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fifth and final day of the check

Super Series here in lovely Visage in Prague in the Czech Republic I’m joining columns by Field hours good morning Jennie good morning all looking forward to a great finals day today yeah it’s going to be a great great few games I’ve got a couple of games first game between Prague barbarians and at prior Cricket Club yeah this is this is going to be a great game first game of the bat and we know goes into the final where they will meet the venerated Cricket Club who booked their place yesterday with a fantastic win over the PCC guys yeah it’s is a great performance by a venerated again of the final dominant win over the ever PCC but any of these teams can win this it’s very very even there’s Stars need to perform her yeah and that’s that’s what we’re looking for we’re looking for the big names to stand up in the game that counts and and really try to take the game away from the opposition it’s it’s a beautiful beautiful grounds in beautiful Nick it’s the stage is set for what should be a real showcase game to see who moves on to that it to the final later on this afternoon yeah I think the final is going to be a beauty but this game is going to be fantastic as well it’s too pretty well pretty pretty evenly matched teams I think as I said the Stars the teams will need to shine especially for barbarians I think I don’t think they had quite the depth of what PCC have but they’ve they’ve been reinforced a little bit by the boys from Bohemians Cricket Club three of them first one of them here is a taking the first oversize it and although it’s a bit of confusion but hesitation from the batsman there yeah just a little lucky to get away with that so so he’ll I’m odd is the opening batsman with with Sharon sahib Isabella Ebola we saw Sharon yesterday play a couple of Handy innings he was he was timing the ball sweetly Square and really really caught amongst the runs it was it was a pleasure to watch yeah yeah Sharon yep it’s a quality batsman left-hander as well so it changes the angle a bit yeah he had a good game against United yesterday morning yeah I did did was he was one of the only guys who did in the feces as I mentioned before he gets a good start and he looks fantastic and then he’ll lose his Wicked he needs to continue strong down like site has been flicked around the

corner the look for to but they won’t get a confusion again oh that’s trouble no doubt out who he’s just got back the hesitation the confusion do we do it do we go no no yes no No yeah that need to look for it nice run quickly like straight away if they didn’t need to get back for that but the field right there Andrew seems very quick good arm to yeah so the the Barbarians won the toss and elected to take to the field they wanted to put PCC in and my first impression was did they want to try to recreate a bit of magic from what happened yesterday morning when United took the field first against PCC and we’re taking wickets with a regularity and yeah it’s definitely a it’s a good point feel that United really got through quite a few of the the top order very very cheap yeah and barbarians can do the same then the it’ll improve their chances because getting these two crucial will I stand leg crucial has another one and of course the Beast Plus they’ve got a good depth in batting though PCC as they always do yeah and they showed it yesterday mean wickets for tumbling but they still get up to 88 yeah which was a winning score and a very decent score and and it did oh quality the you know they had guys who came in afterwards they kept the momentum they kept the scoreboard ticking over you know reduce the number of dot balls and that’s that’s that’s the key I don’t think Eddie added be enough against his Barbarian stay in there again that Hill I was just pushed that just a backward point it’s been a good over here so far from sahib yeah it’s been it’s been very very very accurate he’s a little bit Wayward yesterday had a very few words at a few problems with his line but today’s so far he’s looking good he’s it needs to keep it off Sharon’s legs though because there are there’s no one Back Square for them there’s a there’s a man at midwicket there’s a short cover and they all that’s a good ball because it says he was going around the wicked to change the line a bit but again he has to be even more careful of having it come down to the legs yeah now because it will get who will get dispatched I think with it’s a fine line with showing because if you put it just slightly wider Bob stump is very strong through that area but if you put it too straight is very strong with his legs you’d need to keep it really on an off-site off stump or a fourth stump line yeah and then it was exactly what he just did it’s a good start here from barbarians and three of the first over and causing you to be bit of confusion also with the the running yeah well I think this is the first time we’ve seen heal our end and Sharon open the bedding in this in this format in this tournament yeah and and yeah maybe just need to call a bit loud a bit more clearer have a bit of a chat between the overs about the running and they’ll be okay but yeah first time together in this tournament little bit Rusty hilly Inside Edge little one again it could be he’s missed it look for an overthrow they’ll get it too field it wasn’t backing up I think if you hit then he would have been out there could have been a lot of trouble I think it’s a good move putting hilal up the order he better quite well they are so getting a little deform he’s been struggling a little bit in the the local leagues and also in the international games but but looked like he was picking up a bit of form he’s used to opening the batting then I mean that crucial will come down a bit further down the Innings that’s right just edged away too short backup Point position for a a single the guys are turning over the strike a bit more the PCC going to want to do that obviously that that must be their game plan to reduce the number of dipoles that they give up and rotate the strike and put away the bad boy when they see it yeah I’m sure there are there coach manager sudhir glad soon will we were instructed them and to do that to reduce the dot balls suns in the air it’s going to be I don’t quite know what happened there did he not go for the catch I couldn’t tell if it was either a bump ball or he just as though back it couldn’t have gone that high on a I’m not sure it’s in the air the Fielder didn’t look like he wanted to take the catch for her yeah I think for had misjudged it must be must have misjudged it I’m not sure why he didn’t go for that for all money that was going to carry yeah we lost it in the air I’m not sure what it couldn’t really see too much of it on the on the replay the top Edge Let’s of course the catch it and this is well run just two short cover it’s better running are they looking at siddalee settling now in this second over

yeah I’m not sure what happened with if I had then he it looked like it was a top Edge it sounded like a top Edge looked like he was going to go in for the catch and he just he held back a bit so he did put his hand up an apology anyway so so Ellie why cause the bowler bowling at the shower on left-hander Smolensk over the top of the before lovely shot straight back over the bowler a couple of bounces Over The line just here in front of us yeah you can’t participate to him as I said the that that off sidelines bat for stump is we need to bowl to otherwise give any width of your bullet to straight and Italy dispatcher he needs to get a big score though shown his he’s he’s he looks looks like a fantastic Batman but all the technique but does sometimes giveaways we get which I think he might have done here balls in the air as he had to it I good effort there from the Fielder given a couple of chances already already he’s pleased placed it in between three Fields but the the field he just running back to Oz is now almost got to it as a great effort was not very good effort that was that was yeah that was close it did hang up in the air for quite a while and in the end I think maybe the wind was working against the field who end up dying for the catch yeah and it took it out of his hands just out of his fingertips he’s very quick Johanna know if you would have taken that that would have been the The Catch of the ecn forever getting full length given the award and let him hang on to it for a lifetime it would I would have been a fantastic catch but don’t be had a couple of chances Sharon is he’s got a couple of top edges so 14 off to for PCC going at 7:00 on over stop not a bad start steady they’ll be happy not to have lost the Wicket yeah the look to accelerate a do have a lot of batting so so really do yeah but but if these two get going it’ll give them a good platform yeah and as you mentioned hilal had a good little Innings yesterday nice little cameo and he was he was middling few big hits over cow yeah it’s like the hill I love old I’m very watchful watchful day sharing the ball a bit of respect just playing soft hands for a single that’s good bowling too so how is this game going to play out do you think Hui we are looking for the big names too come to the party I think PCC I’ve got a lot of depth and it this opening partnership can get give them a nice platform to build on I think some of their bigger names like Sue – crucial and then a couple of their big big hitters laxmi’s in the squad he or she has well better very well Akash and then there’s prakash’s well who is always reliable runs this is in the air it’s not going to go otherwise it’s gonna be caught it will be struggled it’s got him he’s got him big Wicked sahil on the boundary there didn’t didn’t look like he really wanted to take that action are was it’s a hill it wasn’t so he’ll know he’s that way I was watching I was actually watching sub who was also running in and then during the juggling moment I thought it’s summer going to throw me length and snatch the ball from the juggling fields and oh well it he’s taken the catch though and that was his third chance Sharon yeah so third time unlucky was a morally who took that it was morally well taken in the in the end taken and a sigh of relief that he actually did hang on to it and so does it well it was maybe maybe he’s teasing the teammates he’s like do you want this do you want this week at how bad you want the wicked are right I’ll catch it so Z with the Breakthrough though and he’s bowing very well this over yeah I got a couple of couple of dot balls earlier against Sharon and Sharon tried to try to break the shackles and he’s come undone it was really poor shot selection because there is a stiff breeze and he hit it quite well and on a windless day that probably would have carried for sex on this field yeah but it hung up in the breeze and the feel of did well to judge it again is really hanging up there yeah from our position we really could see what the wind was doing okay today it’s the ball was clearly slowing in the air and feels when eventually took the catch delete or big swing and a miss dances down the wicket like he often does but a gamesmanship from the Divi the keeper we’re in there joining us in the

commentary box or she’s been here all the time actually is is sake the commentary dog she’s sitting near between feels legs again Sheltering from the breeze you know she’s proved one thing that that is the safest place in the ground there is between my legs read it read into that whatever you like but now we were camped in the commentary tent here which makes a fair bit of noise when the wind picks up and and yeah I can she has a little bit spooked Bala comes in again just poked up backward point for a single by by Hilal brings the beast on yeah the Beast let’s have a look at what you can do in this very important match for PCC yeah if he gets going I think it’ll take the way the game away a little bit from from barbarians but and he hasn’t he hasn’t look good as fluid as what he what he can be yeah yeah good 48 earlier in the week and yes they just couldn’t quite get it together but diabetes a Class Act barbarians are look to get Katie’s Wicked early though it’s a bit it’s a vital one if he stays in for more than five hours the score is going to be quite big that’s right it’s just hit back to the Bola and beasts is looking for that quick single to get himself off the mark on the first ball which is a bit of a trademark that I’ve seen in played this week a likes that just to just to settle himself down one gets one one run in the first ball that he faces and from there that seems to be the he’s got a very small launching pad because that’s all he needs yeah he does he’s got a quite a short backswing and just and very good bat speed and then yeah but then if it’s down leg side you’ll see him go for a big swing and that’s when the ball really gets launched oh yeah we’ve seen input put the ball into the car park and then some yeah yeah so it’s a potential to be a very very dangerous part the ship here for for PCC these two have played a lot of cricket together and hilly is a very good Batman is that we said he’s been better at a touch but he’s looking a bit better in the last couple of days the pictures playing a lot better than what it would have had as well but I think early on May hold up a bit for how does an Ebola that’s well bold we’ve been impressed with far hard in this tournament yeah he had a bit of it all sorts day yesterday but earlier in the week I thought he was probably my pick of the bowlers yeah but very well got a man of the match did to for almost nothing and becomes wider the pitch what are the creatures it’s a and angles the ball into the right-hander really trying to block off that angle angle just tuck them away for a single again backorder point I think it’s safe play from hilly moving across too far because if I had will move the Boolean hmm he won’t he won’t get him around his legs yeah so he’s covering that that swing quite nicely if he if he moves across Sue – we’ll look to hit him through covers I I think it’s just just chips it very neatly just down to a mid on he’s got an opposition easy easy single score moves along to 18 for one yeah we’re in the third over now so the power play sorry the fourth over now to the the Power Players is over we’ve got a few players back mainly behind Square on the off side side and that’s an edge through the vacant slip area for for we’re just going to note that Air Force One well I don’t know what’s called inject actually but the president’s plan has just flown in there’s a military airport just just nearby a few airports here but but the the president’s flown in maybe to watch the game adventage that would be interesting that’d be lovely but hang on what is no Spectators allow another aspect that is allowed so we wouldn’t allow them under the under the leg the brave person Robert to reminder of that rubber tell him let’s get rubber band with a broom ready this one’s Miss time to just chipped away too long on for a single by hilly the look for a second he’s ambling a bit hello off the throw was dead-on as well so good recovery good recovery he’ll had his Bat well and truly grounded though that it’s a bit of a slow start in pieces here but there’s no need to panic because there’s these runs can be can be easily gotten off one or two overs they to get going yeah I mean as you

said before if you know seditious it sticks around for five or six hours he’ll probably take three hours just for himself it’s good tight bowling though very good bowling for hard tricks it just to a single I just just jog through for an easy single but there was nothing else going on there very tight bowling it’ll be interesting to see who by their hands turn to next because socially of is bold his first is to overs 145 very good figures great but Lily Walker took a bit of stick if I had just bold there are all three the Bohemians players in this barbarians lineup who are they going to turn to to yeah this is this is now probably the part where I’m sure sedation and Hillier talking about that saying well you know and we now going to get into the the softer Bowl as the guys were going to really go for well it’s interesting cyber is the new balus up a woman and he’s a balls at a decent pace but doesn’t move the ball much and I think the Beast is going to launch in to supper he’s he’s a he’s a good bowl of the end of the Innings of think so because he really likes to be the hero of things things and it does pump himself up for those final overs but early in the in the in the innings there’s he’s a bit vulnerable let’s see what the Beast can do to subber he launches in for six yeah that’s what he could do this are basically what he does so I was just about to call we had it we had a wide Along on and then nothing until or nothing at all in the boundary on the leg side and seditious hit it straight over that Fields man’s head but it didn’t matter because that was that was a lovely shot yeah look if I will predict the the skipper I wouldn’t have chosen suburb probably would have chosen someone likes a hill who brings the ball keeps it nice and tight but let’s see what the next ball in this contest does this one’s hit to cover the look for one quick single they get it but if it had headed think you would have it out out hit quite firmly yeah it was it was clever Thinking by the fields mentor to hit send it to the non strokes and try and catch the be short but it was just just missed the stumps and Beast might have been home couldn’t tell from here he’s definitely the danger man any any in any batting lineup sudesh Sue – because man dropping back to to regulation cow corner it’s a Helo he went when I drop it shorts ever or that could be out he’s giving him a he has is given him oh I thought just just as Pistol Pete started walking away for the single is put up the finger yay he does move across his Kris hello which he did again and hit him on the back pad and in – Pete walking away but then actually realizing that he was Plumb in front yeah I think from position I think both you and I thought that was a very good shout is very susceptible to the a bit W of hello brings Akash the new Batman he’ll he’ll want to start his Innings with a with a 6 which is what he normally does Kyle Gilliam if you’re watching I cash wearing is his cap backwards under his helmet he won’t like that Kyle first stickler for the the the Convention as far as Cricket clothing that was good good come back from supper after so – put him over there over the the the boundary for a six on his first delivery he’s come back with a wicket it’s a good comeback I think so – should want to be facing cyber let’s see if I can get him on strike okay it does hit big and bigger bigger lie so becoming in just pokes it down the look for one we could be glad it’s got to be our he was he’d given up bother trying to catch the ball I think the the bowler hat the fill that out – right the stamps instead of throwing back to the keeper or The Barbarians have missed it missed it there that really mr. Tripp don’t know why I dish had a shot at the stumps then just thrown into the keep it would have been a simple dismissal and Akash Akash would have been back in the shed gets away with it now it’s estaba to the beasts ooh – your back himself size is only bit of a higher after that wicket definitely definitely he’s sticking with the the one deep on the leg side at have sort of a wide long on Cal Corners coming to regulation midwicket now yeah it looked a ball is outside off stump he doesn’t though which that’s been

smash you don’t fall short to him you know he he put it outside off but it was too short much too sure it’s set up and basically begged to be smacked anywhere in the ground and sort of she’s too good to let that go lucky he didn’t middle it he didn’t get all of it at all did he yeah went halfway to the the next Village so inexpensive over here even though he did take that we could have as I mentioned I think Sue – fancy suppers bowling comes in again again too short and rubbish and six votes that’s going into the car park that’s just horrible and I mean that’s a horrible feeling it’s that’s more than a horror feeling it’s a horrible delivery you just take can’t fall short at cyber space to the Beast because he’s going to launch it we’re going to take a little break here while the bot Ebola bowl it Returns the ball is still running after it that just about to pick it up throws that ball is going to come back with a passport stamp it’s gone so far yeah very dejected looking Fielder sort of going yeah I’m coming up he’s not the new bowler he feels about that wouldn’t you yeah I’d look I think it was a mistake as I mentioned this side of the the over to put supper on so early he’s a good bowler but bowls just a bit too straight and just couple of to that he dragged down we’re just not not the right thought pattern from sub I don’t actually think he was thinking of what he was bawling either yeah I was on that last delivery just I actually thought he was trying to bowl a slow delivery out the back of the hand a disguise it looked like it could have been disguise I was trying to watch her a replay there but that was my first impression and it just came out wrong it was too short and it set up and it big to be just sent for Miles we we mentioned that Tavella great shot Akash is just giving the old two three step down the Wicket and clipped it away for a very handy boundary yeah he hits the ball big i-cash i-cash yeah with that cash you need it if he can stay there and form an Innings Hill School very very quickly as well that’s his issue though is it doesn’t hang around for too long the to take a few risks but that’s not what I think pieces are be happy there’s only 10 overs but just to give the viewers a bit of a feeling here for the strength of our cash he is clipped that ball almost this went the same distance as who – his previous six that’s gone well and truly over to the car park as well now and it’s hitting with the wind but yeah he’s really pummeled it like that we clipped it but he’s got everything on to to that punk eyes and Ebola whoo grew up forget his choice of putting his hand up comes in again it’s wonderful is gone again big hit alarm bells are Ringing yeah the after a good start couple of expensive overs already for Punk ayats’ 12 off the over off two balls you know we called it after farhad’s over and we said okay where do they go now and and I think they’re all asking where do we go now it’s it’s this there’s trouble brewing where do we go I think about 20 meters over that that cow Corner boundaries where we go I need to put someone in the car park just to see this look at a stem the flow of run this but just just to stop the guy’s Tire themselves running back and forth wow what a day this is a great display from PCC so far is a great start from Barbara are barbarians though it was that I now Akash Akash ensue – picking the fruit where’s this one going to go so it’s always lucky to get away of that as well just a single watchfully played by Akash is need to have a quick little huddle and a quick little rev up themselves and the bowl is need to get back to some discipline they’re still going at just over 10 and over PCC but I can see this to accelerating the scored well they scored 20 or Summer’s over they’ve got 13 so far off of punk eyes still half of it to go as well let’s see what the best can do with him comes in sons all it’s just squeeze down to the man at Short Third man is good little more fly sleep they had in court there yesterday United that’s where they caught so – they’re an outside edge but that was early on in the evenings he’s almost almost set ball around in our cache and again just down to that same man for a single

