Road Trip 2014 To Wilkes Barre, PA

some people one of the nation’s rich here coming to you in part two of today’s flow at a gas station rock station betray our road trip to PA today we’ll be driving up through the athens area 78 of commerce head up jigna and some of the highway up there toward that area we have to get off on the the highway you got to take from Virginia Pennsylvania I don’t know what it’s called there’s no interstate so my life is dreading that because can’t drive as fast on highway as you can the internet internet interstate obviously I’m so tired you guys I’ve been up I was up all night last night trying to to stay up and then sleep today because I’m going to be driving all night tonight soon as it gets dark my life some of the driving a series of good start all right so I’m stayed up all night last night trying to adjust myself and I tried to sleep today I didn’t get much do today I mean I got probably six hours of sleep somewhere around in there but the lighting thing is you know how to when you sleep you have to get like real actual legitimate deep sleep or your body doesn’t technically get rested and your your organs don’t get like rejuvenated and reprocessed and stuff why didn’t get any deep sleep so I’m kind of a zombie right now comp out of it I’m trying to fall asleep right now it’s kind of hard we got boys in the backseat but I’ll keep you posted as soon as we hit South Carolina probably start pick i’ll probably pick up I probably pick up on the video again as we progressed towards Pennsylvania so this is our road trip to wilkes-barre Pennsylvania welcome and thank you for watching wanted the nation’s rage I appreciate your interest in my channel so we’re going to start out here on this bridge we have left Georgia at this point and we’re headed into South Carolina as you can see we’re extremely pleased about that very happy even Jonah i’m very pleased at this point this footage here is enhanced so that you can see in the dark better what we’re sitting in is some construction traffic on i-85 north and north carolina courtesy of the North Carolina Department of Transportation NCDOT give these guys props they risk their lives every day by working on the interstate and they work hard to keep the roads up and maintained for all of us to travel upon a lot of traffic big 18-wheeler all in god knows what North Carolina folks it was probably I’m guessing around 8 30ish p.m. at that

point not a whole lot to interest you with okay so as you can see we’re in virginia right now and it’s totally dark you can’t really see anything so i’m going to take this minute right here to show you exactly how our route went so as you know we live in covington just here on the map so what we did is we took 81 highway 81 right here all the way up to highway 78 right here we followed 78 we got on the inner loop and Athens which is this 10 right here and we got off on 441 a u.s. route we took 441 to highway or interstate 85 we were on 85 for a long time we followed 85 until see we went through South Carolina we went through North Carolina and we went through the city here Greenville having to wait for my map to load here this is how far we went okay so that’s the lawn right there around Gaffney for South Carolina and North Carolina we continue to follow interstate 85 come on load and then we got to the city here Charlotte we jumped on 485 this portion of 485 then we jumped on interstate 77 we drove 77 all the way up all the way up past Mount Airy past this low gap come on internet load okay then we cross the Virginia state line now this is about where we are in the video and 77 that’s the interstate I was talking about in the beginning of this video it is an interstate I was I was confused that’s how tired I was when I said it wasn’t an interesting it’s an interstate it took us to interstate 81 and we continued to follow interstate 81 all the way through Virginia all the way through Virginia took about four and a half hours I’m guessing to get through Virginia I remember the city here Winchester Virginia bakerstown and then we crossed over and for a short period of time we were actually in West Virginia for a short period of time we were in Maryland I’m not seeing the state lines on this map but we actually drove through both of those states we continue to follow 81 and then it did this little curve off thing right here this is toward the end of our journey we’re almost there at this point this is when it gets really pretty in Pennsylvania it was beautiful you guys absolutely gorgeous we drove through this valley which I believe was the still the Appalachian Mountains I don’t believe they were the Poconos believe those are further east but yes we got on 81 we drove it all the way up here we drove through Hazleton and right here as you can see wilkes-barre this was our destination so we took a t1 to wilkes-barre Pennsylvania okay what you’re looking at here is interstate 81 north in Pennsylvania this is around

