Faculty & Staff Virtual Town Hall August 27, 2020

Good afternoon and welcome to today’s town hall meeting. We hope that you find lots of useful information in today’s meeting As we start our new academic school year our next town hall for faculty and staff will be on Friday September 4th at 11 a.m So be sure to join us then for continued updates If you have questions for today’s town hall remember to use the Q&A module denoted by the question mark icon in your team’s toolbar To submit your questions. We will begin taking questions right before the Q&A portion of today’s town hall. Due to the number of participants and questions that we receive it may not we may not be able to answer all of them The panelists do however receive a copy of all questions after the town hall and they will address them as appropriate For the latest updates surrounding coronavirus please be sure to visit our corona virus page Also i would like to remind you that today’s session is being recorded You can find this recording as well as those of our past town hall messages in a variety of locations On our corona virus page we have placed a button at the top of the page called “Presidents Virtual Town Halls” You can also go to “Youtube” and search for President Zaragoza, and view them on his channel or visit the president’s blog at, blog.csn.edu and click videos in the top menu of the page If needed you can turn on captions by selecting “cc” in your video controls in the bottom right corner of the team’s screen. To change the caption language select the “settings” icon caption subtitles then choose the desired language Along with Dr Zaragoza our panel today consists of Dr Margo Martin Vice President of Academic Affairs Mugunth Vaithylingam Chief Information Officer Dr. Clarissa Coda Vice President and Provost for the North Las Vegas Campus Dr. Sonya Pearson Vice President and Provost of the Charleston Campus Dr. Bill Dial Human Resources Officer Rolando Mosqueda Associate Vice President for Purchasing rd .Tyler Heu Associate Vice President for Financial Aid. And Carey Sedoiacek Director of Environmental Health and S.afety Now I will turn things over to Dr Federico Zaragoza Good afternoon and welcome CSN family and thank you for joining us for our first town hall meeting of the fall 2020 semester So the first order of business is to welcome the faculty members that may be joining us for the first time since the last spring semester I hope you were able to rest and re-energize because we’re going to need you at 100 percent In spite of the fact that much has happened since the end of the spring semester In many ways the fall 2020 semester looks much like our spring term. The vast majority of our courses 90 percent are online. The remaining 10 percent of our courses are CTE and lab intensive courses that are being delivered in a strict COVID 19 environment that for the most part includes mandatory face masks, social distancing, sanitation protocol that includes deep cleaning and rarely available sanitation stations throughout the campus So for those of us that have been able to walk around the campus it looks different, it feels different and it is different Much of our student affairs and academic support infrastructure remains remote with limited on-campus activities. So today if you have any questions about hours, if you have questions about how the services will be delivered, this is the time to do the Q&A The vast majority of our campus services are also delivered in a COVID19 safe environment. That continues to be our top priority and our top objective. That is to make sure they provide a safe environment for our students faculty and staff. So I’d like to just provide you with a couple of points of information and then we’ll go to our panel uh who will be in a position to answer your

questions but let me just kind of give you a sense of where we are a quick update on enrollment We’re approximately 13 percent down in enrollment compared to last year However we’re still enrolling apprenticeship and dual enrollment students, and we’re planning for a late term late fall term to launch several accelerated workforce programs targeted for the unemployed and displaced population So by the end of the fall semester we’re hoping to at least be flat compared to a last academic year but it’s going to take all our efforts to get there And secondly through our budget reduction reduction task force we have successfully navigated and addressed the approximately 24.5 million dollar budget reduction cuts without a single layoff In fact we’re planning our special town hall meeting next week to focus primarily on the budget. So again a lot of information to share with you but at this point we’re going to basically refer to our panel of experts and we’re going to have Bill give you that first tier of information on our return back to campus So Bill it’s all yours. Thank you Dr Zaragoza and welcome back to a new school year. How exciting and so today I want to take just a few moments to introduce a framework that we’ve created in human resources as we have a possible return to campus, notices ad hoc campus notices and something that we may use going forward due to the virtual environment and the changing work environment which we function I want to remind everyone that those positions that should remain virtual will remain virtual but we wanted to give both supervisors and employees a work schedule matrix