Vlog 12: Flight to the Rockies!

morning everybody it’s 750 welcome to vlog number 12 it’s very chilly out here it’s negative 7 I am at a train station right now I am waiting for a friend to come pick me up it is cold but I I am very excited to come I’ve never been here in a while you guys watch my vlogs it’s been a while since I’ve been here let’s go take a look around no why not oh yeah this is cool follow me this way this is great the Lighting’s Brett nope there we go now it’s good look at this oh yeah that’s cool so yeah let’s go take a look at our area right now next training Department honest okay it’s so empty here good Wow anytime ok outside is so cold I oh and I’m gonna get out there I them step foot maybe i will actually ya might want to show you guys this this is nice trail ends here i’ll just see thats realize gonna go eventually somewhere this city doesn’t ever end yeah i’m gonna be waiting for someone I’ll wafer in here okay I guess he’s gonna come hey morning what’s up she’s doing a vlog what’s up oh yeah yeah yeah you’re welcome yeah you’re looking for that way cocoa usually yeah well this was last month I don’t get used to that a lot that’s not something different yeah I guess it right well yeah he forgot the wiki bird but yeah everything is sorted out at least I yeah obviously like you yeah I least a Latin me I do it just kick me out and then maybe drive home if they weren’t even blah blah oh yeah I gotta I gotta remember the lift out how the next time I’ll make sure that yeah there you go under your house that’s cool i like the hapless all right what to go oh that’s cloudy oh yeah my glasses like my new specs the weather report looks at the dew point was the same temperature this morning yeah it’s five o’clock seems like it hey hello nothing before you just gonna leave my bag here I guess they’re comfortable okay morning are you all right good smoking here yeah maples alia every wise okay y’all give you a tour of your house against yes yeah i can give you two or six open basement okay sure drawers as well talking about i usually have a truck you but we got coordinate that’s my hang glider yeah okay kind of a hang glider that’s the only reason I want to get a summer job this summer by

laughing all right all right wash it just please yeah piano can you play the piano oh I like the Latino some tunes from you I play violin yes here this is our workout rooms like their bed you look just like yeah you really mean just in to work out her yeah yeah can I can i come here every week just gonna just just a workout I understand yeah if you if you look look at my room it would it ought to be just as words I just seen it yesterday I like just play like these radios I literally stopped I’m all over the floor you have a walk-in closet I do you my club is very small so it’d have a limit ya can’t get your shoe shows and everything yeah yeah do you seriously of dry cleaning supplies that is so sorry bathroom Who am I share my brother that’s awesome i room yeah yeah brother I do I’ll like the skylight it’s kind of icing like summer days is so much there and TV room TV what do you expect right yeah exactly yeah I can kind of like movie night or something here yeah this is nice aussie thumbs up for the house Billy thanks Daisy we’re like it used to be like yeah but we’re going to finish them like dope a hole through the park accountant yes we’re going to get a pitching down there enough wanting to be okay Oh Oh hey Richie I would have ladies on landing lights on for a nav lights or beacon then it should warm up and it is chuckling strobes man on the end of the lane yeah workings scrolls are working okay how are you a walker and what we’re doing if you’re just looking at all of the control surfaces the whole aircraft make sure that there’s nothing funky they do it in a methodical way all the time first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to rip it a break make sure there’s no leaks check my tires plus it looks good there’s no one can anything anything seems all right no is it blow I should really put this down Oliver eating edges sure that there’s nothing is feeding all

elevators we move freely kind of stepping screws to make sure it at all tonight not all looks good back in there again he’s clearly walk around feeling the leading edges matures and deaths on food I haha roars a good reals all my linkages it’s all good your check the compiler significant licks rocks in it this is tight and the leading edges I’m sure they’re okay that all looks good the metal blades this is my air filter make sure you stop to clogged up it’s my static court it’s not blocked appeal to I’m sure it’s our blocks with just kill me um it was tell you all over some of them read up fast players get my air speed off regret nothing blocking my weights are in there oh my linkages are finally things down 00 Oh Oh

Oh Oh you you Oh you you you Oh Oh you Oh Oh

you [Applause] Oh one thing that’s going to be let’s open a first excited for today’s video I know that I’ve ended somewhere weird i’m on the train i am heading back home now but i think i went to video let’s hope again for six nights for today’s video it’s just all this is me making my 24 wonderful until then i’ll make that later