Harrisburg so we’re getting closer and closer to wilkes-barre at this point and you guys know about Eric frying right as the guy in Pennsylvania that’s an alleged cop killer in September he shot and killed Pennsylvania state trooper well I don’t want to talk about him I was just going to let you know we were actually in the area where all this happened very close and very close and very recent to time that these events did occur and they’re still looking for the guy apparently he’s on the run he’s a survivalist he knows how to to get by on his own in the wilderness and they still haven’t found them I read in an article that it’s costing Pennsylvania an average of 1 million dollars per week to catch this guy but anyway this is where we were we were in the area where all that’s going on not long after it happened and yeah it was just kind of it’s a little bit edgy I guess you could say but other than that this is a beautiful beautiful morning in Pennsylvania that we have you see right there I’m very excited about it doing my little dance and gosh at this point we were we had been in the car for well over 12 hours non stop driving we only stopped in probably three or four tomm just to empty your bladders and we had a meal in North Carolina and that’s about it that’s all the stops that we made with this area this stretch of interstate 81 right here goes through a valley it’s pretty too pretty long ways from the point where i showed you on the map that that i 81 curved upward in a heads north and once you head north you see a drastic change in the scenery becomes more mountainous and there are lots and lots of valleys that you drive through and you’ll be able to see it on the video coming up but they’re literally just towns on either side of the interstate that are down in valleys you can see the mountains on the outside and then you look down and you can see in the far off distance at the valleys you can see towns just different townships in the area it’s it’s very drastic scenery it’s completely different from what I’m used to seeing in Georgia totally beautiful and I just soaked it all in on the way there the whole time I was there pennsylvania’s it’s got to be in the top five beautiful states that I’ve ever visited there’s just something about it it’s unique we’ve got several different types of land out there you’ve got cities that are that are legitimate cities they have skyscrapers big buildings tons of roads tons of people and then right outside those cities you’ve got wilderness you’ve got mountains you’ve got lots of forest forest land so you got the best of both worlds there if you like being in urban environments you you can live in cities but if you like to get out of the cities you can do that as well you don’t have to go far that’s one of the valleys I’m talking about right down there there’s actually a Township down there in this area of Pennsylvania all their towns they refer to them as township’s and I believe this goes all the way back to the early 1900s and even before that when Cole was industrialized as energy you had many many many mining towns in those areas and many many stories my father-in-law

who is a native of New Jersey but actually lives in Pennsylvania now you’ll see him on the videos his whole family is from this area is he had family members that worked in the mines his grandfather worked in the mines in and around wilkes-barre in Luzerne County in that area go motorcycle guy go but anyway it’s a very interesting area there’s a lot of culture there’s tons and tons of history but any native of this area could just sit down and talk for hours and hours about stories that they got from their generations past just very interesting stories of mining towns and and all the industrial time periods in our nation since it began it’s a lot of folk folk art and just the whole folk Chandra going on in this area of Pennsylvania but unfortunately as I was saying earlier there’s a lot of crime to the the crime is pretty high in these burrows there’s a lot of stress that comes along I guess with living living in these areas the drivers aren’t very courteous they’re nothing like they are in Georgia this right here is wilkes-barre itself this is a Hanover Township in wilkes-barre wilkes-barre and we had just arrived this was my first time seeing anything like this we have a lot of towns in Georgia that have similar buildings I guess you could say but they’re not they’re not on this type of land with the hills the ups and downs it just looks different very interesting all these historical buildings and guys each one of these houses has a story you know just think about that these houses were built in the early 1900s some of them before then before then and that’s me saying we’re here but each one of these houses has a story to tell you know the old expression if these walls could talk well if they could talk imagine what they’d say all these buildings all these houses I’m I am very fascinated with history untold history in that untold history is the first mystery and this place is full of it definitely definitely one of my top choices if I could choose somewhere in America to move to and live stabili financially stable I would choose this place it is suffering financially you can tell by the condition of things that it’s not exactly one of the most maintained places and America to live but I think the beauty in the history make up for that and at the drop of a hat if I had the chance to I would go right back and and visit some more a lot of the people there were pretty friendly to me some of them were a little rude and a little cold but a lot of them were we’re still pretty friendly to me hmm at this point we offer all of us we all just wanted to get there and fall on her faces because literally that tired after driving all night long if you saw my previous blog from the day before you

heard me talking about how I had had any sleep actually I was talking about it at the beginning of this video this is the house that we stayed as my wife Christina is her parents house we pulled up she was trying to pull into the driveway but the way the roads are up there it’s not the easiest thing to do their house is on a hill on a busy road and she was trying to get into the driveway without walking the lane because people would just fly down that hill without looking or stopping or anything else and so it was pretty difficult for her to get into that job when she had to circle back around the block and try it again so this is the block that they live on it’s on a hill and surrounded by these old houses so the next shot shows my mother-in-law Kelly her first time holding baby Jonah which she was super excited about he’s nine months old and this is the first time she’s ever seen him so she was thrilled we were all thrilled for her to get to have that moment with Jonah it was really sweet and there’s some of the nicest people I’ve ever met but this is the end of the video here so I appreciate you watching you guys have a nice day you