that possibly they could use. And so we have termed those work schedules an o a t an x a y and a z. And I’ll go through those briefly Please feel free to reach out to me or ask questions on the town hall today but an okay an old schedule is in on campus schedule where an employee works their regular schedule on campus much like they would have pre pandemic A t schedule is a telecommuting schedule where most of our employees are working now as it relates to telecommuting Working in a virtual environment And then an x schedule a y schedule and a z schedule you could see as a framework that employees and supervisors can work together so that if there is an ad hoc return to campus or regular return to campus type of, or i’m sorry type of schedule Perhaps we could utilize these schedules Again this is a framework that is usual being used to assist supervisors and employees in return to campus again either on an ad hoc basis. And so should you have more questions regarding that please let me know. You saw on the the previous slide there was a work schedule template that human resources will be posting on our website That supervisors and employees can work together to schedule their time using color coding so again to make sure that we are respecting capacities within buildings, but also supporting workflows and and students. And so again much of this lends itself to if there is a regular return to campus notice or an ad hoc return to campus notice Finally I want to touch very briefly on a dieter update Many of you probably have heard perhaps in the news or in the newspaper that there have been unemployment claims filed fraudulently across the state Not just at CSN. We have been receiving those in HR as well here at CSN. But I want to reassure everyone that our salary administration team has an internal business practice that we verify and then we notify employees immediately should there have be questions and then HR and OTS are collaborating to ensure that we have safe confidential systems and work day But then also give very specific and prescriptive plans to our employees of what to do should an unemployment claim be filed that was fraudulent. And so should you have questions on that feel free to reach out to CSN HR to Daniel Gutierrez or Iris Melendez on our salary administration team and we’ll be happy to answer our questions But I just want to reassure our CSN family that we are addressing this we have internal business practices within our department to ensure that the the privacy of our employees and their information is protected. And so

I appreciate your time on this and so I will turn it over next to our next panel member and thank you for your time Good afternoon everybody. This is Carey Sediacek from environmental health and safety and from the facilities team we just wanted to wish everybody a great fall semester. And I just wanted to touch on a few things that we’ve been doing in preparation for those that returned on campus for fall. So we’ve placed a COVID 19 signage and social distancing cues throughout the campuses in all of our building locations So you’ll see signage such as face masks required on the doors at the entrances We’ve got floor markers to ensure people are spaced 6 feet 6 feet apart in areas where we may cue up or where a line may form We’ve got signage to remind people how to prevent the spread of COVID 19 like hand washing and respiratory etiquette. And then you’ll also see just some general social distancing reminders like stay six feet apart, one person per bench, two people per elevator. Things like that And if you’ve been on campus you’ll notice that we’ve either removed moved or rearranged furniture in order to promote social distancing in spaces that are being utilized during the fall We’ve also installed plexiglas screens at our information desks, our high traffic student service areas, our main computer labs, at the coffee bars and also at our student government desks And really since March we’ve increased our cleaning and disinfection protocols We clean our high touch areas such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, handles restrooms multiple times daily And we also have placed 90 purell hand sanitizing stations throughout our facilities You’ll see those mainly at our our entrance points We’ve conducted an initial delivery of PPE to over 445 locations so classroom laboratories and some office spaces So depending on what operations are going on in the spaces we’ve delivered the corresponding items such as disposable paper, masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes or cleaning solutions or gloves in some areas And then we’ve really worked with human resources to have our self health assessment process in place. And just a friendly reminder that the CSN mobile safety app is a great tool if you download that you can pull that up and go through the screening questions very quickly and do that at home before you come to a campus location We’ve also have our campus return to campus safety training. And we also have issued safety protocols to our in-person laboratory instructions. So the areas where we have students moving about a lab or working with equipment or even working with each other and some of like our health science programs We’ve written specific safety protocols for them to follow while on campus And then lastly we have our COVID 19 response protocols in place. So if we have a positive