Edson & Mountain Road Trip

can I fit in every one they read everything yeah good morning Oh Marnie yeah 947 anyway Jack we had a road trip to visit some friends just for the weekend so stay tuned to come along with us so on me this is a long weekend so stay tuned to come along with it well we made it to our destination being dirty it up my window made it to our destination to our friends who are in front of us we were supposed to be heading on to the lake they’re going to take us to check out a lake and head on to the lake for a bit on a tiny tiny vote that they have that’s a nice house there’s an excerpt so bingo but it’s raining right now so we don’t know if we’re gonna get on the water or not because of the kind of weather it is i guess i’ll just have to wait and see yeah we’re gonna take the boat on left just flip the boat over yeah that’s a Jenny said flip the boat over on land and and fishers you Jack say it stay on land and fishing on just get cast into the trees which will be representing weeds you know there comes a bite you in the ass so anyways we’ve made it like I say we made it to our destination there in front of us there they got there both small and tiny tiny boat with the electric motor in the back you know that’s the way to go you know you really want no it’s really raining if you really want to get down with nature man you don’t want to be these big hi fancy boats and whatnot it’s just no fun what can I say anyways that’s what we’re doing at the moment and we got to go and hook into our hotel room later on in a day so you’ll see that there yeah we got about three hours before we can check in anyways we’re still off I’m gone and they’re breaking a vet yet so anyways we are not oh I got to keep that wet anyways we’re not going on the water i know i’m not looking free Deeks i’m so close because it is raining and the water is no too choppy but yeah i’m gonna put this cheap on GPS coordinate so that if we’re ever out yeah you know or if you’re out we want to meet you here or something yeah it’s beautiful this is a beautiful way it’s really big oh yeah that’s nice it is larger than thought that is an island out there it comes out Bose add this isn’t where you guys camp was it we are rained out of that one so we’re not going onto the water you guys just got to show you a brief amount of the lake because it’s raining hard enough depth cameras getting wet so kidding but we went to the campsite that there that’s there in man place is packed it’s a long weekend here in Alberta it’s a Heritage Day on Monday oh here comes another another camper coming along so anyways I haven’t got a clue what we’re doing I know tomorrow we’re heading to a mining town to an old mining town I think that’s our there’s an old mining town in the mountains or close to the mountains anyways so that’s what we’re gonna be doing tomorrow whether arranged or not that’s what we’re gonna be doing for that so what is the only one o’clock yeah I haven’t got to Lord doing then we can’t check into our hotel tell free so on tell then who knows Nick your knuckles oh yeah continental breakfast tomorrow anyways here is our room for the evening bathroom too late that’s all a very nice miss the light Larry me i miss the light

ah and in this light yeah you did it’s over there let’s get up almost tripped over myself okay in our room just a basic room as usual nothing fancy long as it keeps us warm all our junk outside there’s our car that’s that so anyways that is our little tour of the room which is just a basic room as everybody knows and Jenny’s already trying to get comfortable no but we’re in for the evening I don’t know what the steak fry was some stuff we did not video because things didn’t turn out right we had a lot of rain today and whatnot but we did go to a place called gold dust peers Goldust so it had a hoe and have a bunch of functions goin on but yeah it was raining and what not so good video too much but we’re planning a probably a good three to four hour tour tomorrow Oh spanning a couple of towns a mining community so hopefully the weather will hold out so we can get some decent footage if not it’s gonna be sucky you all just take pictures no I’ll just take pictures like I’ve been doing anyways you guys have a good night we’re gonna hit the hay and this video will continue tomorrow so I’ll talk to you guys later bye okay we made it into the next day and we are arming good morning we’re the next day and we are on another road trip I think what we’re going to be doing is going to visit like I said yesterday a kind of an old mining town another town we’re going to be doing a big circle it’s gonna take several hours Khattak Adam Academy Kadim in 97 colossal drops first if we go through that ya know so anyways we’re doing a road trip I heading towards the mountains some towns I’m not sure what we’re all doing but we’re doing it let me for some animals and I see my dear yesterday yeah we got some more bloody rain again so we were kind of rained out yesterday at the lake so we couldn’t go on to the water and you think or do any fishing or anything because of that there’s our company that’s taking us he’s the other ahead of us and we’re just gonna start travel along so hopefully we get some good sites that I can stick on camera and what Jenny likes your animals cuz she’s part animal herself yeah that’s what we’re doing and we’re fogging up I’ve seen a deer yesterday what do you need to know there we go there we go we’ve got some gas going let it all it’s gonna be a big trip I think this round of boat trips gonna be longer than as if we went home yeah I think we’re making a big circle the way that they told us and everyone know mind and then we’re going to condemn your mind of a mine you’re mine I had a wonderful sleep last night no kitty oh my head no kitty on her head no cats no dog is bugging us she got to sleep I didn’t i stayed up till two in the morning watchin TV I thought I got a guy in and i got up at six in the morning I didn’t even feel you getting with the bed well you know the bed was pretty I can move around on my side that didn’t affect the other side that’s been so you slept pretty solid but we’re continuing on well we’re long ways away from the mountains but it’s way out there I know I’m traveling oh they’re stopping so that I can this must be the point they want to stop so that they want to stop so that I can get a shot of the mountains from a distance of course Hey yes please weigh in a distance that’s where we’re going way out there it’s a long ways away sorry for the wind but this is something we found along the way hey right now we’re on what looks like I think this is a logging road I think so speed finds double yeah this is I’ve never been enough Alicia oh yeah look at that that’s pretty cool oh shoot i think though you can’t go here no more how do you get to countermand then I don’t know or that I’ll find out sorry for swearing everybody I don’t know if they’re gonna turn us around or what