it’s a battle line from the bow like scrap them up so they can’t unleash and they’d simply just getting singles down to that fly slip back would appoint short backward Point area it’s still getting the runs ticking over still ticking over and if but that’s been another big over here for for BCC don’t want to keep on keep on going with this run right again just poke down a little bit squarer just a gully for a single it’s come back a bit here punk a yeah following a better line yeah he finished with three singles off these last three balls which was better than the start of is over so well done well done to him for that well done yeah it did when when I Crush teed off on those first two you did kind of thought it was going to be a massive over but his daughter back the bottle well done he really did I use that phrase trouble brewing and I was I was shaking I was nervous for the Barbarians I thought is this it is this where they start piling on the runs and get multiple of 20 plus and start to really melt that pressure on The Barbers well that I’m 60 after six are going at 10 and over turned turned to I think it’s Jana no it’s not it’s back to Ali Waka his first first over was expensive see how he goes now with was Soo – and and Akash getting there getting there I in he’s a good bowler though I lie is is so it’s too short it’s just clipped for six didn’t get hold of it very well but did enough and actually it’s only for yeah it’s just got over the head of the Fielder and it’s trundled over the line I think the field of for a second thought he might be in but no it enough legs on it and and by the wind yet again yeah it was in off the boundary at just just flipped it over him if it’s set back on the boundary line but you know if some butts not worth talking about but yeah he was in and it went just just over his head but yesterday she just didn’t play that too hard and still got the four runs let’s see what the ball is response will be coming in now to the Beast just clamp down the take a single down to point better better bowling getting a lot of singles in that that shot yeah it’s good Tikki the runs over if you can’t if you can’t hear it for four or six then singles are always good because it it does change the it takes over The Run rate for a start but also always got him good bowling Akash big swing and a miss I think it looked like it yeah it was through with the shot bit late yep I only woke up with the wicked well bald on the money and bit of a relief therefore barbarians and you a cash cash would be trouble if he gets if you got going absolutely yeah put it in the wrong spot in the launched so they’ll be glad to see him go prakash the new Batman get on Old Stage I hear look for a lot of singles to give to give Su – strike strike but the they needed that we could barbarians just even psychologically just just to get to get a wicket then bring them psychologically back into the game yeah they did their Bowls have last couple of hours were being punished and in the fields I mean you see ebola punish you drop the shoulders a bit and you start to wonder whether Nick with next book is going to come from and and well done to a highly to have have have the line right now the length and the wicked so once all just Out Of Reach at the man that short cover that’s the skipper there Harris lie close he did throw out of hand he tell you think he really expected to take it yeah they were more like that the hand was burned more out of Hope than anything but if it had gone in and stuck as I think the place could have erupted yeah that would have been there were changes the mode change of momentum I think a bit too into who wouldn’t want that that’s what Ali does too sue – it’s watchful just a quick single well easy think I should say he’s single yeah you want to be careful that it was sort of strong a bit middle and pads but he got away with just a just a push so after a bit of a slow start from Sue – is moved on to 23 off nine 1505 15:05 the the batsman just dismissed prakash’s they are the best went on strike bit short cramped him up a bit just a single just clicked point back in not sure I hit the stumps let’s put it dude okay

she’s looking to hit the ball but but just taking over singles would be great and to put to put sedation on strike just for his team yeah it reminds me what Cushaw said yesterday your you with him about the dot balls about how dark Falls are the gold and that’s that’s what wins the games and it flips the other way when you’re batting to make sure you don’t have those dark balls and keep that scoreboard ticking and those singles that up yeah you know the Fielding team will be start to think you know when I’d want to drop ball but we’re just not getting it they’re constantly scoring the score was constantly going and it that that makes for winning score we’ll look if you’re going for just one a ball and then you hit a boundary of a loose ball the turn quite a good over if you had a couple of boundaries if you’re start to Rattle the bowler then then it’s looking like a like a T10 over of 1214 so so it’s vital and it’s it’s it’s a part of the game that I think is undervalued especially now everyone wants to get the ball out of the park yeah and that’s not always the sensible way to go you know we saw a lot of swings and misses our last couple of days like that exactly like that and the ball before as well by the way so we’ve had to drop balls now yeah so he’ll the bowler and it’s poor batting I think here from Brock oh she’s a should have a bit of a chat with him sir – it needs to get their sin another one yeah this is poor shot selection yeah the Skipper’s got have a chat with Amy’s out there with him and he’s just he’s just having a way yeah yeah yeah is given a bit of guidance is he’s a very experienced cricketer prakash gets that one down Batman it’s just all this good good over here from sale this is the man we thought he should have bold instead of suburbs – yeah exactly he’s got four dot balls in a row and his teammates are now lifting you can see them they’re more vocal they’re clapping the ball and that’s what doc pols due to the Fielding team and and more to the point also they’re keeping sir – off strike which which will frustrate him they’ll get one here though yeah went out to discover which causes an issue now because Sue – this is going to be facing the final ball does he does he look for ones you look for a boundary yes I think you’ll look for the golf course to be honest but I think so too but but that puts percussion back on strike so so yeah this is an interest to see see how seditious mind works as a batsman do I go from maximum or what do I push to get on strike and then I got the whole over to myself next next let’s say this is down like so it’s a wide that’s a bad delivery they haven’t built too many white barbarians and I know they’ve been pretty good I hesitate to say that could have been the first wide Maybe I can’t track it many any after such a lovely tight over here and just put it in the wrong place completely this one is punched it out to cover a boundary there look for to they’ll get to comfortably I think yeah quite easily easily so that’s the end of the over very good over very tight economic over there well well bold teammates running over to give me a little pat on the bum and saying good for you enjoyed it okay it was a pat on the shoulder I take that back and looks like we’ve got far hard coming back onto both his second he’s impressed us no end he’s gonna have to you have to work hard to keep up the pressure on these two batsmen because we’re pretty confident that they need to Launch launch satis will be we’ll be mentioning to his wedding partner there get me on strike no swings and misses punch it just punch it nicely drop it your feet whatever but we got to take a quick single get me up there and let me let me unleash its exactly what answer to and it’s what he’s tried it’s not going to work there and he’s going to be run out that’s disappointing disappointing for the batsman but well done to the bowler who followed up very quickly from by far had to be honest I think Prakash hasn’t hasn’t looked like his himself at all he’ll be very disappointed with that performance performance so he’s he’s absorbed quite a few of the the balls kushal won’t make the same mistake I don’t think yeah yeah well cushion and Sir – of Better Together Pro quite a fair bit and I’m I’m sure that the very quick little chat there is exactly along those lines about what we need to do what we don’t want to do do let’s get this this get to get me on strike yeah no I definitely could shells got a good cricketing Brian

will definitely look for the physical dipping Solution on strike yeah I think Rochelle’s are smart smart operator so if I had to continue I could bowling so we’re gonna miss probably not what they discussed but anyway it was in that it was in that position though where that shot when you connected is it guides it away just back with a point you can pick up a very easy single but crucial needs to keep his head here great over for hard again always connected always danger this is a mess he’s Clift it to her short cover and the short cover Fielder has got it back to the keeper easy to like it was pretty easy than previous run out and Sue – is just staring at his batsman and thinking what what what’s going on there how did that happen he’d have to think they’re on top now barbarians it’s been some some good type bowling from sahil endure and Farhad oh absolutely yeah after a couple of loose overs beforehand from from a couple of the previous Bowlers but but they’re putting a lot of pressure PCC and they are frustrating the Skipper’s who – because he can’t get on strike yes seditious watched a lot of this from the non-striker’s and and he’s frustration he must begin a little bit frustrated he doesn’t give a lot away in terms of emotion but he must be a little bit annoyed by this and and it’s it has swung the game much more towards the the Barbarians and PCC a feeling a lot of pressure now well they’re still on a good run rate rate PCC see this is only an over after this two hours after this so so oh when I drive to is actually and again a swinging his good bowling from Farhad really Nova so far just cramped him up probably beaten for pace and that some just did the top of middle stump couldn’t get away for a single to – hands on his hips just leaning on his bat looking at looking at the batting shed and looking at his partner it’s really turned on its head this game as a it’s ones got to be he’s gotten away as as it gone over the top it’s full runs yeah I blemish there from farhadi it was having a fantastic over and that was a quick full-length delivery of the batsman got enough on it for it to go to the backward Point boundary there’s a bit of a rep you shot there it was right be shot I haven’t heard that that word this week a trophy that’s a good descriptive word word wasn’t the dodgy shot at all was it wasn’t definitely much more ropey yeah I’m sure some of our fans have been listening to us this week or know exactly what we’re talking about there again is bold in oh hold off stump that was Pioche feels very strong on the outside but if you attack him up he’s susceptible to that if I heard she was charging in then he put a lot on that that and yeah he or she has been for Pace yeah they reported back that fantastic over before from sahil and then then Fahad coming in for seconds second over world is over wicket there’s a bit of a conference going on here what’s this seems to be having a chat about something I’m not sure what’s going on I don’t try to see what the conversation is about yeah interesting interesting he was okay the batsman is saying he was out yeah he was out for when he was bold but I don’t know what the controversy was I’m just they took with the field of being out of the the ring the umpires haven’t spotted it so there’s not much they can do you think it was Soo – you spotted it I’m not sure who spotted it as probably some of in the sidelines but but maybe they didn’t have enough players within the ring bit of controversy okay but but but it brings a new batsman in the week it stands that was the end of farhad’s farhad’s over who had another good bowling spell for The Barbers it brings Lux me to the the creases again I think he’s the right man to be well is the right man to hit is not the right man to be hitting singles there to get sorted out on strike but suitors will have to go here if to take a few risks so he’ll good bowler

and he’s launched that one a mile wonderful shot that’s that’s going for maximum yeah that’s right in the slot there from sahil yeah and and it’s you can see the frustration from from Sir – being released a bit but but yeah M and Willie Willie drag Willie drag PCC back into this game with a the final over he’s going to have to go big he’s batting partner luxmo combat go big as well but Sue – is the man really and it’s what’s outside off and it’s a wide so he’ll not want to get smashed back over his head again no no he’s transgressed these push it a bit too wide it didn’t want to hear the clap of leather on Willow comes in again S1 is just launched again again and this is what the Beast can do this is she – being freed I’ve seen him hit him hit them bigger oh yeah that’s that’s easily big enough yeah I hope folks out there having money in there a dream 11 because he’s going to do the job with a ball I think as well the beasts are – Vikram a secre and so he’ll not wanting to bowl that while he’s gone from bowing at why cause you didn’t want to be hit to now not want it all can understand a bit of hesitation there he’s got to be sharp he’s got to put it right on the porch on The Money Pit again this one’s wide again he hasn’t done it he’s gone for 14 off two balls some people said it couldn’t be done this could be a huge over it’s gonna be a long huge over this you know there are attracted easily go past a hundred of sedition can connect with a couple more yeah I think they they will better ball much better ball there you go goodbye Lance a hill seditious Human after all he can miss I felt the breeze from that here in the commentary box Iraq back in my seat from that that was a a I’m Jen again Swan is probably going to be safe did you get hold of it we’ll get to that which is important brings in back on strike that’s right he didn’t get all that got a lot of elevation held up in the wind as he knocked it out towards a over cover but it just didn’t have the legs he does smash them well over cover as well oh we’ve seen him this week Loft a beautiful 6 / / / the the players enclosure there’s a couple of Cabana jury let’s see what’s a hell does with him this time let’s see what’s ooh – Dragon was say Hill and this is again it’s a huge one right over clobbered account Corner over Cal corner for six it’s a big over here for PCC you can see how frustrated so that’s was that brings up his 50s well of 18 it’s a Wonderful half stats look that’s a quickest one we’ve seen I think suburb had one off 19 yesterday hritik 20 I think I think Summers was 19 yep so so – bring his 50 off 18 balls and he’s been frustrated as well yes he’s missed out on so much strike in the last two overs last three hours Bola coming in again this one is its up in the air I think it’s going to be safe it is so it’s over his head it’ll go for four we thought we thought the filter was in play there for maybe a bit of a catch he wheeled backwards and in the end I don’t think is anywhere near it yeah the wind took it he was on the boundary of my like could have stayed there until taking the catch but another huge over so he’ll Grover going for quite a few in that over going for twenty three I think that’s going to hurt The Barbers The Barbarians will be UPS not happy about that because they probably felt they had PCC at a reasonable a reasonable level well they knew they were they were doing the right thing by keeping Sue – off strike who ends up on on 55 of 19 if you look at the bowling sociopath 125 of to if I had one for 12 of to two but but it was those those middle overs subbers over so here’s last over one from one from punk I so a hundred and two they got over 200 Mark they did I’ll be happy with that it’s chasuble for for barbarians really important that Suburban divisie gets off to a good start and stays in for a while and if he’s hitting the ball like he did yesterday I think barbarians are got a very good shot at this game yeah yeah yeah I think Bobby and pressure early on was it was very good that as you

said so subs it bold very well for had came in the middle lobe is there to keep it nice and tidy it he went for a couple of boundaries but he got some key wickets as well I think that the bombers were fence themselves but the same time that probably feel a little bit disappointed with that last over a pre gave it a lot more away than they wanted it’s difficult by Linda sir – though it really and what they did very well as they kept him off strike for a good two to two-and-a-half overs overs Prakash absorb in too many balls and after a crash my cash is a danger man as well because if you follow any where Lucille he will launch you yeah so it crushes overs crucial didn’t stay long either yeah there’s some silly run outs there in the middle is that were desperately trying to get sedition on strike but you know the fields were a bit too good for it and just some poor shot selection as well yeah look if if my bones barbarian have done well in certain parts of the game but but when you get a player like sir – who’s who’s hitting the ball well it’s it’s a difficult one is a difficult guy to bolt it is but we’ll see we’ll come back in a few minutes time to therefore the barbarians innings and yeah we’ll come back in a few minutes time for the second Innings of this game to see if barbarians could get the hundred and through their need for victory stick around and we’re back

so Phil hundred and three for victory for barbarians how do you think it’s going to go 10 on over just over this yeah look I think this is nicely balanced it looks like a gettable total for the Barbarians but you gotta remember who they’re playing and it’s the quality of the opposition that gives me the hesitation but I think you know with the bar if if Sabo has another cracking Innings like you did yesterday I don’t see the same meaning since yesterday but he has another good start there that they stay should chase this down look they’ve got some good batting but it really is up to sub-award to stand up and get the majority of these runs he did fantastically yesterday or Viet the opposition wasn’t quite as strong as PCC but we we saw the main man for ECC so – take control of that that Innings a bit someone needs to do out here Sameer has Ebola Bola clamps down that should get four for it that’s a nice chart nice start to the Run Chase yeah just push it outside off stump clamp down on it and it’s four runs excellent and just during the Innings break their I got a message from Terry O’Connor our good mate who’s usually hear in comes with Denny Terry