case on campus or an exposure situation we have a protocol in place to respond to that. And then again as another reminder wellness.csn.edu is really the starting point for that. So if you have had an exposure, are experiencing symptoms or have undergone testing, please use that portal. It’s confidential and both human resources and myself we work individually case by case to advise that person that student or employee on the next steps and we work through the notification processes as well. So that’s just some of the things that the facilities team has been working on for the summer in preparation for our fall return. And with that I’ll turn it over to Rolando Carey thank you so much. We are open for business in the student unions with food services. Wo we’re excited about that for the fall 2020 semester. Currently we are operating food services from the Starbucks proudly served locations at each student union on three main campuses At this time the cafes are not open, but we’ll assess that if there’s a need and we have the demand to to open the cafes. We’re looking forward to the day when when we can do that again. Because health and safety is our number one priority for our faculty our staff and our students, the operation the food operation within the student unions is completely compliant with CDC guidelines and the standards set forth by the Southern Nevada Health District. So all of our fact all of our food is being pre-packaged. We also are very excited to introduce boost this semester and boost is a a mobile app ordering system that allows our faculty staff and students to see the entire menu on an app and then to order that food and pick it up at their convenience So we’re extremely excited about that and our menu offering is fairly robust and responsive And we will have hot food offerings available on at the Starbucks Proudly Serves and we’re operating to 1 pm so we’re

trying to recognize and be cognizant of that need to have have food throughout the day On the next slide we’ll discuss bookstores at the at the CSN campuses. There are three main ways to access learning materials and textbooks at the CSN bookstores One is online ordering and home delivery The next is the curbside service that we’ve implemented is a touchless contactless process that has received a great response. And then finally the stores remain open until four pm. And we’ve had a lot of students taking advantage of those extended store hours So please relay to your students and our faculty that that the bookstore is there to continue to provide excellent service. And again safety measures and health and safety are our priority So we are recognizing social distancing limiting occupancy and ensuring that our bookstore staff is taking precautions wearing masks and gloves And lastly on the last slide our repro graphics and printing service is open And what I want to share with our our campus community is that it’s a very cost conscious way to to fulfill your printing requirements Not just the posters and large format printing, but also your daily printing that you may have whether it be black and white crawler or color printing No job is too small. So we welcome the opportunity to earn your business and to provide an excellent product to you What’s not on the slide is we provide content development whether it be printing, creative design, and also for the online and electronic content We will provide that service work with you to ensure that we’re creating something that is meet your requirements and is available for our students and faculty within 24 hours So those are just some of the services that the college continues to provide for our faculty and staff and students And we look forward to seeing you at the bookstore in the food services areas or in the printing services. Thank you so much So hello everyone this is Sonya Pearson Provost for the Charleston Campus I’ll be joined by Clarissa Coda Provost for North Las Vegas And one of the things we wanted to do to piggyback on comments from Dr Zaragoza is to really emphasize the two environments that we’ve been trying to support with services both, virtually and on the ground The list that you see in front of you provides a very comprehensive view of all of the support services that we have aligned with our academic instruction. As you continue to move through this semester I wanted to remind you all that we update the COVID 19 webpage almost weekly. So I would encourage you to please check that site to make sure that we are providing the services that you need be it on the ground or virtually. And also use our feedback link that is available for you all to make sure that we have timely information regarding what’s not working That’s so critical at this point in time that we’re fully aware of what’s working and what’s not working So I wanted to send out a great level of thank you to all of the departments that are on this list right now working on your behalf to support your students in the classroom But also to support you to make sure that they are successful in the classroom. So I’m gonna turn it over to Clarissa who’s gonna provide a bit more detail for you Thank you Sonya. So the first thing I’m going to be going over is a little bit about the student union And as you can see we do have our campus life being able to staff the student unions. They’re open from 7 a.m to 3 And then as Rolando had referenced the coffee bar is providing services from 7:30 am to 1 p.m and so that’s on all of the campuses The Counseling and Retention Services that you typically will find in that suite 127 on each of our campuses, they will have live counselors available But their availability and in-person appointments need to be made ahead of time by students. And the multicultural center is primarily functioning virtually right now But they have a tentative programming scheduled for September 2nd and 7th And then the Coyote Cupboard is available but by appointment And so that’s going to be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

