I would say that Twenty seven eighty two represents a pass not it’s not alone going to do that but in part is going to do that because as the long term lease exemptions go away. We’re gonna see lesson last situations where in one park you have a great disparity of rats because you had some spaces that have been leased controls for years as opposed to other spaces that have been a month to month tenancies and they’ve had the benefit of rent stabilisation So I would say it’s a pass but there are other things as well that I think need to happen including more jurisdictions enacting rent stabilization And another thing that I think we’re gonna be working on is Getting rid of or changing the a new construction exemption from red stabilization because the date of that new construction just nineteen ninety three. It’s very outdated we need to roll that date forward or perhaps even eliminated and we have legislation that was seeking to do that that was. Had to be- scrubs because of cove in nineteen but I don’t know if you have any thoughts about that Brian I’m sure you do. All right I just would say that I think. As Bruce alluded to you know the presence of those long term lease says discourages The ability of residents to fight or record ball since their space maybe exams and I think- this may give us an additional opportunity is really sad. Provokes the fight for better protections locally All right next question not from the fountain valley mobile home park resident I am a senior citizen my house is been deemed unsolvable because apart conditions what legal resources are there for us on social security who can’t afford a private lawyer. I think this is for you Brian I mean I think in. In Orange County we have a few possible- choices and one one is public law center- and you can look them up on the internet or legal aid society of Orange County both of which if they can’t provide. Direct assistance could refer you to somebody who who should be able to provide. A no cost legal assistance. To the household Okay thank you gentlemen these last few questions are directed specifically to Senate Robert Brett I’m feel free branded Bruce to join in. The conversation if you need to- the question comes from a resident at the green lantern mobile home park in Westminster. Like many other mobile homeowners are concerns about the rocketing space rent increases for example starting January first of twenty twenty one there are two senior parks in Westminster that it increased the rent up to seventeen hundred and fifty dollars a month. Plus trash and sewage for new tenants also there are other family parts experiencing the same increase The question here is after the victory of AB twenty seven eighty two as our state senator and district thirty four would you consider offering a new bill for space rent

stabilization ordinance for Orange County or for the state of California. Also in the future if you’re installing mobile home residents coalition mobilizes a rally to fight for S. R. is so. At the Orange County Board. Of supervisors would you support us. I center you have to protect yourself off me there we go. There we go thank you very much- that’s quite a question there are several aspects that. First with respect to step statewide rent control for mobile home parks Bruce may remember that there was a bill to do that nineteen ninety one that made all the way to governor Wilson’s desk. Of governor Wilson vetoed it it was hard fought- and as I mentioned senator Craven Republicans San Diego was quite helpful. That was authored by Ben assembly member on Berg. A long time ago- concerning the way ahead I think that the- way ahead- it is best to be focused on localities versus statewide there are some permutations a statewide rent control that may actually harm some communities that that have. Current rent control ordinances. But back to something I had said. Earlier the most important thing. That folks can do in terms of Limiting the park owners ability to increase rents or to be able to protect their rights it is to have a strong voice and you have a strong voice I’m going to reiterate what I said before by making sure that you’re in touch with your elected officials I mentioned members of state assemblies states Senate. We each have large districts I have a million people in my district if I’m invited to mobile home park I try to go personally but even if I can’t go- then a staff member can. It’s also important to have a relationship with your city council person. It it if you’ve got challenges in your park- in your looking around saying somebody should do something about this- it then you should do something about it. You should you should. Be in contact with your local officials- to let them know of the circumstances that. Are rising in your park we have some really agree just situations in Orange County as is. Raised by the person asking the question we have a- problem is in Anaheim with lapaz mobile home park where the rents have been increased astronomically Let me I. I see we just have a couple minutes here- let me encourage folks. It is listed in our district and in north Orange County and Long Beach to call our office- let me give you that phone number and you can find us online at seven one four five five eight 1-085-714-5583 seventy five Well contact us if you don’t know who your state legislators you can go online and find out But if you can’t do that you can call our office will put you in touch with with with the right person- that is probably the most important thing that that you can do. To make sure that you have control over your own destiny. All right Senate races that we only have a few minutes left below throw these last couple of questions that you. I’m from a resident at the carriage mobile home estates in the city of orange. What efforts are currently on the table in the state legislature to curb a mobile home park owners. Complete freedom to profiteer off of mobile home park residents. And how soon could such a measure realistically be signed into law. I think that’s- that that that is. Similar to the previous question I think that the best course of action is to focus on localities right now- versus on statewide. Rent control. How soon can that be done and that’s again up to the folks- contacting their local elected representatives and in organizing initiatives and stuff but it’s hard I realize it it it’s really really hard And that the park owners I have resources beyond those that that the tenants have- but that’s- on. That’s that’s the best answer I have for now. I think we’re gonna let me let me before we get cut off here on I want to make sure I thank the folks who. Have participated here today and I want to especially thank you Brian Greene. For being with us on this Saturday morning also on my staff Jonathan Davis who’s in our capitol office- I know that Bruce Stanton knows. Him and his work with him on. On housing was. Mobile home legislate. In the higher true guy who helped organize this call today. And as those who are watching can see we’re very blessed to have Bruce and Brian. At as advocates- incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly effective this is Abby gets on your behalf. So with with that I think a lot

Bruce did you want to say anything abroad you wanna saving before we before we sign off. I just say it’s been an honor and a privilege senator thank you very much. Thank you Thank you senator. All right I look forward to working with you again next year. That’s right all right and I just want to remind everyone who is watching that this- well this particular conversation is being archived- wherever you are watching it whether it’s on Senate Romberg’s homepage webpageowner route. You to bore- also while on Facebook live so if there’s any friends or family who you want to bring into this conversation and the cop the- valuable information that is shared here that you want them to see and hear it too. It will be archived right where you’re watching it so feel free to come back and- play again and all of this information can be discussed So John that wraps up here on the Saturday for this conversation and we thank everyone who’s been watching out for this mobile phone Present resource found all we hope it was resourceful and I’ll just say on behalf of Brian a gusto the director of the world housing project. But California rural legal assistance foundation and Bruce Stanton the council for the Golden State manufacturers homeowners league and our honorable senator Tom number your forage county Sir. Good to see all of you I thank you all for joining us I’m Brian Greene wish you all the best of luck good health and. Peace of mind the season. At you