Terry and Terry’s give me a little bit of a snippet that I want to share with everybody which is that this matches the 10th time this season that prior Cricket Club in the Barbarian team have met so far the record is four wins each with one abandoned so this match is the up there for grabs for bragging rights for one of these teams it’s very tight contest between them just push back to the bowler let’s go Vin arathi been been a good team already in this this tournament the been a good and they’ve beaten both these teams and and so whoever whoever plays in the final against vendor ID on either be in the game as well but it’s the three players are stood out in this tournament really really as being the key men or good Fielding their from kushal and no run cutoff for ya he’s got no one behind a crucial that would have gone all the way yeah there are three main men in these in this tournament and one for each team yes we’ve got suborned of easy is facing now Sue – you saw this lamb a 50 and also hritik Toma and they’re both also the of all three of them I’ve hit very quick 1550s in the last two days have so there are stir up every night they all have stood up and it’s a great contest good bowling here from Samara he’s come back from that first delivery of that you know it was it was a well-placed shot for for yeah I did I do much wrong he didn’t do a lot wrong no yeah it was the bad boy all these got covered in there as well as got two men back three men back actually the three men back this one has been launched an absolute mile left hander this time this one he onto the golf course that’s massive I know we’ve just been talking about sedition his his his bunch of sixes he smashed to the leg side but summer has got all of that is hilly the keepers worried about some are eight he’s just run the length of the pitch and he’s talking to his bowler yes he’ll he’s a very experienced cricketer got a good Cricket brain that was very good of him to come down and immediately just have a quick word just a you know whatever he said to him you know need to think about where we’re putting the ball next next balls important is natural shapes in the era is going into the right-hander so it’s in sub as hitting Arc but if you drop it a bit short and it wasn’t too short but subber move back in his crease and gave himself space space yeah that’s one of the biggest hits I think we see in this in this tournament it’s just poked it down just for a single keeping the strike good play yeah yeah that you saved for about that six a massive shot he got into position so early and he comfortably just elevated and put it well beyond our vision it went so far back they found it that they did find a pretty good pretty quickly in a bunker but Oscar say it it was either in a bunker it was on The Fairway it wasn’t it was gone beyond the tall grass and they got it back in and then some a quick picks up a single to ensure that he’s on strike for the next over with sort of Shri Ram Syria bringing himself on for the second over yeah the Beast he’s I think it’s a good it’s a good move by the skipper they need to get sub it out Samira always opens a bowl and because of the outs when he gets is a good bowler as well and but 11 off the over there on track barbarians but I think Sue – want to get this vital vital wicket it’s just a single very quick single they’ll get it there very quick to hand over the man at the non-striker’s in yeah kushal picked up he looked around to the non-striker and realize there was no I’m backing up so he just held it gave a little sort of point to the stumps maybe he was saying I would have thrown it down but now he held on quick single well run yeah John has been very impressive they he runs well between wickets with cyber he looked for singles now now also if if someone can avoid it’s too – because Sue – is the best ball of fur for PCC yeah if you can avoid him or just affect can just take singles off each ball consolidate a little bit after the first over and see Sue – off because as soon as you land evil one over it’s drifting down leg so they should probably only just bought one over to vote one of the death hmm because really it’s an important part of this team yeah Samira should come on a bowl the next over Basu – we’ll probably just pull this one and he’ll want to get sub as Wicket if subah survives this over there we’ll give him a lot of confidence and it’s the biggest threat to him is so – so what’s outside of it’s a wide called a wide it’s a rare white from Master – he did Paul a few in the second game yesterday may have been a bit

stupid even a bit eating a bit Wayward at one point yeah is that there’s a long wait between the the first game in the last game so they took a break in the middle yeah it was a big break yeah you’re absolutely right so – coming in again yeah in the end quite a comfortable single it pretty much went straight to the player but it didn’t go incredibly quick and the player had a slight little fumble but easy single in the end that feels switches over for the right-hander I’ve been trying to John are on strike it short just pushed it off Akash is quick good feeling equally good running though they’re now it’s a very tight single it was noted that man Akash he was quick in or charged in yay picked up the whole very very quickly and release it very quickly yeah bring suburb back on strike it’s good tight over here from sudeste hasn’t even having a giving too much away it is its final but then he goes the band or and that is it’s going to get picked up he’s okay just a single didn’t quite get hold it as a hook shot bit short from Sue – but good enough for cycle 1 maybe summer couldn’t believe that he Boulder a short ball that set up yeah he likes it short I thought I’d been that I was the first person to put the commentators curse on the players today with that comment I think he might have tried to hit a little bit hard didn’t quite time it I think you did I think it surprised him and he thought oh I’ll have some of that but it was yeah it was on too quick good bowling and it’s a good over there for sure – very good over five from it and but good bad info bar Barons and know that he’s a danger man yep and again as we saw at PCC the opening guys are pushing for the quick singles yeah look at it showed a bit of maturity I think they’re from from cyber he was tempted by that that hook shot but it showed a bit of maturity that he knew that even though sudesh did launch him for three sixes in his over yeah he didn’t want to to risk losing his Wicked to him just for the sense of Pride so so it’s impressive him Sudbury still it’s still quite a young man is only because I need 22 then I get your IDE kept his head there is plenty of time plenty of plenty of balls to come and there’s still a lot of work to be done there’s a big gap over short midwicket for somebody hit and he’s all this time that one I was rude to launch myself out of the seat there to say how far that was going to go he’s gave timed it didn’t really need to play that shot he’s got is a big gap over over cover it’s been as a man on the on the circle there even Sharon at at Longhorn is admit on is quite short is it a cash no run or it’s always it through the hilly I don’t know how he lie anticipated the ball was going to be 10 meters to the right of him but he did well yeah okay she will praise and just before the ball went through very quickly he had to get it back quickly to stop the single which he did yeah but but yeah bit Wayward but he’ll he was equal to the task you will throw as we mentioned yesterday he will throw to the keepers end on most occasions there was a quick shot at the stumps for my cash before but he’s such a good fielder in that area comes in again it’s ones outside off and it’s called a wide cybers slashing in a few yeah I think I think it’s good news for PCC because it looks like he’s lost his concentration if it needs to get it back yeah it’s still a lot of time here there’s no no Panic not not yet comes in again swans down just just be happy with himself and he shouldn’t be that was very streaky good bawling again from Sameera you know be a bit more lift their that that could have carried because the ball went straight to the field yeah down there that are verified then man yeah he should be little bit Northern so for that they’re looking to cut off the singles here crucial is very close in and and short cover those at Short midwicket and that’s exactly what they’ve done oh the let it through Akash he’s gonna have a site and he’s safe about who’s going to go with the the bowl is in but obviously they’re looking to run sub about easy get run out yesterday and he said in these innings did so so we brought to the end of very good Innings yesterday when he was running out yeah that was that was class

that innings but Jake is they are Kashi he played to the game plan which was let’s get sober we have to get some up it’s been a good from Samara so far just poke down just for a single through the galley area I’ve got some homework a very quick call those little single single there though okay so suburb just playing that with gentle hands he didn’t wind up it was last over he was felt that he was start to sort of get a little bit desperate but he’s it seems a lot better A lot more control of this over with his just nice little drop in the boil gently getting it through for a single it’s one one ball before the end of the power play this one’s been hit beautifully shot lovely shot from John off the floor uncover yeah the as I mentioned before the the offside is is within the go and is it that one beautiful boundary there very good and it’s it’s part of Exile is 25 or 3 for barbarians no loss not a bad starts about the same as what PCC were yeah let’s try it with their lost a wicket we get certain really matter too much in 2010 apart from from the dot ball that it represents often the drop all and changing a bit of momentum but it’s not the same as in longer forms yeah true very true but but but there’s the big Wicked here would be suburban divisi it’s the end of the power play into the third over yeah and the new bowler is crucial mend on your look at keeping it tight you think he’s going to come around the Wicket you’ll want to keep it outside off stump there he has a bit of a natural shape into the the left-hander but that’ll suit sabar yeah because he’ll want to go with the with that the natural angle there’s is a trap back there at Cal corner there’s also a trap back there at the backward Square leg the lift lift Midway much open yeah they got a deep backward backward point as well let’s see how it goes you big swing and a miss from cyber you’re frustrating him yeah and it’s evident he’s he’s not looking as fluid as what he was yesterday after even after that massive succeed before of the year that the Barbara Barbara 3-1 him to keep his head here you don’t want him to sort of get out to her a shot because he felt he has to put the foot down I don’t think Johanna is the the type he’ll go and chat together once outside off another good of all staring back at the Umpire thinking why have you not indicated a wide but you know he stepped out to really pray exaggerated the width there but got away with it the bowler and subbers frustration might be just starting to boil a bit more actually the bowler is Luxe me who was hittable if he drops it short like that oh he got away with it that’s another streaky Edge that’s the second one in successive overs from Sabah yeah sorry Laxmi the bowler uses his height well he is hittable hmm yeah he’s not a it’s not expressed at all is a almost a slow medium but he is tall so it gets a bit of extra bounce yeah can see when he bends the back that ball does kick up a bit tilt it in sales for the right handy knocks being in again to Johanna this one’s played in a mess Miss good go Lincoln locksmiths has been a good over Captain give me a round of applause so – he’s got himself on the banjo and it deep Cover gave himself a little round of applause to lecture me for another good delivery another good dot ball I’ve been effective in price with Lux me this with his bowling this weekend all this week so so in some it’s been nice and tight ball into a field so I’m just outside of some it’s been guided down to to backward for single little bit of a fumble by the field a bit nothing to worry about gets the ball in over the Bales yeah wonder if sub is going to try to take a few risks he’s slashing at the ball rather than using his timing which which is not a great a great sign for him yeah we’re in a funny opposition here now there’s barbarians aren’t pushing on as much as they probably would want want so I’ve has been nice and tight and always does all the wide yeah maybe the bowl of sauce or suburb just give that little two-step dance down the Wicket and thought I’m not going to let you touch that and I think that’s exactly what it was and in the end he transgressed and there was a wide Laxmi one ball left and is over over been very economical this one has been mishits lightly hasn’t got a lot of that just get a single of brings summer

back on strike that’s an excellent over there from Lux me only for from it very well bald yes his team has to be happy with that very economic barbarians 29 or four but we saw with with a the PCC Innings it was only a couple of big overs that cost the cost probably close to 35 runs off to yeah maybe a few more and at that really pumped their score up and barbarians are need that type of over from mainly from Sabah they’ve other they’ve got other batting as well Sahil it beginning batsman it can it can take it at the game away from PCC as well yeah that that lasts over for the PCC Innings which yielded 20 odd was where’sa – really let fly yeah Sharon than Ebola I think I think sub or like saurons bowling balls with a good shape into the left-hander but he’ll hit with the swing you’ll be hitting Against the Wind though and that doesn’t really matter how much I like there is on that that’s gone way back yeah yeah not quite the one where you hit the golf course but I was watching seditious body language as he saw that and he he propped his though that could drop him for me to snaffle it but and then he’s just watched it go over his head sailing well over the boundary hilly the keepers done another length of the pitch chat to his to the Bola suresh’s on the boundary so he’s it’s harder for him to have a chat so you really taking the responsibility of chatting to Sharon let’s see what happens in the next ball comes in again to subber the charges and this one’s head straight and for six he’s helped that beautiful shot instead he’s struggling with this timing a little bit trying to hit the ball too hard that one just caressed straight over the man at made off a six he really did look at this the dance down and very correct and they’re all talking to him now Bola bit of pressure on Sharon yeah that would that was more of the sub saw yesterday after the 60 odd this is the big over the need barbarians but but all they need is one ball to get him out as well that’s right so I’m coming in again this time down Lakeside it’s called a wide lot of pressure on the bowler big over this not just for the runs but also for the significance of letting cyber open his shoulders and hit the ball to a couple parts of the ground the bowl is feeling a pinch here it’s good game this it’s nicely poised Sharon and again to Saba and he’s over there like start again it’s with that natural angle or natural natural movement that Sharon gets it gets a good shape but to left hand if he’s coming around the wicked he started to straight it’s just going to keep on going the issue is that with that shape that is really boiling into sub as Arc yeah and but somebody’s eating into the wind and the Skipper’s put himself out there at cow corner so – would it help him to change I say that just as the bowler has opted to go over the wicked that’s that’s what I think that’s a better idea I would have I wouldn’t have started around the week if I will shower neither you’ll get a better line here yeah and they’ll try to look to the ball through the gate it’s a bit short though that’s been cut away and it’s for run sound the lovely short outside off stump yeah I said he’d find the line here but unfortunately he’s just gone to wide there now it’s just just poked poked and he knows where he is with a Fielder’s subah and just a comfortable shot shot good batting here yes smart betting is he’s put the right hat back on Cyber and he’s he’s playing very smartly he’s picking these shots he’s picking the gaps as well once you that when you go over the top you do have to pick a gap there’s plenty of Gap in the sky well the it’s true though is it’s true but but now there are this no one has only one man behind Square on the leg side so there are plenty of runs behind Square for the Cyber you got to do just that’s exactly what’s going to hit it and he’s put it exactly where you said yep so again charm with it with that natural swing yes I’ve been pretty good at picking those gaps this week I think yeah absolutely yeah but it’s it’s interesting seeing it from here and us and being being a captain being captain and and not being able to find those where the issues are in the field to laugh over there but some is got his 50 and he’s done

his drop the bat to get it to into his teammates in the hutch well done sir well they’re coming in again against the same area you’ll only get a single just took it away that’s what do you look for because he’s he wants to strike he’s going to be feeling good now now yeah just just just in that for all that ball he is his teammates you yelling at him that he’s got his 50 big smile on his face and he did his raised about half way up and then drop it to the ground it’s obviously his equivalent of dropping the microphone isn’t it but that’s it’s a lovely gesture and he always turns to his teammates and does it doesn’t he oh I take it back at his and Cody’s 50 I’m not sure XO I’m not sure what he was celebrating then I take that back I bowled in the come back from Sharon they needed that at the PCC or Sharon will feel relieved about that John oh is he hasn’t had much strike but he’s played a good role just just turning the strike over to suburban it’s the first we get down for barbarians 52 the score yeah no I’m suburbs on 39 and Marshall wide why I dropped it there is no way to celebrate because we saw it yesterday when he got his 50 it was a very very unique way of celebrating not Macho is his teammates are calling for 50 either you just called for some water though maybe it’s the fact that the barbarians have got over 50 ah yes I know and and suburb assumed maybe can’t count lead mm-maybe misheard maybe miss he heard 50 and he thought yeah I’ve been here long enough I reckon I’ve got 250 who’s 39:22 batting well comment on his the new ball now now again he’s here he looked at tighten it up against against cyber but but if he gets a slightly wrong he is again very hittable yeah and he’s coming around the Wicket so he’s hitting he’s going to be bowling with within suburbs Arc arc but here look at bowling it outside off stump to cramp him up give him a bit too much space though and a little poke it down to that area and backward of the off stump there’s a man it’s a man at Third Man actually with three men back there there’s there’s a very fine Third man there’s a wider third man maybe a like a deep-dish board deep Gully and there’s a deep backward Point all therefore that dab shot just in case cause shell gets it wrong so you you can see where he’s going to try Polat and so no ball and that’s been Smash 4 6 or he loves it there that’s not a good start from Khushi he loves their that’s a crackerjack was was it a four or was it a sixth film that was a sick Aunt indicator for I think he might have indicated a fall and a noble in a bit more along the ground than we first thought I thought I thought he got the elevation on that but obviously didn’t yeah it’s difficult to see did he go to see him if we didn’t tend to lose the ball quite quite a lot it’s a if it doesn’t go high enough to the guy so so because we have but his place it off the bat but his placement was perfect yeah there’s a big gap there at it Square leg you can we got a backward square and then we’ve got well we got cow Corners moved around a bit more square-ish now Freddie hit it big swing and a miss on a bold nothing over there well he’s got away with that is crucial it’s I’ve called I thought it was crucial again I’ve got it I’ve got it wrong as well sorry apologies to crucial that was that’s Lakshmi who got away with that speed to be the because she’ll look alike and and he’s hit that one in the air on the off side they still be for I think gone for four now there were six Stone all the way we lost it again I saw it land but I thought it only lasted just over the line that but Pete the Umpire Central empires it’s a six yeah so Luxe me not getting it right and cyber moves on he’s getting closer to 50 years and years and good touch his push that one it’ll show its terms the look for to they’ll get it too another won’t confusion there so – again to suburbs end safely back I don’t you know I don’t know if there was a second there but that is his 50 I think I think that is as 50 yeah part barbarians on 64 sub or 950 of 26 Laxmi it’s time into DV DV I just got a single to Long off off yeah I think I mentioned