9 to 3 but the appointments have to be made by noon on Monday. So that service that’s so essential for our students is available but they can their students can come in secure a grab-and-go bag but they need to be making an appointment by noon on Monday So we provided you some some emails at the bottom there. Please contact our campus life representatives on each of our three campuses if you want to find out more about our services. So again I really would like to start you know be checking the COVID 19 page. That is what we are maintaining And please provide us your feedback I mean our number one is knowing how we’re providing our services and our campuses and making sure that they’re readied for our students our staff and our faculty So thank you so much for everyone to get us to this week where we finally launched the fall semester. And with that I think we’re opening up for questions now to you? Thank you Dr. Zaragoza, yes our question and answer section is now live and our first question is; Students in my class have not been able to get a book from our bookstore Did they underestimate the need this semester? My apologies, so all all titles are currently in the bookstores. We’ve had some delays in prepping the orders, especially with regards to curbside. But we were able to turn a corner today. So I will work with the faculty member to submit that question to ensure that I verify that their students have their books in hand by the end of the week. So again thank you for the question Our next question. We have been told that the adjunct pay rate has changed If this is true, when will we receive notification of this change? Really what I can do on that is let me please or I’m sorry Margo are we going to jump in on that? I’m sorry. No I the adjunct rate has changed and I’m really very pleased to report that In terms of a formal communication I I expected that might come from HR. But we have moved from $875 per credit or IY to $925 And as you may have noted in the last couple of years CSN has really made a concerted effort, we’ve gone up fifty dollars over the last two years to try to get us closer in alignment with our sister NSHE institutions Bill do you have some input in terms of how that will be more formally communicated? I’ll make sure we can get out of formal communication if not tomorrow then early next week Thanks Bill Are our electronic access cards currently active? I can answer that for facilities They are active and building access is set based on the schedule for the classes on ground. And if you need access during an off time or need ad hoc access to please use the normal request through your your leadership into the provost office What’s the latest update on the Health Sciences building at the Henderson Campus? Is it still scheduled to open in fall of 2021? can answer that again for facilities It is on time and construction’s on time and it will open fall 2021. Carey I would add it’s on time and on budget That’s right very important I am a Committee Chair for someone applying for tenure We have set up a canvas course shell, but aren’t sure from what’s in the shell, what information to include or where to place the materials that ordinarily go into physical binders. Also, we see where to drag and drop the application but can’t find the application itself I know it’s early days but would really appreciate any information that you can provide So I will take a stab at it. I have not been directly involved with the development of the canvas core shell, but I do know

that Maria Shellhace, our faculty senate chair, has been actively engaged and in fact recommended in this new environment that we go ahead and set up, get away from the giant binder, and move toward a digital process And canvas is really an ideal platform for that. I’ll tell you what we’ll do, is we’ll make sure that we get a little more detailed information about that. I know that the faculty senate is has got that on their agenda for their first meeting as well. But let’s see if we can get a little bit more detail out to the faculty for those of you that I know are putting forward your portfolios. It’s a really important milestone. Thanks for the question UNLV had a student test positive with COVID 19 this week. Is there a limit to how many cases occur before additional action is taken for a campus? If there is a positive case do areas become closed for a certain amount of time? So if we have a positive case on campus we would activate our tip our normal protocol for that. So there isn’t a threshold of a number of cases before we take action We take action on every case. And that does include, depending on the situation, closing down an area for a period of time and then making sure it’s deep cleaned When can the instructor remove their mask in the classroom with students if they can