they’re doing guess we’ll find out in a minute I figured out to keep filming and see what’s going on they took out from the road oh good we are miles away from nowhere anywhere thumbs okay hopefully we can get through here in a right away nah he said ask oh yeah looks like it Kate we’re getting closer getting closer to then they’re mountains I thought the radio turned off everything turned off they finally realized i stopped way ahead this is to us this is so cool we haven’t been ever been down this road or in this area this is so cool we saw some mining sign some logging logging our logging truck sign so I’m gathering that’s where this egg campsite sure ah campsite we must have seen about two dozen campsites on this trip doesn’t look at that I’d be adding more look at Hanson has nothing but campsites that’s cool well that’s gonna like I really way down in [ __ ] oh boy look four by three yeah well here he comes I don’t know nothing all right they slow down they slow down for us for every might be interesting spot that’s what they’re doing for us cloud river that’s where we are with wild river Ness and that is mine and I thought I heard of it before yeah this is very cool these back roads in the middle of foothills and mountains what not knees is so cool hey Mark campsite campsite it’s cat yeah it’s not getting yeah look at that River Oh where the heck we are uh-huh because I filled up my tank we should wear somewhere 10 Ewing on ok braehead now we’re even getting closer Hurra getting there it’s taking his hours and hours to get to go to get there Jenny’s taking pictures ok don’t go crazy i just took to visit from one visitor nothing on a theater and and a look at the hyperox yeah anyways I’m dragoness the business part on so well we are two kilometers away from our destination which is right around the mountain area James of course eating orange and trying to take pictures at the same time and she’s trying to multi talent and just not working is bailing I just did you see well now you got do something your hands before you touch any camera equipment record water yeah it’s pretty cool more campsites don’t swear tons of campsites out here yeah you know what I don’t really think through considered as campsite I think people just pick a spot and to eat but for the work for the camp sites that are out here because there’s in the middle of nowhere I guess you don’t have to pay there’s a little town that we’re heading to which is like a like i was told i think it was a mining town or was anyway it’s a long time ago people just camping everywhere their old houses yeah I’m kidding this is some reason here’s where we are valley of the winds valley of the wind so I hope someone around cetera dally of going on a run set a road e they look like from Belmont leave these old houses kind of like that one with the red like that stopping at a little store that is a cool chair beautiful ah you give me this chair for home I love that chair

beautifully that’s cool guy like that oh it’s awesome down here say hi Linda oh my first mosquito keep complaining about one mosquito one mosquito let’s try the whole mosquito down here bugger I almost got attacked by a Yeti out in the forest you got a mosquito on you and your hair he’s gone away like you’re gonna get anything out of my hair Janie holy wait she might have my back to Edmonton don’t know she is when nature calls well when you’re in the middle of nowhere what else you get it in exactly we’re just changing a tire before we get going so quiet oh yeah Jenny loves it out here too what are you right by the river well then I guess I’m going for a quick walk okay there’s going to be some wind sorry about that again unless I catch it when it wind dies down there yeah i was on both those on both sides obviously used to be more water yeah that’s way over there too it is very cool just a moral rap nice footage I know you guys might be thinking of too much bigger Mountain footage and whatnot but uh I love it out of all gonna eat that whole are considering we don’t know when we’re gonna be back here next if ever we like to get some shots unit just for ourselves so so sorry to make you guys out go through all this mountain type footage stuff highway 40 Leland I’m going up that way to the greg river mine KD gebo all the way up to hinton you know what this really sucks i have to come home oh no life is over I liked your bottom I like to bottom out sorry for their her swearing on video Jenny likes to do that an old mineshaft entrance they seal it up eh yeah I think they do to make sure that it’s a no yahoo goes in there because it’s probably dangerous in there 19-22 is that when it was opened or operating oh yeah you slide right through slide right through that’s pretty cool I love it oh how under how deep it goes probably see there’s more legs up there there’s Ruby Lake misty keyblade brother Blake Upton or take loss oh yeah you can go this way that’s part of the mine up there yeah I’d go further but that’s just going into the mine yeah yeah yeah there’s this just beautiful area like so this is an act of mine that’s wicked there’s just for effect could be further reasons that’s a very active one then use it every day is different is way different is right seeing stuff like this that we’ve never seen before hey we finally made it to pavement I

don’t see payment for hours it’s trying to drizzle a little bit rain drops here in her nonetheless really nice now look what we decide to run into then they go holy look at that big one he got big horns sub big horns that’s pretty cool that looks so cool right anyways we’re getting out of the foothills and mountains type thing and ran into our next town which town of hidden I thought I’d give one last shot and there’s something else comes up all my ears just popped again my ears pop going up my ears pop going down looks like we might we might be in for some weather looks like we’re in our next little mini town ah Donna Hinton you see in the background there is raining way there in the foothills Molly I ghost riders in population is 10,000 that’s what it says when they did that note yeah when he did that and where and there’s a place where you stop here to when we when we come through here for some food usually we’re going the other direction though