divis hurry is it classy batsman he’s he’s better playing Orthodox shots and having a swing so I think giving the strike back to summarize what he needs to do here is the main man here sober it’s outside off and it’s a wide bold a good tight overlaps Bounty for from the first one it’s gone for 13 already off this one this is a little bit tougher now so I was playing in quite well then again down leg not going to get him out that way coming around the week at the angle angles all this it’s tough isn’t it yeah one of the angles just it’s just wrong you see them given but but rarely they’ve got to do the right things things and again it’s about this gave me a bit of sense of a bit of spicy move back a nice crease but didn’t get what he wanted on it I thought that was a little bit slower from laxmi’s disguise that quite nicely and Dot ball resulted laughter there’s two overs they’re on track barbarians one we could down 66 there are they’re going at the required run rate 66 off six that’s that’s good good going that’s staying in touch the whole way yeah again it’s that that vital Wicked if PCC you’re going to win this game they’re going to need to get so bored of easy out out they’re having a discussion now the are the brains Trust if they he’ll also – and share on having it chatter who is going to bowl and they’ve made the right decision I think the beach is going to come onto Bowl I think yeah I think this is the time when you put the brakes on they have to get the pressure back on the batsman because currently the last couple hours I’ve been scouring of freely yeah suburbs made his 50s he’s made it in good time of 2028 deliveries actually I think you got to have 26 I’m sorry face he has that a couple of bowls apologies yes he’s after 26 but but this is the right move here from the skipper he needs to curb this right now he wants the other man on strike though you want supper on strike to get his Wicked but but a few dot balls I think in the same way that The Barbers held prakash too to no runs this is what Su – we’ll look to do I think for for PCC but he’s having restricted the field as much as what you thought this one’s hit nicely too too middle middle middle for a single yeah I think in the PCC Innings with what we saw was the circumstance was keeping the – at the non-striker’s end and he couldn’t get himself on strike and I think that’s that’s cost them a quite a few runs I’d say yeah well I think I think someone’s going to Be watchful he knows if they can if they can just get six or seven of this over they’ll still be on track he doesn’t need to hit big doesn’t need to take risks and you’ll have a another couple of hours to go another 3 hours after this one actually bowling bowling bowling so have another three of us to get together required runs and then who would you throw the ball to a minute there’s this there’s kushal the the one who’s not the crucial look alike he’s likely that lux me the cushion look alike who could show the real push-up the real good shot will stand up solution again to cyber and they just poke that out for a single good batting and good bowling I don’t know who they’ll turn to had to be it to be fair yeah Sharon went for too many of his first over it’s a tough call for the captain after after this over if he doesn’t get the wicked of suburb he’s got a he’s got a really needs someone to stand up and keep the runs down because Summer is really going to have a go at these last few overs Nice Shot there from David are looking for two the only get the one and I’m just one they’re just very quickly to the fields from cyber loves being the hero as well supper will relish being there at the end yeah they say if you can stick around the he will he will absolutely love it you know that smile off his face it looks determined his celebration will be something as well they’ll be constant dropping off the bat so – get me and again to cyber r 1 2 pitch it up good bowling again I didn’t know what to do with it trying to get a ticket to the keeper that’s that’s the right line to him because it doesn’t give me space on the off side he doesn’t it’s a good length ‘The bring him forward or back having a chat the batsman and the bowl and knows he’s he’s being watchful because he wants to see officer – so he knows that you know if you put sit there abouts that fourth stump offside he I find it he’s always I think they could have

him I think so this is going to go for a Yorkie here he’s going to go for a thick known to – I think I’ll try to bother Yorker not he’s just trying to Bali he’s gone Supple he’s that same same position Again a musician yeah good bowling wasn’t over and well played by saba and DV they got a couple of runs from it but they sawed off the danger of sudesh who’s gone for eight of two overs which is very good bowling very good bowling that was a very good over that was that was certainly bit tense there because I could see what summer was trying to do and I could see what to – was trying to do and it was it was a lovely little tussle battle but it was it was intelligent from from the Barbarians batsman they’ve still got time to get these runs Yep they’re still basically on track with a run rate this then a tab at 11:00 and over now but but they were going at about that before yeah so so this is not gone away from them at all they’ve kept up a very good run Chase 3 overs us you say to go yeah it’s going to this gonna come down to final over yeah we’ll look I’ve got a tip I got acted barbarians here if suburb if someone stays in barbarians win that’s my tip it’s a fair call divya’s got an important role to get the singles to get Cyber on strike and it looks like K or I think the spin that’s a good option actually summer maybe not as comfortable with spinners is as what what he would be with the median pay sir and this one’s hit over the top it’s four runs for good shot from DV over the top of sudesh and place between the two Deep Field as as well that’s a lovely shot great great shot great shot we’re talking up suburb but yeah that’s a lovely story is a good Batman TV but when he plays more classic Innings rather than hitting but that one is at Nice Shot just over the Sioux – his head there at cover what scale going to do with this one it’s a good Ball but a turn and just a single good batting from TV very good it brings cyber on strike he’ll be hitting against the spin it’s a bit of turn kale yeah I still I still think bringing the spinner on here was was is a good decision let’s see how it plays out for the next few deliveries yeah I think as I said Somebody’s is play against pin has been a lot better recently is is getting much much better better but he all this was a gone it’s gone all the way out it’s gone for four through the offside is hit with the spin what’s the filter was a chance of a catch there I’m not sure I completely lost it again it’s quite dark it’s quite a dark background there so we lose the ball from where we’re standing sitting setting it is yes not sure there some of their wearing is is Czech national team cap the chaos is coming around the the wicket gave him a little bit of space but it wasn’t bad he did pump it through that Gap I think it was a safe shot I think it was yeah maybe a little bit of a pitch from the bowler okay bit of head scratching Now for PCC that’s one see done is put it just behind Square there should only get one and is just one it’s going to be a tight finish it’s good / this it’s is it 10 off the over so far let’s say yeah 10 off the other I keep some keeps them on track again I need 24 runs now I’m not going to revert to my runs per ball rubbish that I was talking about last couple that I slit I’ll keep I’ll keep it as a runs per over a little bit of stick about that and and fair enough to to he’s clobbered that down to a long on but just for the single yeah again they got they got the right result TV but but he should be reeling to the single to get supper on strike strike did you get the right result it did get that nice for of the first ball though oh yeah yeah this is an important ball it’s the last ball of chaos over it’s gone for 11 they’ve pushed the man back to on the boundary back Point boundary I think they’ll just go for a single here that’s exactly what he’ll do so by good batting clever hit up to the real khushbu are crucial and you standing over the real core shell is standing up and a good over there again for barbarians KO didn’t go badly but but it difficult at this age the fields we just got a call I don’t think this is a Cessna that were talking about we just just we’re just going to word that the minister of health

is coming in I’m looking at that safe for us to I think we’re getting you’re getting stitched up here from the from stand in the end the production yeah we’ve got alert we’ve got a couple of airports around us and there’s there’s a lot of light aircraft buzzing around us constantly and to be told that the health Minister was in that little to see the Cessna off to the off to the the east as in comment from SL Guy Stan obviously the budgets a bit tight in the Czech Republic the moment someone’s got to pay for the beers I guess yeah yeah so the real kushal is coming on to bowl this is an important over is a good bowler I’ll look to keep it tied outside of stumped and just cramps uh but up but but if he goes with a shape then let’s ask they’d cut late and it’s come off the keepers pad I think that’s a was that an eye that was off the bat of the battles of light cut I was kind of unsighted there from the players I think they’ll want to keep divvy on strike if I were sooo – I would definitely be in the field up and you can see a couple of field is coming in that’s when having a chat theres still not really cutting off a single though leg side has dropped back to mid week has dropped back to the the cow corner on the boundary saving the the boundary there – is dropping back to Deep Cover as we speak but long off off is now he’s coming back one back to Long off the tighten up the off side a bit brought them in a likes me and I’m sorry Lux vehicle inbox me this time crucial in Danny you can’t make that mistake you can Traverse that was way cool shot – I will actually look alike that’s a good Ball but it’s a single they need and it’s an easy single bring summer back on strike if if kushal gets this slightly wrong subbers really going to hit it into what has dropped actually the breeze has dropped a lot the breeze has dropped a little slight breeze going against the left-hander yeah but it’s not like it was no there’s there’s a a if you said a good field on the off side there’s still a bit of a gap behind point and this was smashed his Rock back on the leg side so we’re saying it when she gets it slightly wrong it’s going to get launched and it just did he needs to keep it just outside and I’ll stomp on a a fifth stunt length not giving enough room to play it through the offside but anything to straight is going to go ahead straight for that golf course he keeps it in like that the the the golfers to be in trouble because he is part of the pump he’s teed off beautifully there and he’s always tried it again but no just hit leg why get hold of this 20 titbit squares again B Gap behind behind Square you’re like you get a comfortable for there but he’s definitely looking he’s looking out towards cow corner that’s where he wants to hit it he wants to get the score well into the 90s by the end of over and this one’s down Lakeside the look for to they won’t get it there just get the one and it’s called a leg by Islands sloppy work there from PCC that’s unfortunate from PCC bring suburb back on strike that’s release the pressure a bit this stage of the game that that run was that second run was gold oh my God I can’t believe they scampered through for that there are that almost home here barbarians kushal coming in again and he’s going to get that this might get sick or buts cut off by the good work by the boundary yeah great Fielding voice the – at the bound is it the stumps and they’ll they look for the sneaky second but they didn’t get it they wanted that the second one I got AB in as a disaster I think if they’re going for that second yeah that would not ended well so it’s all down to the last over 11 runs needed needed and suborn on strike it’s a tight finish here Phil you know sub it was going for that hike that leg side hook that he’s played so well if you connected one more of those they would have been touching distance in this last over as it is they need was it need 11 for the victory or was it 12 or 12 for the victim 311 off six balls have enough six crucial with nine off the over and seeing got it for a big six early came back well and kept the runs down so well done to crucial the the the Lakshmi look alike both wearing duck shoes and Cushaw I know crucial oh very well from the national team so when when Laxmi had

the doc would like to the doctor is it did did look like him a lot from from this distance with my poor eyesight eyesight there’s a there’s another light plane about to come over the ground and I’m waiting to hear through the cans as the which minister that might be well K or is going to be taking the last over sub are on strike care went for 12 of his first over that would get that would get barbarians home just let’s see what happens it’s it’s evenly poised I still got a tip barbarians but it’s up to this man K or to keep the runs down is there a massive last night – yeah the fields pretty much all back so buys Miss hit this one and just the look for to but they won’t get it it and they’ve that’s a good throw area around very good from shower on yeah they know they went into sub Owens in if he was running for the second at to the keep a good throw Akash will do the same they’ll all try to aim to Healy to get some out it’s a cracking finish I think did he decide to poke this single he’s going to try to have a he’s going to try to play the big shot but the fields right back back any for needed in the Inner Circle TVs got rid of the helmet he’s looking you want to get full vision on this and it’s a poor ball learning get a single though it’s just dropped it a bit short lucky subah wasn’t on strike that would have been launched to runs off to both so far on this over so boundary needed here it look for it he’s very capable or the pressure on the Bola is on 66 or 41 and I happy with the field just yet yet bringing in the man at Deep Cover comes in that’s your space this one’s gone to that man the only get one good bowling very carefully excellent bowling brought crucial in and I went straight to him it was his suddenly gotten a little bit tougher now for the Barbarians yeah they need a boundary then they need to go maximum and TVs the wrong man to be on strike three balls eight runs he’s hit a lady asked Ruby code and he’s got it he’s got it it’s a week at there TV police you really should have looked at that just just a single what it is now it’s a DOT ball but it brings several one on strike okay she’s cool as you like took that catch in he almost started grinning Justice and right into the hands a little little point to his mates to say there we go I’ve got that so has to be the hero here it’s got two balls to go k your with a great last over so far only a couple of balls left Barbarian still leaning 8 needs a boundary you needs to go six here minimum needs is to a single will be disastrous for for barbarians Single leave them stranded comes in and he’s missed it oh he’s mr they’re just about home PCC all they know it they know it but he’s a coach’s run in and said guys one more one more hold your celebration he won’t want a bowl of white hair KU is a cool customer doesn’t really matter where he puts it as long as it’s not wider and opal comes in a ball and is hit in the air that’s going to be caught it even if it’s dropped it’s too many insurance taking the catch PCC in the final sobbing not quite able to get there in the last over barbarians he’s dropped the bat through different reason this time but a jubilant bunch of players out there in the middle I was it was therefore barbarians to win and a great last over there from key or the barber has been gutted their run Chase was again they run chase was perfectly executed until until probably halfway through that second last over I felt they needed to get one more boundary to get within Striking Distance yeah look that’s exactly right it was a good tight over from key or pressure customer to 15 be close to my man of the match for Those two overs I think I think you’d have to be at that stage of the game I think I’m going to have to want to think I have to have a chat to K or you can get him to see what he thought about that last over it because to be thrown the ball with that that scoreboard bored wow the pressure on him definitely the right bowler to put out nine against against cyber he’s I think if it thrown on a medium Pacer you saw what he did to show runs over the right guy at the right time okay you’re good captaincy from Sue – and PCC I wouldn’t say did it comfortably I think it was a fantastic game it’s a great game

and it was the main man subbu and have easy for barbarians and so – Rico my Sakura for for PCC who did the damage so Z bullion doing very well with the ball kale meta definitely even though they are two good scores from the the batsman they were but KO met her I think my my pick for player of the match I don’t know how it’s going to go with the official player of the match I’d like to have a chat with him I’ll be great for whatever words room that was that was a fantastic game what a performance but you’d expect to have a great game from from the The Barbarians against the PCC guys old credits are prior Cricket Club they they put a score on the board which we felt could have been a little bit shy of where they would have felt safe due to some fantastic pressure from the the Barbarian feels when and bowlers and and you know the barbarians and have come out summer has played a Blinder of an Innings he’s almost got his boys across the line he’s gotten Paris Lee close to get them over the line but unfortunately fallen short on the second last delivery of the match yeah good we just got to wait for Phil well what he was the match winner in the end Kyle 450 CC congratulations on the win it’s okay can you talk us through the last over well I was really confident that I could get him you know we were giving leaking so many runs with the fast Bowlers and third it would be good to take the Face-Off and that’s what I went and told my captain that I can contain this it’s 11 per hour which is a good Target to defend in the final over and yeah that was on my mind that I’m a defend it I was confident through and through and that’s what I did that’s it’s fantastic you went up to so – we were wondering who is going to be the last couple of hours we thought could show would have won we didn’t know who else would would come on and I Sharon took a lot of stick and we were saying that taking the pace of the ball against cyber would be the right way to go and it turned out to be there the the right result it’s correct we’ve played him in the league we played in so many matches together and we’ve seen that he uses the pace of the bowlers very quickly good with his feet he shuffles a lot and that’s something that we need to stop he was going he wasn’t a good momentum to start with but I think this was something that we needed to do from the beginning but that’s all right you know we have a very good fastball errs so who have been always reliable today we needed an X Factor and that’s what I delivered yeah absolutely you and Sioux – Sioux – did hit the runs down within the game you can see that someone was trying to see off sudesh Sue – because he knew that that there was some balls could you could hit but but the spin got him in the end well done what are your chances in the the final do you think it’s been ready well we are lucky we are going to go very confident after this win because you know it was a tough game till the very end until the last ball was bold and I think with this much confidence that we could win this game in the very last moment I think we’re going to go with a lot of confidence that we’re gonna win well well congratulations on the win fantastic spell and an amazing last server good luck with the the final this afternoon and and we’ll see you then thank you Jenny there with the off-spinner Met Akio whoo well could you say you saved the game you say he won the game in his own words they needed an X Factor and he was it yeah I’m very impressed that he was the one who approached the the skipper he took responsibility this play is know each other very well it’s only it’s a small League and everyone knows how cyber wouldn’t bats and KO said he was very confident with with bowing to him yeah and yeah and that’s fantastic leadership from him as well so very impressed with with K Omega and a good Captain Sig in from sue – but you could see he was he was struggling to see who’s going to throw the ball to crucial had a very good over as well just before just ate from it yeah that penultimate over I felt that that was the critical over I know the last over is all important but that that that

lasts over that night though over that well if they got a few more runs it could have gone the other way well he got it right I think with KO going up to to sue – and saying that he wanted to bowl the last over I would have I would have thought so – would have would have back to crucial because he’s very confident because I was bowling yep but I think also that sub a woman would have more of a chance of getting runs off the last over against crucial than K or so going so very very good thinking from KOAT I could trust from the skipper yes and they’re in the final they are they put themselves in the final two take on the vendor ID boys that’s going to be a great game again the two vital men sudesh and Riddick the the tank against the Beast that will be all a little bit later in the day it’s a it’s a one o’clock stock that start local time I can’t pick a winner here I’ve got to say the PCC or Greta get a lot of confidence in this game so know what they did wrong yesterday I’m sure the look at the the footage they’ll try to curb the runs from predict oh mother the tank yeah and if they get him early even though I’ve been very impressed with you Dad had goat yeah about the skipper is he’s been he’s been close to my player of the tournament to be honest yeah fair enough to he’s is Led from the front for dinner ready it’s up to those two I think at the top yeah yeah yeah to get some runs for the for the Vino’s but I think it’s gonna be a fantastic final their school 139 against them yesterday sorry 129 against the mr. days you know and that’s right I’ve been ready against against PCC one lot of pressure on them they say couldn’t quite get there yeah it’s going to be a great final setting 1 o’clock local time that’s right that’s right and you know commiserations the barbarians for the the game just this just finished here gal in defeat they got close they got perilously close yeah but PCC PCC worthy to get into the final to take on venerated see who’s going to hold the cup yeah look you have to feel for barbarians they it looked like that done it they were there are are about to the run right all along they paced it well they’re sore off so – but that man KO metal came up and with a Goods in the last last couple of hours there’s a nice cliche for you came up with the goods but but very very good there at the end from from PCC very good very good and by okay as own admission he was The X Factor he was The X Factor he truly was he really was yeah well played PCC yeah very well played Hope you join us again for final we’re going to have pies soon as soon as as vojta comes with the the pies from the Down Under which will be we soon will have tuck into one of those and then we’ll be back at 1 o’clock local time for the final between dinner Rd Cricket Club and prior Cricket Club to see who wins the check t 10 ecn tournament has been played all week here at the lovely dinners ground in Prague please join us here it’s it’s going to be a cracker a I’m really looking forward to this one I think this is going to be the cliche the cliché of the week is going to be the Unstoppable Force versus the immovable object or the tank versus the Beast the tank versus the Beast Bring it on I say Bring It On join us at one o’clock see soon that final game okay well well well it’s finals day here in Prague at the