maintain a six foot social distancing? So the face covering is actually a mandate from the governor and we have to wear it at all times inside the building and around other people. It’s unfortunately not a substitute for social distancing. So no matter what the distances we have to keep our face coverings on Can we implement a smoking ban on campus like UNLV has? So Bill you want to give that a try? I know we’ve been discussing that so I think that’s probably a process that we want to go through our shared governance model. There are many affected parties on that and I have been involved with at least a couple other institutions where we have instant instituted smoking bans. But it is a process and really the first step in that is to garner feedback again from from employees across the campus and students and what that may look like And then how would that policy be written and then subsequently complied with And so I know there’s been some conversation regarding that and I think if it’s something that we wanted to move forward with we’d want to hear from our different constituencies and and the interest of that and then move forward What is the process of getting laptops for students? As it seems like this information has not been shared with students, staff or instructors I can start and I guess Dr. Martin will jump in So as I’ve been talking we have extremely very very limited laptops and we really wanted to give it to students who are really in need So the way it was done, I think we have communicated a couple of times to all instructors a couple of times right now. I’m happy to send that once more one one one more time is that the fact you need to re students need to reach out to faculties and faculties have the link So to the students so they can submit and they can get it because if i open that and you’re going to get 30 000 devices and I don’t have that. So we’re trying to give as much as possible to help students really in need for laptops and hotspots Dr. Margot Martin as well. Mugunth thank you so much and I’d like to remind everybody as well that you probably received an internal survey asking about your own technology needs. And so if you haven’t completed that survey, shameless plug, please complete that survey so that we have an idea of of what our faculty and staff need in terms of technology as we work

in this this unusual way What is the update on the possible early retirement package? Yes and so the subcommittee or the committee I was working with presented to the budget reduction task force last week and presented models. And so at this point we have been given the green light to begin further exploration of the voluntary retirement incentive program With a deadline date of December 1st to report back to the budget reduction task force committee So I will be reaching out to again key constituencies and stakeholders to move forward with that process. So you will be hearing more from human resources on that very soon How is information about available student services disseminated to students. The websites state that the bookstore is closed. The email communication students are receiving regarding order confirmations indicates curbside pickup is available ten to four But no word on the adjusted schedule of eight to four So the website for the bookstore was updated last week indicating the store hours as I shared with our campus community just a few short minutes to go. But I will double check and verify that there’s no legacy websites that are relaying false information. But thank you question. But again our websites are are accurate at this time And regarding the the curbside pickup starting at 8 a.m Guiltiest charges on that one. The intent was to be to operate curbside at the bookstore from 10 to 4 but we recognized a very heavy demand starting on Monday morning and that was an ad hoc adjustment in order to service our students. So I apologize for not communicating that out adequately beginning it was a it was a last minute change to service because we recognized the very heavy need on the beginning of the semester Can the tenure process be done online completely now and the binder being all online? So that is absolutely the goal is to move away from the paper binder and to move into a digital platform using the canvas course shell as a means of doing that. And again it’s it’s a new process for us and it’s still being finalized. But yes we are moving toward a digital submission and I expect that this will be a new day moving forward and I think that people are going to like this new approach Our department staff were told to start using CSN computers instead of our own laptops Right now CSN told me that they are out of monitors. Is there an expected date at which more remote equipment will arrive for faculty and staff? You’re right. Thank you for that question. You should be you’re trying to use as much CSN devices as possible Because one of the things we’re trying to do is trying to give the monitors that you have in your office try to rather than getting your brand new device monitors if possible We also trying to get some of the monitors from the labs as well Giving the social distance in between the monitors are not used We want to use that rather than buying new monitors especially especially with high demand it’s very very difficult to get any technology right now. So we’re trying to use whatever is possible. So I would rework with our help desk you can put a ticket to help desk and then we will coordinate and help you out to get a monitor Who is in charge of compliance for masks? Security has stated that they are not the mask police? So I’ll jump in a little bit on that and I think we’ve discussed this in previous town halls and it’s again a collective effort on all of our behalf to self-monitor and then help monitor our fellow employees and students as they’re on campus And so it’s a collective effort and then I think as we’ve stated before and in some of the the town halls and some of the training sessions that HR has put on You know it’s always a good idea then if there are those individuals that are not compliant that at that point it would become a student code conductive issue or an employee conduct issue. And