European cricket series and we are all very excited the game is


Prague Cricket Club and vinegar re-create club and these two teams are full of the big guns of check Cricket I’ve got two of them with me right now actually we’ve got my right who scored a hundred eighteen runs and he’s a leading wicket-taker with seven wickets and I gots to – he’s just gone to the top of the batting lineup with a hundred and seventy seven runs and he’s also chipped in with a few polls poles to we’re all very excited audit we’re going to get underway sir unless we’re playing for this that magnificent piece of silverware here as you can see and we’re about to do the toy the coin toss we’ve got the tournament referee adriaan Van Damme AKA a v double Dee and we’re ready to go so so home is Vin arathi so vendor ID will be tossing the coin take Tails is the call it’s ahead so Sid you’re going to have a bat did you say that’s right talk me through your decision well you know it’s a Finals game and you know the thinking is very simple we get the runs on the board chasings always going to be you know a little bit of a pressure situation so we get that runs on the board and up with backup bowling too keep them down to that okay excellent so what’s what kind of score you looking for in this first dig well we’re anything anything at about 10:00 over that’s primarily a target of course PCC have got quality polling site to but let’s go that’s what we’re looking at 10 and something over 10 so it’s very clear they all right you got yourself in the tank in good form how do you think you’re gonna fair today person well yeah it’s going well so far and honestly speaking the team’s chipped in at some point at the tournament you know so that’s what I’m looking into this as well it’s we really gel well as a team and if we can come through one more time yeah it’s going to be great so awesome said good luck might go well today – unfortunately we’ve lost the toss what would you have done had you one we want to do better bet bet first because which good and little bit bones quick they they want to work the same way word versus okay so so what do you what are you looking to restrict them to what would you be happy with ATM something we want to score any runs for us it’s okay goodbye and you’ve just smashed 55 not and a semi final you feeling good feeling good here ready to get out there and have another hit yeah yeah good stuff alright Lads Chaser – that’s it boys so vendor I’d have won the toss and they are having a bat and welcome back to the

final game of this t 10 Series in Prague European cricket

series the

final of this there’s tournament between vendor ID Cricket Club

in Prior Cricket Club yep that’s what we’re all here for this is

out the

big dance that’s why the five teams have been battling it out

all week and we’ve got

well you have to say it’s the two best teams in the tournament

meeting and they’re going to go head-to-head

and what’s going to be an absolute ripping final yeah I

can’t wait for this Vini Reilly a big win over products procure Club yesterday but PCC good outfit they’ve they’ve been here before they’ve done it before it’s going to be a great game yeah look so in the last couple of games PCC been pushed back on the Rope it’s a few times by a couple of teams United yesterday and barbarians and even finnerty and and they show their quality they it they they just have a way of finding that depth and finding that power and they get themselves always into a position where they can win the game yeah so I’m there I’m sure the players they’re walking past the trophy that’s what they’re playing for it’s very fine trophy another vendor ID boys are want to take that back to the down under there their home hub think you’d call it that’s the best description I think yes but the PCC I want to take home some more silverware as well it’s a vendor ID is won the toss elected to bat there there opening batsman said gout the the skipper who’s has been as I said it’s been close to my man of the tournament it’s just not because of these I think it’s his consistency let’s hope I haven’t put the commentators curse on him in with Chris Pearce Chris’s I had a chat to Christmas morning and he said it’s about time he gets a big one so did so I look for him to fire yeah we’ll see if the planets are aligned for Chris whether he can he can get out there and get a good score for his team he was but he was very keen and motivated this morning in our conversation as well well yeah so they happening Volvo S40 usual will be Sameer I think think she looks got the ball Sharon’s got the boy interesting series warming up but Char on with the ball the interesting he’ll keep it nice and tight he was he was taken for your for a few rounds by cyber who mr. Maximo is as labeled the Waterboy which I think summer we too happy with yeah those are there was it’s quite funny you think about we’ve got the Beast the tank

tank and now got the water boy was it the water Beast the water tank and the water boy they’re interchangeable in a manner of speaking shoutout to Vinny we haven’t really mentioned him all week so but doing a good job they’re doing his predictions absolutely loving his work and I’m not sure we predicted for this game I’m sure it’ll be on will hopefully be online we can’t we’re not really on line here so we can’t really check what he’s doing okay first of all Show run into Sid just carefully watched the Orbiter hesitation but they got through for the single yeah always a single there but there was a little a little sort of momentary hiccup in SIDS running he just Chris called him through keep going City said keep going hey but don’t put too much pressure on him by by their comments before he did hear about it was chuffed but yeah yeah well we’ve had a bad run with the commentators curse this week and yeah let’s hope it doesn’t fall too many more players in this is going to be a great final and to the best teams going head-to-head absolutely yeah crispier City had a good night’s sleep last night it’s been a bit stressful for him this week is that the the groundsman here with his lovely wife or not days also heads the are the cricket Academy founded so it’s is always busy but but yes you got a good night’s sleep he said and he feels refreshed so he’s looking for some runs yeah he loves his Cricket does Chris have absolutely lost to be involved everywhere yeah so it comes in again this one’s launch for six that’s all massive It’s over The Barbarians who are there waiting and and and watching this yep and you saw there on the fridge a couple of had to Scamper out of the way and again it’s good because we’re next to a golf course so yelling out for even though it’s going for six but yeah a couple of guys had to run for cover as that ball came in the launch well lovely shot is taken it probably outside off stump just right and Chris is Hitting Zone is very very strong on the leg side is Chris and with a field in mainly you’ll be looking for that spot again Sharon well he’s going to lose his going to be much the same boom yep bit of width for getting a six again it was too short on Lakeside hit it off he said he’s very strong in that area and a great start for Vin arathi Chris Pearce is he’s backing up his words this morning with a bit of action and that’s a great to see yeah it really is is clear shot we label this the tank against the Beast but look a fire to the car park that’s gone that is gone behind the Cars that’s actually got a bit further than a couple of the other six as we saw from from sudesh that is gone a long way it has Crystal be very happy about getting those two those two strikes yeah as you said then he was talking up this morning about he really felt that he needed a good Innings and he was feeling very good about himself and this first over is a great indication that’s that’s sir – he’s gone to fetch that in the car park not look impressed he’s probably thinking so this is how it feels I’m on the receiving end this is what it’s all about exactly exactly I’ve never seen the car this time of day this is weird he’s plotting his revenge today oh yeah well he’ll get his chance don’t worry about that it’s a great start from finnerty yeah good clean Strokes from crispy is there yeah sure on needs to be carefully needs to use to get it back on the money get a DOT ball yeah look they’ve done a change it up then all the open with Sameera mirror and they’ve changed it up with Sharon Sharon comes in again it’s a better ball it will talk about behind his his legs just a single bit of foot feeling they’re from Sue – rid of fancy footwork nice shot that’s not satis they either swapped that’s what they did but still good bit of fancy footwork footwork Sharon and again this time to Sid gout so it’s down Lakeside called a wide will Scamper through for another one as well good running very good running good call again Chris Pearce is calling when he’s been opened the batting with with Siddharth has been brilliant yeah look look Chris hasn’t really gone on with Innings this this tournament sit on the other hand has been as played good anchor

roles for this team real Captain’s Innings he’s hid the occasional for but mainly just getting off strike yeah yeah I see Revenge therefore Sharon oh he has Chris Pearce just trying to hit that one square again where he got his runs before Justice was a bit too pitched up didn’t get up and the first week get down shame that is looking good you’ll be gutted he will be and the first break it down for variety been an expensive over the alarm 16 and over I’d go for that rate well you know it would you take 16 with a loss of one Wicked in the first over a probably and the T10 you probably would say you know what I’ll accept that look yes I would I think it depending on the the batsman who got out Chris if you look at him as a pinch hitter then 16 is a good conjuror contribution of four walls yeah yeah great they need batsman is the tank Riddick Toma he’ll be at the non-striker’s in Samira the Ebola and they’ll want to get him out early if you get said is difficult to bowl to the tank we’ve been looking forward to seeing Riddick in bad again after he had a liner it innings yesterday and he’s not shy and his Bat isn’t shy it did he’s comments after the game yesterday were basically we will win yes that was it it’s yes didn’t want to pull any punches wasn’t playing diplomatic just we will win Samira into said Good Start just flicked off his hip for a single comfortable comfortable because the tank on the strike face this first ball yes in the middle I think I think you’ll be watchful first up the tank and Samir has had a I would call a mixed bag in the last couple of days with his bowling is he’s got a few on them right on the money and he’s had a few way with overs as well yeah if he gets it right those are very good bowler bowler Riddick walking away distracted by something the the breeze has picked up a little bit yeah it’s just just nudged up a little bit more now bit more difficult for the batsman but it’s nice A nice bright sunny day bit of cloud around that comes in let’s beat them outside off the bowling attempted a little tickle their and to the offside and got nothing on it yeah luckily it buzzer good shapes it mirror just when he when he bowls tight it can it can launch them out of bit wide and they go a lot further it’s it’s for a day with a lot of Swing you can buy a lot of our side whites yeah very well bold coming in again falling to the tank that’s nicely placed down a well-filled a area well filled it just the same then if that would have had the strength to get through the field to the boundary line but still well fielded got a hand on it and restrictions of just one okay the commenter drug is running around it with a frisbee looking for someone to throw it but not the middle of the game Samira coming in again it’s time to Sid its full toss for Yates got away with it is in the Gap but he hasn’t hit hard enough they look for two good arms Akash to the keepers end as you’d expect but that home that was that they both got away with that I think Sid mistimed it just between the two players hit in the air Samara lucky to go with it get away with a full toss I was bit of tension here here oh hang on the coaling a calling and a bowl so they hold my ball and then I did his little something around my head motion so let’s see what’s it does with this free hit he gets it in the air it’s safe as long as it’s a free hits right then skip through for the single yeah I mean I think in maybe that previous ball with that the one that was a bit full might have been above regulation hip height but if we call it waist height will talk about this the other day weren’t we yeah she’s at the belly button or the hip it’s supposed to be waist height but geez its ones just pushed outside guided out it’s a point after Point well feel that yeah I know ten years ago my the belly button and hit on me was probably different to where it is now that belly button is definitely dropped so about the same height height now it’s dropping more and more every day I’m beginning to hate my mirror it’s not my fault of course not see ya moving into cities flick that he should be out Akash is

under it and he’s gone I cash safe as Pair of Hands on the field for mine that’s a big week I’ll take and he’s happy he’s very happy and they should be happy they got rid of their Danger Man one of the danger man’s art one of the danger men yeah Sid gaudi’s that a great tournament he has again come Kursi did hear the comment I made earlier so yeah hopefully that doesn’t affect affect him yeah we’ll have to try to find a diplomatic way of switching that comment around but it to your defense then you did say he’s probably your man of the series yeah look I think I think he’s got a great a great series is is consistent runs is better at a good run right it’s a bear a bear and about a hundred and seventy and also got a few good wickets you could see with his bowling the only matched have lost in this tournament it was when he was busy keeping with Chris Pearce was a way that’s right yeah and he couldn’t Bowl so if that’s any indication he’s here he should Bowl I’m sure he’ll give himself a few a couple of hours yeah and I’ve been quite impressed with this captaincy see how his field placements in his Boeing changes I think of Ben Ben bang on I don’t think you could have done any better they’re both attacking captains both Swedish and and instead so the fields have been said in that in that fashion yeah so Vino’s push back a bit now two men back in the in the dressing room yeah the one that I want to get is is the tank though yep take still there Fred’s the Fred’s the the new Batman and Sharon to continue and Fred is no slouch we’ve seen him play a very good Innings earlier in the week very well it’s just we get back to the back of the bowler there just a gentle little shy back at the stumps to keep the batsman honest nothing in it so the two men back there’s crucial or Lakshmi I don’t know which one it’s on the real the real question is the real cash cow is on the the point boundary he’s outside the circle I’m outside of start by old very well by all these they’re up for this to write line yeah PCC are really up for this they got their backs up now but you can see the the field converge the lemon and the in the circle or converging on the on the batsman it’s intimidating when that happens very and it’s it’s not often seen at this level but it really puts pressure on on and again outside of Stomp close to wipe doesn’t call it Sharon’s got his radar on perfect here he’s putting on a great display for his captain and his team he is and they need it yeah it’s talking about is Captain just wondering over and telling him you’re doing a cracking job let’s keep it there got a bit of stick last last game 23 off his over from I think summer was the one who took to him yeah but and crispy he’s had a couple of big sixes off him and he’s come back well in this next over Bolin to Fred and again nice shape outside of stop Fred not getting you anywhere near it but sock ball Vino game plan should be to push the singles don’t have got balls especially early on now he’s it is a fresh batsman to the crease is Fred and he think he should be pushing pushing the single get rid of on strike turn it over play themselves in these two need to stay in for majority of the Innings I think if they if they stay in they’ll get around that hundred mark so I’m coming in again this one’s just push down to crucial down at Deep point that is crucial down there isn’t it is is good field placement that’s Lakshmi down there I’ve just got the binoculars on it that is like me down there on the boundary don’t think so he’s just turned around and showed me his thighs back back but he’s he did is luxury of course I look alike but but that’s push back on it squares I’ll be for some lovely shot there terrific just use the pace of the ball and that’s the over you’re right cause she’s right close to us they’ve got both got dark shoes on but they could she’s got the blue shoes he’s right in front of us Chris she’s also wearing the blue cap that’ll help ya Lakshmi is capitalist capitalist Lux me can that stick are we can do better than that capless it’s capitalist yeah may be careful there but yeah I’ll look at that boundary was I was desperately needed Vino’s need to get their run rate back on track yeah they’re still going to just under just under 10 and over three hours go on the PowerPlay over

twenty eight four two but they would like to accept those two opening batsmen in for a while at least Fred on strike Samira coming in so in short he’s got a top Edge that’s going to go for four got away with that Gogi top Edge that’s a typical Edge you get from a batsman who’s only been in there for a few minutes trying to remove the run right along trying to get the boundaries reduce the dot balls and he’s skyed it but very landed safe yeah it’ll go down in school book is for but you take that every time I don’t think he’s going to talk about that at the pub for her later on yeah no he will acknowledge it and want to move the conversation on on I think Sameera Samira if you just moving back a bit here in front of us it’s funny kept out bunted back to the ball very respectfully watchful as a good ball nice and pitched up yeah well he’s is his for and that allows him just to just to push forward safely feel the the ball hitting the bat and set himself up for the next delivery Samira comes in again balling to Fred this one has a bit of / at it just a single to cover yeah just a little bit wider than it cover whoo who threw it in hurriedly little bit awkward for Hillary to take but he took it fine and easy single in the end bringing the tank back on on to strike so tank where’s he going to fire this one I think I’ll play it respectfully yeah bitterly the Bola it early to be I think so if it’s a loose ball of have a go at it but the offside feel is really stacked and Samir is going to look at putting it on the off side he does keeps it out just chips it to Akash chips and chips it to mid-on took it from a little bit outside off yay they’ve got a got to be quick Akash comes in very quickly picks up the ball usually very very cleanly and gets the ball in quickly quickly yeah I think for me this week I have to say Akasha program my my pick of the fielders yeah absolutely really just he’s so quick yes and a clean set of hands do yeah very very good Fielder some air comes in again Sons outside off stump and missed a bit of a / from Fred yeah yeah give the guy over a rev up for playing something watchful and then he tries to swap the Flyers it’s a good bowling here from scimitar yeah it’s a it’s a very difficult offside field to get through if he stays down leg Federal hit him through cow is a big gap there oh paul-dean another variety we get goes down Fred playing back to that one you can’t afford to play back on this pitch and Samira end of a good over are you very good over from Samir very good over so Vin arathi still the run right starting to dip a little bit bit the danger man the tank Riddick term are still in yeah Taco top of leg stump knock back that awful sound as a batsman you hear the timber hit and you just pray that you might have missed the the call of a noble if it was there but no Timber struck you have to walk to brings a rush it to the to the crease he’s is a very good Batman ratchet very correct it’ll look at getting ready to go on strike but they need to play themselves in a bit really getting a little bit of the strike but not not really getting going yet and and and it’s Lux me than you Bola I’m sure of it I’m adamant that’s Lakshmi I definitely like she’s talking to crucial I’m going to get the papers on but I reckon I think it’s Laxmi yeah it is Laxmi he’s turned and showed us his name on the back of his jumper that’s definitely Lakshmi he’s been bowling well he gets a bit of Bounce uses his height well well yeah yeah good he bowled well in the last game he did thought everyone put in a good cup of overs nice and tight comes into the danger of an RIT heck that Stanley gets in the air Sky to be caught it’s dropped him that’s gonna be costly as every sure they’ll take another one as well that that could be very costly costly trying to bury himself in the ground the Fielder that could that could have also been the game for Vin arathi if you really could have been caught he’s upset with himself a plane that shot to show that that’s five straight up in the air it hung

in the air for a while it had a life and I’ve got to get to it that’s unfortunate as prakash out out there prakash is gutted likes me come again again to the tank it’s once it through the offside that’ll be for I think it will be a good shot of replacement it’s a it’s got a lot of cover and the offside six men out there but he finds the gap in the last shot yeah I had a bit of luck but I think that will hopefully get him focused well you know it takes something like that and you miss to rev up a player we’ve seen that so many times and this one yes smash 4 6 no problem with that unless unless you’ve parked your car over there there’s no problem with that shot a he took it right off his knees and smashed it towards the car park we saw him the other day when he belted that 50 he took a lot of balls exactly like that and he put it over the boundary effortlessly and he’s again yeah it’s just a bit too straight there likes me should keep it outside off stump ball to his field I think it’ll be important partnership this for dinner ready hritik the danger mad but Rock very good Batman he’ll look at as I mentioned trying to give Riddick the strike he is capable that Riddick sorry Rach sheet of hitting the big ball as well Laxmi coming in again this one’s better ball just on off-site I’ll start just squeeze through for a single they’re nicely placed out there to point for a single I get the feeling now that with with tank during a few big hits here and also that let off maybe that’s going to settle him down and you’ll start to get his eat while he’s here I reckon he’s already got his eye now and yes you say he sticks around and this score will build very quickly it’s hard to dismiss when he’s in and he’s just about in reckon is too box me in to rush it so I’m just gently place on the leg side well run fix it up but it’s a comfortable single and a clever signal to that’s that’s his role in Iraq get the striker Riddick it’s their best chance to get a big score here it’s still around about ten and over like me coming in and this one’s a bit short punched it to deep point just for a single again again and a good over there for dinner already ID bit of luck too ya bit of luck but they capitalized obviously Riddick with that massive boundary and and the let off and then they they kept the scoreboard ticking over so well done of iterator that would have would have liked that over yeah for sure yeah the three wickets won’t matter if these to stay in I just want to point out an issue we’ve got here now Lakshmi has come down to fill in front of us but he’s put the blue cap on what are you doing likes me that’s going to confuse us now and and crucial also has a blue cap what it does if he does have red shoes the eggs whirring sir – is Cap that’s what it is it’s got but he’s got black and red like an orange shoes actually no this is good we can see them in a straight line will be able to say who’s who and luck Smith has Lux Memories Back and he’s it’s a giveaway isn’t it facing away from us yes yes it’s the name on the back of the jumper that gives them away and the real crucial is that in the blue shoes at that cover yeah it’s just behind it yeah yeah so from our perspective at least that’s got away from us a few times during the week folks oh excuse us for correcting ourselves a few times just been today it’s just one of those things it’s like me calling you Terry on the first day you’re not good with names hey I’m okay with names normally I haven’t called you Terian three days are no no you backed off completely yeah so there’s coming in this is the contest we want that’s a wide down leg side the Beast to the tank this this is the title battle right here it is I think Riddick knows that he needs to be respectful of salacious bowling it did hit him for two consecutive sixes at the end of the innings yesterday don’t think he’ll go for him yet the why that’s out off stump bit loose from the Beast I don’t want to say the Beast is rattled because I know if I say that he might March down here and give me one to go on with so I’m just gonna to just going to hold back in that until he Bowls the third wide and then I’ll say it but that’s two wives in a row from these very unusual needs to get it on the money here needs to make Riddick Force Riddick to

play the ball comes in again short and in hooked for six wow I know who’s winning this contest at the moment I think I’d know to what a cracking shot he got into business or it short and he just got into position and took care of that yeah it’s too short he’s not pulling a full Pace the Beast so maybe it might change the next one might come a bit quicker I think you’re lame wanted his toes yeah I think I think you might do those while go in nice and full Yorker length just test out test Riddick and see if you want you want to wind up you’re not going to keep this this out and of course we got the luxury in the next Innings of watching hopefully really bold to the Beast so to be tank versus Beast part to later on but right now this is tank versus Beast part 1 well the tank winning the contest at the moment but let’s see what the best can do and he smashed him again that’s an editor further let’s send it even more crisp definitely knows winning this contest at the moment oh he’s got him on the ropes if this is a boxing match today should have his arms up around his face trying to protect himself and the other the referee be thinking do I step in what a cracking shot that is gone a country mile again hilal is I think he’s must be is VC today going up and chatting to him that we could keeper that’s right yep just a just a company little talk we can do this need to get it back online Back to Basics back to the game plan yeah it needs to fire one at the stumps here yeah as I mentioned at his feet that’s what you should be aiming so there’s coming in again to Riddick and there it was that was a lot more full better ball still a comfortable single app to point brings ruptured on strike he’s done his job this over I think Riddick oh yeah he can feel good about that very very good about that good clean hitting but you know the loose stuff has to be put away by it and that goes for both teams they need to recognize the elusive delivery and and dispatch it peace comes in lovely shot from rocks are just a single though it got through the field but they don’t think they’ll look for two two Miss feel there at that point that’s a nice looking stroke textbook simyo is there to back it up up it rocks it’s played a good role here nice nice roll out the other end good support to to rush it it’s hard to predict apologies then again clamps down on its bed of all again Bowl it’s like what we’re talking about earlier is to get one full your car lengths and get ready to dig that out yeah you can’t afford to ball to short to Riddick he’s not so quick he’s looking for it comes in again it’s onesies slam that again wow that was a hell of a Sheiks it wasn’t sure what that was just short of a good length and but it was in the right spot and expensive over there from the Beast we know who’s winning this contest at the moment I think so yeah the retic the tank Toma is on 40 already or 14 roof that’s not bad guy tells that very who is it was always a Content contest today between the the Big Three batsman one each for these teams it’s none of them are disappointed yet he saw sudesh and and several one in the the game before both top scoring for their teams both getting 50s and really well under way here for vinegar Ari that’s great stuff so Vin Aradia 71 for three after six four hours to and they’re on a this is a great launching pad to push well beyond 100 it is and look Rush it’s any phase two balls cut off strike both x given the strike to Riddick doing his job very well well and I think we have the X Factor yeah the X Factor Keo is going to bowl with this gentle off spin did wonderfully last game watchful dick and his going to look to stem these runs it was it was fantastic last game he won the game for them you did that final over was a study and so that’s an awful lot got away with it can’t believe he’s gotten away with that ha ha ha that was short short down leg side the wide it could have been a lot worse wow he did get away with that just watch for poked it down towards Gully for a single getting off strike he’s done the job though get off strike let’s get the tank up there and sit

the tank can do with Keough now this will be interesting because obviously a silky or bowling too suffer and the last game that lasts over where where is cyber just couldn’t get him away how’s Riddick going to go against the spinner well he’ll be hitting with a spin so it’s again just poke down placed well yeah it’s just a single all the look for to they’ll get to I think all that’s an appeal but not out well run throw a bit High I reckon that was close if the throw had been a bit more manageable for the keeper over the Bales it was gone but think that Split Second to get it down onto the stumps and Riddick’s home but they knew who was the the fielder the Filly was that was so – who tends to bowl it in he says a problem throwing at the moment who – yeah tends to bowl it in it’s just a little bit higher yeah very well run run too ok again to Riddick terrific who’s all that’s got to be closed all he’s not giving him that was very very close close like to see the replay on that I made of hit him outside the line of off stump I think it could have been outside the line might be only thing that saved him good shot like okay they’re coming in again this one is hit back with a square and it’ll be fielded and they look for two-bit hesitation but they came through quite nicely for two yeah we did we just saw a replay of that previous lbw Shadow definitely pitch that side of the line it moved it came back in a long way did he hit him outside the line it it don’t fit him at sight line but it pitch well at Sidelines here it is again it’d be a pitched him in line it hit him in line he’d been lying doesn’t matter if he’s outside as long as it’s not outside leg stump I’d say that him in London I’d that was that was a good Shout shout hmm let’s take him on the back leg to may have done too much it did turn a lot it did turn a lot so maybe umpire Pete Vincent just thought it might have been a little bit too much I’ve lit another look at it and and Isis that cut shot down two 2/3 man does well the Fielder you did do yeah as it stands ritika continues is that he has had one let off with a catch put down tough tough chance but still put down and it will be that went in his favor there are going to keep on with the the spin Akash the new bowler he’s he’s hittable oh use his height well but I think critical look to have a go at him lots of men back on the leg side this one’s given plenty of are this one’s going to be 6 the bowler gave it plenty of air but really equal to the challenge give it more air yeah bit of a top Edge you can see the feel they’re getting set but it just went over him he did we sort of pause there for a moment as we watch the filter set himself and then he relaxed as you noted with way over his shoulder and that’s that’s a fifty for the tank off 20 balls is replicated what he did yesterday yes let’s see if he can go on with it he’s got a few more to get more runs this is studying consistency while in this in this and the previous one anyway I I don’t know if it’s the right move putting our crush on let’s see what happens with the next one getting plenty of air as well better delivery outside off stump it kind of It kind of muffled that one and back to the bowl of pretty much there’s there’s plenty of cover on the off side as well it’s when it’s straight too long on on okay you’re taking his time Candy Crush it was wanting to but nothing doing there I don’t think they’d think it was anything on there it’s got a good arm KO this the still few overs to go still got two and a half hours to go is no need for any silly silly runs okay she’s coming in this time again to rush it just plays a nice single playing a good role rush it yeah that’ll do guess the man on strike tank do this absolutely firing at the moment how can I cash do here is it plenty of air tits straight they should just get a single it’s going through through the real crucial to the to the defect crucial in the max me his now not wearing a cap you know we have to just say you wear the cap ordering you’re gonna confuse this he was wearing suit – he’s got to be there fair a fair enough then again actually uses his feet well which is allowed to point just for a single they look for to but they won’t get it could have been a second on the fumble but but I reckon that was the

think today I definitely the wise thing to do this danger great couple of hours left yeah don’t it still a silly run out at this point with these two guys being you know I would say these guys are very well set and if they can bet for the next two hours there’s no reason this score shouldn’t push on well beyond 110 110 115 yeah they look for that they need as many runs that can get this is the final again they’re playing it’s a very very good team in PCC K or to continue bowling to rush it goes down Lakeside bit of a sweep shot just a single that’s okay that this is the Ben Rusch its role is to get the single and get get the tank on strike I could see was trying to do there’s yeah there’s a big gap between deep backward square and what’s a guess for 45 45 it has hit that straight just a single again this one to likes me okay let’s get it on the money here he’s a difficult call to get away and when he’s born like this yeah is I mean this singles are okay but it’s there’s no maximums and he skip it will be very happy about that that it’s another good ball actually hit it straight down to Akash just be a single that’s three singles off the over so far yeah it’s been a good oversee find a good spell coming in again always got a must-have at stumping the K or again okay here again the man he loved beautiful work behind the stumps right take very good time that’s a dangerous man retake Toma 54 of 25 but that’s a huge Wicket and the context of the game dances down miss the lat and he’ll I’ll didn’t miss just a little emotion towards the squarely on point knew we had him upset with himself Riddick should have gone on a little bit more should have it raised beds are some very warm Applause from his teammates it was a great innings 54 in good time yeah not too simple winning again arshad is the new new batsman he won’t die wondering either he’ll ever swing look for another stumping yeah I reckon he’ll over is he’s in here with the second of something chance in the over there they know each other very well he’ll Island and Arshad a bit of until I was having a couple of words to him probably probably gets down to meet him get to the pitch of the ball okay into arshad big swing and his got away with it he has just gone down too the man at at fly slip through a single raksha to be the man now I think too look for singles he looked it looked more fours and sixes but if it’s a loose one will hit it I’ll start the vehicie oh try that again hey you coming in and he’s got it instead he’s got a more chaotic earning it on its he’s been fantastic and he’s got two vital wickets the to the to Vin ready Batman that was set the dangerous Riddick and also they are very consistent rush it both go and try to use his feet to him yeah wrong ball yeah what a great over he’s absolutely slammed on the air brakes for the vendor ID team by dismissing the to in batsman and that over went for a very little a great spell isn’t it wonderful one for assert to 411 off to Fantastic work if it weren’t for the off-spinner as well I mean that’s that that’s brilliant work he’s very difficult to get away as we saw just singles here and there that be a great effort so it rings I think vojta hacha to the the field certainly does he’s it can be a big hitter as well you scored a lot of ends in the local League but he’s he’s also susceptible to a straight ball he is he’s very susceptible straight ball and so – with a very good bowling change bring himself on Laxmi with a cap now ah said the batsman he loved a swing at this a shed that’s my prediction six poles to make as much as possible here clamp down he’s kept out of of Yorker length so – was thinking here my sister had him they’ll look to get a hundred here vendor ID it’s that’s just that psychological barrier however yeah 10 and over yeah three figures they’ve still got a defendable total already

but but that they they really look to get the hundred so – bowling to vojta it’s nice and pitched up he’s got an edgy single out towards the point well filled it he’s knocked it down if that it got past it would have been a boundary at would have been yeah it did very very well there tickets that man again key or or yeah I think I think PCC have done well to this point point – coming in again it’s done by lead to arshad some pitched up squeeze one out too submit the look for to avoid is very quick and he’ll make it back no he won’t he’s out I thought it would have made it yeah now isolate dive he’s very quick voida but but he’s had to go for it the the bats from saw the fumble out there in the deep but the Fielder he backed it up with a superb throw yeah it’s a good thing he’s a good Fielder their Schmitt kind of work table and throw right now stumps was a big dive didn’t slide very far kind of flopped it down like he was a a whale on the beach so there’s coming in again to our sure it doesn’t get much of on it there look for 2 against mitt the good Fielder and there should be another ran out I think should be a she had gone this time and given yeah I’ve been already struggling here in the final overs to get a decent score up yeah it’s it is a good feel this me did fumble a little bit I think but soon as you got it in brilliant throw over the storms the thing was that the ball went out a lot quicker than the previous one and by the time he had collected it it they turn as as he corrected his fumble so we actually had a few Split Second to line up where am I going to throw this so I go there that any went for the cable just the right option definitely the right option King it to the keep he’s got the gloves whipped off the Bales batsman caught short again we could stumbling Kemal the the new Batman and we wish him all the best yes we haven’t seen him bat yet that’s a really good point actually I think we have we seen in ball topspin Cinnabar leg spin I’m very interested to see your commentary here from that few balls Danny I’m going to hold my tongue I think they’ve got nothing to lose here there’s any few balls left so whatever he does he’s definitely not going to do a Grover if I would not expect one of those know no I did watch that one again last night when I got home I spilled my drink as I was giggling see is coming into Kemal it’s a bit shorter length is poked it down nice shot just a single yeah you had a tall order to try to do something against the Beast immune like that but there’s this tucked away for a single nothing dodgy there and and i G A couple of balls left give encouragement in the field today’s coming in big swing so I’m just going to go for four that’s vital all that shot as for very important runs so very important ones yeah he’s danced up is got a an edge that’s has flown down one bounce over the boundary line at back deep backward point about some very happy to collect that boundary big smile on his face yeah I think they’ll be pretty happy with this video I think we be pretty pretty please with that vendor ID at their end of the earrings going around about 10 all over yeah they did but there was a few times a few moments there where we thought yeah they probably could have got a few more but while Riddick was in there was always the chance to post a big score and you know he left the scene a couple of hours ago and unfortunately a couple of quick run out some very tight bowling from key or he’s he’s he’s impressed us and Iraq is impressed everybody else is watching this game and and I reckon PC so you could say that they have restricted vinegar rd2 a what I would call call a gettable look at his gettable for PCC K or that that man again to for a Livin off to done very very well so this is a bit expensive Riddick had a real go at him but as soon as really expect it was was gone I was was it was given up it changed a bit in think things seem to slow down a bit and yeah they had no one to follow on and continue because I think we lost rap very soon afterwards as well yeah it’s too big we we could

suffocate you oh we’ll see if PCC can get this this total a hundred and one to win want you to win so lift the trophy Aloft and add it to their cabinet full of the silverware yeah it’s really I think it’s going to be whether they can contain contain the Beast the but there are still a lot of very dangerous batsman PCC we’re going to see there’s run Chase in a few minutes time see if PCC can get to the Hudson to the need to lift the trophy don’t go too far away people we’ve got a fantastic finish coming up up back for the final Innings of this

series hundred to needed for PCC Kemal Ebola by into hello it’s one’s hit up straight to voice her and I run they are they know he’ll are very well but to menstruate the left-hander shower on is the other opening batsman of as we’ve seen it’s all in the last game hilal and Sharon Sharon wedding they’ll look at the look at hitting it through the Lakeside is very strong of his legs and arshad going back to Cow a bit of confusion in the field already they can only have two outside yeah they’re not quite set with the field are they is a little bit of chat everyone has an opinion they want to get this done pretty quick I need to get into place and start start mounting the pressure on the PCC batsman Sonia Marland and Usher the two players out this one’s rubbish rubbish well you spend a minute place in your field and then you boil that yeah you can’t seriously can’t put a man out there that’s a full toss yeah he’s not