the supervisor at that point and then the faculty member and student affairs And so as we look at that I think that’s how we do it. However the evidence that’s in so far is that we haven’t had very many incidents at all where individuals are not wearing masks. So I think we’re doing a very good job with that. And I think our our students employees are doing a great job of adhering to the regulations as put forth by the governor Can the tenure application deadline be pushed back a bit for this year? Well the tenure timelines are actually established in policy and again this is something that the the faculty senate is going to be taking up at their at their first meeting So that’s certainly something that we could discuss with Maria Shellhace the Faculty Senate Chair As a possibility. I know that the timelines tend to be pretty tight so that everybody can get a hold of of the materials in a timely manner and move it through the process But you know we could certainly we could certainly approach faculty senate about that That could be possibly part of their their resolution along with moving to a digital platform in canvas We know that people are not working in some offices and others cannot work at home due to confidentiality issues. But students are having problems with Financial Aid When will the Financial Aid census be? Thank you for that question. Let me see if I can try to answer that So right now in terms of for Financial Aid, we are certainly processing as many applications as possible Right now we’ve already started disbursing aid to students so that started last week, beginning August 17th In regards to the census date that is set in policies for CSN. The census date is August 30th at 9:00 pm. So that one is set and we aren’t able to change it because that’s already in the catalogs So students will have to make sure that they’re enrolled in full credits in order to receive the most eligible aid that they’re eligible for So I think that you know for instance if there’s any kind of issues that students are facing they can certainly reach out to our office we can talk to them in regards to what we can do in our office and depending on the situation work with them regarding that It may be too late to change but, with the students first motto would CSN consider extending the tuition refund date for classes that already started an additional week? Since this is a novel semester under novel circumstances? The muteness is killing us and this would, so we’ve taken an approach in terms of being empathetic to our students wherever possible So with within the confines of policy there are areas where they can petition you know for us to reconsider things like extending payments and other arrangements to be made So I would say it’s still an individual scenario where we need to contact our student services arm or our Financial Aids team and see what options we can develop for that student. But if the need is there please let us know I mean we certainly want to be able to be flexible to address again student first priorities Do you have to wear a mask in your own office even if you’re all the only person in the office? That’s a good question and thank you for reminding me. When I mentioned earlier it’s a governor’s mandate that we wear face covering That’s when we’re moving throughout the buildings when we’re in the classroom we’re working around other people But if you are working in a private office, you can take your mask off. And also if you you know sit down to have a meal break eat your lunch you can you obviously take your mask off. And I just wanted to mention there was a previous question about how do we direct a student who may show up on campus without a mask? And we’ve placed extra disposable paper masks at our information desks, at our student first desks, at the student government desks and if they’re like cashiers they’re open they have extra masks So you can always direct a student to one of these areas And we’ve also placed them in every single scheduled classroom and lab. So if the student makes it all the way into the building and to their destination point there should be a mask available in each classroom space as well How can people involved in athletic activities such as

dance and sports be expected to wear their masks? Lack of oxygen is also a dangerous situation As far as I know we don’t have any athletic or any type of those activities on campus at this time and if i’m wrong please chime in. But typically it’s not it’s not i’m required to be worn during working out So if we need to look at a situation or if we have a an area we need to to evaluate, you can reach out to me So to clarify Carey. Thanks a lot To clarify we don’t offer any dance classes this fall so we don’t have to worry about that. But we did bring our student athletes back this fall. The season all the sports seasons have been pushed into the spring semester but we still have athletes who are practicing. We have athletes who are taking their PE classes for training and our director of athletics and the coaches have done an extended extensive plan and protocol for making sure that we’re keeping our students and our staff safe and following all of those guidelines. We’re also working with the NJCAA, which is the governing body that that determines policy and protocol for sports at junior and community colleges So we do have athletes who are participating in practice. But we’ve got protocols in place to make sure that they’re staying safe. Thanks for caring about that Are personal desktop computers being removed from offices when people are working remotely? I assume when you say personal computers you’re talking about desktop office computers. No we’re not we haven’t removed anything at all it’s still in the office. However we’re trying to make sure that everybody has one device as possible If you have multiple devices we’re trying to get it back. So other than that, no we haven’t removed any desktop from your offices. When will first time in college students receive their new laptops as announced by the CIO during his keynote? Yeah awesome so this is something we are extremely extremely passionate excited about this for the first time full-time students Again so as I talked about the demand we are working on it. We should be getting in another week or the week or two the max because of the supply chain and their setup is coming. So once we’re done then we’re going to have the whole announcement to students. We have the list of students who will be receiving it And we’ll make sure we’ll make an appointment with everyone and we’ll give it to them and we’ll work on it Thank you for that question spread the word Are we permitted to substitute a plastic face shield in lieu of a face mask? The governor’s directive specifically states face covering like a face mask, the face mask isn’t as protective a face covering is tight fitting to the face and and holds in the respiratory droplets The only exception to this would be if you have a medical condition and you need an exception to wear a face covering Please work through HR and a face shield could be a possible approved substitution for face covering Could you please tell us where we can find the slides you showed in the beginning of the meeting that show hours of operations and the services that are open on campus right now, or can we get them emailed? We’ll definitely communicate that to everyone and in fact as Brian started the thing all the slides are most all informations on the CORONA VIRUS website President’s town hall video blogs and every place But we would definitely send you an attachment with a lot of information as much as possible Thank you I have submitted the form request for a monitor to work from home but didn’t get any response yet. Do you know how long it takes for OTS to contact me? Depends on when you request it there

are hundreds of requests the team’s working on as much as possible over the weekend Also from the beginning of the semester getting prepared and stuff. So if I can send me an email when was the last you requested if there’s a ticket number I can definitely follow up. UNLV has confirmed COVID 19 cases listed on its website CSN’s website lists just 20 confirmed cases considering our larger size to what do we attribute this tremendous success in controlling COVID on our campuses? Well we can’t quite speak to ULV’S cases they list on their website because i’m not sure what’s behind that data whether it’s on campus or off But I do know that we have put the health and safety first and foremost in everything we’ve we’ve planned over the last six months and we have a protocol in place to to do the best we can to prevent the transmission on our campuses and also protocols in place to respond when we do have a case so that we minim minimize further spread and exposure Yeah Carey I also want to kind of recognize the the support and kind of the behavior of each one of us at CSN The CSN family have been very compliant with the COVID 19 protocol And that has only helped to create a safe environment. So give ourselves a pat in the back on that one Another tenure binder question. I have already prepared a complete pdf with links and supporting documents for submission this fall The canvas shell is just one option, correct? So I think that the intent is for the canvas shell to be the platform by which those tenure proposals will be put forward But I you know I wouldn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. So let’s get the final recommendations from the senate in terms of policy and I think that that will drive the direction for how the tenure notebooks can be delivered. I think at the end of the day what we’re really striving for is to create as as easy and as streamlined a process for faculty to be able to submit their their amazing. Work so that it can be considered by the various committees and individuals that need to take a look at that. So let’s stay tuned and check in with the faculty senate after that meeting that’s coming up I believe next friday When can we start