going to feel good about that dog he’s very strong on his legs Sharon and that’s not a good start here from from Kemal not a good start at all he’s a Brit needs to bring it back for his team he’s to get some dot balls on the in the score book comes in again it’s down Lakeside can’t afford to bowl down there yeah I mean he’s gone he’s changed her around the Wicket and maybe he needs to stay over well that’s that’s a part of the thing with kamala’s he does like to bowl from around the Wicket no one could quite understand it either within the club that’s a better ball just pushed out for a single quick I know he would have been closed if he’d hit he’s nailed Kamala he has a cycle miles gone down pretty quick but he’s taken that ball on the body boom Oh it’s the leg oh yeah the magic sprayed a minute mile in again this time to hilly just push for a single no they won’t take it good pressure you haven’t already neat they need some closing feels when I’m the only on both sides here to stop those short singles they have they have a short short cover their midwicket is probably half probably more regulation than anything could feel that they’ve been built and Smith he’s been very good this week week like giving yourself a bit of wants through the field crack it should get to the boundary might be cut off good work there from our shadow pulls it in and just two runs it did slow dinner the baller I thought and one short no whole bunch of that is Criminal that’s the first shot one we’ve seen in this in this whole tournament and hilly is just pointed to his chest to got me yes you that’s unfortunate come on I’ll come in again volunteer level so I’m just pushed deep too avoid her throws off his knees as he always does does but it’s a you know it’s a quick things and because he if he throws me he’s on his knees and then he’s saving an extra half a second to try to get to his feet and bring it in and he’s got the got the strength and the arms to get it in from the boundary was speaking to avoid her before talking about is his trousers saying that the apart from the he said he didn’t bother washing them because it just it’s just go ahead dirty second ball but I asked him if he had any holes in the so there’s nothing but holes and dumb what he’s going to do because they’re a bit long he’s going to it’s going to cut off the bottom bit and then patch the neck the knee holes in size it to Patches like they’re going to be like kneepads yeah yeah he’s got a plan he’s got to play and as water it’s a heavy guy written Ebola let’s see what it can do the Poli SCI he’s taking a bit of stick recently Riddick these with his bowling but so has so sue – read it yeah liking what he saw from the the Beast slay me me slamming and for a few big six has he got it through read it coming into hello just nice shot four runs that’s a great show it through cover yeah it was nothing with for Hill I would pick that one up Rock back and good punch out through like through the extra cover to the boundary yeah well of the strike it was it was short and outside off stump hilly moves across his stumps as well but but he needs to aim it at the stumps here Riddick but then if he does that he’ll he’s very strong over the cow Corner region it’s got no protection out there either it doesn’t so it’s definitely an offside field they’re looking at for Redick retic and it’s just a nice push out for a single from hello and now the Vino ball is that they’re defending a total of a hundred one and they really need to be this is the final and they’ve really got to get it into their system that this has got to be so tight they have to have to pull tight they have to be disciplined listen to the captain Boulder your field go back to Basics I’m running every clue show can think of my mouth but you know what there is truth in found that 10% fill you know that’s that’s what I do shy away from becoming – Ronnie’s got to keep it off his legs though does good shot though or clever shot just a single and I’ve used a calculator several times about this give 110% I still can’t work it out you are the you’re the numbers guy as well so if you can’t work it out if I can’t do it no one can can

and that’s that’s that’s the fact jack the Riddick here is he’s gone for a few singles he’s gone for boundary he needs to use to keep it tight he allows not looking too bad at all yeah it’s difficult to build his sometimes hello he does walk across his time slot so he’s up for the they’ll be W and that’s a nice shot it’s been cut off has it has just done enough yeah I think he feels his done enough to stop that from rolling over the boundary line and he’s been backed up by his his counterpart ushered out there good work was a good punch I thought that might go all the way yeah Riddick he needs to be careful is bowling balling pretty straight not at a great Pace but bit behind it hello could be a candidate for stamping as well as crispy as just beyond the storms and that’s all it’s a wide don’t know if he’d moved out of his Kris they hello Chris is a bit upset he didn’t take that he is because he he did pivot he might have it might have been her stamping opportunity yeah it was it was just that moment he pivot I reckon his feet would have come out and I think Chris would have definitely going for the stumping he seemed pretty shot behind the stump side this week we had to take down like so I’d like that thought your unsighted very hard he hits that up to avoid it just another single not much gets past past him it’s so far the Run Chase is going well for Prague Cricket Club there’s hasn’t been too many risky shots there they’re they’re picking the singles off a relative ease yeah they’re on target just getting a boundary and / or so and then in getting those singles it’s a good start Riddick coming into bowl again Sarang it’s a beautiful for lovely cut shot and give him just a little bit of width in control the way classy shot shot yeah yeah so I really enjoyed that have a look at this head down yeah textbook so so PCC looking good at the moment it’s a long way to go in this game though I need to Eva’s down but I think they will be very encouraged from what I see so far it’s definitely they at the start they wanted in though very much so yeah vinegar vinegar are you have to apply some pressure here either through dot balls or wickets or a lot more hustling the field maybe a tighter tighter guys around the field around the bat but yeah they need they need to sort of find some pressure points and push Here look interesting from the from the skipper has brought himself on the field the field still under restriction is any it’s only the second over so so I need two players back bowling too hilly again look good for a stamping here oh he’s Misty that was the stumping ball right there Hailey knows it he’s jumping up and down Chris Pearce knows he’s looking to the skies well they’re both you got to keep as one batting and one keeping their looking away up to the sky and saying saying that happen I did he move his foot crispiest not able to gather and you called it then he recorded right bowling from SID it’s unjust just clicked away that’s that’s enough I don’t know if it roll got through the field of their short that was Rock that’s a that’s not just a little off but that’s that’s another it’s a good comeback from the batsman yeah it’s a bit too full there from from Sid you can see what he’s wanted what he wants to do is looking is looking for an L by W as well because because because he does move across his stumps Skipper comes in again by lying to Hilo and I once hit straight a lonely be a single good Fielding fielding yeah got back nice and quick but there’s also single there yeah no Marley Fielder he’s a good player named Al think I’ll get a bowl as well crispy as for the directions there are you wants a bit of protection Square is a good suggestion you can see where this he wants to Bowl here Sid but he it does bowl with it but it bit of shape into the the left-hander coming around the wicked don’t know if that’s the right thing I can see him clipping it clipping him away for four or six year on the Lakeside if he doesn’t get it right I could bowling just a single eyeshadow in very quickly I I was I was going to say exactly that but he’s put it here put it

on the right place but there’s a massive Gap on the leg side yeah so strong at their show and they need to keep him on his offside but you saw him at a beautiful cut shot before so he’s a very fine margin of error by Linda showroom yeah he gets that passed the Fielder and that’s four runs has lovely shot he’ll be getting some Rhythm here yeah he’s come it’s coming to a bit of form late in this tournament he lie and he’s looking goodies he’s very very dangerous as a batsman I’ve been riding enough to dig deep here to try to try to get through his defenses cause the upset cause the error Sid what’s he going to do now the captain that’s that’s out that’s out that’s it the the the one that always not happy the batsman thinking think he thought he got a bit of an edge it’s very unhappy about that it’s he’s looking back over his shoulder the bat they are the umpires chatting is not impressed I think it’ll be a little bit of trouble there hilly it sounds I’m going to have to have someone that have a words of him in an official manner yeah I think that that that will happen and you think I think I think he thinks he got an Inside Edge we didn’t hear it why didn’t hear it at least I just sounded like hit the pad I definitely didn’t hear it but he definitely moved across and he’s very susceptible to that because because they were his his first movement yeah he he made a gesture straight away that whether he did hit it or if he must it must have been that he hit it and he’s yeah he’s quite disgusted about that well I certainly wasn’t happy we didn’t hear it from here here the batsman might know but but the Umpire put his finger up and he has to go which brings the Beast onto the the the center he’ll be batting with Sharon Sharon needs to get on with to keep on getting on with this this Innings he’s all too often he gets to start and then doesn’t quite go on with it it’s a big partnership here here but the right man to bowl bowl rush it good spinner national team player he’ll want to keep this on an offside off stump line nice and tight to share on frustrating a bit it’s the end of the power play it is a bit of space on the leg side lots of singles out just on the leg side if you want to push it they’ll definitely want to get both these batsman out but but sir – is the one they really want yeah the big gaps on the leg side if he stays here he’ll be put away and although he gets away with it he’s tried but he wasn’t put away okay it’s a wide but yeah he could have he could have been launched at the golf course there actually coming in again to show you a little Inside Edge you get one ring Su – on strike hit batsman happy just being able through for one I think it’s a the Beast to face his first ball I think it’ll be a good contest between ruptured and answer – he’s is a clever bowler rush it gets a bit of turn this pitch doesn’t doesn’t turn much on this pitch but but he will get just enough and he’s got a good protection on the on the Lakeside side and and also to men deep there’s a there plenty of singles out there still need nine and a half an hour and over BCC so they can’t afford to relax tied over here might make it a bit more interesting so 37 for one or three 33.1 actually PCC On Target coming in just carefully watched easy single once again soon as picking up a single of his first Pole waltzes through happy that he’s off the mark on the first ball and that’s his launching pad is ready to go now that’s all he needs he’s got his eye in yes that’s all he needs actually it in a show run it’s good ball just poked very easy singles here my saying before that sits an attacking captain but I think this field is gone I think I think he’s gonna be too defensive he knows though that both these players can hit through the field they need a wicked maybe they’re trying to buy one yeah I uh I like the short cover and I like the short midwicket and if you wouldn’t either if you want to cut off singles that’s what

you need to do and know they have neither are they actually saying that they’ve just just just put one across there was also see ya yes and quickly is very agile that’s a good choice – always always just created it’s just couldn’t reach it and that really brings the ball in our they look for SEC second one they won’t get it nothing doing that yeah Ben Barton Smith very active in the field very quick and I wasn’t too far from his fingertip to screamers on the the first day and that’s when it’s ice not too far away from from him smash through the off Side bye-bye sir – but been Bolton’s myth almost getting there could have been a game changer that we would have been a game changer that would have picked pick generally up in the shower on on and that one should go for for will it no just a single screw driver to the boundary as well fill that out that by arshad two players coming around there didn’t quite get as much as much as what he’d hoped sure on that one one still doing well 69 fate and BCC going just over 10 and over which is pretty much on right a pretty much right on this one’s just been poked down for a single by Sir – yeah just happy to have to pick up the single there no need to do anything silly against the the spinner and it’s a good over there only six of it from rush it interesting to see who he calls to I think SIDS going to Bali second second over yeah he’s he’s going to continue with himself yeah seven off the ever so what can that work in the skipper do here against against his opposing skipper yeah it’ll be a good contest but but Syd Syd been balling well this tournament but it just takes one slightly off line for it to be placed gently about 20 meters over the boundary by Sir – 20 meters you’re going easy on him there right 20 meters that all over that’s short boundary though he’ll go for maximum it’s outside of just get a single bit frustrated with themselves today she didn’t put that away yeah it didn’t didn’t get anywhere near enough of that the want to get shower on out for also because having a left-hander they’re just just it disrupts the flow of things things you’ve got two left hands in the team Lakshmi the left-hander Who shells not he’s a right-handed living very careful with I feel place and see you can feel a little bit of tension amongst the players I know that they’re not far away from the finish of this match said coming in again it’s not out I’ll just come through for one the singles are very easy here for PCC will be careful of that variety is it it’ll creep up just it boundary and over and and the bunch of singles it’ll get them very closed closed that’s our SEC but you’ll you’ll see the odd just one over will take it away from them and a bowling like that’ll take it away from him as well Bosh that’s not a good ball there from said that’s not that’s been whipped away so quickly and cleanly yeah we’ve mentioned before that he does both the odd loose ball a turnover and that was hopefully it but can’t afford to do that either of these players yeah a lovely strike from Sir – there yeah another one in the car park it wouldn’t want to be driving here today would you be thinking thinking parking there was pretty great idea in the morning but a kind of should have probably moved it back that the back end they are fair way back those cars but but I can imagine one getting mirror Tonk on the bonnet that’s a good ball just again a single bit much better ball that’s exactly what they need PCC one one big shot and / or the there are four or six and then the singles are too easy from from from generati but it’s dangerous with these these these Batman yeah that the Run shy seems to be growing quite well the moon for PCC it’s down Lakeside I’ll take another one as well not what they needed Vino’s need to be careful here at the risk of repeating myself alarm Bells I think Vino’s need to eat to have

regroup really quickly and and try to manufacture a wicket here or just slow down the runway there bleeding runs at the moment I’m sure he’s going to turn to hear the captain it’s outside off or is this pressure getting on the captain now close to the bed I think Chris Pearce bit of a sigh that it is it is too wide from said can’t afford to bolt to straight though you can’t not to this man that’s a good ball just clipped it off his toes for one you’re almost gone for two the feet to feels and had a run-in off the boundary for that because it came so slowly off the bat into a vacant space yeah but it is two of the to good feelings coming in they’re all you yet another they ran in hard to make sure there’s no second and they’ll sit back and that’s down Lakeside again and it’s gone for four as well that’s terrible bowling this is an expensive over from said what’s going on on yeah they need to draw some breath here and just just just regroup this is going to run away from them in the heart I think they need these two batsmen out now this is overs been a bit of a shocker that’s nicely play it again just for a single they didn’t do too much they got was a 6 from a loose ball there are a few wives including that five wides and the rest of just been singles it’s been a good over 4 PCC they didn’t have to do much and now they always say they’re cruising but the down to about eight and over yeah yeah I don’t must call it that they’re cruising I think I think that over was quite indicative of the pressure on variety and PCC standing up straight there’s there’s been very little risk in that batting so far and I think that that’s that’s that’s really shown to be the difference right now well the Bala coming on arshad is notorious for breaking breaking partnerships yeah if he pitches it up York a length which is capable of than is very very difficult to hit but but a clever bowler bowler but if he astrays on either side these bats meant getting bigger take it apart I think yeah this is usually talk about a big over needed by the batsman but that you know venerating need a big over here and buy big over I mean Doc pols and maybe two wickets like they need they need to get these two batsmen out there’s this is he still have a lot of batting in the The Shed only one we get down but it’s vital getting these two because should as soon as can accelerate Sharon at the moment it’s just is doing a pretty easy actually is hitting the odd boundary and getting a lot of singles he’s 18 off 10 so – 12 off seven but it’s been a bit loose from from variety this one not well time just to the cover out there in the cow corner we took the tank tank fires it back in Sue – oh look look to hit this over voida hacha Russia said good the I said go out the the skipper added cow corner it looked at him over there it’d be interesting because we you know as soon as he doesn’t have to go in his usual fashion of fours and sixes in a row but it’s his nature to pick that pick the ball up and to hook it over if it’s a bad ball if it’s a bad ball is going to smash it fits their to be hit you hit it it is it this one one straight spear single good ball there from from arshad nicely pitched up sort of looking at the bottom of his Bat I think that came very very low on the bat no not much elevation on the shot and in the end very glad because he he could have hit it straight into the hands of avoid a showdown here on the boundary hi shad had to be a bond to the left-hander showrunners just walked away slightly there there playing with a field a bit coming in that’s edgy just gone to the manor at Third man yeah so it’s a single straight to the man it’s again it’s good tight bowling but building a little bit of pressure here here yeah I think that he knows the difficult the pressure on now well it’ll be released by one bad ball that’s it’s just that one and over that’s all they really need PCC lots of singles and then it’s 1406 but it’s a good tight over so far dad that’s just punching that to the covers for an easy single plenty of experience from from

our shed this is a longtime member of the national team check coming into Sharon Sharon just nice shot she separated guide it down to backorder Point that’s that’s all they need is a little bit easier now for for PCC there nine wickets to despair yeah and they’re getting easy singles and as I said just that one or 1/6 am and over and and that will get in there I had coming in as a swing at it just be a single Miss time there miss time to gehen in and just the one it’s good work in the Outfield and a very good over there from arshad yeah well Bowl his team will be very happy about that it has five from it but but but even at five and over there still all it takes is just one big over from from these two batsmen I think they’re getting closer here PCC 36 needed off 24 just under nine and over over I don’t know where he turns to now here’s the answer you’ll turn to rush it I think it does need a wicket the skipper Rock but even after actions over where would he go after that look visit their mouths quite a good bowler I think he’s warming up yep arshad has another over hritik as another over apart from that that yeah that that’s a tall order yeah Rock needs to break through through here this one’s been launched a long way said that big great stuff great shot yeah it was a little bit of a pitched yeah it was in the slot and and that’s not what they need of it already Alia think PCC at cruising betting within themselves but batting cleverly not taking any risks it’s difficult if a PCC they need a breakthrough but how are we going to get it that’s the story yeah PCC this Chase has been I don’t use the word effortless been we measured it has been and they’ve executed perfectly yeah yeah yeah they pretty classy batsman and this one is bad it’s a bad ball that’s I think four runs for helped it helped us up to our knees before yeah I think they’re going to do it comfortably here PCC the quality team need Just A Better Runner ball now and they’ve got plenty left over yeah they do when you put any balls left over I met folks but also plenty wickets in the in the in the Hat and the Heart Is these are they are cruising they are this is the definition of cruising now so do you think 20 runs short video ready that would pressure on them yeah I think 20 short I would agree with that number I think ten turnovers well in the range of PCC I don’t think they were ever threatened by it this one’s head just to get off for a single again that’s just that easy single fight in by near mile rux it looking at him wondering why why yeah is even having to word you pinged it I don’t know why you’re being that an email saying it’s my job injuries Bola backseat coming into Sharon just caressed route starts Hilda yeah I’ve already got past him good work there in the field got the ball back and satis had to Scamper back to a little bit of a hurry he’s gone on with this Sharon has played a good role role or bit of an inside Edge no run better bowling ball couple of bowls then he plenty more of those to put the pressure back on on the PCC mob I think we could hear even if it’s Sharon will disrupt PCC a little bit whether it’ll stop and I’m not sure this is going to be called as it notes over the field for for it’s coming straight towards us you almost feel that that one I almost got that but it’s gone under the under the the tent cover I couldn’t get it we haven’t had one come into the commentary box apart from that one I got quite excited they’re thought here we go hey say it don’t think he meant to hit a as straighten him out not quite able reach it and now I think it’s going to be a fairly comfortable running here for PCC yeah yeah I just I need to apologize the fills in that I should have had that covered off but it took a bad bounce just in front of me and go to bounce it did staying