setting up the canvas shells for tenure folder? My understanding again I haven’t been directly involved but my understanding is that that shell has been built. I don’t know that it’s finalized But but we’re working with the senate because it does involve a little bit of change in policy or at least a resolution to to make the shift from the the former approach into this new approach Stay tuned A follow-up to our previous question. How would vpns work without a desktop I guess you’re talking about remote desktop rather than vpn. vpn you don’t need a desktop to connect vpn and also most of our applications are cloud-based and you should have access through go CSN and stuff. So if you’re remoting into remote desktop I would strongly recommend don’t do it Try to find out what you need on most of things on the cloud as much as possible And I also see that some of you are done and even this question says anonymous. If you can mention a name I could definitely follow up and see what’s the problem because that’s if you do anonymous very difficult for us to follow up in case if you have to do it I appreciate that, thank you I’m seeing dozens of communication 101 students in video conferences who don’t have pc mics or webcams. Are there any free or low cost solutions? We did get we should be getting again as i told you earlier the shipments are very late so we did get some couple of mics and cameras for the classrooms. So we’ll definitely make trying to work the teams we’re trying to get it as much as possible and try to implement on a lot of the classes as possible And as far as if they wanted to have low cost for personal use we will definitely try to work with some other partners and see if

there’s a way they can help you out personal use But however there is something you need for to work related for faculty or staff we will definitely help them as much as possible whatever we can get it If we do see someone on campus without a mask and security or police is not around, do we as an employee take the initiative to address it with that individual? So Bill if I can answer that since I was on campus for the first week of school and at Charleston we we did have a student who was on campus who did not have a masK What I would suggest going back to what Dr. Zaragoza said, is that this is a community effort and it doesn’t have to be confrontational Simply remind the individual that mask required on campus. If they are not compliant and share with the public or the university police Our employees will work within their scope. If that person doesn’t comply then please contact one of the campus administrators and we will follow up at that point in time and intervene appropriately. University Police has been very prompt in situations where we’ve exhausted those low level of support and information to students so don’t feel as though you need to overstep any boundaries just provide general information. So I appreciate that question Do we have a target date for when employees are going to come back to campus? Well Dr. Zaragoza maybe you and I can tag team this. So as we’ve said this is an ever-changing environment And I’m assuming this is a return to normal for for all employees and the campus reopening There’s not a set date right now but again we continue to be informed by the data working with NSHE and so I not aware that there’s a hard firm date but we do look forward to when that day comes Are there signs all around the entryways to remind people to wear masks? I can i can take that question. So having been on campus I really want to commend the fact the facilities team, Carey’s, team if you come to campus you’re going to see signage from the time that you enter start walking up to campus they’ll be the doors are posted, there are posters in the entryways, there are flyers on the bulletin boards as well as the hallways and I think Carey did a great job of explaining how much they’ve been able to disperse the ppe and the masks to make it easy and accessible I remember a couple weeks ago or a week ago you know faculty were slowly trickling in or ad hoc they would be on campus and they were requesting more sanitation statements because they just didn’t see them But I can tell you that facilities has been quick to respond and has now been putting these sanitation stations so it’s very accessible when someone comes into one of these these buildings. So it’s there and if you haven’t been to campus and those that have have seen kind of this new look and feel for the campus Thank you Clarissa. So there’s been a challenge with Dr. Z’s computer so but so he he’s back so I’m gonna go ahead and hand it back to him Brian thank you for doing such a good job about keeping us going and once in a while we have technical glitches as i’m sure everybody in and this audience can understand But again let me thank you for participating in our weekly town halls We think this is a format that works, so we’re going to stick to it and next week we’re going to be focusing primarily on budget related questions And we want to make sure you’ve got the latest on the budget and again any other questions related to the beginning of semester But but today the I hope you got a lot of information that’s going to serve you well as we begin the fall 2020 semester Welcome back again we hope you’re re-energized and ready for an amazing fall semester so we’ll see you next week god bless stay safe and we miss you