away from that but yes it did take told you bounce and yeah sorry I couldn’t collect it so retic coming in is going to be bowling to the Beast so it’s a tank against the Beast is the final addition I think the end game this is end where we’ve had the war now we’ve got the ongoing it really is if critic can get through so – then then it’s still game on but but Sue – is really took to the Riddick in the first over and I think it’ll do much of the same this this there’s a bit of a stacked offside I think he knows where he’s going to be volume there’s no one at cow well well I called this call this in the first Innings tank versus Beast part 2 and this is down Lakeside clipped away for for six really it’s not have regard that’s terrible bowling that down each side you’ve seen our how how this witness has been hitting on these leg sighs it’s just clipped off his legs that is also got a long way to still running there too it’s gone into the into the beetroot field yeah he’s got to go a little bit further than that I don’t know if you find it keep going they are there okay good stuff all right yeah so tank versus Beast part 2 and the owners are well and truly going to go with the – if that keeps up he can’t have they so difficult to too bold to those who – yeah I mean tank had him in the first Innings but when he was facing severe she put him away couple of times as we mentioned but she – she’s in he’s confident he’s looking for a win Redick coming in again someone’s outside off it’s a better ball swing and a miss from Suresh yeah probably could have stepped into into the ball a bit more there to reach it but in the end just a a string in a mess tanks thinking I’m going to lose that man of the match opportunity if I don’t get a wicket here coming in again – slower ball good ball we have welcomed single or bold right up in the black hole that was the disguise soil ball yeah very nice grunt complete with a grunt that all that which is the ultimate disguise I’ve done that a few times and I can’t do that well great your bolded a a slow ball grunted slower ball for the things are I’m a slow ball or anyway so and I think I granted before I let the ball go go Beauty coming in this time to show run and it’s spent clipped away what a shocker just inside the boundary for for what a stroke yeah he’s got him too close to his his legs and I think it’s game over he’s a classy Batman as Surety really is he’s Batman batsman I thought you said Batman no I said Sharon is a classy batsman okay Batman Batman we can we can call someone Batman if you like music and again although that could be closed it’s given him Batman’s out that’s giving him yeah that would look very close from where we were I think so too and that man is gone no argument there I think that’s fair enough again it didn’t quite get on with a going with it Sharon but he did enough of this Innings you got it was on 29 of 18 yeah it’s hitting off the back leg and he’s little a of the head and he’s walked and I can’t CPCC losing this now Akash the next batsman is very dangerous you know it’s like it’s a handful of runs and more than a handful of deliveries yeah especially with these two in I cash a big hitter I mean radical group feel good about getting a wicket but they’re more was needed five hours ago yeah but he won’t it won’t feel good about the the other 10 or 12 runs is considered of his over it’s also true yeah PCC as you said few few minutes ago pcc’s run Chase has been measured and it’s been executed perfectly the other thing is I think there’s another over arshad but I don’t know he’ll turn to the final level may be near mile if we get that far well yeah that’s the thing isn’t it it plenty of time takes his guard crispy as having a few words we can tell him to get on with it protect us turning around to us he’s a bit disappointed shaking his head is he shaking the head nose it’s got away from him a bit he’s lamenting what could have been taken one for 25 just one ball left too many

runs batsman finally ready that’s not a bad first ball again a slow ball grunted slower ball nicely pitched up Akash taking off his feet just a single and that’s the end of Riddick’s two overs yeah 26 for one 26 however you want to put it yeah but the one we get it’s a good week at a show run but it was costly it’s so it was yeah it’s too little too late unfortunately unfortunate for vendor ID I think that that’s that’s what they’re staring at the moment when you only need a handful of runs off many deliveries it’s it’s it’s tough the feels when obviously will fight it out to the end the bowl is will keep running in hard but that it would be hard for PCC to lose from here honestly they need to run runs eight runs off 12 balls and I’m sure that the PCC boys are want to take it off this over there wouldn’t want to go into the last over even though it’s still pretty comfortable we saw the barbarians take it to the last over and folder just in the second last delivery is that it keyer in the literary side though well that’s it that’s what did it for him I had coming in they sit down Lakeside and it’s a wide not not a good start yep no way you want to put it before your bowl yells out for the from the boundary line and he’s dead set correct correct comes in again pulling takács this one’s a better ball just pushed its hasta Fielder thrilled for to they’ll get to comfortably gets a bit sloppy yeah I think I think you’re right and I think PCC will want to polish it off in this over and want to get their hands on that Trophy and hold it Aloft if you get to lose pull here Akasha have a swing or could bowling that’s a much better bald bald the drop the bat very quickly there to keep it out well bold needs three more of those are shed and then we need six more of those in the next over from he knows to take the winter exactly right the swing is not find six and that’s the game that’s it PCC jubilant and Victorious over vinegar Artie yeah well as of to their battered very well not quite enough in the tank there for dinner dinner already there was not enough in the tank and I fallen short in fact they played well oh this is town I’ve been ready they have I speaking to ride before it reckons it is about 20 runs short yep I felt when he runs as well big congratulations to PCC they have they’ve executed that run Chase with I wouldn’t say accomplished he’s but they’ve done it with very minimal risk and they’ve been rewarded I think there’s a very good run chase the still I don’t know that over there that they could have could have used to get there they hit the bad bowling and there was quite a bit of it was quite loose from vicar oddie unfortunately and yeah and and for vendor ID they say about 20 short speaking to Rob oh yeah before they would like another 20 put a bit more pressure on on PC but we saw that hundred is a roundabout par today I think so well it’s about 80 earlier in the week I think so too so yeah big big cheers from the faithful as their to Victorious batsman stroll across the line led by the Skipper’s to – another cracking Innings from the man yeah he’s done very well today actually all week I think maybe took a bit of stick with the with a bowling today especially really got hold of him yeah yeah it was that was winning that battle but in the end sedation PCC won the war they they did they definitely pulled that one off and I’m very comfortable in the end of comfortable 8 Wicked Victory with an over in a bit in hand very well done so we’re going to go down the try to have a chat to the the winning skipper the Beast suggest because we’re Crema Sakura and just a moment we’ll have presentations about 10 minutes as well but but I’ll try and have a quick word with sir – very happy boys just walking in sing into the mic that’s a The Barbarians coming on they’re gonna get third place metal they’ve done very well again today well this this this week I’ve said it before I’ll say it again you can’t give a good Barbarian down there in good song they’ve comforter but they they’re in good voice but can’t take anything away from the effort made by PCC and and venerated walking off the field gallon in defeat they just didn’t have enough fire runs on the board I’m not by much my truck to a chat to suggest suggest she – whoo – if we can get students that will be brilliant and good to see get

his thoughts probably better wipe that smile off his face that’s for sure that’s for sure I had the teams that just congratulating each other in the in the manner that’s appropriate for for the current restrictions on social distancing and contact again and a great victory vinegar Rd hundred 147 of their ten again as Danny said and as a few of the other players felt maybe 20 run short of where they wanted to be and in response frog Cricket Club from eight and a half hours overs got to a hundred through friendly loss of two wickets and innings and a run Chase Mastered by Sid Esh and his team and in the end the quite comfortable yeah I hope you’ve all enjoyed the coverage today on the final obviously there’s this little bit more to come Dan is going to have a quick chat with the – now and let’s see what he’s got to say so I’m joined here with the by the Victorious Captain Stu – from PCC congratulations on a great Victory there sir – thank you it’s was a good tournament I think three very good sides in the finals sure you pleased with the victory we know that idea they were fighting the best team is to did they play very good they score 1.29 something about a cat today 80 90 Ram something but they score hundred but on the trans not easy test test our team is strong that’s why we win the match there was a there’s a big hype at the start of the game they are the contest between between the Beast and the tank with you and Richard and he got a lot of good runs off you during the Innings but but you won the you got the victory in the end but he’s a good best man he had a good time in eyeball quick Woodland and here would time in after I told to come nearly spin I think he’s struggling with the spinner that’s why we stopped is Corps under table to runs like and KO paat again and Brilliant spell in the middle of the the Innings and it really reduced the run right there for for the vinegar okay we’ll do the best he today bowling very very good that’s why we win the match semifinal match and my final two people very good that’s why we so sir – congratulations on how you want to celebrate with the boys will be a presentation in a few minutes again well done okay thank you very much thank you Jenny there with very happy captain of the prior Cricket Club so this week I’m a singer who himself has had a very good game and finished the Innings with 33 of 16 deliveries maybe could have would have liked to have done it better with the ball in that in the vinegar Rd batting but in the end he was there at the end to lead his team to have magnificent victory well deserved well it was he was saying that the Riddick is a very good batsman and he did he did well Lisa with good pace and good line and length and Riddick took him away so I put him away yeah for quite a few run since it’s very it’s not very often you see that happened to to Suresh – hritik looking very good notnot a strong with the ball they Riddick so he’s a bit of an all-rounder but I think looking for the future is very close to the national team to qualification I think it’d be a handy player to have mainly as a batsman I think I think so too if you can if he keeps up this form of batting that was seen in a couple of these matches here’s this week then you know he won’t just be on the verge you’ll definitely be putting his hat in the ring for for a spot he his Innings today I thought was a bit more fluid than what we saw was yesterday we also picked up a half century I really enjoyed his bedding today he went after sudesh he went after anything loose and he connected every time well it he had a battered very well on the first day day he had this has 48 you’ll ever see never hit anything cleanly but still got 48 runs yeah but the last two days is it took nice 252 nice 50s that have been quite clean some very big hitting as well and off quality of hours hoped but it was that man again okay or meta in the in a middle of that Innings at that dried the runs up got a couple of wickets big wickets as well to 411 for Kiel Samira to 413 lat lat that’s what but I think cause a lot of issues with having a Rowdy Innings they would like another 20 runs are

so yeah I think we should be giving us some are a bit of a mention there because he’s is his two overs at the start of the Innings we’re very good very tight bowling and and you know I think I might have even accused of been a bit Wayward and last couple of days and some of his bowling but today he brought his top game and he really did put the brakes on early and that might help restrictor the you know the the total yeah yeah for sure and Sumerians who – a good friends are both from Sri Lanka I’m sure they’ll be celebrating all weekend with their couple of Whiskey’s a couple of Whiskey’s have very very partial to the whiskey those boys after chapter about that so so getting a good win there for PCC they’ll it was comfortable in the end it’s it was a good final I think the semi-final with the barbarians variance is a was a more exciting game I think so being already really they they they played well this tournament they highlight was maybe against against BCC in the last game they played and not quite able to replicate it today I was gonna ask you what do you think of the positive takeaways for the Vino’s today okay they’ve unfortunately lost the final they’ll feel a bit they’ll go and lick their wounds about that one but what do you think they’re a good team they’re still there’s a couple of players here that ordinary are the winners team you won’t hear the captain Ted Knowles is isn’t isn’t here because room couldn’t make it is also expecting his first child so that’ll be a wishing well on that the mrs. Cargill mm they’re opening bottle left armor place for the Czech Republic as also a vital Cog in the Novena rhodium so they’re missing a couple of our players but there’s some good performances around I think Fred did very well this this week freighter got some runs it got amongst it that’s it soon as the captain didn’t quite get going today but but Fred is the captain sorry sorry Sid is the captain yes it’s done very well this week also Riddick as we saw Riddick the standout for sure yeah I think so I think so so now lots of positives have been writing and they’ll know they got beaten by a better team today they won’t be too downhearted just but they would have liked to win or they would have loved that they were loved a bit of bit of silver in the trophy Zeller the Down Under would have been absolutely rocking tonight here taking that one that would have been displayed front and I think they’ll still get a little trophy well quite a nice trophy actually she’s not bad looking trophy we got a view of the table from here I think oh yeah viewers you can see it as well let’s yeah that be there to represent it soon this has been a good week yeah it has been a very good week really good wait what are your highlights do you have a couple of hot cup of quick highlights before we get knocked off their and sent to the presentation area yeah look I like the spirit that you showed I think that was that was one Timmy one of my highlights ago stay against PCC taking eight wickets for the for the 88 they actually they are they get the runs down a lot more than what what variety did that was definitely a highlight yeah yeah it’s a bone disease Innings yesterday I thought was fantastic we 60-yard of 20-something delivery yeah I think critics predicts to 50s were superb superb sir – as well chaos bowling I think was a standout today and we didn’t see much spin bowling at all it’s tournament and and it’s unfortunate because okay or shows that you can you can really stick to restrict the the scoring and frustrate batsman and take wickets so hats off to KO KO again another one who’s there or thereabouts of the national squad I think I’ll have a couple of games of the Eagles before he’s pumped up as I want to give a quick shout-out to one of the Barbarian Bowlers and that’s fart who impressed us he steamed in he made the bet some work hard and yeah we were very impressed with his his speed and his consistent line there’s a zipper as well I think it’s a great thing it’s very tight absolutely barbarians yeah loved his work so we’re going to we’re going to turn off a little bit there will be a presentation in a few minutes time so hang around for that but from us I think it’s it’s pretty much thank you yeah and you’ve enjoyed the the pretty good from from lovely their knowledge and in Prague and and any thank you for inviting me along to sit here as your co-pilot this is has been a blasphemy yeah it’s been a blasphemy as well fill Terry was supposed to join us but they he’s at home with the dreaded logy yeah he’s about me through it and he’s going to be on his feet very he soon and is going to be buying us drinks at the pub I hope so I hope so that that I could feel I hang on to my phone vibrating as I’m getting a message for me the comments your dog thank you to you too she’s you’ve been very well behaved she wants to play with the Frisbee now but there’s still a presentation to come yeah so thank you to everyone

commenting on YouTube we’re glad to have you here with us and and yeah and as we’ve said before congratulations to PCC on a magnificent Victory so thank you for everybody for tuning in and for joining us here for the whole week thank you and goodbye goodbye for me too cheers Cheers bill bill bill

bill all right cool cool all right we’ve come to the conclusion of this this great tournament this week great games and great spirit some amazing performances but firstly we need to congratulate and well actually thank on behalf of the ACN quite a few people firstly Terry for helping organize this whole time and unfortunately wasn’t here but he’s done a lot work leading the lead-up to this this tournament also vojta Chris Pearson R appears for doing all the groundwork here PETA also our first aid where is he I don’t know he’s over there somewhere better the world unto Peter the the first aid first aider for the week my co commentator this at the back who’s with Aki the commentary dog their fill so no a wonderful job filling in also Sean thank you very much for filling on the first day and the the commentary box the officials the scorers and the umpires did a wonderful job this this week so thank you again for those guys for volunteering their time we’re going to get onto the presentations and in just a moment so so in third place in the tournament did a wonderful job some great performance individual performances and also team performances the VIN are the know barbarians Cricket Club well done congratulations if you are come around and get your medals please another the final it was a

great final I think Vin ready and PCC were both fantastic teams all week they beat each other once I think going up in there.put in ther preliminaries but there’s going to be one Victor so second place congratulations to venerate a Cricket Club which comes to the winners of the the ACN T10 series here in here in Prague congratulations to the prior Cricket Club before we get on to the awards big thank you to the production team here stand in the boys did a fantastic job that they are the coverage here as they did in the last T10 10 series I thank you very much the sound of the boys from from player okay we’ve got a couple of individual Awards to come firstly the dream eleven man of the series it was a bit of a toss up between quite a few players but the the dream 11-man of the series goes to Riddick the tank Toma Toma and the ACN player of the series goes to sudesh the Beast we’re going to say Kara if they say can come forward and accept your main trophy he could all come forward forward all of you all of you you so thank you all again for tuning in big thanks also to robbo’s a lot of work finally big round of applause and thank you very much for tuning in I hope you enjoy the cricket very well